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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Human Rights in Ireland
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The Sunday Papers.

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Sunday April 10, 2005 16:05author by iosaf .:. sofia = O as If - rabbi ipsiphi says - "you could start by killing your telly"author address barcelona. Report this post to the editors

by slow attrition. my occasional epistle to the peers.

It has been long observed that people for some reason on their non-banking days readily absorb shite about Dangerous Places, Famous People, Sensible Saving Options, Holidays, Interesting facts, Sport results, Media, gardening and health as well looking ahead at “upcoming issues” including the future.

In this issue 've only been able to weave together :-
Dangerous Places - Famous People -
Sensible Saving Options & Health.
clotho lachysis atropo "the 3 fates" & mates enjoy the game.
clotho lachysis atropo "the 3 fates" & mates enjoy the game.

In Iraq and Israel, despite the commitment of the majority of the best trained standing armies in the world, the conflicts still haven't produced any conclusive results.

* over 50% of Iraqi's are un-employed.
* The black market provides the majority of basic staples such as food and fuel.
* The USA hasn't been able to secure oil exportation.
* we know the war was illegal.
* The cause of the deaf and hearing impaired in Ireland and abroad has come to our attention in the last week, as this morning Bush th 43rd president of the USA meets Sharon to discuss the "road map"
I think to draw one of many allusions-
Goya is significant for many reasons. He helped start the sign language tradition, and gave us as his 43rd caprice an etching with the words "the dream of enlightenment produces monsters".
You may see a picture of that etching in comment 7 at this article :-
The temple of Jerusalem which is the millenial scared site of both jew and muslim and the traditionally mythical charge of the order of templers to protect has been closed today.

The oratory of Saddam Hussein was rich in classical arabic allusion. His speeches abounded in puns, allusions to ancient poetry and hyperbole. All too often the tyrant has been masked by the worm-tongued words of demagoguery. Saddam managed to charm the arabic world more than once by his skilled use of his language, which in translation to english, often seemed exaggerated. So it was the some amongst us (analysts, collators and spinners of the threads) found the last reported speech of Saddam Hussein thought-provoking to say the least. He repeated several times the phrase "they will not leave the slough". It provoked our thought, because he chose the word "slough" not "marsh", not "bog". He had indeed ordered attacks on the marsh ethnic minority of his land many times, there is a word in Iraqi argot arabic for "marsh". But instead in the last speech the demagogue chose to use the word "slough". It was almost as if he wised make a reference to that classical text of American dissenting evangelical christianity "The Pilgrim's progress" by Bunyon.
A work which proved from its illegal publication in XVI england to the XX century to be a "must read" from New England massachuessets to the expansion of the praries in the XIX century. Indeed more than one commentator has thought there may be a link between the only "white settler" north american mythic character the giant farmer Bunyon and the text which built "Gilead".
The first test which "The Pilgrims' Progress" sets its character christian is the route through "the slough of despond".

As the pilgrims and world leaders return from Rome, more than one seek to make political gain from their presence at the funereal rites for the late pope John Paul 2 "the great" = "saint" Karol Wotyla. Included amongst them the Irish government ministers Mary Harney and Michael Mc Dowell, who have included quotes from the late Roman Pontiff's words in their annual PD's conference being held this weekend in Cork.

Speculation worldwide turns to the successor of the Pope. Joseph Ratzinger who presided the funeral rites chose to repeat the words "Follow me" several times in paying tribute to Karol Wotyla.

But what kind of priest or bishops could possibly be chosen by conclave to "follow" Karol Wotyla?

Doubtless he would have to travel globally, there may be no more a Roman Pontiff who is content to sit alone in majestic isolation in the Vatican State.
Doubtless as did Karol he must be prepared to bridge the gaps between millienial religious traditions and others more recent, moral absolutism, social and all to often misogynistic conservatism and non religious based ethics and humanitarian traditions in the search for global justice and equality. "The message of the Christ".

Perhaps if he has grown in privelage he will be rejected by the world's catholic and other religious communities who have in this last week demonstrated the high regard they held Karol, if he does not share some element of Karol's formation. A bishop born to silk would bland in comparison to Karol the child of Nazi-ism and Stalin-ism.

Moreover any candidate chosen by conclave who sets rather than fulfilling the mission of JP2 and John XXIII as priority - a continuation of the recent absolutist moves within the RC heirarchy in choosing to "ignore" the global evil done in the name of avarice and ignorance by the corporations, would soon be seen to undo the progress acheived by Karol. The cardinals now prepare for conclave in secrecy as one of my previous "Sunday Papers" highlighted they ought by qouting the rules laid down by Karol. , I've been watching the Holy See caerfully over the years but most particularly since the Pope tried to throw doves off his balcony at the young people and they returned and he then contracted the flu which led to his death.

The global injustices which are seen and not seen find common root in the most recent trust placed by the ruling political and socio-economic classes in the role to be played by private investment in social development and the providence of the basic services which our universal human rights are based for their continuing security and extension.

Private investment may not provide health care, or education to the children of the richest states, and thus it will not offer such to the millions who are condemned to live in economic slavery by the economic system imposed by the richest nations on Earth.

Harney in her defence of a low tax = continual emerging "nice house "nouveau riche mediocre meritocracy, offered to her party conference claims that private investment (= irish money) ought better be spent investing in public health in Ireland rather than retail abroad.

The speculation in real estate in the tourist areas of Europe, has resulted in huge coastal areas of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyrpus passing from local ownership hands to new owners from the following states - Germany, Sweden, UK, France, Nederlands, Ireland.

In short the richest and least sun-tanned EU citizens are buying second homes in the poorest regions of the EU. This results in the wholesale destruction of local communities, young people in Mallorca, Sardinia, Sicily, Minorca may no longer find homes they can afford in their local communities, thus they move to the cities, pushing up rental costs even higher. The only spin-off economy job creation in their home areas are tourist related and seasonal. Precarity by definition. The waiters and waitresses who bring the drinks will never afford a "home" in their _home_ again.

And too soon, this "people's constitution" of the European Union (as Bertie Ahern another pilgrim to Rome described it yesterday to a conference of young politically interested Irish ) will stoke the move to the extreme and xenophobic right in the newest generations which we now see written on the walls...

Which is why, in .:. the name of Beethovan, Lachesis, Atropos and Clotho .:.
I ask the French to reject this constitution that does not guarantee the right to a home, a job, or health care. Re-write it, and get it right.

There are soon to be apparant effects which none of the elected and professional politicians ever thought of. Bertie, Mary, Michael Mc Dowell, Tony Blair, even "brother but not a brudah" Valerie Giscard d'Estaing all enjoy second and more homes within the EU on which they pay no tax.
They make no annual contribution to local development, economic or cultural through the ownership of these houses. Are we to expect such an example will provide new hospital beds to the county Monaghan? Or vaccines to Africa?
Not even at the depth of the Victorian age did such unrepentant greed masquerade as "an elect which enjoys providence".

I recently brought your attention to an ESRI report criticising such.

I propose the restriction of holiday home ownerships and investment as the neccesary first step to be taken in the mediterranean region to stem the imbalance and destruction to communities which is the result of such "greed" and naked disregard for the lives of others.

Mc Dowell, as well as referring to the Pope, (which is now obligatory for all world leaders that He has "safely" died to be succeeded by a "non-Saint") has alledged to his faithful that his sworn enemies "SF/IRA" had assembled a "state within a state".

If this is true and not the usual emotive demogoguery we have come to expect from big swinging Michael, then Ireland can not have progressed much in her 80 odd years of independence. Are we really to believe that secret organisations yet exert untold influence on the affairs of state? Are we to ponder the continuing existence of secret bank accounts, untold business connections and funny handshakes?

Are we to think incomprehensible powerbrokers of cryptic wisdom sit aside the national game eternally toying with the little pilgrims?

O as If
we R.

author by redjadepublication date Sun Apr 10, 2005 16:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Arab boy wins Israeli school quiz on Zionism

An Israeli Arab schoolboy has outshone Jewish counterparts to grab a share of victory in a school quiz on the history of Zionism and the creation of Israel.
Wated was the only Arab among the 12 finalists. His prize was a modest plaque.

"Despite the fact that many did not believe that I would win, I prepared well ... It doesn't matter if you are Jewish or Arab, just as long as you can prepare properly," Wated said on Wednesday.

author by Top of the Pyramidpublication date Sun Apr 10, 2005 19:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

We want you to be in bokes so that youll support the base of our pyramid.

Dont break out of your box or the pyramid could crumble.

author by Ronpublication date Sun Apr 10, 2005 22:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It's as equal to the title:
Arab / Chinese / Spanish / Whatever boy won Irish school quiz on Irish history.

author by - - "you could start by killing your telly"publication date Mon Apr 11, 2005 10:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Wa sarakhet Daisy : ”kifayah,kifayah.” Wa aghlaqet el bab bi onfin.
Daisy shouted : "Enough is enough!" and banged the door closed.
read more @ link -

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author by rabbi ipsiphi - "you could start by reading a book"publication date Tue Apr 12, 2005 12:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

(as keen readers and collecters of the Sunday Papers will know, we have had a slight problem with our gardening section now since 2003 when the usual correspondent did a legger after arguing about the hibiscus :- C/f archives Sun 7/9/2003 )

Anyway- The Gardening Supplement.

You will all have noticed that in these last week we were reminded of the "rainbow flag" of peace which spread from Italy in 2003 to be used all over the world. Like the dove which the late Pope threw off his balcony as a sign of peace just before contracting flu' and dying, the rainbow as a symbol of peace can be tracked back in our Judeo-Hellenic culture to the 9th chapter of Genesis of the Talmud.
The rainbow also makes an appearance towards the end of the book of Revelation of the Christian post Constantine and Hollywood scary movie scriptwriters tradition.
The rainbow serves to remind us of the "covenant", the "deal" - the "agreement" made between Noah in the Ark with all his animals, as the monkey God was prepared to deal with.

Biotech comes in here somewhere.

Yesterday Mr Sharon and Mr Bush met to chat about the "deal" and the "agreement" by which the monkeys who share the tradition of the rainbow and dove and economies with investment and support for Biotech, hope to fulfill the 40th chapter of Isaiah.

The problem with prophesies, is that they spawn hollywood movies, and also tend to work themselves out in what is errantly called "fulfillment". Thus it was the Joseph Ratzinger claimed the 3rd secret of Fatima had been fulfilled, which is quite odd, any divinely communicated message must by nature be allegorical. The 1st secret of Fatima (that Russia be converted), referred to the Soviet Union as understood by the portuguese shepherds of Fatima, and as such we are still awaiting the conversion of many former soviet republics where the majority are muslim, and indeed the baltic states are still lutheran and have not converted to the RC or Orthodox faith.

So as many of you will remember, more than one monkey is awaiting the "black pope". Because they believe there's a prophesy, or a prophesy was forged some time somewhere which predicted one. Accordingly people sit in rome on the street now with plackards "give us the black pope". And other commentators have taken to the media calling for an "african pope" including the anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Is a "black pope" neccesarily an "african pope"?

We're back to the interpretation of allegory, and prophesies. if you can't read them, better not to even mention them in the first place. And thus is the trapdoor that the contemporary institutions of government and power so unthinkingly have positioned themselves slowly over time.

For if there is no "black pope" the masses will be upset. & if there is, then prophesy is being fulfilled and as Hollywood has taught us, that would mean the "end is nigh".

There would indeed appear yet be a cabal of secret interests and undeclared monies in Irish Public life. RTé reported yesterday that the Revenue commissioners are to investigate yet more dishonesty which has throughout the governmental partnership of FF and PD's hidden the most serious crimes of theft from the public finances and thus the wellbeing of the nation.
This is most ironic, the PD's claim to be the "party of honesty". And as such now want to leave their options open for going back into coalition with Labour. As some unions wish to pressure Labour into a coalition with FF. Oh dear, that poor generation of worker representatives have not learnt where the problem in irish public life is to be found - have they?

Meanwhile, the Health system failures which surely can not be dis-connected to these crimes of tax evasion, and lies, and blatent dis-honesty are to be entrusted to a new "czar" with a salary equal to a ward of nurses and then more.

If you have a garden, water it well, and be friendly to all the little creatures that help pollinate it. You might like to write a letter to your local biotech cropspray corp asking that they include in the R&D process the effect of their products on insects such as bees and the mites that live on those insects, as they all seem to be tragically dying.

Last link to another square in what we traditionally call the cyber architecture of chronology (the comments said it all) :-

Would you like a cookie with your milk & honey?
Would you like a cookie with your milk & honey?

Related Link:
author by Polpublication date Tue Apr 12, 2005 19:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Furthermore, 22% (i.e. about 1 in 5) homes in Donegal are holiday homes. They stand idle and empty for most of the year and serve only to drive up prices so that locals can no longer live there. A mess...

author by gaelgoir / sardo / mallorquinpublication date Wed Apr 13, 2005 09:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I suppose they want to practise gaielge and learn seahfhocals, & enrich the local culture- and even offer the neighbours' kids brown bread ice cream, and naturally invest in proper sewerage systems and donate "out of the goodness of their hearts" to the local health and educational resources instead of just complaining about the lack of infrastructure and fibre-optic cables - whilst pushing up the house prices and squeezing out the young due to precarity?
=thought so.
Just the same as the mediterranean coast then.

*We need a €U protection policy on real estate. Stop the wholesale property transfer.
the application of free market economics to real estate has destroyed cultural and national communities and imbalanced urban centres and soon will reap its own results in increased far right voting patterns amongst the young.
No-one is buying a holiday home in Northern Germany.

Please get this message across.

author by -bee in my bonnetpublication date Thu Apr 14, 2005 16:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The French assembly, (parliament of France) recently set up an inquiry into GM experiments and has today recommended a suspension of GM organism tests for the year.
If you read french go to the link and Nota Bene* the little photo of the bee on the flower, and make the connections. PLEASE.,1-0@2-3224,36-638959@51-639103,0.html
There are very few transgenetic organism free regions in the EU. Catalonia is proud to be one. Yet as I reported to ye, an estimated 290,000,000 bees have died in the spanish state alone, and this pattern is being repeated across the world, and the fingers of suspicion are pointing at GM and biotech sprays which have caused "an foreseen" "unaccounted" for little "glitch" "to be regretted" in the R&D process which has turned the main bee parasite (a tiny little mite no bigger than a grain of dust) into a monstrous killer of the number one pollinator in your garden.

This is what real politics ought be about.
As Bertie and "supreme gamma biotech" Harney joke in the Dail today about the need to batter kids, not only are the inequalities of society ignored, the garden is sick. & all for profit. The scientists who developed DNA and genetic and genomic knowledge may safely be considered to be "alpha+++" bods. They're brilliant and clever, and accordingly get Nobel Prizes and paid for holidays and shagged by admiring crazy women and men. unfortuanately the vast majority of students and graduates who apply these discoveries are not "alpha+++" bods. If they were they'd further the discoveries. Instead they just work in labs, fucking up the delicate balance of the ecosystem by not thoroughly exploring the "system wide" consequences of their investigations and speculation. Why?
Because gammas (who generally sign things other people work on, and enjoy being seen at expensive restaurants, and like taking the credit) think "science" is cool. But can they work out a simple equation?

author by sofiapublication date Thu Jan 26, 2006 23:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

or is that a fait acompli?

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