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The 2006 Defamation Bill, Ireland Falls in press-Freedom

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Monday December 20, 2010 10:55author by Press Freedom Report this post to the editors

Dermot Ahern's legacy to European press freedom

It is ok for this writer to ask if our Fianna Fáil/Green Government are men or mice? because it is quite clear that Ireland's government is male-dominated and amongst the trash of its legacy appears the failure which we have come to know as the Blasphemy Amendment , which was an innovation by a Minister for Justice unconcerned in the state of prisons, best practices with regard to fefamation of religions or personal freedom.

On July 23rd of 2009 the Irish president gave her seal to the Criminal Justice Act and the Defamation Bill, wherein groups are incentivised to take legal action against what they perceive or understand to be published or uttered Blasphemy.
Reporters Without Borders
Reporters Without Borders

Ahern, who will retire at the next GE, managed possibly more than any other Minister to catapult Ireland
into the middle ages- and not those of sublime art , but of the theocratic legalistic courtroom, where
blasphemy and it's definition usurp freedoms that were hard fought and won by writers such as
Huxley, Tolstoy, and Harrison. He left as a legacy the usurpation of rights and freedoms by interest
groups and lobbies who desire the control of the person: * INCENTIVISATION*

He must be rubbing his little hands with glee, even if the global criticism of Ireland's medievalism
deafens him to what is essentially a Fianna Fáil hobbyism , born in the scrapbooks and minds of
true Fianna Fáil heroes, topmost of that pile being Archbishop Mc Quaid.

Nothing about the De Valera pattern-book of governance that Fianna Fáil has utilised over the last
almost 14 years is really surprising, except maybe the fasttrack planning and abuse of office, the
fact that it was aided and abetted by a party which is mostly perceived as too liberal by Irish Conservatism,
The Greens, provides any slight difference in how this Government has behaved and will continue to behave
if *ever* re-elected.

But some of us could have told Minister Gormley that in 2006....

Here is the Press-Freedom League figures for 2010, Ireland has toppled from the No.1 spot due
to the vagaries of its Minister, whose political obituary whilst 'polite'- never quite made it to 'fond'.

Rank Country Note

1 Finland 0,00
- Iceland 0,00
- Netherlands 0,00
- Norway 0,00
- Sweden 0,00
- Switzerland 0,00
7 Austria 0,50
8 New Zealand 1,50
9 Estonia 2,00
- Ireland 2,00
11 Denmark 2,50
- Japan 2,50
- Lithuania 2,50
14 Belgium 4,00
- Luxembourg 4,00
- Malta 4,00
17 Germany 4,25
18 Australia 5,38
19 United Kingdom 6,00
20 United States of America 6,75
21 Canada 7,00
- Namibia 7,00
23 Hungary 7,50
- Czech Republic 7,50
25 Jamaica 7,67
26 Cape Verde 8,00
- Ghana 8,00
- Mali 8,00
29 Costa Rica 8,08
30 Latvia 8,50
- Trinidad and Tobago 8,50
32 Poland 8,88
33 Chile 10,50
34 Hong-Kong 10,75
35 Slovakia 11,50
- Surinam 11,50
37 Uruguay 11,75
38 South Africa 12,00
39 Spain 12,25
40 Portugal 12,36
41 Tanzania 13,00
42 South Korea 13,33
- Papua New Guinea 13,33
44 France 13,38
45 Cyprus 13,40
46 Slovenia 13,44
47 Bosnia and Herzegovina 13,50
48 Taiwan 14,50
49 Burkina Faso 15,00
- Italy 15,00
51 El Salvador 15,83
52 Maldives 16,00
- Romania 16,00
54 Paraguay 16,25
55 Argentina 16,35
56 Haiti 16,38
57 Organization of Eastern Caribbean States 16,50 nc
58 Brazil 16,60
59 Guyana 16,63
60 Togo 17,00
61 Cyprus (North) 17,25
62 Botswana 17,50
- Croatia 17,50
64 Bhutan 17,75
65 Mauritius 18,00
- Seychelles 18,00
67 Guinea-Bissau 18,25
68 Macedonia 18,40
69 Central African Republic 18,50
70 Benin 19,00
- Bulgaria 19,00
- Comoros 19,00
- Greece 19,00
- Kenya 19,00
75 Moldova 19,13
76 Mongolia 19,42
77 Guatemala 20,25
78 Lebanon 20,50
79 Malawi 21,00
80 Albania 21,50
81 Panama 21,83
82 Zambia 22,00
83 Nicaragua 22,33
84 Liberia 22,50
85 Serbia 23,00
86 Israel (Israeli territory) 23,25
87 United Arab Emirates 23,75
- Kuwait 23,75
- Tonga 23,75 nc
90 Lesotho 24,00
91 Sierra Leone 24,25
92 Kosovo 24,83
93 Senegal 25,00
- Timor-Leste 25,00
95 Mauritania 25,38
96 Uganda 25,50
97 Dominican Republic 26,13
98 Mozambique 26,50
99 United States of America (extra-territorial) 27,00
- Georgia 27,00
101 Armenia 27,50
- Ecuador 27,50
103 Bolivia 28,13
104 Angola 28,50
- Montenegro 28,50
- Niger 28,50
107 Gabon 28,75
108 Burundi 28,88
109 Peru 30,00
110 Djibouti 30,50
111 Samoa 33,00 nc
112 Chad 33,17
113 Guinea 33,50
114 Congo 33,60
115 Tajikistan 34,50
116 Madagascar 34,88
117 Indonesia 35,83
118 Côte d’Ivoire 36,00
119 Nepal 36,38
120 Jordan 37,00
121 Qatar 38,00
122 India 38,75
123 Zimbabwe 39,50
124 Oman 40,25
125 Gambia 40,50
126 Bangladesh 42,50
127 Egypt 43,33
128 Cambodia 43,83
129 Cameroon 44,30
130 Iraq 45,58
131 Ukraine 46,83
132 Israel (extra-territorial) 47,00
133 Algeria 47,33
- Venezuela 47,33
135 Morocco 47,40
136 Mexico 47,50
- Singapore 47,50
138 Turkey 49,25
139 Ethiopia 49,38
140 Russia 49,90
141 Malaysia 50,75
142 Brunei 51,00
143 Honduras 51,13
144 Bahrein 51,38
145 Colombia 51,50
- Nigeria 51,50
147 Afghanistan 51,67
148 Democratic Republic of Congo 51,83
149 Fiji 52,75
150 Palestinian Territories 56,13
151 Pakistan 56,17
152 Azerbaijan 56,38
153 Thailand 56,83
154 Belarus 57,00
155 Swaziland 57,50
156 Philippines 60,00
157 Saudi Arabia 61,50
158 Sri Lanka 62,50
159 Kyrgyzstan 63,00
160 Libya 63,50
161 Somalia 66,00
162 Kazakhstan 68,50
163 Uzbekistan 71,50
164 Tunisia 72,50
165 Vietnam 75,75
166 Cuba 78,00
167 Equatorial Guinea 79,00
168 Laos 80,50
169 Rwanda 81,00
170 Yemen 82,13
171 China 84,67
172 Sudan 85,33
173 Syria 91,50
174 Burma 94,50
175 Iran 94,56
176 Turkmenistan 95,33
177 North Korea 104,75
178 Eritrea 105,00

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author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

..just called to register their outrage at being compared to these cheese-eating surrender......errrroops.

Just how do I go about committing blasphemy???

Could make for a great court case. Should I change the name to Cheese-us H. Kryst??Is that them at the door already?

author by Press Freedompublication date Mon Dec 20, 2010 13:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Atheist ireland tried to raise awareness last year and were , of course ignored by the *Newspaper of Note* until
January the fourth and after the whole world had reported on it.

The implementation of Ireland's Blasphemy law occurred on January the first 2010.

“It is silly because medieval religious laws have no place in a modern secular republic, where the criminal law should protect people and not ideas. And it is dangerous because it incentives religious outrage, and because Islamic states led by Pakistan are already using the wording of this Irish law to promote new blasphemy laws at UN level.”

He said blasphemy laws “silence people in order to protect ideas”. “In a civilised society, people have a right to express and to hear ideas about religion even if other people find those ideas to be outrageous.”

The 25 allegedly blasphemous quotes include utterances attributed to Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Mark Twain, Ian Paisley, Salman Rushdie, Pope Benedict XVI and and an exchange between Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern and Labour’s Pat Rabbitte in the Dáil during the passage of the Bill."

(Irish Times, January 4th 2010)

1. Jesus Christ, when asked if he was the son of God, in Matthew 26:64: “Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” According to the Christian Bible, the Jewish chief priests and elders and council deemed this statement by Jesus to be blasphemous, and they sentenced Jesus to death for saying it.

2. Jesus Christ, talking to Jews about their God, in John 8:44: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.” This is one of several chapters in the Christian Bible that can give a scriptural foundation to Christian anti-Semitism. The first part of John 8, the story of “whoever is without sin cast the first stone”, was not in the original version, but was added centuries later. The original John 8 is a debate between Jesus and some Jews. In brief, Jesus calls the Jews who disbelieve him sons of the Devil, the Jews try to stone him, and Jesus runs away and hides.

3. Muhammad, quoted in Hadith of Bukhari, Vol 1 Book 8 Hadith 427: “May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their prophets.” This quote is attributed to Muhammad on his death-bed as a warning to Muslims not to copy this practice of the Jews and Christians. It is one of several passages in the Koran and in Hadith that can give a scriptural foundation to Islamic anti-Semitism, including the assertion in Sura 5:60 that Allah cursed Jews and turned some of them into apes and swine.

4. Mark Twain, describing the Christian Bible in Letters from the Earth, 1909: “Also it has another name – The Word of God. For the Christian thinks every word of it was dictated by God. It is full of interest. It has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies… But you notice that when the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, adored Father of Man, goes to war, there is no limit. He is totally without mercy — he, who is called the Fountain of Mercy. He slays, slays, slays! All the men, all the beasts, all the boys, all the babies; also all the women and all the girls, except those that have not been deflowered. He makes no distinction between innocent and guilty… What the insane Father required was blood and misery; he was indifferent as to who furnished it.” Twain’s book was published posthumously in 1939. His daughter, Clara Clemens, at first objected to it being published, but later changed her mind in 1960 when she believed that public opinion had grown more tolerant of the expression of such ideas. That was half a century before Fianna Fail and the Green Party imposed a new blasphemy law on the people of Ireland.

5. Tom Lehrer, The Vatican Rag, 1963: “Get in line in that processional, step into that small confessional. There, the guy who’s got religion’ll tell you if your sin’s original. If it is, try playing it safer, drink the wine and chew the wafer. Two, four, six, eight, time to transubstantiate!”

6. Randy Newman, God’s Song, 1972: “And the Lord said: I burn down your cities – how blind you must be. I take from you your children, and you say how blessed are we. You all must be crazy to put your faith in me. That’s why I love mankind.”

One presumes that the Irish Times editorial finds the publication of blasphemous libel to be indelicate.....

Olé Geraldine Kennedy who does not get the information age, cos the profit innit for her is minuscule.

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author by asidepublication date Mon Dec 20, 2010 13:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Joe Duffy's audience would like to prosecute this song under Ahern's law:

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author by V for vendettapublication date Mon Dec 20, 2010 23:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Perhaps this poll itself is an example of lack of press freedom! Real press freedom is in the minds of journalists. If they naturally defer to power then whatever freedom they may have, they won't actually use it to expose the rich and powerful. So in practice it may as well not exist. The way it works is People who hold certain views get certain jobs. Then they police themselves along the lines power wishes, despite having freedom to do otherwise. Thats how OUR system works. It's more subtle than having freedoms. The sooner people realise this the better.

In practice sadly more people get their news reports from TV.
Strange, as far as I can see these three below currently give most of the best most probing and thought provoking news reports and documentaries on TV!!

121 Qatar - aljazeera english
youtube channel:

140 Russia - RT english
youtube channel:

175 Iran - Press TV -

And lying ass party line RTE is at number 9???? Thats just laughable!! Sure, they are free, but they just freely lie to us anyway. what good is that freedom???

Who compiled this list? Was it
19 United Kingdom - BBC sky news
20 United States of America FOX NEWS cnn

by any chance.? theirs are some of the least trustworthy news stations and websites,(the BBC being ok some of the time )

Ridiculous!! Spend a few hours watching FOX / sky news / cnn then switch to al jazeera / RT for a breath of fresh news air

naturally socialist venezuela 133 and cuba 166 and bolivia 103 are at the bottom. Boo commies who try to help their people get free from the capitalist system. Funny that includes the murdoch news empire too where many of the greatest lies are perpetrated from.

still at least saudi arabia are recognised for what they are here although Israel?? wtf?? Like I said, there is a difference between a free press and a truthful press. A free press can use it's freedom to lie to the people and suck up to the powerful. And more often than not it does.

The end result is the same: the public are lied to, regardless of how free the press are. That makes this poll rather meaningless except to give an indication of the nature of the propaganda system each country uses

author by Press Freedompublication date Wed Dec 22, 2010 14:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The list , which is a league and not a poll was compiled by

Reporters Without Borders : as it says in the OP.

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