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Pope breaks limp wrist & Vatican praises Oscar Wilde

category international | gender and sexuality | other press author Friday July 17, 2009 22:42author by + "ora pro nobis" - = iosaf - "i may not be gay but some of my best friends are and ancesters were" Report this post to the editors

Those interested in Roman Kathurlick affairs will this last week have noted how the pontiff and german shepherd, Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI snubbed Berlusconi during the G8 bash in Italy but managed to give Obama a cuddle despite the former being anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-cell-stem research (& simply into good looking young girls) & the latter being a protestant.

Then the Pope went off on holidays to get out of Rome which is a smelly and oppressive place during the summer months & broke his wrist, an incident reported throughout the global catholic interest press. But at the same time the official Vatican newspaper decided to "rehabilitate" Oscar Wilde.
For years it was thought Alice Guszalewicz posing as Salome, Wilde's religious play was in fact Oscar being a girlie
For years it was thought Alice Guszalewicz posing as Salome, Wilde's religious play was in fact Oscar being a girlie

Let us not forget that in the face of death Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde converted to Roman Catholicism - with possibly rather more sincerity than Anthony Charles Lynton "Tony" Blair

Robert Ross, in his letter to More Adey (dated 14 December 1900), stated "He was conscious that people were in the room, and raised his hand when I asked him whether he understood. He pressed our hands. I then sent in search of a priest, and after great difficulty found Father Cuthbert Dunne ... who came with me at once and administered Baptism and Extreme Unction. - Oscar could not take the Eucharist". : source the book written by Oscar's grandson Holland and Rupert Hart-Davis (2000): The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde. pp. 1219-1220, New York: Henry Holt and Co. ISBN 0805059156

it's best to be on the safe side when you die beyond your means - perhaps buggers can be choosers after all ;-)


the Holy Father's wrist is in plaster so we may not cast aspersions on its limpness

reaction to the Vatican rehabilitation of man supposedly absolved of supposed sin almost 109 years ago :-

this week's Vatican news is getting really interesting perhaps thinking it will attract a new readership looking for the rehabilitation of Wilde. They're tackling the evils of unfettered capitalism, the political rights to protest of Iranians and the corruption and moral decadence of Berlusconi's Italy.

original Italian text :

great stuff I'm sure you'll agree & expect the Pope to go on a mission to Wall Street as soon as he can to preach the gospel just like he made the effort to go to Africa and remind them condoms were bad.

Of course Dorian Grey never needed condoms.

St Sebastian, defiant of the Mithras cult martyed Roman Soldier, Gay icon & I do my best.....
St Sebastian, defiant of the Mithras cult martyed Roman Soldier, Gay icon & I do my best.....

author by john 3: 16publication date Sat Jul 18, 2009 09:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

i am not a Catholic but it seems that the Catholic church is the fall-guy for all the modern world's problems. the writer of this mocking piece proves my point.

in regards to Oscar Wilde & the Catholic church, Wilde had a lifelong association with the Catholic Church. if you look at The Picture of Dorian Gray it shows that when you kill your conscience, you kill your soul. Wilde's art was always overtly moral & he entered the Church on his deathbed.

for the few INDYMEDIA readers that may be interested this link may be of interest on the above theme:

Related Link:
author by + "ora pro nobis" - (iosaf)publication date Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dorian Gray opens with an invocation to an Egyptian God and a clear paradox - (the month does not see the flowers in bloom which are mentioned) thus this aesthetic detail must be read as a symbolic of a ritual. One which belonged to the order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in which Wilde was an initiate. It is at this point that Dorian is granted his "wish" immediately after observing an un-named book being read - which is quite probably the edition known to London society of the time of Huysman's A rebours .

Dorian Grey may be read as a tryptich autobiography - the snobbish lord, the tortured artist and the youngster within - but it may not be read in any sense as a RC or Christian text until you have parsed it for its clear references to other belief systems.

And no - I repeat again - Dorian Gray didn't need condoms. Just as he didn' t need antibiotics for gonorrhea, treatment for syphilis, creams for cold sores or lotion for fecking gout.

My story is not mocking Roman Catholics but merely wishes to bring attention yet again to the sheer hypocrisy of the RC state which is the Vatican, a state with full diplomatic status and immense media resources which is so terribly selective in its preaching.

But I reckon most people got the point.

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