Route Irish Documentary Film

'Route Irish', a feature length verité/essay film on the campaign(s) against Irish facilitation of the US/UK Invasion of Iraq
Rummy thanks Ireland for 'Route Irish'

It may surprise many that a majority of US Troops travel through Ireland on the way to Iraq - in spite of Ireland's own constitution and tradition of neutrality and non-alignment.

This Indymedia Ireland/Revolt Video film documents the emergence of the Irish antiwar movement between 2002 and 2006 and of the broad popular opposition to the US military use of Ireland's civilian Shannon Airport in the build-up to, invasion of, and occupation of Iraq.

The documentary follows a loose network of activist groups, individuals and politicians through the story of the rise, fracturing, sudden decline and then disappearance of this movement and then retraces the way in which their combined efforts, energies and strategies served to effectively tear away the Republic of Ireland's veneer of neutrality and non-alignment in the post September 11th era of the 'War on Terror'.

Can I Watch It Online?
Please go to
• Google Video's 'Route Irish' page
•'s 'Route Irish' page
• Stage 6's 'Route Irish' page

How Can I Download It?
The two best ways to download it are from:
and using Bittorrent by downloading this Bittorrent file: Route.Irish.DivX.avi.torrent

Can I Show It?/Can I Burn It?
Yes! And, Please!

This documentary is offered as 'copyleft' and 'Creative Commons' - which means you may make as many copies as you like. And show it to big crowds and small crowds. Or you can burn a couple CDs of it to hand out to some friends.

Please, send us an email ( if you show it to an audience - of any size - we'd like to know.

Can I order it?
Oddly, in the internet world it is easier to get online than offline! But yes, we are working on that. Please join our announcement mailing list (below) for updates about this future possibility.

Can I distribute it?
Yes, and there are two ways.

1) 'Seed' it using Bittorrent - Once you download it, just keep allowing people to download it from you. Meaning, you upload it to others. Uploading slow or fast is good - every bit of bandwidth sharing is helpful. Thank you.

2) You can always Burn as many copies as you like and send it out to people for free or near-free.

The distribution of this film was and is being organised without a budget and on the run. The Process is being blogged by the filmmaker at this page:

Are There Subtitles?
There have been requests for subtitles and it is being worked on. But you can help by join our announcement mailing list (below) and by volunteering for transcribing the documentary into english so that it can then be translated into other languages.

We hope to have Spanish and Hungarian subtitles soon.

Who makes money from this?
No one.

Who paid for the production and distribution of this film?

Reviews of 'Route Irish'
• Film director Alex Cox says:
"'Route Irish' is an excellent documentary.It deals very very well with the frustrations of a peace movement. It tackles some complex matters which aren't usually discussed or even thought about."

• Gary MacLennan's review on

• Listen to a post-screening Live Skype discussion with the filmmaker at Budapest's Közért Mozi on Nov 31st 2007 - Audio:

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