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Hysteria in Sunday Independent on Sean Gallagher RTE-tweet story

category dublin | anti-capitalism | news report author Sunday March 11, 2012 11:59author by Auntie Propaganda - Feet on ground Report this post to the editors

The unofficial Fianna Fail (envelope) candidate was going down anyway

Predictably, the Sunday Independent goes to town today against RTE over the demise of its favoured candidate Sean Gallagher in the November 2011 Presidential election.

There is a non-story on the front page:

Pat McGuirk: 'RTE wanted me to gun down Gallagher'
RTE claims whistle-blower 'was happy with his Frontline experience'

But read the RTE response:

RTE's statement: 'McGuirk expressed his happiness with programme experience in fulsome terms'
RTE's statement on Pat McGuirk and 'The Frontline' presidential debate

The best discussion was on the Pat Kenny last Friday, with Kenny staying out of it - LISTEN below.

The Sunday Independent was bound to give it the maximum Harris (Anne & Eoghan) welly at some point and today is that day.

Fake outrage looking like it is operating on behalf of the public, but in reality it is a cynical operation on behalf of the rich and powerful. The same rich and powerful people who wanted Sean Gallagher elected once Gay Mitchell and the other right wing has-beens faded from the presidential picture.

The public smelled a rat with Sean Gallagher and got an extra whiff when it was revealed that he was soliciting 5-grand (in envelopes) from business people for the pleasure of drinks with former FF Taoiseach Brian Cowen. An audience member started asking him embarrassing questions about his business practices, which the political bullshitter could not answer. When he started denouncing her the next day on radio, Gallagher got the shock of his life when she rang up and put manners on him.

Pat Kenny and RTE did a service to democracy. Sean Gallagher, the flash-in-the-pan candidate, is an embarrassment. he should start licking and not nurturing his electoral wounds.

As for the Sunday Independent, they would say that, wouldn't they.


audio Discussion on Gallagher tweet on Today PK Friday March 2012 - alternative to reactionary Sunday Independent hysteria 2.36 Mb
author by leftypublication date Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:23Report this post to the editors

This stupid non story is all just a big distraction from real events that matter in our lives.

Meanwhile The bondholders will be quietly harvesting another 3.2 billion from Irish economy resulting in more very real and crippling austerity and downgrading of public services

Meanwhile the police state that masquerades as our democracy takes its cue from wall street and removes the Irish occupy movement peaceful dame street protest camp in the dead of night, riding roughshod over their rights to protest and property rights.

Meanwhile the stealing of our natural resources, facilitated by the evisceration of exploration terms by corrupt politician ray burke and disgraced politician Bertie ahern (who is looking to coillte next), both of which get > 100k from the taxpayer in pension payments for screwing us over , continues in erris unnoticed, as does the rossport protest where unlawful and aggressive garda behaviour like that directed towards the occupy movement is a regular occurrence

Meanwhile 13 fracking licences are given out (the filthiest and most environmentally destructive method of gas exploration) while the government in the same breath starts a campaign to "protect the environment" by checking everyone's septic tank. Anyone see the cynical hypocrisy here?

Meanwhile sir tony O'reilly will probably soon be drilling for oil off dalkey. lets wait and see the mess he inevitably makes of the environment there no doubt as a result of cowboy practices and greedy cost cutting. So much for environmental awareness there. Bye bye dolphins / birds / beach. And little or nothing for the taxpayer who will have to clean up the mess after.

Meanwhile the long term binding EU fiscal (i.e. perpetual austerity) treaty is signed in advance by FG EU lacky kenny, with his chest puffed up to bursting point, chuffed as cheese to be allowed to hang out with the big boys while they help him to shaft his own people. Watch them ratchet up the fear so we sign away our soverignty

Meanwhile, yet another attempt to bring in GM to Ireland and destroy clean food image, slips under the radar. GM potatoes again. This time it's teagasc with help from our "friends" in the EU. http://www.gmfreeireland.org/potato/index.php

WAKE UP PEOPLE. Turn off your TV and Look at what is happening all around you! Don't you see a pattern here? The EU, Our right wing government and a lazy and servile media, and the gardai who "were only following orders" do not work in your interests.

Get active or you'll end up with the faux "democracy" corporate police state you deserve.
The ghost of James Connolly is screaming at you right now

author by Oswald Bastablepublication date Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:46Report this post to the editors

Eoghan needs to be reminded of OIRA bombings and shootings during his days in the sticks. He'd have less time for this stuff.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun Mar 11, 2012 13:13Report this post to the editors

hysteria cubed...

Distinct odour of Dinny boy setting off decoy flares to distract from possible RTE tribunal tribulation reporting....several agendas coinciding.

author by Percival Pinochet - Chilly Political Forecasterspublication date Sun Mar 11, 2012 15:08Report this post to the editors

LATEST: Gallagher now wants to sue RTE. Maybe if he is offered 5-grand in a brown envelope he will go away.

Of course, he could want the election result overthrown.

Call in the Army, hunt down the tweeters, shoot them. That should sort it out.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun Mar 11, 2012 18:23Report this post to the editors

Who twittered the Rose of Tralee???

author by Benito Mussolini lookalike - Middle Aged Skinheadspublication date Mon Mar 12, 2012 08:45Report this post to the editors

Gallagher's useless advice at 4-a-minute left me feeling sick
Young shop owner got 'mundane spiel' from Dragon mentor

Gemma O'Doherty Irish Independent October 20th 2011

A 22-year-old shopowner who was left bitterly disappointed by Sean Gallagher's 500 bill for business advice says he feels "pretty sick" when he hears the presidential candidates' promises to young people.

Kealan O'Connor, from Navan, Co Meath, said that the presidential favourite promised him two hours of mentoring at 250 an hour -- but he said the meeting lasted just 90 minutes and he was still charged 500.

He said his session in February with the businessman and TV star, which promised to bring his "business to the next level", was "useless" and he felt deeply let down.

Mr Gallagher has become the bookies' frontrunner in the election race after pledging to help young people get off the dole queues and set up businesses.

His father, Eugene O'Connor, booked the mentoring session for February so they could get some guidance on how to get Kealan's budding confectionery company off the ground.

They also hoped he might give them some tips on a number of other ideas they had, including a plan to install domestic wine cellars.

The O'Connors were initially surprised when Mr Gallagher requested full payment in advance of the two-hour session and cashed their cheque immediately, almost two weeks before they met.

"At the very least, I expected a receipt in the post a few days after sending the cheque, but it did not come for a month and even then I had to request it," Mr O'Connor senior said.

The session had been booked to take place in Dundalk, but Mr Gallagher requested that it be changed to Dublin.

They arrived at 2.30pm, half an hour before their session was due to begin at 3pm because they were paying him "more than 4 a minute".

"I spotted Sean in the lobby at 2.40pm and introduced myself. I told him we would wait for him in reception. Then, 3pm came and went, and at 20 past, I decided to go and find out what was going on," said Mr O'Connor senior.

"The receptionist pointed me to a nearby room and I saw Mr Gallagher and his PA sitting there and having a good laugh at our expense. I didn't feel like laughing at all.

"We felt it was so unprofessional. It was almost 3.30pm by the time we started. That was 125 up in smoke. There was no apology. But we decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and were sure he would make up for it at the other end.

"As the session progressed, it was as if he was winging it. At one stage, Mr Gallagher said, 'sweets are bad for teeth'. I couldn't believe my ears. I replied, 'and cars kill people'.

"Then he asked us if we had looked into grants from the Enterprise Board. That's not what we came to the meeting to hear. You can get that sort of information on Google.

"I wanted my son to leave with his chest pumping with motivation but the whole thing was totally uninspirational. It was the sort of mundane spiel you'd get in a public house or on the sidelines of a football pitch."

At 4.45pm, Mr Gallagher's PA came in and said he had a train to catch. Ten minutes later, he ended the session.

"We were stunned," Mr O'Connor senior said.

"We ended up getting an hour-and-a-half of his time for 500. We sat in the car afterwards, looked at each other and thought, 'what a waste of time and money!'"

In the promotional material for his mentoring sessions, Mr Gallagher promises to give clients "specific strategies and feedback that will catapult their business forward".

He says he will provide a "roadmap for growing revenues, gaining traction in the marketplace and achieving goals."

The O'Connors waited seven weeks for some follow-up material to arrive but it did not.

"The whole thing was an incredible let-down," said Mr O'Connor senior, adding that the "whole experience was a major disappointment from start to finish".

In response to the O'Connors' complaints, Mr Gallagher accepted last night that a fee of 500 was charged to them for their mentoring session, and that no follow-up feedback or a report on the session was provided to them.

In a statement, he said he was unaware of the O'Connors' dissatisfaction and would like to meet them to discuss their concerns -- but he refused to comment on the allegation that the session only lasted 90 minutes.

He said the O'Connors had come to him with three business ideas, none of which had "a business plan". Mr Gallagher said that he appraised the ideas and "advised the clients that he always cautioned against multiple plans and suggested they should concentrate on one project". He said he assessed each concept and advised on whether or how they could be taken to market.

Yesterday, Kealan was contacted by a member of Mr Gallagher's team, who asked to speak to him but he declined.

"It's a bit late at this stage," said Kealan.

"When we saw Mr Gallagher on 'Dragons' Den', we thought he might be able to help us but I knew within 10 minutes of our mentoring session, that he just wasn't interested.

"When I hear him making so many promises to young people on the campaign trail, I feel pretty sick. He certainly didn't help me. It felt like he just didn't care."

Conned by Sean Gallagher
Conned by Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher sucks
Sean Gallagher sucks

Related Link: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/presidential-el....html
author by Gruntledpublication date Mon Mar 12, 2012 08:57Report this post to the editors

That trap was the best bit of the entire election campaign, and some of the best television.

On a forensic level, RTE was absolutely unethical in the context of the presidential debate. If it had been investigative journalism, then the outcome (Sean Gallagher's exposure) entirely justifies the means.

author by Benito Mussolini lookalike - Middle Aged Skinheadspublication date Mon Mar 12, 2012 09:10Report this post to the editors

There was far more to it than a claim that the guy Gallagher solicited 5 thousand euros from was going to appear at a press conference.

Gallagher knew that his brown envelope days were numbered.

He made a mess of dealing with the issues surrounding this and was a further disaster the next day on the Pat Kenny Show. His inner bully came out.

The next big joke is that Gallagher and pals will claim he is the 'real' President. When Michael D Higgins does something the Establishment does not like, there will be reactionary muttering that he is not really President.

Just wait.

author by tweeterpublication date Mon Mar 12, 2012 18:29Report this post to the editors

speaking of twitter, these were among my favourite twitpix on the night of the debate

I knew I had a bad feeling about this guy...
I knew I had a bad feeling about this guy...

gnome mercy for gallagher on twitter!
gnome mercy for gallagher on twitter!

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