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Latest Version: 3.8 released on June 30th 2019
Versions from 3.7 onwards support PHP 7.x

Previous Version: 3.7.2 released on Feb 7th 2019
Previous Version: 3.7.1 released on Oct 19th 2018
Previous Version: 3.7 released on Sep 16th 2018
Previous Version: 3.6.2 released on Oct 8th 2017
Previous Version: 3.6.1 released on June 7th 2017
Previous Version: 3.6 released on Mar 20th 2016
Previous Version: 3.5 released on Jan 1st 2012
Previous Version: 3.4 released on Aug 17 2010
Previous Version: 3.3 released on Apr 30 2009
Previous Version: 3.2 released on July 27 2008
Previous Version: 3.1 released on Feb 26 2008
Previous Version: 3.00 released on Feb 15 2006


Oscailt is an independent media centre content management system developed by the Indymedia Ireland Tech Group, and written using PHP and MySql. The word "Oscailt" is an Irish word meaning "open" and is pronounced kind of like us-kilt or us-cult or us-culch depending upon your accent.


A comphrehensive feature list for Oscailt is maintained here including release notes for the latest releases which document the new features added in each release.

As of Sept 2018 the Oscailt HTML User Guide v1.2 has been updated for the latest release. The user guide is available from the Oscailt sourceforge where it is checked into cvs svn source control system. It also comes shipped with the latest release of Oscailt v3.7.

An Install and Configuration Guide is now available as of June 2019 and will be included in all releases from v3.8 onwards which is currently pending.

In addition some early Oscailt's documentation is held on wiki. Here you can find basic details on Oscailt's main features, how to install it, and other information.

There is also some design documentation on Oscailt available on sourceforget.net under the heading Oscailt design documentation 1.0 released


Oscailt is freely available to use and download under the terms of the GPL.

To download the latest version go to the Oscailt Project Page on SourceForge.


Oscailt is a continually evolving codebase and all contributions are welcome. CVS access to the codebase is available at the Sourceforge.net

All discussion concerning Oscailt takes place on the Oscailt Mailing List. Please subscribe if you wish to play a part in Oscailt's future development. Unfortunately the mailing list was hosted on the main Indymedia servers and all their lists were shutdown in 2015. For any Oscailt related questions, direct them to: tech at indymedia dot ie

Bear in mind when submitting code that the primary focus of Oscailt is to serve the needs of Indymedia Ireland and this will be the primary factor in deciding whether to integrate submitted code. That said, the needs of Indymedia Ireland probably overlap a great deal with the needs of other independent media centres, so the code should be generally useful. And even then, as the code is open source you are free to create and maintain your own derivative branch if you so wish.

Let Us Know

If you use Oscailt on your own site, we'd love to hear about it, or if you have any questions, make sure to let us know! Also if you wish to keep up to date on latest releases, suggest new features or report bugs, please log these via the features and bug reports options on the to the Oscailt SourceForge Project Page.

Give Us Your Cash!!

If you use Oscailt and want to express your gratitude financially to the Indymedia Ireland Tech Group, we're only too happy to oblige ;-) To donate money, just go to the Indymedia Ireland Donations page and you can send us money via paypal.

At the last check the following sites were found to be powered by Oscailt:
This number has varied over the years and unfortunately has dwindled from a high of approximately 15 IMC sites at the height of the Indymedia to the present much reduced set now

  Indymedia Ireland  |  Cleaves  |  Anarkismo

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