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Blockades and lobbies of Dublin city bin truck depots

category dublin | bin tax / household tax / water tax | news report author Wednesday October 08, 2003 12:05author by Joe - WSM (personal capacity) Report this post to the editors

Report on this mornings blockades

Blockades and lobbies of Dublin city bin truck depots

There were blockades on two of the four Dublin city depots this morning and a lobby of the Rathmines depot. This is to mark the High Court case this morning when 24 protesters from the city are being dragged into the courts for breaking the councils injunction against blockading trucks.

Continued problems with co-ordination in the city area meant these protests happened only a little over 30 hours after it was decided to blockade two depots. Inevitably this meant that attendance was small in compassion to earlier blockades, like that of Grangegorman last week in which 120 were involved.

I was at the Grangegorman blockade which we had agreed to start at 7.30 but which actually began shortly after 6 when one activist parked her car across the entrance of the depot. This prevented trucks getting out until the rest of us arrived.

A couple of trucks had been parked outside over night but when there was an attempt to drive these off they were also blockaded. We did allow a number of the small litter vans to leave by a side gate as these were not doing bin collections.

The other blockade was taking place at Davitt road. We hear by mobile that a large force of Gardai had arrived there and proceeded to assault one of the blockaders. Workers in the depot came to their rescue saying they 'couldn't assault protesters like that and that they'd get the (Gardai) done for assault'. According to the report the police then got back in the vans and drove off.

We stopped any trucks getting out until shortly after 8.30. At that point a couple of Gardai arrived and a council official read out the high court injunction. We then held a meeting in front of the gates and decided to end the blockade as a number of people had to head off to work anyway.

Last night unions affiliated to the Dublin Council of Trade Unions endorsed a "coordinated campaign of opposition to service charges". This Saturday afternoon they have organised a march on Mountjoy prison at 3pm.

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author by Davitt Road Blockerpublication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 17:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Protesters picketed the Davitt Road depot in the morning. The bin trucks usaully leave at 8am, protesters were there from 7am. The picket was very warmly reveived and was undoubtedly supported by the workers.

The Gardaí then arrived, including one inspector. They attempted to intimidate the protesters and workers- but of no avail. The inspector was unable to name the law which protesters were breaking! He said something about the Road Traffic Act, even though the protest was on the footpath! and the garda van was blocking traffic on Davitt Road not the protesters!

The Gardaí then attempted to clear the way. In the process a number of the protesters were pushed to the ground and held up against the wall. One protester was pused into the depot and held up against the gates. When the Gardaí went in about 50-60 workers came out and gave support to the protesters. They shouted at the Gardaí to stop. When the way was clear the Gardaí asked the driver to drive out, but he refused. The inspector was then heard saying "ah sure f**k them!" as the Gardaí left.

The blockade continued untill 10am. 2 other gardaí arrived and took names. No-one read out the injunction, or could even quote the law they threatened to arrest people under!

Davitt Road was a victory for the anti bin tax camapign and the council workers as the cops were forced to retreat due to united action

author by Paul - Finglas Anti-Bin Tax Campaignpublication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 15:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I've just come from the court and Chekov's maths would seem to be better than mine.
It was hard not to be moved by the sight of 13 40+ year olds being put through a morning of intimidation (and the council claims the campaign intimidates).
Most of them still can't work out that the state is prepared to jail people involved in peaceful protest but allows the real criminals walk around free.
If anything it has emboldened the 12 remaining people who are not prepared to give an undertaking.
They would urge people to come and give them support tomorrow morning from 10am.
All of the people in the court this morning took great heart from the noise of their fellow protestors.
Hope to hear and see your there.

author by ..publication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 15:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

And what's to stop us from marching right in there and taking them out of prison on saturday..

(oh yeh, berties police state.)

author by Chekovpublication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 14:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

12 people refused to purge their contempt. Their case has been adjourned until 10.30 tomorrow morning. They are apparently prepared to do time for this; it looks like we could have another round of jailings tomorrow.

author by Zealotpublication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 14:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is for the Revolution. Do you think Lenin or Trotsky sat around watching football? Strike while the iron is hot.

I'm diasappointed in your lack of serious intent, comrade. I will be keeping a close eye on you from now one, don't spend too long in the bath, I've go an icepick.

author by Joepublication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 14:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

3pm was being talked about last week but this was a stupid as the Ireland match will be kicking off not long after this. So hopefully its been moved to 12 noon! I don't know but I'd guess as Ruth is a speaker she should have been told the time things kick off at so 12 noon is more likely!

author by ?publication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 13:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Can someone please clarify the correct time of the march on Sat 11th?
12 Noon OR 3pm? ??

author by Paul - Finglas Anti-Bin tax campaignpublication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 13:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Twenty five people from the city campaign appeared in court at 11 this morning. Sixteen are prepared to purge their contempt. Nine people will not.
The case has been adjourned until 12.45.

author by Fingal Anti Bin Tax Campaignpublication date Wed Oct 08, 2003 12:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Press Release - 8th October 2003
Fingal Anti Bin Tax Campaign Welcomes Decision to Hold Trade Union Demonstration Against Bin Tax

The Fingal Anti Bin Tax Campaign welcomes Tuesday night’s decision of the Dublin Council of Trades Unions to organise a citywide demonstration against the Bin Tax this Saturday, October 11th (Assembling 12 noon, Parnell Square, and marching to Mountjoy Jail).

The march is being organised on the theme End the Bin Tax – Free the Bin Tax Protestors and will be addressed by Jack O’Connor (President, SIPTU), Michael O’Reilly (ATGWU), Eamonn Devoy (TEEU) and Cllr. Ruth Coppinger (Fingal Anti Bin Tax Campaign).

Welcoming the Dublin Council of Trades Unions’ decision, Cllr. Ruth Coppinger said: “This is the first trade union protest against the Bin Tax and workers and trade unionists should turn out in large numbers to oppose double taxation and to demand the release of Joe and Clare”.

For further comment or information contact Cllr.Ruth Coppinger at telephone 087 6730 187 or Mick Barry at 087 205 2722

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