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category meath | environment | other press author Friday March 14, 2008 04:03author by YA BASTA! Report this post to the editors

Enough is Enough!

Here's some background info and up-dates on whats happening at Tara!
One Love
One World
Whatever you dream you can do begin it.
Boldness has genius, power & magic in it. B
Begin it now.

proposed Interchange at Tara
proposed Interchange at Tara

The idea that the land can be owned by a few at the expense of the many, is comparatively new in Ireland, when compared to the lovingly sculpted perfectly astronomically aligned hills of theTara/Skryne valley.
These are monuments from a time when the land was loved and honoured by the tribes that lived upon it, these days however a few morally bankrupt individuals feel it more advantageous to impose a tarmac coated nightmare on the once sacrosanct fields and hills of Tara/ Skryne.

A handful of Fianna Fail (the Irish ruling party) supporters and local property developers have brought land along an area that has SINCE become the route of the planned four lane M3 motorway, which would dissect 44 ancient sites, comprising a complex of pre-historic monuments, hillforts, and henges which make up one of the richest
archaeological sites anywhere in the world.

The highly respected world monuments fund have placed the entire valley on its list of one hundred most endangered world heritage sites, all this is bad for business you might think?

Especially if you're one of the corrupt politicians or builders who want to destroy this valley with their developments so these people have become stubborn in there refusal to listen to a few academics, much less 70% of the Irish people who wished to see the road re-routed, the millions of euros the developers are going to make on the back of their dodgy dealing must have blocked their ears to the calm voice of reason. And so the diggers moved in attempting to build a massive 52 acre interchange at the foot of Tara hill itself.

On the 16th October 07 the last of the sites that exist on the proposed route of the M3 was reported to campaigners by a worried anonymous local, so concerned citizens on the ground went to see if there was any substance to reports that poorly trained polish archaeologists had been working in secret over previous weeks to excavate something at a site near soldiers hill (itself a site of major historical importance) relating to a decisive battle from the Irish 1798 up-rising which was recently bulldozed.

It would be nigh on impossible to express the history and significance of every site mentioned as the area Surrounding Tara/Skryne is so steeped in History so rich in archaeology that it would take page upon page to give an outline of each one and their relationship to one another.

There are ten sites of importance at the proposed interchange alone, only one other interchange of this size and type exists in Europe (it's in Lithuania) the sheer size of it has prompted great fear amongst locals that more and more motorways are planned to criss-cross the area around Tara. (Tara hill it's self is a site equivalent to Stonehenge in UK as a focus for the neo-pagan community).

Of course there's been an outcry naturally there would be, after all through successive generations of Irish history Tara hill has stood as one of the most emblematic geographic symbols of the struggle that everyday people have had to overcome in order to secure a life not dominated by the greed of the few oppressing the happiness of the many.

Time and time again through the pages of Irelands history Tara and her environs emerge as the stage for an epic play that has mirrored the struggle of all the peoples of the Earth to live a life of worth and meaning.

In ancient times the high king or Ard Ri' was chosen from amongst the Irish tribes, the Ard Ri' lived at Tara and although their immediate lands were comparatively small it fell to the Ard Ri to have the final say in matters of judgement between the various tribal representatives of ancient Ireland.

Some may disagree with the notion of Kings and rulers imposing their will on the land and people from some distant hill,but notions of Kingship landownership and chieftainship where in entirely different under brehon law, than those that we in the UK have inherited as a result of nearly a thousand years of subjugation by a small elite of Norman robber Barons and their decendents.

St Patrick first preached his Gospel at Tara to the then Ard Ri' (leoghiaire son of Na'ial) in mid 400 AD and Brian Mac Kennady (Brian Buru) was the last Ard Ri' at Tara until 1041

In 1798 three hundred poorly armed "united Irish men" were massacred there, at site now called soldiers hill (the proposed location of the Blundellstown interchange) It's also where O'connell addressed a crowd believed to be up to a million supporters from the top of tara hill when he led the movement for catholic emancipation in the 1830s from the laws penalising Catholics that had been passed by Cromwell in the 1650's.

The Spainish company Ferrovial along with smaller operators, Wills Brothers and SIAC have taken on the Public Private Partnership alongside the national roads authority to build this road along it's ridiculous crooked route through this complex of world heritage sites , and although they have been repeatedly ordered by the E U commission to stop all work on the site, all three companies and the Irish Gov't have stubbornly refused to cease the work they have been compared by local MEP Kathy Sinnot to a small child who when asked to share a desert with a sibbling, stubbornly stuffs the whole thing in their mouths and petulantly replies " I can't it's all gone" except this is nothing so trivial as that of course, because the land in question is one of the most archaeologically rich landscapes anywhere on earth , with an unbroken record of 6000 years of human habitation, the mind boggles at the potential significance of the archaeology in the area.

Incidently multinational giant Ferrovial helping to carry out this attack was founded (circa 1953) to porovide hardware for the Spainish rail system but was soon in financial difficulty and was eventually bailed out by Spain's fascist dictator Franco, these links and others within Ferrovials board of directors have led many people to believe that its vindictive actions have been prompted by the right wing Spanish Catholic cult "Opus Dei" who incidently have their headquarters in Ireland, right in the centre of the ancient temple complex of the Tara/ Skryne valley.

Some things however, we can be absolutely certain of, Ferrovial were involved in a project (successfully resisted by locals) that had been intended to bulldoze a mountain, ancestoral graveyard, and sacred precinct,in Mexico, not to mention similar attrocities in Chile.
They also own 7 U.K airports, and are involved with with the forthcoming planned expansion of Dublin airport, plus the on going attempt to expand Heathrow etc, having purchased the British aviation authority for £10.31billion sterling last year.

At present they are trying another route to get there grubby little tenticles in the till by obtaining a slice of London's underground system.

Of course there was outcry in Ireland when the idea of putting a motorway through Tara was first vaunted, but as Aldous Huxley once said "in the future it will be possible for the powers that be to controll the masses by providing endless amounts of distraction and propaganda" the Irish spin machine has shown it's self to be as manipulative as any other in the developed world.

First word went out that a motorway was proposed at Tara, then as you would expect there was an uproar, so the Irish national roads authority put masses of funding into an awareness campaign "explaining" that they were not after all proposing a road through Tara, in fact they had merely suggested putting a road "around" Tara, an obvious ploy one might think, but one the Irish people have been expected to swallow hook line and sinker.

As the people of Ireland breathed their initial collective sigh of relief it was expected by the NRA that the public would overlook all the things that were not mentioned, issues like the 52 acre interchange at the foot of tara hill, the bulldozing of 44 (yes 44) archaeological sites, the demolition of a wooden henge with cannine and human internments in its original context (believed to be unique) the human burials include a high status female internment (which with proper analysis may well have provided useful commentary on the possible bias of the early christian scribes toward male kingship etc) the partial demolition of a unique hillfort, the bulldozing of a graveyard full of 60 french "celtic" style internments, the list goes on and on and on graves and sites and temples all sacred to the living soul of the land and her people, torn out so a handful of greedy selfish philistines can make a quick buck.

Meanwhile with the ongoing and wholesale destruction underway the Irish powers that be repeat their mantra, it's not going through Tara hill they say, the living are more important than the dead and the living need that motorway, and on and on they repeat their patronsing oversights as if the people are so stupid as to not know that there is a better route to the west of Tara hill, that route would follow the flat level gradient of a disused railway track, or that all the best development land of the linked towns lays to the west, or that the shortest and best crossing of the Boyne river is to the west, in fact the only logical reason why anyone would build a road on the present proposed route is because a few crony's of the Irish ruling party have brought up masses of land in the Tara/skryne valley and they alone stand to profit from this route.

So the politicians and road builders keep their heads in the sand, vainly repeating their mantra against reality, my hands are tied, we need a road, it's not going through Tara, etc etc.
The Rath Lugh direct action camp was evicted yesterday,and people are still locked on in the tunnels we need people to come and help build a new camp along the M3.
Every visitor makes a difference to the protest.

Activities so far have included limited use of tripods, most recently at an iron age fort complex discovered in october near soldiers hill where protesters locked on to to obstruct the shoddy practices of badly trained and unprofessional polish archaeologists drafted in, to rush the dig through in secret, also tree houses have been placed on route, but work has been mainly stopped sporadicly by concerned E.U citizens upholding the law by physically standing in front of bulldozers,.

"The tactics and actions vary as we continue to shut down all work on this road once and for all" said one protestor " the one thing that will never change is that we will defy this road to the last sod, and continue to protest as long as those responsible try to destroy our sacred land"

But greater numbers are urgently needed, anyone who cares is urged to visit and lend physical, moral or other support, everyone has something they can offer, the main thing is just to go to Tara hill and meet other people who care, it's not about "protesters" or "activists" doing their demo , it's about YOU caring enough to do something before it's too late, don't leave it to someone else.

National express funfares from £15 one way from the U.K (inc ferry) or £52 for a months open return on the train from most U.K rail stations.
Once you get to Dublin city center, get a 109 bus from Busaurus (central bus station) going north to Navan, and ask to be let off at Tara. It's a short well signposted walk from the bus stop to Tara hill and the vigil site, this should cost about 11 euros return.

Tarps, carpets, digital cameras and memory cards, old C.B. Rigs aerials etc, Mobile phones and credit, Large tents and tarpaulins, rope, climbing equipment and harness, Locks, chains, waterproof warm dry and durable clothing, serviceable welly boots and wax jacket, and all other types and sizes of serviceable boots, clean and warm blankets and bedding, Lighting equipment, security lights, and 12volt spotlights, scaffolding bars and clamps, welding equipment, pic's shovels, mic's and recording equipment, pic's shovel's etc, etc, but especially we need individuals with their own innitiative, the protest belongs to no one,, it's up to you, if not you then who? If not now then when?

There are big events planned for may 1st, june 21st, aug 1st, sept 21st, oct 31st dec 21st feb 1st and march 31st,
The resistance will be ongoing against ferrovial regardless, and against the road until it is re routed, and let's face it there's nothing like a surprise visit to cheer folks up, so come on down to Tara and celebrate our love of the land and the strength of our unity and defiance.

Donations toward direct action gratefully received at www.tarapixie.net (direct action website, excellent films and up to the minute info from the ground)

And legal costs direct action and campaigning at www.savetara.com
Ongoing campaigning and corruption info and refs can be found at www.tarawatch.org



Country code (0035)

Mark Cleary 08681 90323

Liam Shorthall 0868274419

Wills Headman 0879101759

Ciaran Feieghery Chairman of SIAC
Hank Fugarty is the director of SIAC Operations

Principe de Vergara 135
28002 Madrid Spain
Tel no.+34-91 586- 2500
Fax no. +34-91-586-2677

Related Link: http://www.tarapxie.net

The beauty of Tara
The beauty of Tara

Tolls proposed at Rath Lugh
Tolls proposed at Rath Lugh

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Fri Mar 14, 2008 09:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp 0861537146

Tara Solidarity Vigil Camp 0861758557


Related Link: http://www.sacredireland.org
author by IshtarCeltpublication date Fri Mar 14, 2008 18:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

that's a very good synopsis up above : )

I'd just like to inform ye that the tolls will most likely be electronic - this is already planned for the M1.
Basically a photo will be taken of your licence plate as you drive through the toll booth. You will have to register with the relevant authority (ies). Money will be direct-debited out of your bank account,. If you are not registered, they will have to track you down, and they will charge you c.70 E for tracking you down, on top of the toll fee.


This also enables govt. to know more about your movements - big brother here we go!

Waht happens if someone steals your car and brings it for a joyride on the nice new racetrack in the early hours of some morning? by the time you have noticed and reported your car stolen, you have been billed for tolls, and face many letters etc . to try and rectify the situation

author by Ishtarceltpublication date Fri Mar 14, 2008 23:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'd also like to point out that if you are commuting from Cavan or Navan into Dublin,
you will have to register with both Dublin and Meath authorities.

they may demand a standing order instead of a direct debit.

And I'm sure that gov't wil figure out a stealth tax or two to slap onto it as well.
In parts of the UK, tolling is carried out by means of retinal scan...v v scary

Meanwhile, Meath Co. Council have spent 7 years road maintenance budget on the M3 -
so you drive off the motorway and onto deteriorating unsafe roads...

author by Supporterpublication date Sat Mar 15, 2008 19:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A summary like this has been sorely needed, thank you, such information is very difficult to communicate clearly.

As the author states above the list of sites and their relative stories is too much to tackle.

The best way to find out more, all highly interesting, is to visit the camps and see the experts.

Though appaling information to listen to at times, the full extent is easier to digest when taken in over a period of time in a form more akin to the passing of the great stories in the old oral traditions.

Go and see what they are doing to your past and future . . .

author by observerpublication date Thu Apr 03, 2008 00:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"In parts of the UK, tolling is carried out by means of retinal scan..."

Is this statement for real ? Any further info links I can have this confirmed ?


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