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Public Inquiry
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The Saker
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Human Rights in Ireland

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Cedar Lounge
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National - Event Notice
Sunday April 16 2006
01:00 AM

Reclaim 1916

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | event notice author Sunday March 12, 2006 22:33author by Barry Report this post to the editors

National 1916 commemoration committee statement -

Heres one opportuntiy for people to reclaim 1916 from Ahern and co this year .

"National 1916 Commemoration Committee.

Easter Parade 2006. Easter Sunday April 16th.

Assemble at Garden of Remembrance 2.30pm, parade commences 3.00pm.

Prominent speakers from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and IRPWA.

The National 1916 Commemoration Committee urge ALL Republicans to attend our parade in Dublin on Easter Sunday. Republicans, of whatever persuasion, should stand shoulder to shoulder this Easter and not allow the day to be hijacked by Free State revisionists and opportunists. The mantle of Republicanism belongs to those who remain true to the vision of the men and women of 1916 and not to those who have usurped the Republic and our national sovereignty. At a time when the Free State is actively conspiring with the British to maintain partition it is incumbent on all Republicans to expose the hypocrisy of a Free State march to commemorate those who died to establish and defend the Republic.
This Easter Sunday is an opportunity to reclaim the legacy of 1916 from those who would seek to deliberately misrepresent the Republican position. Unite and join us in remembering our fallen and what they fell for as we have done every year and not just when political expediency requires it."

One things for sure it would annoy hell out of them . Its your sovereignty thats being argued for , might be an idea to start demanding it . And Easters the best time to start .

author by hhhmmmmpublication date Sun Mar 19, 2006 11:34Report this post to the editors

will this event not clash with the official state sponsored version ? Are you people sure its wise to get up the noses of Bertie and Mickey on their big day ?

Fair play !!!

author by dummy de dumpublication date Sun Mar 19, 2006 13:05Report this post to the editors

Oh yes, everyone thinks they can play the "reclaim game". It seems so easy. One little detail which everyone ought note for remembering the 1916 rising, eirigh as amach thing, is that, Easter is a moveable holiday. Has been since the first Christian councils split over how to relate it to Passover. So, many silly people (lets say americans) will expect their 1916 comemoration on Easter egg Sunday. But of course the actual date of the insurrection was - April 24th.
The last meetings of the military council and the parallel and mysterious irish republican brotherhood of course taking place on the 23rd day of the 4th month.
This year Easter falls on April 16th for western christians and April 23rd for orthodox eastern christians. So you could do a greek orthodox easter bunny sentimental communality thing and more *accurate*.
The last official commemoration saw De Valera cruise around in the then state rolls royce in 1966 on April 10th and repeat almost to the letter his equally fetishised peformance of 1935 which had been on April 21st

can you see where I'm going with this?

quite. its all bollox. fking with your memory. I recommend reading this article by Colin Murphy

author by Liam Mellowespublication date Sat Apr 15, 2006 20:01Report this post to the editors

Looks like these are going to be the only non state people going to the the GPO tomorrow . Ill join yis for want of a better alternative . Its a better alternative to the state run travesty anyway .

author by i love smog & cities & I'm back.publication date Sat Apr 15, 2006 22:00Report this post to the editors

for the kids and their shoes.

If you go -

* turn your back
* whistle "bella ciao" or the internationale you may even sing the "internationale as gaeilge
Msgluighidh, a bhrothuine na cruinne!
a dhoghadh an ocrais, aire dhaoibh!
T an tuigsint ina buabhall buile
Saghdabh an duine chun malrait saoghail.
De shaen-r na ngeasrg danam casair,
Al na laincise, msgluighidh
Sinne nach faic muid, gheobhamuid gradam
An sean-reacht leagfar bus os cionn.

S'n troid scuir , a bhrithre,
irighmis chun gnmh
An t-Internationale
Snaoidhm-comhair an cine daonn,
S'n troid scuir , a bhrithre,
irighimis chun gnmh
An t-Internationale
A bhas mar chine daonn.

c/f :-

or just sing one of the many versions of "bella" or be really provactive and sing the sash.

* take your shoes off and wave them at Bertie.
* loot some shoes.

Only the last of these suggestions may get you into trouble with the Garda, for the other provocations you will probably only get your name taken by some provincial cop. we're not interested in who killed jesus, you can go home now

reclaim 1913 & 1916 & the spirit of revolution which gave kids looted shoes
reclaim 1913 & 1916 & the spirit of revolution which gave kids looted shoes

author by Barry - 32csmpublication date Sat Apr 15, 2006 23:03Report this post to the editors

The internationale isnt a bad idea for Bertie , McDowell and the shinners sterilised farce . And thanks for the words in Irish .
Showing a person the soles of ones shoes is also a distinctly muslim insult . Good idea again .

But going to the 32s alternative would really sicken them all .

author by barefoot but saving for Nike.....publication date Sun Apr 16, 2006 00:33Report this post to the editors

tolerant diversity is one of the flaws of liberal democracy, the farcical notion that given time, a bit of prosperity and enough shared laughs and kicks from Hollywood movies, we may all move to the same anodyne ango-saxon US cultural antipathy to the past, present and future.
They won't give a damn how many go to your gig as long as there is no looting of shoes or abundance of celtic football club t-shirts. Its what the transition to "democracy" in Spain was all about, they put it this way :- caf con leche para todos (milky coffee for everyone), thus a regime which was passed on from Franco, the coup d'etat usurper 70 years ago of the republic founded 75 years ago, which never counted on the support of the PSOE (party of Zapatero) for its stabilisation; to the Bourbon king, presented such "tolerant diversity" to hide the past.
its ok now, it doesn't matter what happened, you can vote, and even if the PSOE of the 1970's opposed the legalisation of the communist party, you can vote for anyone you like, except of course the basque seperatists, but sure they still get TV time...

That is how the mafia works.

That is how and why you and all your neighbours now have shoes, the noble are in quicklime yet honoured by military displays by numerous forces and militias without any real military power, and why at end -

you need to go to the state event and tell them to "fuck off" in anyway you can, in anyway your imagination allows you to. .

One person alone with thought, creativity & determined use of recognised symbols pushing prejudice can disrupt a city' or region's "traditional" & "official" fetishised remembrance...
= stand up, walk forward & be counted. :-)

those men died & our forebears threw dung at them, but the kids had shoes nonetheless....
those men died & our forebears threw dung at them, but the kids had shoes nonetheless....

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