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Who's doing PR for Sinn Fein? They should be, um, fired!

category national | crime and justice | other press author Thursday March 17, 2005 00:55author by Julian Brookes Report this post to the editors

Amusing commentary on the current Sinn Fein "situation" from a US-based publication/blog.

Quick, somebody get some PR help to Sinn Fein, right now. First the IRA, its armed wing (and fallback/bargaining chip in extremis), brutally murders a guy, Robert McCartney, in a bar. Then, in what was intended as a sweet goodwill gesture toward the man's family, it offers to brutally murder the murderers! (And deliver them, gift-wrapped, to the McCartney household, one wonders?).

Now along comes Martin McGuiness, Sinn Fein's number two, and himself a former IRA man, to warn the McCarntey sisters, who have mounted a stunningly effective shame campaign against "the Ra" and Sinn Fein, essentially to back off. Think about it: how do these words sound, coming from a former high-ranking IRA soldier whose political party is still backed by the IRA's (famously un-decomissioned) guns: "The McCartneys need to be very careful. To step over that line, which is a very important line, into the world of party political politics, can do a huge disservice to their campaign." To which I'd reply, Or what, Martin?

This would all be comical if it weren't so disgusting. One bright spot, though -- and I say this as both a Brit who grew up in the bomb-happy 1980s and a longtime sympathiser, within limits, with the Republican cause -- is that it makes Sinn Fein's cynical use of the IRA virtually untenable -- Bush is absolutely right to revoke Gerry Adams' standing invitation to Washington -- and shows, if anyone doubted it, that the IRA has devolved irretrievably into a criminal gang.

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author by Matthew Smithpublication date Thu Mar 17, 2005 02:32author email newarkitecture at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

As despicable and self-degrading as it is for IRA members to resort to vigilantism and thuggery, it must be said that the call of Irish Republicanism for a united Ireland & of an end to British colonialism & occupation once and for all is just! We feel the pain of the McCartney family. The people who committed this criminal act should be brought to justice. Unjustifiable killing of peoples’ loved ones is tragic. May the McCartney’s please pass that word to Mr. Bush when they meet. Meantime, please allow me to point out that Bush the Dyslectic Conqueror & Blair the British Wonder Poodle have a lot of nerve feigning indignation at such tactics; and shunning Gerry Adams on this premise is nothing more than farcical. The scale and magnitude of their crimes eclipses anything the IRA in it’s darkest hour would be capable of. Merely glance at their twisted trail of devastation, humiliation, torture & wanton killing in Iraq.

It is no irony that the most decrepit & backward of trends follow in their wake: Mere mention of bin Laden’s name before the election strengthened Bush’s hand, just as his calling-card on 9-11 opened the door for the advancement of the neo-cons’ imperial ambitions, in large part to reoccupy the middle east. Conversely, leveling of entire cities like Fallujha, and other indiscriminate uses of force again civilian populations, at “informal checkpoints” seems to be a popular place and time, strengthens the resistance. Never mind the hooliganism within the IRA, how about Reagan’s boy Negroponte (of Iran/Conta fame) & his infamous death squads in Honduras. & now one may presume Iraq, where he currently sits as US Ambassador. Yippeekayay. Or what about this current batch running amok in Haiti while the elected President, Aristide, remains exiled in South Africa. A broad spectrum of leaders such as Rep. Maxine Waters and actor/activist Danny Glover have denounced Bush’s administration, including the outgoing S.S. Powell, with complicity in what Aristide himself described “a modern day kidnapping at the service of a coup.”—complete with US armor guard.

Malcolm X warned the powers to either accept Martin Luther King, Jr. nonviolently, or get what I got: “Less singin’ & more swingin.” & though militant, he was no terrorist. There is even a US Postage stamp with his proud visage—and it’s certain that Mr. X was well vetted. It’s the realization that to fight for nationalism as an act against oppression is, how did he say, “Intelligent.” To fight for nationalism as an act of oppression is despotic. For years, Sinn Fein’s efforts to bring into the political realm the struggle that the IRA carried out with arms have been repeatedly thwarted by forces determined to keep Ireland partitioned. The IRA may have made mistakes, but the cause for which generations of proud Irish nationals have shed their blood is no less worthy than the Lincoln’s Unionists fighting to repatriate the South & crush the Confederacy—which, interestingly, bears a strong resemblance to today’s Northern Irish Loyalists to Her Majesty’s Crown.

They can have their Bush’it. Give us Sinn Fein!

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author by Kevin Walsh - Social Justicepublication date Fri Mar 18, 2005 22:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I read with comical entertainment your comments on Indymedia, tonight.

IRA guns and bombs have been silent for 8 years. Messrs. McGuinness and Adams have done insurmountable work in the last number of years to bring about a fair and equal process in the North of Ireland.

Mr. Brookes, I suggest to you that Mr. Bush needs a new PRO team. Can you really write on Indymedia and lecture people while Mr. Bush and his cohorts (Rumsfeld and Cheney) have murdered children by their thousands in Iraq. Mr. Bush was put in office not for his intelligence. My Jack Russell has 58 English words in his vocabularly, Mr. Bush has only about 40.

Mr. Bush was placed in power by Corporate Oil but then again oil has now only a 20-24 year life span and then America will start shivering for new ways to keep their corporate ideals working. China and India are coming to fore in new global business ventures and their technology is cataching up - that brings a new horizon for the world - it is called Fair Trade, Mr. Brooks.

I ask you what do you call a Terrorist? To me as an Irish man, the Brits are unique when they occupy someone's country and when people stand up to their arrogance, they are called terrorists. The IRA will go away someday but did you ever hear Mr. Brookes, of the Loyalists murder gangs who had the backing of the RUC and British intelligence to murder Catholics at free will e.g. Pat Finucane, a lawyer just doing his job.

Now globally the world knows the collusion between the Loyalists and the Police.

Mr. Brookes, what about Bloody Sunday? But then again, I find Iraq just as sad right now. Tony Blair got it wrong by saying Iraq had the capacity to fire Weapons within 45 minutes into Saudi Arabia. How can you fire a weapon from a Wheelbarrow.

Mr. Brookes - are you any relation of the Mr. Brooks who was the Northern Ireland secretary in the 1980's who appeared on the Late Late Show with Gay Byrne (Irish live chatshow) and sang Waltzing Mathilda only hours after the bombing of Lord Mountbatten and the killing of 18 British soldiers in Warrenpoint. You see, in war Mr. Brooks, soldiers only become numbers.

America right now is the most dangerous country in the world and we sadly give them Shannon to re fuel and continue on their murderous campaign against innocent people. Someday America will have to face the word Morality and Honesty and Hollywood which gave Vietnam a glamour which was totally wrong, because the Vietnemese people, in their thousands, gave their lives but America had to back off because they were beaten.

They may look at Iran and Syria right now with distaste and mistrust but I hope Rumsfeld who is psychotic never looks at North Korea because they have more than wheelbarrows and they will fight back.

Please Mr. Brookes get your history right. I am Irish, I know my roots and the Island of Ireland belongs to the Irish people and 45 million Irish Americans would agree with me on that.

I pray tonight as I write this that American guns and bombs are not killing children in the Middle East.

Kevin Walsh

'Live as if you are going to die tomorrow but learn as if you are going to learn from the rest of your life'

The future with its mystery and the fear within ourselves brings us all together but sadly why does a past divide us by hate.


author by a blast from the pastpublication date Fri Mar 18, 2005 23:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I believe the chap´s name was Peter BROOKE (not Brookes) and the song was "My Darling Clementine".

The incident occurred in Jan 1992 in the wake of the Teebane bombing in which eight civilians died (nothing to do with Mountbatten who was blown up in 1979)
Brooke offered his resignation but he was not replaced by Mayhew until April 1992.


Related Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/uk/03/singing_politicians/html/3.stm
author by Reality Checkpublication date Sat Mar 19, 2005 13:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Kevin, I hope you're not posting under the name of the IRA murderer Kevin Walsh as a joke and that really is your name.

author by barrypublication date Sat Mar 19, 2005 18:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Jesus, youve a problem with peoples names now. catch a grip

author by A Further Reality Check (one worthy of the name)publication date Sat Mar 19, 2005 22:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The poor chap always seems to get asked that one ......

You may find the answer on another thread ....

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=68344&results_offset=210
author by irish cultural attache in san franciscopublication date Sun Mar 20, 2005 08:16author email irishculturalattache at gmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

IRA guns and bombs have been silent for 8 years
>> UNTRUE. Plus the knives and baseball bats have been busy too. More than 50 people have been murdered by the IRA in one guise or another.

Messrs. McGuinness and Adams have done insurmountable work in the last number of years to bring about a fair and equal process in the North of Ireland.

>> WRONG. It's called Northen Ireland, and is recognized by the United Nations. Note to non-Irish readers: This use of "North of Ireland" is a giveaway for detecting Irish-American and Irish Provo Fellow Travellers, Apologists for MOPE Syndrome, and IRA cheerleaders. The word "Peelers" is another one.

Bush was placed in power by Corporate Oil
>> WRONG . He was democratically elected by the American people.

Mr. Brookes, what about Bloody Sunday?

>> REALLY. How about Bloody Friday? Or La Mon? Or Teebane? Or the human bomb forced to carry a bomb into a British Army checkpoint? Or Jonathan Parry? Or Enniskillen? Or Jean McConville? Or Robert McCartney...?

Mr. Brookes - are you any relation of the Mr. Brooks who was the Northern Ireland secretary in the 1980's who appeared on the Late Late Show with Gay Byrne (Irish live chatshow) and sang Waltzing Mathilda only hours after the bombing of Lord Mountbatten and the killing of 18 British soldiers in Warrenpoint. You see, in war Mr. Brooks, soldiers only become numbers.

>> EXCUSE ME? This is one of the most stupid comments ever made on Indymedia. The man's name is Peter Brooke and he sang "My Darling Clementine" on the Late, Late Show after eight Protestant workmen were murdered by IRA terrorists at Teebane in 1992. The murder of Lord Mountbatten and others in Sligo and the murders of the 18 soldiers in Northern Ireland were in the late 1970's

Please Mr. Brookes get your history right. I am Irish, I know my roots and the Island of Ireland belongs to the Irish people and 45 million Irish Americans would agree with me on that.

>> "get your history right" - JEEZ. I presume this is some kind of American irony.

Teebane Memorial taken from CAIN site
Teebane Memorial taken from CAIN site

author by barrypublication date Sun Mar 20, 2005 15:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

They were rebuilding damaged British Army fortifications, actively collaborating with the forces of occupation. IRA volunteers were risking and losing their lives putting those military bases out of action, only for these people to come in and immediately rebuild.

They were active and deliberate collaborators pure and simple. A number of catholic collaborators were also killed forexactly the same thing.

Those people knew exactly what they were doing and exactly what the consequences were. They chose to become a key part of the British occupation of Ireland, constructing and maintaining the fortifications which allowed the BA to maintain its iron grip here.
They simply got what was coming to them.

author by mr. shit stirrerpublication date Sun Mar 20, 2005 16:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You know that people who talk like that in liberated Iraq are called "terrorists" .....

author by Barrypublication date Sun Mar 20, 2005 16:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

When they catch collaborators theyre generally referred to as "sir"

author by Kevin Walsh - Social Justice and Ethics - Pleasepublication date Sun Mar 27, 2005 03:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Amercian fool!!!!

I first want to wish you a Happy Easter.

Now I don't know what Easter means to you but to me and probably 65 m Irish people worldwide , it means the memory of the Irish people who put up a stand against the Empire and succeeded in getting Irish Freedom.

There is one more patch of land that we haven't forgotten about and we never will. It is the North of Eire and only an American Brit like you would call it northern Ireland.

You mentioned 50 murders by IRA since the ceasefire. Are you getting this from the White House propaganda? Get your facts right!

The Commission of Inquiry which is MI5 (run) states there is 12 Loyalist murders against Catholics and the internal feuding of their drug wars. You see Mr. Attache: You can plant Shamrock in the Sahara, but it will blow away. There have been no bombs in 8 years except American bombs on innocent people in Iraq. Shame on you.

Blair now is under pressure from his own Party, thanks to Bush. I must go back in time for a while now, to San Diego in the 1980's:-

I used to teach History part-time, down town. One evening I mentioned the Persian Gulf - this kid says Mr. Walsh, Is that a MacDonalds new cheeseburger? It was funny but sad - it indicated the limited historical knowledge of the American children. I don't know your background but don't tell me Irish History. The Brits have no business on the Island of Ireland and the Empire has fallen apart and no-one gives a shit.

There will be Talks again soon and Sinn Fein will be there as the biggest party in the North of Eire. Minister Ahern will talk and we will see see what happens in Britain after the Election and overseas also. They will talk also.

You know, many years ago I went to John Rambo, the Movie. It was sad. The Americans were the Good Guys in Vietnam. Looking back now, it is a right laugh but it is a tragic one.

Now don't forget Tricky Dickie. Was he Opus Dei also? He would never tap a phone. I have a book I would recommend to you, it is called Another Man's Wound by Ernie O'Malley.

Next time you write, try something more learned and less biased.

By the way, I hear Bush is not a regular Church goer yet he has a direct line to God. He must be still smoking that funny stuff.

Kevin Walsh


'Live as if you are going to die tomorrow but Learn as if you are going to learn for the rest of your life'

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justicepublication date Sun Mar 27, 2005 03:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors


'He who has the reason why can deal with any how' Alas, Nietzche philosophy did not save him from suicide.

A man of genius yet in the end he lost the equilbrium to sustain mind and body...Very sad and a thought for you at Easter perhaps.

It is Easter. All men are supposedly equal in eyes of the Lord.

Here is the Ideal and our journey as people is to achieve equality,

Prejudice only diminishes this objective and outcome is words of bitterness and acrimony.

8 years yes and No bombs. Please let this be the case now and in the future and let the Peace Process rise with the Easter Morning sun; in respect to those who died in 1916 in search of a more equitable society.

My personal experience has involved a growth and more tolerance and less frustration in life. Books have been my salvation. I started to read late life but what a source inpsiration and a journey of exploration.

I recommend Bertrand Russell....he lived to 93 and was a close friend of Einstein

or Thomas Merton, an American Cistercian

or Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit Priest in China and a scientist in the early 1900's

or maybe books by John Hume (Nobel Prize) Gerry Adams; Sean MacBride(Nobel Prize)

Enjoy your Easter.

John Hume quote: 'Diversity in Unity'

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