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Barrett's Friends and Supporters.

category dublin | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Monday October 18, 2004 15:56author by Jack Black - ... Report this post to the editors

More info on links between Justin Barrett and the fascists

With all the fuss over Justin Barrett not speaking at U.C.D. and then speaking at N.U.I.G. I decided to have a look at some of the websites frequented by fascists in Ireland and see what type of people hung out there. In one thread on the Irish Nationalist website someone identified themselves as having worked on Justin Barrett’s election campaign, another as a justin Barrett supporter and someone else gave the user name of the nazi skinhead who got into a fight at the back of the lecture theatre when Barrett tried to speak in U.C.D. By going through these sites i hoped to learn more about the kind of people who support Justin Barrett and the type of people who will turn out and watch him speak.

Defending his absence from UCD on the night Justin Barrett was to speak someone called “IrishThirdPosition” (who describes himself as “21, good looking and totally unpredictable” and appears to be a Westmeath supporter) excuses himself by saying that “I was very much involved with JB's (i.e. Justin Barrett’s) European election campaign, and even chaired one of his national information meetings earlier this year”. After having identified himself as an active supporter of Barrett and a participant in his election campaign I was curious to see what other interests IrishThirdPosition had. He claims to visit Barretts website quite regularly and also signs all his posts with a link to a site called ‘Political Soldier’. I figured I’d check that site out and see where else Barrett supporters like to hang out on the web.
‘Political Soldier’ bills itself as a ‘ZOG buster’ site (ZOG stands for Zionist Occupational Government- the public face of the Jewish conspiracy which runs the world don’t ya know!). This delightfull website sells some very distasteful merchandise; books on the ‘holohoax’, and a special section on Judasism with titles like “Towards an evolutionary history of anti-semitism”. Their books on ‘morality’ include the rather unsubtle title “The Death Penalty for Homosexuals is Prescribed in the Bible” written by Pastor Peter J. Peters. Journals are also sold on this site ; titles like ‘Blood and Honour’, ‘Nationalist Dawn’, ‘New York Third Positionist’ and ‘The Voice Of St.George’
They also sell a range of clothing options; 2 colour t-shirts with ‘fascist eagle’ or ‘waffen ss’ or the “Eagle's head with the SS runes, and German Iron Cross. Plus words 'Soldaten der Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler'” model, hoodies bear similar messages as do the polo shirts available. The oh so subtle range of ‘blitzkrieg’ clothing is also available.
For the fascist or Barrett supporter with plenty of leisure time or looking for some Christmas presents for friends and family they stock some Mussolini playing cards, a bust of Mussolini, some anti abortion or Spanish fascist postcards (you could send them home while visiting a Forza Nuova rally in Italy or an NPD meeting in Germany. Funnily enough Forza Nuova and the NPD have a range of merchandise available on the site as well). Other gifts include wallets and coin holders stamped with the “Charlemagne SS Division” logo amongst others. Keyrings and keychains with similar fascist and nazi emblems are also available. For the caffine addict you can purchase an Ian Stuart (dead English Nazi skinhead, used to be in a band called screwdriver) or Rudolf Hess (Deputy Führer and considered to be the number 3 man in Hitler's Germany) coffee mug.

The links section carries internet connections to, record companies specialising in ‘hatecore’, ‘political nationalistic racial aware’ (sic) parties from across Europe and the usual shite you’d expect on Nazi websites. It’s probably a lot like the stuff Justin Barrett runs into on his trips across Europe but I guess its not the type of thing he’d like to be publicly associated with over here.

Using the search engine on Irish Nationalism you can check the posts made by all users so I decided to see what IrishThirdPosition felt about a range of issues:
On religion: When old Catholicism was at its height (i.e. back in the Middle Ages), it wouldn't have even entered the heads of people to marry outside their own village, let alone their own race.
I agree that the modern Catholic Church (post-1962) is a pitiful form of Judaism wrapped in Protestantism.
On travellers: They claim to be native Irish, but realistically they are descended from Romany gypsies - all you have to do is look at them and you know that they are not really Irish. Other than that, they are untidy, dirty, aggressive - often criminal, and don't pay their dues.
On Bloomsday: Please try and ignore all the above items this weekend, and anything to do with this anti-Irish, pornographic "writer."
On pro choice groups and homosexuals: What Do Pro-choicers And Homosexuals Have In Common? Both of these groups have an aversion for the truth and endorse sin. No, that's not quite correct. To be more accurate, both of these groups MOCK GOD and are LIARS… Both organizations are selfish, evil and are the brainchild of satan. How else would one condone the killing of their fellow human beings, or condone a sick and deadly lifestyle. It's as if these people have “mush” for a brain and cannot think clearly, OR, satan is giving them the orders. It IS one of the two.
On capital punishment: If we hanged all rapists in a public show, then there would be no need to worry, would there?
On the masons/ jews: Kabbalism is actually the guiding spiritual force of the upper ranks of Freemasonry.

Ted Roach is the online moniker used by someone who describes themselves as an ‘independent thinker’ and as a “former ICP member now a Justin Barrett supporter” and politically as a “white winger”. His home page link points to Justin barretts site, he also posts audio downloads of ‘Mein kampf’ up on the web. Talking about Barrett he has said that:
“A number of concerned citizens including Justin Barrett will be meeting in Dublin very soon, I am not going to say when and where this meeting will take place for obvious reasons, but anyone who is genuinely Interested in attending can PM me.”
“I recommend people read from page 32 were he talks about the "far right" parties as being the "ture parties of opposition". And that the "far right" has " reached nowhere near its heights". People should also read "A country of our own" which talks about non white immigration into Ireland.”
“Ted Roach: Republican Sinn Féin is not pro white you should support the ICP and Justin Barrett. I can tell you for sure that unlike the ICP Justin Barrett IS the real deal, but you may perfer the ICP approach.”

Talking on other topics on Irish nationalism and Stormfront he has said:
Equality Authority I'm sure most people would agree that they are traitors to Ireland.
Speaking about Nigerians in Ireland he said: “It does'nt matter if their "good people " their still going to pollute our gene pool.”

According to Anti Fascist Action and the lunatics who post on both Stormfront and Irish nationalism Mythos is the web name of the nazi skinhead who got into a fight at the debate in UCD. Mythos has posted extensively on Irish Nationalism and Stormfront and describes himself as follows:

Interests:Christianity, National Socialism, Theology, History, Computer Science Politics:Irish Nationalism, National Socialism, Conservatism, Political Christian Identity
Religion:Disciple of Christ, a Christian. 83!

Here’s a flavour of some of the threads he’s started and posts he’s contributed to both fascist websites:
On the proposal that a statue be erected to Phil Lynott: He called Philo a “half-breed nigger drug abuser” and then said that “what we need is some very strong chains to tie around his afro and tear it [the proposed statue]down to the ground”.
Speaking about a radio interview with the extremist ‘Aryan Nations’ organisation he stated that: “we believe the Jew to be the most evil creature on earth”. He had further comments to make about jews on threads talking about the fashionable trend amongst celebrities such as Madonna for the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) where he said that “the Jews are the actual children of Satan.Others have a place on this earth, but not in Europe.”
On gay pride day: “the homosexuals are walking our streets to show how proud they are to commit Sin, a sin which was punishable by Death in the Bible… they will gather and celebrate their, multiple diseases, the fact that they enemies of man and god, and the fact that they are slowly killing each other… they should NOT BE PROUD OF IT, they are sticking the middle finger in the face of God. They should live by themselves, they should not be allowed to have partners, nor should their cause be advertised nor should they be made look like the next best thing to aspire to, they should not be proud of their Sin !!! If they commit the act of Homosexual Sex, then they SHOULD be punished.”
After some replies he goes on to say “God put them to death, I advocate a life of perhaps harsh conditions of solitude, but a fate better than death…”
On Des Bishop (comedian): “The Irish/American Comedian Des Bishop.. has this evening during an interview on the famous Late Late show hosted by Pat Kenny promoted the satanic practice of race-mixing, not only does it go against christian scripture, but also agains the laws of nature. His uncompromising attempt at promoting this evil act was brought about in a annecdote of his, which was purely anti-irish and anti-white. The comment began with him stating that the people of ennis did not want non-white immigration, and that "your one" from the ICP, started ranting about the influx of non-whites. Then he lashed out with this comment, read it carefully, and picture his smug little face as he says " the people in ennis have too much freckles, lets get some black blood into their". The comment was followed by a huge applause and laughter from the audience including Pat Kenny. Shame on them all.”
On Justin Barrett: “The Book is Brilliant, a must for any true irish white nationalist, the chapter "a country of our own" focus on the bad effects on non-white immigration to ireland. All i can say is buy it and read it, its is brilliant.”
“ If he could set up and organisation i am sure all here or 90% would join. I would.”
“Perhaps someone with the technology could compile a CD of his various appearances and sell it for unit cost to diseminate his message.”
“For the EU, I beg of all people who are registered to Vote, to vote for JUSTIN BARRETT NO. 1”.
“I second that. The National Way Forward by Justin Barrett of the Mother and Child Campaign, of Coir and of Youth Defence is a fantastic Book.”
“Justin Barrett is a Great man, only today was he defending marriage on News talk 106. The Dykes had no chance, and a Kike from the states was even on the phone tyring to bring down Biblical law and morals.”

Random comments about Justin Barrett taken from stormfront and Irish Nationalism:

Setanta73 :…Takes organisation obviously and a figurehead but when you get a critical mass bulit these things tend gain their own momentum and JB is the ideal guy to build around and he deserves our support.
Saoirse: I support Barrett but not the ICP.
Cork Descent: God Bless Justin and Bernadette. I don't think Justin will get in - but providing a voice for the voiceless commands our respect! Ireland needs more men of valour like Justin Barrett.
Milesian: (reviewing The national Way Forward, Barrett’s book). Barrett’s vision is that of an ‘Ireland, united, Gaelic and free’ based upon Catholic social doctrine and divorced from the liberal capitalist dogma which the author bitterly castigates throughout his work. His solution for Ulster? Repartition, and he puts forward compelling argument for same – basically an idea proposed in the 80s by Irish radicals writing in the journal, Nationalism Today.
Long Knife: I wrote to Justin and suggested that he should quote the UN's Declaration of Human Rights. The reds won't like it! I also suggested that a few of its articles, (one and two) for starters, need a quite a bit of redrafting.
Flintstone: "I have just finished reading Justin Barrett's book - he really is a true Irish patriot. It is great there is someone in the public eye who believes immigration is a 'biological problem'. He is running for the European elections and I think he is most worthy of our vote.”
Aryan Ireland: The one thing I regret is that Justin Barrett is standing in a different electoral area to where I am or he would definitely get my number 1 vote.
Loughgorman 1798: In a reissue of his book, The National Way Forward, Barrett describes immigration as "genocidal" and compares the current " influx of foreigners" with the plantation of Ulster.

Jaysus, reading through these sites can be pretty derpressing, but every now and then you come across something which puts a smile on your face, sometimes it’s the outlandishly paranoid ramblings of the lunatic frings, other times it’s the sheer earnestness of a lonely bonehead…

Mythos: I have now started to only take cold showers as I was told they make one mentaly and physicaly stronger.
Is this true?
Irishthirdposition: Can anyone name any leading Irish Freemasons? I'm sure Masonry has permeated every section of Irish society - in business, politics, the media and possibly even the religious institutions. But who knows an Irish Freemason? I'm stuck for examples. This is pretty disturbing, as Ireland is one of the main countries in the world where the wicked craft is established. Plus, the Irish Masonry website gives a guide to the meeting times of each lodge. Since many current Masons are known in the United States, Britain and elsewhere, why is this not the case in Ireland? I have heard rumours that Fianna Fail and the PDs are riddled with paid-up hoodwinkers.
Mythos: Hi, i need a routine to do with a set of dumbells to tone my chest, and increase muscle mass in same area.DIAGRAM WOULD BE GREAT !!!!!!!
Mythos: I have no such emotional patterns, due to my German half I am very cold and stern and quiet, however among friends my irish side appears, and yes I have a very short fuse, too short.
Irishthirdposition: PDs = overt form of Irish Communist Party

author by Con Creminpublication date Mon Oct 18, 2004 17:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Good work Jack Black. Its important to expose the neo-Fascists whatever they call themselves. Like cockroaches they fear the light. Gerry McGeough, former Provisional Sinn Fein, one of Barrett's colleagues is a regular on WBAI's (New York) Radio Free Eireann, a mouthpiece for Republican Sinn Fein. RFE's Washington Correspondent, William Hughes has publicly endorsed the anti-Semitic views of Professor Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald was a character witness for English Nazi David Irving in his libel trial with Deborah Lipstadt.

author by curiouspublication date Mon Oct 18, 2004 18:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What is their position on paedeophiles Con?

author by Terry - Galway Grassroots/NUIG Ecology Societypublication date Mon Oct 18, 2004 19:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"On capital punishment: If we hanged all rapists in a public show, then there would be no need to worry, would there?"

Concered at such attitudes automatically taken as given as being far right, they certainly had capital punishment in France in 1792.

author by Terry - Galway Grassroots/NUIG Ecology Societypublication date Mon Oct 18, 2004 19:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Very good article otherwise though.

author by Michaelpublication date Mon Oct 18, 2004 19:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well done and thanks for taking the time, and having the gut, to sift through all those neo-nazi sites compiling quotes for this article.

author by .:.publication date Mon Oct 18, 2004 21:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It was interesting to read for one who is not disposed to visit these sites and up their reader figures and who is also unwilling to confuse the federal bureau of investigations in their current listing of left wing internet users.

Just some thoughts-

Why would one user choose "loch gorman1798" as a cyber handle?

The proper spelling is "Qabala" which is the closest rendering of "QBL" which approximates to the meaning "to recieve", I can't understand how qabala could be understood as a "spiritual force".

If in the middle ages people didn't mate outside their village, and institutional marriage was not common place until the XVI century, then who did sailors breed with?

as for "pro choice" being ordered by Satan, choice was given to Adam Kadmon as that element of his nature which marked him apart from the other orders of creation. This has been dogma for all catholics since Constantine. To be "pro-choice" is to honour the God of Eden. Whatever one may say of the resulting choice made.

I think everyone will find that X-ianism is a form of Judaism wrapped in something be it roman law, coptic custom or protestantism.
Ah you might like to remember Jesus (the X in the X-ian) was jewish.

James Joyce was not pornographic, his writing was not intended to erotically excite and if reading Molly's soliloquay is your way of getting off, you're probably a sinful un-natural. ;-) Of course Joyce was a qabalist and made extensive reference to Adam Kadmon in Finnegan's wake. If users of the far right site think he is "anti-Irish" then "you got mush for brains".

If a good deal of nigerians do breed with irish coleens (at home) "in the blessed land" than maybe the subsequent genetic changes will mean Irish boys with dicks worth measuring.

sin é.
RSF are linked to other types of far right groupings in Europe, such as the Faroese
and Sardinians. They are "far right" but I wouldn't put them in the same box as Justin Slavin Barrett.

Oh! if any reader is connected to the Irish Library on Kildare street, many years ago there was an exhibition of "the Irish face" which depicted the faces of Irish and their anthropological types from the earliest illustrations. It would be _a very good_ idea for the information and inspiration of that exhibition to be found again. There are as many african jawlines in Ireland as there are "milesian northern spanish" who you know look sort of slavish- and these types prefer to have saxon names and celtic looks.

author by Tonypublication date Tue Oct 19, 2004 21:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Have I got this right yet?

AFA (the new stormtroopers of RAR et al) rush Barrett at the "debate".

Barrett goes on national media and denounces Indymedia as a nest of extremism.

AFA nuts post everything but the actual links to "Nazi" sites on - you guessed it - Indymedia.

You guys are clearly in cahoots with Barrett - yeah?

Admit it - you would be lost without him.

author by Seanpublication date Tue Oct 19, 2004 21:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Would who be lost with without him?

author by TERRA NOSTRApublication date Tue Oct 19, 2004 22:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

So if this Mr Barrett is as right wing as you view (wish?) him to be why not sit down with the gentleman some quiet Sunday afternoon with a nice cup of tea and ( just for the sake of peace, no fun i know) and find some common ground?
E.g. the irreparable shortcomings of liberal democracy or, even more to extremist tastes, just how awful those horrid, horrid Zionists are!
I know, just not the same as good bit of fisticuffs, but hate and particularly irrational hate must find its righteous, self-justifying outlet.
Hey!even Islamist fanatics like tea and hate "Them" z-people. You all could have a really jolly time together!( or am I being unfair to Mr Barret?)

author by Tonypublication date Tue Oct 19, 2004 23:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Would who be lost with without him?

Those who believe that taking on Barrett will

a. Save AFA from his views
b. Save everyone else from his views
c. Prevent the establishment of "facism"
d. Prevent a national party of "facism"
e. Prevent this "party" from filling the Dail OR
f. Prevent a revolution or coup d'etat
g. Prevent European conquest of said revolution or party

And so:

h. Prevent worldwide dissolution, internecine strife and, naturally, in case you havent been reading their grandiose prophecies - third world war.

These AFA ideologues are terribly deep thinkers when they are not trying to boot invited University speakers in the face with steel capped shoes.

author by iosafpublication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 13:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

are you reaching for the solicitors?

author by :-)publication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 14:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

and the sites are covered by _french_ internet law. So Milesian is hispanic after all. But I doubt he knows anything about french hate laws.

owner-address: Skadi, Inc.
owner-address: 5998 Alcala Park
owner-address: 92110-2492
owner-address: San Diego
owner-address: California
owner-address: United States of America
owner-phone: +1.6192604600
owner-fax: +1.6192604000
admin-c: NE103-GANDI
tech-c: NE103-GANDI
bill-c: NE103-GANDI
reg_created: 2004-04-28 10:11:14
expires: 2006-04-28 10:11:14
created: 2004-04-28 16:11:15
changed: 2004-09-23 00:00:16

person: Njvrd Eriksson
nic-hdl: NE103-GANDI
address: Skadi, Inc.
address: 5998 Alcala Park
address: 92110-2492
address: San Diego
address: California
address: United States of America
phone: +1.6192604600
fax: +1.6192604000
lastupdated: 2004-07-02 03:20:53

author by Tonypublication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 19:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

are you reaching for the solicitors?


author by :-)publication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 21:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'd love to see "the fascist/neonazi menace" in court.
A french court would do. So let's put it this way, one of our jobs "on the far left" is to influence the centre left by influencing their kids and universities and media. That's why we have "power". And it carries responsibilities.
And one of those is effectively ensuring that fascist groups have no platform or do not organise in Europe. And we are very well supported in that aim, if not in always in recent "polemic" methods used on a campus in Dublin. So like-
"let's go to court".

Now what exactly what was the libel / slander accusation?

[for readers benefit, after more than a week of sustained racist jokes, jibes, and trolling, a lot of "exchanges" have now been edited. One of the team at the "irish-nationalism" website, which is an irish portal for fascists has written to indymedia ireland alledging that he has been misrepresented. As of yet he hasn't thought to leave his real name. He might be "Tony" or he might not, his attitude is very similar. Because the indymedia network supports the US constitutional amendment which guarantees the right to anonymously contact the media, and we fighting the FBI in a legal action to keep that right, we can't be 100% sure who that person is. So now you all know (instead) who owns that website, and who you should write letters to explaining that every week in "your nation of Ireland" people are attacked for being migrants or minorities, and there are serious reasons to believe that that website is not doing enough to stop this violence and rather is making it worse. You might even like to give the nazi kkk fucker a free phone call. oops was that libel?]

author by solicitorpublication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 21:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If he's a well informed revisionist I'm sure that he'll have heard of the Roger Garaudy/Abbe Pierre affair and the Gayssot law - a fine piece of politically correct legislation introduced by one practicising French Communist against a lapsed one ...

author by No I’m Spartatus.publication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 21:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

LOL, I always wondered what that emoticon means and now I know…to be paranoid enough to accuse an able debater irrationally of ideological extremism simply because you and your "co-religionists" have been trumped in every argument.
Gawd help us all if these clowns ever were able to acquire half the power they desire!

author by Tonypublication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 21:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I have been called a Nazi, a facist (and a fascist) and a racist so far - but to be promoted to the editor of the "irish-nationalism" website????

Are you guys taking the piss now or is this really the best "arguments" that can forwarded.

Has anyone here been educated in discourse other than slander?

I have asked that any post that I have "apparently" made ANYWHERE else be pointed out as proof that I indulge any other site, on such topics, other than this one.

I dont possess a schizophrenic style of writing or a "personality" for the occasion.

Now - again - for the slow of learning, the ignorant or the plain stupid, put up, or shut fucking up.

author by Tonypublication date Wed Oct 20, 2004 21:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I have been known to post to the Irish Times forum occasionally.

(cowering now and waiting for the frenzy)

author by you know whopublication date Thu Oct 21, 2004 21:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Now they've finally got you Tony my lad ...

The redoubtable iosaf - aka ipsiphi etc. etc. has pointed the inquisitional finger of suspicion at you .... you have a "similar attitude" to the dude from the irish-nationalism site who had the temerity to complain to indymedia about misrepresentation ......

What further proof do we need ?
Even if you are not one and the same person you clearly are suffering from an attitude problem .........

Off to the Gulag with you ....

That might soften your cough !

author by John - RRIRApublication date Wed Aug 24, 2005 19:49author email johnjculley at msn dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

man; Phil Lynott was'nt even black!!! neither was his father --- what are Brasilians, "amazonian niggers?"

I am from Crumlin and look as irish as you can expect i.e. i have black hair and big blue eyes that wince at the slightest sign of the sun -yes i have been called "some kind of spick or wop" just because my hair is black - so let's just keep portraying paddy irishman as some freckled red-wishing-he-was-blond-haired person who fries n dies in the sun --- Irish people i don't even think realize that how much sun you see and the heat determines the pigmentation of one's eyes and's the reason most irish people are almost albinos and are practically transparent and you can see their little veins and arteries working away under their thin skin -- thats right, you can see right through 'em!! -- not me though, i slept too long in the sun when i was young in Cyprus and it changed my pigmentation a little i think and i can handle an hour of sun-exposure.....just.

on Barrett's views,

--i'm going to be entirely narrow-minded too, and say that NOBODY who wears the usual attyre of sports-casual can be trusted, they all harbour the same cowardice feelings as their get-up suggests

--and i'm sorry folks, but thats a helluva lot of our population.

Why is it that there's no snakes in Ireland again?

--because in this current humid but damp weather, i find it very strange that snakes ar not at least visible

......have they really turned into people?!

i am considering starting up yet antother bullshit provo-seperatist group called the RRIRA (really-real IRA) and setting about clearing our shores of these people who take this english mentality to heart --- our young folk are walking around like english "chavs" or "herberts"

- i believe it is time to clear ireland of this disease

I am f*cking livid with these white thrash and am putting together a thuggish group of morons (me included) that will act upon these by simple dress-code......their only reprieve will be if they apologize on the spot for looking how they do and crawl out of sight on their hands and knees

small-minded ireland.......BE AFRAID, for i am a sociopath with empty eyes and no soul left, all because of you personality constrictors.

--i don't give 2 hoots my friends, i have already drawn sickly weak thin blood

author by Barrypublication date Wed Aug 24, 2005 20:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It seems to me that the ONLY people who ever talk about Justin effing Barrett are those who believe theres some sort of far right conspiracy involving him in the offing . There isnt , hes a joke figure , just like Aine whatshername , that old woman with only cats for friends .

I also cant believe this nonsense about RSF being " far right" . Total undiluted Bollocks , utter nonsense . Theres a number of things about RSF I certainly dont like but that comment is just utter shite talk . Their Eire Nua and Saol Nua policy has more in common with Franz Fanon / mild anarchism / green philosophy than anything . Please supply at the very least even a small quote or some actual proof of their "far rightism" . Otherwise you simply all sound like Rik Mayall from the young ones , shouting " facist" at anything that moves .

I agree with the last poster about sports casual devotees and believe that the real facist / racist / far right threat in Ireland comes from the importation of English chav culture and attitudes . Anyone in possession of Burberry attire and a hard on for English soccer teams above all else is far more likely to try and emulate the BNP than a closeted homosexual hate the world type that is one of Barretts very few followers .

Rather than beating them up id suggest a re education camp which would put an end to such nonsense .

author by John Culleypublication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 13:51author email johnjculley at msn dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

thanks Barry, true blood brother

-yeh 'scuse me rant, I needed to enforce that point --lets keep the celtic spirit and mentaility alive, even if the bloodline has been tainted and every fourth person you meet in Dublin in particular has an English surname --- I think mine might be too, but i'm a lot more Byrne (mother) than Culley (da) ---anyways, now they''ve gained a foothold, lets at least educate em right, and not let their parents, the main importers of this sub-culture of bacterium from the late '80 & '90s influence em too much

--it's not the person i want to dispose of, its the imported attitude--its potentially devastating

author by Barrypublication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 15:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In my heyday as a youngster ANYONE ( male)dressed from head to toe in a white tracksuit with ostentatious gold chains would have been cornered and dealt with severely . Some of those punters look like rejects from "shalamar" or some such jump-suited freakshow . If Id told my da I wanted a £90 pair of trainers Id have got a £10 leather brogue up my hole .

First of all these chav bastards need taught basic respect for themselves first and then their community . Theyre going round in packs and wouldnt hesitate to kick you to death for your mobile or wallet or even for looking at them . Thats probably their first step back into what it means to be truly Irish . This shit chav culture is a far bigger danger to the Irish way of life than a million asylum seekers .

While our native chavs are running about either trying to get the latest Beckham hairstyle or trying to outdo each other in the scumbag stakes , Nigerian and Croatian parents are sending their kids along to the local naoinra or signing them up to the local GAA . Becoming more Irish than the Irish themselves . I only know a few people who came here from Africa but they are committed christians who work voluntarily with the Irish homeless and elderly .

Chances are by the time Justin Barrets 80 hell be campaigning to get them off TG4 and putting them out of the country because they wont speak English . Chav culture is a far greater danger to Irish culture and Irish life than asylum seekers . Its also a far greater threat to race relations than Justin pathetic attentionseeker Barret .

author by GPJpublication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 15:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Celtic culture was all about assimilation and adopting aspects of culture which worked better.

It is Anglo-Saxon chauvism , dressed up as irish nationalism, which you are preaching...which is ironic as this ideology has partioned ireland and divided its people.

author by Irish and Proud (But not Barry's vision)publication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 15:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Perhaps we should all dress up in leprechaun clothes, dance with comely maidens at the crossroads, bate a few homo's, wear brogues, toot the tin whistle, campaign to bring back rule 27, get a pig under our arms etc, etc.
Your collective thought process is beginning to get on me feckin nerves. No wonder your political group has f**k all support with the crap you spout.
What's the difference between your crap here and the 'all hoodies are gangsters' crap across the pond.

author by Barrypublication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 16:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well pardon fucking me for being pissed off about a culture based on greed , mindless and slavish consumerism , loutish and vicious violence against young and old , male and female , the persuit of bling and downright bad manners . Tell me one redeeming value or one worthwhile attitude promoted by this culture .

Are you seriously telling me that Jordan or the skirt wearing Beckham and his plastic boobed wife are role models for any kids ? Or that stupid feckin Frog song they all love is superior to The Specials or the Undertones ? That shit would rot your brain quicker than battery acid . It has to be seriously bad for you .

The culture promoted in chavdom is very simple . The worth of an individual is predicated by his/her clothing label and the value ? volume of their jewellry . Its all about selfishness , greed and instant gratification .That is a shit way to bring your youngsters up .

Not to mention their get up looks totally feckin ridiculous too . But I suppose pretty fly , for a white guy .

By the way the only Irish people Ive seen with pigs on their arms are the aforementioned chavs with their chavette girlfriends . Leprechaun clothing is only mildly less tasteful than chav get up .I toot a tin whistle the odd time but generally prefer the Jam or the Sex Pistols . Prefer comely maidens to dance on top of the bar than at the crossroads.

Catch a grip . And what is a "hoodie " ?

author by eeeekkkkpublication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 18:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

north south translation

author by D'otherpublication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 18:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

For someone so obsessed with Gaelic purity, you've obviously spent far too much time watching Sky One's lazy attempts to provide some sociological analysis around the whole media hyped Chav craze.

author by Barrypublication date Thu Aug 25, 2005 19:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

what drugs are you on ? please qualify that nonsensical remark for a start . Mildly obsessed with Gaelic football , fair enough. A soft spot for the Irish language and a bit of trad music hardly qualifies as an obsession though and I dont give a shite about gaelic or any other type of purity .

I dont have Sky tv because its too dear and its shite and they tell the tv license people were you live . And the reason why I dont like Chavs is because Belfast and Dundalk are both crawling with the vicious litlle thieving anti social bastards , not because Ive watched some sociological survey. And a female version of them lives with a friend of mine in this village and she openly admits to wanting to be just like jordan . And her brother stabbed a young lad to death too for sweet fa . Guess what , hes a chav and all . Pardon me for not liking the tramps .

author by Hoodiepublication date Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"I agree with the last poster about sports casual devotees and believe that the real facist / racist / far right threat in Ireland comes from the importation of English chav culture and attitudes."

There was no scum, robberies, heroin abuse, aggravated assaults, rapes, murders, organised crime until the importation of English chav culture and attitudes. My Dublin inner city upbringing in the seventies was an utopian idyll.
Wake up you myopic nationalist.
Young people always follow fads and trends. Be it the teddy boys, the rockers, the hippies, the mods, the punks, the new-ro's, the madchesters. Whatever it is doesn't make the followers of these trends all deserving of being labelled the way you are labelling them. One thing is for sure scum is scum whether it wears a burberry cap or a Louis Copeland three piece suit.

author by lucypublication date Fri Aug 26, 2005 13:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

But we are swamped in English tabloid newspapers, tv, and attitudes (right-wing, e.g. The Sun). and the sad fact is that working class people can't get enough of it.

author by Hoodiepublication date Fri Aug 26, 2005 13:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"But we are swamped in English tabloid newspapers, tv, and attitudes (right-wing, e.g. The Sun). and the sad fact is that working class people can't get enough of it."

What nationality is (Sir) Tony O'Reilly? We have more than enough of our own peddlers of right wing newspapers.
Of course our own tabloid newspapers, tv and attitudes are so right on!!! Stop the lights and take your emerald green blinkers off.

author by John Culleypublication date Sat Aug 27, 2005 14:02author email johnjculley at msn dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors


yeah, we call 'em SKANGERS

-it doesnt read as much, but when said with a thick dublin brogue, its a vile word no-one should want to be called

i'm 27, but i know at least in the '80s these skangers would be wearing, at worst, an iron maiden t-shirt and a Man of Aran sweater and would maybe be learning some guitar licks instead of considering souping up their woofer in their car so it can go "boom - boom - boom - boom" even louder, only reprieve being the slightly less repetitive rythms of some U.S. chart Hip Hop -- look at this years Slane, yer man didnt even have the heart, and oh, its a crisis to our economy just because another american multi-national pulled out --- but if it were to have gone ahead, the whole DAY was dedicated to these Idiot rappers from the U.S. --- i always thought the acts were varied -- and Slane is a reflection of what sells, and gawwd knows those idiots make enough money back home alone ---- thing about, say, our most loathed, thrash metal, was that it was fast, fun & talented -- those guys were athletes of their instruments ...and such was the nature of the music that they didnt expect to chart anyhow --- just a jibe at the overblown moral majority in the states --- fuck religion is right --- that is, if you truly want peace
--punk was good too, back then, more political but less musical

soz guys; our skangers are the dumbest sub-culture ever - - and the longest much longer??!?!?!

it's detremental to our nation and like an ingrown toe-nail

author by john Culleypublication date Sat Aug 27, 2005 14:28author email johnjculley at msn dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Barry, my man, we need more like minds to deal with these people --- you see their parents and say "there they are"......but then you see them berating another skanger and realize it's their offspring!!!

their common-as-muck seeds are sowing

I'll gladly do a "foreigner" for skanger trade-off, we need other cultures other than this English/US one

--any1 see O'Gorman's People the other night???! ....when Paddy went out on the Streets of Dublin??

i was MORTIFIED. straight away three sportswear-clad people launched into a tyrade about "them fordners takin our jobs". they had NO SHAME -- three of em together didnt amass to 1 complete brain

i aint no long-hair, but lets bring back at least some scruffy headbangers to give em some competition, cos i don't remember such a plague of locusts, such an infestation -- they need to be gobbled up

they hang around in such large packs -- I had a bottle lobbed at me in the Church car-park in Crumlin village ---- there were about 20 of 'em, not one of them condoned the act. -- this bottle whistled past my ear and smashed.

--i'm just a head, WTF if it had hit, i don't know

this is why we need different sub-cultures in our youth --- they have no-one their own age to say "hey, thats shite" or "that's wrong" competition ...they cry for identity, and the only way one could tell one from another is if they bar-code their scrawny necks

author by John Culleypublication date Sat Aug 27, 2005 14:51author email johnjculley at msn dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

GPJ said -- "Celtic culture was all about assimilation and adopting aspects of culture which worked better.

It is Anglo-Saxon chauvism , dressed up as irish nationalism, which you are preaching...which is ironic as this ideology has partioned ireland and divided its people"

.--is that your contribution?! you'll say a little more than that man

cmon, spill your heart!! (if you still got one; god knows that english mentality has taken hold!!)

anglo-saxon chauvinism? (spelt correctly)

maybe that's the key to success!!

I will use this tool on them themsleves

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