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The Saker
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Public Inquiry
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Voltaire Network
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Time to ban the catholic church?

category national | crime and justice | other press author Friday December 04, 2009 00:54author by eireanne Report this post to the editors

Ending abuse and cover-up by the catholic church

Ireland is not alone in having its children abused psychologically, physically, emotionally and sexually by the catholic hierarchy. It is particularly unfortunate because Catholicism was so closely linked to politics north and south particularly after 1922 and the de Valera constitution in 1937. No matter how horrified everyone is at this litany of abuse, any criticism of the church leaves one open to Loyalist triumphalism and resentment from practising Catholics who are obviously smarting from the deception and hypocrisy. However some questions have to be asked.

The pattern of abuse and cover-up revealed in various reports is endemic to the catholic church. See this news report from a dioceses in Connecticut, USA which was published just a couple of days ago.
If one googles child abuse in the catholic church one gets a staggering "1,900,000 for child abuse scandals in the catholic church. (0.27 seconds)". Can no international body e.g. Save the Children prosecute or ban an international organisation that is responsible for such heinous actions, harbours criminals worldwide and does its best to obstruct the course of justice, spending millions of dollars in the process (see the American report I just cited)? Can none even make a disapproving comment?

The catholic church also plays upon the ambiguity of its position to wriggle out of all responsibility for the actions of its clerics. Is it church or foreign state? Can it be both, being whichever of the two is most convenient in any given circumstance? Would you trust or do business with someone like that?

The methods used to cover-up, while based on brainwashing the victims, families etc to internalise shame, psychological threats, social ostracism etc, also rely on unquestioning obedience to an "authority", deception and lies which are justified as "mental reservations" and a mafia-style refusal to answer queries (see papal nuncio's response to the Enquiry Commission). Now that Irish people realise how they have been manipulated do they really want to continue as a consenting partner in the deception?

Since the Bishops are constantly justifying their actions under Canon Law what place exactly does Canon Law occupy in the United States of Europe (which came into being on the 1st of this month)? Who is subject to it? Is the Vatican State part of the EU and subject to EU laws? Does Canon Law take precedence?

And in asking these questions I have not expressed my contempt for these hypocrites who have also extorted vast sums of money from the faithful for centuries, using various psychological threats. At the very least I expect no Irish person who continues going to church for whatever personal reason to ever put another EU cent on the plate!

Related Link: http://www.greenwichtime.com/sheddinglight
author by WTTRpublication date Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I also goggled "Who abbuses children". An interesting synopsis was done by the Minnesota Department of Corrections USA. Here it is:

1. Is usually married. A small number never marry and maintain a lifelong interest in children.
2. Most often an adult male; however, adolescents and women also molest children.
3. May relate better to children and feel more comfortable with their interests.
4. May have few adult friends.
5. May talk with children as one would talk to an adult in order to equalize the relationship.
6. Usually prefers children in a specifi c age group and one gender over the other.
7. May work or volunteer with programs involving children in the preferred age group.
8. Pursues children for sexual purposes but may attempt to form emotional connections; for
example, a mom’s boyfriend spending time with a child and talking at length about his
feelings for the child and his own loneliness in order to gain the child’s sympathy.
9. May take photographs of victims: dressed, nude, or in sexual acts.
10. May collect child erotica and child-adult pornography to lower the inhibitions of victims;
fantasize when no victim is available; relive past sexual activities; justify inappropriate
sexual behavior; or blackmail victims to keep them from telling.
11. May give alcohol or drugs to potential victims to lower inhibitions or gain favor.
12. May seek out organizations that support sexual beliefs and practices.
13. May offer to babysit or take children on trips in order to manipulate situations to be near molest children.

This would suggest that incidences of abuse are wide spread. I heard a lady who was abused say that her mother allowed the Priest go up to her room when she was in bed. This is unbelievable as child abuse is a weakness of all mortals. The occasions today are much more widespread for the molesting of children since both parents are obliged by unfettered material capitalist circumstances to work for long hours outside the home and out of reach of giving proper supervision of their children.

Related Link: http://www.doc.state.mn.us/level3/pdf/characteristics%20and%20behavioral%20indicators%20of%20adults%20who%20molest%20children.pdf
author by iosafpublication date Fri Dec 04, 2009 19:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Last week a RC cardinal was offering the opinion that no gay or lesbian may enter heaven http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2009/1202/...ia=mr ( despite the odd position I reported on a rehabilitation of Oscar Wilde recently and the difference between sexual orientation and practice c/f "Pope breaks limp wrist & Vatican praises Oscar Wilde "July 17/09 http://www.indymedia.ie/article/93212 )

But by far the most revealing RC story came in Spain.

Juan Antonio Reig is the bishop of Alcalá. He is also university provost, noted academic and stalwart of the Spanish anti-contraception, anti-gay marriage & anti-abortion groups.

He is now undeniably not only a fascist but has taken the role of fascist leader
& rather than keeping it all discreet and subtle as they mostly do he has allowed himself to be photographed on stage with the illegal flag of Franco's regime which alone now is used by the far right. He was celebrating (as they say) a mass for the nationalist "martyrs" of Paracuellos who were feted under Franco as the holiest of victims to Republican "death squads". Of course history has changed since and the numbers of dead on the ungodly side now far outnumber those massacred on the fascist side. Even if Ratzinger canonised and sainted almost 200 martyrs on the fascist side and not one republican is thought to have got into heaven, no saint is thought to be buried at Paracuellos even if each was in their time innocent & no doubt beautifully naive of their victimhood.

Bishop Reig next to his fascist flag spoke of the mass grave shrine of Francoism as being the holiest of martyr cemetaries on Earth. His faithful audience included the leader of the far right in Spain Blas Piñar the man who attempted to ensure Francoism would continued through the "transition". Piñar was moved to tears by the bishop's oration & as he and his retainers gave their fascist salutes to the graves outside afterwards, his little arm trembled.

Today it is reported that the bishop of Alcala, Juan Antonio Reig has apologised for what was indeed a criminal act in that he gave homage to the preconstitutional flag of fascist era Spain ( those with fine eyes could see which flag it was for Franco's eagle changed design through its forty odd years ) & that his public appearance amounted to a celebration of fascism & incitement to hatred.

Thus I'm joining with those who will seek to criminally prosecute bishop Reig regardless of his apology and see an injunction place on him to forbid his public presence at Paracuellos del Jarama cemetry ever again. Furthermore considering the evidence now that he is a fascist and consorts with and gives succour to the far right and groups of hatred, should he utter but one line which may be interpreted as promoting intolerance to minorities - we shall charge him.

I term this proactive prosecution.

Whereas before I encouraged people who wish to express their disgust with Roman Catholicism to formally leave the church by requesting their baptism certificate be revoked & that their statistical presence be removed from the inflated census of Roman Catholicism ( for there are so many who will never get into Heaven as a Catholic lapsed or true ) Now I'm going to encourage people to think of every way possible to badger, hound and prosecute this collective of reprobates.

Some people would think I was anti-clerical.

last week a Spanish bishop celebrated mass with Franco flag on altar & fascist salutes from the faithful
last week a Spanish bishop celebrated mass with Franco flag on altar & fascist salutes from the faithful

author by Atheistpublication date Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

After all, the catholic church has supported all manner of dictators in their time. We all remember how they intervened by writing letters on behalf of pinochet in the not too distant past. Nothing surprises me about the catholic church anymore. Their collusion in wide scale child molestation and their stone age policies on the use of condoms in aids ravaged parts of africa continue to disgust me. Still people always give me a tongue lashing whenever I dare to advocate atheism in any kind of public way. Ironic.

author by John Ayrespublication date Mon Jan 25, 2010 08:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was at the protest on Friday 22-01-10 in Maynooth. Eamon Martin arrived out to convey from the Bishops if we would like to send in any messages to the Bishops in the meeting. Eamon only took 2 messages, one from Brendan Butler and one form my self, which was; "Come out of her my people, lest you be partakers of her sins" (Rev.18:4). Eamon Martin came with a smile but left shaking in his boots.

It is time to hand back to these people what they have been preaching to us.

Safe guarding children
Safe guarding children

Eamon Martin Sec.Confrence to Bishops
Eamon Martin Sec.Confrence to Bishops

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