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Hysteria in Sunday Independent on Sean Gallagher RTE-tweet story

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The unofficial Fianna Fail (envelope) candidate was going down anyway

Predictably, the Sunday Independent goes to town today against RTE over the demise of its favoured candidate Sean Gallagher in the November 2011 Presidential election.

There is a non-story on the front page:

Pat McGuirk: 'RTE wanted me to gun down Gallagher'
RTE claims whistle-blower 'was happy with his Frontline experience'

But read the RTE response:

RTE's statement: 'McGuirk expressed his happiness with programme experience in fulsome terms'
RTE's statement on Pat McGuirk and 'The Frontline' presidential debate

The best discussion was on the Pat Kenny last Friday, with Kenny staying out of it - LISTEN below.

The Sunday Independent was bound to give it the maximum Harris (Anne & Eoghan) welly at some point and today is that day.

Fake outrage looking like it is operating on behalf of the public, but in reality it is a cynical operation on behalf of the rich and powerful. The same rich and powerful people who wanted Sean Gallagher elected once Gay Mitchell and the other right wing has-beens faded from the presidential picture.

The public smelled a rat with Sean Gallagher and got an extra whiff when it was revealed that he was soliciting 5-grand (in envelopes) from business people for the pleasure of drinks with former FF Taoiseach Brian Cowen. An audience member started asking him embarrassing questions about his business practices, which the political bullshitter could not answer. When he started denouncing her the next day on radio, Gallagher got the shock of his life when she rang up and put manners on him.

Pat Kenny and RTE did a service to democracy. Sean Gallagher, the flash-in-the-pan candidate, is an embarrassment. he should start licking and not nurturing his electoral wounds.

As for the Sunday Independent, they would say that, wouldn't they.


audio Discussion on Gallagher tweet on Today PK Friday March 2012 - alternative to reactionary Sunday Independent hysteria 2.36 Mb

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