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Audio from last nights McBrearty meeting in Wynns Hotel

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Friday July 29, 2005 19:08author by Citizen rights, citizen wrongs Report this post to the editors

Frank McBrearty Jr and Eamon McCann share ideas with a large crowd

There was a large crowd in attendance last night in Wynns Hotel made up of bullied citizens and just plain ordinary citizens who are worried about being bullied by the state in the future and wondering if they really have any rights under the constitution or if its all just theory.

From the stories that came out last night its clear that there is reason to be afraid - very afraid!!

But all the more reason to get up off our arses and do something about it and join together to become a powerful force that can stand up to the state and the multinationals who sponsor and control it.

Article 40 - every citizen's right under the constitution to get a court to investigate a matter

Can someone email Frank and ask him for a soft copy of his speech and add it here for those who dont have broadband and cant download the audio

Sorry I didnt have time to go thru each audio file and give a summary

All audio links above are on

author by an imcerpublication date Fri Jul 29, 2005 19:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

some of this material. If you transcribe or summarise a link please include the link address at comment with transcription or summary.

Please note radio stations that this is copyleft. Credit

author by Citizen rights, citizen wrongspublication date Fri Jul 29, 2005 20:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

* * * The audio here is for the benefit of Irish citizens who would like to join together and hold the state accountable to the bullying they have done in the past and are doing at the moment. The audio is not available for commercial usage and should be distributed for no payment. * * *

Other rights of the recording remain property of the recordist.

author by R. Isible - Indymedia Irelandpublication date Fri Jul 29, 2005 20:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I just want to welcome everyone here on this great summer's night. My name is Deirdre Cronin, I'm in the Dundrum branch of the Socialist Worker's Party and we're delighted tonight to share a platform with Frank McBrearty who I'm sure everyobdy here has some idea of what himself and his family have been through over the last number of years.

I mean, true to say you couldn't actually have made this up, when you actually here the way the Irish State and the Gardai have actually treated him. An absolute disgrace and it's ... you know we absolutely salute his courage and conviction in terms of following this true and demanding justice for himself as a result of what's happened.

And I think his pursuit of justice is obviously helping other people who've alsa been victims of the Garda corruption that's been revealed, I suppose, over the last number of years. And there's many more cases ... we would imagine .. to be looked into and I think the fight by Frank McBrearty and his family is important in terms of blowing open what has been going on under the surface of Irish society for so long.

So along with Frank tonight we have Eamonn McCann ... longtime member of the SWP, civil rights activist, anti-war campaigner .. and journalist as well .. probably best known for some of his writings in .. Hot Press ... would be familiar to people and also a longtime contributor to our own publication "Socialist Worker" both here and in Britain.

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author by eeekkkkpublication date Fri Jul 29, 2005 23:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

So if a local radio station wanted to broadcast it - could they?

I think they should be able to no matter how many ads on station.

Otherwise you should put some way of them contacting you to make arrangements on here.

It's Important material.

author by Citizen rights, citizen wrongspublication date Sat Jul 30, 2005 00:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

community radio stations are free to use it but commercial ones who want to use it can put a post here and I will get in touch with them and send them a full resolution copy.

If they were interested in the first place they should have sent someone along - Im not going to work for them for free!

I was amazed at the lack of mainstream media at the event. I think one photographer turned up and took a few snaps. Was it Hot Press i wonder?

I agree it is important audio which is why I have put it here for everyone to hear who couldnt make the meeting

author by john McDermott - removefiannafailpublication date Mon Aug 01, 2005 03:32author email jmcd444 at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address Gran Canaria Spainauthor phone Report this post to the editors

I was in Ireland and at the meeting It was a good. session all in all.I have been giving much thought to the impasse since and I am wondering if Frank is doing the right thing.It seems to me he is letting the rotten policemen off the hook if he remains outside the enquiry. Are the corrupt policemen guaranteed their expenses by the state-even if they are found to lie or obstruct the enquiry.?
If so he is right. in remaining out. If not, he may be making an error..

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author by John McDermott - removefiannafailpublication date Mon Aug 01, 2005 03:59author address Gran Canaria,Spainauthor phone Report this post to the editors

Clearly it is scandalous that a citizen like Frank Mc Brearty should have to undergo the trauma of one of Bertie's 'Tribunals' and spend a fortune appearing there to protest his innocence.He is correct when he states that the law-and its enormous expense-is used to quash all opposition to either corrupt policemen or corrupt politicians.
If we had a crack squad of 'Untouchables' as the american federal government set up, to investigate nationwide crime and corruption in the twenties-we would not need the farce of these tribunals.
Can you imagine anything like that in Ireland.?

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author by R. Isiblepublication date Tue Aug 02, 2005 23:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

First of all ... people see me in the media a lot... I represent ... I'm a spokesman for our families in Donegal and I represent the McBrearty family, the McConnell family , the Quinn family, the Braley (sp?) family, the Peeples family, ... the Logans family, the McKellian family, the O'Donnell family and the Crosses family.

That is, all the families that are connected to our case. But ... I'm here tonight because I feel that it's my duty, as an Irishman and as a human being to share my experience of what was committed against my family and I at the hands of this government and the corrupt Garda officers of all ranks, up to the Garda Commissioner.

In 1996 my family and I were wrongly accused of a murder that never happened. It is well documented in the media and in the courts of this land, the fight that we have had to endure and continue to endure with the corruption in this country.

We had to fight 300 false charges against us in the District Court, and in the Circuit Court where we first exposed the corruption of what has bee... has come out in the Morris Tribunal to date. The state throught the DPP (which is the director of public prosecutions) dropped all the charges against us in the District Court through the fear of us exposing the full truth of what happened to our families at the hands of corrupt Garda officers. We fought these false charges aginast us because we knew we were totally innocent of ... all of them which were
issued against us from 1996 to the year 2000, when the State used what we describe as a tactical delay and us having the full truth and extent of the corruption we were dealing with at all levels on this little island exposed.

We were charged with public order offences, dangerous driving, assaults that never happened. They also accused us of giving money to the Provisional IRA, blackmailing witnesses, intimidating witness and threatening Gardai and state witnesses who were Garda informers. One informer made up a story for the Gardai that we threatened him with a silver bullet. Another informer which we would describe as having low intelligence made 17 false statements that we bribed him and intimidated him and that we threatened to kill him and that we bought him a bicycle, which was all lies. And this informer was threatened by another Garda informer and sent certain Gardai to make up these lies against us for the purpose of us having ... having us prosecuted on false and fabricated evidence created by corrupt Gardai.

During this period from 1996 to the year 2000 we were making complaints of a criminal nature against certain Gardai to the Garda Complaints Board thinking that they would get us justice for what was being committed against us and our families ... and that the corrupt Gardai would be prosecuted for what was being done to us.

At the start we thought that the Complaints Board would be the answer to our problems but what we learned over the next three years was that the Garda Complaints Board was also a State body organised by the State to protect the State and where ... most of the people appointed to the Complaints Board were State luvvies blowing kisses to each other and that it would be impossible to get justice from the Complaints Board.

It can be easily explained why the Complaints Board does not work. The Gardai are not capable of investigating themselves. It is ... the same as committing a crime and then investigating that crime yourself. I am going to give the people of Ireland here tonight some of the reasons why we need a Garda Ombudsman with the same powers as Nuala O'Loan. The current Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, wants to introduce Anti-Social Behaviour Orders into this country without having in place a system that will uphold the rights of innocent people from being targetted by corrupt Gardai.

The best way for me to explain why these powers should not be given to the Gardai in this country is to explain some of the crimes that were comitted against us by corrupt Gardai. I was issued with several Public Order oFfences on the word of corrupt Gardai who were trying to frame me for even more serious charges and where I proved in court that these ... were lies, with the help of our senior counsel Martin Giblin who succesfully had all the charges withdrawn by the director of Public Prosecution.

Another example ... was Mark McConnell, who's my cousin, who was arrested falsely along with me for the death of Richard Barnes. He was assaulted by two members of the Barnes family, which my family don't hold any animosity towards the Barnes family because they were brainwashed by corrupt Garda officers.

Mark had his leg broke in two places and dislocated his ankle and had a broken jaw and spent 5 hours in an operating theater to have his injuries fixed. A few weeks after this he was summonsed for public order offences, concerning this assault on him. His wife Roisin who was holding ... their two year old son while Mark was being assaulted, and she was also ... summonsed while Mark lay in agony on the ground, and when two corrupt Garda officers ( one now sacked and the other transferred and suspended) landed at the scene of the assault, they were more interested in Mark's car tax and the tires on his car than the people who nearly killed him.

These charges against Mark and his wife Roisin were also withdrawn by the DPP throught the great work of our senior counsel Martin Giblin and what he did in exposign what was being committed against us by corrupt Gardai.

The Minister for Injustice also plans to let the Gardai use witness statements that have been withdrawn. This should never happen as our case of Garda corruption shows why this power should not be given to the Gardai. The Garda informersin our case who made false statements for the Gardai, implicating us in crimes that did not happen, /means/, that those statements today could be used in a court even though they were withdrawn by the informers and proved to be lies created by the Gardai.

It is obvious that Micheal McDowell only listens to the Garda point of view on the powers he is giving them. Yes, it is the job of a Minister for Justice to heelp the Gardai, but it is also the duty of the Minister for Justice to serve the people of Ireland that he is elected to serve. And, yes, it is his duty to give the people of Ireland a system that will fully protect the people from corrupt Garda officers. And yes, you have not done your job, or have you learned anything about what has been brought to your attention by our families who are involved in this state-sponsored scandal.

Michael McDowell should reflect on the words of Martin Luther King: "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere", and by granting the Gardai these powers in this Garda Bill which he bullied through the Dail for the fear of them being exposed for what they are, which is a threat to justice everywhere in Ireland.

I now come to the reason, why we will never participate in the Morris Tribunal again. In November 2001 we had a vote for a public tribunal voted down by the current government. The reason the government did not want a public tribuanl was because they were protecting the internal Garda investigation conducted by assistant commissioner Kevin Carthy. Which was a total cover-up and the government knew it. We still continued to put pressure on the government to have a public tribunal into Gardai corruption. They then had Shane Murphy, senior counsel, appointed to look at the papers they had on the scandal and Mr.Murphy's advice after going through some of the papers was to have a public tribunal of inquiry into this scandal. So.... then we were over the moon that the government had decided to have a tribunal.

But what we did not know at that time was that the tribunal was designed to protect the state at all costs. We went to the tribunal the first year with our lawyers that we knew and trusted, but Justice Morris would not allow them to ask the questions that tribunal should have been asking. And the fact that we were not granted legal aid and the Garda Commissioner, and the Gardai and the Minister for Justice had the luxury of being fully funded by the state on a monthly basis, the state lovvies of legal teams that would be blowing kisses of delight at each other in the delight that they were being made millionaires overnight.

Our lawyers were never asked to have an input in setting the terms of reference in the tribunal, which they should have. And the terms of reference s were bullied throught the Oireachtas in the same way that Minister for Injustice Michael McDowell bullied the new Garda Bill through.

We decided to challenge the state and the tribunal on the legal aid issue in the High Court. We were up against two sets of lawyers: one for the State and one for the Tribunal. At no stage did the Tribunal explain that the Garda Commissioner, the Gardai and the Minister for Justice had legal aid fully funded by the State. We sadly lost the high court challenge and had the costs of the tribunal and the costs of the state awarded against us. We decided in May of 2004 after losing the High Court challenge that we would instruct our lawyers to withdraw from the tribunal because we could no longer afford to take the risk of not being granted our full costs by the Tribunal.

The High Court civil actions that we have against the State were severly slowed down by our lawyers as a result of our lawyers being in the Tribunal and we decided we'd have a better chance of exposing the full truth of what was committed against us by this corrupt state /and/ what the tribunal were stopping us from exposing.

There is carved, in Latin, above one of our main police stations in Dublin the following proverb: "Let Justice be done, though the Heavens may fall." The Heavens will fall on the Morris Tribunal, the Garda Commissioner, the Minister for Injustice when we expose the full truth of this corruption in the High Court, the Supreme Court, the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights.

It is now evident that the Tribunal was set up to protect the Minister for Justice, the Department of Justice, the Attorney General of Ireland and the ranks fo Assitant Commissioner and above and the former commissioner Pat Byrne. This can be also seen in the appointments by the minister to the tribunal of his Dublin 4 friends and colleagues.

You also see the appointment of a retired superintendent to the tribunal as an investigator and the fact that the problems we have had ... that we have in the Gardai are that the Gardai cannot investigate themselves. There is no system in place when a tribunal is established for barristers to be tendered for their services independently and they usually are appointed by their friends in Dublin as is the appointments of senior Gardai and this is evident in the Morris Tribunal where you have state luvvies in the Garda Commissioner's legal team, the legal team for the Minister for Justice Michael Mc Dowell and the legal team for the tribunal.

We will not be bullied by Michael McDowell and the Morris Tribunal into accepting their cover up of this scandal and the protection of senior Gardai in this scandal. We now have gathered a lot evidenence of the last nine years about the extent of the corruption in this state-sponsored scandal.

The Minister last week accused us of bullying and blackmailing him. It is evident from these comments the close relationship the Minister has with the Gardai, because they are the tactics and the false allegations they made against us when they were framing us for crimes that did not happen.

As victims of Garda and State misbehaviour for the past nine years ... my family and I ... were amused at the false and spin-doctoring reaction that the Minister for Injustice Michael McDowell used about giving us an apology to try and make himself look good in the eyes of the Irish people. The fake cow(?) surprise expressed by the Minster was a revelation to us since the Minister has been kept fully informed by us and our legal team since he became Attorney General in June 1999 and then Minister for Injustice in July 2002 of all relevant facts. We were left wondering if his stance of knowing ignorance was calculated to distract attention from his responsibility in permitting the scandal to go on for so long and to conceal his actual knowledge of Garda and State oppression directed at us under his watch.

His failure to discharge his duties as Attorney General and Minister for Injustice whilest we were left swinging in the wind for years has had a terrible effect on us and greatly increased the damage done to us by the Minister's out of control Garda force.

The Minister's succesful efforts to deprive us of effective legal representation at the Morris Tribunal is now well understood by my family, and, his enlightening contribution in Dail Eireann, that the Minister and the Morris Tribunal have used legal costs to sanction us and, we now fully understand that this is the instrument by which he has tried to use to coerce us into subdued silence to protect himself and his Dublin 4 lovvies.

We now also fully understand the tactics employed by the minister are those of terrorists. But he should fully understand that we, every single one of us, are
unwilling to submit to his terror tactics just as we refused to submit to those employed by corrupt Gardai against us, during the time of John O'Donoghue and Michael McDowell, during their time in high office within government.

The Minster is now well aware of the redesignation of Richie Barnes' death and the failure of the Garda Commissioner and his department to give us and the inquest into Richie Barnes' death those details. The information held on the post system and the alert status held over our heads show the extent the Gardai and the Minister and his Department were prepared to cover up this scandal.

We were still left to believe we were still suspects in Richie Barnes' death at a time when our innocence was already known to the Garda authorities and the Minister for Justice.

The Minister's woeful ignorance of Garda oppression of us is exposed by the letter sent to Mark McConnell and myself from the Garda Commissioner on the 19th of November 2004: that we were no longer suspects in the death of Richie Barnes. Or will the Minster persist in continuing to pretend that he is unaware of the venemous whispers placed in the ears of government ministers and other state officials, which formed a key component of a campaign of damaging innuendo directed against us by his Garda friends? Of which the lies placed on the post system were only a small part.

In due course the Irish State will be asked to explain by the European Parliament and European Court of Human Rights how with som many questions to answer himself, could he possibly justify his actions in depriving us legal aid when the other side of the equation includes the undeniable element that assistance and extravagent public expense enjoyed by:
1) the Garda officers who framed our families;
2) the Garda officers who sought to destroy our family business;
3) the Garda authorities who covered up;
4) the government Minsters who allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by the Garda
5) the incompetent officials who were advisors to the incompetent government Ministers;
6) the Garda Complaints Board, which failed completely to discharge its duties to protect innocent citizens and which instead accused our lawyers for being critical of corrupt Gardai;
7) any other State body which may be called before the Morris Tribunal.

In the meantime if the Minister has his way, /our/ lawyers would have been depreived of income for at least three years, and the suggestion that our lawyers are in the same position as those representing clients in just one module is extremely disingenuous and leaves us further puzzled as to why he persists in adopting such a dishonest stance. We look forward to hearing the Minster's explanation at the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights for the above equation which the judges may find difficult to believe is yet another Irish comic farce composed by him to enhance the reputation which we Irish enjoy in the field of comedy.

The judges will surely feel that he has written the legal equivalent to Father Ted.


But they will surely realise that he is deadly serious in his mediaeveal stance in seeking to protect at all costs the State bodies from justified criticism at the expense of innocent Irish citizens to whom he denies responsible ... sorry reasonable legal assistance.

We wonder what those judges will think when they see the Minister defending a position which is patently absurd and corrupt. If the Minister were not so serious for us ... we could agree that the situation is hilarious and it is with regret that we must deny the Minister his due credit as a comic genius at the European Court of Human Rights, because for us, whatever the Minister and his Dublin 4 buddies think it is not sufficient to laugh at the abusrd situation he has created as the Minister is well aware the senior Garda authority of Assistant Commissioner and above are very happy indeed with the tribunal he set up which comprises a scrum of State luvvies all blowing kisses at each other all funded by the long-suffering tax payer.

The daft situation that the minister has created reminds us of the words of Luis Cardoza Aragon when he wrote of his fellow Guatemalans that they had "for centuries braced themselves for the coercion, anticipating the muzzle, the red-hot branding iron, the gunpowder even when they were being questioned about their wants".

The Minister for Injustice has created all these problems that surround him. The situation that he has created could only be created by one who is in all seriousness a true mastermind of absurd silliness worthy of Monty Python.

This Minister stands accused by my family of letting four officers of the Serious Crime Squad, senior Garda officers right up to the Garda Commissioner, the Department of officials in the Attorney General's Office, and the Deparment of Justice off the hook in order to protect the State from having the doors opened of every prison to let out all the innocent people framed by corrupt Garda officers.Thomas Jefferson said "We have the wolf by the ears. We can neither hold him nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale and self-preservation in the other." Michael McDowell is a wolf who leads a wolf-pack of senior Gardai and Ministers. I have Michael McDowell's ears and I will never let them go until he tells the truth about this Irish State-sponsored scandal.

The final thing I have to say about this Minister and government is, we have the evidence to prove what we brought to their attention and if it takes us another ten years of litigation in the courts then so be it. The Minster and the government, assisted by their PR people and certain crime correspondents have not told the full facts of this case.

When my father and I heard the Minister waffle on in Glenties last week it reminded us of George Orwell's words "Words and meaning have parted company."

The Minister is protecting the Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy on the redesignation of Richie Barnes' death and many more issues. I once ... again call on the Minister to release the paper trail on the redesignation and to also release the paper trail on the inquest. The Minister was clearly very upset by the Commissioner when he stated that he had no role in the redesignation and that it was down to the district officer. That is not true, what the Commissioner said. The Minister also stated in Glenties that he did not know anything about the inquest. That is also not true, as I have the letters that I have been sending him. His PR lady commented to Joe Little from RTE that it was a matter for the tribunal and that the issues have been examined in the tribunal. This is also not true.

The Minister says that he will not fudge or budge, we do not care if he fudges or budges at this stage in our fight for justice because we have ... now accepted that we will no longer get the truth from the Minister's tribunal which is the Morris Tribunal and I stand over everything I have said about this tribunal, the Garda Commissioner, Minster Michael McDowell, and the former minister John O'Donoghue and the cover up ... and their cover up.

I now challenge Justice Freddy Morris, Peter Cheartan (senior counsel for the tribunal), the Garda Commissioner, and the Minister for Justice Michael McDowell to debate with me publically the last report of the Morris Tribunal and what they left out of that report ... which was /vital/ to expose the person who knocked down Richie Barnes and to expose the extent of the corruption within the Gardai and the Department of Justice.

I call on them to name the date and venue for a debate. The Irish people are entitled to know the truth of this scandal which is only the tip of the iceberg.


One of the last things I want to say to yez is that ... if I had to sit here for two weeks or even six month and give a thousand different reasons why the people of Ireland are entitled to have an ombudsman the same Nuala O'Loan with the same powers. But the problems that myself and people all over the country have is that I can't fix somebody else's problem and they can't fix my problem. But what we can do together is ... form an alliance against this State ... of people power, to tell this government that they represent the people of Ireland, not themselves and that people of Ireland deserve the same equality and justice as the people of Northern Ireland have been granted through the Patton Commission in Northern Ireland, where they got an ombudsman with the powers that every ombudsman in the world should have against the corrupt police.

And ... my main aim, I feel it's my duty, is to push the issue that people who have problems ... not exposing their case .. and don't have the money my father had in exposing their case, that there is a system in place to protect all the people of this country. Which, ... is the minister's duty after everything that has been taken to his attention by our family, and by other families that are contacting me from all over Ireland. It is his duty now to appoint an ombudsman for the people of Ireland with same powers as the ombudswoman or ombudsman, Nuala O'Loan, in Northern Ireland, and we need it now, not tomorrow or the next day. We need it now before he passes any more powers for the Gardai.


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author by The Hon. Secretary - October Fifth Asociationpublication date Sat Sep 24, 2005 19:51author email oct5th_vets68 at hotmail dot comauthor address 'Knockavoe', Derry City BT48 7HRauthor phone +4402871286359Report this post to the editors

The October Fifth Association, a network of 1968 civil rights veterans and supporters, fully endorse this campaign, and will take active steps in solidarity to promote such worldwide. We currently campaign via the Internet with websites such as

On October Fifth we will launch a new website, which can be previewed via

and hope that by then to include this highly justified campaign, which deserves the whole-hearted support of all those who know that Justice must be done, and be seen to be done.

We wish your campaign every success.

Our e-mail address is:

should anyone wish to comminicate with our voluntary network.

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author by Dougalpublication date Sat Sep 24, 2005 20:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

More than half of the soundfiles above which are not from Frank McBrearty himself are of speeches by SWP members, although only two of the speakers are identified as such. It's amazing how used to their voices you get after a while - Deirdre, Eamon, Richard, Rory, Donal, Kevin and the rest.

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