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Meath - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Tara Pilgrimage 2006

category meath | rights, freedoms and repression | event notice author Saturday June 03, 2006 02:38author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolauthor email info at druidschool dot com Report this post to the editors

Reclaim Gaelic Celtic Culture

This year the summer solstice is on wednesday the 21st of June. You may invoke your rights of freedom of association and assembly to be on Tara Hill for a day and a night under -
(i) BUNREACHT NA h EIREANN, to visit and enjoy National Monuments in Ireland,
(ii) The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
(iii) Article 9 of The European Convention on Human Rights.
Article 9 says that each has the right "to manifest ones religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance".

Energising the Celtic Stream of Spirituality at Tara by offering a CELTIC DRUIDS BLESSING FOR TARA on the SUMMER SOLSTICE Wednesday 21 of June 2006

In 2006, on the Summer Solstice – many Celts of the modern world assemble to bring a Celtic Druids Blessing to Tara. This is the longest day and shortest night of the year and we gather for 24 hours from Sunrise on the morning of Wednesday, the 21st and to stay until the sunrise on the morning of Thursday the 22nd of June. Celtic Druids will hold multiple ceremonies throughout the day and night and we will tend a sacred fire from sunset to sunrise. On this potent day/night we will call upon the God and Goddess to help us protect Ireland and especially TARA VALLEY. We will offer a Celtic Druids Blessing for Tara. We will hold a ‘Healing Circle’ and then perform the symbolic lifting of the Blanket of Darkness from the land of Tara.
We will declare the Truth of the Light and re-activate the Celtic Stream of the Cosmic Tradition for the whole world to hear. This event is free and open to all. There will be barefoot dancing, didgeridoos, drumming and chanting with men, women and children walking free on the Hill of Tara as Celts again. May many men and women walk hand in hand and barefoot and share a blanket under the stars on Tara once more.

This is not a protest - it is a Celebration of Tara.

Full details of activities below

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author by chris murray - the unmanageablespublication date Sat Jun 03, 2006 19:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I would like to come out and bring the kids, who always seem to be on Tara in the rain.
also interested in learning more about the folkloric and magical history of the area, which
seems very interesting after the maelstrom of political and legal stuff. Will there be storytelling?

author by Finn McCoolpublication date Sat Jun 03, 2006 19:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As this is a Druidic Ceremony it might not be suitable for children. If however by kids you meant young goats then please bring them along. They would make handy sacrifices.

author by c murray - the unmanageablespublication date Sat Jun 03, 2006 20:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Mac cool,

Of course I meant goats.

translate : druid. (in yr own words).

author by Finnpublication date Sat Jun 03, 2006 21:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well, I wouldnt apply the term Druid to William McGrath, the self appointed Arch Druid of Ireland. McGrath is a former (?) Nazi. I hope he won't be around.

A Druid is a priest of the Old Religion, sometimes know as Paganism, often mistaken by the tabloid press for Devil Worship. Wicca is a form of the OLd Religion. In the US mIlitary, Wicca is now recognised as a Religion; so there are Wiccan Chaplins. naturaly this freaks out the fundies.

author by Ant - ANLpublication date Tue Jun 06, 2006 15:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I recently saw several mails which suggest that Druidschool is a front for self professed Arch Druid Michael McGrath, one of the founding members of the Irish National Socialist Party . It is nothing more than a neo-nazi training school. Beware of any mails by Druidschool and McGraths lieutenant Con Connor. They clearly have sectarian and extremist right wing policies.

author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 02:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

male and female, young and old, all are welcome to join us in celebrating Tara. At eight in the evening on Wednesday the 21st of June, there will be drumming and barefot dancing. Last year this was great fun - this year it will be even better. There are no demands, fees or orders - you can just join us and have the craic - this is how we can all freely celebrate Tara.

Some fool has suggested that we Celtic Druids do the catholic pretending canabilism trick. This is a lie and suggests the need for censorship or at the very least - a need for submissions to show the true name of the submitter. Another misguided innocent victim of ancient spin has said - "A Druid is a priest of the Old Religion" this is also untrue and another example of a need for true names of those who submit comment. Celtic Druidism is not and was not a religion. True Druidism is a spiritual path - there is a huge difference and there is no possibility of a Celtic Druid being a priest. As the senior teacher in Druidschool I can say that I have never met Michael McGrath or the INSP. Who slings this mud at me and why? We do not train neo-nazis and I am not associated with the Irish National Socialist Party in any way. I am not a lieutenant for anyone, I am very much my own man - see the link below. I do not have sectarian and extremist right wing policies. Why do unknowns throw such things around?

My truth stands on its own, no mudslinger can affect the truths that I may share. I find it quite interesting that I have drawn a concerted attack from a narrow minded group of invisible mudslingers. Perhaps they feel threatened - maybe this is why they must hide their identities. Fascist ideological cult members walk around freely with smiles and nice attitudes but underneath their pretense they are looking for help and love. May I suggest that they can find the help and love that they need if they can walk on Tara with open hearts.

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author by pat cpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 11:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

AFAIAA McGrath appointed himself the Archdruid of Ireland. He may have some followers or he may be a one man organisation which he calls the Irish Order of Druids.

He is not part of the Druid School. It is funny that a member of a non existent organisation, the ANL (it only exists in the minds of the SWP between annual demos) should make an attack on Con.

I give extracts from a piece on McGrath below. Full story at the link.

"A statement by Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone

We first heard about 'Arch Druid' (Michael McGrath) about two years ago. We were warned about this time about him by a Guard who told us about the right wing connection. He had appeared on RTE TV claiming to be head of an exteme racist right-wing Party, and the fact that he kept appearing in court for Drunk and Disorderly behaviour and assault.

He wrote to us, direct, inviting us up to Tara for Summer Solstice 1995. We decided that we needed to meet him personally before judging him. When we got there we were met by him; he was dressed in paramilitary dress and told us how he was shocked about the 'black Druids' who were coming from England.

At Lammas he decided to Crown a High King at Tara. We felt that this would be an insult to the Republic and those that fought for Ireland's independence over two hundred years. So we went up to Tara. First of all, we weren't alone in our opposition - there were members of the Druid Clan of Danu (FOI), Ancient Order of Hibernians, Society of Irish Re-enactors ('the Clans') and several others. Secondly, he had been banned from the Book and Coffee shop there because he was so drunk! There were only about seven of his group (including his two cousins) there, and by this time McGrath was so drunk he was unable to communicate coherently! The members of his 'order' had decided to call it off anyway because of his alcoholic state. "

Related Link:
author by DruidEire - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 13:03author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I, Michael McGrath of Kilkenny, am not a Nazi and never have been. These contributions are by nameless Wiccans who we in the Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI) have refused to accept into membership since our inception in 1993 when I led the Return of the Irish Druids to Tara for the first time in fourteen centuries. By 1997 the ODI had increased to well over 100 Irish men and women as members.

Then in Lughnasadh of that year we were attacked by screaming and screeching Wiccans (of English extraction) calling themselves by a name "Irish Wicca" and roaring "Up the Republic!" These are the same people that are writing the black propaganda here.

All I can say to them is GUBU - it's Grotesque, Unique, Bizarre and Unprecedented. Naturally, as they are led by a madwoman who worships Herne the Hunter, Cernunnus, The Horned God - and we all know who that is!!! They actually have a house called Herne after the aforementioned Demon.

I have never been in any uniform except my Druid robes, if you can call those a "uniform". If that were true why isn't there a photo in existence on God's Earth of me in such a uniform?

I know of no political party called the "INSP" - perhaps these witches who masquerade as Irish Druids do? I fear that there will be more violence from them on 21st June, Midsummer Solstice, this year, at Tara and therefore it is going to be no place for children, or indeed many of my Druids who are elderly Irish ladies and gentlemen, who have been afraid to go on the Hill of Tara since these witches took it over.

We of the ODI shall therefore be contacting the Gardai to ensure that there will be a strong Garda presence at Tara on 21st, also members of the Garda Detective Unit to sort out Junkies on the Hill among the "new agers" who follow these witches.

I was elected Archdruid of Tara on the Hill of Tara on Midsummer Day 1993 and again, by 700 ODI Members( only about one-fifth of ODI Members are Druids, the rest are mostly Christian) unanimously, on the Hill at Midsummer 1997. It's all filmed, photographed and reported objectively and impartially in all Irish National Media, including RTE, Irish Independent, Irish Times, and Irish Examiner etc etc.

Regarding the drink I am a recovering alcoholic who has not drank alcohol in over seven years. I deny totally fabricated fanciful stories made up by these witches, who are not Druids or Druidesses.

In fact, for fear of violence I feel that Tara should be called off this year by the Authorities.

I also fear extremist action over the proposed M3 motorway, another good reason to call off this farce organised by the witches.

I do not know Con Connor or any member of Ireland's Druidschool, never having met Con nor any member of Druidschool in person, but I do wish them every success as genuine Druids and Druidesses.

If the event goes ahead I shall be there, not robed, as I will not concelebrate with these witches and their ilk. I shall be there with my friends and colleagues as visitors, and in danger, though we are assured that there will be a strong Garda presence becauuse of Drugs, drink and potential violence.

It is so sad, such a pity, that a beautiful event has been hijacked and turned into an orgy of drunkedness, drugs, sex, and yes, potential violence and extremism.

Where are all the Druids gone? Now you know. There will not be a single robed Irish Druid this year at Tara - through fear. So who are the real nazis???

Your in the Peace of the Grove,

Michael McGrath
Archdruid of Tara and Ireland (hereditary and elected)
Founder of the Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI) 1993
Council Member of the Council of British Druid Orders, representing Ireland.
An Coibhi Drui (The Helpful Druid) - Ancient Title of the Archdruid of Tara.

author by pat c - AFA (pers cap)publication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 14:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You are a silly fantasist who used to see yourself as the Irish Fuhrer. Your correspondence was intercepted and I enjoyed many a rainy afternoon giggling over your edicts where you promoted people to Lieutentant General SS.

author by freakpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 14:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Great telling scare stories to the Gardai about things like POLICE riots at Stonehenge thats really going to help.

look here they are

author by Elainepublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 15:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

...that previous posters mention (5 times so far) I intend to be there with friends and their kids (not goats!) as Tara belongs to us all, not just Druids and new-agers.

>"I would advise families and elderly people to keep well away from the Hill of Tara this year for their own safety and so as not to be exposed to wholesale sexual orgies, drugs, drink, and disorderly behaviour."
WTF? I was there last year, with my camera, and missed all that. Have a better camera this year so might get some SENSATIONAL shots I can flog to the 'Stun' or some such tabloid rag.

>"It is so sad, such a pity, that a beautiful event has been hijacked and turned into an orgy of drunkedness, drugs, sex, and yes, potential violence and extremism."
If you boys want to fight then why don't you sort it out in the car park like normal people, instead of dragging the rest of us into your nonsense with you?

>"I also fear extremist action over the proposed M3 motorway..."
Jaysus, your nerves must be shot! When have the Save Tara protestors ever been violent? Even if there was 'extremist action', it would hardly be aimed at anyone who wants to save the hill. Use your brain please. Down there for dancing etc.

As I said before, I was there last year and saw families enjoying the event, making a connection with the past and not needing to dress up to do so.
It appears we have some saying 'come to the hill' while others are saying 'be afraid, be very afraid'.
Keep your agendas to yourself, please.

author by Bemusedpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 15:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Are the people contributing to this thread for real or is this some sort of elaborate joke? 'Horned Goat Covens' 'Archdruids' yakked yak. Jaysus christ.

author by pat cpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 15:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

While horned goats may be in attendance, you neednt worry about Horned Gods turning up. Thats just in McGraths fevered imagination along with his fantasy that he is Arch Druid of Ireland. 700 Druids elected him? He couldnt get 700 people to laugh at him.

The only person on this story-line who is writing about violence taking place at Tara is McGrath.

author by Seamas MacCraith - Doire Rinn O gCuanachpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 16:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As Chief of the Rinn Gaeltacht Grove of Druids I have a modest contribution to make here. Druid Michael McGrath led the Return to Tara in 1993 of the Irish Druids. He deserves some credit for that. He was then elected Archdruid of the Order of Druids in Ireland, as we are entitled to elect our own Archdruid in the ODI, are we not?

It was in fact the following Midsummer of 1994 when a small group of about 20 of us assembled on the Hill and elected him Archdruid of Tara and Ireland at that time.

At that time there was not another Druid or pseudo-Druid around except the 20 of us assembled on the Hill. And we had no help or message of support from anybody either.

The Gathering increased to about 50 in 1995, to about 200 in 1996 and jumped dramatically to 700 in 1997 - and it is important to remember that no other organisation except the ODI organised the event, with Michael McGrath working so hard that he neglected his own business of professional photography through those years we were in the wilderness to work full-time organising the ODI and Midsummer Day at Tara. And he deserves our thanks and respect for that, not the terrible abuse I see handed out here and elsewhere. We were alone in those days and I do not remember any of his critics here today being around at that time organising or even taking part in the promotion of Irish Druidry.

At the time I couldn't help much, as every year I had three Leaving Certificate classes to teach (Irish and Irish History) as Vice-Principal of St. Augustine's College in Dungarvan. And now I am retired but in poor health.

I never remember Michael ever mentioning anything about Nazis at that time or since then. He was totally devoted as he is today to the revival of Irish traditional Druidry in Ireland, and there are hundreds, almost a thousand people, who can attest to that fact - in Ireland alone.

True we always had a good drink in those early days of the revival of Irish Druidry, but what of it? We all always enjoyed his company.

Most important of all I recognised Michael as "of the blood", that is, an Hereditary Druid of Ireland, with descent from Celtic and pre-Celtic times (as many Irish people are).

What he says is true. At Lughnasadh 1997 we were assembled on the Hill to elect a High King with the idea that the man elected would represent us ODI Druids as an "Ambassador", especially as regards preserving old buildings, protecting the environment and performing works of charity for those in need. What's wrong with that?

Suddenly we had a cacophony of screeches and screaming and I looked to see five women come across the Hill with the tricolour and shouting Up the Republic and such.

It was none other than Janet Farrar, well-known occultist and wiccan, leading "the charge". To me and to the others it appeared "balmy", especially as they all five had English accents.

From then in August 1997 none of us would dare venture near Tara. We are respectable and conservative Irish people, many of us Catholics with a few Protestants, and, I remember, one Jewish chap from Dublin (He turned out to be an Irish-American-Jew and one of Michael's best friends to this day).

Then I hear that at the end of 2002 a meeting took place, led by Janet Farrar and the new man in her life, a Mr. Gavin Bone (Maith an fear!) and they got some new people together, mostly of English extraction and Northern Irish, a Dutch couple as well, and they formed a new Druid grouping called the CDE who then proceeded to take over Tara.

Not a single one of us old codgers, after all the work we had done, was ever invited to take part in this CDE.

Now you know what I'm saying, so now you know the history behind the present conflict.

And I don't think anybody can blame me or my people, Michael McGrath or the ODI.

And we were and are perfectly entitled to choose our own chiefs and leaders and not to be dictated to from outside.

That's all I have to say except I shall never stand on Tara again. Because I'm afraid. And ashamed.

Seamas MacCraith B.A., H.D.E.
Rinn O gCuanach

(Gaeltacht Grove ODI)

author by Bemusedpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 16:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well done to that last poster for giving the me best laugh so far today.

Yours in sheer wickedness,
Archie Druid,
Highest King of the Lost Tribe of the Seven Spoons (Officials)

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)publication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 17:15author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Gavin Bone is writing here today under many different aliases, Bemused, so now you know who the creative writer on this thread is.

But I don't blame Bone that much as he has to do what Janet Farrar his Missus tells him to do. Otherwise he would not last another five minutes with here but would go the same road as poor Adge.

I notice that Con Connor, Head of Druidschool, is hated and attacked too. But then, anybody who becomes a leading Druid who gets to know more about Druidry than Farrar and Bone is always going to be the victim of vicious smear attack. As I am.

Why? Are they not happy in their coven worshipping their Horned God? Read all about this Horned God in Farrar's books, she seems obsessed with him!

And all anybody has to do to check the massive number of followers attending the ODI Gathering at Midsummer 1997 is to check the Irish Times, Irish Independent, the Daily Star etc of 22nd June 1997 and there you will see all the reports and photographs for yourselves. RTE too on Six-One News 21st June 1997.

That was before Janet Farrar decided, sadly, to smash the ODI and Irish Druidry apart for her own selfish egotistical purposes. That woman is a dangerous megalomaniac who came from The Streets of London.

But over the years the ODI has gathered our strength again under my careful stewardship and that is why the ODI will not have anybody else except the Archdruid they want.

I admit I am stubborn - perhaps one of my stronger points but not, never violent - and never in court for being "disorderly" as Farrar and Bone claim maliciously through their pseudonyms plastered here and everywhere else, even right across every forum in America. But I shall never give up on Irish Druidry, on my Druids and Druidesses. And may I say it here and now - Better to have no Tara at all than to have a charade foisted on our royal and ancient Hill!

Yes, I admit it, we Druids of Ireland have waited patiently for Farrar, wiated for her in the long grass. Nobody wants her now. She is virtually barred from Tara, the Hill of Ward, and almost everywhere else on this our Island of Ireland, not hers, not Bone's either.

Now let us banish her back to The Streets of London, The Streets she knew so well as a "young wan".

For she is the dagger through Ireland's heart.

Bone was a Corporal in the British Army before he sought his fame and fortune in County Meath. A Buckshee Corporal - dare he slander an Irish Archdruid!

So, there you have a right pathetic duo foistering themselves and their paganism, wiccanism, witchery and their Horned God on the Irish People!

Will you stand for it, or will you stand with Ireland, our Druidic and Christian ideals - Will you stand by Mother Ireland.

Of course you will. Then stand by the most ancient, most intelligent and noblest of all the ancient world's Druids, as represented by and in The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)

And let us leave proud Tara to recover in Peace and never again be profaned.

Le gach dea ghui

Michael McGrath

Archdruid of Tara and I(reland ODI
Founder of the Order of Druids in Ireland 1993
An Coibhi Drui na hEireann.


author by pat cpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 17:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I dont think Gavin Bone is posting at all so far. Hes not me, not Elaine, not Con. Ant was so ill informed that hes obviously not Bone.

"Bone was a Corporal in the British Army before he sought his fame and fortune in County Meath"

So what? James Connolly was also a British Soldier. Didnt stop him from becoming a Republican. By stopping you from crowning a High King, Gavin and Janet defended the Republic.

McGrath, go off and have tea with the Queen of England you Monarchist.

author by Mickpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 17:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

wow! this mcgrath persons a nasty peice of work! check this out its been circulating for years on him. you might want to search for his name as its pretty long. No doubt about it, hes a fascist.

tara belongs to all of us not just some self proclaimed fascist arch druid who continually lies.

author by Baldurpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 17:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Here is another old one about the phoney Druid. Its difficult to access directly so I'm posting it in full as its reasonably short.

Sunday Times
February 20, 2005

Nazi druids are the best tree huggers
by Liam Fay

Say what you like about Adolf Hitler but he wouldn't have built an autobahn through the Tara-Skryne valley. The Nazis were keen environmentalists, fervent believers in the mystical powers of nature. Some of the party's kingpins were occultists who worshipped the Earth as a mother goddess, and never met a tree they didn't want to hug.

Had Hitler achieved his ambition, and established a Third Reich that extended from the Urals to the Atlantic, it is unthinkable that, today, his puppet administration in a German-run Ireland would permit the routing of the M3 motorway so close to one of the most sacred pagan sites in Europe.

Speculation about how a Nazi junta might have handled the M3 controversy may seem idle. It isn't. Just ask Michael J McGrath, self-styled Arch Druid of Tara and a prominent player in the campaign against the contentious motorway. A striking figure in his golden cloak and ceremonial doodads, McGrath regularly features on the frontline of Save Tara protests, and has become an unofficial mascot for the hundreds of activists who have rallied to the cause.

Few if any of these people realise that the Arch Druid harbours a dark secret; before he became a wizard, he was a Nazi. In the mid-1980s, McGrath was a big noise in Ireland's National Socialist Party (NSP), a neo-Nazi organisation with links to similar groups worldwide. A candidate in several local elections, he boasted about his hatred of Jews, immigrants and homosexuals. "Hitler is the future," was among the slogans on which his party campaigned.

A native of Kilkenny, McGrath's political manifesto advocated the "supremacy of the white Celtic race". He promoted the repatriation of "all non-white doctors" and claimed that Kilkenny was under threat from "satanic perversions" - by which he meant the town's then tiny gay community.

Though he also sought election on a pro-life and family values ticket during the 1980s, anti- Semitism appeared to be his greatest passion. He was exercised by what he saw as a Jewish plot to take over Irish politics. "They are infiltrating all the parties," he told New Hibernia magazine in 1986."Ben Briscoe (a former Fianna Fail TD) led the revolt against Haughey and had he been successful Fianna Fail would have fallen into the hands of the Jews."

Despite his zeal, McGrath was an unsuccessful demagogue. When he stood for Kilkenny Corporation in 1985, he polled 42 votes and demanded a recount. "I have quite a lot of relations and felt I should have got more votes," he said.

These days, however, McGrath poses as a peace-loving conservationist. Where once he wrote letters to newspapers downplaying the Holocaust, he now pens lyrical missives to editors about the spiritually-healing grandeur of Tara, pledging to oppose anyone who tampers with his Celtic heritage.

The uniform may have changed but the dream lives on.

author by Seamus O'Muiri - Thje Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 18:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Of course it's Bone writing here today under all these pen-names. I wouls recognise the gutter-level abuse coming from a Brit Army Corporal anywhere. Do you think that The Irish people are all fools, that we're Amadans?

Now the whole of Ireland knows, except for a handful of wacky English Wiccans, that not only is Michael McGrath the Archdruid, but that he actually re-founded Druidry in modern Ireland.

Oinsigi! If you keep it up there will be nobody on the Hill of Tara this year or any year for the next decade. And I notice that the witches, as usual, attacked here first with their vile tongues of abuse.

Regarding Tara last year, there were no Druids there except for Con Connors and his drummers, and now you foul-mouthed cackling hags have even attacked him.

The local Tara Historical Society (Athboy) and the Tara Ancient Amateur Dramatic Society all dressed up as Druids, with a few from Derry and OBOD thrown in. There was this new CDE group of Druids who will be as far away from Tara as possible in a fortnight as I will too.

All the Government has to do is point to this farce on the Hill to justify the M3, that's the pity of it all.

Wiccanry, sorcery, Paganism etc will actually give Bertie the material he needs to laugh at Tara (wouldn't anybody laugh at the Sick Joke you have made of the Hill) to fire the M3 through unnopposed.

"Pagan" comes from "Paganus" a rustic fellow, a redneck, as the Celts were called by the Romans. Now who wants to go around calling himself such a rustic fool?

And Michael McGrath is right about the Horned God at the Witches Sabbath - there's no way I am going to kiss the Devil's Ass! Not for love nor money, as wiccans do.

I am a Christian Druid, happy to be a Member of the ODI, to be a Celtic Christian or Culdee as many of us in the ODI, in fact the majority of us are.

I am certainly not going to be hijacked, as Tara is, by a liquorice all-sorts bag of witches, pagans, sorcerers -and fools!

RTE is right when yesterday they refused to send a camera crew out to Tara this Midsummer, calling it a "picnic".

And that's what Tara should be - a day out for all the family, rather than be bossed around by a crowd of Loonies.

Seamas O'Muiri
Sligo Grove of Druids ODI

author by pat cpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 18:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I am a longtime contributor to this site. If you care to check the archives (you can use the search) it will be obvious to you that I am not Gavin. Elaine also exists.

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"Christian Druid"

That is a contradiction in terms.

author by Anrai O'Raghallaigh - Liberties Grove of Druids ODIpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 18:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As Chief of The Liberties Grove of Druids and Ard Drui Baile Atha Cliath, I drove out to see for myself what I thought would be a great Solstice Druidic Ritual last Midsummer. I thought I would see some of my old ODI friends there from across the Nation.

What I saw and heard stunned me. There were so many Brit accents among the so-called Irish Druids there that I though I was in the middle of London.

I went into Michael Maguire's Cafe. And I was hit by Brit accents from people at every table and out in the yard announcing themselves to be "Oirish Druids."

I mobiled Archdruid McGrath, thinking he was somewhere around the Hill. He told me that he was on the way to the Rinn Gaeltacht to hear our own native Irish language.

Not one Irish Druid or Druidess did I recognise, nor any of them know me, as I wandered in civvies around the old hill, where I had led the ODI ritual there from 1994 to 1996 Archdruid Michael McGrath never led the Ritual there himself, was never the Chief Celebrant, as he wanted to give everybody a chance, he is that sort of man.

After an hour or so I got bored with ritual that had more in common with British Freemasonry.

And he has never said anything about Nazism or Racism or anything like that in all the years I have know him right up to the present. In fact sometimes he annoyed me with his love of England and the English, and he always was and is in touch with English Druids (I prefer the Welsh Druids by far).

But he was always firm and fair to everybody, letting every Tom, Dick and Harry up on to the Mound to speak for as long as they wanted, though he is a powerful orator himself.

He also always hung around Tara with journalists and cameraman, perhaps because he was a journalist himself and is now a portrait photographer.

We all drank and he was a great craic. And in 1997, when I didn't officiate at Tara (Ronan of Cork did together with Dr. Thomas Daffern of London University Peace Studies Dept., and Tony Newman, then Chairman of CoBDO - English to my horror), yes there were 700 in attendance all day, with perhaps 150 Druids and Druidesses from all over in the Great Circle.

Michael McGrath spent until 8.00 p.m. that night, hoarse after meeting, greeting and speaking to all the hundreds who met him in Michael Maguires one by one. Ask Mr. Maguire.

I do however feel that because of this witch-Druid war, started by the Farrars, the Cause against the M3 is lost.

I know Michael McGrath. He stayed at my house umpteen times. I was across Ireland with him. He will never give in to a witch, he would face a firing squad first, and so would I.

Beir Beannacht

Anrai O'Ragallaigh
Ard Drui Baile Atha Cliath

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This will be my our only appearance on this site. We were informed of the controversy by Pat. C. today and were unware of its appearance on this site before then.

First of all, this seems to have been triggered by a statement against Con Connor of Druid School.
We have met Con on at least two occassions, and although there are differences between him and some of our friends in CDE we wish to make it clear that we do not believe him to be right wing as Ant suggests, neither do we believe that Druid School is a 'neo-nazi' front. This is, as Mr Connor suggests someone just throwing mud or putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 16!

Tara midsummer festival is not organised by us, but by the Tara Festival Committee which includes members of several groups including CDE, Friends of Tara and ourselves. We are merely participants. It is a cultural not religious festival, and we have the assistance of members of the Office of Public Works. It is not all about ritual but includes several other events going on through out the day including workshops, lectures and various musical acts going on in the church at different times. It is not selective, but all inclusive of all those who wish to participate.

We cannot comment on any other statements placed on this site regarding us for legal reasons.

Best Wishes
Janet Farrar
Gavin Bone

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 19:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI) was provoked into defence of Druid Con Connor, Head of Ireland's Druidschool, today by a vicious and malicious attack upon Mr. Connor by a witch or witches belonging to Irish Wicca, the Witches Coven in Ireland as led by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone.

The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI) believes therefore, that although Ms. Farrar and Mr. Bone may not have actually made that attack on an honest and upstanding Druid, they may at least have inspired that attack.

In any case their's is the responsibility as Coven Leaders to ensure that their witches do not carry out malicicious attacks on citizens, whether they be Druids or not, of Ireland.

For far too long Bone and Farrar have allowed their witches free rein on anybody who is either not a witch or opposes witchcraft (as Archdruid McGrath has always done) in Ireland.

Archdruid McGrath expresses the fervent wish that Ms. Farrar and Mr. Bone leave Druids and Druidesses alone to live our own lives in peace in our own country, Ireland.

The Archdruid hereby serves notice that it is the duty of the Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI) to serve and protect any Druid or Druidess who ever comes under such malicious attack again, as today we sprung to the defence of an innocent Druid under severe Wiccan attack.

The Archdruid further states that it is evident that the vast majority of the Irish People, North and South, want nothing to do with Wicca or Witchcraft.

He concludes in the hope that Ms. Farrar and Mr. Bone will sue him. They know the consequences.

God Bless Tara and Ireland!

Eilis Ni Drionain

Liaison Officer

The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)

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"The Archdruid further states that it is evident that the vast majority of the Irish People, North and South, want nothing to do with Wicca or Witchcraft. "

How is it evident? Has McGrath conducted an opinion poll or has he just looked into his heart? What makes him think that the people of Ireland support his phony claim to be "Arch Druid" of Ireland? McGrath only became a Druid when he realised his INSP wasnt going to get him anyehere. Why doesnt McGrath sue the Sunday Times if what they published is untrue?

Three cheers for the Wiccans who defended the Republic and stopped McGraths bogus crowning of a make-believe High King of Ireland!

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I've come across self-style druids before, and they're generally mad as hatters. This takes the biscuit, though. It's like something out of Monty Python. The racist undertones to some of the comments about bloodlines and such would be worrying if the druids were taken seriously by anybody except their fellow druids or competing witches/druids.

Although this thread reads like the rantings of mad people, I do have to say it's pretty clear the witches have the moral highground on this one. They don't have a Nazi past, for a start (and McGrath clearly does, regardless of what his colleagues may say). They make too much of the 'English accents' of the witches for them not to be xenophobic on that issue too. Is this the ugly and crazy side of Irish nationalism? I feel sorry for the students of that vice principal - I mean, I can't imagine letting my child ever be taught by such an unbalanced character.

And the serious attempts by the ODI people to smear Janet & co. would suggest the druidic types are deeply on the defensive. They have as good as stated the witches are guilty of murder - do they have any proof of this? Seriously, give some proof. Otherwise, I'd suggest Janet & co. take legal action.

I had thought of joining the walk to Tara. I'm rethinking now, if these are the types attracted to it.

author by Eilis Ni Drionan - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Wed Jun 07, 2006 20:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Archdruid never made any claim to be Archdruid of the Irish People, but he does suggest that Archbishops are not elected either, nor are most Wiccan Coven Leaders (or whatever you call your witches). But he would be happy to stand for election as Archdruid of the Irish People if the Irish Government ever calls an election for such position. You know well that only the Government could ever do that.

The Archdruid has never claimed or stated or implied that Adge was murdered by anybody and is quite willing, even happy to defend himself against all such allegations and implications in court. But the archdruid does not know whether Adge is alive or dead, or indeed whether Adge was in fact murdered by a person or perons unknown.

Again the Archdruid did not elect anybody at Tara as King of anything or anywhere. It was the people present who did that. And the King's role Was that of protecting the environment, old buildings and charitable works

Oh but you are clever - none of you as ever had the guts to condemn King Arthur Uther Pendragon of Britain, or WB Yeats for being a Fascist! In fact your former associate, the Honorary Olivia Durdin Robertson of the FOI and Druid Clan of Dana writes of being a friend of Yeats, and more power to Olivia.

Wiccan hair-splitters and nitpickers, oh you Hypocrites!

And our Archdruid, an ordinary Irish Nationalist and Socialist, as he stated in the Sunday Times honestly, telling the Truth of the Druid.

"Here we go round the mulberry bush"

author by Dr. James Dwyer MD - The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)publication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 03:19author email Druidwise at eircom dot netauthor address Teach an Draoi, Killasser, Co. Mayoauthor phone Report this post to the editors

I have been reading up on the many comments here, some gems, some garbage, much said on the spur of the moment. All best taken with a large glass of brandy.

It all started with an insult to Ard Drui Con Connor, of the the most learned of Druids in Ireland. In this I concur with the statement put out by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in what was a virtual statement of apology to Con.

There are several things at issue all day. The most important is not who was a Brit or who was a Nazi. That is old barstool drivel. The most important fact emerging is that, alas, Druids are Wiccans are indeed different, as different as both are from, say, Christians (though there was and is the Celtic Church).

I differ from Con in my belief that all Druids are different and I accept that difference as healthy. I differ from Janet and Gavin in my own experience that, yes, indeed, the wiccans have tried to take over Druidry in Ireland (and elsewhere) an unachievable end, and the means does not justify it.

But I do feel that Druid, wiccan, pagan, shaman etc can and do live together. And in my stewarship of the ODI I shall always welcome all to my table. With Druid taking pride of place there.

I do have the good news that when all this comes to an amicable end Michael McGrath will retire as Archdruid of Tara and Ireland. He tells me that he cannot retire until the controversy surrounding him ends, until the cloud is lifted. I understand this and agree as nobody should be made to retire under severe harrassment. And Michael will not.

He will then take up the Office of Archdruid of Cashel from whence he sprang from noble Druidic ancestors, and he shall continue to work under my stewardship as Press and PR Officer ODI.

I expect therefore that the wiccans in Ireland will be good enough to respond in kind. I have excellent relationship and immense good will towards Druidschool, and I hope also to be a bridge between ODI, CDE and indeed any other Orders and Groves on the Island of Ireland. We all have our growing pains although ODI is of course, our oldest child.

Michael has had a special duty of representing the cares and needs of his fellow hereditary Druids that survive and I respect that. I am not so tied, having been initiated as a Druid aeons ago on a mountain in France by senior French Druids. And Michael is not a Nazi, God knows my own people on Jersey knew the Nazis well enough, too well. As did my mother in Brittany. (My father was from Tipperary). And I too am well acquainted with them (after the fact) through my student days in Paris. I regret to say I remain equally unimpressed with the British Establishment after my student days in London. So I do not want to hear unfair and untrue taunts based on what the printed press chooses to say against anybody. Understood?

After today I have to say that I do not regret having to miss Midsummer at Tara this year. Perhaps another year when things cool down...

when we all have time to sit down and think how a blow was struck today for the M3 by all irresponsible, an unfortunate episode that will not have escaped Minister Dick Roche and his eagle-eyed acolytes.

Let there be an end to it, let us learn from the mistakes of our egos, and let there be peace.

Thank you all for listening to me: I hope it has sunk in!

Dr. James K.E. Dwyer MD
Chosen Chief,
The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)

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I, Owen Dragonslayer, am leading 500 British warriors over to Save Tara. The other self-styled monarch "King Arthur" has slung us out of Stonehenge, daring to call us Smackheads! We'll show Arthur how we can fight for Tara as we fought for Stonehenge. And we serve neither Wiccan nor Druid but the Land. We hope to link up for the Battle of Tara with any brave Irish Celtic warriors reading this. We don't care whether you're Nazis or Commies, brothers and sisters of Ireland so long as you fight to the last for Tara of the High Kings. I, Dragonslayer shall show that usurper Arthur by being proclaimed War Lord of Tara.

Yours in the Heat of the Battle!

Your brother-in-arms,


author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 16:15author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ard Drui of Ireland's Druidschool Con Connor will lead Druidic Ritual on the Hill of Tara on 21st June 2006. Conradh Draoithe na hEireann (CDE), the Confederation of Druids in Ireland, will not be robing and will not be offering any ritual there on the day. The Speaker of CDE conveyed this news to the Archdruid of Tara and Ireland Michael McGrath at midday today via email. Ard Drui Baile Atha Cliath Anrai O'Raghallaigh, Chief of the Liberties Grove of Dublin ODI, decreed as far back as September last year that ODI members shall also turn up at Tara in 'civvies' and shall not offer any ritual either. This is being done by ODI and CDE out of ecological concern for Tara where thousands now turn up on the day whereas the Irish Druids want to keep the numbers attending down. Last year the Mound of the Hostages at Tara was actually in danger of collapse due to the hundreds of spectators standing on top of it. Ideally the Irish Druids would prefer if only one group robed and performed the rituals, and this year the group chosen is Druidschool under Ard Drui Con Connor .

The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI), the only actual Druid Order in Ireland, has nominated Con Connor to be Chieftain of the Day at Tara for Midsummer Day, June 21st and it appears that the choice of Con is unanimous among all Irish Druid Groves.


It now appears that the Coven of non-Druids known as Irish Wicca, under Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, will not be taking part in any ritual at Tara, although they are indeed welcome to perform their own rituals there. Individual (Independent) wiccans, pagans and shamans etc are as welcome as ever. To avoid confusion all such decisions are being left to Chieftain of the Day, Con Connor.


The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI) has stated regarding the M3 motorway, that although they still oppose it, "we will not be lackeys of Vincent Salafia/Sinn Fein/Labour/Green Party as Druids are non-party political." The Speaker of CDE Gina McGarry at midday today said that they are in full agreement with the ODI on this and many other matters. Peace and harmony now reigns between all of Ireland's Druids.

Michael McGrath

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Neither Con nor Michael have any right to decide who will worship on the Hill of Tara. Michael McGrath attempted to illegally crown a pretender High King on Tara in the past and was stopped. None of his abominations will be allowed to proceed in 2006.

McGrath doers not posess a Staf of Power; there is a Swastika on the head of his staff. He must not be allowed to worship on Tara or the Wrath of the Gods will descend on us.

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 19:08author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Loki, I did not crown a real king on the Hill of Tara. It was all a fun thing organised in conjunction with Gerry Ryan of the Gerry Ryan RTE 2 morning radio show. Will somebody contact Gerry and he will confirm. Thank You


PS: The Swastika is a 5000 year old ancient Indian symbol of good luck - you should know that.

author by Dr. James Dwyer MD - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 19:21author email Druidwise at eircom dot netauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

As the Archdruid of Tara and Ireland Michael McGrath states, the ODI nominates Con Connor as Chieftain of the Day at Tara according to ancient Irish Druidic practice. We do not elect him, nor does Con have to accept. It is up to all the other Groves to agree or disagree. We simply nominate. There is a difference between nomination and election.

It strikes me as practical and sensible as Con is the only Druid conducting ritual at Tara on the day. The rest of us, ODI, CDE etc are not. We are not even robing and I shall not be there. Thank You.

author by Lokipublication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 19:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I know of the Swastika and its origins. It has indeed been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. But you and your INSP ilk have desecrated it.

There will be a time of reckoning. You will be the butt of my tricks for eternity.

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 19:40author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Sunday Times is wrong about my vote. I secured 193 first preferences and was eliminated on 206 votes on the fifth count. Now how credible is that article and/or Liam Fay who wrote the comic book about Ireland's religion's BEYOND BELIEF. (which I enjoyed).

Fay took his 42 votes (sic) from an SWP/ANL leaflet about me, as he took most of his article too! Also from a CPI newsletter published (I think) in 1986 - I didn't keep the rag, it went straight into the fire.

I stood as an Independent. The Town Clerk, Donal O'Brien, actually referred to me as "The Genuine Independent" in his thank you speech after the count.

Vote can be verified by contacting Franchise Section, Dept of the Environment, Custom House, Dublin 1

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 19:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Liam Fay wrote that disjointed article about me as a method of slimy attack on me and Ireland's Druids because Liam Fay SUPPORTS the M3. Fay must be delighted that wiccans in particular actually belief him!

Phone Fay and ask him and he will tell you that he SUPPORTS the M3. He makes no secret of this at all.

And in fact he would prefer the M3 to go straight through the Hill of Tara - he will tell you that as well.

He must feel great getting such support from some people here.

BTW Loki, If I have to I can live with your tricks, can you live with mine?

author by Ian Mac Art - Druidic Missionary of Jesuspublication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 21:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I have been following this thread and I might as well say: Why don't you just go ahead and crucify Michael McGrath on the Hill of Tara! You have found the man guilty, from some newspaper column by this Liam Fay who is employed as a professional stalker by the Sunday Times, on evidence that no court would allow inside the door. If Fay the Stalker doesn't have the goods he has to invent them. Else he would be fired and the paper would find another stalker. You have scourged the man and crowned him with thorns yesterday and today. You have given him a massive cross to bear. Now crucify him on the Hill of Tara and Druidry will have its Christ!

Understanding, Tolerance, I have seen no evidence of these virtues here among those who profess to have these gifts in abundance, or at least to have them in greater supply than the rest of us mere mortals. Shame on you!

Now go on and hammer in the nails!

And you preach spirituality?

And I suppose all of you are perfect, "More perfect than the rest of men." Ye Pharisees!

Archdruid McGrath has shown more courage than all of you put together - and more honesty too.

I wash my hands of the blood of this innocent man.

Druid Ian Mac Art

Isle of Man

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)publication date Thu Jun 08, 2006 23:33author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

An Firinne in aghaidh an Domhain - The Truth against the World: the first extant expression of this saying is to be found in one of the versions of the Audacht Morainn (The Will of Morann MacCairbre, a first century Druid Brehon). it is a curious and even quaint phrase worthy of inclusion in, say, The Sermon on the the Mount. Certainly it's ambiguities make it difficult to comprehend in one sense, but this very quality makes it an excellent teaching device. Remember, our ancient Druids spoke in riddles so that only those most dedicated to learning could really understand. So in trying to unravel its various shades of meaning we have to investigate ideas and concepts of meaning that might otherwise be passed over. Moreover, no one interpretation will provide a definite explication. We must bring our own experience, thoughts, traditions and our years of hard study to its elucidation.

It therefore stands for all time as a means of helping us look at the Truth, the World, and how these have stood, and stand, in relation to each other across the aeons, particularly today when Fact, the Law and Justice can actually conflict and be at such odds, one with another. There is too a Druidic defiance about it.


Truth does not lend itself to comprehensive definition. The more complex any attempt at a definition of Truth, just like Justice or any other such concept becomes, the further it gets away from one. Truth has to be felt in the heart as much as understood in the head. Truth is always relative - it depends upon the culture in which it is held. One of the big problems with Truth is that it can all too often be connected solely with language. In our society it has become all too prevalent to believe the printed word. In our world today Truth is really about language. Can you be innocent in Irish and guilty in English? So Truth cannot be limited to language, which is itself but a small part of the realm of Truth. Nor does Truth belong to the big media battalions. Truth belongs to the much wider world of our Being. It applies to our thoughts, words, deeds, behavious, actions - and even more. Above all Truth applies to our ideals and actions in the bright heart of our Druid souls where the Spirit burns brighter than a thousand suns.

It only takes common sense to realise that language is a very limited and indeed ill-suited medium to express Truth. Not only , as you realise when you listen to lawyers in court and politicians in parliament (and Fay in the Sunday Times!) is it so very easy to create plausible falsehoods, but language is also a medium that deals with only a small part of human experience. Any follower of the Druidic Mystery Tradition will only be well aware of that. If we confine our discussion and understanding of Truth solely to language then we confine ourselves to a tyrannical system that does not refelect the bright world. Language is a narrow-valued medium used to convey information about a multi-valued world. Too much emphasis on language can mean less of the Truth. Language is a black-and-white photograph trying to convey a multi-coloured world. It simply cannot be done. White Man may not speak with forked tongue but his language may do so. Even of Druidry only one quarter of instruction can be carried out in writing, one quarter in oral language, one quarter in practice and the rest by experience of the World of Spirit.

This is why it is important for those of us who claim to be Druid to get out into the Grove and up upon the Mound, along by the riverbank and through the forest, down by holy well and alone in sacred dell, high up upon the mountain ridge and down below in the glen.

Falsehood can be recognised in its many mazes and hidden dangers. It is very easy to wander around the Druid forest, aimlessly, and to emerge having seen or heard nothing at all. After gathering the flowers of the forest, if we wish to see the true light of the Sun, if we wish to teach unto others something of what we have learned, if we seek upon emerging to serve the outer as well as the inner planes, we must be careful where we go.

Everything we are as Druids and do is governed by the Truth against the World. Truth is the ultimate standard we aspire to. The World is our work. It is all about listening to the Voice of the Land and guiding others. Listen, do you want to know a secret, let me whisper in your ear.

(A timely excerpt from : The Metaphysics of Druidry by Michael McGrath (c) 2006

author by Croman mac Nessa - Corcu Nemediand/Corca Nemedhiannpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 05:59author email CromanmacNessa at aol dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Contrary to what Michael McGrath keeps claiming, Conradh Draoithe na h-Éireann (CDÉ), or Convocation of Irish Druids, was not founded by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, nor is it a Wiccan front as he alleges. It was founded by several Druids and Druidesses (of various sorts) living in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as a non-sectarian Druid coalition. Although I am not a member of CDÉ, I was acquainted with several of the founding members during the time they were establishing CDÉ, and at no time were Janet or Gavin even mentioned during the formation of the group (and Janet and Gavin are not the bogeymen McGrath has repeatedly tried to paint them as, either). The group has no official teachings of its own, being a coalition group made up of members of various Druid organisations:

"The Convocation as such does not have an apprenticeship programme or correspondance course of its own, and neither does the Asssociation as such propound any particular doctrines concerning Druidry. The main purpose is to bring together individuals and groups of Druids, many of whom certainly do have apprenticeship programmes or prepared bodies of Druidic teachings of their own, to share our collective resources, learn from each other, and to build a strong and healthy spiritual community together."

This quote is taken from the CDÉ website (for which I have provided a link below, so that anyone concerned can read about the CDÉ in their own words).

As for other claims made by McGrath, the less said the better, but it should be pointed out that there are several types of "Druids" these days, most of whom have no right to claim the office, and that "blood" has nothing to do with such an office.

For the success of the cause of saving Tara from the greed inspired by global corporatism, McGrath should remove himself from having any public association with that campaign, as his reputation (deserved or not) will not serve the cause.

~ Croman mac Nessa,
Àrd-Dhraoidh Corcann Nemedhiann

Related Link:
author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 07:26author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Welcome to Ireland, Croman. Thought you would never make it. The Scots Pipe Bands have a tune, "After the Battle is Over", and it is. Your Farrarians are headlong in retreat, thanks to Con Connor, who was unfairly attacked as I was. CDE has come over to my side. I am now throwing my cloak over them. Con and Dr. Jim, Anrai - all Irish Archdruids want Unconditional Surrender. I have humbly applied to join CDE to the Speaker, as no Irish Druid will dictate terms to an Order of which the Archdruid of Tara and Ireland is a member.They have too much respect. I want the CDE to grow and flourish. I only have to say a few words and my Archdruids and Chief Druids in these islands understand me. The Farrarians are back in their Coven, I shall do all I can for Janet but I can't guarantee that the Dogs of War will listen to me. I can't do anything, and I won't, for Bonehead. You are now on Irish territory, Croman. You can comfort all the little Farrarians who will now have to study under Con or they will not be recognised. That's the best you can do. I am magnanimous in victory. Con will be the only robed Irish Archdruid on the Field of Tara. I shall watch him and our cadets of Druidschool with pride. Now, as John Lennon would say, "Get back to where you once belonged," the last thing we want here in Ireland is a mealy-mouthed Yank such as you.

See you sometime, Croman, not now, please, pretty please!" Slan go Foill.

Michael McGrath

Victorious Archdruid of Tara and Ireland


author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 07:56author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

And before you go, Croman, before you carry on ordering your fellow Americans, for whom I have the greatest respect, how to be Druids and how to bow the knee to your English Farrarian witch usurpers of Tara, I would level Tara rather than hand it over to the control of witches and your Horned God! So would the Irish People. As regards the M3 we are all doing all we can, though Con stated correctly in the Sunday Times I am not to the forefront of that campaign. Now skulk back home in the States little witch-Druid, cos there ain't many Paddies gonna listen to you here or over in Arizona or whatever community has to put up with your doggone hypocrisy . Get a job as a Lawyer , or be brave man and go out as chaplain to Iraq. Now bye bye blackbird, Ireland certainly does not need or want the likes of you, God Bless us all everyone. Be a good loser! Decent Irish Druids are back in control of Tara and the Farrarians are barred, not by us, but by The Friends of Tara and the nearby Athboy Historical Society who maintain the Hill 365 days a year, great people all of them. And it was the carry-on of your witches on Tara that is giving Bertie the best excuse he could ever have to drive the M3 straight through. Druidschool under Con, and ODI under me, saved the day. And now CDE will have their day with no thanks to you or your Farrarians. We have given CDE their freedom to develop in Peace, Friendship and Democracy as they want - and they are already emailing their appreciation. Con and I, and our magnificent Druids and Druidesses have liberated CDE and from now on they shall make their own decisions and develop and progress into a fine Druid umbrella group as they wanted to in the first place without any dictation from English witches of your Farrarian Mafia. Most of all our action has saved Tara. Eat your heart out, Half-Druid, Beatha agus Slainte, Micheal MacCraith, ODI.

author by CelticEvie - Corcu Nemediandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 08:36author email CelticEvie at gmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors


How dare you talk for the Irish people in who they want anywhere! I for one think that Croman has been too nice and it is time to get things straight. Croman had never had any contact with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone untill you started your idiocy over on another board concerning the disappearance of Adge, and it wasn't till you started making unfounded statements about the situation did any contact come about, and that was only to clarify the accounts of Adge's disapearance and to find out why you where talking all your crazy nonsense. In the process of Croman trying to talk sense to you, you have started this smear compain against him, you aren't good enough to lick his boots!!!
But I will say that through this contact he has found these people (Farrar&Bone) to be very up front and persons to be respected. I would like to point out that anyone who would like to be taken seriously and to make any kind of positive outcomes to The Tara Movement would be wise to distance themselves from Michael McGrath and all the unnessasary trouble he is causing to Tara!!! And as far as people retreating and the threats you are making in the name of Ireland and Druids, the only one who will be retreating is you. I still can't belive you are being allowed to call yourself Druid; you are a disgrace. And before you put it out there I will say it first, Yes, I am Croman's girlfriend and proud of it. And no I don't usually involve myself he is more than capable of taking care of the likes of you!!! And as far as this Con Connor person is concerned, I think he should talk for himself, as should all the other Druid groups you keep throwing out there. I also respect Janet and Gavin coming forth in the matter of Connor and make it known that they where not involved in the statements about him. So McGrath you need to shut up so people can get on with what is the important matter here!!!

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:44author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Croman MacNessa, with the greatest of regret I have to tell you that all correspondence between us is now closed.

Le gach dea ghui

Michael McGrath

Archdruid of Tara and Ireland

author by Lokipublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"BTW Loki, If I have to I can live with your tricks, can you live with mine? "

Well so far I've turned you into a nazi, an alcoholic, an incompetent photographer and a phony Arch Druid. You are now the laughing stock of the Esoteric world. What will I do next?

author by Eilis Ni Drionan - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Archdruid is gone for a walk. He says that he does not reply to hysteria. In fact he wishes to close correspondence with "Celtic Evia" and
her boyfriend Croman Mac Neasa and thanks them for their attention.


Liaison Officer ODI

author by Eilis Ni Drionan - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Archdruid wishes to be known that he will be away for the weekend on Order (ODI) business. I shall be in and out of the office if I can help with sincere and genuine queries. But Mister, Missus, Miss or Mizz Loki (or whatever your name is) I shall not be entertaining fools!

So please read the four points of Indymedia editorial guidlines I shall reply only to those who do their best to be guided by those four points.

I have a life. I have children to look after. And I don't have time to fool around like wiccans here, more's the pity.


Liaison Officer ODI

PS: I shall not be replying to nom-de-plumes unless accompanied by the poster's real name. (Isn't it simply amazing how many phoney names a wiccan can have!).

author by Lokipublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"But Mister, Missus, Miss or Mizz Loki (or whatever your name is) I shall not be entertaining fools!"

Then why do you tolerate Master McGrath? I use my true name and your false order of "Druids" will feel my righteous wrath.

I am Loki! The true Trickster!

author by Eilis Ni Drionan - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 13:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

No comment "Loki" as you have not made the slightest attempt to observe even one of the four editorial guidlines.



author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 19:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

may I simply remind those who have commented on the Event for the 21st of June at Tara that it is a Celebration of Tara and of our Celtic Culture. So many people have commented on this Event and most of these have said that they wont be there on the day/night.

It is sad to see so many people involved in in-fighting when the energy could be better used to celebrate and thereby protect Tara as an icon of our celtic culture. Living in the past suggests stuck egos, living in the future suggests dream projections, but living in the eternally unfolding now is much more comfortable for inner peace and happiness.

I will say no more on this because I have already said quite a lot in the actual Event notive. Perhaps those who have real interest could actually read the Event notice and maybe even join in.

author by Nora Casey, Hedge Witchpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 20:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi Con & All Here!

Whither has gone the Wiccan Rede that Ye Avow:

"An it Harm Ye None, Do What Thou Wilt!"

Has it flown out the window?

Not a single wiccan (or Druid) has kept the Rede here over the past two days - except Con the Druid.

Be Ye Therefore Ashamed and Beware the Curse!!!

And Hereditary, yes, the blood is important - I hail from one of the Four Great Witch Families of Ireland, our ancestors were outlawed Druids on the run in the 7th century with whole Druidic families being slaughtered by fanatical Christians, a veritable Holocaust.

If I have one criticism of Archdruid McGrath it is this:

"Though you are indeed of the blood, Michael, and descend from the most powerful Druids of Munster, your thinking is wrong, you still think like a Christian and reject Wicca subconsciously. Try to work on that.

And if I have one criticism of Janet and Gavin, it is this:

"Ye have lost control of the extremists in your coven, try to work on that.

"Otherwise, Archdruid and High Priestess, Ye are fine people. Try to work on a Truce.

Have no fear, Druid Con, the Event will have a huge public attendance, sadly there will be few Druids or wiccans present, perhaps only your good self.

What about the Archdruid and the High Priestess ceremonially burying the hatchet on the Hill. They need not shake hands, they need not speak, except the ritual to bury all the hatred.

Then Wiccan and Druid could meet and part in peace.

A consummation devoutly to be wished.

Blessed Be.

Co. Clare.

author by Eilis Ni Drionan - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 21:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thank you for your wise comment and your good proposal. We acknowledge and respect your heritage and you are correct about the Four Great Families and the horrors of the 7th century:

"Moreover the triumphalist author of Felire Aengusso around 800 AD notes with grim satisfaction that, "the great kings of the pagans wail ever in burning: the hosts of Jesus without a fall, they are joyous after triumph." (Prol. 61-4) and illustrates his claim that even in Ireland, "the Faith has grown, it will abide until the Day of Judgement: guilty pagans are carried off, their forts are not inhabited" (173-6) by contrasting the pagan royal sites of Tara, Cruachu, Ailenn and Emain with the bustling monasteries of Armagh, Clonmacnoise, Kildare and Glendalough. (Pagan Past and Christian Present by Kim McCone, published by An Sagart, Maynooth 1990)

What else is this but the description of a holocaust? That our noble Druidic ancestors held out into the 7th century (perhaps even as late as 800 AD?)is a great tribute to their resourcefulness and courage. Perhaps some Druid will read that out on Tara. I shall not be at Tara either, as we had already planned for Helvic Head by Gaeltacht na Rinne.

Regarding a Truce, yes. In fact I propose that it come into effect from midnight tonight "over the airwaves" so that all good people, Druids and Wiccans alike, be able to concentrate on the Solstice, barely ten days away. Already ODI Members have been on here to ask Archdruid Michael not to mention the topic, and not to respond to some obvious trolls (who are not wiccans) and he has assented. Further he has agreed that anything he posts will first be edited by me.

Nora, it is too early for the Archdruid on the one hand, and the High Priestess on the other, to meet. There has been too much bitterness that will take years to die, if ever.

But we can make a good start by all of us behaving like intelligent responsible adults.

And, yes, you are right, Nora, the Archdruid has always felt drawn to the Church. That is the reason that he handed over chieftainship of the ODI to Dr. Dwyer.

He himself has plans to retire this year as Archdruid of Tara and Ireland and to set in motion an election for his successor, to be superintended, perhaps, by the Speaker of CDE. And in this respect he enthuses about Con though they have never met.

We wonder if this can be announced at Tara. The successful candidate could, perhaps, be announced and presented to the world on Tara as early as Lughnasadh.

So please can we all have Peace and Joy over the Solstice.

Thank you all,



author by Gearoid, Drui Ceatharlach - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 22:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It is a sad day for Ireland, a sad sad day when the Archdruid of Tara and Ireland is hounded out of office by a mercenary band of anonymous nonentities. I admit that I am a personal friend of Michael, visiting him at least a dozen times a year. Why so often? To listen and to learn at his feet, to words of wisdom, to great knowledge as yet unknown to the world, and to admire one of the shrpest intellects that you could ever hope to come across in this world. And, with all respect, I disagree with Nora on one point. Wasn't Ross Nicholls, the revered founder of OBOD, a lifelong Christian, to quote Philip Carr-Gomm. And all Archdruids of Wales have always been Christians. In this modern world do you have to deny the divinity of Jesus to become Druid? Do you have to trample on the image of God himself to become Druid? Answer me that!

Michael always said that Druidry is not a church or a religion: "It is more than that", he would always declare. "Churches stand still, they stop, they stagnate, but Druidry marches on", he would teach us.

I hope he reconsiders, and to that end I am prepared to drive around the country to every Druid and Druidess and take an opinion poll.

However, if he goes, I favour the election of a woman as Archdruid of Tara and Ireland, and I hope that a Lady Druid will come forward, for I shall nominate that lady to be the next Archdruid of Tara and Ireland.

I was born and brought up in Clonegal, so I call on the Honourable Olivia Durdin Robertson, Chief of the FOI/DCD to put herself forward, and I shall nominate you Olivia. You remember me, Gerard Moorehead, Bless You, Olivia.

Druid of Carlow ODI

author by watcherpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 23:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You lot and your buffy the vampire pretensions haved aided the destruction of 7,000 years of history by your antics, here and previously.

Get a grip. The best thing all of you can do is keep quite.

Who let these gremlins out? If a bucket of water were thrown over the lot of you would you all disappear in a puff of smoke?

author by Eilis ni Drionan - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 23:35author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Go raibh mile maith agat, a Ghearoid, A Drui Uasal, thank you for your wise and kind words. Michael is determined to retire. He has been looking forward to peace and quiet for months now, and will, perhaps, finish his book on The Metaphysics of Druidry. We met - I am Betty. You would make a fine candidate yourself.

What a splendid idea of yours, a Lady Archdruid. What a coup that would be on all the churches! It might even force the hand of the Catholic Church to allow women priests, we think.

The Archdruid is overflowing with enthusiasm over your brilliant idea, to such an extent that he will second your proposal of a Lady Druid to succeed him as Archdruid of Tara and Ireland.

He states that such a Lady Druid does not have to belong to an Order or Grove, that she may be a Druid of Locality. Or she may be a Member of OBOD or similar Order that has Lady Druid members in Ireland, North and South.

Let's do it! The Archdruid will meet you at our Council Meeting in Dublin on Sunday, and if the Council agrees, then it will be a matter of finding the most suitable woman.

Certainly, Olivia has the right.

Then the Archdruid mentions Archdruidess Brigid Eileen Ennis whose people came from Newgrange.

The doom and gloom has suddenly lifted here at "The Bunker" as the Archdruid humourously calls it.

"Inspiration from Above", he declared, "A miracle to save Irish Druidry!"

Names are coming from him, he just mentioned Druidess Sandy Leigh of the most sacred Grove in the world, the ancient Merlinic Grove of Dinas Emrys, she who inspired him to re-found the ODI back as far as 1992.

We know where Brigid Eileen Ennis is. Does anybody out there know where Sandy is? If so, Please email her present address. Thank you all,


Liaison Officer, ODI.

author by John Murray, Druid of Kildare - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 01:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Sorry to read that Michael is resigning but at least he'll get peace from the vultures now.

Memories of a truly magical Archdruid come flooding back. Especially when he managed to temporarily lift the curse of Tara one morning in Spring 1997, when we assembled for the Vernal Equinox there on 22nd March. 40 of us had assembled. at 10.00 a.m Michaell commenced work on the cursing stone. There were 6 wiccans looking on, fearful to come into the circle he cast around the stone - some of our own Druids were equally frightened. I volunteered as his Chief Assistant. The smaller stone, what he called "The Watch Stone", I placed my hand on - it was red hot! At the end of the ceremony, he asked me for the little piece of white quartz, which he consecrated and jammed into the earth at the base of the cursing stone to seal the ceremony. I think he went into Otherworld and came out the other side. He remarked to the gathering that he could only temporarily subdue the power of that stone and that it would be active again. He said that the Government should remove that cursing stone, break it up, blast it and cast the powdered remains into the Atlantic. In fact he had only subdued it for a few months, as it took a terrible vengeance on him the following Lughnasadh at Tara, barely five months later. Then it wrecked his life, as you know, for several years after that. He told me he will not go next or near it ever again

Nobody should touch that stone as it can cause all sorts of illnesses, maladies, diseases, malignancies and cancers. People living around are in particular danger.

I am glad that Michael appears to be really active and himself again these days. 13 years as Archdruid is enough for anybody. I wish him a happy retirement and hope he takes his seat on the Council of ODI again, in a not too arduous position such as Pendragon which is vacant at the moment.

And I think that Gearoid's idea of a Lady Archdruid is the way to go. My vote will therefore go to whatever Lady Druid is nominated.

John of Celbridge,
Druid of Kildare ODI

author by Paddy the Druid - Me Fein Druid Order of Bluehillpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 06:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The ship was being tossed all over the Irish Sea.

The Big Druid and the Little Druid were trying to drink pints of whiskey in the lounge while holding on for dear life.

The Little Druid seemed relaxed enough.
The Big Druid was crazy with fear:

"The ship will go down, the ship will be lost!", he roared out in dread.

"Whar about it", replied the Little Druid, "we don't own it!"

- dedicated to Archdruid Michael McGrath on account of his gentemanly decision to step down and graciously hand over to a lady.

Will Janet make a similar decision and follow the noble example set by Michael?

Paddy the Druid (Cork)
Me Fein Druid Order of Bluehill

author by Druidess Tossy Teresa - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 11:57author address Montenotte, Cork Cityauthor phone Report this post to the editors

A few things about Michael McGrath, when he got up on the Mound at Tara to speak, he had real presence and he was a really powerful speaker who held the Tara audience 'spellbound' . Probably the best orator on the Hill of Tara since Daniel O'Connell. He is going at a time we really need him as a speaker against the M3.

Still, hopefully, I can see him making a real comeback with the ODI now that he will not be subject to all that election nonsense, about speaking for the people, what right has McGrath etc, boring stuff ad nauseam that went on in this thread from wiccans, trolls etc etc. Druidry is not about politicking and Farrar should get that into her head.

He will now be answerable only to the membership of the ODI, which is going to become an electrifying place again.

I can't see Dr. Dwyer holding onto his seat for long as Chosen Chief ODI , as we members flock back to the ODI in droves.

Dr. Dwyer is a lovely man, a gentleman but droll.

Michael reminds me of John Lennon in full flight, a really wild Druid Chief, very different than Con. Michael couldn't care less about ritual, and often seemed impatient to get it over with for the real action to begin.

And he's brilliant with the media who love/hate him. Photographers flocked to him on Tara firing with every motor drive they had. It was like a rock concert. And he didn't give a monkey's curse about what people thought about him.

Add to that the fact that he is by far the best known Druid among the people of Ireland by a mile. Exciting times ahead for the ODI.

A real Druid, and, yes, I love him!

Druidess Tossy Teresa, Cork ODI.

author by Eilis Ni Drionan - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 13:04author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, Irelandauthor phone Report this post to the editors

Thanks Tossy, and Michael often thinks of you and all the ladies of ODI too - he's single! The problem is that he was a bit too wild for the liking of the more refined ladies in Druidry. But he's quiet now - it took him all his life to reach The Age of Maturity, as he quips.

Dr. Dwyer will probably be going anyway, as one of the very best medical practitioners in the world, and I mean it, he is in demand worldwide, and is involved in setting up medical centres in Jersey and Paris right now - he also tours the world healing, a real miracle man, practicing Druidic Medicine.

Michael has great plans for the ODI as the oldest, the largest and the most exciting Irish Druid Order (probably the only Irish Druid Order?).

He will rejoin the Council of the ODI and probably function as Honoured Pendragon for the time being as well as continuing on as Press/PR Officer.

Simply everybody wants him back as Chosen Chief again, and, significantly, we get demands from non-Druids, members of the general public, who want him back as Chief. He has managed to reach out over the years to the man and woman in the street. Here in Kilkenny we daren't send him downtown for a message. He'd arrive back maybe two hours later with people stopping him in the street for chats.

He will get his breath back after all the recent controversy here and elsewhere on the web, and, hopefully, you should all see him in action from the Mound of Tara at Lughnasadh when he hands over to his successor, who he is now adamant, will be a Lady Druid.

BTW: King Arthur emailed Michael last week to say that of the 30,000 at Stonehenge there are only 3000 genuine pilgrims. The rest, says Arthur, are "Smackheads smelling of bangers and chips". Arthur and his Warband are busy trying to clear them away from Stonehenge. Michael is proud to represent Ireland on the Council of British Druid Orders since 1996, ten years now, so he would like his Lady Successor to represent Ireland at the Welsh National Eisteddfod, as well as take over his seat on CoBDO.


Liaison Officer ODI

PS: He also wants Irish Druids to help re-establish The Order of the Fili and thinks his successor could launch that initiative.

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 13:56author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, Irelandauthor phone 0567751948Report this post to the editors

We have thrown a bridge, of at first a few worn strands, across a yawning dark chasm above the fiery red abyss, blasted to and fro in lashing wild gale winds, and somehow, some of us have hung on grimly for dear life as we crossed, painfully, excruciatingly, slowly, slipping, sliding, inching, blown and tossed about pitifully , clambering across vast arches of time spanning fifteen hundred years. But we have seen it, and all that is behind it, and we have brought it back across the centuries for man to know, and perhaps only to die having known. What of it. For we have seen that we were giants in the Earth and that we will be again as we cast a few strands up into the golden sun-calmed clear blue heavens. For now we evolve into the future to recreate ourselves as gods and goddesses once more.

Michael McGrath
Honoured Pendragon ODI

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 14:34author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, Irelandauthor phone 0567751948Report this post to the editors

Proposals for the ODI Meeting in Dublin tomorrow, Sunday 11th June 2006, commencing at 1.00 p.m. at Archdruid of Dublin's residence in the Liberties (if the weather is fine we adjourn to Stephen's Green for 2.00 p.m.).

1. Michael McGrath tenders his resignation as Archdruid of Tara and Ireland to the Council ODI for to be placed in their keeping until it can be tendered to his successor on her/his installation on the Hill of Tara.

2. On the proposition of Michael McGrath the Council ODI adopts the following composite resolution, simply: "We the Council ODI desire that the chosen successor to Michael McGrath be a Lady Druid, further that the ODI shall not put forward a candidate, that this Council agrees to the successful candidate taking Michael McGrath's seat to represent Ireland at the table of the Council of British Druid Orders, CoBDO.

3. That Dr. James Dwyer MD continue as our Chosen Chief and that Michael McGrath deputise for him as Order Chief ODI.

4.That Michael McGrath be re-affirmed to continue in the enjoyment, power and privilege in his title Archdruid ODI, conferred upon him in November 1993 by this Council as revered Founder of the ODI.

5. That The Archdruid of Dublin Anrai O'Raghallaigh be re-affirmed in his Honoured Office.

6. That the Archdruid of Connaught and the West, Dr. James Dwyer be re-affirmed in his Honoured Office.

7. That the Archdruid of the Rinn Gaeltacht and Munster An t-Uasal Seamas MacCraith be re-affirmed in his Honoured Office, with the proviso that in the event of incapacity due to age and health, that Archdruid Michael McGrath deputise for him.

8. That the Office of Archdruid of Ulster be left vacant until such time as Ireland is United and Free. That in the meantime Archdruid Dr. James Dwyer administer the affairs of the ODI with regard to the Occupied Six Counties of Ulster, and that in his absence that Archdruid Michael McGrath deputise for him in all matters concerning there.

9. Any other business

10. Meeting adjourned to Mulligans of Poolbeg Street, as usual.

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 15:01author address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, Irelandauthor phone 0567751948Report this post to the editors

Pendragon, by way of explanation: This is a reserved Office within the ODI. Any high officer of the ODI upon resignation from any Archdruidship automatically becomes Honoured Pendragon until the next Council Meeting of the ODI determines her/his position.

The next General Meeting of the ODI Membership has the power of determining the new Triad, usually consisting of three Archdruids according to Tradition. The Triad of the ODI is the Supreme Governing Body of the ODI required to sign all decisions of the Council ODI. If even one member of the Triad dissents, the matter must be referred back to the Council, and can be referred back three times. If the matter falls in front of the Triad the fourth time, then the Archdruid who is Chosen Chief among the Triad must resign - and become a Pendragon until her/his future is determined by the Council. In this way the ODI keeps rein on its Chosen Chief. This is real democracy in action: The Chosen Chief is, if you like, "reined in".

There is a lot of dull stuff like this, handed down by tradition. The ODI has no written constitution: Wisdom and Tradition are employed instead. These few paras are to let the outside world, and especially the other Orders and Groves know what exactly is happening within ODI right now as a result of my resignation. There is no hurry, no flurry, the wheels move smoothly. Michael

author by Lokipublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 15:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I will see you in the Green. I will perform a Loki style baptism on you and your cohorts in the duckpond. Appropriate as you are a bunch of Quacks.

author by Michael McGrath - ODIpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 16:16author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Loco" Loki, Big Mick Kearney says he loves little girls like you and looks forward to meeting you. He was reckoned to be the fifth hardest man in Ireland before he reformed, at one time it took nine guards to arrest him! He is Chief of Security, ODI - and my driver/bodyguard. And I'm not too soft myself either. Mick says to look him up anytime in Borris-in-Ossory and he'll treat you to "a pint in a small glass". You needn't put your hand in your pocket, he'll buy you all the drink you want - but, warning, you have to drink it all and keep up with him!!!

(Friendly advice)

author by Eilis - ODIpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 16:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Loki, we were getting worried. We thought you were a Magus. Now we're relaxed, now that you let the cat out of the bag - you're just a Troll, albeit a witty one. Eilis.

author by Lokipublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 19:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

But why would an Arch Druid require a bodyguard? Couldn't you just a spell and turn your enemies into goats? But anyway he sounds like a hardman. You could have done with him in your Nazi days. It was you who had the girlies for back up then.

author by anarchaeologist - Druidutti Colm (M-L)publication date Sun Jun 11, 2006 00:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As a Liberties' boy and occasional partaker in mind-altering substances myself, I'd love to attend this meeting tomorrow at the Archdruid's residence.

I won't bring the goat.

Perhaps rather than convening in Mulligan's afterwards we could all attend the Indymedia meeting elsewhere and apologise for wasting everyone's time with this strange and stupidly addictive thread.

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author by CelticEvie - Corcu Nemediandpublication date Sun Jun 11, 2006 05:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I find it quite amusing that after months of McGrath running around the internet making unfounded statements, acting hysterical, and declaring war on people when he is kicked off a site for acting the way he has, now you all come in on his side like he is this poor mistreated person that everyone is picking on accusing most of us of being trolls and worse. He is the one who started this mess months ago and has only himself to blame for what happened on this site. I don't think it was right for those people to have come in here and start on Con Connor in that this whole mess has nothing to do with what he is about. In one parahgraph you of ODI ask for peace and then in the next there are more put downs. You all take this high moral stand, but on what grounds do you do this? Are you saying that your "titles" and your being in Ireland makes you the better druid? And why, if you all care so much for him and he is so great, haven't any of you stopped his rantings and troll like actions that have ended here with this mess? I for one think that if you want this all to end, it needs to begin with McGrath being stopped in his behaviour on the internet, and the rest of you need to quit attacking everyone else for his behaviour! This will be my third time posting on this issue anywhere and it will be my last. One of my dreams has been to visit the country of my ancestors, but all of your postings have made me feel that no one is welcome if not born there. This is truly sad, that all of you as "druids" have discouraged something that has been and is important to Celtic Culture...

author by An T-uasal Seamas MacCraith - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Sun Jun 11, 2006 05:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I get up out of bed to go to the toilet and what I see on the screen resembles what I left in the toilet bowl.

Celtic Evia, you are more than welcome to be a Druid and you make some valid points. In essence you are saying that Druidry should be universal and you are right.

I am 73 years of age and I am 73 years a Druid as all before me were. I met and choose Michael McGrath and taught him all I know, as did some of my fellow hereditaries, and Michael has spent the last 13 years in the highways and byways of Ireland, performing service, helping, urging, teaching, and dare I say it, even preaching the ancient Druidry of Ireland as came down to me in my native tongue. He spreads the message unceasingly and that is why he is the only Druid in Ireland with a huge personal following and why the begrudgers hate him.

I have seen some of your husband's work on his site, and as a native Irish speaker and teacher, please give him my congratulations. Far away over the Western Ocean Croman MacNessa has had the dedication to learn through hard study the Irish language for the love of it. Comhgairdeachas a Chromain.

The way I look at it is that Ireland is the ancient Home of the Druids , giving you all across the world the Inspiration, the Spirit, the Fuel to carry on.

And long may you so do.

As for the two useless trolls' comments above you, they resemble the turds I just left in the bowl.

Oiche Mhaith agaibh go leir agus codladh samh.

author by Galloway - RESPECTpublication date Sun Jun 11, 2006 13:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Yes, Seamus, "The Fuel to carry on" - from Shannon to Iraq!


author by Jessicapublication date Mon Jun 12, 2006 15:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Is mór an trua é nach mbeidh na daoine ar fad ar an suiomh seo ar ár talamh féin ag Teamhair le haghaidh an deasgnáth seo.

Tá agus beidh Teamhair saor i gcónaí, na bíodh eagla nó faoiteas oraibh! Tar chuig an ceilúreadh seo agus bí ann saor agus sasta, gan aon triod ón ám roimhe seo.


What a shame that all of the people on this site won't be on their own ground of Tara for this ceremony.

Tara is and always will be free, do not be afraid or live in fear. Come to this celebration, and be there free and happy, without any fight from the past.

author by Dromedpublication date Tue Jun 13, 2006 12:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Never in my life have I been so shocked and appaled at such megalomania, which is about all this catfighting has amounted to. From the day I first opened my eyes and took my first breath I have been a Pagan, it was a natural affinity. I am a follower of no one but my own relationship with my own Gods and thus, furrow my own path. I am truly horrified however to read the absolute ignorance for one anothers beliefs and spiritual leanings. Wiccans kissing demon's asses...Satanic Goat headed gods ...are you for real? You clearly have chosen to believe the misinformation that sadly exists about Pagans and not bothered to educate yourself about it's history.

I have complete respect for anybody that takes the time to develop their own spirituality, once it harms no one else. Can we not live side by side in peace? When did our individual spiritualities become so politicised? I am disgusted to read references to 'Brit accents' and likewise, derogatory comments towards Americans. It is xenophobic, racist and amounts to little more than incitement for hatred. How dare the likes of Michael McGrath speak on behalf of the Irish people. Reading his posts is akin to reading the manifesto of Charles Manson or David Koresh. Power and authority bestowed on you by your own followers, a self-propelled cult of personality, fuelling your own ego.

You make a poor representation of what you propose to be - you are misinformed and ultimately a liability. It is pathetic that this kind of behaviour is demonstrated by grown men and women.

I will spend some time on Tara this Solstice, with my son. We will take some time to have some inner dialogue with our ancesters and thank them for our own prosperity and good fortune. Whoever else happens to be there will be of little consequence as it's a spiritual journey, personal to us and no one else. It is sad that in light of the above comments we can't arrive in more welcoming circumstances.


author by Gina McGarry and Lucie Eva - CDEpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 00:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Good people, Gina McGarry and Lucie Eva here, elected Chair and Speaker of Conradh Draoithe na h-Eirann, respectively, writing with great dismay to say Gina's words have been confused and taken out of context (please see her actual statement below), to be used as fuel for this ridiculous debacle of mudslinging. We of CDE also wish to say how saddened and disappointed we are to witness the depths that communcation between druids, wiccans, witches, and other paths and traditions, etc has fallen.At a time when the Earth so needs our solidarity. This is beneath all of us and only drains energy required for the real work of nurturing spirit. CDE wishes for harmony between all factions, so that we may work in mutual cooperation for the good of all. CDE wishes to transcend All of this and serve to mediate PEACE in all, for the GOOD OF ALL.
CDE is a convocation of individuals and individual groves, each unique, united in our love for the sacred land, formed as a group for support, inspiration, education and encouragement.. We, all of us , endeavor to be the truest Druids we can be, according to how each of us understands this. We find all this pathetic and shameful. Like Dr.Jim Dwyer, we feel there is room for all at the table (as long as good manners are minded!) And really, Good People, what it really comes down to is a difference in style--just a difference in style as to how we various groups or individuals pay homage to THE ONE, THE ALL, THE GREAT MYSTERIOUS. Can we not then, evolve to a place where we are simply fascinated and celebratory of each other's diverse ways of honouring the Divine?

Please know that ALL are welcome to join us on the 20th, if you would like to walk in community and make prayers for the blessing of our households and the land. We pray that all who attend Tara will walk gently on the Earth. She will be heaving from the weight of the numbers and coughing from the carbon monoxide from all the cars. This is the real reason why many members of CDE have chosen to conduct rituals elsewhere on the 21st, , to voluntarily "lighten Her load", so to speak. We do NOT claim territory of the Hill, it belongs to all, may all conduct themselves with honour and integrity and consideration.

The following is Gina's statement, sent out to the druids of CDE and HOOD, in her position as Chair of CDE....
Hello, good people!
Concerning Tara Solstice:
Please allow me to clarify the history of the Sunset ritual on the Hill. There has been so much misunderstanding! . The ethos of the celebrations are "community" oriented. It is meant to be a day of joyful celebration and entertainment, free of politics and divisions, a celebration of Life, community, the ancestors, the beloved land...Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone were invited by the local folk of the Tara Planning Committee to facilitate the ceremony at the Festival's inception 4-5 years ago. I wish to pay them honour and respect for being willing to undertake what is a huge responsibility. They created a colourful event based on the time-honoured tradition of ritual theatre, which brought great delight to the majority of folk in attendance. They have never been anything but respectful and supportive of druidry in Ireland, inviting and encouraging the participation and contribution of the druids of CDE , culminating in the complete passing over of responsibility this year to myself, approved by the Tara planning committee. Why me? Because I am experienced with large scale rituals, including my work of 10 years with the Féile Bhride festival in Kildare. Janet and Gavin have always felt that the event should be facilitated by druids as it was in ancient times.

It is with the deepest humbleness and sense of great privilege, that I undertake the design and direction of this year's ritual. I am also scared to death!. There will be those who will complain as to why I, a "half-breed", am the facilitator. I know that some folk will be disappointed with a quieter, simpler rite. But that is all just my own ego and I cannot possibly please everyone. I have prayed long and hard, seeking direction and inspiration from the spirits of Tara as to what THEY want as the next evolution of this event. In order to circumvent the ecological stress, political strife and ego battles, the deities, ancestors and we, of the planning committee, are all in agreement that the Sunset ritual is being held the night before, on the 20th. Greatly simplified and inspired by ancient tradition, reminded that we ALL have the power to bless, this years ceremony will encompass the walking of rounds, making prayers for the health of our households and the land. All faiths, creeds and nationalities are welcome to participate, as we are united in honouring the Sun, the land and her people. I am asking that we simply wear our chosen going-to-a- festival clothes, foregoing the wearing of robes, so that we can simply be of the people, eliminating any sense of seperation.


Gina McGarry and Lucie Eva

Chair--CDE Speaker--CDE

Related Link:
author by Tomas O Gradaigh - ODIpublication date Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dromed (again typically anonymous), sorry to disillusion you but neither the ODI nor Archdruid Michael McGrath, our Leader in the Field, have ever been pagan. The ODI is of the Western Mystery Tradition. There are many Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Humanists, as members of ODI, and as a result of the pagan persecution of Michael here, more and more spiritual people are flocking to ODI.

Michael has in fact many English friends, I would ager far more than most people here, as he was 'brought up' in Covent Garden, London, since the age of 17 and was all over England.

Nobody attacked Yanks here, so stop it!

Again all you wish to do is spread rumous, smear and negativity while Michael spreads Love of Jesus, Love of everybody of every Church, and above all the Peace of Tara.

I shall not go to Tara and participate with a person of hatred like you. I shall be far away from our ancient place thanks to its take over by you, your witches and your Horned Demons of Gods, The Lord Protect us.

Druid Tomas O'Gradaigh
Doire Chill Coinning, An Cathatit Marmhair.

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Tue Jun 20, 2006 13:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

God bless you all, Everyone, at Tara, tonight and tomorrow. I am praying for fine weather for you all. I shall not, however, be physically present as I am perched up upon my eryie of Crotty's Lake in the Comeragh Mountains of Waterford, surveying alll the majestic sweep of the lands of my majestic Munster Druid ancestors.

For up here in the clouds we hereditary Druids of Ireland celebrate our solstice in the tranquility of the heavens, far away from troll and enemy alike.

Ah I shall send a white bird to all of you at Tara. Peace and Love, especially to Gina and Eva.

Michael McGrath

Archdruid/Order Chief ODI

author by Darganfodpublication date Tue Jun 20, 2006 23:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

God of the Groves, hear my words, I beseech!
Shame upon the brow of those who tarnish the Golden Path!
Shame upon their Houses for the Untruths being told by them!
May their Mead Halls Buckle under the weight of these Untruths!
May their kine low for lack of grazing!
May their Heirs wail for lack of milk!
May their once Fertile Fields be rent by Storms!
May their Streams be muddy and without Salmon!
Scorned is the name of those who harbor ill will!
Scorned are those who turn to warlock (oathbreaker) ways!
Scorned are those who turned their faces from Tara's plight!
Scorned are those who practice niggardly ways!
Scorned are those who blacken others with their untruths.
Weep for the Grand Lady!
Weep for the emerald fields that surround her!
Weep for the past, for it shall be erased!
Weep for the future encased in concrete!
Weep for the generations to come who will not know her...

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 01:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bard, So let it be. And let those who inspired and led the return of the Druids to Tara in 1993 be honoured in Truth and not drowned in Wiccan slime. Let Druidess Sandy Leigh who inspired me in 1992 be honoured. Let the late Kevin Ruth be honoured. Let Ian Carter-Long and his people (unionist) of Belfast Grove of Druids (OBOD), who joined the Return in 1993 be honoured. Bard. so let it be.

Michael McGrath

Archdruid/Order Chief ODI

author by Bored Nowpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

McGrath used to sniff around witches like a desparate dog until they didn't fall in line with his megalomaniac attempt to be crowned High King. Of course, most Druid groups didn't react to this attempt of his in any way other than by mocking him either, but he can't get as annoyed at Druids since he claims to speak for them.

FFS people. Not only does McGrath's ramblings have nothing to do with witches, it has nothing to do with Druids either, just one pathetic lunatic with a drink problem and a poor grasp of reality and a few impressionable idjuts.

author by Marypublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 18:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was looking forward to going to Tara this evening. The posts on this blog have amazed me. How can people who claim to be spiritual speak in this warlike way? This is not spirituality, it is egotism.

With respect, you guys and gals need to get your spiritual books out again and do a bit of reading up on the true nature of the divine.



author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 01:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There were no public celebrations by Druid Orders or Groves at Tara today, and only a tiny attendance. There was some ritual led by Ard Drui Con Connor nad Ireland's Druidschool. That was all. There was no TV coverage, no radio coverage, and little, if any, printed press coverage. There was no ODI or CDE presence there today.

ODI Members nationwide were mandated by ODI Council not to attend Tara. This was done in order to relieve the psychological, ecological and spiritual stress on Tara and its residents.

CDE members were likewise asked to consider ecological stresses on Tara by CDE Speaker Gina McGarry. CDE held a ritual on the Eve of the Solstice on Tara to this purpose.

Now let us all recover as our royal and ancient hill recovers in Peace and Love.

Solas an Domhain oraibh go leir, Drui na hEireannn.

Bless all the Trolls too - sorry, I shall not be available as I am off over to Wales on my annual visit to my Welsh Grove of Dinas Emrys. I shall pray for you all there.

Take up some other hobby while I'm gone!

Michael McGrath

Press/PR/ ODI

author by Michael McGrath - ODIpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 01:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Darganfold, Good Bard, That was from a translation by Monkish Chroniclers of a later age, the translation of "two witches". There are only four witch families in Ireland.I know them. You shall not. And a witch in the dark ages was a totally different being than the wiccans invented in the 1940s by Gerald gardner, Aleister Crowley and Freemason Friends.


Archdruid Michael McGrath.

author by Marypublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 09:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I made a comment on this site yesterday, stating my opinion that many of the posts were comming from a position of ego and not spirituality.

My comment seems to have been removed. Can someone tell me why this is?


author by infopublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 09:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

email the editorial admins and they will tell you

give them your email address so they can contact you

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 19:49author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, Irelandauthor phone 0567751948Report this post to the editors

It can happen by accident, comments flying to and fro through hyperspace. May have been removed accidentally too. It was a fair comment , one that people should certainly try to live by from now on. Certainly I shall try. Major Druid organisations are getting together in September to try to work things out by dialogue, consensus and co-operation. Also to set afoot whatever procedures for the election of my successor as Archdruid of Tara and Ireland. I resigned on condition that my successor be a lady Druid and that ODI shall not offer a candidate for that election.

Tara is not the end-all and be-all of being a Druid. In fact here in the Southern part of Ireland -Sunny South East/Munster - Tara never figured amongst Druids in this 'Leath' of Ireland. The Rock of Cashel, for instance, matters far more to us, as does Slievenamon, The Comeraghs, the Knockmealdowns, Lough Gur, Valentia Island, the Paps of Ana etc etc, the Rinn Gaeltacht too where I propose to spend my last days.

Tara was always the Centre, yes, but usually under the influence of Ulster. Among the reasons Tara was not successful this year was the World Cup, the weather, and that, basically, people got pissed off. True ODI members were mandated not to attend and CDE members did not want to attend either, on the basis that Tara was suffering far too much ecological stress and needs time to recover.

The new council that emerges in September, will, I imagine, take on the task of organising Midsummer at Tara along with such local organisations as The Friends of Tara, the Athboy group, the Tara historical society, OPW etc. Personally I will not be involved, as I am, primarily a Munster Druid and have enough to do here in the South. I think that everybody who wants to have a go at organising Tara 2007 should be admitted onto a Project Steering Committee to organise the Festival for that part of the country. I shall certainly be happy to attend and enjoy if invited.

This controversy here has had really positive outcomes. We all know where we stand - together. Personally I am delighted to have made several new friends and I am absolutely certain of a bright new future for Irish Druidry.

God Bless You All,

Michael McGrath

Press/PR ODI

author by Lokipublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 19:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

McGrath put a curse on this site and it made your post disappear. Beware of him he is not a true Druid. He serves the Powers of Darkness. Fortunately the Wiccans have kept McGrath and his psuedo Druid lackeys away from Tara.

author by Michael McGrath - The order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 21:42author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

So the witches say, Mary, so the witches say. But who cares what they say now that I have stomped them into the dust. They are conquered today, depressed, distraught, in tears, while we victorious Druids of Ireland are content with a job well done, none more than me.

The Wiccans thought that they could win over the internet alone. I was brought up in the smoke-filled Fianna Fail backroom. I did what comes naturally to a politician - I went out and canvassed the people right across the country. I knocked on doors. I pleaded the case of the Irish Druids on the doorsteps along the highways and byways - and, yes, I enlisted the help of politicians and my own Catholic Church. I pleaded the cause of Tara and they all responded magnificently.

Nobody can withstand such forces as I mustered across Ireland. The few farrarian wiccans here hadn't a chance. The grand Coalition I organised against them is happy and victorious today at a job they all done so well.

And I will muster even greater forces in the future. But behind all my forces was the Christ Force - I should have been dead ten times over but for the power of Jesus, who sheltered me against every single curse and spell huirled at me - and there were thousands of them.

I learned how to invoke Jesus from Ian MacArt, Druid of the Isle of Man (ODI), Druidic Missionary of Jesus.

And from some rituals I have of Ross Nicholls, Founder of OBOD, who was a lifelong Christian.

And I had my Bishop praying for me throughout. And my own ancestral Druids in Otherworld.

A truly potent mixture.

Try it!

Michael McGrath (The Good)

Irish Archdruid.

PS: I am really proud of all the Irish Druids and Druidesses - and English Druids too - who I asked not to attend Tara this year. They obeyed to a man and a woman, bless them all. The Cleansing of Tara is next, to relieve our ancient site of all the spiritual and ecological stresses imposed over the past three years. Tara is peaceful now, Buiochas leis an Dea-Dhia!

PPS: I am true to form as I always boast that I am not a pagan, but a Druid of the Blood. Those who meet me 'know' this immediately. Bless you, Mary.

author by smartestartistpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 22:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Due to work committments, I was unable to make it for the full 24 hours, but I drove up after work and made it for the 8.30pm blessing. Fortunately, it seems, I don't know who's who, so I was able to enjoy the dynamic amalgamation of 'new-agers' and 'old codgers', united in joy and energy, most of whom, I imagine, are ultimately concerned with the common goal of saving our cultural and spiritual heritage. It was great to see all the children there - they have as much right, if not more, than the rest of us to be there - they have done nothing to harm anyone! Thank you to Con, and everyone else who facilitated this event.


author by Lokipublication date Fri Jun 23, 2006 11:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was truly astounded by your incredible post above. Have you fallen off the wagon? Its the only explanation for that tirade. The only support you have is that of a bunch of self appointed charlatan Druids. A mutual admiration society.

I have respect for Con and his Druidic School but you are a mountebank. You do not understand the meaning of the word Spirituality. You are neither a Christian nor a Druid. You are a National Socialist who worships the Dark Gods of the SS.

author by kimislegend - I'm not a sheep I'm a person.publication date Fri Jun 23, 2006 15:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It was too, too quiet this year... perhaps the rain kept people away.
I went with my best friend,there was waaaaaaay to much hostility towards us :S

i'l just stick to visiting tara after work.

author by Matty Hopkins - Ancient Order of Witchfinderspublication date Tue Jun 27, 2006 15:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Tis come to my attention that there be WITCHES infesting this good thread - head covener of foulness McGrath and practitioner of the black arts whose sworn destiny is to bring forth the arch-demon Hister, vanquished in year of our Lord 1945.


author by Eilispublication date Tue Jun 27, 2006 16:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This thread has turned really weird - time to go.

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Thu Jun 29, 2006 09:01author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, Irelandauthor phone 0567751948Report this post to the editors

I have just now returned from a visit to the Welsh Druids, or to give them their full title, The Gorsedd of Welsh Druid Bards. They run a tight shop as we Druids of Ireland must to keep our tradition Irish. While there, as we spoke of Tara last week, one Druid exclaimed: "Archdruid, you have devastated Tara!"

He went on to point out that there were 2,000 people there last Midsummer, he amongst them, but only a handful there this year. Yes, I replied, I called on those people to boycott Wiccan control of Tara, and they did, two thousand people voted with their feet. This simply cannot be ignored. There is a message in there. They did not stay away through love of me or anything like that. They stayed away because intrinsically they realised that something was terribly wrong at Tara - and they all want to preserve their Irish Druidic Tradition intact.

Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and all the rest do not interfere with us and our tradition, our way, the Way of the Druid. So why should a certain coven of wiccans in County Meath do so, or be allowed to do so? Are they not happy in their own coven? All are welcome at Tara at any time - but not to try to control us Irish Druids and take us over. That is what was so terribly wrong over the past three years, but no more! Only Irish Druids control Irish Druidry and nobody else. Surely that stands to reason. Surely that is logical.

There will be a thousand more Midsummers at Tara, a thousand more to enjoy in the ancient Irish Druid Tradition - where we will not be subjected to silly little "Rituals" mocked up in recent times, where we will not have a show made of us for the dilectation of the media - particularly the RTE cameras.

NB: Re the M3, it has never come up on our agenda. We have never taken any decision on it at all. That matter has been left to the personal decision of members, whether they want to bother with it or not. And we have never been consulted, either by the Government or those opposed to the M3. Most of our members do not want to get involved in politics. They want to live their Druidry in privacy and in peace. Thank You,

Archdruid Michael McGrath
Order Chief,
The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI).

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Ireland (ODI)publication date Thu Jun 29, 2006 10:14author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, phone 0567751948Report this post to the editors

Since 1992 I have personally met and made friends with about 70 wiccans, mostly from the Greater Dublin Area.

They were and are great and wonderful people. They have never interfered with us, rather they have went out of their way to oblige and help, being really good and decent people - the very best, bless them all.

Our only argument in the ODI was with the heavy-handed approach of the wiccan coven based near Kells, Co. Meath, known as "Irish Wicca" and "Caillaigi na hEireann" (or something like that), run by an English couple who have lived a long time in Ireland and who have many followers too.

They go over and lecture on their brand of Wicca - I call it Farrarian - in the U.S. and the best of luck to them. They do everything in their power to get publicity to sell their books - and more power to them.

The one big objection to these Farrarian Wiccans that we Druids have is that we will not allow them to take over and use Irish Druidry to grab even more publicity to sell more of their books and their lucrative lecture tours of the U.S., for this is what has been going on at Tara. Beyond this we regard them as highly talented and creative people.

Then there is the "Celtic" crowd - "Celtic" has to go in front of everything as an adjective to sell it! But I think people have seen through that by now. It's all a huge mass marketing ploy to profiteer, especially at the expense of kids who think it's the real thing because the adjective "Celtic" is slapped up with everything. Big capitalist publishers in London and New York have made massive personal fortunes out of employing the Celtic word. We of the ODI oppose this crass commercialism. Not only as a Druid but as a socialist I totally oppose this codology.

To all my wiccan friends everywhere, and especially to my wiccan friends in Dublin, Bright Blessings!

Michael McGrath
Order Chief
The Order of Druids in Ireland.

author by Michael McGrath - The Order of Druids in Irelandpublication date Fri Jun 30, 2006 20:48author email DruidEire at cablenet dot ieauthor address Kennyswell, Kilkenny City, Irelandauthor phone 0567751948Report this post to the editors

I wish in particular to conclude by assuring the historic and traditional four great witch families of Ireland that they still have, and always will have, the undying service and loyalty of Irish Druids, in particular the O'Cathasaigh. I meet Sean on a regular basis, almost weekly thoughout the year. We Druids look forward to the help and assistance of the four great families as always as we have enjoyed their great friendship down through the centuries. I would also like to thank the traditional hedge witches of Ireland for their continued friendship and goodwill.

(The rest are mere pretenders, as you well know, Kabbala Clowns!).

Solas an Domhain oraibh go leir, a Challaigi Dhil,

Do Chara,

Michael McGrath
Ireland's Archdruid


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