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The Paris Attacks -What's Going On ?

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Sunday November 22, 2015 02:25author by T Report this post to the editors

It is over a week since the Paris Attack and the slaughter of innocent people. Europe is now suffering the spillover of the terrorism and wars launched by Western powers including France on the Middle East and Arab world for over a decade now and it seems the war is being brought home.

Looking at the actual efforts on not just French society but Europe, it just so happens to serve the creeping totalitarian state and the 0.1% and corporate power. This article tries to put together some context and background to see if it is possible to figure out whether this appalling carnage was simply blowback of French foreign policy and or even some kind of black operation. Don't expect clear cut answers to any thing.
6th July 2012, War criminal Abou Saleh (Brigade Farouk) was special guest of President François Hollande (young man facing the camera). He had directed the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr and ordered more than 150 people to have their throats cut in public
6th July 2012, War criminal Abou Saleh (Brigade Farouk) was special guest of President François Hollande (young man facing the camera). He had directed the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr and ordered more than 150 people to have their throats cut in public

The Paris Attacks which seem to be either some form of severe blowback for France for its activities of funding and supporting the very same terrorists who carried out the slaughter last week or is possibly some kind of Black operation by a range of possible factions that are in a rage because the success of Russia in attacking ISIS during Sept & Oct in Syria has temporarily derailed their plan to destroy Syria using their proxies Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Daseh and other Jihadists. There are also very strong 9/11 parallels in this in the way there has been rapid announcements of huge curbs in civil liberties in a similar fashion to how the Patriot Act effectively shredded rights in the USA.

French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, declared in December 2012, during the « Friends of Syria » conference in Marrakesh, that Al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaïda, had « done a good job »

In fact it is a complete sick joke how Hollande and the rest of the power elite have used this bloodbath to greatly advance the totalitarian state in the name of security when it is key politicians, officials, elements from the intelligence services, military, military industrial complex, corporate power and the wealthy 0.1% that are up to their neck in supporting terrorism covertly and sometimes not so covertly, bombing countries, triggering civil wars and overthrowing sovereign governments. And when these are analysed in most cases it turns out to all play to the direct advantage and gain of oil and gas corporations or so-called defense industry but which are really murder industries. For example in the case of Iraq over $ 1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) was spent and in the process over a million people were killed and the country largely destroyed. Yet who got all this money? Why of course the defense industries and the nexus of security and private mercenary contractors firms. But closer to the current issue, Paris as documented in this article by Thiery Meyssan: The French Republic taken hostage, deep involvement of France along with UK, USA, Italy in the destruction of Libya, taking it from the most stable and highest standard of living in Africa and largely secular, protective of minorities to failed state overrun by murderous jihadists where even the mainstream media has given up pretending the country has somehow been liberated into democratic bliss. Then later France partnered up with Prime Minister Endrdogan of Turkey who he, his family and government are directly and openly involved in supporting ISIS and their associates, greatly aiding in the finance of ISIS by facilitating the transport and sale of oil and profiting from it themselves. Turkey has also cooperated very closely with ISIS militarily, provided medical support and worst of all provided training camps and injected them into Syria. All this time though, France was working with the Turks forming an new alliance ratified by the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, in February 2013 and as documented in Oct 2014 article: For Ankara, is massacre a policy option?

Thus, Francois Hollande and Laurent Fabius, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ahmet Davutoglu sponsored a joint operation to assassinate President Bashar al-Assad and his foreign minister Walid al-Moallem by cleaning staff of the presidential palace, but the operation failed.

In the summer of 2013, Turkey organized the chemical bombardment of the ghoutta and accused Syria. Supported by France, she sought to involve the United States in bombing the capital and in overthowing the Syrian Arab Republic. Both countries tried to return Washington to its initial project of overthrowing the Syrian Arab Republic.

A document submitted to the United Nations Security Council, certifies that after the secret vote by the US Congress in January 2014, arming and funding Syrian rebels to ethnically cleanse the region, France and Turkey continued secretly to arm all the al-Nusra Front (that is to say, al Qaeda) to fight against Daesh. The idea was always to bring Washington back to its original project.

We note in passing that it is not only Turkey but also France, who armed jihadists who attacked the Christian towns of Maloula and Kessab, raping their women, killing their men and desecrating their churches.

The same article further elaborates:

The corruption of French leaders by Turkey

While the press often refers to the corruption of the French ruling class by Qatar, it is silent on the Turkey’s huge investment in French politicians.

The proof of this corruption: the silence of the French officers on domestic developments in Turkey (world record for the imprisonment of journalists, lawyers and senior officers) on its support for international terrorism (Turkish Justice has established that Erdogan met the Al Qaeda banker 12 times, Turkey has four al-Qaeda camps and organized the transit of tens of thousands of jihadists), on the pillage of Syria (thousands of factories were dismantled in the district of Aleppo and transferred to Turkey) and its massacres (Maloula, Kessab, and soon perhaps Kobané).

In 2009, the Turkish employer class - faithful allies of Erdogan - created the Bosphorus Institute responsible for promoting ties between the two countries. [6] Its scientific committee, co-chaired by Anne Lauvergeon, [7] includes the cream of French politicians (UMP Jean-Francois Coppe [8] and Alain Juppé [9]), the Socialist Party (Elizabeth Guigou [10] Pierre Moscovici [11]), many very close to President Hollande (Jean-Pierre Jouyet [12] and Henri de Castries [13]), and even former communists, to name a few.

It is certainly not in the spirit of these figures, some of which are honorable, to approve of the massacres committed by Ankara. That is nevertheless what they are doing.

By allying herself with Turkey, France has become an active accomplice of its massacres.

And read that last sentence again ... has become an active accomplice of its massacres.. That was written in Oct 2014 and it now should read: has become an active accomplice of the Paris massacres and the tens of thousands of Syrians killed in the last 3 years by the "opposition". ...

Instead what should happen is that people in France and elsewhere should gather in their thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands to demand the impeachment of Hollande, his Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius and key officials downwards for hijacking the apparatus of the state to serve their and corporate power and neo-colonial interests and be held responsible for the mayhem of murder and death in Syria and its eruption within France itself. It is only through direct pressure from thousands to millions of people that this stranglehold can be stopped. Nothing else will stop it.

The system is not going to investigate and reform itself because the tentacles of corruption and the influence of so many utterly undemocratic forces is too strong. However the mainstream media not just in France but really everywhere is completely dominated and owned by even bigger corporate conglomerates with interests in the defence (attack?) sector. For example, just 6 corporations in the USA control 90% of the media there. People think they get diverse and independent opinion but what they get is uniform and ultimately always serves the 0.1% and their objectives. To save themselves people need to make the effort and put their brains in gear and actually make an effort to learn what is going on, put things in context and most of all question the narrative and spot the self serving corporate and neo-liberal colonial like agendas. The alternative which is happening before our eyes is more of the same, fear and more fear, lock down, ever more surveillance, complete and utter erosion of every single right gained by labour movements and struggles over the last century or so and general impoverishment. What the corporate terrorists want is that we are all in perpetual fear, isolated and craven for the shackles of their security which is of course no security as they select us at random for mindless violence perpetuated by the lunatics trained in their extremist doctrines intentionally allowed to be financed and spread so as to spread chaos and use it rather than promote sanity.

In the meantime in the last week alone France has

  • Extended the state of emergency for 3 months and French police can now:
  • Block any website,
  • Put people under house arrest without trial,
  • Search homes without a warrant,
  • Prevent suspects from meeting others deemed a threat.
  • They have promised to pursue amendments to the constitution that would permanently enshrine the state of emergency into French politics
  • Plan to wind back the clock on the Internet by allowing for the application of completely open-ended and arbitrary label of “extremist” to everyday speech and public discourse.

    And France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

    Ironically, in order to achieve this fascist leap forward, Hollande has equated “conspiracy theories” to Nazism, and is calling for government regulations to prevent any sharing or publishing of any views deemed as ‘dangerous thought’ by the state. Specifically, Hollande is citing “Anti-Semitism” and also anything which could inspire ‘acts terrorism’ – as the chief vehicles for what the state will be designating as ‘dangerous thoughts’. With the thumb of Hebdo still pressing down, this may just sound like politics writ large by the French leader, but in reality it’s full-blown fascism.

    That seems to indicate the cyber war against citizens is about the be stepped up even more. In case you were unaware it was already in progress the same article says:

    ..western governments, particularly those in the US and Britain, already spent millions, if not billions in state funds in order to infiltrate, disrupt, and occupy forum websites, and social networking groups of so-called ‘conspiracy theorist and even creating entirely new groups just to contradict them? Does that not already prove what the government modus operandi is?

    As if that wasn’t enough already, now France wants to take it to a whole new authoritarian level. It may sound ridiculous, but this is exactly what is taking place in government as we speak.

    History shows that once this new regime is in place, they will not relinquish any new powers of censorship, and so a long, intellectual dark age is certain to follow..

  • Crack down on Bitcoin -see Demand EU-wide adoption of the Passenger Name Records (PNR) system allowing intelligence services to meticulously track the travel patterns of Europeans, along with an extension of the state of emergency to at least three months.

Getting back to the events of the past week up to the present and the lock-down of Brussels the whole thing is errily similar to 9/11 when immediately within days of the attacks, our attention was quickly diverted to the Anthrax letters where several people died and a letter was even sent to Senator Leahy who just happened to be one of the people who questioned the Patriot Act at the time and threatened to not vote for it. He soon got the message and did. But during that phase many other countries claimed to receive them and enabled mass hysteria to be whipped up. The Anthrax 'attacks' naturally were blamed on Saddam Hussein of Iraq in a clumsy effort to tie him into the 9/11 narrative. However the American public proved to be so thoroughly gullible and propagandized that they didnt need that but merely the suggestion he was allied with Al Qaeda for people to believe it and to essentially give the nod for the subsequent destruction of the entire country of Iraq. Of course he had nothing at all to do with them and it very quickly was proved the Anthrax came from bio-weapons labs within the US itself. But that is all to digress because the main point is how the public went kept on the hop mentally. This week of course we had a similar sequence of events where each day there was shootouts, or 'credible' terrorists alerts, cancellation of matches, lock-downs and even the sieze of over 100 Westerns in Mali -a former colony of France and where France armed the Al Qeada lunatics with weapons taken after Libya fell from Gadaffi weapons caches.

The attack last week in isolation looked like blowback because it appears the French managed to double cross their proxy jihadists used for their tool in launching a modern form of neo colonialism, but when you add up all the other events, the political responses and self serving nature of them and then the wider picture of how the massive wave of refugees unleashed by Turkey and largely headed for Germany, it is then not hard to come to the conclusion that it very much looks like Germany is being destablized and France is possibly been setup to provoke right wing extremism and possibly even provoke some kind of low level conflict that would be extremely damaging to that nation.

Further reading / background

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Indian anti-corruption official: state “orchestrated” Islamist terror Mumbai atrocities enabled by intelligence operations of India, Pakistan and the United States
A senior Indian police officer and anti-corruption investigator last month accused the Indian government of orchestrating the Mumbai terror attacks which occurred nearly seven years ago, according to an Indian government official.

An Open Letter to Britain’s Leading Violent Extremist: David Cameron

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France attempts to block Russian military deployment in Syria
The context here is that US, UK, France efforts up to Paris attacks were largely token and fake. The Russians have down far more and real damage in just one month and it threatens to destroy their joint NATO led project to use Jihadists to destroy Syria.

There are still a few sane politicians here and there. U.S. Senator : “War On Syria Was An Unlawful War Of Aggression”

Middle East: The predictable defeat of France

Why does France want to overthrow the Syrian Arab Republic ?

MEDIA DUPED: Minister Admits Syrian Passport ‘Likely Planted’ at Scene of Paris Attacks

The Paris attacks — Passports revisited

Happening Now: Authorities Are Using ‘Paris Attacks’ To Fast-Track New Mass Surveillance Laws

In a leaked e-mail written by Robert S. Litt, the intelligence community’s top lawyer during the month August, the plan is clearly outlined: There is a lack of support for the banning of encrypted communications but a terror attack could quickly turn the tide.

“Although the legislative environment is very hostile today, it could turn in the event of a terrorist attack or criminal event where strong encryption can be shown to have hindered law enforcement.

To France from a Post-9/11 America: Lessons We Learned Too Late

Jan 2015 Charlie Hebdo Attack: What are French Politicians and Journalists Afraid of?
The astonishing Press campaign currently being waged in France, in the name of freedom of expression, against all those who have been questioning the January attacks in Paris, has spread progressively to all the NATO countries. As from now, the use of a critical mind may become a criminal offence punishable by prison.

From Aug 2013: French oppose military intervention in Syria and don't trust Francois Hollande to carry it out. This has probably now changed. Interestenly first sentence says: It follows President Francois Hollande's insistence that he was ready to launch strikes on President Bashar al-Assad's regime in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons... ...this is the same attack covertly sponsored by Saudi intelligence and carried out with help of Turkey and very likely France as they attempted to draw the US into full scale assault on Assad.

Qatar and Ukraine come to deliver Pechora-2D to ISIS -Documents that Qatar bought Ukraine Air Defense Pechora-2D system for ISIS.

‘Have you any common sense?’ – Putin Crushes BBC Journalist’s Stupid Questions

And you’re telling me I’m the aggressor here? Have you any common sense at all?“

Russia has massively embarrassed the West with its recent actions in Syria, refusing to hold back in its highly successful campaign against ISIS, so this move by the BBC joins other recent attempts to paint Russia as an enemy

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