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Primary School Children introduced to Gambling by O Connell Primary School Parents Association.

category dublin | animal rights | press release author Thursday May 10, 2012 16:27author by Bernie Wright - Greyhound Action Irelandauthor email bigbrownrat at gmail dot comauthor address GAI . PO Box 4734, Dublin.1author phone 0872651720 Report this post to the editors

Gambling risk ignored by those who should know better.

Dublin Primary School brings their young pupils to night of gambling at the dogs.

The O‘Connel’s primary school Parents Association obviously believes that Gambling is a healthy pursuit for 8 to 10 year old schoolchildren. A night at the dogs was arranged by the OCS Parents association on last Thursday 3rd May. A mini-bus and apparently a Gardai community Van shuttled children for a night of gambling at Shelbourne Park to bet on about 12 races as no underage limit applies at Greyhound and Horse tracks in Ireland.
One child won 60-80 euro and the website for the school said the following regarding the event. The O Connell Primary School Dublin website‎ states-‘
A Night at the Dogs posted 4 May 2012 00:08 by Gerry Hancock .A big Thank You to everyone who helped out with or attended the OCS Parents' Assoc. Night at the Dogs last night. It was an overwhelming success.’

Greyhound Racing is bad news for both children and animals
Greyhound Racing is bad news for both children and animals

A success for who we wonder?, the dogs raced and possibly drugged, injured or killed by the Greyhound Industry, the school children exposed to Gambling at the tote or did these parents never hear about addiction and the well documented abuse to dogs by Bord nag Con. Two good reasons for not supporting the Track! Including the very recent exposure of the Limerick pit full of dead ex- racers that was discovered. This horrified most people who heard of it.

We recently condemned Bord na g Con for offering school tours to children as a way of promoting their cruel Industry but in this case it is the irresponsible parents that are to blame. Our concern for animals abused for sport has brought this to light but we feel those concerned about the rise in gambling addictions should step out and condemn this ill-thought out action. Shouldn’t Parents associations be more diligent for children’s welfare?
A relative of one family who attended rang us expressing her disgust.

Bernie Wright
Greyhound Action Ireland.0872651720

• O Connell School. Dee Coleman, home/school coordinator 0868936811 also O'Connell Primary School North Richmond Street Dublin 1 Ireland Phone 00 353 1 8557517 Email principal@oconnellprimary.ie

Related Link: http://www.irishcentral.com/sport/Gambling-addiction-hi...bLvoR
author by Yvonne Spublication date Thu May 10, 2012 16:57Report this post to the editors

Im in shocked, just texted the number. I do not believe
How could even cross a parents mind that a night of gambling at the dogs was a good idea!
I hope social services take action against them!

If we want to perpetuate the myth of the irish being drunken gamblers we are in the right track!

I am actually more concerned about all the animal cruelty involved, and people still giving money to this stupid businesses.

"Approximately 10,000 dogs are discarded by the racing industry every year. This is the figure the industry is prepared to state. The same number probably leave the independent tracks, although it would appear that, on those tracks, the dogs have a chance of lasting longer. There are no records of any kind, on either sort of track, on the length of a dog's racing career. When a dog leaves an NGRC track it leaves the NGRC consciousness.

There are no records kept of dogs that are destroyed during the schooling period or of the number of dogs destroyed during their racing career.

There are no records kept of injuries incurred while on the track.

There are no records kept of the number of Greyhounds that are abandoned by their owners, picked up by dog wardens, and finish up in all sorts of rescue kennels, from the excellent Dogs Trust to council dog pounds where they live an extra seven miserable days. Some tracks run rehoming schemes as an extension of the Retired Greyhound Trust but the quality inevitably varies as this is voluntary work and they are given minimal support by the Trust.

The Trust was set up in 1974. It is described officially as the NGRC Retired Greyhound Trust. The British Greyhound Racing Board has stated in the Racing Post that the Trust is under its control. Whichever body actually controls it; it has always been under-funded and operated on a totally unrealistic basis. The NGRC has stated that it never expected any more that eighty dogs to be looking for rehoming at any one time. The charity, at the moment, is under orders to take only one hundred and twenty into kennels at any time. "

Related Link: http://www.nightatthedogs.org/facts.htm
author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Fri May 11, 2012 06:29Report this post to the editors

..but should we be surprised?

Is not gambling the national passtime?Where do our politicians and business leaders meet to do deals?The racetrack tents.

How is our 'globalised' economy managed?Throught he casino of the stock market where gamblers are 'investors' and our resources and population are chips.

What are our EUlogised entrepreneurs admired for?Why, their adventurous 'risk-taking' nous and chutzpah, of course.

What happens in our media when we have an election?The measure the odds, rather than assess intelligently the possible outcomes for our populations.

Who is in the news at the minute, yet again?That much admired man of the horsey set, CJH, whose mansion(swindled out of the nation that gave him a state funeral)is on sale for Euro71/2 million...with no thought to reclaim his ill-gotten 'winnings'. Little sign of the Criminal Assets Bureau closing down such an illustrious dynasty. Thats for us peasants.

I see it at least partially as a consequence of the religious/superstitious mindset fostered by the Roman cult of mumbo-jumbo wishful pie-in-the-sky happy-ever-after lottery-chasing cultivation, rather than rational adult reflection on the larger consequences of our actions.

If we were paying any attention at all this would be seen for what it is: yet another example of our recidivist child abuse, which will take another few generations to be recognised because of our psychological retardation by Mudder Church.

author by Bernie Wright - GAIpublication date Sat May 12, 2012 08:01Report this post to the editors

Please contact Patsy O Keefe-School principal , details below.

• O Connell School. Principal, Patsy O Keefe at O'Connell Primary School North Richmond Street Dublin 1 Ireland Phone 00 353 1 8557517 Email principal@oconnellprimary.ie

author by Joe - nonepublication date Mon May 14, 2012 19:48Report this post to the editors

......for a life in finance or politics

author by leftedpublication date Thu May 24, 2012 16:53Report this post to the editors

On reading the journal debate on hare coursing, it has been said that John Fitzgerald does not support ARAN in their pursuit to ban greyhound racing. Is this true? I don't think this is what we need if we are to be successful in our approach. We need everyone pulling in the same direction

author by leftypublication date Thu May 24, 2012 18:32Report this post to the editors

I sometimes post on animal issues but I'd like to just confirm that the above poster "lefted" is not me. seems somewhat divisive too.
Animal rights groups need to form useful alliances on issues they agree on whenever possible rather than emphasising differences. Those can be discussed at tactical meetings where acceptable compromises can be reached for the overall good of the particular campaigns. There's more strength in unity than in difference. Remember, It's not about us and we're no use to the animals if we are squabbling.

author by Bernie Wright - AFAR.publication date Thu May 31, 2012 11:19Report this post to the editors

The post re john Fitzgerald is being generated due to the journal.ie article on hare coursing. A certain forum led by Coursing supporters is just trying to discredit him and the AR movement.

author by Save the Animalspublication date Thu May 31, 2012 19:09Report this post to the editors

I wouldn't pay any attention to posts seeking to create splits between animal groups. The hare coursers are trying desperately to turn one group against another with this tactic. DON'TFALL FOR IT!!!

OK, some animal groups are so sickened by what's going on in the greyhound industry they want the whole industry banned. There's not any prospect of that happening any time soon. it's too powerful and corrupt, too many highfliers involved.. But when you hear every second week of shallow graves being found containing battered and mutilated greys, its understandable that increasing numbers of people just want the whole thing taken down. I applaud Bernie's Sab group and ARAN for highlighting cruelty to greys, and ok the SPCAs and rescue groups aren't trying to ban the whole industry, but they are concentrating on tackling the cruelty head on...(better than sating silent or doing nothing about it)but that doesn't mean that they, or ICABS or any other group are at loggerheads with groups that favour the complete dismantling of the greyhound industry.

What all of us are agree on is that hare coursing must go in its entirety. I've seen these thugs rounding up hares for their sick "festivals" of cruelty. The hares that can't run are sold off to trainers to feed LIVE to dogs. The hare's back legs are broken before the animal is thrown to the dogs or dangled in front of them. Cats and small dogs are used also. I know people who's pets were taken for this porpose. Nothing short of PERVERTED.

Some "industry" haw?

Calling for a ban on cruel hare coursing
Calling for a ban on cruel hare coursing

Related Link: http://www.banbloodsports.com
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