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Fracking Ireland - Business Group Accept €20,000 From Tamboran

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Tuesday May 01, 2012 23:38author by Participants in No Fracking Ireland - NO FRACKING IRELAND Report this post to the editors

No Fracking Ireland regret to learn that Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum have decided to take €20,000 from Tamboran Resources, the Australian/Canadian Fracking company who wish to drill thousands of wells to extract shale gas in the north west region.
We understand this money is being used by the business forum to fund plans for a hotel in Manorhamilton town. Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum claim to be working at promoting tourism, Fracking runs counter to this worthy objective. Only weeks prior to this announcement by the Manorhamilton business group, visiting German geoscientist and politician Helmut Fehr appealed to locals not to sell out to this highly controversial and damaging industry stating, “Don’t take the company’s money it is like selling your soul.”
Livetrad.com session and No Fracking Ireland, April, Carrick-on-Shannon
Livetrad.com session and No Fracking Ireland, April, Carrick-on-Shannon

No Fracking Ireland understand that this is a common tactic used by gas companies to get a 'foot in the door' into local communities, receive good public relations and eventually divide communities during hard times when people feel they have no choice but to accept anything on offer, regardless of the consequences. This has been the case in several states in the U.S. and Australia where Fracking companies continue to railroad through communities using the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic of offering money to various local groups and businesses as a “sweetner”.

Of course, in accepting this money the perception now is that Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum is endorsing Tamborans’ plans and are clearly in a ‘you scratch our back and we’ll scratch your back’ deal. How will Tamboran be repaid for their generous offering? By simply getting locals to accept their money, in return all Tamboran ask for is your silence on the Fracking issue.
With news of Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum accepting this large sum of money from a powerful industry banging on our door , we are now left under no illusion as to how this industry intend to operate and gain public acceptance. Of course, if Fracking was safe, sound and beneficial to communities throughout the north west, Tamboran would have no need to meet small groups behind closed doors, offering them large, lump sums of money.

We are also fully aware that our government continues to ignore the reasons as to why Fracking is banned in several countries and why the industry is being continuously criticised by several academic institutions and communities internationally, with experts having clearly stated the risks are too high. But, regardless of this, the Irish government for whatever reason have not acted on that mountain of research and advice. Apparently our EPA (who have no experience of Fracking), in conjunction with Aberdeen University (who are heavily funded by the oil and gas industry through Halliburton) are soon going to tell us all we need to know about Fracking. So far all indications are that the government line will be, ‘there are a few cowboys in the industry, that have caused a few problems, but it will be different here with first class regulation” etc.etc.. Unfortunately Ireland is renowned internationally today for it’s lack of regulation in various sectors of our society, but regardless of this the problems that surround Fracking are not about regulation but the very nature of numerous aspects of the actual industry itself. No amount of regulation can guarantee Fracking to be safe. The fact is, where there is Fracking there is irreversible land, air and water pollution, resulting in longlasting environmental degradation and serious human health issues. Also if allowed to proceed this industry will effectively be taking over rural Ireland north and south, industrialising a region, covering hundreds of thousands of acres in 12 counties which will be to the detriment of existing sustainable industries.

The fact that this government is ignoring all calls to stop Fracking from experts with no vested interest in the industry clearly indicates the governments plan to eventually, when the time suits them, give Tamboran and the other shale gas companies the green light. By investing in local businesses Tamboran Resources obviously feel confident that they will be proceeding with their plans. The deal between the government and companies like Tamboran looks to be already signed and sealed. After one year of campaigning against Fracking in Ireland, today we watch the government sitting tight while Tamboran Resources must do whatever they can to divert from the real issues and that amounts to throwing their money at those who will quietly accept it. Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum were contacted today by people involved in No Fracking Ireland and local radio stations but refused to comment on the issue. No Fracking Ireland have also learned that not all members of Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum were informed or consulted about the decision to accept this money from Tamboran Resources.

No Fracking Ireland is a peaceful grassroots campaign, made up of people from all walks of life, farmers, teachers, artists, doctors, students, environmentalists, horticulturalists, business people and like everywhere in Ireland today, people who are seeking work. We are pro development, pro agriculture, tourism and business. We would naturally welcome any tourism development in north Leitrim but not while obviously endorsing a company that has the potential to damage our country beyond repair. We look forward to a time in the near future when the north west receives investment and enjoys growth through sustainable industries that create employment and security for all in our region while protecting our indigenous industries, our pristine landscape, clean environment and the health of our children. The fact that a small group of business people in north Leitrim have accepted such a large sum of cash from an industry which has the potential to singlehandedly destroy tourism in this region is beyond comprehension and an extremely disappointing reflection on this small group of people. The irony and cynicism of this deal will not go unnoticed in communities throughout this region. No Fracking Ireland along with all the other active anti-Fracking groups will continue to peacefully campaign on this issue until we secure a ban on Fracking in Ireland, north and south of the border.

Join us on NO Fracking IRELAND (all caps) on Facebook
For further info on anti-Fracking movement in Ireland etc - see http://frackingfreeireland.org/
To get involved and sign our petition go to - http://nofrackingireland.wordpress.com/

Related Link: http://www.manorhamilton.ie/news/item/124-hotel-at-st-clare%E2%80%99s-hall
author by :(publication date Wed May 02, 2012 00:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"A LOCAL authority has come under fire after revelations it sold a prime development site in a thriving town centre for just €100. Leitrim County Council last week defended its decision to sell the town centre car park, which is estimated at being worth tens of thousands of euros. The land on Church Lane just off the Main Street in Manorhamilton was sold to the Manorhamilton Enterprise Forum Ltd, a voluntary group comprising of local businessmen. They have since sold it on to developers for an undisclosed "slight" profit who are in the process of building a major residential and commercial development on the site. The development was unsuccessfully appealed by a number of local residents to An Bord Pleanala in April and involved a petitions signed by Hundreds of local people. It has further emerged this week that the County Council have agreed to purchase back some of the development for €900,000."

continue reading press the link!

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/78235
author by geralynpublication date Wed May 02, 2012 11:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

My comment is in the form of a thread posted on Lock The Gate by australian farmer Brian Monk yesterday (1st may 2012.)
In Australia the gas they are going after is in the coal seam. (CSG) This man is living our future if Tamboran gets their way.

Any who follow my page are aware my grandson had a trip in the ambulance the other week, cause unkown, scary stuff, csg, who knows. In desperation and fear we looked at brokering a deal to get out of here, actually to get the entire bunch of us out of here. Companies response was very humane, we will pay you market value, that would be the value it has been decreased to due to their presence, market value up here is zero or near to it. So cap in hand I wish to appologise to all the Lock the Gaters who follow my page, it was a desperate time and we made a desperate attempt to escape and take the few who fight it up here with us. That will be a guilt I carry, sorry.

Brian Monk But from that weakness I would like to assure British Gas, we are in a corner, and my hate for the wanton destruction this industry causes has reinforced our resolve. We have proven and will continue to prove Lock the Gate works and the fight is on. In a moment of weakness the industry had a chance to be rid of us, it chose not to take that chance, next chance will be when Hell freezes over, and not the eagles version.
15 hours ago · 8
Brian Monk Our 22klm boundary has about 3.4 klms not already signed away to CSG or UCG, so ours is a token resistance, we are sold out by pretty much every one, pretty lonely place to stand I can tell you, but we have a buffer because of the size of our property.
15 hours ago · 5
Brian Monk
I want to tell people about another group of humans betrayed by everyone, especially our governments, that group of people ar the people in the rural residential estates. They own varying sized properties, 20 to 250 acres in size, if they deny access to csg companies over there, they just drill next door. They had product water sprayed all over their roads in the early days of the industry, polluted their dams, polluted their rainwater tanks, caused illness. Does anyone care, i do, these are nice people, they moved by choice into the bush retreats. But our government so corrupted by this filthy industry is allowing their lives to be destroyed, how wrong is that.
15 hours ago · 8
Brian Monk
So these people put together a future in the bush, their future, now because of CSG their land is valueless and unsaleable, many still have debt attached to their land. So take a minute here to think this through, they sold somewhere to buy here, set up their lives/dreams there, now through the fault of our governments they will have to stay and be poisoned or leave in debt and penniless, and because they own the properties they will not be ellegable for public housing. What as a people are we doing to our own, who can actually justify that in their mind, you have to be pretty corrupt to allow that. But the media doesnt do a story every week and tell anyone about it, so how does anyone know.
14 hours ago · 8
Brian Monk
People that know me know I have stood in front of the odd vehicle, been hit by a bus at a protest, not that the police gave a fk, my complaint was ignored at the time. I go to talk to try to raise awareness, but every time I return here and I note another pipe in the ground ot another drill rig drilling away. I go to town and see fkn company sell out bastards everywhere I look, and my grandchildren get sick intermitently. And I only have to look to google to see it all happened in the USA and the population doesnt give a fk. We are just allowing what happened there happen here. So overall Im a fairly angry old bastard now.
14 hours ago · 8
Brian Monk Then I look at the Great Barrier Reef, as a once proud Australian I looked at awe at the Reef, I say, how much does it take to awaken the Australian/human spirit in us, what would it take???????????
14 hours ago · 7
Brian Monk Sorry about this ranting and raving, but when you cant sleep due to the worry about your grandchildrenand the future of you country sometimes you just have to let it out, and anyone who has managed to read all the way down to here has done a mighty job and i thank you for making the effort.
14 hours ago · 10
Heather Jane Black ♥ ^^^^^^^^^^^^♥
13 hours ago · 3
Dawn Heath
Brian, no apology needed.....the stand you have made against these industries- and the time you take out to raise awareness in other regions - is truly awe-inspiring and I really don't feel anyone would ever think bad of you if you had decided to get out for the sake of you and your family's health. What has been done to you (and so many others) is nothing short of criminal and many, many of us feel your pain and are so angry and frustrated at the injustice of it all (and we don't have to live it day in day out as you do). Keep strong - you are not alone x
13 hours ago · 8
John C Thomson When your health is at stake, you have every right to take action to leave. When the health of your children is at stake, no price is too high to protect them. I applaud all you have done. If you do take a deal, I applaud you for protecting your children. One way or another, you need to protect them and yourselves. Never feel guilty for trying to pprotect your children.
13 hours ago · 8
Leah No Csg
I am going to walk into channel 7 studios today and DEMAND your story is told Brian. I have told you this many times you should not feel the slightest bit of guilt. You should feel proud of the huge educational campaign you have achieved being the "last man standing", as I have said, it is time to think about you and the family, you experience as is Daynes, Scott and Narelles, and Debbi Orr's have been vital evidence we have all been able to utilize as you haven't sold out. Also you have spoken openly about your experience and we know there are potentially thousands out there suffering the same fate silently due to confidentiality clauses. I am also planning to meet with a human rights lawyer here in Sydney this week. The Northern Rivers welcomes you Carol and the kids down here with open arms, we owe you so much for your honesty and commitment, without your story our battle would be impossible, we won't allow it to be replicated on the Northern rivers, we welcome you to a future gas free area. Will phone you on weekend.xx
12 hours ago · 12
Kim Hann
Brian, you are a man of great integrity, spirit and ideals. Anyone who knows you or who has ever met you would attest to this. None of us know the agonies you and your family personally go through every day with all of this. Your grandchildren are the most precious gift you have been entrusted with and their lives are sacred. How could anyone ever judge you for honouring what is best for them and for your family whom you love. The company, on the other hand is waging a war of attrition. It is a war against our democracy and our way of life. They have placed whatever stands between them and the resource as the enemy and will stop at nothing to get their way. It is beyond belief that our governments have betrayed us and side with the companies. All the laws, regulations and guidelines that were put in place to protect public health and the environment are being trampled underfoot, thanks to corruption and ineptitude at almost every level of government. I agree with Leah No Csg - your story needs to be heard by people countrywide, so they have an inkling of what is at stake here and what this all means. We think the world of you Brian, and always will. xox
12 hours ago · 8
Emma N Roberts You shouldn't be carrying any guilt - you are the VICTIM here!!
12 hours ago · 4
Ruth Meyer ♥
12 hours ago · 2
Cathy Monk thank you
11 hours ago · 1
Debbi Orr Dont you EVER apologise for trying to protect your family and friends!!!
As i have told you guys, you do WHATEVER you need to do!!!
Give me a call if you need a chat, you guys are the best, and i am here for you ANYTIME regardless of what is happening in my life!!!
11 hours ago · 5
Lisa Jayde Hunter No apology needed I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling. I hate the mining company and the govt for doing what it has done to you!!!!
11 hours ago via mobile · 3
Peter Ralph
Those posts brought tears of anger, frustration and sadness to my eyes. Leah your post sums up perfectly what the television stations should be doing with Brian's story.....hell if it was a pandemic like bird flu they'd be falling over themselves. And for Brian and those in Tara it is a pandemic! Surely between all of us we can find one journo with enough guts to tell it as it is. Kim, your words are beautiful and all I can do is second them. Brian, we have not known each other for all that long but my admiration for you knows no barriers. You complimented me by staying my book moved you to tears....well now we're square because your posts did the same to me.
10 hours ago · 8
Wolf Web No apologies required Brian. I wish you could get out of there somehow.
10 hours ago · 4
Angela Froud We owe you so much for helping us Brian. I like your plan Leah!
10 hours ago · 3
Brian Monk Too kind everyone, but please remember we are so much better off than most because we have a buffer, the rural residantials have no buffer, they can drill right beside them with no restrictions, the people who alerted me and educated me as to this disgracefull polluting industry are defenceless in the estates.
10 hours ago · 2
Anne Jackson ‎:.( so sad, so infuriating.. so wrong.

author by FNpublication date Fri May 04, 2012 01:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"The acceptance of the money was condemned by Sligo/Nth Leitrim TD, Michael Colreavy who described the gift as a 'bribe' on local radio Oceanfm and confirmed this belief to SligoToday.ie. The Manorhamilton-based Sinn Féin TD also called for the money to be immediately returned to Tamboran Resources (TR)."

Full article - http://www.sligotoday.ie/details.php?id=19901&fb_source...ssage

author by Leah Doherty - NO FRACKING IRELANDpublication date Fri Jun 08, 2012 15:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Fracking is being proposed throughout Ireland (licenses cover 100,000's acres in parts of 12 counties) - starting with a region covering areas of Fermanagh and Leitrim (the source of our mother river) an area of complex geology, underground water systems, regionally important aquifers, permeable rock and an area of outstanding beauty etc etc with sustainable, growing industries ie. farming, tourism etc all now under threat.

The EPA in the U.S have not being doing their job re this industry, thousands of cases of complaint have been lodged with the US EPA - very few have been dealt with.

We can argue the technicalities of fracking until the cows come home - the fact is there is more than enough academic research (peer reviewed) at present to justify a ban based on the precautionary principle.

The problem is we are dealing with the most powerful, profit hungry industry in the world - who will nit pick and argue on the technicalities to save face and get their way, after all they have the money to roll out the 'experts' to do so. The industry have been lobbying the EU now for some time holding closed meetings with EU officials, energy ministers and MEP's - the result of that is that funding has now been set aside for this industry from the EU, plus a massive push for the industry to be allowed operate in member states. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/may/29/gas-r...gy-eu

It is absurd to be even considering introducing fracking into this country (or any other) while communities all over the U.S and Australia (who are living with the consequences) are screaming stop. It is also farcical to suggest in a country where presently I can't even drink my tap water because of insufficient rules and regulations/monitoring etc...that we should further threaten our water (the Shannon Basin region) with irreversible pollution, not to mention the added risk of pollution to land and air, the industrialisation of rural Ireland and the potential devastating health affects all of this will bring for generations to come. As we speak health officials in the U.S are building databases of fracking related illnesses in communities where the industry operates.

Those who work in the environmental sector in Ireland need to stand up now before it is too late and be counted on this issue and help the local communities that have been campaigning for a ban on fracking for over a year now. We believe fracking and or preparatory work will begin in a number of months in Fermanagh. http://www.naturalgaseurope.com/ireland-shale-gas-devel...pment

This is the biggest environmental issue at present in Ireland, the absence of paid/funded environmentalists/groups supporting the call for a ban is striking and shameful.
This is akin to the looming financial crisis and the deafening silence from financial regulators/economists.

The excuses from the environmental sector thus far has been "we want the campaign to come from locals", it HAS been and continues to, tirelessly, for over a year now, with little or no help from funded environmental groups, other excuse "we must wait for EPA report", rubbish, as stated already communities/academics/environmental groups across the globe are calling for a ban on fracking.

The environmental sector in Ireland should be presently involved in helping local communities on this issue through lending their expertise, holding public meetings, posters, leaflets, media campaign, independent research etc etc etc

We are acutely aware in Ireland of the power of money and the culture of "staying on the right side of the debate" so as not to jeopardise funding/jobs etc etc... I'm afraid it looks like the environmental sector in this country is not immune to this situation.

It must be noted that the Green Party were in government when these licenses were awarded, I personally spoken to Eamonn Ryan about this, he admitted being aware at the time the licenses were handed out of the controversy surrounding fracking, he said he knew about the problems re water pollution and that it was a 'controversial process'.

Unless the environmental sector in Ireland step up to the mark on this issue very soon, they are as much a part of the problem as our legislators and the industry. They should speak now support the campaign calling for fracking to be banned or forever hold their tongue.

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