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Barcelona: 3 early morning raids on 3 squats, including MAKABRA

category international | housing | news report author Monday November 20, 2006 14:47author by dunkauthor email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address streets, Barcelona Report this post to the editors

¿what reaction will follow?

3 Barcelona squats under attack in 3 seperate early morning raids by police, riot squad and security guards.
Pouble Nou barrio: Makabra eviction began at 8.20am lasted 3 hours for processing, people with no papers taken away. no resistance, no violence, street party shaping up outside squat which is still held by armed cops with helicopter support

191 Pillars: squatters attacked by security guards, women beaten with metal bars and knives, much trouble, things calmed now, lawyer tried to stay there, squatter won, court case upcoming. 3rd squat somewhere in Raval area in city centre, no more news as yet
Squats in Barcelona under threat
Squats in Barcelona under threat

In an unprecedented upping of the states crackdown of Barcelona's squats, these 3 early morning raids were a shock to most people. People were preparing to support the resistance to eviction of the 191 Pillars squat and were asleep when their home; the anarchist circus, theatre, clown space, art space squatted social centre Makabra, when it was entered by about 50 armed riot cops at 8.20am, people were held for 3 hours, documentation processed and faces videod. everyone is out now but the cops have said that the building will soon by torn down. Makabra has been occupied for 5 years and 4 times seen eviction and re-entry, perhaps today will be its last day? There is a street party forming outside the old squat as more people come to support and show solidarity with the squatters.

In 191, when we finally got down to the them there had been a fight only 15 minutes previous as they resisted eviction. Security guards / higherer thugs beat the squatters and used knives and iron bars to attempt to force entry to the squat. The squatters successfully resisted and the police came, they will go to court to seek to challenge the eviction order. This part of Barcelona is seeing huge speculation and profit from the construction industry, locals are being pushed out as their homes become eaten up by business interests. the squats are zones of resistance to this city speculation.

No news from third squat, we will keep you informed

Perhaps there will be a reaction to this state crackdown, there are a lot of angry people

------====== CeNtRo SoCiAl OkUpA MaKaBrA ======------CSO LA MAKABRA.

Estan desallotjant la Makabra!

Comunicado desde el Centro Social ReOkupado La Makabra (24 feb 2004 )

Cities, radical urbanism, sqatting, social centres

author by dunkpublication date Tue Nov 21, 2006 17:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

From 7:45 in the morning, November 20th, police is evicting La Makabra CSO; this squat at 46 Tanger Street (Glories tube station) was an old factory and was now an alternative culture center, circus, free internet access point, social center, hostel, meeting point for forums and social debate, video screenings, concerts, and it also held canteen and parties to finance several alternative projets in the city.

el pais
Desalojada una fábrica donde residían un centenar de 'okupas' y artistas callejeros
el periodica - catalyan paper
Desalojados un centenar de artistas de una nave 'okupada' de Poblenou
el periodica - catalyan paper , PHOTO GALLERY
Desallotjada la fàbrica que també feia d'escola de circ

ironacally i recieved a mail from CIRCA, the clown army about a BBC radio show about clowns and their power for changing the world:

White face, Dark Heart 2/2. Stewart Lee explores what lies beneath the
red-nosed image of the clown. He discovers that British clowns were
once not
just for the children, and talks to clowns that want to change the
world -
even if it means confronting the police. He meets the Clandestine
Rebel Clown Army............http://www.clownarmy.org/

bbc show

el periodico front page about MAKABRA eviction
el periodico front page about MAKABRA eviction

MAKABRA, what the healthy circus theatre art space was this time 2 days ago
MAKABRA, what the healthy circus theatre art space was this time 2 days ago

author by dunkpublication date Tue Nov 21, 2006 17:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors


destruction of anarchist squat overseen by police comander
destruction of anarchist squat overseen by police comander

MAKABRA is pulled to the ground
MAKABRA is pulled to the ground

scene of violence with security guards at pallars squat, 10 mins from makabra
scene of violence with security guards at pallars squat, 10 mins from makabra

manifestation Barcelona style, circus, music, clowns, acrobats, an example of MAKABRA
manifestation Barcelona style, circus, music, clowns, acrobats, an example of MAKABRA

banners left on fences of Saint Jaume for passers by
banners left on fences of Saint Jaume for passers by

author by w.publication date Tue Nov 21, 2006 18:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I stayed in Makabra a few years ago it seems to have been done up quite a bit since then though. Seems that ungdomshuset in Copenhagen is the next social space to go, very few left now.

author by iosafpublication date Tue Nov 21, 2006 20:14author address barcelonaauthor phone 636 105 231Report this post to the editors

Judge number 2 (they get numbered in Spain) broke his word. He had given previous hearings of the CSOA Makabra case assurances that the final eviction would be forewarned.
The Mossos d'esquadra (Catalan national police) have their HQ just one block away so it wasn't difficult for them to get their hundred boys & girls into riot gear & to the eviction. I first found out about & last night's concentration at placa Jaume ( not saint Dunk - it's Juame the king who bashed the moors not James the brother of Christ who brought the Magdalene(where both Barcelona government & Catalan government have their offices) at 11h30 by the usual text message "pass it on" alert that electrifies our little grapevines over here. I must admit the other 2 squats didn't merit inclusion in the first alarm.

Both Circ Croc & Cirque du Soleil have used CSOA Makabra's space. I remember the last eviction several years ago followed the suicide jump of an O.A.P. from his balcony which overlooked the 6000 metre squared site. But it only took a few weeks for the current crew to move back in. It was a space which changed, evolved & developed much over the years.- Originally a more anarko- video & crusty traveller (english) family resort it became the premier school of circus arts not only in Catalonia or "northern Spain" but arguably the western Mediterranean. Several people I knew went through the various "tallers" (workshops) of Makabra to continue to Circus Space in London or the Circus School of Paris & get proper qualifications & jobs & kudos . But that's the thing.

108 people had their names taken & were kicked out with their minimal posessions. & then from 8pm a concentration & gig to showcase their skills. For now they have no home, no school & still no proper jobs.

Oddly enough this 2006 is closing it's Picasso year in Barcelona (though born in Malaga the artist spent many years in Barcelona) with a huge exhibition focussing on his interest in circus. The period which just preceded his "rose period" which some call his "harlequin period". Tippy toppy intellectuals like to remind the thick & uncultured that Picasso was fascinated & inspired by circus because not only did he see the usual range of skills - performance arts - melancholy, tragedy, comedy & colour - but he also recognised the outsider status held by Circus performers. He perhaps indentified with that status of the shunned....

Today's fallout in established media has been mostly very sympathetic to Makabra. Barcelona now has no "circus theatre school". & yet another building has been demolished to make way for what some call "Barcelona's manchester project" the appalingly named "22@" zone where Makabra's factories space were. This zone will boast new skyscrapers, the best of WIFI for 6 square kilometres, trams that make the Luas look like toboggans. You know the shite. People will come with real jobs. Not the sort you shun. Not harlequins, clowns or jugglers Who really needs to learn about gravity?

& in a few years the council will consider building another skateboard ground just like the okupes had done to sort out the kids.

Tonight on my way home ( I live very close to placa Jaume) I noted extra police presence & about 60 people I recognise as Makabra residents or regulars who are at time of writing in front of the cathedral. They can't do a swansong performance every night.... & they need homes.... & I've got one message from a trapeze artist whom I haven't heard from in years..... thank you council. Coz at end it the "eviction = another okupe" slogan doesn't always work. A lot of people need homes or..................... they'll go somewhere else.

author by iosafpublication date Wed Nov 22, 2006 18:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Ok. by noon most of Barcelona's community akin to Ireland's indymedia community knew Makabra had been evicted & would be demolished by tea-time. The first evening commercial newspaper published quotes from "anti-okupe" citizens. oh those anti-system parasites are like red fascists always smashing up the place. remember the forat de vergonya c/f "the half rood of rock - how we value public space http://indymedia.ie/article/78839

& then there was no "anti-system" riot. Not a bit of it. Just a theatre display in the government square. & there was another one last night as well. In the absence of "confrontation" & an outing of the "black block" - the commercial media has been extra-ordinarily sympathetic & that comprehension of the multiple issues has translated into normal conversation & even political statements.

Accordingly today Judge number 2 was reported as expressing his disappointment that the police had evicted without giving notice. & the right wing opposition instead of the usual calls for public whipping has urged the council to provide more public housing (which in any case the majority of those evicted in the squats mentioned above would not qualify for - since they are not either Catalans or Spaniards) & even mention has been made of providing an alternative space for the "circus types". Ironically thus I'd like to bring Irish readers attention to the fact that Madrid's council has just announced a winter of "street art, performance and clowning". Madrid is 600 kilometres away. perhaps far enough. if you can get a ticket.

At end - I blame police management.......hmmmmm............you could always invite all these people to Ireland & get a wonderful circus community together.............. the envy of Europe...........if they can afford tickets............& have passports.

author by iosaf :-)publication date Wed Nov 22, 2006 23:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

For the third consecutive night since the Makabra circus school & theatre (an okupe or squatted concern) was evicted the good folk of same have performed in the square of both city & national government of Barcelona & Catalonia.

By now it's becoming obvious how much public support these young people have. Tonight's performance is just coming to an end. Over one thousand people of all ages including many locals of the old city & tourists have thoroughly enjoyed & gasped with wonder at the acts which included trapeze, rope & air activity, acrobats, clowning & juggling. These performance arts appear deceptively simple, but everyone knows it takes time, dedication & skill to do these things.

More & more citizens of the city are becoming aware of the nefarious way in which the council & Catalan police evicted the Makabra. There has been no violent retaliation on the part of the okupe community or its fellow travellers on what some term the extreme left. & so neither commercial media nor politicians of any hue may distract attention from the base issues.

The city of Barcelona has endured a process of urbanisation which has usurped the wishes of communities as expressed at their own community representational levels & all in the pursuit of vanity projects aimed at copper-fastening the status only recently awarded the city of "Europe's best city for a weekend" & "Europe's best city for public transport" & "one of the top 5 green European cities".

Instead attention is brought back to the grim truth. Urbanisation & vanity projects as well as the complacent stagnation which accompanies any city ruled at municipal & national & central state level by the same parties in coalition have allowed rampant speculation which has makes the city annually more inhospitable to its ordinary working people. There is sadly nothing about this syndrome which can only be thought to effect Barcelona. All over Europe the onslaught of capitalism & real estate speculation coupled with an increase in tourism has unleashed / or will soon provoke similar problems.

* The residents (mortgaged or rented & all tax paying) of the Poble Nou neighbourhood where Makabra operated have declared their complete support for the collective.

* A site has been lent courtesy of that residents' group for the temporary parking of the vehicles belonging to the Makabra residents.

* the Minister of the Interior of the Catalan Government has suggested in concert with certain members of the municipal government that if the Makabra can provide a "cohesive work plan" they will be provided with a site to continue their activities.

They are going to continue regardless of a "cohesive work plan"

Coz to be honest they had already presented both council & court with a sustainable architectural blueprint for the development of the site which was shamefully demolished on Monday.

watch & learn :- I'll let you know how it goes.

author by Lugh23 - Nonepublication date Thu Nov 23, 2006 03:44author email lugh23 at gmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I`ve been to Barca too many times to remember and was moving over there til I decided to go to college here quite recently.. I remember that the Theatre squat was shut down recently and the City Council were trying to have a City wide ban on skateboarding !.. The same thing is happening all over Europe .. I think that the Council are under pressure from FOREIGN property owners alot who are Irish by the way to clean up the City and turn Barcelona into another " DISNEYLAND ".. Nice and clean and tidy for the once a year {maybe lifetime} tourists and holiday residents and to HELL with the real people who have to live there and aren`t RICH !!... It`s a sad day....tez

author by dunkpublication date Thu Nov 23, 2006 15:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

3 nights of circus and street theatre has happened in placa Jaume, many of the 108 people evicted have found temp accomodation in other squats in Barcelona, some who were living there have headed up to the mountains, a good few are without any place to stay and sleeping on the streets and on the beach.

regards Pallars, El Pais had an article about the violence they were confronted with on monday, last night there were tv cameras snooping around for the main catalyan station i think.

There has been no call for a circus tonight, i think people are tired and drained from all of this

the shows they have put on are amazing, and get better every night, imc-radio was down for a while but is back now, so we will have radio for you soon

viva la makabra

More than 260 arrests in Copenhagen during a demonstration of "Solidarity with Ungomshuset"

Danish Social Centre Under Threat

author by dunkpublication date Thu Nov 23, 2006 20:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Desalojo por la cara
el 191 de la calle de Pallars, en el barrio del Poblenou de Barcelona

and more on makabra
no performance tonight, next on saturday,

Los 'okupas' planean pedir responsabilidades por el desalojo de "La Makabra"

author by dunkpublication date Thu Nov 23, 2006 20:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

all audio found on
Barcelona: 3 early morning raids on 3 squats, including MAKABRA : imc-radio

audio files
1 - when the last bit of the makabra circus roof came down
many people were in tears, some were playing music, some were just watching, @ 5pm on monday

2 - makabra musicians 1
placa Jaume, start of the street circus, musicians play while a girl dances to the music waving a large red flag

3 - makabra musicians 2 and the MC speaks to the crowd

4 - makabra musicians 3, the girl with the guitar

5 - makabra musicians 4, girl sings a barca song, crowd joins in

6 - makabra musicians 5, the orchestra plays gentle under the conductors dancing

7 - makabra musicians 6, the orchestra raise the tempo

8 - sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhuuuuutttttt, time to depart

9 - crowd chants
eviciton = another occupation (i think)

more to follow

author by dunkpublication date Thu Nov 23, 2006 21:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors


nearly all perimeter wall has been pulled down
nearly all perimeter wall has been pulled down

where dreams were realized, now gone?
where dreams were realized, now gone?

MAKABRA, nearly all gone
MAKABRA, nearly all gone

the machines that put an end to the magic
the machines that put an end to the magic

all that remains of the wall at the MAKABRA entrance
all that remains of the wall at the MAKABRA entrance

author by iosafpublication date Thu Nov 23, 2006 22:11author address barcelonaauthor phone 636105231Report this post to the editors

for damage to & loss of private property resulting from what was an illegal eviction. Judge number 2 may criticise the Catalan ministry of the interior and the police for not "naming the date" nor forewarning the incumbents - but put it this way over 100 police in riot gear wake you up, put you against the wall & then give you less than 15 minutes to leave any building you've lived & worked in - you forget stuff. precious stuff .

& I'm not just talking about a few ounces of weed no-one had enough courage to walk out under the noses of the authorities. I'm talking about technical equipment, documentation, possessions of sentimental value &c..,

Meanwhile "exploring the p-o-l-i-t-i-c-al issues".

This story has illustrated well the divide between coverage by the mainstream commercial media (such as the leftwing "El Pais" or "El Periodico" or centre left "La Vanguardia" which Dunk has linked to above in his ongoing holiday coverage above) & the 6 "free daily distribution" titles.

The Mainstream commercial newspapers in Barcelona are losing readership & revenue to the other "free distribution" titles such as Metro, 20 minutes and ADN, because quite simply the main readership of the free dailies at the moment are the commuting workers of the city & its 25km squared environs (which number 3.8 million people by the way).

The "free dailies" are continuing to give space & coverage to the Makabra story - today linking the plight of the evicted circus school to the plight of non-regularised migrants. For though the local community in "Poble Nou" barri offered space to the vans - the people themselves are now dispersed between a squated site "belonging" to the Senegalese "sin papales" community (without either running water or electricity or sewerage) and the well estabished squated farm of Can Pascual which lurks still in the mountains just outside of Barcelona.

There was only one exception to this continuing political important & sympathetic coverage &deepening of the issues - ADN. For good reasons I suppose - the Council awarded them a prize for innovation at a meeting of the 22@ development council [ 22@ is the urban regeneration project for Poble Nou which plans to turn that area of the city into something "swish"]

Meanwhile it would appear all the stops are out to help to CSOA Makabra & the group appear in good spirits. But. (big but) they may be able to showcase their skills on a nightly basis in Jaume square in front of an c (for the moment) but they can not continue to teach & impart their circus & performing skills.

As a sign of the "increasingly embarassed administration" I would merely point out that on Monday night both City & national Police gaurding the square wore their full "basque style" Kelvar riot gear. 4 days on with no black block (the 200 trouble experts explained in these articles which covered the attempted eviction of a community garden in the old city, subsequent riot & cancellation of the EU housing summit http://www.indymedia.ie/article/78839 http://www.indymedia.ie/article/79019 showing their masked faces. Maybe they're all on walking sticks these days???? )

There isn't even a screed of graffiti on the walls - they're being to raise odd glances from the good citizens & tourists alike in their Kelvar. Accordingly I have noted (((even said hello))) to the commanding officers of both Guardia Urbana (barcelona police) & Mossos d'esquadra) in their dress uniforms trying to look inoffensive as they attempt to enjoy the circus their rank & file cops evicted.

As I said above - I & for what it is worth the Barcelona community "blame Garda management".

Let's see where it goes next. All I can tell you is the working readers of the "free press" are now wondering how many sub saharan africans live in slum conditions......... will learning how to juggle or trapeze help them?????????

the site of Makabra

There is in fact something ye can all do over in Oirland. Ye could write to the Barcelona council (Ajuntament, placa Jaume) in any language you choose & tell them your friends (rich tourists) really like the circus displays regularly provided by the council for local festivities, and are shocked to learn that the circus performers who provide such services are currently homeless, minus precious possessions & without facilities. In short - You'll be visiting Madrid next time - coz they respect circus.

Related Link: http://barcelona.indymedia.org
author by republica - imc-bcnpublication date Sat Nov 25, 2006 00:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

just to let you know that this report has been added at the central column of indy barcelona for all these people that wants to have more information in english about that.
please contribute here to give any new information in english.
thaks dunk and iosaf :)

Related Link: http://barcelona.indymedia.org/
author by dunkpublication date Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

night 2 had the "always drinking marching band", they rocked

similar to noise brigade

who mobilise people to action at demos, sometimes very successfully
anyway there was no moving from placa jauma to a new squat action on that night, maybe later?

new makabra links
new main one, that has upcoming links, events etc

another one

iosaf, ive come here to live, to plug into the network here, can you email me about something id like to talk to you about
barcelona so far, is rocking, really great to see such a colorful manifestation, wwwwwwwwooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww

more audio and photos later

author by dunkpublication date Sun Nov 26, 2006 13:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It has been stated by Pallars-Llacuna "homeless and immigrant" community that the "political" squat community offered no assistance to them when asked.
¿Is there closed worlds within Barcelonas squat community(s), can communication mechanisms and support systems be improved.?

3 part audio interview, in spanish and english, with some of the Pallars squatters
audio part 1 : (6 minutes - english)
"pallars , mondays battle to resist the false eviction"
interview with J.
audio part 2 : (22 minutes - english)
"backround to palllars squat, the legal situation, Peuble Nou: resisting speculation of @22"
interview with J. and Y.
audio part 3 : (6 minutes - english)
improving the squatter network, homeless and political

from indymedia radio thread

J.´s statement:
Hola tengo 21 años
vivo en una fabrica abandonada en el 190pallars en poblenou..en
vivo aqui desde un mes...
la semana pasadA vinieron 2 hombre dicieron que nos vayamos, esta gente
tenia ni orden judicial ni quieren identificarse de ningun manera ( UNO
DECIA Que era abogado pero no queria enseñarmeningun tipo de prueba de
pero decian que venian de la propriedad y que empiezaban las obras a
lunes y que la gente que quedaban a lunes iban a tener tener problemas
con pòlicia, comomucha gente que viven con migo no hablan español y son
extrnajeros se fueron antes de lunes algunos denosotros nos quedamos a
a lunes vienieron los 2 hombrescon 6 hombres mas a las 10 no lo hemos
abrido la puerta ,luego volvieronlos 2 hombresmas tarde , soloengaron a
hombre que vive con migo diciendo que si lo abrise llamaran a
lapolicia,les abrio, y luego telefonoa los obreros de construciuon para
entrar,mientras tanto volvi, cuando mke entere dijo a la gente que
que migo queal nivel legal este gente no podian llamar la policia y que
tienan que irse, los 2 hombres intentaron abrir lapuerta desde a dentro
intentaron romper la puerta mientras los 6 hombres volviero

related info, writing, photos, audio:
Barcelona: 3 early morning raids on 3 squats, including MAKABRA (Monday November 20 2006)
-this article includes input from Iosaf, a resident in Barcelona who explains the situation in depth

El Pais article (Tuesday 21/11/2006 )
"Desalojo por la cara"
el 191 de la calle de Pallars, en el barrio del Poblenou de Barcelona

Indymedia Barcelona Secció especulació

Poblenou coordinatura contra 22@

coverage of the "homeless revolt" in Dublin,Ireland 2005-2006
Keep Death Off Our Streets ... And The Guards On Their Toes

the homeless are still revolting

street seen, irish homeless support network

INTERNATIONAL HOMELESS FORUM @ www.forums.homeless.org.au/

While the main body of the derelict factory is not very clean, the squatters have carved out little clean zones for living in, a place that is presently their HOME. They feel that their situation can be improved with support from the barcelona squat and political communities, they hope to establish a wider dialogue soon.
All assistance is appreciated

Pallars-Llacuna squat versus 22@
Pallars-Llacuna squat versus 22@

Pallars squatter J. in her bedroom
Pallars squatter J. in her bedroom

Pallars squatter Y. and friend in his bedroom
Pallars squatter Y. and friend in his bedroom

a shantytown house in Pallars factory squat
a shantytown house in Pallars factory squat

squatters HOME
squatters HOME

author by dunkpublication date Fri Dec 01, 2006 13:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

police arrived this morning and somehow gained entry, there are now 3 urban police vans and many big police around. People living in the squat are not being permitted to enter to collect belongings, many people have all their world in there, 1 girl was extrememly upset and arrived shouting and threathened to set herself on fire, she poured a flammable liguid over herself and tried to light a match, police ran out and knocked the matches and bottle of liquid from her hands, then 4 police restrained her against the fence. It has been claimed that these police activites are illegal, lawyers have been called and request has gone out to the barcelona okupa community for support for the pallars community.

news on imc-org also

author by iosaf .:. ipsiphipublication date Fri Dec 01, 2006 18:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As I tried to explain in the article "A half rood of rock how we value public space" - the housing crises combined with real estate speculation, estate agent malpractise (they hound people out of properties to redevelop them) & corruption have made the Spanish state one of the worst places to rent or have a mortgage let alone create artistic or communal space such as Makabra or the previous incident the "Forat de Vergonya" playground in my barrio.
That event (in the above link) occured just at the start of the Catalan general elections & led to the suspension of the EU housing ministers summit. But the problem has not gone away, last week the UN housing representative condemned the speculation problem of not only Barcelona but many other Spanish regions.
The tripartite reformed a government but both the socialists and independence republicans lost votes & seats to the ICV or post-marxist greenies. As of this week the minister of the Interior in Catalonia is Mr Joan Saura, the leader of ICV. Which as you might know is the furthest left party in the Spanish state. They combine reformed communists with the greens. They're generally called "ecosocialists".

It was desirable to see the "Makabra eviction" dealt with in the last weeks of the previous administration (the first tripartite with all the same parties) under the former minister of the Interior - Montse Turo (who is PSC the Catalan PSOE). Yesterday morning Saura (who leads the party which gets most of the votes in "our neck of the woods" where incidently abstention averages 55% & no non-Spanish citizen can vote but are about 33% of the residents) met for the first time with the top officers of the "Mossos d'esquadra" the Catalan national police.

Under the nationalist aspirations of ERC and the "estatut" the Katalalalanders really wanted full deployment in Catalonia of the "Mossos d'esquadra" replacing the Spanish national police. This occured in the last year under Montse Turo's term as minister. They made their presence felt & clocked up an average of 3 demonstrations a day with a peak of one wonderful day when 37 seperate protests were covered, all with their "Basque police intimidation style". Their style doesn't need to be explained to you. Anyway, the top echelons & the lower rank & file of the "Mossos" were not very pleased that the eco-socialists got or wanted the brief of the Interior. They also clocked up serious allegations of torture one of which was relayed by a Derry woman resident in Barcelona to my good self & files last Winter. Over 500 complaints of torture were made & 5 "mossos" are now in prison for such abuse. In addition one "mosso" killed his wife & mother in-law & tried to fake it as a break-in & he also is in prison.

They have made lots of money for the public purse, favouring fines over detention & it took them only 20 minutes of deployment last year to make their first arrest a lucky Moroccan chap who pissed on the street. It might be trite to inform you that the Mossos are also the focus of many serious worries about racism. There is a clear difference between their "fining & arrest rate" in the more cosmopolitan old city than any of the more homogenous catalan suburbs.

Squat evictions such as Makabra or Forat & protest management are an issue which will test ICV on many levels amongst their core "youth voters". There is no other political representative option at institutional level available to the umbrella of the left. But the relationship between a markedly nationalist & recently recruited (to make up teh numbers needed for full deployment) police force & the other non-clean cut-types of young people & god forbid foreigners will not be so easy.

Accordingly perhaps yesterday as the Mossos reflected on their resentment at their new minister I got fined 300euros by just outside my door for a combination of misdemenours:-

1) a tiny nodge of hash I had thrown on the ground which they found.
2) not carrying ID.
3) running away from them in the first place & giving them a bit of a chase.
4) being a wee bit stroppy, sarcastic, sophisticated piano playing
European type who used the words "inconstitucional" & "rights" when
explaining I only had to identify myself not carry the effin ID card
5) being that sort of drunk I smellt, swayed & used sexist language to
the lady officer but only after she used the C word first which as we
know verges on drunk & disorderly.
6) I had a lighter with a basque flag on it & I'm Irish & got really stroppy with lady cop when she said I was from Great Britain on the radio.
6) coz basically "they can", & we call this power .

Remember that folks. everyone in Bcn smokes - you know that. But they can fine you & decide themselves the "seriousness" of the misdemenour & how much it's worth.

It could have been 6000eu.
It was only a one gramme skreed, you'd be a right braggart to call it a tenspot, I wasn't really going scottish radge, nordic berserk or even foaming at the mouth. I didn't give them reason to get their 9mm pistols out.

But just after I kicked the door of the cop car (a picasso) (very
stylish) in frustration at the usual miserable theatre act plod always puts on - they set the value of my contribution to the common purse of the Spanish state at just under one months rent. & they said that too. Here you go Mr mac-dee-arrr-ma-da "that's one months rent" do you have a home to goto? go there!

Well I've learnt a lot from this.

1) run faster.
2) throw your drugs further away.
3) learn someone else's name & date of birth & identification details.
( I'd be delighted if one of the regular contributors would let me run
up fines in their name - I'll just need the usual information & the name of your mammy & daddy).
4) if you hang out with Okupe or Anarcho types but wear posh shoes you're worth 300 euros not 50 euros.
5) they are the enemy. always were & ahem always will be.

Related Link: http://barcelona.indymedia.org
author by dunkpublication date Fri Dec 01, 2006 23:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

the squat is now empty and under guard
most people got their stuff and are now out on the streets or have found somewhere for the night

about 15 Senegalese men left Pallars, and about 8 Algerian men, and some Europeans. Not everyone returned to collect possesions, many still dont know about the hurried eviction.

Initially everyone left and then they were not allowed re-enter to collect belongings, after the threat of self harm from J. which nearly resulted in arrest as attempted "suicide" is an arrestable crime, and from sound advice from the legal people to the squatters, the police allowed people in to collect their stuff, they allowed in 1 by 1 and under guard. The activity went on till about 4pm

some reporters came down, pictures were taken of evicted squatters with a sign saying in spanish "this too is 22@", not sure which paper they are from. 1 person from the catalan youth independance group, poblenou.org ? came down in support of the eviction, not sure if anyone else came down.
1 older man from algeria was being adviced to stay in a local hostel by the support services, im not sure if he will stay there, the rest advise him it is dangerous.

1 man was arrested and taken away, there has been no sign of him, lack of papers is thought to be the reason why

not sure if there is anymore

makabra are having an assembly / party tomorow at the space that was makabra at 12, lots of lovely posters up in gracia area

author by Pallars-Llacuna legal teampublication date Sat Dec 02, 2006 12:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is the man who it has been claimed beat women with iron bars in the attempted eviction of the Pallars squat monday before last. Yesterday he arrived on the scene of the police eviction, the woman who was beaten was there and on seeing him went straight to the police requesting them to arrest the man for his alleged criminal act, the police refused to do anything, she took out her document she still had after making an official complaint against the man the day after the incident, still they the police did nothing and the man walked away. He was confronted by some people but left the scence. Today he was again at Pallars, when he saw a camera taking photos of him, he hid his face and tried to flee, he was asked to state who he worked with and what his response to the fact that he had beaten women with iron bars, he refused to say anything and fled back inside the factory, he tried to exit the other side of the fence where the camera was again, he fled back inside. Other people came out and a dialogue of sorts happened. These people stated they worked for the factory owner, they said
"that business is finished, we dont have time for it",
to which the respone was "yes, but unfortunately that man beat women with an iron bar and he must face the legal consequences",
"what he did was stupid, a time of madnes"
"yes but he did do bad things and must face the consequences"

the lawyer has been contacted and we await to see what the result of this. It is not yet fully known who is the owner of the Pallars factory

man who beat women with iron bars in Pallars
man who beat women with iron bars in Pallars

man who fled when he saw camera on scene of crime
man who fled when he saw camera on scene of crime

attacker hiding back in safety of security in Pallars
attacker hiding back in safety of security in Pallars

author by iosafpublication date Mon Dec 04, 2006 21:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

On Saturday after a mock-funeral the assembly of Makabra accompanied by some of those who support them entered the "Can Ricart" complex (which is a privately owned site) & occupied it.

* Manu Chou (the famous singer sent them support)

* the "Mossos d'esquadra" (our pals in blue) surrounded the site but without an order did not enter it merely prevented anyone entering. This blockade ensured that the assembly could not be provided with -
1) Water
2) Food
3) blankets.

This constitutes an usurption of their primary rights. The Judge in question has disallowed an order of eviction to the police for lack of an "emergency situation". But not until the International Red Cross (a quite respected organisation) made their way through that cordon to provide those inside with blankets, food, water & attention for the one child who is with her mother.

Normally of course the Red Cross only impress people by getting past the Taliban, Darfur rebels or government or finding lost people in the African desert. One doesn't expect them to have to show their pretty little faces at "Can Ricart".

So therefore I ought explain to you that "Can Ricart" is large complex slated for "urban remodelling" against the wishes of the community of neighbours. 4 times in the last years they rejected the proposals put to them by the municipal authority. Those neighbours have declared complete support for the "New Makabra" and were seen to throw nappies, food and water into the complex.

This might explain the interview given by the vice-President (recently appointed) of Catalonia Mr Josep Carod Rovira today to Catalonia Radio in which he expressed the belief that a "pact" may be reached between the authorities and those of the Makabra but with the qualification "a space to teach & be artistic in" ( = not a housing space). You might remember that Carod-Rovira is the leader of the ERC (Catalan republican independence party).

This interview mirrowed one given by J. Herrrera the current mayor of Barcelona to the "free daily" ADN in which he expressed the belief that "anyone who squats & has the support of their neighbours deserves support". I might remind you that the current mayor got the job only a few weeks ago when the former of 9 years (Juan Clos) was transferred by the Madrid central government to that cabinet. As much as a promotion for Clos who allowed these problems to begin, it also filled a vacancy in the Madrid cabinet. The man who is now president of Catalonia - Jose Montilla. & so we see the right wing press wonder is this the "first test" of the Ecosocialist minister of the Interior Joan Saura. Who interestingly has made no public statement.

It has been less than a week since the UN commissioner on housing has condemned the rights abuses attendent to the housing crises in Barcelona. Above you can see a comment from Dunk which illustrates how violence against "unwanted" occupants is common-place. This doesn't just occur with squatters, it is horribly happening every week as the marginalised & often elderly are pressured & intimidated by "mobs" working with (& as) estate agents so that they clear their properties at low price & facilitate development.


So much for the "p-o-l-i-t-i-c-a-l" matter of a shared Artistic space based on the Makabra core valued across a community with obvious links to "normal working" people & the phone number of international aid organisations and the UN. (everyone has Manu Chou's number.... desperate for pals him.)

Unfortuanately not all squatting news is going dandy or rather can even by spun that way.

After only 10 hours occupying a house at c/Farigola 2 people have been detained. They don't do circus and they don't do the UN.
They're just homeless. No doubt some of the pleasant local recently recruited cops asked them why they can't go home. (that reminds me of the story of that poor Irish lad who tied himself to the roof of the local train station coz no-one wanted him home either c/f http://indymedia.ie/article/79808 )
& not that it matters much, but after excellent legal advice I have learnt how I may challenge my fine of 300eu for the spliff & have begun my own formal complaint because lady cop used the C word & I'm very sensitive & that sort of thing oughtn't be allowed. fucking pigs - train them properly or leave them without a job.

Related Link: http://barcelona.indymedia.org
author by dunkpublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 17:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Makabra have just produced a little bit of magic, entering and occupying the old Can Ricart factory in the Pouble Nou Barrio of Barcelona, where 60 years ago the CNT trucks left from to attempt to build a better world. Now its their turn to add to the unfolding story of creativity, passion and the love of life. Viva Makabra

Weaving together many strands of life here in Barcelona (community, squat, circus, political, media, humour, history, story telling) they now have a lovley new home and complete support from the ever helpful neighbours. Their struggle also has has the support of the UN commisioner for housing, who said "I think your struggle is just, what your doing is correct, I´d just request you to be peaceful.... and keep performing."

Perhaps this circus world is getting bigger and bigger, who knows what it will lead to…


audio from the ocupation


interviews with people about the situation;
occupation, squat support from the UN, background into speculation 22@ and the Peuble Nou barrio, the community stance and support groups, what this ocupation might lead to...

Emilios views, one of the neighbours who came to last nights assembly speaks his mind.

UN housing officer meets Makabra in Can Ricart

Poble Nou and speculation part 1

Poble Nou and speculation part 2

people starting to wake up, what this Makabra maigical spark might lead to...

the Makabra funeral procession

crying girls at makabra funeral procession

makabra wake, sounds from the procession 1

makabra wake, sounds from the procession 2

outside the gates of the Can Ricart factory

drumming at the gates

reggae at the gates

talk at the gates - hallelujiea

chanting at the gates - carer mos mas

sounds from the crowd at the gates

inside the gates
gates opened, sounds from the newly occupied Can Ricart factory

inside the gates - makabra okupa music

inside the gates - makabra accordian and flute reggae

inside the gates - makabra Can Ricart bello chao

inside the gates - makabra Can Ricart bom

inside the gates - makabra fire in babylon

inside the gates - makabra human sound system

inside the gates - libertad hip hop

later on in the occupation

comida, we have food

cops create tension at gate when makabra say hi to amigos outside

cops leave friends arrive into okupa

banjolin music at fire, relaxing after the siege


wow, what a few days
this is only the beginning...

Makabra : the art of occupation : el arte de okupacion
Makabra : the art of occupation : el arte de okupacion

author by dunkpublication date Wed Dec 06, 2006 12:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

ola amigos

im writing to you from a very special place in a very special time

a profoundly creative, artistic, political, architectural act has combined to create a point in time which i believe has sparked the beginnings of a truly participative architecture to emerge and a space has been (illegaly) created to facilitate the dialogue and space for that dialogue to lead to an actual built reality. In fact that reality is being constructed and built as i write to you.

This the culmination of what has for me personally been a profound but amazing quarter year architectural journey or battle, from heading to the architecutural bienalle in Venice to "confront" the architectural world (see Cities, radical urbanism, sqatting, social centres - http://radio.indymedia.org/news/2006/09/11489.php ) to meeting with my old friends from France and living with them in the french Pavillion, METAVILLA (
Onboard the (French) pirate ship METAVILLA (whats being pointed at in Venice this year? - http://easa.antville.org/stories/1478873/ ) to witnessing first hand, listening to and archiving Lucien Kroll: Moments D`Architectures (http://easa.antville.org/stories/1488710/ ) , which talked about the base of architectureand ecology (the relationship between things), to a healthier "participative bottom up" approach to architecture, planning, society instead of the present which, it was argued, leads to cities burning as we saw in Paris earlier this year in the riots, when communities, people and place are bypassed for profit.

I hope that you can manage to understand this difficult situation and from that support us in this struggle. Its not only a struggle here in Pouble Nou, its about what quality of life people have in other places, its about people taking control of their lives, their communities, their space, their existence.

This is the next stage in the "spiritual ecological revolution" ( http://easa.antville.org/stories/1515516/ ) which is working toward simply a healthy and sustainable existence for all.

We are working with ASF (architects sans frontiers) http://www.asfit.org/it/index.php

message from Manu Chao to the squatters:






i also got to meet the legend steve harris from iron maiden on the streets of barcelona and got to head to their once only gig here in barca for free, on the guest list. great night...
run to the hills......

my first "gig" was iron maiden, back on their "seventh son" tour, think i was @ 13 and very small compared to the big rockers in the mosh pits.

author by dunkpublication date Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Salvem Can Ricart, defenser Pueblo Nou
Salvem Can Ricart, defenser Pueblo Nou

save can ricart and Pueble nou poster on shop door
save can ricart and Pueble nou poster on shop door

salvem can ricart sticker in barrio
salvem can ricart sticker in barrio

your barrio needs you type poster
your barrio needs you type poster

Related Link: http://www.salvemcanricart.org/
author by dunkpublication date Thu Dec 07, 2006 13:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

a few photos from the paper la vanguard from monday last.

and a really nice audio from MAKABRA yesterday evening, about the action, the press views, the neighbourhood response and support, what it might lead to, and idea of perhaps all is possible

UN commisioner for housing, Miloon Kothari gives full support of occupation:
Their struggle also has has the support of the UN commisioner for housing, Miloon Kothari, who said "I think your struggle is just, what your doing is correct, I´d just request you to be peaceful.... and keep performing." ( http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/284168/...x.php )

overview of MAKABRAS piece of magic : all is possible

Makabra occupation : front page of la Vanguard (Mon  4 dec 06)
Makabra occupation : front page of la Vanguard (Mon 4 dec 06)

Makabra occupation : second page of la Vanguard (Mon  4 dec 06)
Makabra occupation : second page of la Vanguard (Mon 4 dec 06)

Makabra occupation : third and fourth page of la Vanguard (Mon  4 dec 06)
Makabra occupation : third and fourth page of la Vanguard (Mon 4 dec 06)

UN commisioner for housing, Miloon Kothari gives full support of occupation
UN commisioner for housing, Miloon Kothari gives full support of occupation

photo from the occupation  -  la vanguard
photo from the occupation - la vanguard

author by ;-)publication date Thu Dec 07, 2006 13:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Great little detail that. On a serious note - "How does this latest chapter in Barcelona's okupe & social movement history dovecote with the supposed new priority of the Generalitat (Catalan government) to provide social cohesion?". After all Makabra wasn't the first circus or artistic space to be squatted or evicted or supported by the usual suspects. But 2006 has in contrast seen elements of the wider social movement move media perception of "Okupes" from regular street battles with the cops to an ever-increasingly effective social organisation fighting on multiple fronts not just for circus - but for social housing & genuine community concerns. Bigger & better squats have gone to be almost forgotten ( princesa cinema, hamza concert space, les naus circus & theatre ) but neither the UN nor the Red Cross got involved & were seen to be involved.

author by dunkpublication date Thu Dec 07, 2006 13:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors


new MAKABRA entrance
new MAKABRA entrance

squat defender
squat defender

MAKABRA award for : the art of occupation
MAKABRA award for : the art of occupation

to: la makabra + amigos :: from : el mundo
to: la makabra + amigos :: from : el mundo

mani FIESTA ccion - because life should always be colorful
mani FIESTA ccion - because life should always be colorful

author by dunkpublication date Mon Dec 11, 2006 19:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

30+ audio files are presently in 2 locations; a imc-barcelona thread and on the R23 network, heres the links for both:

Makabra audio : el arte de okupacion : the art of occupation

from the Riereta.net´s very nice system:
http://r23.cc/interface/ network on its audio archive, netjuke:

Related Link: http://indymedia.ie/article/71892
author by DaviD - Jewdaspublication date Tue Dec 26, 2006 15:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Big up Dunkan and crew! I wanted to listen to the sounds of the okupation but it doznt work; somebody who can please fix it! Big up every freedom fighter we got to keep on keeping on!

author by dunk - CSO El Barco (squat social centre: the boat)publication date Tue Mar 13, 2007 20:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

plans underway for weekend of events this weekend
(Sat 17th of March is St Patricks day: Irish day)

el barco site (work in progress)
gardens and greenway
and logbook of stories from the sea

opening doors and making gardens in horta
El Barco

if any of ye want to send us a postcard, it would be most welcome, we'd send one back to you, be nice to get that link running before we get the net connection sorted:

CSO El Barco
26,28 C/ Pere Pau

CSO El Barco weekend voyage to island of Ireland

Friday: Painting, Play, Videos, Music...

10.00: Painting and decorating the wall of El Barco
13.30: BBQ @ placa de PLAY, dock of El Barco
16.00: Tea @ HuertoHorta, El Barco´s new community garden
17.30: Games @ placa de PLAY, sunset @ El Barco, Revolt video activist shorts from Ireland
20.00: Trad night, folk music gathering @ El Barco
23.00: Sail the seas...

Saturday: Gardening, Irish stuff: eco action, film screenings, Rossport...

13.00: Spud planting @ HuertoHorta
14.00: Lunch @ garden (bring stuff to share around)
16.00: short discussion about the community garden and greenway project in Ireland
18.00: Film screening @ El Barco: "The wind that shakes the barley", director Ken Loach. (tierra y libertad) About the Irish struggle for independance and civil war, winner of Cannes film fesival 2006.
20.00: Todays struggle in Ireland: Rossport verses Shell, Revolt Video film
21.00: Sail the seas...toward CSO L'Opera to watch anarchist folk punk legends Lynched, back from their world tour....

CSO El Barco: a voyage from Barcelona to Ireland and to Rossport
CSO El Barco: a voyage from Barcelona to Ireland and to Rossport

Abrir Portas y hacer huertos en Horta : opening doors and making gardens in Horta
Abrir Portas y hacer huertos en Horta : opening doors and making gardens in Horta

Related Link: http://wikihost.org/wikis/casas_bcn/wiki/el_barco
author by rememberingpublication date Wed Mar 14, 2007 20:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Yes, they forgot for a long time, a long long time. But then, somehow, they started to wake up, to remember, to remember that which they had always knows but which had got lost deep deep down in the depths of their being. Other things became more important and they soon lost their way, they went mad but did not know it. They thought their new ways were right, they did not question their ways. Nor did they look inside, and in this way, they forgot. But not all of them forgot. There were some, Los Otros, who had not yet fully forgot and from these they started to remember. They started to look inside again, and in this way they remembered. They learned again how to sail their ship and they enjoyed the voyage. Yes.

CSOAm EL BARCO: stories from the sea
CSOAm EL BARCO: stories from the sea


author by iosafpublication date Wed Mar 14, 2007 23:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

hasn't he done well? Yes he has. Less than half a year in a new culture with two new languages & he's been evicted enough to start faking his diary & many of you didn't wish him well or expect him to go with the vegetable growing. Well done Dunk. endevant. ems veiem pel festa.

I'd just to like to add that 3 years ago to the jolly night - Mariano Rajoy and the PP party weren't elected to govern the Spanish state or España. If you don't know why that doesn't feel good - you've never thought what would have it felt like if Bush hadn't stolen the election.

author by reader1151publication date Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Iosaf, can you please clarify that statement - why is Dunk's notebook 'faked' exactly?

author by iosafpublication date Thu Mar 15, 2007 15:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I've been going through a bit of incredulity of late - it's after watching Orson Welles "F is for Fake" wonderful movie which told the story of Emer Horty one of the best forgers ever to live - set up base camp in the balearic islands during the Franco regime - knocked out more fakes than hot dinners, many of which were accepted by the Art World as being geniune leading to the geniune work of the artists he faked being chucked in the bin. It's a very popular movie over here in Barcelona - does the rounds all the time - But everytime I see it, I go through a "doubt everything" phase which can last for weeks - "it's all faked!!!!" (might even say it in my sleep).
Dunk is my neighbour & we now share friends in common. I only met him in the last year but before that knew a little of him through his contributions to indymedia ireland. I'm impressed at how he's got on.

On the subject of squat and social centre evictions - the Barcelona council under its mayor Herreu have fast-tracked "emergency eviction" legislation allowing the Catalan police powers to dawn raid houses which previously only the municipal police had to clear council property. The result has been record levels of evictions, more houses have been cleared in 2007 than all of 2006 and 2005 together.
The level of commercial media attacks on the squater and allied movements have gone up too. The number one enemy seems to be ADN a free paper rag owned by a consortium of business and media interests - which distributes close to 2 million examples in two editions across several cities of the Spanish state every day. They turned on indymedia (naming the whole organisation as the source of all radical behaviour and riot in Europe immediately after the Copenhagen social centre eviction). It was quite a spread - 2 centre pages complete with screen shots of the mostly small and not too important madrid indymedia. The analysis ran "finding anarchist, communist, seperatists, ecological and squatter actions, protests and troublemakers is as easy as logging onto one internet site".
I generally respond to this stuff with "gurgle". So we're at war at the moment. I first attacked the ADN group for the rdiculous and hypocritical way they attempted to take credit for a the "european black out" to support Gore - their strategy is to identify a market of "green conscientious" readers in the age group - "20-30". In my attack ( in several languages) I pointed out that data was faked - (it was this time) and the hypocrisy of a newspaper that uses huge amounts of energy and paper to sell advertising trying to pitch itself as "green" - I pointed out that the "black out" had been invented by ADN and not by us (indymedia). c/f how I reported it http://indymedia.ie/article/80784 & the comments for the suspicions of massaged data and where I attacked ADN http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/291820/...x.php )

Well Done Dunk!

author by dunkpublication date Fri Mar 16, 2007 10:04author email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Interesting times indeed here @ El Barco

We will see how the story unfolds...

Here are some of the articles we have found about the social centre and the ideas behind it, Ill be back later with a proper translation. I will also include a photo of the captain of El Barco: piratita (the little pirate), she ended up in the crew after a long voyage from distant lost worlds.

The gist of the articles is how on the day of eviction we simply disapeared and then popped up in the building next door, number 28, where we still are. (Yes of course we learned from the Connolly and the lads back up on Moore street back in 1916) We expected another eviction order within a few days but still have recieved nothing, we get regular visits from the cops, all types as there are various ones here: mossos, civil, undercover, they normally pass on by but sometimes are forced to talk to us like when a new hole is broken in the wall (another opened door) but they do not like having to do this as we are in our legal rights and they get miffed quickly.

Anyway, looking foreward to the next few days, I hope all is good at home on Paddys day, a day i always loved being home for, up to the parade at our usual spot across from where the wax museum used be, up on the roof of the prefab of the school across from the flats drinking a few cans of dutch and shouting down "hey Mary", "hey Shauna" to the cheerleader girls from the States over for the big day. Then up to Tom Mayes, then end up sometime in Conways... no tables to fall over, or be pushed over this year, as usually happens when in the company of the Mayo lads....anyway, those were the days. Hope the sun is shining for yez.

Iosaf, you still have not made it out for chess, damas, or the sunday night league of fotbalin, hope to see you soon.

Seomra Spraoi, once the connection is made, we will be able to do joint voyages and further experiments.... looking foreward to it
meanwhile perhaps we can get the postcard connection line up and running...

CSOAm El Barco
28 C/ Pere Pau

CSOAm El Barco : centro social okupada autonomia mobile El Barco
squatted mobile social centre : the boat

Opening doors and making gardens in Horta

Eviction is turned by the CSO El Barco ??
Eviction is turned by the CSO El Barco ??

reoccupation of CSO El Barco
reoccupation of CSO El Barco

Piratita, the captain of CSOAm El Barco
Piratita, the captain of CSOAm El Barco

Related Link: http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/295030/index.php
author by dunk - 1 of the crew of CSO El Barcopublication date Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors


EL BARCO (pirata)
EL BARCO (pirata)

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rough axonometric and plans of EL BARCO
rough axonometric and plans of EL BARCO

a play space for the city
a play space for the city

Placa de PLAY
Placa de PLAY

non violence, disobedience, determination : local kids take control of the deselojo seas: their space
non violence, disobedience, determination : local kids take control of the deselojo seas: their space

opening doors: looking out onto the world after the first opening
opening doors: looking out onto the world after the first opening

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"Seomra Spraoi, once the connection is made..."

What exactly does Seomra Spraoi have to do with squatting?

Nothing - thats what. Unless you're confusing "renting" with "squatting".

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Simply connecting social centres that are nodal points in same network, just in different places

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That idea of connecting things, groups, ideas, struggles etc was explored, experimented with and tested during the recent world social forum:

Indymedia radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya

This was referred to on imc-íe here:
changing the world: collaboration needed

That led to ideas being discussed on the previous IMC-IE feature "Whatever Happened to Anti-Capitalism?" ( http://indymedia.ie/article/80676 ) which for a while was a very interesting thread but which quickly died.

Anyway my point is this:
Things can be improved, amongst other things CSO El Barco is a mechanism to explore HOW things can be improved. Barcelona is a great place because there are many people here who are willing to test, to explore, to dream, to try......whereas at home, it was not so easy... an environment of scepticism and unwillingness to explore, to dream and to try was felt...
So hopefully soon a stronger connection will be created between Barcelona and Dublin, Seomra Spraoi, Revolt video and indymedia Ireland are the mechanisms one would expect to attempt to assist or try to create this connection. Which if up and runing COULD lead to many interesting new areas for discussion and action from the network that is made up of the now existing groups in both places of global civil society. We wait and see...

related essay :

global civil society

creating and using new spaces and new mechanisms for change....it can be a pleasurable voyage too.
creating and using new spaces and new mechanisms for change....it can be a pleasurable voyage too.

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Stories from the sea

1 - Stories from the sea
2 - Friends
3 - Sailing the seas of life with the crew of the CSO El Barco
4 - Huerto *
5 - La monabuddhanegra
6 - War
7 - Picnic Pirata
8 - The home of Manel
9 - A sacred place
10 - Revolution

some of the tales of adventure which have been born out of the last few days....
see link for more

Related Link: http://wikihost.org/wikis/casas_bcn/wiki/stories_from_the_sea
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in the first 3 months of 2007 there has been more evictions of squats, many being new or established social centres, than there had been in the total number of evictions in 2005 and 2006 together. So it seems its all out war against these spaces of Dissent that demonstrate an alternative to the world that is being pushed and endorsed by state and local council.

This time they have taken their attack to one of the strongest and most important of the cities squatted social centres: Miles de viviendas (1000's of homes), a lovley building on the waterfront in the village like seaside part of the city that is barceloneta. They are responsible for ..

Miles web

University pirata

Barceloneta Es Rebela

initial callout for support of resistance against the eviction
Alerta de desallotjament de Miles de Viviendas: concentració a les 4.30h d'aquesta nit

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CSO L'Opera is facing eviction and a call has gone out for resistance. This is the main social centre of L'Hospitalet, an independant town concil within the Barcelona metropolis, and is a highly active space with a very strong network of activists. Some might call it a punky black blocky type of place.... Eitherway, its a fine space; a huge squatted ex television studio that now has gigs, mostly punk, every week, in the very large gig area. Many talks, films, etc also happen there, anarchist tours end up there, it is one of the nodal points of the social movements here. Along with this it has a free bike workshop, open 2 days a week, where you come, pick up bits of bikes, stick them together, learn how to, and come out with a bike. This space also has people building the super big bikes for bike wars. They also have/had a gym space, climbing wall, theatre, circus area. What is left of the makabra collective have been using this space to play and work out of from. They also took their action out of the hall into the streets to put on free street theatre to counter the civismo law that has kicked in here (cynismo as we refer to it: the authorities crack down on all open free use of space... death to lively spaces: no drinking outside, no music, theatre, art, games, on streets without permission, a tool to fine social movements if they engage in "illegal" actions without permission.....more on that later), that piece of street theatre ended up with a full brass and drum band, the makabra band, playing tunes on the steps of the old church in the main plaza of the area and about a hundred people dancing and singing FREELY on the streets.... a fine way to spend a sunday evening... the way it should be.

Anyway, L'Opera has got its marching orders and are resisting. Judging by last communique things could really heat up on the streets of L'Hospitalet soon.

Irish punk folk dudes Lynched played here on Paddys day and some Irish heads have left their mark there

regards from BCN

at http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/310862/...x.php the call has gone out, it translates as follows:

URGENT!! The resistance of the CSO starts the Opera in the Hospitalet

From 17.00 hours of today Sunday, some persons he have he|she|it chains with bidoncs of cement in the streets of that of the CSO going round the it works to bar the step none the social center.
The resistance will be indefinite, anticipating the attempt at de-accommodation that is foreseen for the dawn|morning of Monday.

He|She|It asks itself|himself|herself to go|come to be more people and to make force|strength in this situation that one who can!!

it|he|she is the address
CSO C/Josep Prats OPERATES IT|HIM|HER 56-58 Hospitalet of Llobregat Metro: L1 av.carrilet

we copy you the last one to communicate of the Cso la Opera


The past 29 May, in the Courts of Hospitalet, the last delivery of the impúdica judicial farce, for the civil way, that has the de-accommodation of the CSO for goal was celebrated (to say something) the Opera (who work does not have the cat he|she|it combs), that for those dates he|she|it celebrated its|his|her|their fifth anniversary|birthday. On the doors of the Courts a solidary concentration decided to expressing its|his|her|their rejection to|in the repression against the antagonistic social movements and to|in the possibility of de-accommodation of the Opera, although denouncing the judicial irregularities committed along the different deliveries of the farce, was congregated. The judicial process has not guaranteed the right to the defense of the prosecuted persons, was the haste too much to dictate sentence;
repeatedly, moreover, attention has been paid ignored of the legitimate resources lodged against the successive judicial decisions; the free access to the "public" sights|views through some extravagant police deployments has been blocked, besides, for|because of|from|out of its|his|her|their disproportion, of clear will criminalitzadora. The judicial process has been motivated from its|his|her|their beginning by the will of returning the before possible one the space of our Social Center in its|his|her|their "legitimate propiearis", BOJUR,S.L. and BOLUPI,S.L., screen companies behind which a marriage of speculators is hidden that, the same as "our" town council, they do not plan on any plan for the ground. At least none that respect its|his|her|their condition of ground destined to Equipment. Predictably, the neighborhood will win a few blocks of flats more out of the economic|economical reach of its|his|her|their neighbors. Predictably, some rich people will still be made more rich people.
Every this in the dynamics of dribble of freedoms and increase exponential of the police control that, also in The Hospitalet, root of the process against the Opera, we have lived to|in each demonstration or public act of complaint|denunciation on the part of the damned Snacks of Initiative (experts in the art of the torture, like everybody he|she|it already knows), which|who have obstructed our freedom of speech systematically, peaceful, and who|which have come treating as dangerous terrorists, to judge for its|his|her|their deployments, a collective of people for the simple fact of having attempted to retrieve for its|his|her|their social use a space given up to benefit|profit of the speculation. Hours of now the Opera already has date of de-accommodation: next Monday, on day 9 of July.
From the Assembly of the Opera we summon you, to all who have heard in some moment the space as own, to the Solidary Day against the de-accommodation: next Sunday, on day 8 of July: At 14 hr we wait you to|in the popular lunch and, later, at 17 hr, one will take place Passacaglia Antispeculative. We have to make know in the pseudoprogressive burgesots of the PSC and ICV, that they keep in the Government of our Town Council in spite of the record abstention, and to the capitalists who govern the Generalitat that if they intend to attend finally of the resistances against the speculation (of the that all they are master) in|on our neighborhoods and cities through the police violence and the rest of its|his|her|their authoritarian vices, they will mistake so much as that one who expects to switch off the fire pouring of gasoline.

(SAURA is the Barcelona mayor I think, and KORBATXO is the local hospitalet authority head, which is a city within the city of barcelona.)
(IMC-IE editors note : although above text is copied from its original, that original is in Catalan, and there is no full text in English, so please allow it to be kept up)

Related Link: http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/310862/index.php
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see more info on temp L'Opera site
So the curtain does not fall, we defend free spaces

use http://www.translendium.com/ if you need or want to translate something from catalan to english


BCN: resistance from CSO L'Opera against eviction... flames in the streets??
BCN: resistance from CSO L'Opera against eviction... flames in the streets??

Related Link: http://csolaopera.probeta.yi.org/
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creative non violent resistance to eviction at CSO l'Opera can be seen with the heads hanging off from the top of the building

its from latest news from the resistance

similar direct action was used in many places including Can Masdeu (where we did the clown workshop this w/e and had a lovely time) and theres a fine article to read about that found here with photos: rurbano revolution

their site

and when a squat social centre is successfull in its attempts to connect with the local neighbourhood, have it used as their space, the people feel it is their project too and they are willing to take action or help to save their space / project / special place where special things happen..... In can masdau, when the police came after a half year to evict the okupas, they were met by a group of old people from the neighbourhood who were saying "arrest us also, we are also okupas, we plant food there" some of these people were in their 70's or 80's.....the cops did not know what to do and from that... can masdeu celebrated their 5th year of resistance a month or so ago....

many battle, some win, some loose...but being creative, keeping 1 or more steps ahead of your opponents, keeps the game going longer....good luck to L'Opera

creative non violent resistance to eviction at CSO l'Opera @ BCN
creative non violent resistance to eviction at CSO l'Opera @ BCN

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