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Lockdown Skeptics

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Nov15 G8/G20 Washington DC Economic Crisis Summit

category international | anti-capitalism | news report author Wednesday November 05, 2008 19:41author by mrauthor email m.reinsborough at qub dot ac dot ukauthor phone (+44) o7729785327 Report this post to the editors

This article includes helpful links for understanding the global economic crisis

The G20 will meet in Washington DC in an attempt to shore up & maintain the priviliged control over the global economy by the richest and most powerful nations (G20 = twenty most powerful countries in the global economy).

The G8 (Group of eight most powerful nations in the world) is unable to retain their control in the current economic crisis. Instead the G20 will meet in Washington DC in an attempt to shore up & maintain the priviliged control over the global economy by the richest and most powerful nations (G20 = twenty most powerful countries in the global economy, listed below). All those who have been involved in opposing elite control over the global economy are the natural inheritors of this new development in the continuing conflict with global elitism (many will be taking a minute to celebrate what has been accomplished in confronting the G8). In some places around the world there may be actions on Nov 15. During the G20 summit there will be a countermobilization (more information below). Here are some links/comments and forwarded emails on the current state of affairs. We'll know more about what we're up against next after Nov 15.


* http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=200810222339...13677

"The 15 November meeting will include officials from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the EU, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the US. Additionally, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, the president of the World Bank, the United Nations secretary-general and the chairman of the financial stability forum, a group consisting of major national financial authorities and international financial bodies, have been invited to participate."

-----Original Message-----
To: money crisis list
Subject: the G8 are dead, G20 will meet on 15th Nov. in
Washington DC

Dear all,

the G8 are dead, kaputt. That's why the G20 will meet on 14th/15th Nov.
2008 in Washington DC. And that's what they are going to do:

"The leaders will review progress being made to address the current
financial crisis, advance a common understanding of its causes, and, in
order to avoid a repetition, agree on a common set of principles for
reform of the regulatory and institutional regimes for the world's
financial sectors."
"We expect that the leaders will discuss the effects of the crisis on
emerging economies and developing nations," Ms Perino added. "The summit
will also provide an important opportunity for leaders to strengthen the
underpinnings of capitalism by discussing how they can enhance their
commitment to open, competitive economies, as well as trade and
investment liberalisation." Dana Perino, spokeswoman for President
George W Bush

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Counter mobilization G20 15th Nov. Washington DC

some organisations are now discussing N15 in Washington DC:
Two working committees came together as a result.
The first one is the */planning group for Actions /*and the second
group is the */planning group for a ‘Shadow Summit’ or Workshop/*.
Contact the following organizations to get involved include US Action, Global Justice
Action, Students for a Democratic Society, Jobs with Justice, BIC, Global Trade
Watch, Institute for Policy Studies

Related Link: http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20081022183534683
author by mrpublication date Sun Nov 09, 2008 20:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Global day of action ( N15 ) November 15th 2008
Resisting Capitalism and it ' Financial and Ecological ' crises during the G20
richest nations summit.

Other worlds are possible - A Grassroots Anti-Capitalist call for action.

On November 15, the G20 richest nations will convene in Washington to try to
put the financial meltdown behind them and repair the
international capitalist system.

The factories continue to be closed, jobs cut, pensions destroyed, houses
evicted, unemployment rises, uncertaintity, horrible anti-immigrant measures are pushed
for by right-wingers, homelessness increase, relationships break down and food
and basic housing spiral beyond the reach of the poor the world over while the
environment around us collapses. We are living through a profound period of
rapid and terrifying change, an intensification of the long crisis that is
capitalism and this time the meltdown really is global. Even conservative
media and staunch economic-rationalists are saying this could be the worst since the
great depression... and they are trying to re-organise a Bretton Woods II
project for a new capitalism.

World over there is direct action and civil disobedience resistance taking
many forms and proposals of many types circulating as always and now with new
consideration given the cost we will be asked to pay to bail-out this rotten
system - food riots, strikes for wage increases and backpay of stolen wages, price reduction campaigns,
radical discussions on the crises, fuel protests,the sharing of radical everyday strategies for living in hard times, looting of supermarkets, as yet sporadic but hopefully growing resistance to evictions, sit-downs,
protests at financial institutions and districts are spreading, thousands of the
italian universities occupation movements saying " we will not pay for your
crisis. " As the money and environmental crises intensify so too hopefully the
struggles, with this as the stage we offer a humble proposal for this global
day of action against capital, the G20 - hoping to see another thread of
struggle emerge.

- Another thread that calls for common and grassroots control of our lives, an
alternative to the left or right hand of capital or to put it another way an
alternative to private enterprise or the state management of capital - neither
a future regulated capital or the free market versions often known as
'neo-liberalism.' A world in which we create old and new commons based
on our real needs as an alternative to the capitalist and state system.

- Another thread that recognises that these crises have been bought down on us
by not only bankers and speculators, but also by bosses, landlords and petty
bureaucrats as well as all politicians and other members of the ruling classes. They made it and it is for us to create new relationships and egalatarian
forms of organisation to push beyond capitalism. We must stop them. Their
arrogance is limitless. After having caused the worst slump since the Great
Depression, the same fuckers have thrown the world into insolvency would now
like to appear as saviors of the world economy: hypocrites full of bullshit,
that's what they are!

- A thread that knows they are part of hundred of years of resistance to the
rule of money, contrived panics, exploitation, poverty, disorder, repression,
annihilation and the destruction of the earth on which we depend for

- A thread that recognises the need for the interlinking of global social and
labor conflicts.

- A thread that is interested and actively debating and possibly trying to
create proposals for other worlds, - should we push for our trillions too perhaps to
be used as seeds to set up grassroots alternatives, what would debt resistance
or anti-eviction movements look like in our areas, what of price reduction
campaigns or other ways of providing for our basic needs and freedom ?

Perhaps massive globally co-ordinated anti-lay-off campaigns, community building, unemployed
workers movements, the blocking of cities, growing homeless and temp-worker
resistance, reclaiming of space for social activities, strategies that asks questions and
learns from other seemingly unrelated struggles - a movements of networks
...the eventual occupation of all life by your desires... there are many other
proposals being considered. *

The can be no capitalist fix or new capitalist deal to the ecological and
capitalist crises- we will not beg, but create new worlds.

The tactics or actions are open to you, mobilisations, blockades, sit-ins, a
few dignified placards - some leaflets or an teach-in, sabotages and other
attacks - we have limitless desires and long history to draw upon.

For this global action we call on the global anti-capitalist movements and all
those from below that are feeling the destruction of their lives and our world, those
already resisting from the grassroots or seeing the need, to organise for and
beyond November 15th 2008 - grassroots, anti-capitalist action...

Make plans. We hope this day will enrich the many ongoing strategies of resistance that are going beyond protest **

* http://cutdump.blogsome.com/2008/11/07/more-crises-prop...sals/
** http://cutdump.blogsome.com/2008/11/07/beyond-once-of-p...isis/

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