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The Ploughshares Trial - Day 3

category dublin | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Wednesday July 12, 2006 06:02author by Seán Ryan Report this post to the editors

Day two sees the prosecution finish presenting its case

The second day of court began today with the names of the defendants being read out.

Niall Maloney was called first. A map was handed to him and he identified it as a map of the Warport facility at Shannon. He identified an area on the map as being the SRS hangar where the plane in question was housed.

He told us he was an Operations Manager for Aer Rianta.

He was asked did he remember the plane that was damaged. He replied, ‘yes.’ He told us that the plane had been towed into the hangar for repair. We were informed that only Gardai, US maintenance personnel and airport security had access to the hangar. Nobody else had access.

When asked if the plane had looked like a commercial plane, he replied that it had.

He’d had cause to visit the hangar on the 9th of February 2003 and had seen that 2 glass panes and a door had been damaged. A perimeter check had been done to make sure there were no other persons were at the airport, and that it had been discovered that a fence had been damaged (cut) at the southwestern area.

He did not see inside the plane.

He was asked if the plane was a 737 and he replied that it was and that it was a commercial look-alike except for the markings on it. They were military markings.

He accepted that May 2nd was a critical time and that there had been a build up of American forces approaching 90,000.

It was established that Aer Rianta does not count troops, but that individual aircraft tell the Airport authorities the figures.

This was described as an ‘Honour System’ and Niall accepted this.

Aer Rianta accept these figures with no checking whatsoever.

When asked did the whole system operate on trust he replied, ‘yes.’

Of the 90,000 approximately 5,000 were carried on military planes, as opposed to the commercial flights that ferried the rest. Niall agreed that this military plane was suited for carrying personnel and equipment.

When questioned as to whether there was any mechanism for checking the contents of these planes, Niall insisted there was but that he and Aer Rianta didn’t have a clue about them or whether they were carried out.

Niall told us that it was correct that planes had weapons on board, but that he was not aware of any checks to verify this. He told us that the Department of Transport was responsible for commercial plane carrying American personnel and that the department of Foreign Affairs was responsible for military flights. He told us that he was not aware of any checks performed by these two government bodies.
Niall was asked if he was aware of Munitions of War regulations – he had heard reference made of them, but that he didn’t know how they worked. He was asked if he would have been aware if the relevant government bodies had checked these planes with reference to the Munitions of War regulations. He answered that he would have been, but that no check had taken place.

He was asked if he was only interested in landings and take-offs. He answered that this was correct. This was followed up by a question that asked whether he had an interest in military or any other considerations. He replied, ‘I haven’t.’

He was next asked if he’d been aware of an unprecedented military build up in Shannon around this time. After much humming and hawing he admitted that he was.

The barrister next asked about Shannon being a major hub in the war effort, suggesting that everybody else was – pointing out other hubs like Sigonella in Sicily. Niall said that he had no knowledge of or about hubs.

Before the next barrister questioned Niall, it was ascertained that Niall was aware of weapons onboard commercial flights.

The next barrister began by making sure that Aer Rianta’s knowledge of passenger numbers were supplied by the Americans – the ‘honour system.’ Niall agreed.

After being reminded of Special renditions, statements made by the American Ambassador, and our ‘friendly system’, Niall was asked whether he still felt that the ‘honour system’ was intact. Niall did. Asked about the shackled prisoner that was ferried through Shannon a few weeks back, Niall still reckoned the ‘honour system’ was intact, but corrected the barrister by saying that it was a ground attendant that had seen the prisoner, not a cleaner. And he added that this was a matter for the Department of Foreign Affairs to worry about. Not him or Aer Rianta.

He told the court that he sometimes boarded planes – to speed up the service offered to the Americans.

Niall admitted next that Shannon had not been a stranger to troops of foreign nationalities over the years, including the Saudis and Soviet troops. He also agreed that the plane was a C40. He told the court that the runway was big enough to take a six engined plane and that these came through Shannon once or twice a year.

When asked again did he ever see the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Department of Transport check planes, he answered no.

The next Barrister asked Niall about the ‘honour system’ again. Niall replied that this system worked but could not answer about this in the broader sense it was asked – meaning he didn’t want to answer on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Department of Transport.

When asked whether the build up was a huge story, Niall replied that it was but not prior to 2003. At this point he was again asked about troops carrying weapons. He replied that they did but that they required permission from the two Government bodies. Military planes requiring permission from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Commercial Aircraft requiring it from the Department of Transport. He didn’t know whether either department had ever given permission.

He was reminded at this point about a ministerial statement, where it was said that once it was discovered that soldiers were indeed armed, that permission had been sought often since then. Niall replied that he had never seen weapons.

He said that personnel had weapons but that these were unloaded. When again reminded that the Department of Foreign Affairs had had to write to the Americans to remind them of their obligations with regard to Irish Law and that carriers had not honoured their obligations until this happened, Niall told the court that this was not his business.

When asked whether handling staff ever entered planes, Niall said they did.

Next he was asked if customs ever searched planes or personnel. He answered no and told the court that this was a matter for customs.

Niall told the court that 3 to 4 days before the Ploughshares gained entry, that he had been on the plane in question. He said that he’d seen wheels and cans, but did not specify what was in the cans. He said he’d seen nothing untoward.

When asked if this aircraft had ever been inspected, he replied ‘no.’

The next witness Sergeant Michael O Connell was called next.

Michael said that he’d been attached to Shannon Garda station on the 2nd of February 2003 and had been assigned to guard the plane in question.

He told the Court that he’d relieved Desmond McCauley who’d guarded the plane from 2pm to 10pm. He said that he’d checked the security of the hangar often and that all entrances were locked, and added that it’d been raining heavily that night.

He was asked if detective Tierney had left and he replied that he had and that we was alone. He had secured the door the detective left by. Michael told us his car was in the hangar. He told the court that he was within 20 yards of the plane at 3.25am when the five defendants had entered.

The five had been lead by a large man with dreadlocks and a large axe he told the court. The large man had been followed by four others, carrying hammers, and that one had been carrying a large inflatable hammer in the Irish colours bearing the slogan, ‘Hammered by the Irish.’

The five had come at him fast and he had shouted ‘Stop!’ and had radioed for help.

Michael at this point lost his balance, and as he regained his feet, he’d witnessed one of the defendants (identified as Damien) hit the nose of the plane with a hammer. He told the court that Damien had not attacked him. He pulled the hammer from Damien after a short struggle. At this point he witnessed Ciaron ‘criminally damage’ the nose of the plane with the axe. The Barrister told Michael that this was a matter for the jury to decide.

Michael said he pulled the axe off Ciaron who didn’t offer much resistance. He said that the ladies had handed their weapons over.

He said that Damien had possessed a lump hammer, Ciaron an axe and that the ladies had had small hammers.

When the five had been disarmed, Michael said that they had knelt down and began to pray, and that Ciaron had tried to comfort him.

Garda McNulty and Garda Swift had arrived a short while later and had taken over.

Michael said that he had waited for the arrival of the Superintendent and had shown him the damage done to the plane.

The next barrister got Michael to admit that he had come back from a break when all this had happened and that the five had run in three different directions when they’d entered.

Michael said that he’d pleaded with the five to stop but that this had not happened. But, that when he’d disarmed the five, that they had desisted and didn’t interfere further.

He said again that he’d ‘had to pull it off him.’ Meaning the axe from Ciaron and again added that the the ladies had handed the weapons over.

He said that Ciaron had asked him to join them in prayer but couldn’t remember exactly what had been said other than Ciaron putting his arm around his shoulder in a comforting manner.

‘It’s ok this is non-violent, will you join us?’ the barrister offered. Michael said that this could have been what had been said. And he agreed that the five could have continued to damage the plane, had they chosen not to.

Michael said that it had been frightening but that he knew that the plane had been the target. He also admitted that the struggle to get the weapons had not been extreme.

The next barrister ascertained that the plastic hammer had not been used to damage the plane but had been used to strike it in a symbolic manner. He agreed that the Scottish defendant had honoured bail conditions at all times, often returning home from Scotland when required to do so.

Michael agreed that once the defendants had been disarmed, they knelt and prayed and that they had at all times been courteous and comforting. And he agreed that at no time had they tried to escape.

Michael said that after the arrival of his colleagues that Damien and Ciaron had been arrested.

Michael was then asked to step down from the witness box.

Next up we had Garda Swift.

He told the court that he’d been on duty from 10pm onwards. He said that he’d been patrolling the perimeter until he received a call at 3.52am.

At 3.55am he arrived at the scene and that he’d entered through a different door than the one the defendants used [remember Sergeant Michael saying that he secured the hangar – Swift got through a locked door]. He said that as he entered that he’d observed Sergeant Michael coming towards him in a distressed state [defendant told me that Garda Swift had not recorded that Sergeant Michael was distressed, in his notebook]. He said that he noticed a number of indentations on the plane and some weapons on he ground.

He said that he’d spoken to Ciaron, Karen and Nuin and that they’d identified themselves. He said that Garda McNulty had spoken to the other two. Defendants were arrested for suspected criminal damage.

The judge explained to the jury at this point that nobody was contesting the arrests.

Garda Swift said that he noticed that the Southwestern door had been broken.

He described the shrine the defendants had built as being a square containing, a bible, Koran, Muslim prayer beads, pictures of dead and injured children, weapons, a rucksack and two video tapes.

When asked had there been anything threatening about the shrine, he replied ‘no.’ He then told the court that he’d removed the shrine as evidence. He removed the hammers too.

When questioned by the next barrister he told the court that he’d been present when detective Houlihan had interviewed Ciaron. He said that Ciaron had identified the contents of the shrine, including the two video tapes. He told the court that Ciaron had said that the hammers and axe were not weapons but that they were tools to disarm a weapon.

The next barrister established that when Swift entered that the defendants were praying and that two St. Bridget’s crosses and some candles were included in the shrine. He agreed that the evidence was indeed a shrine and told the court that Ciaron had said that he’d watched the two videos.

The court was shown the rucksack, the photos of injured and dead children, the mattock (called an axe to this point), a bible, a copy of the Koran, two videos – one titled “Hidden Wars of Desert Storm” and the other “Paying the Price” by John Pilger – prayer beads and two sets of rosary beads, two St. Bridget’s crosses, a candle holder, candles and a prayer leaflet.

The pictures were shown to the jury after a small legal argument with the judge who didn’t want this to happen at this time. The jury was told that there was writing on the backs of the photos.

The next barrister established that at the time of the incident that Garda Swift had not known what a mattock was or what it was for, that it was a farming tool. On the handle it contained the words, ‘Put a stop to the genocidal war.’ And also the words, ‘If they come for the innocent without stepping over your body, cursed be your life.’

Garda Swift agreed that the damage done to the plane was plain to see.

The jury were informed that the photos of the dead and injured children had information written on the backs of them that told about the circumstances in which they were taken in Iraq.

Garda Swift was excused and the court rose for lunch. The time was 12.25pm

A little after 2.00pm the court reconvened and Detective Sergeant Michael Houlihan was called to the stand.

Houlihan told the court that the five had been detained under Section 4 of the criminal Damages Act and that he’d interviewed Ciaron. When asked if Ciaron had been informed of his rights, he replied, ‘yes judge.’

Michael told the court that Garda Quinn had been present at the questioning and that he’d left the interview at 7.00am to obtain a Statement of Faith from the rucksack. He said Ciaron had identified the Statement of Faith and that it contained his signature.

The interview had started at 6.21am and the detective had ascertained that Ciaron’s full name was Ciaron Joseph O’Reilly and also his address in Dublin.

According to the detective, Ciaron had equated the Statement of Faith with high crimes against Iraq and that the1.5 million deaths of Iraqi children had been aided by a Garda coverup.

He had used the word ‘justified’ in his written notes to explain the relevance of the Statement of Faith with regard to the action taken on the plane, but that he accepted that Ciaron had said ‘explained.’

The jury were told that they would be given a copy of the Statement of Faith.

Ciaron was again interviewed at 9.05am and questioned in a similar fashion and that this interview had ended at 9.51am.

When asked if he’d understood why he was arrested, Ciaron had answered that he did. “I appreciate the seriousness of the actions I have taken.”

Ciaron had equated what the gardai had called ‘criminal damage’ with disarmament and had told Detective Sergeant Houlihan that his act had been a non violent one and that he’d had constitutional excuse and a divine mandate. Houlihan told the court that Ciaron had agreed that the interview notes were accurate.

Houlihan said that at 2.20pm that he’d made notes of a meeting between Ciaron and Garda Swift that had taken place at 4.00am. He said that Ciaron had objected to Swift’s use of the word, ‘weapons’ and that they had been tools to disarm weapons. Houlihan said that Ciaron had recognized pliers and spray paint.

When asked by Swift what weapon he’d disarmed, Houlihan said that Ciaron had answered that the plane was the weapon. And that this had been a part of an authentic search for the truth when he had been asked if he’d had anything further to add. Ciaron had compared the runway at Shannon to the railway tracks at Auschwitz and he spoke of 12 years of crippling sanctions in Iraq and said that the action on the plane could be seen as beating ‘swords into ploughshares.’ Houlihan told the court that Ciaron had told Swift that he’d hoped that the Gardai and other airport personnel would have joined them in their action. Houlihan reported that Ciaron had said that he’d been inspired by, St. Bridget, Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King.

‘Waging of war is total’
‘Waging of peace is partial’

Detective Houlihan next told of his interview with Damien at 8.15am. He said that Damien had given the same address as Ciaron and that he’d also signed the Statement of Faith, and that this statement was his answer to Houlihan.

Damien was interviewed a second time at 11.53am.

At 3.15pm Damien had asked to make a statement, according to Houlihan. Damien’s statement had been a single sentence. “I honestly believe I have a lawful excuse to protect the property and lives of myself and others.”

Detective Houlihan then testified that the items taken as evidence were only shown to Ciaron.

The mattock was handed to and identified by the detective at this point. He agreed that there was writing on all the tools.

On the red-handled lump hammer as Houlihan called it (it was actually a ballpein hammer) were the words, ‘the war ends here’ and ‘the B52 kills and intends to kill children.’

On the other tools:
‘Faith Jesus is freedom’
Peace symbol
‘Swords into ploughshares’
‘Put a stop to war’
‘Cuir stop na cogadh’
‘No more war no more war no never again – pope Paul 6th’
Pax symbol

Detective Houlihan next identified the now delflated inflatable hammer, but told the court that it had been inflated when it was taken as evidence. He also told the court that the pliers had been taken as evidence. He said that he couldn’t remember any spray paint. Indeed the spray paint wasn’t shown as evidence to the court.

Houlihan read from his notes that Ciaron had said, ‘We went to Shannon to stop crime, not to commit crime…’ prior to a subsequent hearing. Michael agreed that this had been the point of Ciaron’s acts.

It was put to Michael that Ciaron had asked why he should cooperate with the Gardai when they were not investigating our unconstitutional facilitation of war. Detective Houlihan accepted this.

The ‘justified’ vs ‘explained’ argument arose at this time again and Michael despite his notes saying otherwise accepted that Ciaron had said ‘explained.’

When asked whether this case was of an unusual nature, the detective replied that it was.

When asked whether feelings were running high at the time of the incident, Houlihan replied that he could not accept this. However when asked were people talking about the war at the time he replied ‘yes.’

The barrister next asked Michael about the widespread damage caused to the civilian population using terms like ‘war machine’ Michael again accepted this.

Michael agreed that the Gardai have the powers to prosecute acts within the jurisdiction of Dail Eireann and he agreed that some crimes like murder can be tried outside Ireland. He agreed however that only crimes inside Ireland were usually prosecuted.

The Geneva conventions were brought up next, the barrister describing certain acts that protect civilians and property, and got the detective to agree that violators of these acts could be tried and found guilty in Ireland.

The Jury was told to leave at this point and legal argument ensued.

The Judge after finding for the defense allowed the jury to return.

Detective Houlihan was asked if he was aware that breeches of the Geneva Conventions could be tried in Ireland and he replied that he was.

When asked was he aware that civilian populations shall not be the object of attack he replied, ‘yes judge.’

The detective told the court that he was not fully aware of the Geneva Conventions but accepted that they were all true.

When asked if people here in Ireland alleged violations of the Geneva Conventions, that they could and would be tried in Ireland, he accepted this.

When asked if complaints were brought to the attention of the Gardai before the 2nd of February 2003 he replied that he was not aware.

He was asked if he was aware of Ed Horgan and his High Court case and of Tim Hourigan and that they’d made complaints late in 2002 – he replied that he could neither confirm this nor had it come to his notice.

When asked if he’d been aware of any written complaints he replied that he hadn’t been aware of any.

He was asked if he was aware that the Oireachtas had extended the facilities at Shannon to the USA, he replied that he was.

He was next asked were the Gardai reluctant to follow complaints up. He replied no.

Michael told the court that he’d investigated 3 complaints subsequent to 2003 – rendition allegations.

When asked had he access to flights he replied no, and that he’d not attempted to board any flights. He said his investigations had been confined to the airport. When asked if there was any way to confirm these investigations he replied that files had been forwarded to the DPP.

The Jury was asked to leave at this point and legal argument again ensued.

When the jury returned it was put to the detective that the 7th of October 2001 had signified the invasion of Afghanistan.

Houlihan was asked about Guantanamo Bay and the possibility of prisoners being ferried through Shannon. He claimed that the first charges of this happening had occurred in early 2004.

On the 21st of March 2003 when charges of criminal damage were brought against Deirdre Clancy and she was invited to reply to them.

She replied that the charges accused her of reckless damage and she urged the Gardai to investigate the real crime.

This constituted the end of the prosecution.

Day three will start at 10.30am with Ciaron first onto the stand.

author by Ploughshares Supportpublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 07:32author address At Large!author phone 087 918 4552Report this post to the editors


They're in Court for Us, We're on the Loose for Them!

Pit Stop Ploughshares: Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran & Ciaron O'Reilly On Trial for the third time - July 5th 2006, Dublin Four Courts, Ireland.

134 Phibsborough Rd. Phibsborough Dublin 7, Ireland
Ph. 087 918 4552 (mobile) +353 87 918 4552 (international)

1)) Trial Day 4 Will Open with Ciaron O'Reilly on the stand-10.30am Court 23, The Four Courts, Dublin

2) Daily Routine of Trial Kicking Off Wednesday July 5th.
3) International Call for Solidarity Vigils
4) Mark Thomas Comedy Gig for Afri
5) Thurs July 13th. - Public Meeting "Iraq War on Trial"
6) Public Meetings "Iraq War on Trial" Fri. July 14th. Cork, Sat. July 15th., Sun. Belfast July 16th.
7) Sat. July 22nd. David Rovics Plays Benefit Gig for Pit Stop Ploughshares in Dublin
8) International Support at Trial
9) Help Fund the Ploughshares on Trial


Tuesday ended with the Prosecution resting it's case.

Approx 30 people walked with the Pit Stop Ploughshares to Court Tuesday following an anti-war vigil at The Spire, O'Connel St.. As folks gathered outside the Four Courts, Carmen Trotta sang Phil Ochs anti-war song "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore". before defendants departed for court a minutes silence was held in a circle for the dead of the ongoing war in Iraq.

Sr. Marta of the Nipponzon Myohoji Peace Pagado (Milton Keynes) maintains a prayerful vigil outside the Four Courts as the trial proceeds. She is accompanied by Colim dressed in Guantonomo orange jump suit with a sign protesting the refueling of CIA extraordinary renditon flights at Shannon Airport. One of the CIA planes was present at Shannon this past weekend. Other folks also hold anti-war placards & distribute leaflets.

Kathy Kelly arrived in Dublin from Chicago and former U.S. Marine Sgt./Iraq Veteran Against the War from North Carolina Tuesday to testify in the coming days and speak out against the war around the country.

As the day in court concluded we moved across the bridge to thehspitality of the Franciscan church at Merchants Quay, where folks wind down, debrief, eat & hang out for a couple of hours.

At Inchicore the Oblates have provided a house where London, New York, Dublin, Warsaw & Ithaca Catholic Workers carry out an expeiment in hi density living, anti-war activism & cross cultural Catholic Worker experimentation.


*We gather in anti-war vigil from 8.30 am at The Spire on O'Connell St. each morning of the trial.
*Around 9.15 am (depending when the trial is slated to start that particular day) we will process in silence in single file carrying the names of the dead (Iraqi & U.S.) in memory of the dead to the Four Courts.
*We will have a circle at the Four Courts, some reflections and folks will be briefed with the logistics for the day.
*We hope to sustain a vigil with A Buddhist nun outside the Four Courts while the trial is in process...a roster will be created each morning.
*The court usually finishes at 4pm so we will then proceed each day to the Franciscan friary refectory on Merchants Quay (main entrance - Directly opposite the Four Courts). Tea/Coffee and refreshments will be served (free). Supporters are asked to come before 5pm as the public entrance closes after that - txt 087 9184552 or 087 9638398 if you cannot gain access. We have this space up to 8pm each evening.


At our past court appearances solidarity vigils against ongoing Irish complicity in the war on Iraq have been held at Irish Embassies & Consuls in Washington DC, New York City, Houston, Melbourne, Vancouver, London, Dili (East Timor), Brussels, Gotenburg,, Auckland. Also solidarity vigils were held at Bishop Romero's grave (El Salvador), the Berlin Gate, US Air Force Base at Christchurch Airport (New Zealand), Shannon Airport, Belfast, Scales of Justice statue Brisbane, statue in Budapest and an Irish theme bar in Amsterdam.
Before our first trial in march last year, a group of nonviolent activists staged a solidarity sit in at the Irish Embassy in London. This scored a lot of media attention as it was such a "man bites dog story" after 30 years of Irish protests at British Embassies, we have a crew that stages a British protest at an Irish Embassy!

This past week saw solidarity vigils at the Irish Embassy in Washington DC & London, at the irish Consulate in Melbourne, the Scales of Justice statue in Brisbane & the Irish tourist bureau in Belfast. This coming week will see solidarity vigil at the Irish Embassy in Warsaw.

Photos & reports of the solidarity vigils that have taken place can be found on the day 1 of Pit Stop Ploughshares Trial feature on

If you have friends travelling or living in other parts of the world. Approach them to stage a solidarity vigil on the first day of our trail at an Irish Embassy or Consul. Have them email us about their gathering'
The list of consuls & embassies, can be found on the link below.........
Related Link: http://foreignaffairs.gov.ie/embassies/?m=e

(Action from Ireland)
in his new anti-arms trade/torture equipment show
"As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela"

ADMISSION - 20 bucks

TIME - 9pm

VENUE-The Laughter Lounge
Eden Quay (just off O'Connell St.)

Tickets available from Afri only
Ph. 01 882 7563
Email afri@iol.ie
134 Phibsborough Rd. Phibsborough, Dublin 7

*Purchase of tickets in advance is strongly recommended.

Mark Will Also be launching his Book "As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela" at 6.30 pm - Wed, 12 July (18:30) - Waterstones - Book reading and signing


7pm, ATGWU Hall 55/56 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1
*Iraq War Veteran, U.S. Marine Sgt. Jimmy Massey
*Kathy Kelly "Voices in the Wilderness", present during the Shock & Awe bombing of Baghdad

*Iraq War Veteran, U.S. Marine Sgt. Jimmy Massey
*Kathy Kelly "Voices in the Wilderness", present during the Shock & Awe bombing of Baghdad

*Friday July 14th. Cork
Time 8.30pm
Venue- Metropole Hotel

*Saturday July 15th.3PM Galway-
Venue-Irish Centre for Human Rights, Earls Island
More Info- 087 741 3741

*Sunday Belfast-

7.30pm, Sunday 16th July
Peace House, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast

by Peace People, INNATE, Zero28
Details: 0773 781 9569


Venue to be Announced
In the meantime give the guy a google, he's great!

The folks we know who have indicating they are coming to trial in Dublin are Martin, Scott, Chris & 2 other LCW's (London CW), Carmen (NYCW), Teresa (Ithaca CW, NY) Kathy (Chicago), Sheila (Manchester), Sr. Marta (Buddhist Peace Pagoda Milton Keynes), Sylvia (England), Caroline (Brisbane)

If you are planning to come to trial and need help with accomodation please mail ploughsharesireland@yahoo.ie
We can't guarantee accomodation if you turn up spontaneously, so please email us first if you need help with accomodation.

*If you are based in Dublin and can offer a bed or floor space to an international peace activist please mail us and state for which dates you can offer accomodation


You can do so by donating in the following ways.......
"Ploughshares Defence Fund"
134 Phibsborough Rd.
Dublin 7

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author by Peterpublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 08:38author address Redfern, Sydneyauthor phone Report this post to the editors

Please come and support

Justice for Ciaron O'Reilly and the Pit Stop Plowshares


Friday 14th 12.30 - 1.30 pm
Outs ide Consulate General of Ireland
400 George St Sydney

Cnr King and George Sts
City Centre

author by Justin Morahan - Peace Peoplepublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

One signifiicant point emerging from the cross-examination of the prosecution witnesses on the first two days was that the plane disarmed by the defendants was a C40 which is a military term for a 737 (see report day 1)
The plane was the same make as a commercial plane but had "US Navy" marking on it. (State witness Niall Maloney, day 2.)

author by Dr. Cusack - Donegal Doctorspublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 11:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thank you to the 5 brave people who have represented my views in exposing the terrible crimes allowed by our government.

Thank you to all the supporters and to those are who holding the spiritual presence and support network.

Thank you to the court reporter for informing the many thousands of supporters across the globe who are following the trial closely.

We will continue to offer love, support and faith during and after the trial.

author by make em paypublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 11:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

They commited a crime, one which any other citizen in this country did they would pay the price, but because they believe that they hold the morally surperior position they therefore believe that they are above the laws of this country and hold the laws of this great country in contempt. bank robbers comparitive case and explanation from the top of my head: yes i am a bank robber and i rob banks because i believe that they are corrupting our society to the very core and instumental in the corporate destruction of our fragile world---YEH RIGHT,Jail them all. end of.

author by crimewatchpublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

then don't do the crime... No, I'm not talking about the 5 defendants... not only were they prepared to risk doing the time (for _stopping_ a crime), but they put themselves in physical risk in order to carry out the disarmament.
No, the crime I mean is perjury by that red faced cop in the ill-fitting suit.
Detective Hoolihan says he was not aware of criminal complaints about the US war machine using Shannon? He works in a police station slightly larger than a shoe box, with about 12 people on duty per shift, and according to the lads and lasses of the peace house, they have made their complaints known to every cop on duty at Shannon, including several meetings with Hoolihan, some of which they shared with the indymedia.ie audience. Will the judge let him away with this? lying in court, under oath in a jury trial... in order to pervert the course of justice.

What's the penalty for perjury these days? or is there a sliding scale based on the career status f the perjurer?

author by Seamus B.publication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Respect the law - fair enough but what if the law doesn't protect us and protect others?

What is the law is inadequate?

What is the law is wrong?

What is international law overrides Irish law and actually supports the peace people?

author by Ruairipublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Happy birthday Damien!

The Catholic Worker's young orangeman celebrates today, July 12th.

Hopefully it is a good day for Damien and a good day for peace and justice!

author by Coilínpublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 19:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It seems to me that:
1. there was lawful excuse, just as there may be lawful excuse to break a door down to save a child from a burning house, or to disable the ignition system of the vehicle of a drunk driver who is otherwise about to drive over the border into Fermanagh, or to tackle an armed maniac who has thrown a bomb into a hotel;
2. international law, including the Geneva Conventions, prohibits the acts of war that ensued despite the efforts of the defendants;
3. there was also a moral obligation to intervene to prevent acts of murder.
4. By the way, murder is prohibited by the Irish constitution and legislation.

The law can only protect us if we observe and uphold it. (How's it going, Michael?)


author by Daddy was a bank robberpublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 19:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

People wil stop robbing banks, when banks stop robbing bank.
Maybe you'll grow up and have your own independent foreign policy one day.
Meanwhile your caught in partitioned prolonged adolsceence with a U.S. military base in County Clare
...looking more and more like a soft likely target every day.

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