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Human Rights in Ireland
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The Daily Sceptic

offsite link Sunak?s Solution to Food Price Inflation: Socialism! Mon May 29, 2023 17:00 | Noah Carl
In an op-ed last year, Rishi Sunak wrote, ?I am a Thatcherite, I am running as a Thatcherite and I will govern as a Thatcherite.? So what's his latest proposal to tackle rising food prices? Socialist price caps!
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According to teacher Joe Baron, it isn't just our 'weak' laws that are to blame for the shameless anti-social behaviour of teenage boys like Mizzy. It's also feckless parenting and a lack of discipline at school.
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For Tony Morrison, there is something familiar about Marianna Springs and the BBC's new anti-disinformation project. She's Britain's answer to Nina Jankowicz, ex-head of the short-lived Disinformation Government Board.
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Movie star Jane Fonda, formerly married to billionaire Ted Turner, tells audience at Cannes Film Festival that white men are to blame for the 'climate crisis' and they should all be arrested and jailed.
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Adam McKay, a Hollywood director who helps fund Just Stop Oil, has a holiday home 5,000 miles away from his house in Malibu where he jets off to ?when the going gets tough?. It's one rule for him...
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Socialist Party Election Press Release

category national | politics / elections | press release author Monday November 03, 2003 15:20author by SP - Socialist Party Report this post to the editors

Solidarity with striking postal workers

Jim Barbour challenges political parties to refuse to use private mail companies during postal strike

South Belfast Socialist Party candidate Jim Barbour has announced his full support for postal workers who are currently engaged in industrial action.

Mr Barbour, the Northern Ireland firefighters’ union leader, whose central election theme is to Defend Public Services, stated

"Postal workers have been forced to take this action by a brutal management and the Blair Government. What lies beneath this dispute is an attempt to further erode postal workers conditions and to sell off the postal service to the private sector."

"My fellow Socialist Party candidate for East Belfast Tommy Black and I will be offering concrete support to postal workers in Northern Ireland who may decide to take solidarity action. In the event of local industrial action, we are publicly calling on all candidates to pledge not to use private companies to distribute their election manifestos."

For further comment contact:

Jim Barbour 07711210731

Tommy Black 07742405821

Contact the Socialist Party on 028 90 232962 or 07743282321

e-mail: socialist@belfastsp.freeserve.co.uk


Jim Barbour is an executive member of the Fire Brigades Union, representing firefighters in Northern Ireland.

Jim led firefighters in the recent dispute over pay and against the run down and privatisation of the fire service.

If elected he will act with the same resolve to defend public services and uphold the jobs and conditions of the people who work in them.

Jim was a founder of the South Belfast Campaign Against Water Charges and is currently helping setting up anti water charges groups around the constituency.

Jim is married with one daughter and lives in the Four Winds area.

Tommy Black lives in the Newtownards Road area and works as a school caretaker in Ashfield Girls’ High School. Tommy is chair of the East Belfast "Water Charges – We Won’t Pay" Campaign and is currently organising across the constituency to oppose this unjust tax.

As the former Chair of the Walkway Community Group he successfully campaigned for better facilities in East Belfast. As a union rep in the public sector union, NIPSA, he has campaigned for the rights of education workers and against the privatisation of our schools. He played a leading role in the struggle of term time workers for a full wage.

Related Link: http://www.socialistparty.net

 #   Title   Author   Date 
   Well played     Janus    Mon Nov 03, 2003 15:47 
   2 Candidates     SP    Mon Nov 03, 2003 15:53 
   Lead?     Funny thing    Mon Nov 03, 2003 17:50 
   No It Must Be A Different Jim Barbour     pat c    Mon Nov 03, 2003 18:22 
   Get your facts right     C'mon    Mon Nov 03, 2003 20:16 
   it isnt over you know     sp    Wed Nov 05, 2003 09:33 
   Watch the leaders!!     C'mon    Wed Nov 05, 2003 11:54 
   Check The SP Site     Magneto    Wed Nov 05, 2003 16:58 
   Ah Magneto     magnetic    Wed Nov 05, 2003 17:05 
 10   Ah Magnetic     Magneto    Wed Nov 05, 2003 17:48 
 11   Simple answer     head    Wed Nov 05, 2003 17:50 
 12   So Prove It     Magneto    Wed Nov 05, 2003 17:52 
 13   BTW     Magneto    Wed Nov 05, 2003 17:53 
 14   Crap     Mickey    Wed Nov 05, 2003 18:34 
 15   Barbour     Magneto    Wed Nov 05, 2003 18:56 
 16   BBC Censor Barbour     pat c    Wed Nov 05, 2003 19:06 
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