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Plain People of Ireland : Common Currency

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Wednesday October 24, 2007 19:27author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethics Report this post to the editors

Economics: Lets form an equation....Money Supply, Unemployment,

We the plain people

Aaron Russell documentary is well worth watching..........

The presentation alerts people involved in financial, markets, transactions to review history before consolidating on present day financial transactions..

Some pointers to look at for those who form the group Plain People of Ireland - all of us who pay tax.

Pensions and what comprise these funds. Examples cash and cash returns from bank...if rates are low for mortgages, they will be lower for cash invested.

Stocks and shares: Are people about to Change attitude, take a Green Route, look to companies for social and ethical policies as distinct from those who seek profit and place little value on labour. The returns are volatile but some bed and breakfasting using knowledge might help people to tune back into real living and a fairer distribution of wealth. Ought we support the building of Wall - Palestine? Ought we support arms supply, etc?

Cash: What about the Black market cash? Where is it hidden? Maybe house prices reflect hidden cash so a down turn in house prices may ultimately benefit a less corrupt society, then we have the recent example of Mr. Wall hiding his cash...(Berties) the Ashling Hotel for safekeeping.

220,000 houses reported vacant - why? Rents are increasing, the social housing list has been increasing for years, there are people homeless - yes as many at 15,000 people of all ages roam the streets and backlanes of Ireland looking for beds. Again, we need attitude change in those who make and implement social and economic policies.

Local Authority Housing: At least when one looks back to policy in the 1920's, 30's, 40's etc.......we know that Government FF and FG tackled the slum problems with their origins in pre-independence by setting up local authorities in Dublin and the Counties and providing housing and Flat developments to provide for many people in need of urgent accommodation. Areas like Crumlin and other estates provided housing for large families over several decades and then Government while in a privatisation mode of thinking allowed the tenants to buy out their properties.

For some people, privatisation of local authority housing provided massive gains (unexpected I am sure)........and the stock of houses dwindled and the private market benefited, from many local authority houses built in years by. Next time you pass an estate agency just pick up a brochure and you will get a good idea of how high prices are. Areas like Cabra and Crumlin, former local authority houses now cost Euros 550,000.

I note the price of the Pembroke Cottages in Dublin 4 at about Euros660,000 but I do know that before I emigrated in the harsh eighties to England, IRPounds27,000 1983, would have bought me a house in that estate near Herbert Park.........the problem was then about employment.

Service Sector......a greal growth sector in Celtic Tiger Ireland......Is this aspirational? Is this tied into the vision associated with the Financial Services Market? This is about Fluidity. I note that Ireland benefitted from major banks but I note that the Swiss are reviewing their approach to the market and intend to open up to the more risk averse Hedge Funds?

Products sold by financial institutions.
When do staff who sell Financial products with tax initiatives stand accountable? I often spoke about Accountability, Transparency, Ethics parameters in our business dealings but alas we are so amiss here. Will someone explain to me how Mr. Michael Lynn, a Mayo man, unknown in the legal profession until the last few weeks, could bring the morals of the legal profession down to its knees and with the help today of Mr. Byrne, another alleged rogue solicitor. Mayo have not won the All Ireland in 56 years but Mr. Lynn could f... up the whole legal profession in Ireland ..... next week....will tell all or then will it......

Mr. Lynn now allegedly owes between Euros 36 to 52 million. Mr. Byrne today reports Euros 22 m of an alleged mortgage scam. The alarm bells are starting to ring. How many people in Ireland unknown to them have had their deeds of their house used by these rogue solicitors? When they finishing the building of the new prison at Thornton Hall - I don't think there will be enough room for the legal profession, the developers, the profiteers and other corrupt practitioners. Where is the Regulation? What responsibility does the Department of Justice take for such irregularities?

Plain People of Ireland

We have the service, we have the employees providing the services from countries far and wide but what we evidently have lost is our manners. There is falsity of class, that drive their flash cars, have the boats, their private schools, their live-in housemaids but do we really care about what behaviour exists........The expression used to be 'jumped up' but the time is here for admonition of their behaviour and an ability of people to say that we will not endorse the abilities to have the money power supply and treat the rest of us like dirt on their shoes.

The people who control the National Supply of Money..........from the documentary ................ What are we willing to do about this?

I ask about Tara? I ask about Shell? It is worth looking up the postings on Tara and looking at the coincidence in the names of developers who have bought land adjacent to the motor way. Why is nothing done? Is it to do with the High Kings of Tara, the archaelogy or is it about 'Who has control of the decision making process'....? The ECJ appears to be in support of the people.....yes the plain people........

and.......the appointment of the Developers........?

Consuming Passions
'In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves:-

......the prisoners of addiction

and the prisoners of Envy

Ivan Illich (born 1926) Austrian born philosopher, theologian and author of Limits to Medicine

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author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Thu Oct 25, 2007 13:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Deeds to properties. There may be more surprises. If you have repaid your loan and your deeds are still held by the Banks or Trustees, it may be worth checking this out. You could be living on the Hill of Howth but unknown to you, your house worth Euros 5 million could be remortgaged by a rogue solicitor in China.....therefore the person in Finglas is better off in the least the Deeds are with Bertie and the State, and at least there is accountability there......

It is believed now that some well known builders in Ireland, worth millions, got their illgotten gains by getting massive loans on peoples' title deeds, unknown to morally now, this country is bankrupt.

Michael Lynn, an unknown solicitor who hired out Dromoland Castle for his wedding to Brid Murphy last year - the wedding guests came - there were famous faces from the Business world, the Rugby world, GAA, Entertainment and then some Government ministers and TD's but today in the High Court he sat alone and the GALA of stars are long gone. Some of his friends are now not answering his calls, the fallout from Lynns path of fame will be awesome.

The Law Society was reviewed by the Justice Department and Michael McDowell. They fight for their right to be Self Regulating Body. Can anyone member justify this right in the light of what is now happening to certain solicitors who systematically breached their Fiduciary Trust with clients and then recklessly speculated these funds in the foreign highly speculatory markets of today. How can this happen? Does anyone watch out any more? There are people who must have been privy - surely the bank staff, at some level, were cognisant of a set of Deeds for one property being used to support say 5 loans.

Are we that much asleep or perhaps it is our past time of drink, fun, holidays, keeping up with the jones, cocaine and parties......that we have bought into the culture 'Need to Know'. We ask ourselves do we need to consider an action and the behaviour of a 'con man' i.e. a Legal Professional/Banker/Doctor/Accountant. Some say No - but then that is tied with up with the culture of high finance, Hedge funds, markets speculation etc.

However, it is apparent in Ireland, we need to know.......there is no reason we ought not know given the daily diet of the Tribunals involving Taoisigh (former and present).....What is truly happening in Tara? What is happening about Shell? This Corporatism.

I believe a delegation from China might be arriving to buy Dingle lock stock and barrel and that includes Fungi.....Has Paidi any views on this?

The Chinese propose to turn Dingle into a nooky factory for tourism but especially to help out stressed out TD's lawyers and Bankers.....I believe Dr. P. Casey is buying shares already......No deeds required.....

Quotation by Dr. Who flung Dung......
Anybody who tells the truth is a traitor.
Any man who has an affair is a legend
Any priest who has sex is genuine
Any TD who doesn't claim for fuel allowance is alienated
Ethics Morality and Transparency are outlawed

Dr. Who Flung Dung 1916-1992 was the advisor to many Fianna Fail Governors and TDS. He made his millions from organic gardening. The dung he used was taken from the race courses particularly Galway.

What a wrong decision to the leave the Law Profession as a self Regulator Body........? When will people act in the best interest of the plain people of Ireland.....

K. T. Walsh.........

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author by gameballpublication date Sun Oct 28, 2007 15:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The whole system, including solicitors' undertakings, is based on trust. If it's misplaced, make it a 20+ year mandatory sentence. No ifs and buts.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sun Oct 28, 2007 20:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Yes, you are right, it is the whole system and not just the solicitors!!!!

A mandatory sentence of 20 I think this smacks of the old adage 'lock them up and throw away the key'. I tend to think of Lord Archer and his recent jaunt to Prison.....he turned the shame to competititve advantage. He interacted with others where he sought potential and fostered.....Drama and book.....a little like Brendan Behan, I suppose....'the Borstal Boy'..

I support a more Restorative Justice pilgrim path for people who deviate from the Rule of Law.

How to establish this is a completely different story:

In the past Religion was there to direct us based on the 10 commandments but many failed and brought with them others.

Today's article by Senator Shane Ross made interesting reading today.

He appropriately replies to the Omerta rules that has been essential to the Ireland since Independence (the lessons having being entrenched during the Civil War......'.

It is this Omerta that creates Walls within Walls or as you would find in the Financial Markets worldwide and known as Chinese Walls.......This is about one person knowing something that gives him a competitive advantage and the decision to share it and with whom, to share it, to ensure the fruition of the competitive advantages and the profits. How do we tame the ardour of Greed that sweeps through Ireland today.

Shane Ross is talking about the latest fiasco in communication. The slots in Shannon being cancelled by Aer Lingus and re-organised for Belfast but thanks to the hieararchial civil service and bureaucrasy that now exists, nobody managed to inform Minister Dempsey of the decision ...... This is not acceptable, it is more about manipulation, bullying, trading off people and must never be accepted.....The price tag to people is too high.

Just imagine the barrister arriving in Court to represent his client, but without his brief - it might happen once but his life would be in the Law Library with an appropriately low income.......In relation to Aer Lingus, DCC, Shannon and Belfast, the idea of switching slots to Belfast arose in the late 1980's.......It is not unreasonable to assume that in the light of the Peace Process, it was due for discussion again. We need to halt and take stock and re-value Ethics, Transparency, Accountability and foster a take responsibility ethos individuals.....

To ensure that people abide by the Rule of Law, there is an ever ending trawl to seek out those who break the law.......To deter people, punishment is required as Gameball suggests for people who break the law (and I will qualify by saying in particular those engaged in the practice of law need to be scrutinised in a particularly responsible way.

Today's Newspaper claim the fall-out from solicitors Lynn and Byrne could be as much as Euros 106 million. These two solicitors were high risk according to Stubbs Gazette (Ironically they were noted in Stubbs two years ago). This heightens the fiasco to scandalous proportions.

I would like to know what was happening in the Business world that so esteemed these men and others of the professions? I know as an ordinary pundit with disabilities that I have spent 4 years writing about the plight I have encountered with mental health and neurological illness; all I encounter is nothing, nothing, nothing....the health system is worse, Suicide is higher than ever, and affecting younger children, Brain injury in the context of communication and rehabilitation is non existent......All I know is the emails log the trail of incompetence regarding health, mental health, neurology, services.......provides the assurance of my personal experience.

I was amazed last night watching Ryan Turbridy - yes our Rugby team had a disaster in the World cup but where was Fergus Slattery one of our greats, Mike Gibson, Mick Galway and our brilliant Captain Brian O'Driscoll or my friend Joe Murray BL. No they were not on the show. It was Hector from Navan, this cute whore with a dry sense of humour but enough bullshit and neck to get where he here today. He travels the world now for RTE and in his private affairs has accumlated many properties particularly in D4, like others..... some say he has serious contact in Opus Dei, one in particular - an ageing female doctor who shall not be named. This lady has thought Hector the 'upper professional middle class way' to enhance his performance on stage.

RTE - why would you choose Hector - a chronic GAA man, who worships Paidi O'Shea, a Kerry man, twice a week at mass. Hector is a legend in his own mind and sadly in RTE's also.

I suppose what I am trying to say is - too much money is being paid to a few people who lack knowledge and understanding about issues of Health, Archaeology, Academics,

On Tuesday morning a man will sit in the High Court accused.....waiting his fate. Maybe his mind will drift back to 14 months ago when he hired Dromoreland Castle in total for his wedding Brid Murphy (nurse)..........One Tuesday he will sit the midst devastation he is deemed to have created for the plain people of Ireland, those who invest their monies with the Banks for interest but in trust........and those who have paid deposits for properties abroad that now are in limbo.......fianancially and morally. His name is Michael Lynn, aged 39, from a small humble farm just outside Crossmolina, in Mayo. This man comes from a decent family, teachers, priests, and gifted musicians.........What happened? Why? There have been many like him before, they have gone to prison but yet he takes the chance and becomes embedded in the life that only the Rich have.......but then in Ireland we have a lot of the New Rich....what has happened to Ireland that the Proclamation spurned on......

Michelle - a little more wisdom to go forward with.....Tara Hill Skryne Gabhra and Shell to Sea in Mayo

Interconnectedness by Petra Kelly
'We need policies of eco-justice and we need to realise the spiritual dimensions of our life, of our interconnected planet Earth, of each other!'
by Petra Kelly (1947-1992)
German Green Politician

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author by Walpublication date Tue Oct 30, 2007 16:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

We (the Irish) elect T.Ds. for two reasons:

1. To get what we're entitled to.
2. To get what we're not entitled to.

The system is wrong - just look at the coincidence of government largess and the constituencies of sitting ministers.

author by We the Peoplepublication date Tue Oct 30, 2007 19:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

For many reasons the functions of Political Parties are obsolete. These elected Parties transfer God given inalienable rights into Privilages.
The other con is that one must 'give up their right' for the 'common good'.

What ever happened to the 'common good's ' inalienable rights?

The other con is a 'democracy'. There is no freedom in a democracy.

If an election is staged to be held on a Thursday in the depths of winter - how many will come out and vote?

Certainly the People who work in Dublin and return Home at week-ends will/cannot cast their vote on Thursdays. What percentage of the voters has that taken care of.

So, the elderly will/cannot get out to vote because of weather/transport or invalidity.
What rercentage will that take of.

If 20% of the voters do actually cast a vote - only 11% can install a tyrannically electronically rigged election under a 'democracy'. Some freedom.

The real scary stuff is that People actually believe in and scream for a 'democracy' ( mob rule) when they already have a thing called a REPUBLIC (by the People etc.) which guarantees the protection of the 1% who may not agree with 99%.
We, the People hold the power in our hands. Vote them out.

We can Petition to have the BAR (British Accreditation Research) removed from our Legal system and Courts. Untill we do, we will never get any Justice that is guaranteed under our Irish Constitution. The Judges are all members of the BAR as are Barristers.

We can demand that the govt. audit the People's Gold every year.

author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Tue Oct 30, 2007 21:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

During the week I watched a programme on RTE 1 - it was an analysis of the life of Eamon De Valera. Guest, Tim Pat Coogan, spoke with indepthness and historical fact, another guest on RTE, Professor Patricia Casey, Psychiatrist,. In her own mind, she appears to consider herself the most magnificent psychiatrist in history. Patricia or as she prefers to be called Patricia Delicia gave an analysis of De Valera as if she knew him, met him and examined him. It intrigues me, that with this brilliance we have at hand, on why there isn't a greater effort on the prevention of suicide in Ireland. Where were the historians like David Norris, Garret Fitzgerald, Maurice Hayes are any university campus lecturer on History?

No. We have Patricia. I wonder does Patricia reflect the Plain People of Ireland. Professor Casey did not mention that in 1926 De Valera went on tour again in America - 7 years prior, Wilson, the President of the USA refused to meet him on two occasions. You see, Patricia should stick with Psychiatry while others deal with history. De Valera raised 10,000 Punts at that time - in today's currency, a multiple of millions, that went through the family generations up to today in education, politics and status i.e. Doctors, Minister, High Court Judge. I would call it on behalf of the Plain People of Ireland alarming - as many a TV documentary stated, the money at the time in America, was for the cause of Irish Freedom but like a lot of Charity operations today in Ireland, it never reached its destination through history.

Like the Haughey family, monies that are lived on today by the family, are highly questionable. The papers over the weekend said that the CAB are to set their sights on smaller fish - I find the CAB very selective on who they focus on. Haughey got 11 million euros in handouts in today's monetary system, as the Tribunal found he stole 300,000 euros from the Brian Lenihan liver fund......I ask where was the Fraud Squad then.

But Bertie, not on my behalf or the Plain People of Ireland, said 'he was one of our own - Charlie was Charlie, forgiven but not forgotten'. I ask the question tonight can anyone morally convict the two solicitors Lynn and Byrne before the High Court today. Can the High Society of the Celtic Tiger morally point a finger at the two men because it was the greed that created them? What happens next is anyone's guess.

Michelle, before I go tonight, I want to apologise when I heard and read you received Hard Pornography on related website last night. This was disgraceful and should not have happened. I believe you wrote a response on Indymedia and I hope you received a positive reply.

K.T. Walsh

I have watched the Aaron Russo video (refer Common Currency) again and with greater attention and interest. I really would suggest anyone interested review it..........

!913 in the US, a group of Bankers consolidated interests.....

This begs the question who is in control of the National Money Supply?

To control the money supply would perhaps suggest a system. Is this the system of Credit?

Another thought, as we can witness today, with two independent solicitors, in the High Court.....

When the credit system faults the individual, ultimately the Government can enforce actions through the Courts of the Land.

I ask the question about a person that the Supreme Court referred to as 'unfit for office morally' in her action against Charlie Bird and RTE (Media)............I note from the newspapers recently that a woman with an unpaid debt was imprisoned.....Yet somehow, Ms. Flynn can brazenly play tug of war with RTE and by eventually making part-payment to RTE regain her place back within the Fianna Fail family. Easy question who paid the other half or more of her bill - Joe the sucker, the tax payer. What kind of gutless suckers have we become. We drive around in 4 by 4's, Mercedes, BMW's, Bentley's ..... as driven by Byrne, Soclictor. We fly around in our own helicopters, we hold lavish parties on summer evenings in places like D4 and Castleknock but yet we are morally bankrupt and gutless bastards....Why, because Ahern can get a rise last week of Euros38,000, 770 euros per week of a rise......If he is a socialist, I must be a right of right leftie living in Dublin 4 and that can't be right.

Before I close, I would love Professor Patricia Casey's view - the prominent media psychiatrist on Bertie's little brain as he sleeps at night with his teddy called Delicia ........oh I wonder. What saddens me is the lack of sense of outrage in this country. We accept a Third World Health Service and yet we rank ourselves as the 2nd wealthiest nation based on our narcissitic egotistical pea brain.

Where have the Plain People of Ireland gone, they have a vote you know but where are they.

William Finnerty - please give us your views rather than contact related links ECJ, EU, etc......

Mr. Booze by Claudia, kitchen assistant in shantytown near Guatemala City
'My relationship with my husband has been difficult because he drinks. When a man drinks too much heloses his sense of morality'

and so does she.....

add in the Classless Cocaine......

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author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sat Nov 03, 2007 18:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors


What a carnival the Celtic Tiger provided us with? Many (What ifs) exist in the face of the Tribunals relating to Corruption, Gang crime, the shooting of John Carthy by the ERU and the profound findings of Mr. Justice Barr in the Barr Tribunal. The scandal of the Donegal affair and Mr. McBrearty at last is over and inspite of being imprisoned and wrongly so for murder, Mr. McBreaty has been awarded over Euros 2 m. in compensation; most probably not enough given the level of Garda corruption involved and the physical beatings he received* but at least Mr. McBrearty persevered and restored to the confidence of the Plain People of Ireland that 'that Right is right but Wrong is no man's right'. *Over 9 Gardai have been dismissed from the Force already including a Superintendent Rank, who if he hadn't been caught would have been Deputy Commissioner (Lennon).

2008 approaches and world financial markets are in decline. Predictions are uncertain and the toss of a coin states Recession/Depression or onward and forward.

Time to take Stock surely - absolutely. Time for the Finance Minister Mr. Cowen put on his thinking hat, recall the obligations placed upon him to be fair, just and equitable.

The Developers are courting him, they are saying look at what we did for Ireland - the introduction to world markets, the invitations to foreign architects to develop sky rise buildings, the promise by these developers to extend the Luas via Ballsbridge as a bi-product of getting the permissions from An Bord Pleanala to create a Knightsbridge/Sloane Square/King's Road (Dubai) where the now closed down Jury's Hotel and Berkeley Court, the intrinsic part of the post independent Irish reigned supreme.

We shortly will have Landsdowne Rugby regenerated.......well the GAA, it is now hosting Rugby and Soccer games, and money abounds. The GAA are in no rush for the completion of Lansdowne because with their reluctant goodwill, they are making millions from rent paid by Dublin 4.

The Balance Sheet records these capital assets and income.

The time has come for the Plain People of Ireland to be catered for, Mr. Cowen. The people who have stood behind because of health, lack of education, addiction, homelessness etc. These people need an allocation of money to empower them and explore ways to help them to contribute to this country.....and the time has come for the Developers who have gained vast sums of money (in certain cases through corrupt practices), for the banks, for the law profession, for the medical profession to start sharing their loot, the unimpeded brainpower, to either make a fair contribution of their turnover as done in Germany say 6% and foster programmes to empower the people. These Developers rather than preoccupy themselves need to mix a little more with the riff raff........Just ask why are certain lavish properties being sold, inspite of the downturn in the property market, in places like Wellington Road at 10+ million Euros when the guide price is Euros 6.5. Why all the luxury hotels; golf courses, fly pads. I often wonder when I note the Bailey brothers amount paid for over Euros20 m, the Ansbacher accounts, the Beverly Flynn case details with RTE, Mr. Gilmartin - how many more are in the wings harbouring and hiding cash and where does it go!!!!

It is not enough for these people to be feeding cake to the underprivileged by having Charity Balls, parties, and social events.......This to easy.......Just look at the divide in the country. Just look at last week at that jumped up likeable gobshite Gerard Kean, Solicitor and his party.......he dressed as the notorious Louis 16 of France and second hand Michael Flatleys ex. partner, Lisa Murphy (from Tallaght no doubt) dressed up in an equally lavish way. I commend Mr. Conor Lenihan for his socially mobile integration policies - as Minister for Integration or could we say social upperwardly mobile co-habitation of the new formed Tiger Breed.

Drink has caused an absolute crisis in the health standards of our people, young and poor. This is not the first time in history that drink in a time of affluence destroys vulnerable.

Kevin before I close: I have a question - the James' Brothers - sorry I mean the Baileys, I mean Michael and Tom, not Jesse and Frank, won a very important victory in the High Court yesterday. The High Court ruled that a Financial Watchdog must drastically reduce the evidence, it can use, in its effort to disqualify them from ever running a company again. The Ruling beggars belief. These men sit in Bertie's tent - they settled with the Revenue for Euros22 million, the largest tax settlement in the history of the State - I ask a serious question tonight. Is our Judiciary impartial or what is really going on? I can see now where William Finnerty's posting are coming from and well done to him.

The Bailey boys started out as Bricklayers from Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon - they now pay themselves a salary of Euros 5.3 m.... each. They are personal friends of Bertie Ahern.

It has been revealed sometime ago by the Irish Mail on Sunday that Michael Bailey is set to be the first builder to be prosecuted that he bribed politicians and planning officials.

The love affair is over with Bertie and the People, now 87% don't believe a word he says. Name me any other PM globally who received handouts from friends.....

Just think of the common beggar on the street......

Does anyone know how much the Bailey brothers made through Bovale after paying over Euros 22 m to the Revenue/State....?

What are the profits.....I have heard people speak of Euros 280 million.....

Kevin as you said before and I now see it clearly we have waiting lists, people are dying from long delays for operations. Rebecca O'Malley is the latest casualty of a faulty health system. Imagine tonight knowing you have the all clear with cancer and then to be told sorry we made a mistake. Shame on Mary Harney but also shame on the people. We need to listen to the Consultants; take account of their cartel; the salary; their hours; their holidays and if the equation is wrong and lives are lost and people not treated, then Action and immediately is required.

Option: More Consultants needed; Proper backup rehab and either increase tax or reduce salary, if desperate.

I will close with the obvious question tonight - we are supposed to be the 2nd wealthiest country on the planet - Man walked the moon on 1969 - with the press of a button you can now contact Australia.

The Bottle blonds drive their 4 x 4's and FAS advertise the new slave labour to the new Irish aristocrats as nannies......some sadly are psychologically, emotionally abused.

The Monk paid his arrears in tax as did the Bailey boys - tonight I ask the site - what is the difference?

One For All, Annie Besant (1847-1933) British Social Reformer, speaking on India

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author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Wed Nov 14, 2007 23:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Plain People of Ireland

Dublin Bus - the strike .........

has anyone a view about public services v. privatisation

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author by We the Peoplepublication date Thu Nov 15, 2007 01:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

On the topic of Currency it is interesting to know where it all began. The fact that there are two types of Law. The Law of Land and the Law of Water.

In this Country of ours we are under the Law of Water and not the Law of Land as we are led to believe. Henceforth ,the likely reason why there is much turmoil in Tara ,Rosspot and the mass evictions taking place throughout the Country as we speak. Land is being 'precured' under the Law of Admiralty/Maritime.

This Law of Water or Admiralty/Maritime Law is clandestinely stated by the govt. through the display in the Seanad and Dail of the Gold Fringed Flag. The Tricolour with the addition of a fourth Colour - Gold , without the People's approval - as is needed. It is also displayed in the Supreme Court so getting 'Justice' is a ..........joke. They are only Banker's Courts and not Courts under the Law of the Land as we are led to believe.
So, if you end up in Court to try and prevent yourself being driven off your Land you now know why.

This Gold Fringe is the Banker's Flag , as all Commerce was done with 'Revenue cutters' on the High Seas through the Trade Routes on the Seas. Even the term 'currency' has a Maritime connection. 'Banks' of a River direct the -'currency'.
The 'Bench' in Court comes from Banc or Bank. We the People have been fooled.

But this display of the Fringe Flag has appeared only since 22-February of this Year.

So, what are we going to do about it?

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and ethicspublication date Fri Nov 16, 2007 01:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Can anyone fill me in......

The plain people today at Aer Lingus represent those tram workers behind the innovactive Mr. Murphy who brough trams to Ireland in the the late 1800's and exported them to many countries. Then he hosted the great Exbition in Herbert Park, a move by a driven Catholic man to consolidate the newly forming Irish Identity in line with Parnell and the League. Mr. Larkin was behind the big strike in transport but the power element of control from an Entrepreneur Catholic man and the order to not sign up, to never strike basically saw a new order over time in Sinn Fein. Culture had been ingrnored but people like Lady Gregory, Oscar Wilde, Estello Solomon where there light the fire to anti-empire and the more home grown nationalist justice........

Aer Lingus staff are out on Strike but so also are Dublin Bus. What scares me is the number of consultants surrunding mannion, the probabilities of bonuses irrespective and who is considering what a rectution in wages, benefits, pensions, does to the morality off long term workders and just be fore chirstmas...............

author by Jack Russell - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Mon Nov 19, 2007 16:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Follow the money......

The plain people of Ireland......

A man, an ordinary man, but who lived and worked abroad. He returns to a position and remains there for circa the 18 month period of time. His employer and himself evidently had a disagreement with his employers who now refuse to give him a Reference.....Englanglement with the bureaucracy ensues.

The chain money, no rent, but worse when he phones/contacts Homeless services etc. for people becoming homeless or those who homeless, it is 'communication' that hinders him. Not so much is accent the reason but the fact that community services are so entrenched in their civil service position, that they are no longer up beat and in tune. Security of tenure, pension, creates an attitude.

Does anyone supervise these people i.e the community officer.......who needs to be pro-active. I can share with this man a frustration with bureaucracy and social services. I have met people in the affluent D4, in distress, facing homelessness due to change in value in the Georgian Houses and inadequate social housing provision for those who have rented flats in what were known as pre-1963 buildings for many years. Rathmines is another area, that will be gentrified.....Why do we not cater for peoples needs?

This man George was asked how much he had........reluctantly he had two say Three/Four euros. Just imagine his vulnerability, his plight, - it makes me think of the homelessness that mushroomed in London in the 1980's.
Let the Plain People of Ireland ensure that this does not happen. Thankfully, he is receiving support from other homeless people......but surely on this wet miserable day......we as a Nation must do more.

I don't recall the book myself, but when George was asked about family; he simply breaks down. He recommended Cois na cri......the story no doubt of the Irish and emigration (my Irish is poor so I am spelling title by sound).

Plain people of Ireland have a responsibility to people who are vulnerable. I wrote earlier about a Polish woman, with no support system in Ireland, being employed by an apparently wealthy woman in a large house and a choice of cars, in Dublin 4. She was ill-treated, constantly in negotiation to explain whether the cleaning she completed took too long and if so, the money was deducted or she had to work late into the night. This woman after several weeks and the Gardai becoming involved, came to stay with me and booked her flight to England, where she worked previously. She still remains out of work in England but she does feel 'safer'. She left this country fighting for what she was owed, abused, homeless, and short changed on her pay! The amount was only Euros100 but this is irrelevant. We later found out that the previous maid had likewise been abused....and a local woman walking her dog, advised her as best she could....

I report this for no other reason than an article in the newspapers last week that reports a surgeon in Dublin who the Equality Authority confirm had inapproriated treated his Filipino maid and made a financial award to this woman.

People need to be alert in their home areas. You never know the problems that people encounter. Sometimes you cannot help but then in others you can. I am a firm believer in Prevention is better than cure.

They say follow the money..........but I ask what if you have lots and lots of money, does you mindset change and you see yourself as those Aristocrats on centuries gone by.......and the same egotistical self importance you perceive to have been, comes with price of the money you now have.

I recall a story of landed gentry with bored sons and maids. The mother when served breakfast made sure to watch the maid's apron......any bulge immediate dismissal.......only the 19th century.......and no doubt the 20th the word....

Jack Russell

Quotation Plant the Seed - Emma Goldman (1869-1940)
US Revolutionary and writer

'Anarchists or revolutionists can no more be made than musicians. All that can be done is to plant the seeds of thought'

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author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Wed Nov 21, 2007 23:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Met an interesting man at the usual haunt at O'Brien's coffee shop, on Baggot Street. The coffee is excellent and conversation is better.

Common Currency

Todays big shocks:
4 billion off the Dublin Stock Exchange - impact: shares; profits; pension funds; employment - Bank of Ireland are down nearly 50% and 52 week low....

Loss of jobs at Waterford Crystal.....

Headline Irish Independent: 'An average of 7 families a week now face losing their homes to banks and mortgage lenders as the number of court ordered repossessions hits an unprecdented level........All I ask is that Minister Cowen puts on a serious thinking cap and comes up with a PLAN with the lending houses. There must be away of avoiding is not fair and the people will only be transferred to the housing list which is excessive. Negative equity, no job, most likely leads to poor health, stress, disillusionment and no pension!!!!....It is worth thinking out a policy.

Domhnain - You say follow the money. How safe is money at the moment? Equities is a nervous market, cash - well interest rates ought to go down to suit the property market clients, bonds remain questionable i.e. based on provision, and markets;

The advice about Currency options - we all need to be aware!!!!

The safe currencies were US$, Euros and Sterling......but looking at the UK papers the Dollar is losing value fast. The American economy is challenged presently. The Independent headline of 19th November hits the sense - 'Dollar no longer welcome at the Taj Mahal. The US$ represents US Hegemony. Prepare to Embrace Change.

Wealth - what comprises wealth?.....what currency will investors choose? Just think if you are working for a large financial house in the Financial Services Centre, what currency will you now select to be paid in i.e. if you are privileged? The bets go with the Yen but definitely it will no longer be the US$ and it definitely will not be the disaster Zimbabwean % that is impoverishing people.

Take this a stage further and review the loans granted by the Banks and building societies in the US and as the reverberate throughout the world markets. Today; bankers can value their loan stock but nobody can predict the trends. Downwards is the trend.......Say these loans are US$ and this US$ continues in decline - there have to be net losers in the wealth market game. The US$ is at its lowest level against the Canadian Dollar since 1950 and Sterling since 1981 and the Swiss Franc since 1995.....

The Chinese have not remained quiet, commenting recently that the US$ 'was losing its status as the world currency'.

The Chinese, it is reported, have been confident enough in the past to stockpile 700 billion of foreign currency.....however, they are now changing their weigtings. If they slow their accumulation of US$ then they have the power to devalue the US$ further.
Then there is Iraq Central Bank stated that it wanted to diversify its reserves from a reliance on dollars.......Iraq invaded by the US 4 years ago. Currency is power....

Weakness in the dollar means for Ireland higher prices for our exports: take the prime example today.......Waterford Crystal has become too expensive in the US market.

Follow the money - and the Plain people of Ireland:

Let's consider the barter system.......the exchange and value factor that allows us to trade.....

A magic wand gives a choice what currency would you opt for?

Sterling: US$ Euro Yen (then China, Korea, local.....)

The Conversion produes what? It is a game of chance and reading signs in the market........

I was thinking tonight about RTE fiasco and the cocaine two part programme. Frankly, I enjoyed it and given its educational function and topic re. Cocaine, I would tend to forgive the transgression re. a Ministers' intake. But this is not for me to decide.

An article in the Independent on 17th November caught my eye. The question simply stated the bid to wipe out Afghan opium that failed.

President McAleese stated in such a categorical way, on the Late Late Show her view about Gangland/illegal drugs. Yes, it is market driven, dictated by those who wish to sell (currency, cocaine, antiques, cars) and those who wish to buy. We are talking about people making decisions.

Opium to me conjures up the beautiful poppy flower, a rustic red, that grows wildly in Autumn time. The poppy is worn to commemorate those who lost their lives in 2nd World War and all wars. What a paradox? Death and beauty.

Something for people to consider: Opium as a product for Afghanistan is a Currency; a common currency. It is a product that if traded without scruples, earns large amounts of money that is divested into world currency and lodged in accounts in the Banks. Quell the marketability and surely you quell supply onto the world market and thereby the currency transactions created.

If one can imagine farmers and their land in need of crops in Afghanistan. They will choose the crop that pays them the most money (as the Irish did with the potato, in the 1840's). Gordon Brown in the UK aims to intervene and curb the powers of the Taliban. His strategy is to target the farmets and increase the price paid so that they do not farm the poppy seed.

This is a possibility surely. If I recall farmers in Ireland were paid by the EU to leave their land fallow and encouraged with a payment to do so. Surveillance ensured that the farmers kept to their side of the contract with the EU.

Common Sense factor
Lowers funding of arms in Afghanistan, the export of drugs to the West fuels insurgency.

2007 Afghan opium (draft) 2007, the UNDC chief said poppy growth was increased by 17%. The report shows that Afghanistan now accounts 93 of world opium production and is the biggest Narcotis producer since 19th century China.

Follow the currency........and if you do, you find yourself in a marketplace.....that has no ethics, value on life, value for people.


Soundbite: Opium.....Poppy......Currency.....Market........Lack of Scruples
93% from Afghanistan farms.......arms for the Taliban

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author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Tue Nov 27, 2007 21:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Michelle - liked your piece about Opium, Afghanistan, do we halt the marketability.

How do we follow the money?

How do we protect the Plain People of Ireland.

Would suggest that interested parties look up the www.muchrobbed project'

The project looks at a section of the Irish Business Community, the Security Industry and puts it under the microscope.

George Orwell - writer
'During times of universal deceit, tell the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT'

author by Michelle Clarke - Social inclusionpublication date Wed Dec 05, 2007 01:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Folloow the money, for tomorrow is a budget day..........and a deck of Cards is to be played by the minister for Finance.

The trick is difficult - we need the money for loans to be at a mimimum and the wealth to be invested in such a way that it will cause the trickle down so those on the under belly of the Celtic Tiger do not get lost our.....My view is ensure that Wealth is not leaving Ireland, too much has gone, and the two solicitors have seen much lost in Portugal, China.

Choices of Concern include our many children and those added to by migrants are provided for. I see a scary note that some of the new schools may go bankrupct......How absurd? Parents having to provide handouts at school, gives children an early experience of those who have and those who have not.

Suicde: This needs urgent Atttention. Education is needed a primary and along it should be addiction problems, including drink, gabbling - it gives the chilren the ability to take grown decision while you, pariturally if their addicton or mental health propems in the facmi

Listening To Mr. Flynn from Barnarnados speaking about children with intellection disability and adultsn - pleae acknowledge us, we need instruction, advice and pace, it is just that we are a few feet behind compliments of a brain tip known as ABI

Promote disability dogs.......some peole have them but people with neuroligical problems are discriminated against. It is cold winter to have to sit outside a coffee shope, like O'Briens or Insomnia but for the it is the only hour in the day I get to meet a few people and my dog sits on my knee and keeps me warm.. Chronic Fatigue in the witner months is tiring and cold.

If the negative equity happen and it allow lines of England where a property I bought fell fromEuros 138,000 to 60,000 plus. Take a firm handle, get advice. Our mortgage payments went from from Stg555 to 1066 all in a period of 6 months. If the prices go down, this means the prices for houses and affordable houses go keep watching out and sort out a good deal. Gonnect with others via the internest.

Lets find a pro-active way of providing employment or education for all these people who are losing jobs in the factories. We need the motto - Embrace the Chane......but we need to help this come about. Some form of mentoring would be advised.....

Remember the Plain People of Ireland, those with little time to complain and those who are always following the money......the univerisity student seeking all the help from different sources, the mothers searching for the best for their children, the clothes, the lunches.

I note that most of the mothers are single mothers and was horrified to hear that by the time they pay fop the creche they have little or no money to survive. This is crazy.....Tighten up the rules, lessen the hours, or altenative work from home. Something has to work.

Educaton is essential. Life learning helps out people who don't fit in at school. The Americans have programmes about training children and school and off campus location. This works in England to. Never be afraid to adapt or to change for the sake of a young mind....

Reflections in the water - Laurency Housman, contemporary playwright

'Human nature is like a pool of water. Cast the stone therein and it gooes rough and broke, stir it, and it becomes foul; give it peace, let it rest and it will reflect the face of the heavens which lie over it'

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author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Tue Dec 11, 2007 01:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Prime Time tonight, in strict investigative role, has no doubt dug up some other sources of money, that is played in the field of those dealers, smugglers, mules.

Boy was marketability as referred to President McAleese. Market that bids people to be biddable to others and even go so car as to conceal their 'cocktail sausage' piece of gear in their bellies or anus - some held 93 and others over 100........It is sounds agony but is desperation no doubt, desperation that money makes it worth while and of course risk.

All the same, there are people willing to be the dealers and sub out to the carriers and the wholewide Ireland has been planted with dealers at every down with there own set of deliver.

Who receives the money? Where does the money Go? We know some finds its way to foreign land in Europe but the amuont of product being sold in Ireland states large tranches are being money-laundered.

How this work? Are the solicitors involved as in the case of Lynn.

The Plain People of Ireland took the matter into their hands in the 1980's. The flats eg Pearse House, Fatima Mansions and many others were witnessing daily heartship, and lives lost. The matter was verry complicated by HIV. But people power, the Mothers in particular and the Grandmothers formed groups and hands on it was.

We need same now. Diarmuid Ferritear made a goo point tonight - cocaine is more middle class and when they decide to give up there are places to go to and more over they have ambition and back up.

This money needs to be followed just like the drug dealers need be stopped. So time to get alert in banks, and any sources or vehicles for money and yes whistblow. It needs to stop. A high is real great, feeling desire and strength........I as a person 15 years after a horse fall, then bipolar and axiety.......well there are days and I would wish to get the Coke.....just to make me feel powerful again and in control of my life. However, it is not an a
option now.

Ask questions?

How does this cocaine get to Ireland. 92% pubs are showing up usage in the loos. If this the case, perhaps they are losing customers of the old time. This makes sense. Cocaine Bravado young people bragging their heads off and competing with each other is not where the gentle old folk like to me. Time to consider it perhaps. Get the dogs into the pubs......Like Rocky in Portlaoise, what is the harm, y6our drive out the drug.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Fri Dec 14, 2007 21:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Have we hit a period of awakening to Corruption? Somebody has been watching others recently. The Criminal Assets Bureau seem to be on their toes and hence the motor industry is under scrutiny. Accountants, Solicitors, and others have had offices raided and they are looking for evidence. The Target market who were following the money, may have wanted to pay less than necessary and avoid taxes!!! These people are not people who comprise the plain people of Ireland, who pay their taxes.

Ironically, money spent on the Glamour machines that haunt the environment, are not bought with a sense of conscience. Is it time to invoke conscience? Do I recall some women in Chelsea, London making a statement for the environment? They targeted the 4 wheel drivers - mostly women, and politely, asked them did they grasp the costs involved in driving these 4 wheel drives......others put mud (to be washed off on certain vehicles). These are what I would call value added qualities that ought to be attached to price.

Follow the what spurs on the spending of money - the money involved in the narcissistic type of personality. The following is about satisfying 'needs' i.e. emotional, visual, pleasure, so the price is paid for the persona's nominated identity........the hair, the make-up, the clothes, the shoes, the holidays, the elite dinner parties, .......... the Car, the House, the Houses in Ireland, the apartments abroad, the designer children, the designer play creches, then the private schools.........The Money, the Perks, the Inheritances, the ......... add to this the Black Economy.......the cash and where to spend it in such a way that it can't really be identified......All we need to note is the amount of people going to blitz out spending in the US when if they made a value added decision they would realise that the Dollars weakness has lent to the near closure of Waterford Glass - craftmanship and part of Irish history.....A little community and nationhood with such turbulent financial/currency markets.....fosters the notion of awareness and homebound support to our plain people of Ireland.

You ask why we have problems with our Health Service?.....easy, public and private patients. Old wisdom says beware of the vested interest and if this is so why can our Minister for Health and the representatives of the Consultants Bodies not make some serious decisions? My belief is a decision with the preference of public and the option for others who want to attend privately being able to do so. This market is now opened up to European, England and places like Thailand, if people have the necessary means to choose these....

Cocaine, Heroin, illegal drugs - too many have died. Some say the cocaine was too pure and others say they don't know what rubbish was added to the batch - either or means death for Katy French age 24, and three other young men. Follow the is in reverse ........... how much did Katy French pay and to whom? How much did they other boys pay and to whom? Did they have intent or was it addiction need? All we know is whether it was given as a gift to them or bought by them, it was a price to high. The price was death. These people die and market out there grows and expands. Why?

The Island of Ireland we are but it is difficult to control those who are determined to follow the money; particularly when there is lots of it; and a solid market and an infrastructure to sustain the God called Money......those people/gangsters/gangs who negotiate at source in say South America or Afghanistan (96% of cocaine is sourced here). The price offered by the negotiators is too tempting to the farmers to stop growing the crop and start growing another......again here there is the vested interest.....more of the Follow the Money of arms and the Taliban..

The Plain People of Ireland are survivors. They have a strength of spirit. Moyross in Limerick has been so frequently in the news for the hardships sustained by so many.

The Franciscan Monks have ventured forth. In earlier centuries, it would have been to South America or Africa as missionaries. This time, these missionary men have come to Moyross.......people's hearts are lifting, the children are responding, please support them in their efforts, this first Christmas........

One monk sings Rap.....


Imprisonment - Ruth First (1925-1982) South African Journalist and anti-apartheid activist

'For the first 56 days of my detention in solitary.......a black iron bedstead became my retreat'

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author by patpublication date Sat Dec 15, 2007 20:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Michelle i agree with some of your comments.Alas i think if people work hard for their money they are entitled to spend it how they wish.I love my desighner clothes holidays abroad and shopping in B T as a matter of fact i wouldnt buy my clothes anywhere eise. I feel i deserve to treat myself as i work long hours as a professional . Live life if you have the money spend it after all there is no pocket in a shroud.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethcispublication date Sun Dec 16, 2007 00:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Yes, we all have indulgences and we must nurture these too.

A little awareness as to source and ethical policies of company, could be an extra dimension to the shopping.

Equitable just and fair are the qualities and try not be buy via the Black Market.

There is nothing nicer that a Professional trested is part of the particular deal.

Follow the money is a little more offstrand in Ireland. I hear Prime Time Investigates heads up to Crossmaglen border to do a little bit of investigationds as to the marketeers who have smuggled south and to who down here.........It is interesting. Where does the cash go? How does cash at a laundered price ciruclate around Ireland south and who are the brave purchasers........

When I think of the follow the money, the ABI and ho yester memory takes be mack to the Ireland of the 1980 depression and large numbers of people unemployed and even emigrating.

Those were days of Ola, McMullen, Shell, Club Oil, BP Jet Oil........This was the first of the diaspora to return to Ireland and infiltrate the market (with no doubt a little amount of smuggled diesel) - it will be had to weed them off it now. As sense mix of Government below the boarder and up south will be the best to rectify this problem, in a sensible making it legal.

This might be another clipping off of a cash market. These Plain people of Ireland will have to face the change of others and pay market price.

The next one is how we stop the import of illegal drugs with the bounty inside, the bounty that has the mission to shoot. There must be a way of Changing Attitudes or stopping import.

Keeping training the dogs......and keeping them working diligent and make sure that inmates stop puting prices on their heads. The dogs are good for them in the Long Room.

Next Tuesday, look out for Prime Time Investigates and the horrific death of Paul Quin.........The time has come to clean up the act.

'Live if you are going to die tomorrow and livve if you are goint to live for their rest of your life'

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author by Jack Russell - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Mon Jun 16, 2008 17:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Lisbon Treaty: Outcome: No, Ireland and the Island of Ireland by inference, do not accept that Ireland lose a commissioner and take a step down. Demographics may determine who steps into Ireland status shoes e.g. Romania, but we say No.......'Does our experience not count'. Is there no Meritocracy for the Nation State that has struggled, changed, battled corruption culimination in the Mahon Tribunal yet to yield decisions. The Mahon Tribunal has brought into the media the integrity of many politicians and the outcome, I have no doubt, will impact on the callibre of people in Government, in our professions, going forward. Ireland ought to be proud of this.

Then: The Peace Process starting with the Belfast Agreement and now culiminating in a showing of Forgiveness, ostensibly seen in the relationship between Mr. Gerry McGuinness and the Revd. Ian Paisley. This provides a far reaching agenda in the way it will be interpreted by other war stricken countries. This is about Hope. I think of the old Irish saying 'Water finds its own level' perhaps the No vote is just about this.

To the Plain People of Ireland - let us keep the cool head. Worldwide markets are in turmoil but they have been before. We face a new diversity but let it embraced.

We don't want a two speed Europe. Why would we have wasted so much time seeking the Unity of Ireland with the backing of the US, the UK (and questionable how much real input re. Peace from Europe).

Taoiseach Cowen thankfully paid reference to our Constuition and then went on to utter the profound words about being in uncharted waters..........

Michelle Clarke

Quotation Mahatma Gandhi
'Live as if you are going to die tomorrow and learn as if you are going to learn for the rest of your life'

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author by Jack Russell - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Fri Sep 26, 2008 18:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

We experience in the media alas, many graphs, depicting peaks and troughs, and peaks giving way to great troughs. Banks permeated worldwide during the Celtic Tiger period in Ireland and yes, we benefitted. Remember, we provided the buildings in the Irish Financial Services Center, the services, the housing for the back room workers - those that were involved in the most highly speculative deals yes those packets of risk bundles called Hedge Funds, the deriviaties. Now, we face the risk exposure. Individual brokers, bankers, investors, fuelled the speculation as their salaries increased and more significantly their bonuses increased exponentially. These men are mainly young, dare devilish, and have bought into the dream. The old Stock broking mould were bound by honour, tradition, and a motto to re-iterate their core ethical values.

Who takes responsibility now?

The headline in the Irish Times read : Hedge funds - 7 - suggest certain Irish banks are yet to fall. What a poker game?

In Ireland, we were quick to attribute the vision of men like Charles J. Haughey, Dermot Desmon, Bertie Ahern, Michael Smurfit, Sir Tony O'Reilly.

What is the position now. Are they still heroes or maybe potentially costly fools who had a gambling element of risk to take the chance.

These people took the risk made lots of money but where is the loyalty now.

Some people operate in Ireland under a guise of 186 days taxation cover and have their fund most likely in very safe sources e.g. Switzerland. What do the Plain People of Ireland say? I suggest we say: Times are hard and getting harder, bring the money home and support our economy, our people.

Let us build a momentum in Ireland that prevents companies from going under and numerous jobs lost. It can be done. Numbers can be worked out and FAS are there to retrain.

Regarding illegal drugs....Try to encouarge a sense of Ethics in those who buy drugs for resale.

The economy can go down. However, there is money out there that can be tapped. It is just getting at those without principles regarding the Irish Tax system to change heart and for a change invest in a country that has great history and potential.

The Church ethos is no longer part of school education. However, we need values, morals, ethics, codes of conduct - we know now people when they gain personal financial power they are weak and tempted.

What about mottos e.g.
Fortune Favour the Brave.......


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author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sat Jan 17, 2009 13:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

.Rule of Law has deserted Irish people or so it appears. Let us take responsibility
by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethics Fri 16 Jan 2009 06:51:41 PM CST
What a day! 3rd largest bank Anglo Irish in disgrace is nationalised. Reputations are shattered through greed and cowardice - where were the whistleblowers at every level including the Auditors and the Financial Regulatory Body.

If you read these postings, you will become aware that people had started to question Ireland, corruption, speculation, fraudulent exercises, illegal drugs and the use of private airports, the purchase of overseas properties, farms, on several continents even.

Gambling is close to investing - it is about taking the risk and the financiers and stockbrokers are the people who accommodate the client and suggest what company is worth investing in. Back in the 1980's, in line with Tradition, a code of conduct the word Trust endorsed dealing in the Stock Market. The trust may have appeared to have the ostentation of the bowler hat, the accent, the watch chain. We need to think just as happened in the 90's in England when Porsche cars were 'two a penny' There was a clash of investment cultures from the Far East, to UK, to US, to Australia. The outcome being many 'Fowls' and investor casualties. Yet, we failed to learn and in particular a certain cortege of Financiers, Solicitors, Developers and people, selfish people. They need to recall the old quotation 'There is no trailer after a hearse'

We must think what happened Trust and the Stockbroker. I think a lot is to be found in exchange, change in image and loss of etiquette and moral rectitude.

Wake up time on the Island of Ireland. We need to take back the reigns.........

What a day! 3rd largest bank Anglo Irish in disgrace is nationalised. Reputations are shattered through greed and cowardice - where were the whistleblowers at every level including the Auditors and the Financial Regulatory Body.

If you read these postings, you will become aware that people had started to question Ireland, corruption, speculation, fraudulent exercises, illegal drugs and the use of private airports, the purchase of overseas properties, farms, on several continents even.

Gambling is close to investing - it is about taking the risk and the financiers and stockbrokers are the people who accommodate the client and suggest what company is worth investing in. Back in the 1980's, in line with Tradition, a code of conduct the word Trust endorsed dealing in the Stock Market. The trust may have appeared to have the ostentation of the bowler hat, the accent, the watch chain. We need to think just as happened in the 90's in England when Porsche cars were 'two a penny' There was a clash of investment cultures from the Far East, to UK, to US, to Australia. The outcome being many 'Fowls' and investor casualties. Yet, we failed to learn and in particular a certain cortege of Financiers, Solicitors, Developers and people, selfish people. They need to recall the old quotation 'There is no trailer after a hearse'

We must think what happened Trust and the Stockbroker. I think a lot is to be found in exchange, change in image and loss of etiquette and moral rectitude.

Wake up time on the Island of Ireland. We need to take back the reigns..........

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