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Martin Corey Hung Out to Dry by Fickle Republican Politicians

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Wednesday July 03, 2013 07:15author by brionOcleirigh - AllVoices Report this post to the editors

Clare Daly Has Heart, Spirit and Gonads

"I have been in prison for over 3 years and I still haven’t been given a reason. They have put forward a number of allegations against me, and I’m not able to defend myself against any of them. They say I have been seen speaking to known republicans, and that I visited a number of houses. What does that matter? It doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong. They have absolutely nothing on me, and that’s why they haven’t charged me." Martin Corey
Release Martin Corey
Release Martin Corey

"I have been in prison for over 3 years and and I still haven’t been given a reason. They have put forward a number of allegations against me, and I’m not able to defend myself against any of them. They say I have been seen speaking to known republicans, and that I visited a number of houses. What does that matter? It doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong. They have absolutely nothing on me, and that’s why they haven’t charged me." Martin Corey

On the 11th January 2006 , the then Secretary for state for Norn Iron , "Peter Hain" , withdrew Paragraph 20 of the Weston Park Agreement.

Hello ! Calling Gerry Adams ? Are you out to lunch or on the wrong medicine again, a chara?

Why has the Weston park accord (20) not been implemented?.
This is the initial paragraph 20 of the Weston Park Accord.

20. Both Governments also recognize that there is an issue to be
addressed, with the completion of the early release scheme, about
supporters of organisations now on cease-fire against whom there are
outstanding prosecutions, and in some cases extradition proceedings, for
offences committed before 10 April 1998. Such people would, if convicted,
stand to benefit from the early release scheme. The Governments accept
that it would be a natural development of the scheme for such prosecutions
not to be pursued and will as soon as possible, and in any event before the
end of the year, take such steps as are necessary in their jurisdictions to
resolve this difficulty so that those concerned are no longer pursued.

This is why Martin Corey is interned!

GFA Weston Park Accord (20)

Le gach deá ghuí,
Question No. 127
Parliamentary Question - Dept Details

To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade the reason he is not pressing that an agreement made between the Irish Government and the British Government be implemented in full, and that as agreed at Weston Park that no further prosecutions and consequently prison sentences will be imposed on those who committed offences before 10 April 1998; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Éamon Ó Cuív.

For WRITTEN answer on Tuesday, 28th February, 2012.
Ref No: 10899/12


Proposed draft legislation by the British Government to deal with this specific issue as referred to in paragraph 20 of the Weston Park accord was formally withdrawn by the then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain MP, on 11 January 2006. The draft legislation, the Northern Ireland (Offences) Bill, had been opposed by the majority of the Northern Ireland Assembly parties and the Secretary of State was compelled to withdraw the legislation when the only supporting party, Sinn Féin, could not accept certain aspects of the proposed legislation. As the Government was committed to introduce proposals only in tandem with the British government and in accordance with the consensus of the democratically elected Assembly parties, the withdrawal of the Bill meant that the proposals for dealing with the matter in this jurisdiction were also withdrawn.

This is why the British are now interning people, particularly old, retired,freedom fighters like 63 year old Martin Corey !

I smell something very rotten in the scum orgy state! Gerry Adams as principal of the largest nationalist party, like his predecessors in the SDLP, needs to withdraw his party from Stormont until human rights are restored. You don't have to be particularly bright to simply see, we cannot have peace without basic justice that is seen to be done not hiding in secret courts. A secret trial is no trial any child in the wee six will tell you that, even the ones building the Orange orgy bonfires.

Now Mr Adams with all due respect, it is your RESPOSNIBILITY (POLITICAL ACCOUNTABILITY and all that) to get some clarity on the above matter rapidly, before this spirals out of control on the streets again, if you are genuinely interested in peace. WE demand an answer and a proper eplanation immediately! Stop the politicking, this is far too serious! Every sane person in Ireland, including Martin Corey wants peace with justice! I am asking everyone who support this to reshare and retweet until these politicians get it ! Release Martin Corey

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Release Martin Corey
Release Martin Corey

Caption: Long Kesh Live 1972...Boys of the Old Brigade

Caption: Long Kesh Live 1972...Boys of the Old Brigade

author by Brian Clarke - AllVoicespublication date Wed Jul 03, 2013 18:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is not the usual presstitute piece of the Irish corporate media, it is written by Vincent Browne in today's Irish Times who have the odd decent article: "If in 10 years’ time, 1,000 or more bankers, lawyers, accountants, liquidators and others implicated in the bank crisis are in jail and if the same deference to wealth, big business and financial power persists, then we will have learned nothing of consequence. All the hand-wringing will have been in vain.
Almost certainly the reason Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan capitulated to pressure from the banking world on September 30th, 2008, was not because they were corrupt, nor because of any golden crony circle, but because they were in awe of the power of high finance and feared that if high finance were challenged it would be catastrophic for the nation.
Garret FitzGerald, Alan Dukes and John Bruton did the same back in 1985 when the then overpaid chiefs of AIB came to them demanding a bailout because of their incompetence in allowing an insurance company, ICI, get into massive trouble. They caved in. Within a few months, AIB recorded enormous profits and paid out a huge dividend to their shareholders, lest they, the shareholders, be in any way discomforted. As usual, the Irish people paid for this, that time via a bank levy.

Ordinary Irish citizens
It was that same deference that was at play again in September 2008 – a deference that reflexively deferred to bond holders and huge depositors who took risks, at the possible expense of ordinary Irish citizens (in reality, at enormous expense to generations of ordinary Irish citizens).
How was it, in any case, that we allowed a few financial institutions to attain such enormous power to the extent that we, the Irish people, already exploited by these banks, had to rush to their rescue when their recklessness put them in peril?
The deference is there on the tax haven business – we allow our jurisdiction to be used as a bolthole by multinational corporations to avoid paying tax anywhere and so deep is that deference that we deny that reality.
It is evident again in our deference to the pharmaceutical industry in allowing them to use prices fixed for Ireland as a base level to maintain exorbitant prices for generic drugs here and through the rest of Europe. Evident in stubborn resistance to any suggestion that people earning high incomes be taxed more, in the dismissal of a social model with much greater equality. Evident in the proposals that income tax be reduced for vastly overpaid executives and professionals, even at a time of financial stringency.
It is as though there were a law of nature whereby the wealthy elite must be mollycoddled, while the rest of society struggles. That our primary concern must be the contentedness of the privileged and wealthy, lest they cease to lend us the finance to fund our deficits, lest they cease to create wealth or delay doing so and lest the trickle-down of their wealth to the masses be shut off.
The language of Anglo executives, as revealed by the tapes, has shocked many because of the indifference to the public welfare that this represents. But isn’t our culture founded on an indifference to the public welfare, except as an afterthought or incidental?
What else has informed the Coalition’s action on their election promise to ensure “burden-sharing” on the bank debt? Once it was perceived that pursuit of that promise would alienate the masters of the EU universe, the promise was dishonoured. They promised to “protect the vulnerable” and did the opposite. Would it be surprising if a similar crudity of attitude and language, as exemplified by the Anglo executives in the tapes of their private conversations, were replicated in the private conversations of government ministers and senior public servants?
The proposed inquiry into the banking crisis will not address that culture, for there is no challenge to the pervasiveness of that culture, a culture that the market prevails. It is not Deutschland über alles, but markets über alles. So any inquiry will miss the main point.
A focus on Fianna Fáil will fail to acknowledge the complicity of Fine Gael and Labour in almost every single iota of the policy agenda that caused and drove the crisis.
The partisanship evident in the lead-up to an inquiry will compromise whatever credibility it might have had. The expectation that any such public inquiry will be inexpensive and swift is certain to prove illusory. There will be as many teams of expensive lawyers on hand and frequent excursions to the High Court and Supreme Court to challenge procedures.

Criminal trails
And crucially, the inevitability that any such public inquiry will be derailed again and again by the criminal trials that are due in the Circuit Criminal Courts over the coming years.
Seán Fitzpatrick alone faces two criminal trials and, almost certainly, a third; these extend well into 2014.
There is another option: a commission of inquiry, to be held in camera, out of the public gaze for now, but not derailed by the criminal trials or other diversions. This conducted by a judge, a banking expert and someone who would have knowledge of and interest in the culture thing – the mindset or common sense or hegemony that brought about the crisis and continues to corrupt our society.
But of course that will not happen.


Caption: Let The People Sing - Eire Og

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author by Lizbeth2013publication date Thu Jul 04, 2013 03:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I have understood from what little I've read, has suffered episodes of prison in his youth. Currently this prisoner without charge, but with the added difficulty of being an older man deprived of his liberty, perhaps for something he did not commit, or assumptions. I wish they would release, and in the name of Christ, the elderly deserve careful not to abuse. We're not talking about a criminal, just a poor man, who held a job in humility, and does not know being in jail. Who knows, perhaps many would have much to learn from him. I ask for mercy, in the name of Jesus. Think if you touch with your loved ones, what would you do?, Well, that answer is that Martin Corey deserves.
Blessings for everyone.

Something to learn for the Holy Biblie.

The Bible and Treating the Elderly with respect

I read recently in a newspaper that instances of child abuse were rising in the United States, but instances of abuse of the elderly were rising twice as fast. This is one of the indications that treatment of the elderly needs to be an area of great concern to all of us.

There seems to be two views of age in today's society. The most prevalent view seems to be that of repulsion. Age is looked upon as an incurable disease. We fight against aging, we do not want to be reminded of what time can do to us. Thus, the aged elderly person is cast from society. They are made to feel useless, a burden to family, and often are cast off, avoided except on rare occasions of birthdays and Christmas morning. Another view is that age is beautiful. That age demands respect and dignity. That the elderly are giants of the forest, wise, full of experience, worthy of our praise and adoration. This is the view the Bible holds on age.

In Proverbs 23:22, Solomon exhorts his son to "harken to your Father who begot you and do not despise your mother when she is old." In the story of Job, we find that Elihu the younger of Job's friends waited until the older men had spoken to Job. He also treated his communication to Job with admiration and respect, since Job was his elder. In Exodus 20:12 we find the commandment - to honor your -father and mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you. In Mark 7:10-12, we find Jesus saying, "He who speaks evil of his father and mother, let him surely die." He goes on to say that the Pharisees had made void the law of God by their disgraceful treatment of the elderly.

I am reminded of Caleb, who at the age of 85 came to Joshua and took possession of that inheritance he had earned. Age demands an inheritance. Old age should be a time for ego integrity. The elderly have made their mark on life. They have performed well, and have confidence that their life was well spent in raising children, making the world a better place, and in training the next generation. They have a wealth of wisdom to share, experience to relate, expressions and advice on life to share. They await new experiences, and are getting prepared for the last experience of this life, and for a whole new world beyond death. They have earned our love and respect.

Nature herself teaches us that age demands dignity and honor. The older the redwoods, the more majestic. The older wines and cheeses are, the more they are praised and honored for taste. Should it not hold true that the older a man, the more he is to be appreciated by others. I am convinced that young people are missing one of the greatest opportunities available when they do not get to know the elderly and associate with them. All too soon these towering pillars of faith and wisdom will pass from our midst and the loss will be tremendous. In closing, let us remember 4 lessons that might make all the difference in the world on our view of the elderly.

First, age does not mean that someone is useless. I have been shamed by the failure of the young to use the talents of the elderly. I am inspired by their fighting spirit. In our efforts to destroy them we have tried to make them useless. They have fought back saying, "I exist. I have something to offer you if you will accept it." I have been amazed at the elderly people who have accepted challenges of work in the church and done fantastic work. Get to know your elderly in your neighborhood or family. You might be surprised by their wit, humor, and their ability to guide you.

Secondly, allow them to share with you their life. Some of the greatest lessons I learned about life, I learned from my grandfather. He was 86 and full of cancer, yet he taught me some lessons on living. He was full of humor, wisdom, and was a strong man of faith in God. His advice I will never forget. I am reminded of Timothy as he learned from the Apostle Paul, an old warrior instructing the new recruit. Had Timothy now allowed Paul to share his life with him, the church might have been hurt, even destroyed where Timothy was concerned.

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author by W. Finnertypublication date Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"European citizens are being reminded that the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights, which came into force in 2009, is not just legally binding on EU member states: the guardians of those rights are also obliged to stick to the principles. "

The above excerpts are from:

Fine words!!

What a pity they appear to be COMPLETELY 100% MEANINGLESS (in practice) in connection with Martin Corey's ongoing detention in jail: without trial, and without charge even.

And what a pity that ALL of the European Union's senior politicians and lawyers -- and not just Gerry Adams -- are TOTALLY SILENT regarding the blatant disregard and violation of Martin Corey's rights under this particular EU Charter.

Frightened of the banksters to say a word in public on this matter are they? The banksters who are bullying, bribing, and blackmailing them all collectively, and God alone knows what else: using all of the information that the banksters are unlawfully accumulating through the bankster-owned (and run) NSA and GCHQ snooping services?

=== === ===

The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union (which did not have full legal effect until the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon on December 1st 2009):



Article 47

Right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial

Everyone whose rights and freedoms guaranteed by the law of the Union are violated has the right to an effective remedy before a tribunal in compliance with the conditions laid down in this Article.

Everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal previously established by law. Everyone shall have the possibility of being advised, defended and represented.

Legal aid shall be made available to those who lack sufficient resources in so far as such aid is necessary to ensure effective access to justice."

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"Chief Justice Susan Denham, Article 47 of The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union, William Finnerty ..."

author by brionOcleirigh - AllVoicespublication date Thu Jul 04, 2013 15:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Irish Government took a case to the European Commission on Human Rights (Ireland v. United Kingdom), regarding the introduction of internment without trial and the treatment of Irish political prisoners of conscience in British Occupied Ireland arrested around the same time Martin Corey was first incarcerated and tortured in Long Kesh Concentration Camp. The British used five techniques which they later taught to the Americans for use in places like Abu Graib later on. These included wall-standing, hooding, subjection to noise, deprivation of sleep, and deprivation of food and drink

The European Commission stated it "considered the combined use of the five methods, amounted to torture, on the grounds that (a) the intensity of the stress, caused by techniques creating sensory deprivation "directly affects the personality physically and mentally"; (b) "the systematic application of the techniques for the purpose of inducing a person to give information shows a clear resemblance to those methods of systematic torture, which have been known over the ages.. as a modern system of torture, falling into the same category, as those systems.applied in previous times as a means of obtaining information and confessions."

Forty years later despite a so called peace process, the British are still enforcing internment (albeit under a different title, sanitized to 'detention', without trial in British Occupied Ireland, while still torturing Irish political prisoners of conscience. The numbers are too numerous to list here, with 63 year old Martin Corey being just one of the better known victims.

The European Court of Human Rights also later found the British were again guilty in the case of another Irish woman Mairead Farrell, who was shot in the back in cold blood by British Special Assassination Services unarmed in Gibraltar, along with her two comrades, the European Court found that the three had been unlawfully killed in breach of Article 2 - right to life, of the European Convention on Human Rights and criticized the British for lack of appropriate care in the control and their organisation in an an arrest operation.

These two cases and the British activity surrounding them, are essential ingredients to the case of Martin Corey now pending in the European Courts almost 40 year later, despite British Government undertakings that it would cease with these international war crimes in British Occupied Ireland. Now with the 9/11 narrative the British clearly believe that with American support they have a licence to kill at will and carry on again with more war crimes and human rights abuses in Ireland as the case of the interned elderly 63 year old Martin Corey clearly demonstrates

Despite a cosmetic Peace Process masking further repression, forty years later, the British are still enforcing internment without trial in British Occupied Ireland and still torturing Irish political prisoners of conscience. The numbers are too numerous to list here, with 63 year old Martin Corey just one of the better known victims. Martin's torture is more subtle and disguised now than the naked torture and brutality he first received from the jackboot, batons and fists of the British. An example being an emergency request that took almost a month for Martin to see the prison dentist, despite suffering ongoing intense pain. He was later told his initial request had been cancelled due to lack of transport.

His ongoing treatment by sectarian appointed staff, make his daily life hard, very hard, because of his senior years and this blatant campaign of victimization which has been unrelenting for all of the 22 years starting with his torture in in Long Kesh Concentration Camp forty years ago. Martin's aged increasingly frail body, is daily wracked with pain, from all of the beatings and old injuries he received over the years of brutal beatings, but he is too foolishly, proud to personally complain.

Another example of this petty approach by the British, to make his life hard, is a concerted campaign of victimization organized by the Prison Service against Martin Corey, when on the 11th of February, this year, Martin and two other prisoners submitted completed handcraft projects as St, Valentine’s Day as gifts for their wives and partners. The other two prisoners had visits with their loved collecting their craft items. Martin had a visit from his partner but when she went to the collection point requested by Martin, she was told there were no items for collection and to call back in a week. Several items left for Martin months ago were never received. Martin has still not received notice of his complaints being delivered to the Prison Ombudsman.

Human rights activists who campaign on behalf of Martin Have have also been imprisoned by the British, with the chairperson of the release Martin Corey Committee, Cait Trainor being arrested for attending protests and sent to prison. Thousands of Irish republicans who marched in Lurgan, to highlight the internment of Martin Corey, quietly and peacefully, were met by the RUC/PSNI and were informed that they were taking part in illegal parades and that prosecutions would follow, with every participant recorded and followed on police video cameras.

In the following days a many people were awakened at daybreak by the British taken from their homes, questioned about their involvement in an "illegal parade" and informed they would be facing legal proceedings. Subsequently 14 Irish Republicans sat through a three day trial accused of taking part in an "illegal parade". All were "convicted" with participating in an illegal Parade with two people further convicted of organizing the parade. All 14 people were convicted, some given fined while others were imprisoned in Maghaberry and Hydebank Wood.

All of this contrasted to the weeks of "illegal" parading by British loyalist flag protesters in the same area, who got 5 star RUC comfort treatment, despite days of rioting, with nationalist homes under attack and countless roads blocked, while the RUC in Portadown facilitated their marches weekly for months on end, until they were forced eventually to take token action. Campaigners for Martin, as in this instance, have received death threats from agents hired by the British secret service. All of this is meant to silent support for those campaigning for the release of Martin Corey.

Martin Corey who has been interned now on this latest occasion for over three years without charge or trial, was ordered to be immediately released by a Judge Treacy, who ruled that Martin Corey's human rights had been breached and that he should be released immediately. This was overruled by the un-elected British Viceroyal, as Martin Corey sat in the reception of the prison, with his belongings packed, waiting to embrace his family, waiting outside the prison gate. Naturally they were distraught when the British government underhandedly intervened and blocked his release and he was interned again, with an undemocratic British order, overruling their own injustice system.

Martin's local lawyer Rosemary Nelson in Lurgan was murdered by British state agents, while the lawyer Pat Finucane, who was an expert on European Law, where Martin now is forced to take his case, has also been murdered by British state agents. The local journalist in Lurgan who would normally highlight cases such as Martin's plight in the media, was also murdered by British state agents. This citizen journalist along with others who have also tried to publish the daily injustice of British Occupied Ireland, have been censored in Ireland and have received death threats from hired British agents.

Peter Murphy, Martin's lawyer says, Martin Corey has been denied the right to a fair trial, "It's like internment all over again in the sense that he hasn't been given the chance to defend his position. When we ask questions about the nature of the allegations and evidence against our client we are told nothing.In any criminal court you can meet your accuser, you have a chance to cross-examine them, and you have a chance to defend yourself because you're given the detail of what the allegations are against you. We don't have any of that, so our client is in a very difficult situation in that he's sitting in prison not knowing why he's there."

Martin's lawyers are to challenge the internment of Martin Corey in the European courts, if both they and Martin live long enough to actually get there. With Britain's record on human rights, its hard to say. The British cover their dirty tracks, with regard to their inhumanity, by cosmetically sanitizing it, renaming internment without trial as 'detention', by renaming Long Kesh Concentration Camp as the H-Blocks but then with further bad publicity following the deaths of 10 hunger strikers, they renamed it the Maze.

Now the British plan to demolish most of it and have moved the political internees into a political prison, hidden within a criminal prison, called Maghaberry, where political internees wait for years on secret service trials, of which they have no details of charges, length of sentence, or content of secret evidence of paid informers. So it is obviously impossible to defend oneself in such circumstance. A secret court is obviously not a trial at all, except in the twisted perception of the most twisted, ever expanding secret service, injustice racketeers, paid for by British taxpayer monies.

Martin's hope, is with people like you and me, campaigning, spreading the word, despite the British and their agents, assassinations and censorship. If one of us fall or are also interned, we must be replaced by even greater numbers, resharing, retweeting, demonstrating, signing petitions which can be found at

Martin Corey is essentially at 63 an old man, whose active freedom fighting days are long past in militant sense of defending his local community but from the British perspective, any truth teller is a subversive. Martin is being held up as an example through internment, as a stick to wave at the thousands of ex-prisoners and comrades of Martin, who have been processed and interned for years, in what is still known as Long Kesh Concentration Camp by all freedom loving people, worldwide.

The British under the guise of the essentially nowdefunct Peace Process, are buying off possible resistance, with lucrative careers on policing boards, committees, sham local parliaments for those willing to stay quiet about all of this injustice and to collude with the British, in their repression of Irish communities, to essentially keep them quiet, about all of this sectarian, racist injustice, that is a central feature, in the maintenance of this scum British statelet, created and maintained strictly on a sectarian headcount. With propaganda they would have the Irish working class believe, that they are enemy, not the British whose policy in Ireland, is always, divide and conquer.

This is the essential background to Martin Corey's predicament who after the murder of 14 innocent, unarmed, civil rights demonstrators, defended his Irish community in Lurgan, who were invaded almost daily, by British sponsored death squads, often in the disguise of RUC uniforms, murdering at random on a religious basis, peaceful people in their homes. Martin who shot these RUC invaders, who were subsequently disgraced and disbanded, in the course of his unselfish defence his community, against all the odds, has served 22 years for essentially being a patriot of political conscience, defending his community.

There was meant to be a peace process to bring closure to all of this, which we now learn was never finalized, the details of which are being kept secret both by the British and their now serving British ministers in the suits of Gerry Adams and his secretive colleagues. In the the Weston park accord (20) which directly affects Martin and comrades which is not been implemented, Gerry Adams despite being being challenged in his capacity as a principal negotiator, has refused to clarify the details. Clearly after all this time and the hardship endured, not just by Martin but Gerry Adams own colleagues like John Downey but provisional Sinn fein in their elected capacity, are meant to be both accountable and responsible as professed Irish republicans. This is totally unacceptable, even to the most token Irish republican.This is the initial paragraph 20 of the Weston Park Accord:

20. Both Governments also recognize that there is an issue to be addressed, with the completion of the early release scheme, about supporters of organisations now on cease-fire against whom there are outstanding prosecutions, and in some cases extradition proceedings, for offences committed before 10 April 1998. Such people would, if convicted,
stand to benefit from the early release scheme. The Governments accept that it would be a natural development of the scheme for such prosecutions not to be pursued and will as soon as possible, and in any event before the
end of the year, take such steps as are necessary in their jurisdictions to resolve this difficulty so that those concerned are no longer pursued.

In this contrived open prison, British society, which is as sick as its many, many secrets, Gerry Adams has refused to clarify the details about all of this, playing politics with occasional feint support for the aging, frail, tortured body of Martin Corey. In the interest of justice and possible republican unity at this point, I will not elaborate further on this matter. However bearing in mind Martin Corey's elderly years, this in not tenable, indefinitely. Bottom line Gerry Adams and his colleagues do have the power to Release Martin Corey immediately. For those of you sitting on the fence, please bring it to their attention, that you are aware of this and they have as elected officials albeit British, have moral responsibilities now meant to be accountable, as highly paid British ministers have with their commoners, with regard to all of these injustices, that are destroying the basis of an enduring, genuine, Peace Process.

Long Kesh
Long Kesh


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author by W. Finnertypublication date Thu Jul 04, 2013 17:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Reply to brionOcleirigh - AllVoices at Thu Jul 04, 2013 15:39

"The law is the law is the law."

Why is NOT being enforced?

Why are all of the senior EU lawyers and politicians silent on the matter of the way Article 47 of Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union is being so blatantly violated for so long in Martin Corey's case?

Why is that three VERY SENIOR Republic of Ireland medical doctors -- one of them Dr James Reilly TD (Minister for Health) -- can get away with COMPLETELY IGNORING the ENTIRE CONTENTS of set of three registered letters I sent to them on May 28th last?

The text of the three registered letters (dated May 28th 2013) referred to in the paragraph above, which contains VERY CLEAR REFERENCE to Article 47 of The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union, can be viewed at:

The part of the text of the May 28th 2013 set of three registered letters which contains reference to Article 47 of The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union is reproduced in the section just below:


Related Excerpt #8:  from related registered letter dated December 21st 2009 to The Right Honourable The Baroness Ashton of Upholland (European Union High Representative For Foreign Affairs)  ...

"In connection with what I feel is a very long and growing string of outrageous and convoluted psychological abuses over the past 10 years or so -- which has resulted (for me) in the set of major C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) type psychological injuries that I am at present trying to recover from -- I wrote to Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP on November 30th last regarding my "Right to an effective remedy" under the terms of Article 47 of The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union: which I understand "became law" on December 1st 2009."

The excerpt just above has been taken from the message-text of the registered letter referred to at the following www location:

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"The Right Honourable The Baroness Ashton of Upholland, government corruption, crime, cover ups, impunity, William Finnerty ..."


Most of the members of Dáil Éireann have been informed -- by me, by e-mail, and as the NSA and GCHQ will no doubt be in a position to confirm for the remainder of all time -- about the "almost UNBELIEVABLE lack of Government Accountability in the Republic of Ireland" relating to Article 47 of The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union (and several other matters) which I related to them through the following set of three e-mails I sent last Friday (June 28th 2013):




Every one -- WITHOUT EXCEPTION -- of the TDs and Senators the set of three e-mails at the three www address just above were sent to, are -- in so far as I am aware -- also COMPLETELY IGNORING the entire contents of these e-mails which I sent to them last Friday.


What's the matter with all of them?

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"Banksters, government corruption, crime, cover ups, impunity, totalitarianism, fascism, Human Rights Ireland ..."

author by Brian Clarke - AllVoicespublication date Thu Jul 04, 2013 23:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The elected members of Leinster House, are meant by their well paid oversight, to protect the citizens of Ireland, from unscrupulous bankers and foreign interests, who would exploit and abuse the human rights of ordinary Irish citizens. Martin Corey is an Irish citizen and so am I. We can see from the many video debates in their chamber, as in the matter of Clare Daly taking the minister to task, on the internment of Martin Corey, the chamber is mostly empty at all times, with the non attendance of deputies from British Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams on the Martin Corey matter. How can an empty chamber in Leinster House serve the oversight interests of the Irish people who elect them??????

None of the elected parties to Government, since the banking crisis, have not been transparent or accountable to the Irish people, with regard to this matter. Neither has Gerry Adams or his party with regards to Martin Corey's internment without trial. Naturally when the whiskered cat is away, the bankers and the Brits are at play, which in the Leinster House case is almost always. I remember a few years ago, how proud I was as an Irishman the other side of the world from Ireland, watching Michael D Higgins calling Israel to account, on the Gaza blockade, only problem was, that he was once again addressing an empty Leinster House.

British internment without trial of Irish men and women continues, with the collusion of those who sit in Stormont with the British ministers there, oblivious to what is happening to people like Martin Corey. Gerry Adams the president of British Sinn Fein has been asked to make himself and his party, who negotiated Weston Park and who sit as elected members in Leinster House, accountable in the matter on numerous occasions. I personally have asked him on numerous occasion without a reply. They and he have failed miserably in the matter of accountability or taking their responsibilities and the Irish people seriously.

Their lengthy silence over an extended period of time is secret collusion and their weasel words of protests to their Viceroyal overlord by Adams and British Sinn Fein, do not qualify as being responsible or accountable to their electorate.The reality is that while they turn a blind eye to internment without trial of Martin Corey or indeed any citizen including their own volunteers, it is acceptable for those in British Sinn Fein, who sit on the British administration. British Sinn Fein by so doing resting on the wounds of Republican martyrs excludes itself from the greater Republican Family. Republican principles born in the French revolution were taken to Ireland by principled Protestant men who under no circumstance would countenance, political internment without trial.

Indeed that leading light of Tory heritage, the esteemed Winston Churchill himself, once said of internment; "The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist." Now say what you like about British Sinn Fein, they certainly are no communists, so according to our dear friend Winston they cannot be but Nazi's then. Nazi Adams, Nazi british Sinn Fein, Nazi Leinster House and Stormont, all of them serving corporate interests against the interests of the plain people of Ireland, North and South, Orange and Green.

Gerry Adams and his party of pseudo-republican, highly paid British ministers, are mostly political ignoramuses and have proven themselves, as non-transparent and non-accountable, as any of the parties in political power Ireland, who have collaborated in Ireland's demise. Gerry Adams himself is as dysfunctional and as obtuse as his brother Liam. Try google the result of their infamous trial! can anybody tell me, was he found guilty or innocent? We already have had enough of these in Leinster House and if there is an ounce of honour in any of them, they will resign immediately, before they are prosecuted for both economic and political treachery.

Richard Boyd Barret in the accompanying video calls for a Tahrir moment outside what he calls the Dail or Leinster House on the 17th of September. I am personally calling for the peaceful occupation of Leintser House by sheer weight of numbers and that that it is organized with supporting logistics to maintain that occupation for whatever time is needed for Irish sovereignty vested in the ordinary people of Ireland to control their own destiny without outside interference be it, corporate, political, military, etc.,



Caption: Richard Boyd Barrett outside Dail

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author by W. Finnertypublication date Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Reply to Brian Clarke - AllVoices at Thu Jul 04, 2013 23:26 ...

Brian a chara,

You write in a way that suggests (to me at least) that you are unconcerned about the MANY who have suffered, and who will suffer in the future as a result of the way senior politicians and lawyers in ALL EU countries are at the PRESENT TIME turning a blind eye to blatant violations of Article 47 of Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Is it the case (I find myself wondering?) that you don't really care about anybody other than Martin Corey, and those perhaps who share his particular political viewpoint?

As I see things, violations of national and international human rights laws -- such as "Article 47 of Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union" for example -- which are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (completed in 1948) are BAD NEWS for the WHOLE of humanity INCLUDING Martin Corey: but not EXCLUDING everybody or ANYBODY else, just because they are not Martin Corey, or similar to Marin Corey regarding their political viewpoints (for example).

In United Nations "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" terms, "UNIVERSAL" means "UNIVERSAL": as in "applicable or common to all purposes, conditions, or situations, for ALL of the people of the world" .

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"Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Human Rights Ireland, William Finnerty ..."

author by Brian Clarke - AllVoicespublication date Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

William a Chara,

Fair point but there is an old saying, that charity begins at home and right now I am trying to focus and Martin's predicament, because he is an elder, who has spent 22 years of hardship interned as a political prisoner.

I lived in Newry for many years and engaged in the same activity as Stephen Murney. For many years previous to that, I was active in many place which included London. The most committed hard working people I have ever personally witnessed, working for the liberation of the Irish working class, were ordinary decent Londoners many of them comrades of Ken Livingstone and the United Troops Out Movement.

Those were times at the height of the troubles and despite a lot of IRA activity in London at that time, I still found solidarity with the Irish working class there. From the experience I believe underneath all of the propaganda and brain washing, the working class of the international, is the ultimate guarantor of a successful revolution in Ireland. As James Connolly said, "the Cause of Ireland is the Cause of Labour and the Cause of Labour is the Cause of Ireland."

Newry is an Irish town close to the border that suffers immensely as result of the partition of Ireland with third and fourth generation unemployment of up to 80% as a result of sectarian economic policies.. The motorway built by the Stormont administration was built purposely short of Newry by several miles, so that no major international employer,would set up factory there and would instead go to a loyalist town. Despite all the promises of the Peace Process about building motorways it has all turned out to be the hot air of politcal gombeens..

Reading through the article below, reminded me of my own experience with British harassment and internment which was considerable. However I can see from this excellent article from GreenLeft, that the Peace Process has made no difference to the treatment of activists, who try their best. Indeed paying close attention to Stevens experiences, I can see it is actually getting worse not better since the so called Peace Process. Thisi type of PSNI/RUC thuggery is not going to drive people who care about community, down the road to peace. I can tell you from my own experience as an Irishman in Newry, that it will either drive you down the road of armed struggle or drink or both which I can tell you from bitter experience does not mix.

That is close to 30 year ago now and it simply was heartbreaking, I was lucky to come away with my life out of it. There are several people I have never had an opportunity to apologize to, or thank, one of them being Fr Murray a man of absolute integrity whom you can trust. If someone can please let him know of my deepgratitude, before either of us kick the bucket, I would appreciate it very much..There has been a persistent challenge around, since the start of the troubles, since I was a young man, that all options must be explored, before we contemplate armed struggle. I believe with the internet despite considerable censorship by West Brits including britsih Sinn Fein, that there is currently a possible opportunity to check if the pen is really mightier than the sword. I believe we have a moral responsibility to try our best.

I do know from personal experience, that the old adage, the truth will set me free, to be very true, this has been my experience, rather than simply being an opinion. It was possible with help from other people, of no property like myself. I am not sure about this Tharir Square moment but revolution is an ongoing process and it certainly is worth an honest try, within the Irish context and as peaceful way for REAL change but we must organize.

I do hope Leinster House can be Occupied peacefully by sheer numbers alone and that it is organized in a professional manner, that its is not undermined by the traitorius Union leadership, that has essentially sold out, so that it has logistical support, like food, liquid, mobile toilets, volunteered entertainment, defence capabilities, sleeping arrangements, something like hurling gear, with helmets etc., perhaps some hurling clubs can volunteer their support, to help protect older people and people with disabilities. Anyway let's get to GreenLeft's Stephen Murney's internment article...beir bua, brionOcleirigh

" Ireland: Free Stephen Murney, Victim of British Repression

Monday, July 1, 2013
By Steven Katsineris

Stephen Murney.

Stephen Murney is a political and community activist who lives in Newry in the north of Ireland. He is also a member of Eirigi (“Arise”), a legal, registered Irish socialist republican political party.

Murney has frequently documented, photographed and recorded incidents of harsh Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) stop and searches of people, house raids and other rough treatment in the Newry area. Murney regularly highlighted these issues in local newspapers and on the internet.

In November, Murney wrote a letter to a local newspaper expressing his strong condemnation of several early morning raids by the PSNI on homes in the Derrybeg Estate, Newry. He said these incursions were causing deep distress to the targeted families and maintained the raids were excessive, unnecessary and avoidable.

On November 28, about 24 hours after Murney’s letter was published, in scenes similar to those he had described, police smashed in his front door and stormed into his home in a dawn raid.

Police officers searched his house, seized a computer, political literature and a flute band uniform and arrested Murney.

Three days later, the PSNI charged Murney with three “offenses”: collecting information that may be of use to terrorists; distributing information that maybe of use to terrorists; and possessing items that could be used for terrorist purposes.

The first charge concerns Murney openly taking photographs of people, including PSNI officers, at a protest rally in Newry in June last year. The PSNI did not question or arrest Murney, or confiscate or examine his camera/phone or ask for certain images to be deleted at that time. The police asked him to stop taking photographs and he promptly did so.

The second charge relates to Murney later posting the photographs on Facebook, as well as having other political images on this computer. The third charge is in regards to the items of clothing (flute band uniform), two ball-bearing air guns (belonging to his son and entirely legal) and political literature seized from his home.

At a hearing on December 21, Murney’s lawyer said the photographs had been taken openly, that Murney had stopped when instructed and that the posting of photographs was for a perfectly legitimate purpose.

Some of the posted photos were taken by Murney at political protests, commemorations and other events. But most of the photos were downloaded from the internet, many were old, dating back to the civil rights Movement in north of Ireland in the late 1960s.

Many supportive references from community groups in Newry in support of Murney were also presented to the court.

It is common practice for political activists around the world to take photographs of protests, including of police at protests. In fact, legal and human rights groups regularly advise political activists to record such protests and any instances of police harassment or mistreatment that occur.

After querying the vague nature of the charges, the judge granted Murney bail. But at the request of the PSNI, the judge imposed several draconian bail conditions, including: banning Murney from living at home with his wife and family; banning him from entering his home town of Newry, where almost all his family and friends live; and banning him from attending any political events or meetings.

The judge also ordered Murney to reside at least five miles from Newry, report daily to the PSNI barracks (a further 12 miles away), accept a daily curfew from 7pm to 10am and wear an electric tagging device at all times.

Murney rejected these humiliating bail conditions, declaring his total innocence of the charges. Several efforts by Murney’s lawyers to change the harsh bail conditions were refused and he remains jailed in Maghaberry Gaol.


“There has been an accelerated erosion of legal rights since 1998,” said Pat McNamee, a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and friend of Murney.

At a protest for Murney, McNamee said: “Stephen Murney is charged with having a band uniform that he wore whilst a member of a local republican flute band. In ‘newspeak’, that is having a paramilitary uniform and being equipped for terrorism.”

“Stephen Murney is charged with having photographs of protests he had taken part in, which inevitably included images of members of the PSNI, who were also present at these demonstrations. In ‘newspeak’, that is having information useful to terrorists.

“Stephen Murney is charged with having his son’s toy guns in his home. In ‘newspeak’, that is having an imitation firearm.

“In 'real speak', however, Murney has been held in jail for more than six months solely because he is an effective republican and community activist.”

Injustice continues

Highlighting that Murney was only one victim of an increasingly oppressive British state apparatus, McNamee said that after two decades of the “peace process”, civil liberties were under attack ― rather than protected through a Bill of Rights was was promised by the 1998 Good Friday Agreement (GFA).

“McNamee said: “Through extended periods of detention, increased stop and search powers, the reduction of the right to a trial by jury and ‘closed evidence hearings’, where judges are presented with secret ‘evidence’ which can neither be disclosed to nor challenged by the accused or their legal representatives … instead of moving forward with human rights, it is they who are dragging us back.”

Murney is a victim of British injustice in the north of Ireland, but he is one of many of those suffering from an increasingly oppressive British state system. The terms of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) offered better times, a period of peace and healing, yet human rights and civil liberties are still violated.

Campaign grows

Since the arrest and imprisonment of Murney, several Irish republican and other groups have campaigned for his freedom, including Eirigi, Republican Network for Unity, Irish Republican Socialist Party, Republican Sinn Fein, 32 County Sovereignty Movement, as well as local Councillors and other individuals.

Sinn Fein's slammed Murney's arrest as “short term internment”. Sinn Fein councillor Brendan Curran said the bail restrictions imposed were, “excessive and unacceptable” given the “dubious” charges.

Independent councillor Davy Hyland from the Newry and Mourne Council said: “Murney has been held ... on the most spurious charges...he tried to get bail, but was given the most atrocious conditions that he couldn’t possibly meet.”

Human rights groups are starting to take up his case. On June 14, Justice Watch Ireland wrote to the British secretary of state for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers and justice minister David Ford, calling for the immediate release of Murney Murney.

A JWI statement said: “Justice Watch Ireland are more than concerned that Mr Murney may be a victim of the most blatant abuse of the Justice system seen in the last decade.

“We are equally concerned that should this practice of Judicial Abuse be allowed to continue unabated, it could well threaten the democratic rights of all citizens in the future. We call on all politicians and those opposed to losing their democratic and human rights, to voice their disapproval of such abuses continuing.

“Justice Watch Ireland calls for Stephen Murney to be released on unconditional bail as a matter of urgency. We believe his detention is nothing short of ‘Interment’ by definition.

“‘Internment by remand’ is being claimed by many, in which we are currently investigating, but in this case our conclusion is that Mr Murney truly is interned by definition with the use of the remand process currently being implemented.”

Murney is in jail, not because he has done or planned to do anything unlawful, but due to his political views and role as an active, outspoken and effective Republican and community activist.

In a normal, civil society, there would have to be substantial evidence against Murney to warrant the serious charges he now faces. But Ireland's north is not a normal, ordinary place. So, rather than these charges being recognised as ridiculous, in the six Irish counties still claimed by Britain, they are depicted by the PSNI as a very grave matter. If Murney is convicted, he faces a lengthy prison sentence.

The British authorities have used a policy of selective internment against Murney in an bid to silence him and other opposition. A political activist is now in effect interned without trial on the basis of the most ridiculous “evidence”.

Murney is innocent and his jailing utterly unjust. The flimsy charges against him should be dropped and Murney should be immediately and unconditionally released.

Murney said: “Internment was wrong and unjust in previous years and it remains as equally wrong and unjust today. I would encourage all those that disagree with its continued use to organise and publicly oppose internment in its current form.”

[For more information, check out Free Stephen Murney Now on Facebook. You can write to Murney at: Stephen Murney, Roe 4, Maghaberry Gaol, Old Road, Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn, BT28, 2PT, Northern Ireland.]"

I Am the Change
I Am the Change

Caption: How can we change things..where are the solutions

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author by brionOcleirigh - AllVoicespublication date Sat Jul 06, 2013 15:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Concentration Camp is a British Invention
Martin Corey is currently a political prisoner of conscience currently interned without trial for the last three years. He was interned for almost 20 years previously, in Long Kesh Concentraion Camp, in British Occupied Ireland.

"I have been in prison for over 3 years and I still haven’t been given a reason. They have put forward a number of allegations against me, and I’m not able to defend myself against any of them. They say I have been seen speaking to known republicans, and that I visited a number of houses. What does that matter? It doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong. They have absolutely nothing on me, and that’s why they haven’t charged me." Martin Corey

The Irish Holocaust , history's largest cover up?

The London Times editorial on September 30, 1845, stated; "In England the two main meals of a working man's day now consists of potatoes." England's potato-dependence was excessive; reckless. It warned of over-population relative to its domestic food supply and that England faced famine without importing huge amounts of alternative supplies.

Subsequently, England grabbed Ireland's surplus food, by force of arms to save England's population but also took what was need to sustain Ireland's people for profit and specifically to exterminate the Irish people. Queen Victoria's economist, Nassau Senior, expressed this clearly when stating, that existing policies "will not kill more than one million Irish in 1848 and that will scarcely be enough to do much good."

When reporters and eye-witnesses pleaded with the British, to stop the genocide-in-progress in Ireland, Trevelyan whose authority in Ireland was equivalent to Viceroyal Villiers today, in British Occupied Ireland, replied: "We must not complain of what we really want to obtain." Trevelyan insisted, all reports of famine and starvation were exaggerated. In 1847, he declared it ended and refused the American food relief ship Sorciére permission to enter Irish waters.

Thomas Carlyle; influential British journalist, wrote; "Ireland is like a half-starved rat that crosses the path of an elephant. What must the elephant do? Squelch it, by heavens, squelch it." "Total Annihilation;" was the suggestion of the London Times leader of September 2, 1846 and in 1848 its editorialists bragged;

"A Celt will soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the red man on the banks of Manhattan."The Society of Friends of the "Quakers," did everything they could to to save Irish lives, but in 1847 in sheer desperation, they quit, upon hearing that the British Crown planned to systematically perpetuate with its genocide's project to enable the British complete the "ownership" of all Irish land. The Quakers stopped and refused to enable the genocide in British Occupied Ireland by pretending that the Irish Holocaust was an act of nature.

There were several "Voices in the Wilderness" risking everything to try to stop the British genocide. Jane Wilde, mother of Oscar Wilde a poet, wrote under the, nom de plume,"Speranza," in the rebel newspaper the United Irishman the following verses 1 to 6 here, about the British war crimes in Ireland of 1847, with regard to the British genocidists and the innocents of Ireland they were exterminating;

Weary men, what reap ye? "Golden corn for the Stranger."
What sow ye? "Human corpses that await for the Avenger."
Fainting forms, all hunger-stricken, what see you in the offing?
"Stately ships to bear our food away amid the stranger's scoffing."
There's a proud array of soldiers what do they round your door?
"They guard our masters' granaries from the thin hands of the poor."
Pale mothers, wherefore weeping? "Would to God that we were dead"
Our children swoon before us, and we cannot give them bread!"

"We are wretches, famished, scorned, human tools to build your pride,
But God will yet take vengeance for the souls for whom Christ died.
Now is your hour of pleasure, bask ye in the world's caress;
But our whitening bones against ye will arise as witnesses,
From the cabins and the ditches, in their charred, uncoffined masses,
For the Angel of the Trumpet will know them as he passes.
A ghastly, spectral army before God we'll stand
And arraign ye as our murderers, O spoilers of our land!"

Its 2013 and people still believe that the potato crop not native to Ireland was the reason why millions of Irish people died, in rich agricultural land, ideal for crop growth and food. Its ridiculous, the world still mocks the Irish today for their "spud famine" The Irish government, as in so many other aspects of protecting its own people, shows complete disregard for this event and when holocaust denial is illegal in Europe, our own Government enable this potato nonsense to go on indefinitely is pissing on the graves of millions of our ancestors who perished.

It is all part of the revision and denial of our real national Irish history, proving once again, that the victors really write their version of history, covering up this British and other war crimes, with their mentored, privileged, sock puppets in Ireland.

Irish Holocaust : 6,257,456 Disappeared

See link below for details:

Long kesh Concentration Camp
Long kesh Concentration Camp

Caption: The Concentration Camp is a British Invention

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author by brionOcleirigh - AllVoicespublication date Mon Jul 08, 2013 00:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

PSNI/RUC Grab Dolours Price Interviews

According to information just released by IRN Irish Republican News, the British paramilitary police now have possession of Dolours Price interviews.

"Confidential interviews with senior IRA figure Dolours Price have been
handed over to British security forces, it has been confirmed.

The PSNI police in the north of Ireland said two detectives had e
travelled to Boston to take possession of materials authorised by the
United States Supreme Court.

"The officers will return to Northern Ireland to assess the material and
continue with their inquiries," a spokesman added.

It is thought the interviews may contain information which might be used
by the PSNI against a number of republicans, including senior Sinn Fein

Dolours was a former republican hunger-striker who became a bitter critic
of Sinn Fein when the party encouraged the IRA to give up its weapons
and joined a local devolved administration under British rule.

She clashed with party leader Gerry Adams in recent years over his
denials that he had never been a member of the IRA.

The 62-year-old consistently had claimed that Mr Adams, now a Louth TD,
had played a significant role in IRA actions, including the
controversial killing of alleged informer Jean McConville.

She who died in January amid a trans-Atlantic legal battle over her
interviews and after a long battle with post-traumatic stress disorder
and depression.

The allegations are among those believed to be contained in an interview
with Irish 'researchers' Anthony McIntyre and Ed Moloney, who were hired
for the purpose by the American university.

The recordings were started in 2001 and were made on the condition that
confidentiality would be guaranteed until after the death of the
republicans and loyalists who took part.

McIntyre and Moloney failed to block the release of the tapes after the
PSNI launched a high profile legal challenge to obtain the testimony.
However, they said the eleven interviews which were ordered to be
released to the PSNI are of limited value, and significantly reduced
from a previous demand for 85 interviews.

The PSNI's move to take possession of the tapes this weekend appeared
designed to pre-empt a new legal challenge based on an internal British
police report which found bias in the handling of historical cases by
the PSNI's Historical Enquiries Team (HET).

The Policing Board in the North has said it has no confidence in the
leadership of the HET Team on foot of the damning report, which found
British soldiers had received preferential treatment from investigators.

In a statement on Saturday, Moloney and McIntyre urged the Dublin and
London governments 'to suspend all criminal and non-criminal inquiries
into the past until agreement has been reached by all parties on a
credible way forward and a mechanism to deal with the past has been
created in such a way that it commands widespread confidence and

P.S. Dolours was given the strongest undertakings and promises, that her interviews were strictly for historical purposes and would not be divulged for any purpose, other than historical reasons after all those concerned were deceased.. Ar dheis Dia go raibh anam, Dolours.

Gestapo SS British Occupied Ireland
Gestapo SS British Occupied Ireland

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