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It Is Time To Dissolve Mary Harney's Frankenstein - Health Service Executive (hse)

category national | irish social forum | opinion/analysis author Saturday June 05, 2010 06:29author by children_of_lir Report this post to the editors

HSE - Mary Harney's Frankenstein

With the recent news about child deaths while in care or in contact with services now at 188 and this figure is rising, it is time to bring down Mary Harney's Frankenstein, namely HSE. It was Harney who dissolved the ten regional Health Boards and created the disastrous and lethal HSE that came into operation on 1 January 2005.

With the recent news about child deaths while in care or in contact with services now at 188 and this figure is rising, it is time to bring down Mary Harney's Frankenstein, namely HSE. It was Harney who dissolved the ten regional Health Boards and created the disastrous and lethal HSE that came into operation on 1 January 2005.

Below is a link to an article referencing these188 children's deaths whilst in HSE custody:

This shambolic and uncaring monstrosity that is HSE is killing our children.

Wikipedia says it all: "The HSE is frequently portrayed by the Irish media as an inefficient, top-heavy, bloated and excessively bureaucratic organisation defined by cronyism, budget overruns and an excessively "manager-oriented" culture where middle management and consultants' demands are prioritised over adequate service provision. Additionally, the organisation has been involved in a number of serious health scandals, relating to cancer misdiagnoses. The HSE has also been the subject of criticism for cutbacks, service cancellations and overall stinginess." [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_Service_Executive]

HSE's Head Office:

Oak House, Millennium Park, Naas, Co. Kildare
Phone: +353 (0)45 880400
Fax: 1890 200893

Dr. Steevens' Hospital, Dublin 8
Phone: +353 (0)1 635 2000

It is time to dissolve HSE and restore the authority of the ten regional Health Boards. For all their faults, regional Health Boards were more accountable, simply because they were not monolithic and had the other regional Health Boards as independent peers. With the ten regional Health Boards restored, the chances are at least one Board would uphold standards and not tolerate the abuses of another.

author by An tSionainnpublication date Sat Jun 05, 2010 15:53Report this post to the editors

It's interesting to note that the Mental Health Act 2001 was written when there was no HSE and health administration was the responsibility of the regional health boards. That Act relies on the availability of independent opinions to review decisions made by a patient's treating consultant.

When the Mental Health Act was being drafted, it was still possible to find an independent psychiatrist to review the decisions of another psychiatrist. For example, a psychiatric opinion could be sought from a psychiatrist working for another health board if necessary. That way there was no conflict of interest, contrary to the present situation where the independent psychiatrist and the patient's own consultant work for the *same* employer. Even more so, the Mental Health Act defines a "consultant" as a doctor who is a registered specialist in psychiatry or at very least, is working in the capacity of a consultant for one of the recognised regional health boards. The Act does not recognise HSE as a health board at all! So the multitude of unregistered locum "consultants working for HSE as psychiatrists are simply not consultants as far as the Act is concerned.

Ireland is now facing the unfortunate consequences installing a monolithic health administration system. There is no longer any accountability, no independence of medical opinion, and overburdened or unqualified medical staff are meant to provide care with lowered funding and substandard facilities as HSE pays their administrative and junket costs first.

Just so, HSE is Mary Harney's Frankenstein, murdering Ireland's children and undermining its laws as it walks the night. It's time to put the monster down and sack its mad maker.

author by Plumber.publication date Sat Jun 05, 2010 16:23Report this post to the editors

One is truck by the amateurism and incompetence in the managment of HSE.

And the jaw dropping salaries for their doctors, who are just glorified plumbers.

They never heard of sleek private sector managment tools like "Six-Sigma".

Wiki it here:


author by donkylemorepublication date Sat Jun 05, 2010 22:28Report this post to the editors

The only problem with dissolving the HSE is the 100,000 it employs being shifted onto dole queues.
In addition the old Health Board employees - who are still employed in a parralell world to the HSE - they too would have to go . The had ceased to be fit for purpose after the inception of the HSE
So it wont be going anywhere. It was designed by the most gruesome ,bumbling incompetent Minister this state has seen. She is blinded by hubris . She is inured to any criticism .
When any kudos attaches to something successful ,like the cancer strategy - (designed by Tom King ) - she is right there in your face
Where any blame attaches she distances herself , as does B Andrews as much as he can. He has lost some of that contemptuous arrogance he had; ( he inherited from his grandfather an assumed right of inheritance of power )

So nothing will happen . Life of those unfortunate children who died in the care of the HSE is cheap. Like the children who died in the care of the nuns who were buried in mass graves - they didn't matter either .
But will anyone walk . Will anyone even be identified as responsible . ?
No Because '' divided responsibility is diminished culpability '' - the army taught me that .And that suits the HSE and Harney perfectly.

author by children_of_lirpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 05:45Report this post to the editors

There would need to be a transition plan for HSE’s 100,000 employees to move back to the ten regional Health Boards. The 100,000 existing employees would not be displaced from their jobs.

It’s inglorious politics by Mary Harney to create a bureaucracy where no-one is made accountable or wants to takes responsibility, and where HSE can continue to limp from one major health crisis to another, with the deaths of our children as collateral damage.

Bringing back the ten regional Health Boards does give some hope of independence. HSE employees will be able to speak out about the abuses they witness at their Board without fear of losing their jobs or careers, if they know they can get employed at one of the other Health Boards.

How many more deaths will it take to stop Mary Harney’s unleashed abomination?

author by Plumber.publication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 09:14Report this post to the editors

"The only problem with dissolving the HSE is the 100,000 it employs being shifted onto dole queues."

That is being a bit simplistic.

Ten regional health boards were melted in to one HSE without the loss of a single clerical job.

One would have expected surplus accountants to be flowing out the doors.

Not a bit of it.

They are still there twiddling their thumbs.

And consuming vast quantities of private sector taxpayers' money to boot.

author by HSE Nurse.publication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:18Report this post to the editors

I agree with Plumber.
The word "Efficiency" is unknown in the bloated Irish Public Sector.

author by donkylemorepublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:36Report this post to the editors

Surely it was the case that the HSE started life de novo. It was not a sub species of genus public health boards . It was a model of special creationism , very special .
And it ( the health board mammoth) continued life after the HSE had taken ..over? taken up responsibility?.. taken up the slack ? assumed ..? ..Oh F*** - whatever it was that they were supposed to do and didn't .
It was Harney's creation ; a masterstroke to facilitate her massive incompetence , her laziness and her neo-con ideology.. The Idea ? to separate the poor from those who matter.. the Boston People .. the Milton Freeman Reagonomics people who ravished first Brazil.. and most of S.America.
This facilitated and guaranteed her free-market friends in places like the Beacon cliinic . the Galway Clinic and ensured that they could focus on making huge profit from a service. When the beds were vacant in these private doss houses the PPP model was sculpted.. further .. the private purchase treatment scheme.. What a whiz ..
No patient would be left waiting for more than 3 months for any treatment '' just because of their means '' . When in fact the real deal was to ensure full bed occupancy in the private hospitals. Listen to Maurice Neligan on this .

author by children_of_lirpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 14:43Report this post to the editors

Harney should be sacked from her portfolio as Minister for Health and Children. Nothing less, as ultimately it 's her responsibility.

Her dismantling of the ten regional Health Boards and her lack of oversight and accountability that has caused, has led to these children's deaths.

Why isn't the Irish Times going after Harney?

author by In Debt.publication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 14:55Report this post to the editors

"Her dismantling of the ten regional Health Boards and her lack of oversight and accountability that has caused, has led to these children's deaths. "

No chance.

The vested interests in the health system are unassailable.

A bit like Communism.

The starting pay of a consultant in the Irish health service is higher than the pay of the President of Germany.

Or the president of the USA.

Borrowed money.

When the paymaster Germany pulls the rug out from under Greece and Ireland we will then see who pays the piper.

author by children_of_lirpublication date Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:47Report this post to the editors

I have no illusions about Ireland, which is dependent upon the European Union and in financial dire straits. We have only to look at the Ireland’s rural areas with their unrepaired treacherous roads and the number of houses with ‘For Sale’ signs up.

Ireland is not complying with its signed European Union’s human rights conventions and treaties (minimum core standards), as it is daily violating the human rights of mental health patients by keeping them unnecessarily warehoused.

Our paternalist Judiciary fails to uphold the Mental Health Act 2001, allowing gross human rights abuses to continue under HSE, where patients who can be integrated back into their community are kept detained for implausible reasons. It is the complete antithesis of what the Mental Health Act 2001, enacted under pressure from Europe, was intended to achieve in its reforms. HSE who are aided and abetted by the Judiciary, are still operating as though the Dickensian Mental Treatment Act 1945 was in place.

It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when the EU sanctions will force the financially bankrupt Irish State to comply with fiscal as well as human rights standards.

Unless Ireland can clean its own house, the EU will clean it for them.

author by Portiapublication date Thu Jun 10, 2010 22:10author email truthandjustice27 at googlemail dot comReport this post to the editors


After much research and observing many of the HSE state servants, I came across something not in the public domain- that is that HSE has many graduates of a secret org called Common Purpose, who lead outside authority, so Mary has no power whatsoever- merely a puppet.
Regarding the psycho industry- well the service users need to be awake to the fact that HSE try to use Shock Therapy on abused children in order to burn out the memories of abuse and leave the children like zombies- who are then given back to their abusers.

Many HSE social workers are not even qualified- nor do they have to be, I am told.

Ask for their qualifications, as is the right of any service user and you might be refused, like I was.

HSE agents truly believe they are gods, answerable to no one, and that is true, because if you write to the minister for children re abuse, you will be told that the minister is unable to interfere because of in camera rule and secret courts where children are still rubberstamped into corporate care by judges. Many judges do not even listen to both parties but side with the HSE. Any social worker will tell you- the Judges DO AS WE TELL THEM.!!

I have to say, I was shocked at first, some 15 years ago to find that children were still called "DISPOSABLE CHILDREN" by social workers and those lining their pockets from their pain and misery.

One 17 year old girl asked me to write one sentence fo the people of Ireland, to let you all know the truth about corporate care.


author by children_of_lirpublication date Sat Jun 12, 2010 04:02Report this post to the editors

My theory is that globalised chaos serves as a pretext to clamp down on the people. The illusory Government has become nothing more than a shell. The power has been out-sourced to bureaucratic agencies, such as HSE, which are accountable to no-one.

See below article where there there will be 36 percent cuts to welfare rent allowance, as reported in the Independent:


The total run down of the health system is only one dimension of a greater plan for social deprivation and desperation. The Government's channels of redress cannot help you, the Government can only take their pay cheques and perks. They are a useless appendage, a case in point is Mary Harney.

Common Purpose is only a tool of the Chaos.

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