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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

offsite link New Analysis: Covid?s Infection Fatality Rate Now Same as Seasonal Flu Sun Jun 26, 2022 14:00 | Toby Young
The IFR of COVID-19 is now 0.0333%, according to a new analysis by Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr Jason Oke. About the same as seasonal flu, in other words. So no need for any more restrictions.
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offsite link BBC Staff Told there are More than 150 Genders and Urged to Develop ?Trans Brand? Sun Jun 26, 2022 12:30 | Toby Young
Gender ideology continues to spread within the BBC, with the Telegraph revealing staff are being taught there are 150 genders and they should declare their pronouns to reduce "suicide risks" for trans people.
The post BBC Staff Told there are More than 150 Genders and Urged to Develop ?Trans Brand? appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

offsite link In their Desperation to be Woke, Universities are Losing their Way Sun Jun 26, 2022 11:00 | Dr John Staddon
UCL has written a new 'vision and mission' statement that reads as if it was written not by an intelligent human being, but by a bot programmed to string together fashionable words in sequence.
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offsite link EU Renews Vaccine Passport Scheme Despite Overwhelmingly Negative Public Feedback Sun Jun 26, 2022 09:00 | Will Jones
The European Parliament has voted to approve an EU Commission proposal to renew the EU Digital Covid Certificate for another year, despite 99% of the responses to the public consultation being opposed.
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offsite link The British Council has Been Captured by the Woke Cult Sun Jun 26, 2022 07:00 | Toby Young
The British Council has embraced the credo of 'decolonisation' and it won't breathe a word against China's brutal suppression of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, that well known victim of colonial oppression.
The post The British Council has Been Captured by the Woke Cult appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

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Voltaire Network
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Netanyahu a War Criminal says Nobel Peace Laureate

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Monday December 03, 2012 10:39author by Justin Morahan Report this post to the editors

Calls for Boycott Divestment Sanctions

In a speech delivered in Belfast on 24 October 2012, Mairead Maguire declared that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Premier, is a war criminal. She also criticised Obama's stance on Israel, and the media's lies; and she called for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

The following is the full text of the speech:

Netanyahu is a War Criminal says Nobel Peace Laureate

In a speech delivered in Belfast on 24 October 2012, Mairead Maguire declared that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Premier, is a war criminal.

"Hello Everybody, I would like to thank the Irish congress of Trade Unions and all the other organisations for inviting me to speak today and for organising this rally and I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming along today. We heard that the ceasefire has been declared but we know that this is not the end of the siege of Gaza or the occupation of the people of Palestine. We witnessed yet again on our television sets this week inhumanity that we cannot believe is allowed to exist. It was called 'self-defence'. But how can you call self-defence the massacre of women and children in Gaza and the destruction of their infrastructure, this is a war, these are crimes against humanity, we declare that Netanyahu is a war criminal and we can do something about this.

We can ensure that when any of the Israeli leaderships such as, Perez, Netanyahu and their military war executive, try to leave their country and come to any civilized country, we as the people will issue our own indictments of war crimes. We as the people have to stand up for human rights, for international law, for democracy, for a future for our world, because if we don't do this, our world will plunge into war and to destruction and to barbarity and we will not have such a thing as a civil or political or religious liberty or right. We elect politicians to serve the people, to stand up for our right to food, education, safety and security.

Obama's dismal failure

Our politicians are failing us dismally; we have no real political leadership with any moral courage in our world today. We supported Obama when he came in and said 'there is a new way'. President Obama stood in Burma this week and he said: ' There is no excuse for violence against innocent people', what was his message about the violence against the people of Gaza? What has his message been about the violence, occupation,destruction, persecution, apartheid regime against the Palestinian people for the last 60 years? His message was (and the minutes are available from the White house two weeks ago) ' We will uphold Israel’s right to self-defence and anybody who questions that, we will not accept'.

What kind of political leadership is that to our people in the world today? The biggest block to real change is not Israel but the United States of America continually vetoing and supporting the murder of children in Gaza and war against civilians.

What Israel is about

We have to know what Israel is about. Jimmy Carter gave an interview last week, and in this interview Jimmy Carter said the policy of the Israeli government is to confiscate Palestinian land. The policy of the Israeli government is to take more and more Palestinian land, they want a greater Israel and not only do they want a greater Israel, they want the 20% of the Arab people who live within Israel proper to acknowledge Israel as a 'Jewish state'. They want a Jewish state for a Jewish people. When do they think we're living? Do they think we're living in the dark ages? Every person has a right to their statehood. Every person has a right to their freedom, a right to dignity. But it's about the land stupid, it's about the land as Bill Clinton would say, it's about the territory stupid. Let's wake up, this is not about Hamas, this is not about the fact that Israel has no partner for peace. I sat with Yasser Arafat in his little compound before he was killed and he cried out for peace. I sat in Gaza with Hamas in 2008 and they cried out for peace. What was Israel's answer? Israel's answer was war against them, and not only dropping one or two bombs but the policy of the Israeli government, and look it up, is that when they go to war, they do the utmost damage. They don't kill one or two, they destroy a people.


There's a new concept available now, it's called 'Sociocide', you know our Philosophers and our Professors, too many of them who sit behind university walls, if it’s not going out to new links with other universities so they can get more money for military experiments. Sociocide means another country destroys a people’s whole ability to live - and this is what’s happening in Gaza. The Gazan people: their identities are being destroyed as Palestinians, their country is being destroyed as Palestine, their children are being killed, their spirit is being dampened, they're being demonised by the Israelis as if they were nothing. Who are the Palestinians? The Israelis created another lie in 1948 when they said they went to 'a land without people', they went to a land that was full of the very best of people, good people, kind people, people who opened their hearts to them coming in, in 1948, people who gave them homes and supported them and what did the Israelis do? What did the Zionists do? In 1948, they cleared over 400 Palestinian villages, putting the people out of their homes. The Palestinians had to flee their land, this was 'The Nakba' of the Palestinian people. It was genocide as important as the genocide of the Holocaust. I've been to Auschwitz, I am not an Anti-Semite. I've been to Auschwitz, I've seen the suffering and in Auschwitz I swore the next time I saw people suffering like this I would not remain silent and we must not remain silent.

We must stand up against Israeli aggression

It is a myth that The Nakba and the ethnic cleansing that went on in 1948 by the Israeli's is over. It's happening today as we stand. The Israelis are clearing villages in the Negev desert so they can take over the very best of Palestinian land. We must up stand up against this. This is not acceptable and we're not powerless. We're not powerless, the people of Northern Ireland, no they're not powerless because we know what it's like for bombings and shootings and killings and fear and division. And we stood up and we said this is not acceptable. So the people of Israel and Palestine together can stop this. They have to do it, because the world leaders are not going to do it. The people have to do it and do it together, because Israeli's too are suffering.

Boycott, Divest, Sanction

We must support the Israeli Peace Activists. They are on a hard road but their message is right. Their message is non-violence, dialogue and solving this problem. It's not who will start this problem; it's who will end it. Boycott all Israeli goods. Boycott Israel and the companies that trade with them. Divest from Israel and the countries that support Israel. We must applaud the Co-op, because the Co-op, one of the first retailers has come out with a very strong Boycott campaign and we send out from this platform our thanks to the Co-op and we implore more and more to follow their example. But, you know, also sanctions, sanctions against the arms that are flowing into Israel. We must say to America, you are breaking your own laws because every day you have 8 million dollars going to support the militarism of Israel. They are being used illegally by Israel and America has to stop this. Europe too has a lot of work, Europe funds Israel, Israel gets more money out of the European kitty - and that's our money - to do military research so it can remain a nuclear weapons country with the fourth biggest army in the world.

We're paying for that, so they use these to destroy a country and destroy the buildings that our tax money built in Gaza. This is not acceptable.

Lies from the Media

I thank you all for coming. We are powerful but the most important thing, our greatest enemy is cowardice, our greatest enemy are those who refuse to speak the truth because of their own fear. Our greatest enemies are people like the BBC and the media who tell lies about what is happening . Where are the media reporting exactly what is happening? We demand, we're paying tax, we're paying our license and we want the truth. Thank you very much for all you’re doing. There's great hope because I have met with the Israeli activists and I have met with the Palestinian people and witnessed their message of non-violence, Palestine has a great non-violence movement, tragically a lot of them are in Israeli prisons. So we together can solve this and help our Palestinian people. We did it in Northern Ireland and we are a model. People said it couldn't be done, we said it will not be done through militarism, arm struggle and violence. It will be done with truth and courage and love and forgiveness and we can do it. That's our message to the Israeli and Palestinian people. You can do it another way.''

author by Paddypublication date Tue Dec 04, 2012 08:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Why single out Netanyahu? What about Assad?

author by FFSpublication date Tue Dec 04, 2012 08:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

no one could ever criticise anyone without also criticising everyone that might by guilty of whatever it is

It's a really ridiculous way of looking at things - but then you're not really interested anyway - you're just here to troll.

for instance Why do YOU only mention Assad .?

Following your own (il)Logic YOU should have also mentioned Obama, Bush, Blair, Cameron, Clegg, Merkel, Sarkozy, Gilliard, Harper, Olmert, Livni, Sharon . . . . . . but you didn't

The article is about what a Nobel Laureate said. Since she didn't criticise Assad, why would the person that posted here bother to also include Assad in a report of Maguire's criticism?

Does the lack of mention of Assad make Maguire's criticism of the War Criminal Netanyahu illegitimate?

No of course it doesn't.

Only an idiot or a troll would claim so.

which are you?

author by antitrollpublication date Tue Dec 04, 2012 14:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Both. Don't feed the trolls!

author by fredpublication date Wed Dec 05, 2012 16:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Benjy Cretinyahoo voted joint 13th no less along with Ehud Barak

You have to laugh don't you?

Other great "thinkers" in recent years include Dick Cheney, Condeleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton and Dominique Strauss Kahn.

Are they just taking the piss or what?

author by Truthseekerpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 08:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Agricultural terrorism

By Josh Hasten, JPOST

Unfortunately, just last month, late on a Thursday night, while his animals were grazing near the community of Migron in the southern Binyamin region, Arabs stole his flock of around 400 goats as he was sound asleep nearby.

Herzlich, who describes what happened not as theft but as “terrorism,” says that while he is devastated since he considers his flock “part of my family,” what happened wasn’t a total surprise.

In recent months security officials had warned Herzlich that he had been in the crosshairs of the Arabs for some time. “I was actually on an Arab hit list, since when the Arabs see a Jewish shepherd walking in the Land of Israel – that endangers them, and pushes them back. When you have a flock you move beyond fences, and the Arabs understand that when a Jew walks on the Land, he controls the Land. Our roads in Israel aren’t our claim to the Land, it’s our fields.”

author by truthseekerpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 09:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

PA radio song praises suicide bombings against Israelis: (PMW)

"We are bombs when the homeland calls...
We strapped ourselves with explosives...
and praised Him [Allah] for the Martyrdom"

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Voice of Palestine radio has broadcast a song glorifying suicide bombings targeting Israelis. The song on the official Palestinian Authority radio station was played two days after the PA was granted observer status at the UN, and included these words:

"We are bombs... the enemies were beheaded... Grieve not, Mother, shed no tears over my torn flesh... heroic men who mock death... We praised the Lord, and set out for Martyrdom (Shahada). We strapped ourselves with explosives, and trusted in Allah... Onward men, on the roads to glory."

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Apparently singing a song is "savagery"

Whereas for Zio-Nazi scum like him, dropping bombs on caged-in civilians, shooting soccer-playing children in the head, obliterating whole families using missiles fired from multi-million dollar war jets etc etc is a sure sign of "civilisation"

When it comes down to it, I'm pretty sure sane people can easily see which of the two groups behaviour most closely resembles "savagery"

A hint for all the clueless Zio-Nazi morons out there - it ain't the people singing songs, no matter how objectionable you find the lyrics.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 13:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ecuadoran leader compares Libyan and Jewish victims of bombings -,7340,L-4316324,00.html
AP, Dec 6 2012

Jewish leaders expressed outrage Wednesday over a statement Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa made about Argentina’s worst terrorist attack. Correa told a TV interviewer that he was familiar with the 1994 bombing that killed 85 people in the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires. He called it “a very painful part of Argentina’s history,” but then suggested that the US and its allies pose a greater danger than Iran, which crooked Cops in Argentina have claimed organized the attack.

Correa said:

    Look at how many died in the NATO bombings of Libya. If we compare these two events, we can see where the true danger lies.

Argentine Jewish leader Julio Schlosser said Wednesday that Correa’s comments show “extraordinary insensitivity.”

Correa was on a one-day visit to Argentina to receive a free speech award from the journalism department of one of Argentina’s top universities, despite [US and Zio-Nazi inspired] criticism that the leader has tried to muzzle his nation’s press.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 14:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

RT reports on declassified Senate Investigation files in the US which revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities of Israel and it's Fifth-Columnist Zio-Nazi supporters in the U.S.

The US National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation. They suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important.

The files can be downloaded from the web-site of the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern policy which has maintained an Archive of the actual Senate investigation documents. -

Zio-Nazi Media Manipulation exposed
Zio-Nazi Media Manipulation exposed

author by Contrarianpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 16:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Wow! So Israel engages in lobbying and public relations. Whodda thunk it? Worse still, there's even a suggestion it's actually been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important. Down with that sort of thing, I say.

I mean, what's your point here? Seriously? Lobbying and public relations and shaping media coverage is done by every nation on this planet. And pretty much every political party and campaign and movement too. Both openly andbehind the scenes. Now, you can take a principled view that this should never happen. Doesn't seem like a very sensible stance to me but, hey, it's a free country, you can hold any view you like.

Or, are you saying that Israel, alone among all nations, the only Jewish nation in the world, is uniquely wrong to engage in a spot of lobbying and public relations? And if so, why? And if not,why draw our attention to it? Do enlighten us, z=n.

author by Mike Novackpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 17:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The document letterhead was the AMERICAN Zionist Council.

Now perhaps the authors of the piece believe that American Jews should not have all the rights of other Americans to organize and support WHATEVER they might want. But is that what YOU believe?

For example, from your own history, how do you feel about American Irish supporting your independence from Britain (you do understand what role that played, yes? -- even though earlier in US history when Irish-Americans had less clout, the bankrupt post Civil War government sold you down the river in exchange for getting Britain to pay for the St Albans (Vermont) raid*.)

Or do you perhaps believe that all the American Jewish pro Israel organizations are "fronts"? That the people behind them are not really AMERICAN Jews but Israelis. You believe that the overwhelming majority of American Jews does not back Israel? Now of course not ALL American Jews do. There are even some leftist Jews who take a pro Palestinians position. But let's put it this way, when they call a meeting, no need to hire a very large hall.

Understand? This is coming from people who are expressing the view that I have no rights as an American. Who consider ME an "alien". Well scr*w that. Just so you understand my being po'd.

* Britain had been arguing that they shouldn't have to pay for the raid, denied responsibility to control the border (the raid came via Canada). Well immediately following the Civil War a largish group of Irish-American veterans got the idea that they could organize some companies and seize a chunk of Canada west of Buffalo (past Niagra Falls) and then bargain for Ireland. Remember, this was before the railroad in Canada, before the locks between the lakes. Would have been very hard for the British to get troops there to counter this. The British demanded that the US close the border against this raid and got the response "Oh, then you DO recognize the responsibility to control the border against raids? So you'll pay for St Albans" (the US stopped the Irish freedom fighters and the British paid for St Albans).

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 20:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Or do you perhaps believe that all the American Jewish pro Israel organizations are "fronts"?"

Surely not ALL of them Mike.

Can't say for sure but there's probably a strong possibility that there exists at least One American Jewish pro-Zio-Nazi/Zio-Nazi-Aplologist organization that is not merely a "front", eh?

A Long History - Israeli Espionage Against the US

    * "The Lavon Affair": In 1954, Israeli agents attacked Western targets in Egypt in an apparent attempt to upset US-Egyptian relations. Israeli defense minister Pinchas Lavon was removed from office, though many think real responsibility lay with David Ben-Gurion.

    * In 1965, Israel apparently illegally obtained enriched uranium from NUMEC corporation. (Washington Post, 6/5/86, Charles R. Babcock, "US an Intelligence Target of the Israelis, Officials Say.")

    * In 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, an intelligence gathering vessel flying a US flag, killing 34 crew members. See "Assault on the Liberty," by James M. Ennes, Jr. (Random House).

    * In 1985 Richard Smyth, the owner of MILCO was indicted on charges of smuggling nuclear timing devices to Israel (Washington Post, 10/31/86).

    * April 24, 1987 Wall Street Journal headline: "Role of Israel in Iran-Contra Scandal Won’t be Explored in Detail by Panels"

    * In 1992, the Wall Street Journal reported that Israeli agents apparently tried to steal Recon Optical Inc’s top-secret airborne spy-camera system. (1/17/92, Edward T. Pound and David Rogers).

    * In early 1997, an Army mechanical engineer, David A. Tenenbaum, told investigators that he "inadvertently" gave classified military information on missile systems and armored vehicles to Israeli officials (New York Times, 2/20/97).

    * 1997 US ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, complains privately to the Israeli government about heavy-handed surveillance by Israeli intelligence agents.

    * 2001 The FBI is investigating 5 Israeli moving companies as possible fronts for Israeli intelligence.

    * 2002 The DEA issues a report that Israeli spies, posing as art students, have been trying to penetrate US Government offices.

    * 2004 Two Israelis try to enter Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, home to eight Trident submarines. The truck tests positive for explosives.

    * For detailed analysis of the Israel-US relationship, including covert operations, see "Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relations with a Militant Israel" by Stephen Green (Amana Books). Also see "Dangerous Liaisons" by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn (Harper Collins).

    * For information on economic espionage see "War By Other Means: Economic Espionage in America" by Wall Street Journal reporter John Fialka (Norton). Also see "Israel’s Unauthorized Arms Transfers" in Foreign Policy, Summer 1995, by Prof. Duncan Clarke of American University.


Israel’s propagandists shoot themselves in the foot as they shoot off their mouths -

September 30, 2009

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Fri Dec 07, 2012 20:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The JDL, a Zio-Nazi terrorist group, was founded in New York in 1968 by the notorious racist “Rabbi” Meir Kahane. One of its slogans was “every Jew a .22” (“[give] every Jew a point-two-two” — a reference to .22 caliber rifle).

Kahane, who was later elected to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, openly called for the Palestinians to be expelled from the West Bank. To this day, many Israeli settlers and racists maintain the slogan “Kahane was right”.

JDL has chapters in Europe and Canada.

French activists campaign against Jewish Terrorist Group JDL -

    Activists in France have launched a campaign to disband the French branch of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), which is reportedly protected by the French government, Press TV reports.

    Pointing to numerous acts of violence committed by the JDL, the activists censured the French government’s tolerance of the Jewish group and reaffirmed their determination to continue their campaign to ban the JDL.

    The United States considers the JDL as a terrorist group. It is a Jewish far-right organization whose stated goal is to expel Palestinians from their homeland and “protect Jews from anti-Semitism by whatever means necessary.”

    Under former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the group’s ties with the French government surfaced after French police allowed JDL members to use their sports facilities for military training.

    The group has committed hundreds of violent acts in France, but their crimes have gone unpunished and even unreported, with merely a single conviction on record.

    In a latest instance of violence, JDL thugs recently attacked Olivia Zemor, a leader of the non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, sprayed a very toxic paint all over her body and posted the video of the assault on their website. French police arrested no one with regard to the attack.

    “Any time they see a Palestinian voice, they attack them and they run away, because the French government is an accomplice to that,” said Nicolas Shahshahani, Zemor’s husband.

    The JDL also attacked Shahshahani’s bookstore in 2006, using tear gas and dousing his books with cooking oil, but none of the perpetrators was apprehended.


September 2012 marked 27 years since the murder by bombing of Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee Leader Alex Odeh

Odeh, a Palestinian originally from Jifna, a West Bank village near the university town of Birzeit, was the ADC’s leader in California.

Despite a number of leads linking the bombing to the JDL, the case remains unsolved by the FBI, who have yet to charge a single suspect.

The prime suspects are reported to have fled to Israel.

It’s a sign of the double standards of the American justice system that Odeh’s killers have not been brought to book. Is the FBI too busy entrapping Muslim teenagers in imaginary terrorist plots, or is someone being protected here?

Caption: Film about 1985 Murder of Arab-American Alex Odeh, by Jewish Terrorist Group

author by Pedo-Rabbispublication date Sat Dec 08, 2012 18:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

RT talks to Chas Freeman, the Former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia about the flaring conflicts in the Middle East.

Caption: The Gods of the Isreali Election Cycle seem to require blood sacrifice of Palestinians

author by truthseekerpublication date Sun Dec 09, 2012 09:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

From Palestinian Media Watch:

A Palestinian Authority minister stated last month that the Palestinians should unite in order to focus on the destruction of Israel.

At an event with the participation of three PA ministers, Minister of Social Affairs Majida Al-Masri called for Palestinian unity and reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas in order “to turn to the struggle for the liberation of Palestine — all of Palestine.’”

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that when the Palestinian Authority uses the expression “all of Palestine,” they include all of Israel.

The following is the report on the event in the official PA daily:

“The women of Palestine marked March 8 with a central rally, attended by a group of released female prisoners from the various districts of the West Bank. Participating in the events were Minister for Women’s Affairs, Rabiha Dhiab; Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Karake; Minister of Social Affairs, Majida Al-Masri… and representatives from the territories occupied in 1948 (e.g., Palestinian euphemism for “Israel”)…

Al-Masri sharply condemned the Israel Prison Services for its violations against the [hunger striking] prisoner Shalabi… We demand of everyone to push ahead with reconciliation [between Fatah and Hamas] and to end the state of division, so that we will be able to stand against the occupation, to halt its activities against our prisoners, and to turn to the struggle for the liberation of Palestine – all of Palestine.’”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 9, 2012]

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Sun Dec 09, 2012 17:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

According to "truthseeker" [the man may actually inadvertently manage to live up to his name] Hamas are clearly advocating a One State Solution to the problem then


Personally I've always been strongly in favour of a One-State solution myself - never saw the much-talked-about-but-never-delivered-upon 2 state solution as anything other than a complete recipe for disaster

Since practically EVERYONE agrees [in public at least] that the current "One racist Zio-Nazi Jewish state and a Concentration-Camp+Bantustans for Palestinians" status-quo that the Zio-Nazis seem to prefer is obviously a complete non-starter as a "solution" to anything, and indeed the Israelis daily manage to prove just how disastrous that non-solution has been

So obviously to achieve an equitable One-State solution one would have to completely do away with the current status-quo, including the current racistZio-Nazi POLITICAL-entity called "Israel" in order to replace it with some other POLITICAL entity that would not be racist.

Another State to replace Israel is exactly what is needed, one that covers the whole Palestine area, only this time one not obsessed with silly Nazi-like Blood-Purity notions of "Chosen-ness"

Sooner the better, I say, then all can finally get on with the business of living

Well done "Truthseeker", for bringing this welcome news to our attention.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Mon Dec 10, 2012 14:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Sins of the Father? -

    "[ Netanyahu’s father's] book is recognized as the classic account. So I came to know him very very well. I admired him enormously. Even though we disagreed completely on politics and Israel.

    He was a so-called revisionist Zionist, he was a disciple of Jabotinsky.

    And he thought the only way Israel could survive is, well he once told me, by killing all the Arabs.

No wonder Binjamin Netanyahu grew up to be a War Criminal with a parent like that.

author by wolfhoundpublication date Sat Dec 22, 2012 21:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

" I sat with Hamas and they cried for peace ".

Really ? Does this woman think that we can't read what Hamas cry for ? Is she totally deluded that she thinks anyone with half a brain would believe this ?

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Sat Dec 22, 2012 21:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"anyone with half a brain


yer being too harsh on yourself - I'm sure you got 55% at least, . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . maybe even as much as 62 or 63% if yer REAL lucky.

author by Lasherpublication date Sat Jan 11, 2014 15:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Israel needs to be disarmed of their hundreds of nuclear weapons and then we would see a much less arrogant and boastful bunch of Jews.

author by david hackett - americanpublication date Thu Sep 25, 2014 06:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

netanyahoo remains like bush , chaney and his likeness, war criminals. i remain a viet nam vet and demand the execution of kissenger.

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