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How can we be protected from the sort of fraud we have endured over the last few years? How can we improve risk evaluation and keep our guard? It should start at school, with children taught to think for themselves.
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Chicago Youth Shut down Trump's Racist mouth. Chicago Resident. As a Chicago resident I am happy and proud

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Sunday March 13, 2016 18:53author by Sean Throne - Facts For Working People Report this post to the editors

For a national united front to close down Trump's racist movement.

Trump started back when Obama came to power. Questioning his birthplace. I have no time for Obama but this was racism. Then he refuses to condemn the KKK. His father was arrested as part of a KKK mob in New York City in 1927. Google Trumps farther and the KKK. Then he calls immigrants from Mexico and Central America, criminals and rapists. Then he calls for all Muslims to be kept out of the US. then he attacks women in the most vicious and degrading way. He is trying to build a white racist movement of mainly low paid workers and workers who have not benefited from the economic policies, globalization etc, of the past decades. Policies of the system that the racist Trump is a leader. in Chicago the youth came out and shut his racist divide and rule mouth. As Chicago resident i am proud. I thank the youth who took the lead. Sean O'Torain. (Throne.)

Chicago Youth Shut Trump's Racist Mouth. Chicago Resident: "I'm Proud and Happy Tonight."

Sean O'Torain.

Trump got what he deserved tonight in Chicago. He got kicked out of town. He has been asking for this for years. Think about it. Ever since Obama was elected Trump has been leading a campaign to see Obama's birth certificate. I have no time for Obama's policies but this was just a veiled racist attack on the first Black president. He has also been saying we, everybody knows who he means by we, that is white people, have to get our country back. He also refuses again and again to denounce the KKK. His father was arrested in New York in the 1920's as part of a KKK mob. The apple does not fall far from the tree. These campaigns of Trump have been his ways of expressing his racist views against Black people and building a white racist following. The fact he has just got an endorsement from the extreme right wing political moron Carson does not change this.

Trump is also a racist against Latino people. Those who come over the southern border, driven in desperation from their homes and jobs by the US imposed trade agreements such as NAFTA, to try and get a job, he calls criminals and rapists. Then there is his sexism. Calling women the most vicious and sexist names and abuse.He has attacked and attacks all Muslim people.

Trump has been building a movement in the Republican party based on the most right wing forces in that party and also on the wing of that party which has been most hit economically by the economic crisis and policies of the Republicans and Democrats. Desperate and seeing no other way out some of these have fallen for Trumps extreme right wing racist and sexist rhetoric.

It looked like Trump was sailing towards the Republican nomination. And he still may get that nomination. And it is not even excluded that he could win the presidency. But whatever happens on those fronts the Chicago youth tonight threw a spanner into the works. The Trump campaign is now going to be hounded wherever it goes. The most thoughtful wing of the capitalist class will see this even more than they already do and will try even harder to stop him. But they might not be able to. Or if they do they might do so in a way that would split the Republican Party. This in turn could open up a split in the Democratic Party and US politics could be thrown into a state of fragmentation.

Trump has been consciously working to create the confrontation he now faces. He attacks Black people, he attacks Latino people, he attacks women, at his rallies he attacks protesters saying he would like to punch them in the face and if anybody else did this he would pay their legal fees, his private security guards throw out protesters, his campaign manager attacks a journalist leaving her bruised, he leads chants against protesters: "get them out get them out." Then on Thursday night when a young Black man was being put out of one of his rallies a Trump supporter physically attacked him and Trump justified this. And incredibly the cops arrested the young man the Trump supporter attacked. Other protesters have been physically attacked at his rallies and he refuses to condemn this in fact he leads chants and shouts slogans and encourages this.

The authors of this Blog have been saying for some time that US capitalism is in a serious military, economic and political crisis. The events in Chicago on Friday night have brought this political crisis nearer to the surface. It is impossible to say which candidate will now win the nomination in either party. It is possible that major splits will take place with a number of major well known candidates. Trump in his ignorance openly expressed the most backward feelings in US society. On occasion he would try to hide this by talking about jobs going abroad etc when he and his companies were involved in this. The essence of his message was racist and sexist and an appeal to white working class voters who were left out of the economic growth of the past decades. US capitalism is in a dangerous situation. A new world recession lies ahead. The soaring stock markets will plunge. It is stuck in numerous wars and with up to two hundred bases spread around the world which it can no longer afford. To try and maintain it world wide military role it cuts the living standards of its own working class at home and lets its infrastructure collapse with the results being such as the mass poisoning in Flint, and elsewhere. US society is going to blow up. Class tensions and struggles will intensify.

In considering this there is another factor to be taken into account. This is the US working class. There are 14 million workers organized in the trade unions. The problem is that the leadership of these 14 million workers believe in capitalism, and because this leadership control the organizations of the working class, that is the trade unions, they have the capacity so far to hold down the rest of the working class, to keep the rest of the working class from struggling as a class. But this will not last forever. Already we have many many movements such as the movements for a higher minimum wage, against racism and sexism, against police brutality, against climate change and pollution, against the attacks on education and health and on and on. These are mainly being conducted by new movements, mainly of the youth and not organized in the trade unions. But these are signs of much bigger struggles to come. Much bigger struggles which will see the heavy battalions of the working class move into struggle, build new trade unions and transform the existing unions. Things will change. And when they do consider the new balance of forces that will be possible.

Think about this in the context of Chicago. Less than 1,000 Chicago youth closed down the big mouth racist Trump. We are all deeply indebted to them. But what about the other forces that were not there. In the Chicagoland area there are over 300 trade union locals. There are half a million workers affiliated to the Chicago Federation of Labor. This force operates transport, health care, education, utilities, industry and other sectors of the economy. It has hundreds of union full time workers and thousands of representatives. Without this unionized workforce the city could not work. Where were they tonight when the youth were shutting down Trump? They were not present. This is a disgrace.

The reason they were not there is because of the cowardly role of the trade union leaders who cling to the Democratic party and capitalism. The stranglehold of these leaders must be ended and these working class forces must be brought into action. New fighting leaderships have to built in the ranks of the trade unions and in the workplaces to this end. If this is done then under the hammer blows of events, of the coming inevitable increased attacks on workers by capitalism, the Chicago working class will move into action. There will be confusions as this happens because of the role of the union leaders. But into action the US working class will come. It will see that its interests are in unity, are in opposition to the corporations, are in opposition to the extreme right wing racist capitalist demagogues like Trump. They will see that they must unite as a class, unite the youth with the adult workers and together take on capitalism and build a new democratic socialist society.

Once again thanks to the Chicago Youth who on Friday night shut down Trump's big racist mouth. This was a victory of US and worldwide proportions. It will lift the spirits of workers in very country who are seeking a way to build a united movement for a better life. Let us work to get the wonderful Chicago youth reinforcements, to mobilize the 300 plus trade union locals, the half million trade union members in the Chicagoland area. Do not let the youth fight alone. Thank you again to the Chicago youth who stopped Trump from holding his rally.

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author by trumptonpublication date Tue Mar 15, 2016 04:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Trump certainly comes out with those racist sounding soundbites.

Hillary will not say racist things. She will just quietly back a militaristic foreign policy which will kill hundreds of thousands of brown skinned people.
and displace millions. Who is the REAL racist?

author by Ruapublication date Thu Mar 17, 2016 09:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Agreed....Who is the real racist,if that were Trump,he would have left well alone....Let's talk about the real racial imperailists here,ACTIONS speak LOUDER than WORDS...No doubt about it - Trump is a brawler,but mostly he is all bark..Hillary on the otherhand is all bite,less of the bark...How patronising of her to talk about equality for all,while displacing millions of brown skinned people from their homes...Rememeber her statement on the benghazi enquiry? ''We came we saw and we killed Quadaffi''... Quadaffi the leader of Libya was the only man to steam the masses from invading Europe and making caliphate on our soil,you might not think its a problem now,but wait and see how this plays out,it won't work out well for us....This feeds into the whole racism thing too,divide and conquer have us all mistrusting one another,we will never unifty with divisions along religious and racial lines,and the ruling governments KNOW this,thats why they do it - so no group will unify,as a unified group is a dangerous group - for the government anyway.....As it represents people power - real opposition...In the past governments used to fear their people,not anymore they got us over lock ,stock and barrell,they have us divided and ultimately conquered and taxed to the hilt...As for this whole chicago movement,they are just showing themselves up in a very ugly manner,threatening to riot all over america if trump gets in is completely disregarding democratic rule!You have bought into the whole racism malarky,and your'e a fool...

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