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The Greens negotiate.....but what is the symbiosis

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Thursday June 07, 2007 21:50author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethics Report this post to the editors

Underclass formation

As I watch with admiration the grass root activists in Helligendmm, Germany, yesterday - the young students protesting against world poverty and being cordoned off by heavy handed police. Well done to these young people who have no agenda but raw passing against global poverty.

In the meantime behind the ring of steel, Bono (Dwarf), and Geldof (cute whore capitalist from property) in his own right sit down with Bush to a five course meal exclusive company and fine wines. I ask the question tonight if the students outside are protesting against who is sitting inside, who do Bono Dwarf and Geldof actually speak for and what is there charade and ego trip all about. Surely, the bluff must stop somewhere.

A greenpeace small boat was mowed through by a police boat today while Bono had his fine glass of wine and while John Gormley in his new Armani suit (Louis Copeland design) plays poker with the Devil during his four course meal. It even disgusted the first Green TD, Garland, today. who has subtlely for years been sidelined by the middle Greens.

Again, I ask the question what does the Dwarf and Geldof stand for? We have Sir Bob and we have Bono knighted yet at night he cries to Ally Hewson - I would give Euros 75 m. to gain 3 " - My God, I would dread to see Bono standing at 5' 2".

What ends will these people go to the expense of the impoverished to enhance their profile and their egos?

As one caller on Drive time said today, if the Greens sideline tara, they will be destroyed forever.

Now lets read the Greens Manifesto:

1. Transport.

2. Donations to political parties

3. tara

4. Developers and re-zoning

5. Helping the habitat and Hedgerows throughout Ireland

6. No to co-Location re. Hospitals!!!

Now let's look at Berties Manifesto

Power at any price!!!

Times of intrique lie ahead.

Yesterday in Cabra, an 80 year old man was evicted from his home by the Co. Council. Mr. Clarke on behalf of the Council said, one year ago, we cancelled this eviction on humane grounds - why were the resources particularly from the Health Service to ensure the rights of this 80 year old man. One simple question, where are the social workers and public health nurses who work in line with the Co. Councils and Hospitals? I can tell you about D4 at Baggot Street,, they can be found looking through holiday brochures or taking calls i.e. personal.

As John Gormley has found out now Bertie may drink Green tea but he is no Green. Yesterday, at McDowell's final Cabinet meeting, he made a speech - the words were 'If only I had another 6 months, I would eliminated Gangland, Rapes, Murders, Drug Lords and bring Ireland in line with Turkey on Human Rights issues.

It is said that Bertie fainted and was rushed to the auspices of his PR contingent. - Terri.

I will hand this over to Michelle by saying that there have been sightings of a PUMA i.e. a large Cat on the border over the last few years. Normally the Puma is black with bright eyes but this new Puma is Green. Now what does this tell you?.......and one more thing, he has never been caught by Bertie....

Please don't forget the underclass even if it means you have to raise taxes on holiday homes.

Foreign investors we need but don't make it so easy for them to have a 'Virgin Island/Barbados' no lax lifestyle at the expense of Irish people. At least, O'Leary, if he has an Opnion, is entitled to have it as he pays his tax in this country, and a lot of it.

Reform Tax and Charities. Make Government bodies who repesent people with Disabilities accountable for what they spend. Research is needed but not to the extent that we have fan clubs propping up each others' often addicted egos'.

Health. Stop the nonsense of the US style health system. Listen to people like Professor Lynch who worked in the US in neurology, who worked in Colombia Hospital and then went to work in Harlem Hospital. Let's use the head. A good head working from a car is better than someone hidden behind a desk in a plush office. Listen to Professor Crown. Ireland has long nurtured its public health model and why forsake it for profit to developers, investors. Look back on the Social history of the hospitals, the nuns, the doctors, Noel Browne, Kathleen Lynn and so many others.

Health insurace - Bupa, VHI, Quinn Direct. Do we want to be like the US where employers cover the health needs of their employees, and the outcome is a mediocre system for 55% and the rest with no cover.....just an underclass.

Mental Health.......Shame.....I will not even write anymore about this. Indymedia can be resource base of my personal experiences about a Health system that is so embarrassed by its patients that we may be back in the 1930's with the diagnosis of TB when people literally and savagely pushed those infected out of rural villages. Listen to some old people and hear for a change. Shame on this section of the profession of medicine, nursing.

Finally, Addictions - drug, alcohol, - ask the question do you really care or is it that the formation of an underclass suits the coffers of Government. Think of it, if a homeless person begs and receives money, it flows directly back through drink, cigarettes and a hostel bed. Who cares about people?

I will close by saying - in the real world, if my wife owed Euros 2.5 m and had 5 small companies wound down by the courts, I would have to sell the family home to pay the debts but in Disney Land, the Ginger Cat Ali had her companies wound down some months ago and the mouse Bono came out of his little hole and signed the checks and he whispered it is okay Ginger, it is only Euros after all. By moving to Holland, we can offset the losses yet maintain a residence in Ireland.

As for the female Independent who is in treaty to form the new government - what about the outstanding payment that could to bankruptcy?

Kevin T. Walsh
Michelle Clarke

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author by Phoenix - Observers publication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 15:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Swan Lake

The Grand Canal Theatre sure needed its first performance to be Swan Lake - we need imagination, vision and inspiration.

Ireland Inc as distinct from the Island of Ireland appears to have 'hit rock bottom'. We read the headlines today and all of us are harkening to the words Embattled Bank makes history with 12.7 bn loss. Personally, I wonder what this equates to in Ir£ or Stg given that control of currency rates was a core power to the Regulator pre Ireland being embraced by the Euro currency.

Anglo appears to be the real demonic child and Irish Nationwide whereas the AIB and Bank of Ireland appear to have been bound by a glimmer of the moral and ethical compass.

The big question is: Will we take the bold decision re. Anglo and prior to September (guarantee option) and let it just go to the wall or will we nurture it back to health under the brinkmanship of Alan Dukes and a new management team. This time, the pledge by Government is that a emboldened Regulatory team will be watchful, as will be the case, with the ECB and no doubt the IMF. The Regulators are being challenged also in the UK and for the first time people are being imprisoned for engaging in insider dealing. It is wait and watch for all bankers, developers, solicitors who have breached the ethical/moral code in search of wealth, power, pension, position/status.

We are a Nation in a state of Shock but soon we will have to release the anger at how a contingent of so called educated, professional people, gambled away our gains from a boom period of nearly 15 years.

We the people will not forget the names of Sean FitzPatrick, David Drumm and William McAteer - they will go down in history and their obituaries will not be under their control. Their replacements in Anglo are Maarten van Eden as Anglo Chief Financial Officer and Mike Aynsley, Anglo Chief Executive so we must take note of these names and follow their progress for Hope in the midst of a financial abyss.

Quoted in Independent today - some words of experience perhaps or maybe wisdom!

Maarten van Eden
'If you get lucky for a long period you start to think the rules don't apply to you. These guys thought they could walk on water'

'the facts are that Ireland had a 15 year (property) bull run and very basic facts of life were forgotten'

'They weren't even SMART THEY WERE LUCKY'

Mike Aynsley Anglo Chief Executive

'We have never seen anything like with'

'There were severe, absolutely unacceptable shortcomings in the corporate governance standards in this organisation'

author by Swan Lake - Developmentpublication date Mon Mar 29, 2010 15:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Greenie - what do you think of the Greens now? Do you believe now 'that they got the poisoned chalice'? What does K.T. Walsh? think about Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy - the Mad Mullah has fallen from grace (if you can associate grace with politics). As for the person who wrote that 'the Greens may be ready for the country, the question is th whether the Country is ready for the Greens' - what do you think now?

We can compare the 2007 Manifesto objectives to those presented at the weekend Ard Fheis and ask where do we the people in a Republic stand in relation to democratic values or more aptly the level of moral bankruptcy? Where are the priorities and the outcomes? We see photos in our newspapers of Niamh Brennan and Pat MacArdle gaining doctorates from the Corporate Business School (i.e. Smurfits no less) and yet where is the evidence of any form Corporate Governance in politics, business etc.

Shame on the Green's and their handling of the DDDA debacle (yet another). It is easy to have a battle cry that we will send Niamh Brennan and a cohort of beings to investigate planning in every county. We need only look to our Tribunals and in particular the Mahon Tribunal which is still 'out' with the lawyers that comprise it and others, receiving hefty fees for their time. Some of these tribunals are in excess of a decade in time and we the people of Ireland have gained nothing other than more scams. To enable us keep the head about Corruption, Fraud, Bribery it is worth keeping a check on the global view re. Transparency International - others are guilty of similar corruptions and land, property, insider dealing, fraud, massaging expenses are basic human indiscretions found in all political scenarios.

Back to the Greens? They have worked their way into a key position in Irish politics by linking up with FF but the question is have they sold their soul in favour of power and what it provides. What is their position regarding the Incinerator or for instance the Corrib and the selling off of our natural resources thanks to a deal (way outdated now) in the 1970's? They have had plenty of time to make change here.

A question about the DDDA that someone might be able to comment on:

The Docklands in Ireland was a 'spent force'. People with innovative mindsets hatched a plan back in the 1980's. They had foresight, they saw potential and they saw location which had in effect a negative value. To develop this plan some rules had to be coerced sideways. Dermot Desmond and CJ. Haughey saw the potential of the Financial Services Centre which we can now witness while Crosby and his cohorts saw the potential of Entertainment which we likewise can witness - with the opening of the Grand Canal Theatre.

Planning permission has always caused problems in Ireland...just look at the Tribunals and why they exist.

I thought the DDDA was about short cuts and planning permissions. It possibly was an oversight that there was a criss cross of developers, bankers, politicians, university people on the Board.

Green's Take Care.....before you call further investigations. You might be throwing out the baby with the bath water. We have enough waste and material to grasp what corruption is - what we really need is enforcement procedures?

Swan Lake and 2,000 people - look back to the Docklands of the 1980's and put your hand on your heart and say 'Has their been development with a social aspect'?

Media coverage is weighted heavily in favour of the State - does anyone ask about the linkage of RTE and Government? Why is it that we no longer hear about MSRA? Did it go away? Where is the balance sheet on good news/bad news and a fair distribution? What position do the Greens take? For such a small party, they sure get considerable amounts of media coverage these days....

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Wed Jun 20, 2007 20:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Psychology promotes that you cannot change the views of others but you can change your attitude with the way you deal with them.

A changed attitude to alcholol consumption: (Based on the Channel 4 programme last night), the impact of alcohol to the health of young people, in high status jobs, and the damage to the Liver organ with sometimes a two year remaining life span in their 20's and the long term costs to the NHS. Technology now provides a scan that is mobile and the GP can give on the spot results. 3.5 normal, 7 approaching

What about the impact on the Health Service, the costs. The prioriity factor is - to take responsibility - perhaps people with drink problems per scans ought to be penalised when using health services. This would change attitude. The issue would not be the cost of advertising. A & E would no longer be filled to overload at weekends.

Tara: There must be an effective way of dealing with this Archaelogical site that in early 1900 was researched by a team and Arthur Griffith on the basis, it might be the Ark of the Covenant.....Who knows? Has Opus Dei any input here re. Lismullen and if so why not?

Complications about the Train. Simple a train system existed in Co. Meath to Dublin (just look to the remnants eg. Kilmessan, Drumree, near Dunsany, Dunboyne, etc). thanks to the British and the labour of the Irish.

Shell to Sea. First and foremost, review the fact that a Nobel Prize for environmentalist was won by a man, from Connemara who was sent to Irish prison ....... for his beliefs and others.....? Mr. Conniffe has integrity, decency, and above all credibility for a moral fight against the might of corporate Shell.

Now let us look at the Mayo TD, B. Flynn who appears not to share Mr. Conniffe's attributes and was found by the High Court, the Supreme Court, to lack accountability in relation to certain tax advice while working in a Bank. Miss Flynn lost her case and owes RTE almost 3 m. euros. It is ironic that she could be a Minister of State in the next re-shuffle. Ray Burke got prison and Mrs. Lawlor may have to sell the family home to pay her late husbands' legal costs. I ask where is our Constitutional Law and it cannot be selective otherwise it undermines Democracy. But then again, the secrecy of the deals on wheels is also a blatant insult to the Irish taxpayer.

What about George Lee and the signifcance of Peak Oil. I sure felt dismal last night. It made me think about being a human entity with a self harm capacity. The ultimate paradon being why would you do something that ultimately can kill you i.e. like starve yourself - well personal experience tells me, it is a power beyond reason that drives a death wish.

Is this what Peak Oil is about based on all human impetus. If so, let's take responsibility and put on the breaks. Let us take stock and take account of climate change. Ideas abound, other countries have adapted to the Green rule environmental law, so let us look and learn. We can piggy back on Sweden's example or Germany's.

As somebody said on the programme last night - why import strawberries, when they can be grown in Ireland.......The same goes for applies etc.

Let us share, let us think, let people contribute in health as a patient with a view, let children contribute at school level, and be heard.....who knows? Well done to the programme 3.60 lastnight about Acquired Brain Injury. Congratulations to those with innitiave in the Disabilities arena.

We are a country with inadequate funding for brain injury, rehabilitative partic, neurological problems, psychiatry etc. addiction related illnesses to name but a few - this is a nonsense with the number of RTA accidents, attempted murders, illnesses due to alcohol/smoking........Internet and web facilties now empower people with Acquired Brain injury so lets get the Consultants, professionals etc. to adhere to what the psychologists promote 'What you focus on expands'. One proviso, I add in is that exercise the correct choice on what to focus the mind. This is about Taking Responsibility. Yes, Take Responsibility and for those who are interested about Conferences in Harvard University in the US - this is a them this year.

Davekey - pessimism, you say but I say, can we afford to be pessimistic? We need to form think tanks and be actively involved in politics, at community level, involved in life long learning, and use the net and web to our best advantage both at a personal level and to public advantage level.

We need organic food markets, bicycles and green spaces that can be sold for paltry sums....Trevor Sargent will appointed Minister for Food shortly. It intrigues me that he has taken this post after referring to Bertie as a Dead Man Walking. I will close by saying the ghost of Charlie Haughey will haunt the corridors of Dail Eireann for years and sadly morality and ethics has been impacted and is seriously in need of reform.

Michelle Clarke

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author by davekeypublication date Sun Jun 10, 2007 20:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Global warming = Global tax = more centralized control

If they really gave a shit then the real alternatives would be explored, of course this would be the end of the oil barons and decentralize energy providors. Sorry this doesn't fit in with the NWO.

Two tier health system:
Considering the current state of our health system and the lack of services, accountability, the bumbling beaurocrats, the medical mafia etc. this may not be a bad idea. The only problem is the people who are bringing it in are the usual bottomliners who keep reminding us that the 'free market' is God.

Sorry but sacred sites don't contribute to the bottom line, they don't provide a product or service, can't be taxed and have no value in modern liberal Ireland.
Besides we don't have a culture or nationality any more we are all little Europeans now.

Shell to Sea:
Nationalize our energy .... yeah right, we don't deserve our own resources, it's better to give it away to the multinationals so Bertie can look good in Europe, show them how progressive and liberal we are. Anyway we don't really want to look at that subject, another tribunal would be boring and cost another few €billion and we don't really have the prison space anyway. Also we really don't need the money cause we have a big construction industry now.

We all know about the developers and the land grabbing and hoarding, but I just wonder what is the banksters role in all this. Our young generation are now 30 year slaves to the banksters but the media seems to be very quiet on this issue and nobody is connecting the dots.

Enough of the bitter sarcasm, I think it's time we faced up to the fact that our government is alien to the people and controlled by the globalist NWO. We don't live in a democracy, 'by the people and for the people' is a myth, we have lost our freedom, sovereignty, neutrality and self determination. The only question now is when or if the apathetic masses will finally wake up and stand up and take back our democracy. Anything less is just tinkering with the system and completely futile. I'm not very optimistic about this because I have a lot of daily contact with the public and Man U, Big Brother, Hiltons jailing, drink stories etc. are all that people talk about, it's very sad, particularly in our young generation who don't seem to go through any revolutionary stage and are just as apathetic as adults.

Please excuse my pessimism

author by Noah - Ark Inc.publication date Sun Jun 10, 2007 15:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What do you say Sceptic?

Is it you or Mike has got it arseways on the survival of the planet as a human habitat?

I need an answer.

author by greenie - personal capacitypublication date Sun Jun 10, 2007 13:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Some people....!?!!
Scientists worldwide no longer really dispute the fact that human activities are having an effect on the climate.

George bush even accepts it in public now!!

Was dismayed to see a journalist on bbc question time last week rehash this thing yet again.

The C02 graph for the last 160000 years from the ice cores (as shown in al gores film) shows the rise clearly

author by Mike Novackpublication date Sun Jun 10, 2007 13:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Human activity releases about 7 Gigatonnes of CO2 per annum.
The biosphere releases about 1,900 Gigatonnes of CO2 per annum.
The world's oceans release about 36,000 Gigatonnes of CO2 per annum.

It is pretty clear reducing human CO2 will have little or no influence over global warming even if C02 rather than solar activity was indeed proven to be the major contributing factor causing global warming."

Wrong conclusion because you are leaving out a VERY important consideration. You forgot to consider .......

The biosphere may be releasing 1900 gigatonnes annually but it is absorbing about 1900 gigatonnes -- net change zero
The oceans release 36,000 gigatonnes annually but is absorbing about 36,000 gigatonens annually -- net change zero

That is what you expect to see happen when the net amount of fixed organic matter in the total plant matter of the planetary ecosystem is constant. Carbon dioxide and water converted into carbohydrates while releasing oxygen (using sunlight as the energy source) as fast as the non chlorphyll life forms burn the carbohydrates back down to carbion dioxide and water. Meanwhile SOME carbohydrates get buried and SOME ancient deoposits re-exposed. NET CHANGE ZERO.

NOW -- add to this system in rough balance we humans digging up more of the long buried stuff and burning it. A small amount compared to the gross but NOT a small amount compared to the normal also small variations (in other words, the in and out of the natural system is always CLOSE to zero, but some years a little more out or a little more in, not excatly zero).

What you want to show (need to show) to justify your scepticism is that the human contribution is small compared to that difference. Because if it is not, then might be well large enough to cause a major shift in the equilibrium point (is thought to be quite large enough to cause such a shift by most scientific opinion). The (annual) discrepencies of the natural system are not all in the same sense but the human additions are.

If you need a hands on "thought experiment" imagine a gigantic balance. There are thousands of ants, at any moment either taking rains of sand of one side or the other while others add grains of sand to one side or the other so the balance jiggles a little but remains in approximate balance. Now to this system add one rogue ant that always adds a grain of sand to the right hand balance pan. What will happen? Which ant (of all those thousands) is causing the problem?

author by reclaim drogheda - ( i told yiz)publication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 22:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well actually that's not exactly true - the Greens aren't going back to armed struggle just yet. & sure why should they? They might have stopped Harney getting another ministry and everyone has thought them very effective and it would be nice to see them in government being just the same as any other government any other time.

author by Jim O'Sullivanpublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 20:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hope you are right, greenie, but the interviews that I have just listened to have left a lot of unansewered questions, maybes, buts and ifs.

The fact remains that for the Greens to sustain a government that would include Mary Harney and retain their core principles at the same time seems beyond belief. It is very difficult to image both entities at the same cabinet table and for one or the other not to have sold out .

I wish them well.

author by greenie - personal capacitypublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 17:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The news just in, the talks failed. Guess they have more principles than some of you thought!

author by Jim O'Sullivanpublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 16:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

How could the Greens retain any credibility if they enter and sustain a government that includes Mary Harney. On one side of the corridor you would have the Greens toiling away in Environment trying to make the lot of everyone better while at the same time on the otherside of the same corridor, Mary Harney would be dismantling the National Health Service, copperfastening and expanding the two tier system amd weaving inequity into the fabric of our community that wouuld see citizens suffer and die because they are on the wrong end of the economic ladder. But while they are suffering, they will breath clean air and drink clean water but they will face a prematuire death anyway. Is that what the Greens are offering? Fresh air to die in.

It's not going to wash fellas and if you make the mistake of going for the Merc and abandoning your principles and people, the Greens will be finished in Ireland.

author by greenie - personal capacitypublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 16:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I agree, it's a poison chalice but what is the alternative? and can we really afford to wait another 5 years while FF (and possibly pd's) continue to wreck the country without anyone there to try to hold them back.

author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 15:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

To Skeptic

I am glad you swallowed the dictionary in Easons. Well done! For the ordinary punter out there can you make your point more clearly. I think you are actually confusing yourself. Unlike McSweeney two years ago, who was Environmental Chief Advisor to the Government, when after a few months, they realised he had actually purchased his Phd in a Joke Shop in America for thirty five dollars, I earned mine the hard way and I still can't grasp your point. Perhaps, it is your ego, I cannot grasp!

You probably mean well and God Bless you for that.

This morning while having my cappucino on Baggot Street, the whispers of the area were John Gormley got a makeover in Louis Copeland's at the suggestion of P.J. Mara and I hope John Gormley can live with himself and the expectations of the Irish people, if there is a done deal.

This economy is heading for a fall and rightly so - the good that may come is the return of a sense of Morality and sense of duty to those more vulnerable in this society.

I repeat what I said last night, if the Greens walk away from their pre-Election Manifesto, they will lay aside their identity and God Forbid Bono would come back as the human face of global intelligence when we all know he is getting grinds in basic reading and writing......but not in modern Ireland, money and bluff is all you seem to need to get you as far ahead as you want to be.......

Property - Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-78), French Philosopher and author of Discourse on Inequality.

'The first man who, having fenced off a plot, of land, thought of saying, 'This is mine' and found people simple enough to believe him was the real founder of civil society. How many crimes, wars, murders, how many miseries and horrors might the human race have been spared by one who, upon pulling up the stakes or filling the ditch, had shouted to his fellow men: 'Beware of listening to this impostor; you are lost if you forget the fruits of the earth belong to all and that the earth belongs to no-one'

Says a lot


author by Con Carrollpublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 15:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

justice rights
which side are you on. is it the side of power ministerial perks

standing with people who oppose the political abuse of Shannon airport. by American military

standing with people in Mayo against Shell.

standing with people, who demand justice.

a end to political donations to large parties. given by rich tax evaders. who then accuse people who have a right to know how they have accumalated their wealth. by calling them communists. Denis Obriens comments toa journalist. when o Brien was set to reside in Australia 2005. because we question political / financial corruption by certain elected members of the Dail
opposing American privitisation of our health.
weare been told by the Green Party leader-ship in Ireland. that they will hold a conference for their members on Sunday in the Mansion house. to decide on entering government
to grass roots members of Green Party. many will be watching and hoping that you will not allow people who are elected within the Green Party.who want the ministerial perks to convince you that this is the only opportunity. stand to the principles of justice, solidarity

take a stand against political financial corruption

stand up to political pay master of the greatest terrorist government in the world America. FF

stand up to the political social class economic issues which we are facing in Ireland.
which the political right, those who work in the media tell us that the celtic tiger has lifted sinking boats

remind your elected members from the greens that they opposed the abuse of Shannon by American military

Stand up to shell oil company read Cpi article. Tues 5th JUne 2007 indymedia.
speak out say no coalition to this government. Ciaran Cuffe has made comments about it

where is Patricia Mc Kennas, voice
you may be told about Green Party coalition with right governments, in Europe. ignore this ministerial perk nonsense

author by Fellow skeptic. - nonepublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 15:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Where did those figures on CO2 emmissions come from? How were they determined?

That aside I must state that the Green run the risk of being punished like Labour were in 1997. 5 years before hand people had voted to get FF out. Labour put them right back in there! If the Greens put them in power they should get their way on EVERYTHING!

author by bjpublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 13:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Greens my be ready for govt. but the country isn't ready for the Greens.
This would be the worst time to enter govt. with FF. The next few years will see the consequences
of the FF actions as the political wing of the Developers.
Whoever is in govt. will share the blame. In fact, what are the bets that FF will set the Greens up to
take the blame?
Add to this the abandonment of several core Green policies, which must be done to enter govt.,
and it all paints a pretty bleak picture for the Greens.

Stay out lads and lassies. Your time will come but just not yet.

author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 12:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In answer to your short reply, I tttally agree with you. Kermit the Frog (John Gormley) and Biffo Spliffo (Cowen) will sit down to do a deal but leaving Shell aside for a moment, Mr. McCarron - you see Kermit the Frog does not want Miss Piggy Back on the Kermit show, he wants, as the Manifesto states Miss Piggy and the Mad Mullah gone forever.

This is Ireland and anything goes - when you see Jim Higgins and Dr. Jerry Cowley, who both stood up against the Shell pipeline and lost their seats - what does that tell you of the Irish mindset now.

It tells you we are in apathy and we have this feel good factor that it will last forever. Well lads I have got a sudden little shock for all out there today - the bluff of the Irish Tiger is over, it came and produced 248 multi millionairies from land deals who meet in Berties Tent. Interest rates will rise three times this year if not more. Inflation is showing its ugly head again and foreign investmenent is leaving Ireland and going to Eastern European countries where the labour is cheaper. It is called keeping the labout cost down and the Americans are most efficient at this.

Trevor Sargent on the Friday night of the count - made a remrkable statement (gutsy) he said his priority now is neither Shell or Tara or Co-Location but it is to clean up Irish politics, to get rid of the Fianna Fail mafiosa so where does Trevor go from here. The Greens will be wiped out if they share the bed with Biffo and Spliffo in five years time.

I will close by saying, it would be better mow if the Greens jumped ship otherwise they have lied to the Irish people pre Election and have got in on false pretenses.


author by Scepticpublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 12:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Human activity releases about 7 Gigatonnes of CO2 per annum.
The biosphere releases about 1,900 Gigatonnes of CO2 per annum.
The world's oceans release about 36,000 Gigatonnes of CO2 per annum.

It is pretty clear reducing human CO2 will have little or no influence over global warming even if C02 rather than solar activity was indeed proven to be the major contributing factor causing global warming.

author by m.c.mccarronpublication date Fri Jun 08, 2007 10:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Is it on their mainifesto?

It is a foundational issue about health and safety, about the environment and climate, it is about fuel-types, it is about the national stewardship of resources. The gas is not private property.
Quote from Mark Garavan on Homepage of Shell to Sea website:

"I welcome the unanimous vote at the Green Party conference that the Greens in government would not sign a pipeline consent for the Corrib gas project until a full, independent review has been conducted into the project".

Well, the Greens are in the enviable position of face -to- face with the Minister in charge of Natural Resources...!

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