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Employment and the results of slave training

category national | anti-capitalism | opinion/analysis author Tuesday January 31, 2006 02:23author by Seán Ryan Report this post to the editors

The plot thickens

Continuing the theme that the model of society is broken beyond repair, this submission challenges pseudo-traditional notions about employment and its benefits.

The Government is confronted often with logical arguments, which are often stated in very stark terms.

What's wrong with the following picture? Irish people, in Irish factories assembling Asian made parts into computers for Dell, who sells them for enormous profits and from these profits, tosses a few scraps back to the workers. (Put it this way, what percentage of the sale value of each computer is given to those who built it, Asians included.). And some tax is paid to each government. By far the lion's share goes to Dell, who I may add puts in the least amount of effort, for all he really does is flog the product back to those who built it.

Or maybe this picture; Irish people in Irish owned and built fast food outlets, cooking mostly Irish produced foods and selling them to Irish people, for yet again another foreign body, who fucks us over, very much in the same way as the aforementioned parasite. (I say Irish people here, I don't mean to exclude foreigners, I consider them the to be the same as the Irish people, they contribute to our society.)

And yah I forgot to mention that we are supposed to be grateful for all this.

Yah maybe someday you'll own your own house. But I'll bet your kids are in the same position as you are now by the time it happens.

At least when the good old democratic U.S.A. enslaved their darker skinned brothers they provided them with accommodation and food. Now you can fuck off and fend for yourself.

And what are your rights?

You have the right to shut the fuck up. Remember the times of mass unemployment and mass emigration?

That would never have happened if we had pretended things were fine. At least we have jobs now.

So what if you don't own your home, your own car?

Other foreign leeches own these. They also pay for your holidays and other leisure activities. Banks and other usurers are of course whom I am referring to. I don't have lot of time for Christianity, but at least Jesus kicked these fuckers out of the temple.

You have the right to be a traitor to your country, should you say bad things about your American owners. For fuckwits like Mary Hearney who regularly hints that being anti-American is being anti-Irish, this is Ireland not America, fuck America. Can I be any clearer? Hurrah Ireland, fuck America. Do you not know your elbow from your arse?

Your one and only responsibility, is to me! You are the servant of society and I am society. I know you feel you are a citizen but you are not! This is why you are mistaken in your self-serving attitude; you cannot be both a servant and the one who is served and particularly so, when you are not put there by the strength of the vote you received in the last election. Fair enough the vote facilitated it, but it did not will it.

This is my opinion and the constitution guarantees my right to possess one. The only loophole being, that saying "fuck America" may be seen as blasphemy. But seeing as I'll probably be guilty of that anyway before I'm finished, so be it. I would relish the opportunity to prove Mary Hearney a fuckwit in a slander court, or go to jail for my sins, because if she is not a fuckwit, then I am a very confused individual. I would like a jury trial by the way and I shall be the fool representing myself, but I am a fool who will call on her, to give a very full account of herself in the witness box and irregardless as to the outcome of the farce, history shall be the final judge.

Anyhow back to jobs; what exactly is it about my two pictures that could not be handled, in an independent and sovereign and in an exclusively Irish fashion? Do we lack the affability and salesmanship to sell computers, we who invented the "cute hoor"? Do we even lack the ability to sell spuds to our own people?

To answer yes is in my opinion to be a traitor to this country and not the other way round. I just wish that all the wannabe Americans in this country, would fuck off and emigrate over there (If only they'd be given green cards) and allow us to get on with and refine our country and culture, in a manner that we ourselves see fit.

Our government answers yes, every time they sell us to these bastards, instead of setting up Irish businesses.

Then again maybe it's delusional and they think that they are right. I mean we have shit roads, transport is a joke, "We're not there yet but we're getting there", don't make me fucking sick!

We don't have enough doctors, not enough nurses, damn we don't even have enough vacancies to fulfil our needs should we ever develop the ability to train and retain enough people to fulfil these needs, or indeed the facilities to train or practice in!

This is a reflection of our government's ability to think, act and govern. No, it is even more; it is the fucking obvious smacking you straight in the face. It is screaming that your government either doesn't give a shit or that it doesn't work.

There is no excuse for this, neither is there an alternative description. The excuses that it takes time, or it takes money, or both just don't fit. We have x amount of patients therefore we need y amount of healthcare workers and z amount of facilities allowing for growth rate, the amounts of trained individuals who will for one reason or another leave the profession, and all the other small variables. The only limiting factor being that we might be a thick shower of Neanderthal boggers and can't be trained. Is this the reason we have no health system? If it is then say so and bloody fix it!

You'll know when we have enough people when you walk into a hospital and see a lot of bored looking nurses. Let's be looking at healthcare workers and not for them. Have a look around the Dáil, the next time it is on telly; it was pretty easy to calculate how many of these wankers were required to allegedly run the country.

It is possible to train a sufficient amount of healthcare workers and build enough facilities for them to practice in, in the time it would take to train the person who required the longest training. This is the fastest this problem can be solved, or rather it is the least fastest this problem should have been solved, already. Even a troupe of monkeys could have been trained in the time these apes have been at it! Instead we have what we have. To talk of beds or talk of waiting lists when the issue is as vital as it is, and as clear as crystal as it is, as indeed is its solution, is a slap in the face of the idea of both society and humanity. The department of health, its red tape and the rest of its horseshit is the sickest of the afflicted in this country, and is the continuing reason why we have crisis after crisis in our healthcare service, with no breaks between.

The same manner should be used to calculate and fix our other problem areas, such as transport, education, and agriculture etc., but rather than list them all, I'll just mention the ones not included, and they are none.

Anyone in government or any other ignoramus in opposition, who fails to point the obvious out, is literally selling our country out. We have the raw materials for buildings, housing and roads etc., we have people who need, and who need to build these things. We have sick and we have more than enough people with ability and empathy, to train to cure and help them. We have those who were put here to educate, we need to educate and train them. We have loads of land and those skilled in its manipulation, and I mean farmers not politicians, though there is often overlap. We could in other words meet our needs. Sufficiency is the binding of society and self-sufficiency is a condition of sovereignty.

I say each and every person within any so-called society, has the following inalienable rights.

The right to food and water. (Not the contaminated shite we put up with).

The right to shelter and by this I mean own it. (Our constitution sees the home as inviolable, it's a pity it doesn't see the right to having one as being inviolable.)

The right to the best education that can be provided, not that which is dictated by the state, but dictated by what is known.

The right to be productive to the best of their abilities within society, for the betterment of themselves and society as a whole, one would think this should be obvious, but people are still and will continue to be sub-educated, marginalized and pigeonholed and buried.

The right to be protected from harm, perpetrated by others; from within or without the country and from the country itself.

The right to a functional healthcare service upon needing its services.

The right to exercise their vote in any manner they see fit, including not voting, which is by far the best spotlight to shine on a governments illegitimacy, not this voting against those you don't like, by voting for some other tosser who doesn't offend you as much as the person you supposedly vote against. It is true to say that there are many ways of arguing the validity of the Irish political system, however since it can already be readily observed that the largest singular majority vote in this country, is always cast by those who do not vote and therefore irregardless as to the validity of arguments concerning our political system, it can be seen that our government does not rule by consent but in spite of it.

The right to a free transport system. This would not only help with our overall efficiency, maintenance of roads etc. and environment, but it would also save the country a massive amount of money wasted on oil. Not to mention it would start the control and de-infestation of insurance companies. To privatise this or any other industry is to say it isn't Irish.

The right to disagree, and to demonstrate, and also the right to be proven wrong, not just pronounced thus.

The right not to be under the thumb of religion, especially when one does not believe in God. God needs ousting from our constitution (not from the preamble mind you), come on you saps in government just for the laugh, let's have a referendum that takes us back out of the middle ages, back out of empires and stuff, one that most of the electorate will vote in and will have formed their own opinions on.

I'll even agree to the result, if what I want doesn't happen, unlike another shower I could mention, who apologised to Europe on behalf of its poor befuddled bogger population and then promptly re-held the referendum, after some cheap gimmicky propaganda. Surely this is an example of foreign nationalism or the desire for it dictating our constitution to us. This is irregardless of the results of the second referendum. The government wrongly predicted the result of the first and their predictive skills did not increase for the second, the second relied on manipulative skills, I mean if we were to take the same liberty with the election process we'd have a new government every few weeks.

I say these rights pre-exist and dictate the rights, for any state to actually consider itself a state. I mean that if one were to look at this like cooking food, it just takes one spoiled ingredient or fuck up, to make the whole meal taste like shit. If not for the sake of humanity, then for the sake of efficiency, the state must maximise the potential of everyone in the state, not define and defile. Furthermore if my meal tastes like shit I'll cook my next one myself, everyone is a victim when eating shit for the first time, after that one becomes a chef or a shit eater.

And since we have all the resources and raw materials, to fulfil our requirements, except of course drugs and some other stuff. (We could make and sell our own products to buy, study and make these things, and if necessary copy them, nobody has the right to patent life).

Why is it that we hear time and time again that we have lots done, but lots yet to do?

Fuck off!


Don't slag off the Americans.

They might get insulted and fuck off. Not a bloody hope. Look at how hard it is to get even the wannabe Americans to take the hint.

Look what happens if you don't do stuff, the way Americans demand you do it. The only time Michael Dell and his nest of vampire like buddies will get insulted, is when they find a cheaper and as rich, a labour force in Asia, or possibly in the newly democratised countries of Afghanistan and Iraq, or when a better salesman comes along. And even then, it will be leaving amidst the pleas for forgiveness and grovelling apologies, by our government and others, thus leaving the door open and in invitation, should the feasting in Asia not continue to be so bountiful. One must remember, that you must always invite a vampire in before he can spike you. Just as well he will have left behind a few zombies, bug eaters and other craven familiars, from this session.

It's interesting to note that Irish society has been conditioned to be totally bigoted and discriminatory to foreign individuals, who in a spirit of wanting to better themselves, would give of themselves to us in the doing of it. These people are largely the victims of oppressive governments who are largely controlled and indebted by and to the aforementioned parasites.

Divide and conquer.

Not only do we have a massive national debt to foreign parasites but we also supposedly owe the fuckers a living, our living. It is as if the whole of our nation were strapped to a bed and hooked up to an IV. kit and the blood pumped out of us. Not to mention the added risk of getting H.I.V. or hepatitis.

Human battery hens.

My message to my government here is, fuck you!

Ok so I said I was anti-American (the administration that is, I know and respect many Americans) and I could also be seen to be anti-current-Irish-government, from what I just said, so what I have said may stream from this. Of course it will be said to stream from this. But let's look at it from another angle.

Let's look at Limerick. Mick Dell is by far the biggest employer in Limerick and over the years, has grown and fostered separate service industries and has turned most of the other indigenous industries into service industries. In other words, if something happens to Mick, Limerick is fucked. Surely this is putting all one's eggs in one basket. Is this a good economic policy?

I mean Limerick doesn't even have political representation in government, unless you count Willie "Rubberstamp boy" O Dea, and I don't.

Now look at the same practice, but from a bigger perspective. Most employment in this country is in the service of foreign companies. This is our Celtic Tiger (A Trojan Tiger would be more apt.) and it is more endangered than the Sabre Tooth Tiger. It seems that our government congratulates themselves on a sound economic policy, that doesn't actually exist, but is actually a thought and work saving scheme that is all about putting all eggs into one basket. It is a scheme that isn't so much a risk as a time bomb. It is not a matter of if, but when the eggs all get broken. When it does happen, I'll bet the government don't blame themselves. Yes mass rioting and starvation are not products of non-existent economic policies, but due to an economic downturn that was beyond our control. This may sound funny to some, but to me having heard this excuse being used over and over, it is a basic and stark admission that the consequences of actions within government are beyond conscious control and are more indicative of a gambling problem than an exercise in leadership.

It is their sacred duty not to deliver the control of any Irish person's destiny or dignity, or indeed their right to live, to anyone or any group, who are not Irish citizens, as defined by our constitution. Independence has been both the rally cry and the dream of the Irish since we first saw ourselves as Irish. We have never ever, had a period of independence, not even from the first draft of our constitution. The truly shaming fact here is that we never even tried it out, even though we could have. We started competing with the Joneses from the very first of our Republic and it wasn't long until the competitiveness turned into arse licking and supplication.

Now having seen where the majority of our workforce are caged it is quite easy to see why we cannot now or ever, build an infrastructure, a healthcare service or an educational system or even the notion of a viable society. You see not only are all our financial eggs in one basket, but all our human eggs are in there with them.

When one is financially dependant to another, one is dependant upon them. Why are we who have screamed for independence for tens of generations, dependant on the whims and abilities of another who is neither of nor for our country?

Because we are dependant on others we may not criticize them, even when they are obviously behaving like Nazis.

I asked about the first article of our constitution earlier, let me quote it now:

The Irish nation hereby affirms its inalienable, indefeasible, and sovereign right to choose its own form of Government, to determine its relations with other nations, and to determine its life, political and cultural, in accordance with its own genius and traditions.

Can we determine our lives, politically and culturally without consulting foreign powers, but with our own unique genius and traditions? Fair enough we traditionally get fucked over, fair enough, but who wants to argue that it was he himself that determined this is the way it was to be?

I mean, Willy O Dea, for instance reckons we couldn't take Shannon off the American army, as we had previously allowed them to use it. In answer Willy, see article 1 and if that doesn't grow you a set of balls, see article 15, section 6. Again let me quote and also point out that to try anyone in a court of law for defending the following, by smacking a hatchet off an American tool of war, is treading treacherous waters (I speak of course of the patriotic Mary Kelly).

1. The right to raise and maintain military or armed forces is vested exclusively in the Oireachtas.

2. No military or armed force, other than a military or armed force raised and maintained by the Oireachtas, shall be raised or maintained for any purpose whatsoever.

I mean you don't have to be a barrister to figure out how to use this one.

What's that?

You are a barrister Willie?

The clue here comes after the use of the word 'or', near the end. This means that we are not allowed to maintain any military force (i.e. feed it, clothe it, pay it or its airport fees, or even have it in the country etc.) that is not under the control of the Oireachtas, irregardless as to whether it is our military force or not. And I might further add that if this is not the interpretative meaning of article 6, then article 6 is irrelevant and furthermore becomes even more irrelevant should it allow by some crafty loop of the pen, a foreign power to maintain an army and not allow an Irish citizen to do the same on Irish soil, and we need a referendum to clarify it. I mean I respect this article and others of our constitution, in that I don't try to raise an army and wipe the Oireachtas et al from the face of the earth. Is the constitution too, to become a tool of our rich and foreign masters, that they may too be recognised as our betters, signed by, "we the people".

Look. At the end of the day, I see some of the sense in selling our labour force, or at most our surplus labour force, to the will of another state (obviously though I would prefer to manufacture and set the price of and sell the product, rather than make it and give it away), but only for our benefit and never to our detriment.

Surely the government has ignored our inalienable, indefeasible and sovereign rights as promised by the constitution in the very first article, by making us dependant and answerable, on and to foreign powers?

Seán Ryan

author by sugersugerpublication date Sat Sep 23, 2006 23:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I am an American, and I agree. You may or may not be surprised to hear this, but many of the inalienable rights you think all people deserve are absent from most American lives as well. And the system is so entrenched that is nearly impossible to change the way the government works, short of a bloody revolution. Fuck the US administration and their imperialistic ways.

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