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Michael Borkson - Sun Sep 14, 2014 18:48 (en)
Angola 3 News - Mon Sep 08, 2014 02:26 (en)
In her new law journal article, ?Activism Unshackled & Justice Unchained,? law professor Angela A. Allen-Bell concludes that the US government?s multi-faceted response to the BPP, primarily within the framework of the FBI?s infamous COINTELPRO, was indeed the very definition of terrorism. Bell writes that ?the magnitude of the unwarranted harm done to the BPP has not yet been explored in an appropriate fashion. Much like a fugitive, it has eluded justice.? As a result, ?the FBI's full-scale assault on the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s remains an open wound for the nation itself. This is more than a national tragedy; this is a human wrong."
chris irwin - Sun Aug 31, 2014 19:13 (en)
Went to Ferguson last week, here is what I saw. Several people have asked me to write about what I found in Ferguson today. Here is my brief dehydrated tired scribble before bed. Do not judge me I literally just typed this out. Grief, pride and anger is the short answer.
Ant-State STL - Thu Aug 21, 2014 03:19 (en)
Reposted from Anti-State STL What began as a protest movement after 10 days of sustained defiance, has taken a couple shaky steps towards revolt. The situation here is still fluid and ripe with potential. Locally, people are surprised that similar unrest hasn?t sparked off in other cities. If it were to spread, the scope here would likely widen. It?s difficult to get a sense of how people outside the metro area interpret what?s happening here. What follows are some observations from St Louis residents and participants in the struggle who might give a clearer picture of this strange new reality.

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