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A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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GLOBAL CALLOUT (Jan15/16) - Simultaneous Vigils to mark the start of the now 20 Year War Iraq!

category international | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Saturday January 08, 2011 11:18author by z Report this post to the editors

Simultaneous Vigils to mark the first bombardment of the now 20 year ongoing War on the People of Iraq
(SATURDAY Washington D.C. 7pm, London midnight, SUNDAY Baghdad 3 a.m., Sydney 10 a.m.)

Simultaneous Vigils to mark the first bombardment of the now 20 year ongoing War on the People of Iraq
(SATURDAY Washington D.C. 7pm, London midnight, SUNDAY Baghdad 3 a.m., Sydney 10 a.m.)



1) What's happening in Washington D.C. and London on January 15th. 2011?
2) Tell us if you plan to stage a simultaneous vigil in your time zone on January 15/16 against the war on Iraq and demanding the freedom of Bradley Manning
3) What are your memories of January 15/16 1991 when this war on Iraq was launched? Post them here on this indymedia thread!


-7 pm Vigil at the White House...the prim time start of the 1991 Gulf War
What's happening before the vigil in Washington D.C.?

-What's happening in England & Ireland at MIDNIGHT (and what is preceeding the public vigils)?
CONFIRMED at this point

*London at U.S. Embassy
Contact Ciaron 07939 290 576
Public Meeting at Giuseppe Conlon House, Harringey

*Dublin at U.S. Embassy
Contact: Mairtin 086 103 5091

*Bristol at BAE Arms Factory
Contact Bob (EDO 9)
Film Screening at Kebele Social Centre preceeding the vigil at BAE

*Menwith Hill
Contact Campaign Against American Bases
Ph. 01423-884 076

Demonstrations are presently being considered at Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland, Fylingdales NSA in Yorkshire, EDO arms factory in Brighton,

* Sunday 10 a.m. Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera, Brisbane, Australia


What's happening where you are?
Tell us, give us an organiser contact and we will circulate it!
Email: dublincatholicworker at
Post your vigil information on this link

-Take photos of your vigil/ demonstration on January 15th.midnight Geenwich Mean Time

Email the photos to us or post them on this link


I had been part of the ANZUS Plowsshares who closed a U.S Force Runway an disbaled a B52 Bomber. Our 20th.anniverary statements here....

On January 15th 1991, I was in a county jail in Catskill, New York. As war broke out I got into a ruck with the Gideons running the jail bible study group. This is a letter i wrote at the time, here.....

If you have any memories of the start of this now 20 year war on Iraq. You can post them on the above link as a "comment" on the indymedia thread


Ciaron O'Reilly
Giuseppe Conlon House
49 Mattison Rd.
N4 1BG
Landline 0208-348-8212
International +44 208 348-8212
Mobile/Cell 079 392 905 76
International +44 79 392 905 76

author by 85% Smack Afghanpublication date Sun Jan 09, 2011 08:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

85 per cent of all drugs produced in Afghanistan are shipped out by US aircraft.
Posted by PC Latest news, World news Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

85 per cent of all drugs produced in Afghanistan is being shipped aboard US aircraft. Foreign diplomats have stated that the United States military buy drugs from local Afghan drug lords who deal with field commanders overseeing eradication of drug production. The administration of President Hamid Karzai, including his two brothers, Kajum Karzai and Akhmed Vali Karzai, are involved in the CIA controlled narcotics trade – one of the main reasons why the U.S. installed Karzai as De facto president of Afghanistan.

“The Americans are working hard to keep narco business flourishing in both countries,” says Mikhail Khazin, president of the consultancy firm Niakon. “They consistently destroy the local infrastructure, pushing the local population to look for illegal means of subsistence. And the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] provides protection to drug trafficking.”

U.S. freelance writer Dave Gibson recalled in an article published in the American Chronicle what a U.S. foreign intelligence official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, revealed of the CIA’s record of involvement with the international drug trade. The official said: “The CIA did almost the identical thing during the Vietnam War, which had catastrophic consequences – the increase in the heroin trade in the USA beginning in the 1970s is directly attributable to the CIA. The CIA has been complicit in the global drug trade for years, so I guess they just want to carry on their favourite business.”

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author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun Jan 09, 2011 13:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

there are side benefits like demoralisation of populations in targeted 'enemy' territories, such as the former soviet states, and of course the fact that disaffected youth are less troublesome if they are strung out searching for the next score or robbing their impoverished neighbours and distracting them from the causes of their poverty rather than learning that there are ways out of their hypodermic tunnels.

As in the Opium Wars, with the value-added refinement. Same raw material, and I doubt the Windsors were so careless as to just ditch their sources when the game was changed(well the 'visuals' were polished).

author by V for vendettapublication date Sun Jan 09, 2011 17:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

0% of drugs were produced in Afghanistan under the Talibans (brief) rule
It did not agree with their religious principles so they stopped the drug trade.

Great to have the drugs flowing once again to stupefy and spread aids and hepatitis amongst the poor and raise money for CIA black ops and yachts, eh amerikkka?

author by J15DUBvigilpublication date Mon Jan 10, 2011 08:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dear all,

To mark the 20th year of this ongoing War on the people of Iraq there will be a candlelight vigil at Midnight this Saturday night 15th January 2011.

It is at this late hour to coincide with the time that the first bombs were dropped in Iraq in 1991, done cynically so that it would be peak time for people in the USA watching their televisions to gaze in awe at the massive military power of their government destroying the men, women of children of this country. Vigils are being held throughout the world at the same time as this one.

We will remember also the complicity of our own government who have given the use of Shannon Airport to the US military as a stopping point on their way to spread violent death in country most of the soldiers passing through have not the first clue about. Shannon has also had the ignominy of being involved in rendition flights, all very secretly done to avoid public outcry as revealed recently in the Wikileaks on Ireland.

We will also be staying awake for Bradley Manning who faces life in prison for exposing the true nature of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, an act which should be rewarded, not one which is resulting in torture and oppression.

Bring your own light and message if you wish. We will stay for an hour or so in total.

Hope to see as many come along as possible!

Mairtin MacMaolain 0861035091
Catholic Nonviolence Network Ireland

author by UPDATED Vigil Listpublication date Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

White House, Washington D.C.
U.S. embassies in London, Dublin and Wellington (NZ)
BAE Bristol
Menwith Hill
White House DC
Gallipoli Barracks Brisbane Australia

Northwood HQ/London
Parliament, London

EDO Brighton
Shannon Airport, Ireland
U.S. consuls Melbourne & Sydney
Palestine/ CPT
MOD Glasgow
Palestine/ CPT

author by Chrstchurch NZpublication date Thu Jan 13, 2011 21:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There is to be a vigil co-inciding with the round the world vigils to be held at 12 noon - 2pm in Cathedral Square, Christchurch, on SUNDAY 16 January, to protest the ongoing war and commemorate 20 years of destruction in Iraq.

Speakers confirmed are Moana Cole (Anzac Ploughshares 1991), Kate Dewes, Rob Green (Ex commander Royal Navy), Martin and Lois Griffiths and Jim Consedine. Features will include a 'die-in', music and poetry.

author by JOHN - NUKEWATCHpublication date Sun Jan 16, 2011 21:52author address Luck, Wisconsin 54853 USAauthor phone 715-472-4185Report this post to the editors

Several of us attempted to enter the U.S. National Guard training camp Ft. McCoy in Central Wiscoinsin. Thousands of soldiers were being sent from the base into the Persian Gulf. We got past the main entrance and handed out pamphets to anyone within reach, our written warning not to participate in unlawful acts like military aggression, to disobey illegal orders.

Several of us ended up being convicted of federal misdemeanors and were sentenced to four months in federal custody ( in that case, various county jails in souther Wisconsin).

That night, Jan. 15, TV news in the jail reported Iraqi missiles landing in Israel and while all of us were in separate individual cells, we privately dreaded the worst of Israeli responses and wondered if some of its nuclear weapons would be detonated.

An terribly drunk ex-marine -- who had been in combat in Vietnam -- was brought late that night into the 'drunk tank' we were all in, and he proceeded to yell into our cells from the day room for hours. At the top of his voice he screamed at us about our lack of patriotism and cowardice while the bombs and rockets were destroying Baghdad and Basra. It was the beginning of a long four months in jail.

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