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Dear friends As I have previously announced, we are now “freezing” the blog.  We are also making archives of the blog available for free download in various formats (see below). 

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offsite link Last Chance to Get a Ticket to the Daily Sceptic?s Christmas Party Sun Dec 03, 2023 19:00 | Toby Young
This is your last chance to get a ticket to the Daily Sceptic Christmas party at the Hippodrome tomorrow night. Click on the image to find out how to secure one.
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COP28 President, Dr Sultan Al-Jaber, has contested the scientific basis for phasing out fossil fuels, contradicting the UN's call for a total oil and gas phase-out.
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Dr Tom Jefferson and Prof Carl Heneghan continue their deep dive into the chaos of the Government's pandemic response, honing in on the dynamic shifts in statements regarding mask usage.
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U.K. universities offering 'woke' master's degrees have fuelled concerns over the exploitation of immigration loopholes, prompting calls for stricter regulations to reduce net migration levels.
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Future activists at Shannon may face US detention

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Sunday July 30, 2006 21:11author by John Kelly - CFSD Report this post to the editors

New law of damaging "protected property" provides for indefinite U S military detention.

Persons who damage "protected property" of the U S military will become liable to indefenite periods of imprisonment under the terms of a new draft law currently being formulated in Washington. Military Commissions will try suspects. Evidence to be used against any suspect need not be shown to the accused person. The accused does not require to be present and the trial can be postponed for years according to last friday's Washington Post. The accused will have the services a U S military lawyer. Hearsay evidence will be admissible, including hearsay evidence of those "rendered" to secret prisons for torture under the terms of the proposed law. The Militiary Commissions can also give life sentences or pass the death sentence. The law, if passed, will be aimed at those the Bush administration regards as "engaged in hostilities" and it applys to acts from killing to damaging "protected property"


author by Apublication date Sun Jul 30, 2006 22:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A paridigm shift for the 26 year old plwshares movement as the neocons define them as "enemy combatants" and strips them of due process. Further reflection as part of the analysis of media spin following the acquittal of the PItstop Ploughshares......

Related Link:
author by redjadepublication date Sun Jul 30, 2006 23:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bush Admin's attacks on the US Peace Movement have been happening for a long time and evidence is emerging that things are worse than imagined....

Oakland California Police Spies Chosen to Lead War Protest
'Two Oakland police officers working undercover at an anti-war protest in May 2003 got themselves elected to leadership positions in an effort to influence the demonstration, documents released Thursday show.'

and even the lame ass liberals at are catching a clue...

Welcome to the Police State: Bush submits new terror bill
'A new AP report shows that Bush has now submitted a new terror bill which now says any U.S. citizen "suspected" of terror ties can now be held "indefinitely". Forget the Bill of Rights. Forget due process. Forget the courts of law. Welcome to our own Guantanamo Bay, right here inside the United States.'

Bush came to EUroLand a few weeks ago and suggested that he's gonna close the Guantanamo Gulag - LIE! - check this out...

New maximum-security jail to open at Guantanamo Bay
- Far from winding down, the controversial US detention centre is expanding
'The controversy over the US-run detention centre at Guantanamo Bay is to erupt anew with confirmation by the Pentagon that a new, permanent prison will open in the Cuban enclave in the next few weeks....'

and don't forget that Abu Gonzales and others in the Bush Admin have their eyes on 'internal enemies', as well...

Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps

A Halliburton subsidiary has just received a $385 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security to provide "temporary detention and processing capabilities."

The contract -- announced Jan. 24 by the engineering and construction firm KBR -- calls for preparing for "an emergency influx of immigrants, or to support the rapid development of new programs" in the event of other emergencies, such as "a natural disaster." The release offered no details about where Halliburton was to build these facilities, or when.


It is clear that the Bush administration is thinking seriously about martial law.
Many critics have alleged that FEMA's spectacular failure to respond to Katrina followed from a deliberate White House policy: of paring back FEMA, and instead strengthening the military for responses to disasters.

So, as can be seen from the original post - what was 'Tin Foil Hat Territory' yesterday is today's newspaper headline (or should be headline).

We still have two more years of Bush/Cheney.

I seriously hope people in the antiwar movement take this seriously - not only does it affect a particular member of the Pitstop Ploughshares but also affects every Irish lefty going to the States for a visit. And don't think these things will be reversed when (or if) Bush leaves office. It also matters if you care that the EU hands over all your air travel data to the US of A.


author by bystanderpublication date Mon Jul 31, 2006 01:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

How long before the CW 5, while protesting in shannon find themselves rendered to GitMo? I fear its becoming a very real possibility, as the US continues to do whatever it likes in the interests of "national security" all the while ignoring the laws and procedures of other nations.

author by Apublication date Mon Jul 31, 2006 05:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This appears to be a major move against the 26 year old pacifist Plowshares movement. The draft legislation relates solely to damage of U.S. military equipment anywhere in the world. The original post for this story is misleading in that implies any nvda at Shannon is vulnerable to this drafte legislation. The draft legislation only relates to damage of U.S. military equipment!

The plowshares movement has had only 3 acquittals in its over 100 action/26 year history. In 1996 by the "Seeds of Hope Ploughshares" by a majority jury decision in Liverpool, in 1999 by Judge directing the jury to acquit in the "Loch Goil 3" case in Scotland and now the first unanimous acquittal by a jury wit the Pit Stop Ploughshares in Dublin. No acquittals in the USA where the majority of plowshare actions have taken place.

There were attempts by J. Edgar Hoover & Richard Nixon in the early 1970's to crush the Berrigans, "Catholic Left" & "Catholic Worker" during the Vietnam War. Most dramatic attempts were with the Harrisburg Conspiracy Trial"and the FBI infiltration of the "Camden (from 5 to 28 real quick) draft board raid" group & subsequent mass conspiracy trial. (There is an excellent PBS doc of this infiltration & conspiracy trial & 30 year reunion of those charged, I believed Dublin CW has a copy.)

More recently, in the Midwest, the neocons moved against the Catholic Worker wih the RICO Act (initially organised crime legislation drawn up to take on the Mafia). This new draft legislation looks like it was drawn up in direct respsonse to the acquittal of the Plowshares in Dublin last week. Sophisticated liberals like Clinton know how to handle dissent, ignore it, blank it, deprive it of oxygen and it will go away. The neocons can't help themselves but jump and stomp on from the greatest height withe heaviest boots on any dissent. The time to crush the Catholic Workers & Plowshares movement may have just arrived. if it has, it's time for solidarity with these good isolated people.

author by John Kellypublication date Mon Jul 31, 2006 21:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A, you said the original post for this is "misleading in that it implies that any nvda is vulnerable to this draft legislation". In the first sentence of my post I wrote "Persons who damage "protected property" of the U S military will become liable.." to essentially a new unconstitutional array of procedures, etc. I fail to see how what I wrote is "misleading" as you put it.

author by anonpublication date Tue Aug 01, 2006 01:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This new draft appears applicable ONLY to "enemy combatants" defined by the Bush admin. as people with links to Al Quaida or the Taliban. The draft does not appear applicable to people engaged in NVDA against the US war machine. Read copy of draft (written in amazingly small print) on Also, the draft has not been and may not be passed into law. This remains to be seen. Am curious to hear your interpretations of such an obscure, heavily worded document.

author by Apublication date Tue Aug 01, 2006 07:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I assume sympathetic lawyers to the Plowshares & Catholic Worker in U.S. ,and elsewhere, are presently studying this document. "Misleading" in the sense that the title and orientation is Shannon specific and posted after CW calls for people to consider the nonviolent shutting down of Shannon Airport if the Irish government fails to demilitarise it. This is in relation to the damage to any U.S. military equipment anywhere in the world. The CW call to shut down Shannon Airport if the government fails to demilitarise does not imply damage to U.S.military property.

What the Indo and other right wing press are doing is labelling the Pitstops/Plowshares/CW as religious fundamentalists, thereby facilitating their paraigm shift into the enemy status. Plowshares/CW are fundamentalist in relation to the ethic of nonviolence. They have an absolutist pacifist ethic. So it's a sneaky trick for the Indo to claim the Pitstoops are just like George Bush and Bin Laden. The difference is that the PItstoops godd doesn't kill. Big difference!

author by John Kellypublication date Tue Aug 01, 2006 16:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I suspect it's projected use would be Shannon or anywhere the "protected property" of the U S military is interfered with. Probably not a coincidence that the Washington Post flagged it up two days after the CW5 were found not guilty by jury trial. I wonder did the U S embassy call in our officials to explain themselves as they said they would ? I would say it's riddled with constitutional holes but that never stopped them unless people invoke their constitutional rights and SOMETIMES that can turn things around. J K

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