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Human Rights in Ireland
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Nick Hudson of PANDA is coming to London on Thursday May 26th to deliver ?The Quest for Open Science?, after which he will be interviewed by Jeffrey Peel from the New Era and take questions from the audience.
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You might think that if you debunk patently silly extreme weather claims, the entire fear agenda will go away. Think again. Climate change is now firmly embedded in the culture wars surrounding race, identity and gender.
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Why didn't the US back Zelensky? The New York Times wrote earlier this year that his government could be overthrown by far-right groups if he ?agrees to a peace deal that in their minds gives too much to Moscow?.
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Voltaire Network
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fascist assault in Rome

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Saturday June 14, 2008 16:54author by antifa Report this post to the editors

Fascist attack foiled at Loa Acrobax

There are those who evict and those who put bombs!
Fascist attack foiled at Loa Acrobax

The demonstration planned for the 14th of june by squatters, autonomous spaces, migrants, students and precarious workers is a very important event in Rome. Over the last weeks, several events, debates and public assemblies have been organized in order to prepare the demonstration that reclaims rights for everybody opposing the savage estate speculation and the precarization of our lives. It will be a day when the “other city” takes the streets back to say that any eviction won't be tolerated.
It may be for this reason that while Alemanno – the new mayor – casts anathemas against squatters, migrants and social centres threatening evictions and promising legality, security and less rights, fascists – acting as always as the armed arm of power – try to make noise with bombs.

And so, on the 13th of june at 2.30 am a group of fascists tried to put a bomb at the main entrance of Acrobax. They entered the car park in front of the social centre and headed to the entrance trying to put the explosive while watched and covered by other two cars not far from them. At that time in the social centre there was an event to promote the demonstration and to support the new issue of “city of god” - a free press produced by precarious workers. Fortunately, some activists of Acrobax were on the roof. They reacted promptly and made fascists run away. Fascists blew up the explosive a few metres away before leaving, anyways. Nobody was injured.

This vile action could have tragic consequences and it can be considered as part of that authoritarian atmosphere that is pervading the country. It is a clear message delivered to that part of the city that fights for housing right, basic income, labour rights and against exploitation that is causing the death of dozens of workers every day. This action meant to be a signal to those who will be on the streets on the 14th of june. It meant to be a signal against those who have been facing and fighting neo-fascism over the last years rejecting the “equidistance” principle according which “reds” and “fascists” are on the same level. We say it loudly again – as well as we did when Renato was killed by two young fascists – antifascism can't be tried. Torturers and liberators will never be on the same level! Today, after the fascist assault to the University La Sapienza and the vile attempt of bloodshed occurred last night at Acrobax, we shout it even more loudly.

Thereby, we think it's necessary to take part in the demonstration on the 14th of june. We are not scared of the mayor who threatens us with evictions. We don't fear those who put bombs.

We speak out against the assault to Acrobax with all our strenght.

Today as always: fascists no pasaran!

Loa Acrobax

author by Outragedpublication date Sun Jun 15, 2008 06:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Where the Fascist Bombers you report are encouraged, and even rquipped by Berlusconi's government - who, incidentally, are solid backers of The Lisbon Treaty, which gives these Italian and other Fascists more power over Brussels, Europe - and any country that ratifies Lisbon.

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