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McDowell's Hitlerian phrasing on day of fascist spectacle

category national | anti-war / imperialism | other press author Monday April 17, 2006 20:49author by R. Isible Report this post to the editors

Irish Independent: One State, one Army and one Oglaigh na hEireann . . .

The "Political Editor" of the Irish Independent has written an unsigned, bylineless, provo-bashing article which adulates the display of centralised military power. It is amusing that this display, which aims to project a hyper-nationalist sensibility claimed to be residing solely in FF, has been put on by a government that has surrendered national sovereign to a foreign power and allows the national territory of Ireland to be abused in an illegal war. Even more amusing is the apparent approval with which the "Minister for Justice" Michael McDowell is quoted:
"We have to remember that there is one State, one Army, one Constitution."
No wonder the "Political Editor" was too ashamed to put his name on it!

Full article quoted below for those that don't want to log onto the website of William Martin Murphy's republican bashing rag:

(c) Irish Independent Apr 17th 2006
One State, one Army and one Oglaigh na hEireann . . .

Political EditorWHEN Oglaigh na hEireann marched down O'Connell Street yesterday, there was no doubting who they are or who they represent.

The name, which has been sullied through its use by the Provisional movement throughout the Northern Troubles, has been well and truly reclaimed.

The Army's Constitutional chief, President Mary McAleese, stood proudly alongside Taoiseach Bertie Ahern as the people cheered the military parade.

Mr Ahern described the Army last week as "the one and only Oglaigh na hEireann" and the "true descendants" of the men of 1916.

That, in itself, was more than a sideswipe at the Provisional movement which, in other circumstances, might have attempted to use the occasion as a public show of strength.

They had effectively usurped ownership of Easter commemorations for some years and, if the State had not stepped in to deny that to them this time, would surely have seized the opportunity again.

Instead, they were left as bystanders on the sidelines yesterday as the State took the initiative in remembering the events of 1916.

Justice Minister Michael McDowell pointedly referred to the Oglaigh na hEireann tag when he said after the parade: "We have one Oglaigh na hEireann. The Defence Forces are our Defence Forces and they are the successors to the volunteers. We have to remember that there is one State, one Army, one Constitution."

When an event of the nature of yesterday's was first mooted, many people wondered at the wisdom of the move.

One of the primary aims undoubtedly was to show the world once and for all that there is only one authorised Army here.

The IRA may have announced its historic move on decommissioning and committed itself to peaceful means in its July statement last year. But Mr Ahern was not about to cede any ground to Sinn Fein in laying claim to the direct lineage from the men of 1916. That was especially so as the next General Election approaches and the threat from Sinn Fein to Fianna Fail seats looms large. Sinn Fein was invited to participate in the all-party committee set up to make arrangements for the celebration of the Easter Rising centenary in a decade's time. It welcomed that and said it would do so.

The party had its own commemoration ceremony on a much smaller scale in Dublin on Saturday, with its president Gerry Adams calling for a national coalition for Irish unity.

And he welcomed the Taoiseach's call for a return to the core values of Irish republicanism. But Sinn Fein was only a bit part player in yesterday's events, though prominent party figures such as Pat Doherty, Arthur Morgan and Bairbre de Bruin were in attendance.

The idea of restoring the Easter Parade in its military display form was the brainchild of Attorney General Rory Brady.

Mr Ahern ran with it and announced it to the Fianna Fail Ard-Fheis in Killarney last autumn, saying it was designed to allow people in this State to "proclaim our republicanism".

He said they would "recognise and praise the vision of the volunteers of 1916 and indeed the War of Independence" and would show that "our Defence Forces are the true successors of the volunteers."

The Irish people, he said, needed to reclaim the spirit of 1916, "which is not the property of those who have abused and debased the title of republicanism".

He said: "We want to commemorate the greatest generation we have ever produced. We want to celebrate the freedom we achieved. And we want more publicly to recognise those who gave us the opportunity to acquire and develop that freedom.

"This is our State's inheritance. We must protect it from those who will abuse it and from the revisionists who would seek to denigrate it," the Taoiseach said. Those words were spoken in October but Mr Ahern will be happy to have achieved most of the objectives he set himself on that occasion.

author by By Any Means Necessarypublication date Mon Apr 17, 2006 22:52Report this post to the editors

Mr Ahern talks about the memory of 1916 being sullied by the IRA who were fighting for the legitimate right of the irish people to be free from British rule, unlike the IDF who marched yesterday.

But my question to all those who cheered on the IDF and the "one state, one army" proclaimers...

when did the heroes and heroines 1916 openly collude with the british security forces in trying to suppress and intimidate irish republicans.

When will Mr Ahern open up the files on collusion between the garda and the crown forces, which saw Sinn Fein and other republican organisations being censored in the 26 counties, while their comrades in the six counties were being assasinated by the british security forces.

While the leaders of 1916 were awaiting execution did they hope that 90 years on their "inheritors" would be in collusion with the biggest killing machine this planet has ever seen: the USA and suppressing republicans..or honouring those men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom in the IRA and INLA.

author by Brian Borupublication date Tue Apr 18, 2006 04:31author email mango2002 at imagine dot ieReport this post to the editors

How dare anyone connect our army with fascism. An outrageous insult to those who served courageously as UN peacekeepers in the Congo, Kosovo, Lebannon and elsewhere. The real fascists are those who slaughtered over 1,000 Northerners - mostly Protestants but also many Catholics. It is truly a sick joke for members of the Provisional movement to preach against "racism" given their ruthless slaughter of many hundreds of innocent civilians on the grounds of their religion or national identity in the North and Britain. They of all people have no right to patronise us on these things. Were the 120,000 people who turned out to watch the parade fascists too?

author by Brian Borupublication date Tue Apr 18, 2006 04:34author email mango2002 at imagine dot ieReport this post to the editors

The so-called 'Republicans' i.e. the PIRA/RIRA/CIRA/INLA/OIRA in the North have actually pushed a United Ireland even further away that it was already. They have destroyed the dreams of the Irish people - myself included - for a United Ireland in the medium term by the hateful and bigoted environment that is the legacy of theirs and the Loyalist terrorists violence against innocent civilians. They have made innocent people - including Nationalists - pay with their lives for their deluded fantasy of bombing the North into a United Ireland. In the planning leading up to 1916, we know that James Connolly specifically ordered that no military actions should take place in Ulster because of the history of sectarian conflict there. The men and women of 1916 did not target innocent civilians - unlike the Provo-fascists.

author by R. Isiblepublication date Tue Apr 18, 2006 06:57Report this post to the editors

How dare anyone connect our army with fascism.

I agree completely. The army should not be exploited by parading them in support of a taoiseach (or any other government functionary) while his minister for justice craps on about One Army, One State, One Fuhrer.

It's a disgrace that the army were (ab)used in this way. Their job is not to provide the trappings of a 3rd world junta to the government. They are not for the entertainment of the public.

Their presence during this highly dubious commemoration ceremony was always tasteless and the ill-conceved remarks of Herr McDowell have copperfastened that ignominious position.


author by Righteous Pragmatistpublication date Tue Apr 18, 2006 11:00Report this post to the editors

The Irish Defence Forces who follow the orders of the elected members of the Dail who act with the authority of the Constitution with the democratic will of the Irish people.

Anyone who denies that fact is a traitor and an enemy of Ireland

author by ede - Ógra shinnféinpublication date Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:07author email eiresaoirse32 at yahoo dot comauthor address Monaghanauthor phone 676577756Report this post to the editors

The Irish Defence Forces who follow the orders of the elected members of the 26 county Governing assembly act with the authority of the illegal unelected Constitution of the 26 county British accepted state,and Against the Proclamation and Independence of our 32 county Irish Republic with the democratic will and support of the Irish people The last time we had an All Ireland Election,
Anyone who denies that fact is a traitor and an enemy of Éire, God Save Ireland Cried the Hero's Not God Save the threat of signing for Britains 26 Collins may have been duped but the True Gael have not Up the Republic

P.s. How Much Money did these toons get paid for commerating the men that the've been resposible for killing in there prison cells and in collusion with Britain - the Fools The Fools The Fools

90 years a waiting
90 years a waiting

Saor Éire
Saor Éire

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