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by Amir Nour for the Saker Blog Malek Bennabi, Modern Man and Covid-19 By: Amir NOUR[1] ?What†surprises me most about Man is that he sacrifices his health in order to

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Russian president, in Sochi, lays down the law in favor of conservatism ? says the woke West is in decline By Pepe Escobar, posted with permission and first posted at

offsite link Christian Vignette #6 ? Comparing approaches to ?fine and obscure theological points? Sat Oct 23, 2021 16:54 | The Saker
A few years ago I wrote an article entitled “Russia and Islam, part eight: working together, a basic ?how-to?” in which I wrote the following about how (some) Christians and

offsite link Few items, more to come soon Fri Oct 22, 2021 17:07 | The Saker
First, please read this analysis from Andrei Martyanov: https://smoothiex12.blogspo... Second, Putin’s speech: probably the most important in his career!† We will post the full text when the translators in the

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Voltaire Network
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re-educating the uncivil service

category national | bin tax / household tax / water tax | opinion/analysis author Sunday August 21, 2005 15:09author by John McDermott - removefiannafailauthor email jmcd444 at yahoo dot comauthor address Spain Report this post to the editors

The place you want to be is living by the sea.!

An american psycho-decentralization program will reprogramme directionless civil servants.
A few more sessions, and you will be on your way.!
A few more sessions, and you will be on your way.!

Stubborn civil servants confused about the directionlessness of their lives are being offered their own " personal life coach"councilling at the taxpayers expense ,the Sunday Independent reports (21-8-05)
The initial beneficiaries of the fashionable, american style psychotherapy support,will be the160 staff at the Valuation Office in Dublin.
"Life coaching sessions" cost between 600 and 1000 Euros per client.It has not been established whether the service will be expanded to the entire civil service,which would add enormously to the bin taxes,commercial rates and all stealth taxes.
Life coaching has become a multi million dollar industry in america with so called "Gurus" offering to reshape the lives of those who have lost direction...
The officials at the Valuation office are facing a sea change in their lives,an 180 mile relocation to East Cork.
Only a handful of the 99 civil servants targeted for transportation to the yuppie yachting, resort town of Youghal are however, yearning for the right direction.(South).
The scheme will operate initially for one year ,and if the civil servants have not found their way to where they are going the councilling will be extended for a further two years.
Leading life coach Greg Dalton of said that the new service would save the state money-in the long run.He said "Coaching gets you from where you are to where you want to be" and described it as an enhanced form of career guidance...
If Greg does not succeed in his task,presumably Bertie will be recruiting 99 new civil servants from the environs of the unemployment black spot of East Cork.
Maybe it is better described as a service to; "get you from where you are to where you dont want to be"!
(P.S. This article is a factual one in case you think we are taking the mickey.Check the Independent Archives if you dont believe it! ) or web site;

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author by + youre namesake john.publication date Sun Aug 21, 2005 15:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

has re-affirmed his belief that religion and religion alone can save humantiy and not ideologies.
Apparantly the problem is the church's involvement with empire for almost 1700 years and its close connections to the fascist ideology for almost 80.
But root out the imperialists and fascists and everything will be ok, especially for the young people.
bless 'em.

I think its a load of crap.
the problem is hooligans.
They come in 2 varieties:-
accepted level of hooliganism common garden yob, and badly timed extremist hooligan terrorist nutter.

I had one on my street last night, irish lad jumping the kerb on his skateboard for two and half hours ignoring the cries from the locals to stop, it was between 00h30 and 02h10 and many of them had to sleep. I took it on myself to shout at him in his languages and ask him to stop. as gaielge and as bearla. He refused. In fact he called up his little gurrier friends to join him, and they gave us the most noisy display of kerb jumping skateboarding at 02h15 in the morning, shouting in middle class dublin accents at us "now look at the ruckus you caused, chill out man! I live here!".

If the underlying political situation in Barcelona this august had been similar to the 1960s, or 1930s or 1909 we could have called the relevant authorities and had them shot. But alas tourism and modern liberal economics have discouraged such disciplinary actions, and instead we just have to figure out how to advise mental retrogrades not to overdose on liquid ecstasy at the weekend, and this is called progress.

If you're reading, you *#/&%-! little gurrier,

-------------------- I forgive you.

author by Alpublication date Sun Aug 21, 2005 17:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A case in point for ASBO's I think. I too suffer from neighbours from hell and would just love to be able to slap them with an ASBO but as a result of the left all we can do is ask nicely and when he tells us to fuck off we pat him on the head and agree that hes misunderstood.

author by + (my dark side)publication date Sun Aug 21, 2005 19:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

its a case of middle class tourists to barcelona from Ireland realising that the streets they skateboard on and make noise on in the small hours, are the same streets where the workers who feed them in restaurants sleep, and simple manners.
I dont really think an international anti-skateboard ASBO is practical, and since skateboarders are a pet hate of mine, I have long suggested that Barcelona (the only city in europe not to restrict the use of skateboards) move to include them in the illegal stakes. The only solution is "manners" or criminalisation. If i had it my way all tourists would be criminalised, and snotty little middle class dubliners would be maced.
unfortuanately the police here, are like the police in ireland (and you are a garda aren't you Al?) they ignore the middle class gurriers and hassle the working class kids instead.
I have never been kept awake by a working class kid unless it was fun and memorable.

Tell you the truth, the shotgun by the door was agreat deterrent to hooligans.
Wouldn't you agree Al, that the right to bear arms and brandish them at the gurrier could play a part in maintaining the precarious worker work schedule?

author by bobpublication date Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'm also a heroic Worker, a Stakhanovite in fact. Bleedin' middle class tourists!

author by Alpublication date Mon Aug 22, 2005 12:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"I have never been kept awake by a working class kid unless it was fun and memorable." - Once again its the left or working class fighter that distinguishes between middle and working class. I didnt mention classes, I simple stated that a person should be able to sleep in peace at 2am. Somehow I still manage to be attacked for this. What jolly antics did the working class kids provide for you? Considering a skateboard is such a sinfull device in your eyes.

"Tell you the truth, the shotgun by the door was agreat deterrent to hooligans.
Wouldn't you agree Al, that the right to bear arms and brandish them at the gurrier could play a part in maintaining the precarious worker work schedule?" - the right to bear arms doesnt and hasnt existed in Ireland so im not sure what your point is. Please define a 'worker' you seem to have a very defined use for the word.

Actually, dont bother responding, it will just be more crap sprouting from a biased asshole who thinks the world owes him.

author by +publication date Mon Aug 22, 2005 17:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

you've no sense of humour, and you are very sensitive (like a lot of irish people) about "class" and "mortgages", that has become very clear over the months you've been writing comments, I think thats symptomatic of Ireland's recent prosperity, its a nation of nouveau riche workers who mostly were never aware they were workers in the first place.
there is yet very little true class consciousness to be seen, you have working class people saying they're middle class, middle class people saying they're working. Really quite ridiculous when they're claims to such status are compared to continental EU types, which is why I went through several months in 2003 arguing that we are all "formerly working class or formerly middle class", some feel more "secure" than others often merely as a result of debt or credit status.

Anyway you're quite justified :- people have to have the right to sleep.
Totally with you there.
I just don't think ASBO's are the answer to tourists who behave far from home in a way they wouldn't at home. Do me a favour Al, bop a skateboarder on the head with your baton and get the discipline in to them. (joke)

I'm joking a lot these days, its august, and only the hardcore residual writers/readers are online.
Oh, where have the students gone? anyway my hatred of skateboarders goes way back, and no-one understands me. Thats how it goes.
But civil rights come first. no to ASBOs!

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