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The Covid-19 vaccines (aka the experimental gene therapy) are a Trojan horse for two reasons. One is because they have the potential to cause great harm and long term chronic health and even death and the second because they are a key part of "vaccine passports" that are central to forming the global identification and control system of a worldwide totalitarian technocracy. The media, Big Tech and government have made no effort to hide the fact that they intend vaccine passports to be permanent and expanded to all aspects of life from travel to public events, to entry to work, cafes, restaurants and even pubs although these measures will come later once they get the travel part locked in and accepted.

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The Covid-19 vaccines (aka the experimental gene therapy) are a Trojan horse for two reasons. One is because they have the potential to cause great harm and long term chronic health and even death and the second because they are a key part of "vaccine passports" that are central to forming the global identification and control system of a worldwide totalitarian technocracy. The media, Big Tech and government have made no effort to hide the fact that they intend vaccine passports to be permanent and expanded to all aspects of life from travel to public events, to entry to work, cafes, restaurants and even pubs although these measures will come later once they get the travel part locked in and accepted.

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The Lies and Scare Campaign

We are hurtling towards a dystopian tyranny on the back of constant fear and propaganda and all in the name of protecting us and that vaccine passports are our way back to freedom. But make no mistake it is all based on lies and manipulation and freedom was willingly given up by people because of of this and in a certain measure by their own naivety for we cannot place all the blame on the psychopaths in power and have to accept we were collectively duped. The power to overcome it is in each one of us and that is why we have to admit part of the problem lies there.

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In case you haven't noticed there is only one item on the agenda these days and it is that you must take the vaccine. The public have been under a full psychological warfare type of assault for months and all elements of the state, medical establishment, media and social media and more recently celebrities have been brought to bear to urge or really coerce you and if that doesn't work, shame you into taking what they call the Covid-19 vaccine. What they neglect to tell you is, it is not a vaccine as is conventionally known and is actually experimental gene therapy. It is experimental due to the fact proper clinical and animals studies have not been done and it has been brought in under contrived emergency measures and it is gene therapy because it inserts messenger RNA (mRNA) into your cells to get your own body to make a copy of the Covid viral spike protein. Or at least that is what is stated but there could be easily all sorts of different mRNAs carrying instructions for any kind of protein and there may be errors or problems with the production process itself that result in an unknown range of mRNAs. These are nano-meter in scale, meaning billions are contained in each droplet. They are all 100% correct? I doubt it.

At this stage at least half the population has rather foolishly taken the vaccine and they are busily working their way down the age group. The UK is further along in this madness than this country. The public think they have been informed about it but they haven't. They have been kept completely in the dark although some are aware of rumblings on the sidelines but rather than investigate, prefer denial and belief in the current system because that is less scary than facing the truth and shattering the delusional world view of the mainstream narrative. Besides the psychopaths running this show have created a situation where you now run the risk of social ostracization if you were to admit that you used your better judgement and refused the jab. Only those with a strong will are able to resist.

What the government has done in Ireland and every other country is that they have hyped up the fear of death from Covid and downplayed the risks of vaccines and at the same time scrupulously denied that Covid is treatable despite being very curable using cheap, patent free, generic drugs like Ivermectin. The backbone of the Covid scare or hoax has been the use of the PCR test which is unreliable as the technique is more suited to research settings than mass testing in carparks. It can easily be manipulated to find anything you want to paraphrase the inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis. This is because it is based on doing multiple cycles of DNA amplification with each cycle doubling. Anything over 34 cycles is considered highly unreliable and with each cycle representing a doubling; testing for Covid has regularly used up to 44 cycles making the results utterly unreliable and at that level running with 90% false positives. The governments claim much lower false positives but that is when it is run at far fewer cycles (around 33) in a very controlled and clean setting. In this way they have generated the "case" numbers which are a meaningless statistic and used the same test to claim someone has died of Covid and grotesquely inflate the Covid death numbers. For example few people are aware that the governments own statistics from the Central Statistics Office (CSO http://www.cso.ie ) show more people died in all of 2017 than in all of 2020 whilst we were in the "pandemic". Even the definition of pandemic was manipulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) currently headed by a corrupt official Tedros Ghebreyesus who has had charges of genocide levelled against him due to his role in political violence in Ethiopia. because weeks before the WHO declared a Covid pandemic they had updated the definition of pandemic to be so meaningless that even a normal flu year could be called a pandemic. The government fail to emphasize that the average age of people dying from Covid is over 80 years of age AND that over 92% already have 2.5 comorbidities which means they would be at least two life threatening conditions or diseases. For the past year the nightly news has carried the useless and meaningless case numbers and quote a mean age for "cases" usually in the 30 to 40 year age range and followed seconds later with a daily death count. The daily death count itself on close examination is often anything but and is not at all transparent, but by announcing death counts so close in time to the mean age of cases, vast swathes of the population have been misled passively into thinking it was the mean age of death when it wasn't and thereby spent months thinking it was striking down much younger period and this greatly added to the fear of the population and manic behaviour of jumping out of the way, holding their breath or turning their back to you when they pass by and all the over the top hand washing and scrubbing surfaces. For a good overview of hype, propaganda, the actual real science and facts and so forth, see the Wake-Up-Ireland PDF attached here.

Vaccine Risks

So what are the risks of the vaccine then? Most are aware that there have been reports in the media of blood clots but they have implied this is at the level of one in millions. It is better for them to pretend they are upfront and to admit minor problems and that is why their deceit is so clever. What most people including many medical people (who should know better) are not aware of is that in most countries there is a system for reporting vaccine adverse events that has in place for many years no doubt originally due to public pressure. In the UK this is known as the Vaccine Adverse Reactions (VARs also known as Yellow Card system) and the figures for each of the different vaccines is published and available. This is not something governments like doing. As always they are very clever at co-opting this type of thing and turning it to their advantage. So to help with the deceit, they place statements with the data implying the reported events are just coincidences and the reactions and death may not be linked to vaccines and really it is not worth looking at the data anyhow. Funny the way, if you are dying of heart failure or stage 4 cancer and die, yet had a positive Covid PCR test 6 weeks prior, then it is definitely a Covid death. Whereas you can die the next day after a vaccine and it is just conjecture. Another trick they do with the VARs data is to make it harder to get a grip on total figures because the publications are for different time periods and the split it out into as many different reaction types as possible and that way it is hard to put all the numbers together. It would be trivial for whoever maintains these systems to produce concise and clear statistics and still keep the detail too. But they don't.

The EU VARs system Eudra Vigilance actually as of this date shows 12,000 vaccine related deaths but nowhere on their website is it easy to find this out in one place. Only the diligent work of a researcher going through all their tables and reports has managed to collate all the results. (Ref 1). So a system designed to monitor negative effects makes it impossible to get summary results. It is worth visiting the site to see how hard it is to find anything. This is the way with all forms of coverup. Bury the data in huge obscure reports and places that only the most dedicated, diligent and those with time on their hands can dig out, piece together and discover. That is the reason every government inquiry to any scandal produces final reports often years later that are thousands of pages long.

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The VARs numbers for the UK already show over 1,180 deaths from Covid-19 experimental vaccines/gene therapy. And given this is perhaps only 10% of the figures at most this means the real figure is at least 11,000 or possibly considerably higher. But as with all things in life whenever there are casualties where there is one death there will generally be anywhere from 4 or 5 to 10 serious injuries. Thus along with that 1,180 official UK deaths are 1000s of serious injuries covering a huge range of conditions which can be found in the reports attached to this article. They range from blood disorders to neurological problems and even blindness. I guess you never heard that on BBC, RTE or any of the mainstream media. That is a far cry from just one or two "suspected" blood clots among millions, so nothing to worry about, move along. Back in mid April several NHS staff came forward to whistle-blow on what is happening and in this interview (audio here), this NHS board member stresses over and over again that medical staff and NHS officials are REFUSING to report vaccine adverse reactions to the VARS/Yellow Card system and it was not normal for people to be confined to bed for two days after receiving a vaccine and such reaction would never have been tolerated in normal years if that had happened with the flu vaccine. She calls out the whole mess as criminal for that is what it is? In another interview a NHS whistleblower said that those who are being admitted to hospital in serious condition often days and weeks after the vaccine, where they have got worse from the day of the jab, that the families have often demanded that the hospital investigate the link with the vaccine but they have been threatened that if these patients show up positive on a (unreliable) Covid PCR test that the patients will have to be isolated and no further visiting will be allowed. Obviously people get the threat as they did not want their visiting rights taken away and the hospital -probably really management, successfully resist doing any investigation. More data missed from VARs. As you can see implicit in these threats is the common knowledge all these people know, which the Covid PCR test is just a propaganda tool and they can find whatever they want. Just change the number of PCR cycles and bingo, you get what you want.

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Death statisics for 60 Irish Nursing Home from Jan 2020 to Jan 2021. See here

But what about the situation in Ireland. As usual the government here are always quick to be ahead of the game and have it covered. The answer is it's secret although they did contribute data to EU but most likely scrubbed of anything useful. Incidentally they did the same with the HPV vaccine here denying there was any adverse reactions despite over 200 serious injuries to teenage girls in Ireland and widely demonstrated by the support group http://www.regret.ie. Eventually Clare Daly managed to get the government to reveal a summary to the Dail and indeed show there were serious effect. (See here for coverage of that). However in an attempt to get a handle on the number of vaccine deaths here, Health Freedom Ireland produced a chart (see below) using death statistics from over 60 nursing homes in Ireland. Back in April 2020 is when we are led to believe was the first and only big spike in Covid deaths although it is likely a good many of the deaths in nursing homes then were not Covid ones but were because elderly people were dumped out of the hospitals and whatever treatments they were on, withdrawn and put into nursing homes. (Ref 2). Oddly the statistics show the death rates in nursing homes (where average duration is 3 years) is whilst indeed increasing in March/April 2020, were otherwise fairly constant all year varying from 185 to 96. Then in Jan 2021 when the mass role out of experimental vaccines/gene therapy got under way, lo behold the death jumped massively to 557. Many will say this was the Covid January spike. The way Covid stats were presented then were deeply misleading, for they announced a daily figure that was really a 14 day figure, thereby making it 14 times higher. Although it is true, every January when Vitamin D levels are at their lowest, there is an increase in deaths (Ref 3). The nursing home death jump this January though is highly likely from death by vaccination and would have been as a result of their immune system completely over-reacting on their ailing bodies and basically pushing them over the edge. It is well known in the medical community that due to deteriorating immune systems in elderly people, vaccines are less effective with them and they always run the risk of significant over-reaction to them. If you are in the last few months of your life, this could be enough to overwhelm your body. The question then is, if there was this many deaths in the homes how many in the wider community? Chances are they would label them Covid-19 deaths. More on that aspect later. In addition take on board that it many people far younger who have received the experimental gene therapy have had very severe reactions lasting days from it and it is common for people to take strong pain killers in advance of going for their vaccination such is the widespread knowledge of it's effects.

And the situation in other countries? Well in Israel where the Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine?s side effects indicating damage to almost every system in the human body and has estimated over 300 deaths which they know is an underestimate and reckon the true death rate is far higher. The equivalent VARS system of the UK in the USA has already clocked up 6,000 deaths and tens if not hundreds of thousands of serious side effects. In a report to the US Dept of Health (Ref 4) investigating under reporting of vaccine adverse reactions, in it's findings it states "less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.". It is not unreasonable to then realize that the true number of vaccine deaths are 100 times higher than these official figures from the different national VARs reports.

What is different about the statistics of these deaths to Covid ones is that the mean age for Covid is over 80, while these vaccine deaths are spread more evenly across all age ranges as reported by the IPC. The naysayers try to discredit the figures usually by saying given the huge number of people vaccinated, you would expect a certain amount of deaths. That might be true but most of those would be at the mean age for the country so most of the deaths in any large group would cluster around the 80 years of age mark or so. Yet there are many reports of perfectly healthy people in their 20s, 30s 40s and 50s dying. Just page through the PDF of such vaccine news reports here for a flavour of it.

Box 1: Vaccine Adverse Reactions Not Being Reported

This is a must listen of the Delingpod podcast where the discuss how a GP practice is getting thousands of reports of adverse effects of vaccine in the UK yet no Yellow Card reports are being made to the UK VARs system. And lots more. Please support this podcast as he is one of the few bringing out this information https://delingpole.podbean.com/e/james-and-lauras-chinwag-21/ Jump to about 16 mins 34 sec for the part on vaccines.

Update 2: Must listen interview of Dr Reiner Fuellmich

He discuss the major class action legal case he is taking, how the target is the destruction of small businesses, genocide program and why those involved in the Coronavirus scare should be tried for crimes against humanity.


One of the NHS whistleblowers, a nurse with 20+ years experience, interviewed by the UK Column on April 14th, who is responsible for reviewing safety data and writing public safety leaflets for vaccines pointed out that many of the medical staff are completely unaware that the vaccine is really gene therapy, that no proper safety trials have been done, the trial to test the effectiveness of it was rigged, nor are they aware that people are dying and getting very serious reactions from these vaccines, (see Ref 5, VARs reports). Where is medicine's motto of "Do No Harm" she asks. ( It seems the new motto of the medical establishment which has long since been hijacked and co-opted by Big Pharma (Ref 6) has changed the motto to "Do Not Harm to Pharma's profits!" ). She stated that people receiving a vaccine are not being given the vaccine safety leaflet warning them of side effects so that they understand the risks. Nor are they being told that it is supposed to be their decision to take it as many feel they have to and it is somehow mandatory. She also states that she has tried to raise her concerns many times and she has been both silenced and threatened by upper management. You can listen to a recording of her full interview here and another whistleblower here

Experimental Gene Therapy, Not Vaccines

So why are the vaccines really gene therapy? Answer is because they modify your genes and the pharmaceutical companies are not denying that. They proudly proclaim it, yet use the term vaccine. Up to now vaccines were generally were made up of parts of dead bacteria or viral fragments which were injected into you along with a bunch of substances known as adjuvant which are used to aggravate the immune system so that it would associate the presence of the bacteria or viral fragments with the irritation & inflammation response to the adjuvant otherwise how will your body know it is bad to it? That is why in previous controversies, the focus is on the adjuvants because they are nearly always made up of toxic substances designed to get a reaction out of the immune system. Typical ingredients for adjuvants are things like tiny amounts of metal which are toxic to the body and many other nasty chemicals. The idea then was when the body saw these bacteria or virus again, it would recognize them biochemically and deal with them quickly based on the theory that the initial jab with the adjuvants triggers an immune reaction then which is remembered as it were through antigens. Or so that is the theory. In the case of the Covid vaccines, the scientists seem themselves as smarter than nature and have somehow improved on the mammalian immune system which has evolved over the last 60+ million years. They don't even understand it properly. The idea then is to inject the messenger RNA (mRNA) into the body where it is supposed to be taken up by a vast number of human cells and it would integrate with them and start producing the Covid-19 spike protein continuously. The theory then is because it makes the protein, somehow when the real virus arrives, it will attack that. One of the underlying assumptions is that this protein is unique. Biology reuses proteins all over the place for different uses. Linear thinking scientists years ago thought one gene creates one protein for one function. Not so simple. There is a risk that the body could instead attack the cells making the protein. This is what auto-immune diseases do; they mistakenly attack the self, your own body. Examples are Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Type 1 diabetes mellitus. They are often referred to disorders which may be more correct, since clearly there is a malfunction in your immune system occurring. The mRNA gene therapy vaccine relies on the assumption that the immune response hinges on recognizing this protein in isolation as opposed to real immunity you would acquire when a fully functional virus invades and the full biochemical dynamics are initiated and would very likely have multiple unique signatures that a functioning immune system could reliably recognize into the future. That is what mammals have been doing quite well for millions of years without any help, thanks. A vaccine is supposed to simply trigger the immune system and it does all the work. This risky mRNA gene therapy looks like it is more likely to completely confuse the immune system with it's simplistic single protein approach and has the potential to destabilize the ordinarily functioning of the cellular processes. Any theory relies on real world data to prove or disprove it and biology unlike physics is a lot more complicated and messy. Well some of the real world data is in and people are dying and having severe reactions. And these are only the relatively short term ones. Big Pharma,, Big Tech, Big Capital and their political lackeys don't like the results and prefer you didn't know them and through their near total control of the media have largely succeeded in their aim.

But wait didn't vaccines rid humanity of plagues and widespread disease? Well that's what we all believe but it turns out when you go looking for that bullet proof evidence it is as not there. What made a difference was the huge civilian projects during the Industrial Age with the building of sewers, provision of clean running water, regular garbage collection and better housing. Once this got under way, the massive death counts from all the famous disease of industrial Europe started to plummet. Much later when the trends were heading down, vaccines arrived and claimed credit for these successes. The chart here shows deaths from various diseases going back to 1848 for England and Wales and the arrows show when different vaccines were introduced. This is counter to what has been drummed into all our heads. Save the image, because every attempt will be made to scrub from the internet. This by the way is called looking at the data and is how science used to be done.

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Deaths in England and Wales from 1848 for various disease and dates of vaccine introductions

Big Pharma who stand to make billions, have done limited testing and have gotten indemnity from national governments everywhere that they will NOT be liable for any harm done and people will have to take any legal actions and proofs against their own government. This means they are immune from you (Ref 7). So why would they worry about negative effects particularly since governments are doing all the marketing for the products. What a wonderful product to have if you are in the businesses of making money. On a technical level there are many issues with injecting the mRNA into humans. As Mike Yeadon former scientist for Pfizer says, what types of cells are supposed to uptake the mRNA. What sort of tests have done to measure this. Also what is the level of uptake. Is it 10%, 50%, 100%. Will the cells reject the mRNA and integrate it long term. How long will it produce these Covid-19 spike proteins for? Normal vaccines present a consistent dose with a consistent uptake. Once again we are reliant on voluntary and or independent scientists and civilians to do the real science as government sponsored scientist either refuse or are prevented from looking into what is happening and the IPC already cited above has published its April report (Ref 8) into the Pfizer vaccine?s side effects indicating damage to almost every system in the human body. What is in it for Big Pharma. It turns out mRNA are easier and far quicker to make than regular vaccines and it is easy to tweak the mRNA. This means you can create thousands of different mRNA sequences. In short a huge new market, not withstanding any sinister objectives that could also be easily enabled in a quite controlled way with this technology.

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Little do the public know that scientists have been trying to create vaccines for 20 years for corona type viruses with no success. Covid-19 is not the first corona virus ever. What people don't know was that in one animal trial a few years back (Ref 9) with cats which are supposed to be a good model of the human immune system since they are mammals too, the cats received their two doses of the mRNA to produce the spike protein and were okay. The interesting part was when they were all later re-exposed to the virus to see if they had immunity. The results were that they all died various causes. It seems the immune didn't recognize the virus as a threat and allowed it to replicate unchallenged and thereby killed them. A different study several years before but with ferrets had a similar result, all the ferrets died but apparently in that experiment they react to the virus but massively over-reacted. In a way that makes sense because if the body is triggered to react to the spike protein and then it correctly attacks the virus producing it, there is no reason and over reactive immune response will also attack the cells producing it which depending on the uptake of the original jab could be a considerable fraction of the cells. Or even just a considerable fraction for one type of organ and any resulting failure of that would be enough to kill the animal or in our case the humans. You get a sense then of the sort of challenges the mammalian immune system has been facing for millions of years. You can't ignore a threat and you have to be careful in how you react and do not over-react or at least do only when required. And here we are poking into this delicate system insisting on being better when there are cheap available and effective treatments and no need for any of this potentially very damaging idiotic interference with the immune system.

This is combined with the concern that the very idea of getting the body to produce the spike protein is the basis for many of the more grave warnings made by various scientists who are NOT in the pocket of either Big Pharma or the government and have the courage to speak out. For example, this recent article from UK Column.org written by Dr Mike William (Ref 10) points to research showing it is the spike protein that leads to clots and bleeding into the lungs of some of the few but seriously ill Covid patients or those who died. So if it is not the actual virus leading to clotting problems in some people and just the spike protein itself, then why on Earth would you be injecting mRNA designed to produce that very spike protein into basically the entire population. Suddenly these reports of blood clots due to vaccines make a lot more sense. A common term for that sort of experimentation on uninformed humans would be criminally reckless. But hey Big Pharma has indemnity so what's the problem?

It is amazing that so many think they are informed simply because a wide selection of clueless politicians, medical people in the pocket of big pharma or engrossed in their own egos and celebrities say it is safe even though none of them have any idea what they are talking about. But we are highly social animals and it is well known that in the face of fear, the group will tighten closer and it becomes far less tolerant of any sort of dissent from the group. What are the grave warnings though one might ask?

Well they are simply that millions could die from these experimental gene therapy vaccines particularly when they get re-exposed to the virus and that over the medium to long term (months to 20+ years) they are likely to trigger longer term debilitating and possibly fatal auto-immune diseases. People are actually already well aware of these types of predictions in the periphery of the media and their mind but the government, media and big pharma, through a highly successful and effective psychological war campaign have consigned all such utterances to the fake news camp. And since social ostracization is worse than death, virtually no-one will dare read or listen to what they actually have to say and are even less likely to discuss it with others in case they are "outed" as a conspiracy theorist. It is likely a significant fraction of people are taking the vaccine even though their gut instinct says no, because not taking it, in the eyes of the media means you have to be a member of the demonized group or because they want to get the "life back to normal" which is actually the least likely thing that will happen. Everyone knows people who through weariness of lockdowns and a desire to holiday abroad again are getting the jab. Given how the woke culture is terrifying people into silence for even minor misdemeanors, they can clearly see they would be a target for shaming and rejection too, especially if others they know have caved in to the coercion. What all this means is if you know it is dangerous and you still take the jab just to get along then you are a coward by any measure for you don't have the guts to stand up for yourself or beliefs. That's not something people like to admit to in our hero culture. And denial doesn't really clear your conscience. Ultimately it has been all driven by fear, the denial is based on fear and they give into the coercion because of social fear and fear of the woke culture which so handily has been so prominent for the last few years, might turn on them.

All life strives to pass on it's genes. That is the very basis of the theory of evolution and this applies to not just all creatures, but to plants, bacteria and viruses. If a new viruses kills the host that it infects too quick, it burns itself out too fast and limits its own spread of it's genes. The ideal is not to kill the host so it has more time and opportunity to spread wider. It is the consequences of a bacteria or virus entering the body and disturbing the bio chemistry there in the process of acquiring resources for itself that leads to disease and ill effects. It has been observed for a very long time across a huge range of viruses that they always evolve to be LESS deadly but possibly more infectious over time. And all viruses are constantly mutating from day one and it is a very normal process. It seems the word "mutation" has become a trigger word for fear itself these days. [During evolution viruses have been so good at this game, that it has been found while sequencing the genomes of numerous species of animals including humans, that long strands of DNA are effectively long dead or inactive sequences of viruses that infected these creatures long ago, but they are now integrated with them and have been hitch hiking along with the host DNA ever since, in the process of fulfilling their objective of spreading their genes. There is even a name for them which is human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs).]

featured image featured image featured image

However this rush to vaccinate everyone is potentially having the opposite effect to the normal expected evolutionary trends. This is what Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has to say regarding how the vaccines are facilitating the development of deadlier strains of the virus.

De plus, le virus variant résiste à la vaccination: les nouveaux variants sont créés par la sélection des anticorps produits par la vaccination

C?est une énorme erreur, c?est une erreur scientifique et une faute médicale inexplicable, l?histoire fera le bilan un jour de tout ça, car c?est effectivement la vaccination qui a créé le variant.


Moreover, the variant virus is resistant to vaccination: "The new variants are created by the selection of antibodies produced by vaccination.

It is a huge mistake, it is a scientific error and an inexplicable medical fault, history will take stock of all this one day, because it is actually the vaccination that created the variant.

He argues the vaccines don?t stop the virus, they do the opposite ? they ?feed the virus,? and facilitate its development into stronger and more transmittable variants. These new virus variants will be more resistant to vaccination and may cause more health implications than their ?original? versions.

Montagnier also said that the mutation and strengthening of the virus occurs owing to the phenomenon known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). ADE is a mechanism that increases the ability of a virus to enter cells and cause a worsening of the disease. ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a ?Trojan horse,? allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.

This is why what Prof Luc Montagnier has to say above is very disconcerting because the mass vaccination changes the ecosystem and dynamics for the virus radically such that it actually could encourage the virus to go down an evolutionary path making it more dangerous. It just goes to show the extraordinary level of dangerous and reckless idiotic behaviour by governments, Big Pharma and their shrills in the WHO, on medical "expert" panels like NPHET in Ireland, SAGE in the UK, and others.

In conclusion of this section it is perhaps easy to see now why one can say the vaccine is like a Trojan horse released into your body and like the way the sieged city of Troy was lain waste to, so it could do the same to you sometime from the moment you get the jab to decades later.

Vaccine Freedom/Totalitarian Passports

Unless you have been asleep for the last six months or hiding under the bed, it has been made quite clear that Big Pharma and their lackeys in the government want you to take the vaccine every year from here on to the end of time. The psychopath Hancock in the UK has even suggested you might need two vaccines a year. The corporate compliant Irish government recently announced they had ordered several million experimental gene therapy vaccines for 2022 and 2023. The Canadian government made similar announcements covering an even longer period into the future. And so have other governments. In fact central to the "vaccine passports" is this notion that your vaccine can expire after say six months and for Big Brother to grant your freedom back, you have to get another top-up jab. The alleged reason is because of all the new viral strains (or mutants which the media and government prefer to use being in the public mind, thanks to Hollywood films, a much scarier word). This of course completely ignores the fact that 99.99% of people get over this disease, those under 60 years of age are barely affected and the young not at all. But so far these mutations according to Mike Yeadon who has read the science, only differ by a tiny 0.3% in the genome and would have no functional effect and any effective ordinary vaccine would still be effective with such tiny variation. But lets not forget these experimental vaccines according to the Big Pharma's own literature at best only reduce symptoms and don't stop the disease so it is all just deception and manipulation in the way it is all spun. A common feature of the mutations we hear about is that they come from distant exotic lands with scary looking sequences of letters. How about the Uzbekistan HK1163Z mutation? Sounds deadly doesn't it? It's not because I just made that one up but it is not a far cry from what we hear in the media that passes for news but is nothing more than pure propaganda. The other feature of the mutations is that they all have characteristics such that it may be necessary to continue lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing and of course laying the groundwork for you to get next years or maybe sooner, next Autumns new vaccine. If you listen carefully to the news, note how they say the current vaccines aren't fully effective against these mutations. Then wait a few hours and days and listen again and things have got worse. Don't worry by end of the summer Big Pharma will have come to the rescue with new improved vaccines.

Anyhow, the key point is that you will get a new chance every year to put this ticking biological timebomb into your body. So if it didn't harm you this year perhaps because your cellular uptake of the mRNA didn't really work, there is always next year. Keep this up long enough and you increase the odds of major problems. Perhaps some people who have already been duped and coerced into the experimental gene therapy are now wondering what to do. Is there any way to undo the potential damage. The short answer is probably not. Nobody really knows. The worse part is that nobody knows what disruptive effects of this mRNA inserted into certain types of cells could do to send their bio-chemistry haywire or haywire later when some unusual bio-chemical event occurs. They simply don't know and there are no long term studies. The long term studies have begun and the guinea pigs are the bulk of the human population. It should be noted that it is highly likely that people of real importance in the billionaire class who appear on TV taking the jab will have got just a harmless saline solution or it was just plain faked with actors or fake needles. You have no way of knowing despite what comes out of the mouth of the news reader or whatever the headline says.

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If lots of people and I mean lots, do die from the vaccine this is how it will play out. They will say they died of Covid and it was one of the new strains for which the vaccine appears to be not effective against. There have been some stark warnings about what might happen when people are re exposed to the virus next winter and that is when huge number of deaths could occur. It remains to be seen but were it to happen, then the fear levels and lockdowns would go through the roof. The gloves would really come off big time then and the iron fist of the state would become very evident. In that scenario they will very likely, using the fear instilled in the populace, force those who have refused the jab until now, into taking the new improved jab against the "deadly strain". The more people who take it the more will die and round and round it will go until through lockdowns they will have extinguished all small and most medium sized businesses. At a later point the economy will be allowed to collapse possibly with the help of some "Russian" cyber attacks launched to wipe out financial records such that they won't be able to sort out the mess and they will start over again. It will just so happen you will lose all your savings, your pension fund will likely go belly up and you will be at the complete mercy of the state for handouts. If you are still not going along with things, this state dependency will bring a whole new level of control over you. All of this though may or may not happen, or maybe not for awhile yet. For the moment they remain possibilities but very useful ones for members of the financial elite especially if they plan to hold onto their positions of power and wealth. Keep in mind the golden rule. The very wealthiest in society always get bailed out. That's as sure as day follows night.

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With that potential backdrop in mind, it is time to discuss the second reason why these experimental vaccines or gene therapy are a Trojan horse. Just like in the original legend when the Greeks hid in the great wooden horse which was presented as a gift to the be-sieged city of Troy which the weary Trojans gladly received and wheeled inside the city gates, later that night while the Trojans slept, the Greeks climbed out and opened the city gates to let the invaders in and proceeded to destroy the city. In the case of the vaccine, once you take the jab you then are entitled to your vaccine passport. What a lovely gift after the long and weary lockdowns? This vaccine id, for COVID is an acronym for Certification of Vaccine Identification, though is the very tool that will permanently remove all your freedoms and lay waste to the last remains of freedoms and democracy which indeed has been under siege by corporate capital for many decades now. Every person taking the jab it is like an extra Greek soldier inside the Trojan horse.

The vaccine passports will only become workable, that is for your masters, if most people go along with it. There may be people who take the jab but don't really think the vaccine passports are such a good idea, but if they are given one anyhow and they want to travel then they are hardly going to refuse their vaccine passport if they are told they cannot travel without it, especially since they went to the trouble of getting the jab. It is easy to see how insidious it becomes. Another carrot and stick approach being used by governments and which appears to be the sole purpose of the "quarantine hotels" or more accurately quarantine prisons which cost a small fortune for you to be forced to stay in. And remember it is all based on bogus statistics backup by over a year of relentless propaganda and fear mongering. By introducing the rule that if you are vaccinated you don't have to stay in these "hotels" but without the jab, you have to pay for expensive (and useless) PCR tests and €1800+ to stay in quarantine prison, then it is easy to see what people will do. And remember the vaccine is free, well sort of. The governments pays for it with your tax money, so you pay for it anyhow. What is really happening here is that they are holding a gun to your head and asking you by taking the vaccine, to put on a handcuff but they are calling it a lovely freedom card, but make no mistake, it is an electronic handcuff which you will never ever be able to take off. All that the system requires is your identify. The rest is online in the cloud.

Afterall the legislation for vaccine passports has already been passed in the EU parliament and each country is preparing their own national legislation for the same. Initially it is for just travel, but a few minor tweaks during a parliamentary session a few weeks or months later can easily add extra clauses to make them mandatory for all public events, like sport stadiums, work, school, college, concerts, buses, trains, taxi, GP visits, theatre and of course across the hospitality industry simply by mandating that all hotels, restaurants, cafes and pubs. It will require a stroke of the pen. This is not conjecture. This is what is being pushed and talked about in the media and there has been no effort to hide it. Earlier last year in 2020, the global corporation Ticketmaster which is estimated to sell the ticketing for perhaps 50% of the concerts and gigs across the world, were implementing a vaccine passport system. When the story (Ref 11) broke, there was a huge backlash and they denied it but they still kept progressing their plans. Now at this stage, because the population have been softened up they no longer have to deny it. It will soon be ready to go. Software companies are working feverishly for this new "market" in every conceivable human sphere of operation. It won't take long to be fully rolled out and if anyone has notions of just getting fake vaccine passports, they can forget it because the entire global system will be online and impossible to circumvent. Once this is rolled out everywhere and up and running, we are finished as a free people.

There has already been many trials and demos of the system in operation. The mobile phone versions of vaccine passport has features that change your status from "green" to "orange" which means your vaccine has expired and it is time to get another. No doubt if you don't re-jab quick enough, the orange status changes to red and suddenly you will find you can't do anything. Perhaps you will lose your job or maybe your bank account won't work. Or suppose you get a throbbing toothache and you need to see a dentist urgently but you are told: "sorry you must be vaccinated before I can see you". The possible scenarios are endless. Or better still you receive an alert your grandchild has not received their regular vaccine because your daughters thinks it is a bad idea and you are having doubts too for your grandchild after hearing from friends through the grapevine of all sorts of strange deaths and illness despite a blackout of such reports in the media and now that the alternative press and private websites and blogs reporting this "non authorized" news have shutdown due to the new licensing and anti-terrorism laws to protect the public have been passed, but now your status goes to red and you are "invited" to encourage them to change their minds.

Now if anyone thinks that such a system is going to retain your freedom, freedom that can be turned on or off or just finely controlled at the end of your electronic tether, then you must be smoking crack or something.

Freedom of course is supposed to be an inalienable right along with your right to choice over control of your body. What this means you are born with these rights and they are not granted or taken away from you by governments or any other authority despite what some people think. It is surprising how many people are unaware of this. There are those who seem to think kindly politicians granted them to us.

Lets for a moment then examine the Nuremberg Code (1947) regarding medical experiments and this relates very much to being coerced into you accepting the gift of a global identifier so much beloved and essential to the totalitarian elite. For the code states the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

  • The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.
  • The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.
  • The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results justify the performance of the experiment.
  • The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
  • No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
  • The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
  • Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.
  • The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.
  • During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.
  • During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him, that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

Nevertheless it is important to illustrate where all of this can go. For example there is no reason in the world, for it would be incredibly easy with just the right software controlling this system, to declare a regional lockdown because of some mutation or whatever you care to dream up and confine everyone in that region or zone. You could electronically shutdown whatever you wanted just in that selected area. If we move to the cashless society, it would be even easier. Simply deny all payment transactions to all business except food outlets in that mutant district. Those in charge would have endless fun. After awhile since Covid Freedom Passports or are they now called Green Passports work everywhere the concept of nation state would begin to break down and once the health commission into natural bio-regional boundaries commission delivered and decide to remap the whole country and Europe and beyond into different "districts" why all that would matter is what district you belong to. Now this seems a little odd and obscure but over the long run it would be useful because if you can break down the common bonds among people then it is harder for them to come together to find for a common cause. And the rallying call around the fighting for freedom of "our" nation may have so weakened that it is no longer a strong enough mechanism to be of any use.

The vaccine passport system being of course fully computerized and seamlessly inter-working across the world in the same way your phone does, will by being an unique global identifier for every individual is, as Mike Yeadon in a recent interview stated, the very tool that enables a worldwide totalitarian control system.The media of course will deny any of this and distract and misdirect with nonsense about how the privacy of your data will be protected. But that has no relevance whatsoever. It is the central control over everything that you do, is what matters and if you can't see that then you are in denial of the potential horror and too afraid to accept we are right on the cusp of a global tyranny. This is the most common reaction by people, deny it, all of it. The denial stems from deep fear and ultimately it is cowardice to not face up to it and for going along with things so far. Your moment to stand up and be counted has arrived and that is to outright reject this madness, regardless of whether you took the jab already or not. Forget about appealing to what the next generation will think, appeal to yourself. If this comes to pass and everything is showing it has been plain sailing so far, then the next generation won't know the difference because they will know no different. You however will be a complete failure for you will have passed up the opportunity to make a difference and help carry humanity down a more enlightening, interesting and meaningful future.

Nominally the people running the system will be national governments but the on the ground reality is that global Big Tech corporations will physically run the system and between just a handful of them they will run it in every country. This de facto gives the real control to them, even though national government have amply proven they are despotic enough on their own. Given social media and global communications -think WhatsApp, Messenger, email is already in their hands including what is in or out of the news and at the same time they will be in charge of deciding what is fake or not, along with the "fact" check sites they run, do people really think even now today that your average TD (in case of Ireland) or MP (UK) has any sort of say or control over the bigger political picture considering if they step out of line they can be quickly publicly destroyed through social media, shaming and scandal and that these companies, with their already existing, massive data mining operations backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, don't have an insight into what every single family and person is discussing or saying. Who has the power then? There will be people who will attempt to label this as conspiracy (as usual) yet the same people have no problem accepting that your emails, conversations at home, WhatsApp messages, web browsing are all regularly data-mined today to figure out what you are planning to purchase next and present you with adverts in advance. Huge numbers of people have already experienced these eerie spooky occurrences. It is all in place already and has been for several years!

For the very wealthiest and most powerful in the world, a global tyranny which they control, is a huge prize. In fact the biggest prize in the entire history of mankind and the technology is here to enable it. In the past, throughout the span of history, many wars have been fought and millions have been slaughtered; these wars were always because at least one side was trying to pursue their own power and objectives. Yet what they were fighting over is puny compared to what is at stake now and without doubt they have thrown everything into the ring, in pursuit of this goal. When was the last time -never -has there been such a literally worldwide shutdown of everything, massive reduction in travel, months of house arrest for billions of people and so forth? And all the pubs shut for months too? It used to be a near national calamity when they shut for one day at Christmas a few short years ago. The elites will not accept failure because already everything has been committed to the battle. Were it to fail the backlash would be enormous for the entire credibility of the media, medical establishment, scientific establishment in some ways and of course the political establishment would be shredded to bits. The massive disruption to peoples lives the abandoning of treating the (regular) patients while hospitals are reserved for Covid, the disruption of education and culture events and the enormous mental health crisis and spiraling suicide rate and of course reckless damage to the economy along side the endless talk from the World Economic Forum (WEF) about the Great Reset shows, all shows that they are quite willing and plan to remake the very workings of the entire global economic system.

As their famous essay published on the WEF website describing life in 2030, a mere 9 years away, says "you will own nothing...and rent everything...". People need get that into their heads. If you own nothing who owns the stuff you will be renting. Amazon, Google, who? It also says "every aspect of your life will be controlled". Does this not correspond exactly to what the vaccine passports are? Are you waiting for RTE or BBC or SkyNews to tell you hey it's all a police state and you been lied to and you should now go out and protest to end it? Do you think they are going to announce it is a police state so that the clueless recognize it? Is that what you are waiting for and then it will be true? Do you have any initiative? Some have argued the WEF are simply taking advantage of the crisis except for the fact the WEF represent the wealthiest people and corporations in the world -i.e. the people who own most of it anyhow.This would also ignore the fact that the global financial system was in a very perilous state already in Oct 2019 just at the time when the famous Event 101 (Ref 12) took place attended by hundreds of top officials from many countries and which went through a simulation of a global pandemic caused by a virus and which killed millions. Many of the same officials who took part in this exercise then became leading figures when the real fake pandemic was rolled out.

If it is not clear now how the Covid Freedom Passports are not a Trojan horse to take your freedoms for good, then it will never be evident. You only have two choices to do something about it or deny it and do nothing -out of fear.

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T - Thu Apr 15, 2021 22:58

There is no doubt about it that religion and spirituality are under attack and the pressure has been massively increased on the back of the Covid Scamdemic.

The level of suppression and repression now in force against the church has not been seen here for centuries. The irony is that the church hierarchy are largely going along with it. The attack on spirituality is a bit harder to discern but it is there and part of the wider trend. Overall what appears to be going on is the corporate takeover of society and that is the new religion and it is intolerant of any other belief systems. This is a characteristic of all totalitarian systems. They want you to transfer any beliefs you have to them. During the worst periods of the USSR we saw churches burned or closed down and all religious practice suppressed. Similar things happened during the Chinese cultural revolution. What it represents is a demand to turn towards the reigning power and an insistence that this is the only belief system. What the socialist revolution was promising was salvation through socialist organisation of society and by directing the productive forces to the benefit of all peoples, in effect creating heaven on Earth. It didn't quite turn out that way for various reasons. Now the corporate regime is trying the same without the promises.

featured image
Ireland 2021 ?

There is no doubt about it that religion and spirituality are under attack and the pressure has been massively increased on the back of the Covid Scamdemic.

The level of suppression and repression now in force against the church has not been seen here for centuries. The irony is that the church hierarchy are largely going along with it. The attack on spirituality is a bit harder to discern but it is there and part of the wider trend. Overall what appears to be going on is the corporate takeover of society and that is the new religion and it is intolerant of any other belief systems. This is a characteristic of all totalitarian systems. They want you to transfer any beliefs you have to them. During the worst periods of the USSR we saw churches burned or closed down and all religious practice suppressed. Similar things happened during the Chinese cultural revolution. What it represents is a demand to turn towards the reigning power and an insistence that this is the only belief system. What the socialist revolution was promising was salvation through socialist organisation of society and by directing the productive forces to the benefit of all peoples, in effect creating heaven on Earth. It didn't quite turn out that way for various reasons. Now the corporate regime is trying the same without the promises

Related Links: WATCH: Minister Arrested during Sunday Service by Gardai | WATCH: Three Mass-goers arrested outside Waterford cathedral | Councillor slammed for calling religious procession ?far right? | The law is an ass when it comes to Mass | Tensions grow during Holy Week as priest takes a stand | Irish priest fined ?500 for saying Mass with parishioners present says he will continue to 'exercise my constitutional right' | BREAKING: Police raid Canadian church for defying COVID orders, erect barricade blocking entrance | GraceLife Becomes the First Church in Canada Forced Underground As Hundreds of Cops Continue to Guard Their Building | Furious Catholic church condemns cops for 'brutally exceeding their powers' after officers burst into London Easter service and shut it down - even though indoor worship IS allowed under Covid rules | British Police RAID Good Friday Liturgy and Hijack Altar | Police take license numbers, issue notices as Kentucky church holds in-person Easter service | California pastor cited for hiding congregants on Easter Sunday says church has right to assemble

Important Update: Garda shutdown Mass in Athlone Church on Sun 18th Apr 2021

Garda barged their way into a church in Athlone on Sun 18th April causing terror amongst the church goers and proceeded to stop the mass and instruct people to leave the church. They were doing this under the draconian powers given to the government for the bogus Covid pandemic which the population has been brain washed with for a whole year 24x7. Most people are still under the spell of it and do not realize that the governments own statistics show more people died in 2017 than 2020 and they don't realize the classification of deaths has been drastically changed to favour Covid. Video footage of the actions of this shameless criminal govt can be found below. function loadvideoblock_x28_7sNO1DO0YVow(sVideoBlockDiv) { if (sVideoBlockDiv=="videoBlock_28_7sNO1DO0YVow") document.getElementById(sVideoBlockDiv).innerHTML=' ';}

The amazing part is that the media have been banging on for years on how we live in a democracy -clearly it was a facade given how we went from so-called freedom to giving up practically all our rights back in March 2020 to full lockdown with little respite since. -and that it was a society where all beliefs were tolerated. You were free to practice whatever your religion.

function loadvideoblock_x01_y7P2j5VWme4(sVideoBlockDiv) { if (sVideoBlockDiv=="videoBlock_01_y7P2j5VWme4") document.getElementById(sVideoBlockDiv).innerHTML='';}
Video: Minister arrested, removed
during Sunday Service by Gardai.
The New Normal - Gardai saving lives!

The catholic church in Ireland needless to say laid the ground work for it's own demise with its many decades of repression, abuse and corruption. It was a classic case of those who find themselves in a position of unaccountable power, abuse it and in the end tarnish their own institution. What we saw in the last two decades or so was a huge reduction in those going to (catholic) mass in Ireland but in the interim other Christian denominations have grown somewhat. It would seem that it had reached its low point and there were signs of some possible regrowth albeit in modified form and more humble. Gone are the days where those who went to mass, did so because of public shaming / virtue signalling or because their parents told them to. Those who practice religion of late are probably more sincere in terms of their faith and really believe in it. And under our constitution they were perfectly free to do so.

There will always people who believe in a God of some kind and many with spiritual beliefs who perhaps have less precise strictures than the trappings of an organised religion but a belief nevertheless that there is something more to life than our material existence. While there are many who are atheist, they don?t have a problem with people who have religious faith of one kind or another. However there are some atheists who strongly believe that their rational scientific view is and should be the only way. In many ways this is simply yet another ideology. We have had many ideologists in the course of history but it is the members in the extreme branch we need to look out for. And in the present climate there is a strong smell of extremism within the pro Covid lockdowns and restrictions camp and their authoritarian masters.

Before we examine what has been happening over the past year, some other features about people and religion need to be highlighted. It seems humans are destined to create religions and believe in a God of some kind whether they are organised or more individualist and personal. The traits seem to be part of our brain hardware. Across all cultures and civilisations since the dawn of history, people have believed in an after-life of some form, whether these were nature based in the form of pagan gods, the spiritual religions of the Asia like Buddhism and Hinduism and all the numerous denomination of Christianity and of course Islam and it?s various splinter groups and any others left out.

The "modern" liberal belief is that in this age of scientific reason or in the last year we should say the age of fear and propaganda, people are now educated and have moved beyond religion to a rational liberal thinking society. Actually there is little evidence of that now compared to even a few years ago. The idea is that we have cast off our religious beliefs. Throughout much of the West, church attendance and churches themselves have declined and that is definitely true. Or so it all seems on the surface. However we have to ask ourselves what role does religion play in our mind. It would seem that it is a way to side step endlessly pondering our existence and purpose and is a way to simplify our life especially at the societal level. What religious do, is give a set of straight forward beliefs and basic rules on how to live and in most cases they encourage a certain amount of harmony. Most people want an easy life and just want to know what they should do and shouldn't do in order to get along. As we know many a religion has been hijacked by it's hierarchy and have used their immense power at the top , to their own ends and sent many to their deaths in the process and all because the members of the flock have this incredibly strong tendency to follow blindly and unquestionably.

For all we know religious beliefs have inhabited the human mind going back tens of thousands of years as evidenced by ancient rock art because it demonstrates that people even 30,000 or even 40,000 years ago had painted their symbolic thoughts of things that mattered to them and demonstrates they were pondering the world they lived in. The last 50,000 to 100,000 years is what has probably shaped the human psyche which drives much of our ingrained behaviour today.

Yet we are supposed to believe we have cast all of this off. For those a bit older, they will easily remember the devote level of practice and belief of much of the population in catholic Ireland as recently as the 1970s or even 1960s and before. The praying, kneeling, genuflecting, blessing one self and even bowing before the altar or stations of the cross. There was a certain composure that people had then when they were at mass or any other ceremony. The strange thing is all of this came rushing back the instant lockdowns, hand-washing and masks appeared. The way people dutifully queue in-line at shops and wash their hands with sanitizer is reminiscent of dipping their hands in the holy water fonts (which was a feature of many churches in old catholic Ireland) and blessing themselves, except this time instead of cleansing them of sins, it cleanses them of germs. All the trappings of religion are right there. They have returned in full force. Except the new God is not Jesus, it is NPHET and the daily decrees from our glorious, caring and omnipresent government.

All religious have a certain amount of fear built in because of the promise of heaven. The implication if you don't measure up, you don't get in. The catholic religion of course has the devil to explain the evil that humans are capable of and in catholic Ireland, there was a fair amount of the fear of God, for you might end up burning in the flames of Hell for eternity if you clocked up too many mortal sins. Today in our new religion, the Covid Pandemic religion, we certainly have the fear. There is no escaping it because it is broadcast 24 x 7 and if you do not follow their rules which are essentially anti-human rules you are basically told you will go to Hell, in the form of terrible Covid agony, even though of course they have grossly exaggerated or more accurately lied about the risks of either getting seriously ill or dying from it. In fact there is only one cause of death now and it is Covid as the new fraudulent rules for death certificates ensure it is. But what do we see from the population of people too smart to belief in religion? We see blind obedience and a strong desire to unquestionably follow the rules regardless of how idiotic, self-destructive, harmful and anti-human they are. And like religions of the past, those in power at the top of this new religious hierarchy are taking advantage of their power and using their minions for their own ends. Lambs to the slaughter as usual.

This new Covid religion has supplanted the belief in "never ending progress and technology" religion which on one level is on hold and on another fused with the Covid Pandemic one. The fusion is seen in the blind naive belief behind everything the government and media say about Covid and that science is leading the charge through the rapid development of vaccines to lead us out of this slight bump in the road to nirvana. In actual fact, no real science is being done by the government because the real science is showing this is not the problem they say it is and they are in fact trashing science and it's reputation along with the medical bureaucrats and their shrills thrashing the medical establishment likewise while doctors in the know stay silent in fear lest they be struck off by the medical council attack dogs and cancelled by the mob. The so called vaccines of course are just a reckless drive to use the experimental gene therapy jab to usher in a completely controlled society on the back of "health" passports for every aspect of your life from this point on, to the end of time.

You would imagine though that traditional religion is not a threat to those in power given their success of their own Covid Pandemic one, so it really was quite a shock to come to the realisation that all the churches in this country had been closed for months and were no longer carrying out religious ceremonies. And funerals which are such a central part of Irish life and intertwined with religion and an essential part of what it is to act like a human, have basically been outlawed except for a very small number of the closest relatives.

The puzzling part is why the church hierarchy lay down and took it. There has to be some people in it who can see through the lies and fear mongering to realize none of it is justified and what in fact was happening was the removal of their constitutional rights and imposition of tyranny. According to numerous Covid Pandemic religious officials and their promoters like Sam McConkey, these lockdowns and restrictions could go on for another 3 to 5 years. But why end there? It seems the bishops and priests no longer believed in their own religion anymore otherwise they would stand up for it? So it was with some shock to learn that when Fr P. Hughes in the village of Mullahoran in Co. Cavan held mass with all the correct social distancing in place, the Garda arrived and fined him €500 and the national press dutifully parroted the official government line. In keeping with previous behaviour the church hierarchy proved to have no backbone and did not support him. So here we were a priest standing up for what he believes in and not only the state attacks him but his own institution stands mute. But just to finish covering this little incident, The Garda setup checkpoints on approach roads to Mullahoran and stopped all traffic and questioned motorists. The names, details and car registrations of several dozen people who appeared on the day were noted. Pure intimidation.

featured image featured image
featured image

There are still people out there for whom attending church means something and religious "reasons" used to be an excuse to opt out of a lot of things. If you don't find these actions sinister given the history of this country, given on the one hand the brutal suppression of the catholic religion by Cromwell and on the other, the central role it had in Irish life for centuries, for it all to be swept away now, then it is hard to know what more one can say. All the signals are flashing red of bad times ahead. Perhaps the non-religious think it does not matter or apply to them but all these actions show a chilling level of authoritarianism and a ruthless determination to see that everyone follows the new order. No dissenters however meek will be tolerated.

This religious repression has not been limited to Ireland. After all the Covid hoax is not just an Irish project, it is a global project rolled out in each country with uncanny similarity and timing. In the run up to Easter Sunday, perhaps the holiest day in Christianity, we would have expected to see those who truly believe in their religion to take some stand but it was fairly subdued but that did not stop forceful effort across several countries to firmly stamp out any activity. It is surprising that in one year, that we can go from an illusory democracy to one where when priest attempts to say mass on Good Friday, the force of the state is used to shut it down. Saying mass or going to mass is now an act of defiance and a revolutionary act. How mad is that?

In London police actually entered a Polish church on Good Friday and forced a stop to proceedings. As if they were really concerned about anyone?s health. In Canada Pastor James Coates in Alberta was jailed for a month in mid February for defying Covid orders. Then in an early morning raid on April 7th the Canadian police constructed a barricade around the Christian church. In the USA, in Kentucky police took take license numbers and issued while a church in Hillview, Ky held Easter service. More sinister was that pastor Roberts said he arrived at the church Sunday morning to find several piles of nails dumped at the church entrances to the parking lot. Many more reports can be found online if you look with a non-censoring search engine and it is likely a far greater number either went unreported or their Facebook or Twitter reports buried by Big Tech. The real concerning thing is, people have been so brainwashed that they did not even see it as a problem. What the f**k ?

featured image featured image featured image

There is an interesting parallel between the numbers of people taking a stand and protesting against the Covid lockdown and restrictions and of course religious repression. The numbers, and I mean those on the streets rather than those too scared to do so, are in fact tiny. They are at least 1%, if not 0.1% or less. People might be aware that back in 1916, the year of the Rising in Ireland that approximately 2,000 Irish men turned up for the rebellion against the 600 years of British rule. It was a small turnout. Yet at the same time, over 200,000 Irish men went to fight in the First World War for the British of which approximately 50,000 died. Isn't it ironic, that the vast majority sheepishly and unquestionably follow Covid rules and queue up for the vaccines which may well kill them in similar numbers and it mirrors the same relative numbers who fought on the side of the British rulers as opposed to those who for our freedom.

featured image featured image featured image

So where is the attack on spirituality? It is quite well described in a recent essay by John Michael Greer here .It is more subtle than the very visible attack on religion but the first signs of it can be detected in the way certain parts of the New Age scene have somewhat embraced the alternative narratives that seek to explain what is happening in society otherwise known as conspiracy theories. The way the establishment sets out conspiracy theories is quite simple. If it is not the mainstream official narrative, then it is a conspiracy theory. The problem with this is that it says there is only one absolute truth and everything else is wrong. In reality of course there are essentially an infinite set of possible alternative explanations. Many of them on the extreme fringes of thought would of course not make sense and until recently it was these which were labelled conspiracy. But the conspiracy branding project has been so successful in the past few years, it can now be applied to anything and it scares people away. If there is one thing people fear more than death, it is social ostracisation and it is enough to scare people from reading anything labelled as such.

Picking your way through alternative views or explanations of our world is a tricky process and is helped with copious amounts of learning, knowledge, scepticism, logic and crucially looking for consistency and inconsistencies. Many get side tracked and mis-directed. Once again the religious element is there for there are many offering easy, simplistic explanations that tidy all the facts up, in the same way God stands in for an explanation of why we are here avoiding the need for spending time thinking about it. It all works so long as you make no real effort to check if that is really the case. It is related to the search in physics for the theory of everything where the central desire is for an equation that explains the universe. In the field of non-mainstream theories, there is a sub-field which is basically a form of strategic analysis that looks at all the technical, political and institutional activity and works out a narrative that is a lot more consistent, holds more predictive power and explains motives a lot better. The trouble is, it is a lot more work and requires more critical thinking than either accepting the mainstream narrative or the more simplified versions of various alternative theories but it is the propagation of these that is the real target of the conspiracy branding project because the most terrifying thing to all forms of power is the fear people in significant numbers begin to get an inkling of how the system works and what it does and how it ticks. This is perhaps a slight digression.

It is into this vast landscape that is not the mainstream narrative, that ideas like ?The Great Awakening? and other similar ideas of the zeitgeist that attracts people with spiritual and or New Age beliefs. You could label the very idea of any such awakening in spiritual terms such as one?s destiny or fate. They are definitely more in the camp of faith and religion than hard analysis using facts. But then facts are such a contentious idea these days because the mainstream now apparently decides what are and aren?t facts. But it is meant in the old sense here.

The media are already onto this and have come up with the term ?conspirituality? and they take some extreme examples of the mix of New Agers and conspiracy to show they are merging. But this is simply the opening salvo of a campaign to broaden this term. Before we know it, anyone practicing spirituality will be labelled in with the conspiracy camp and labelled as cranks, far-right, extremist and of course the mandatory Q-Anon label. It will include anyone practicing religion too. Some might have wondered how the cancel culture is connected and why other than Covid, is one of the only few things to remain in the news cycle these days. It is because the cancel culture is the magic wand to wave over designated groups that need to be silenced and there is a lot of work cut out for them in the new world so well described in the essay sponsored by the World Economic Forum describing life in 2030 when apparently you will own nothing but will rent everything. You will also have no privacy. The leave out the question of who owns the things you will be renting. The answer of course is global corporations since it will be a totalitarian corporate run society

Perhaps the globalists in the background are preparing a new narrative and crafting their own religion for the masses once the current fear campaign has achieved it?s goals and can be scaled back to make way for the next act of the show.

Amy - Sun Feb 28, 2021 01:17
The state today has linked anti vax, anti mak, anti lockdown to the words violent and far right and made it stick
Sat 27th Feb. Today's long planned anti-lockdown protest that was due to take place in Stephens Green was prevented from entering the park because it was closed by the government and all roads leading to it were sealed off by a massive police operation.

Despite the fact there were was an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 who were marching and the vast majority were regular people and were peaceful, the media insists it was a riot and was only attended by thugs. This is the image that they not only want to present but they do present. The only mainstream media images are of lines of cops with smoke from the one firecracker by the lunatic and some discarded litter on the ground.

This report of the protest critically looks at what happened and how the agenda of the government has been cynically served. It is so coincidental that the incident with the firecracker perfectly fitted the narrative they wanted to portray and portray it they did in every report and mention.
featured image
If you examine footage & pics carefully
there is no riot just an baton charge against
peaceful protesters with trouble
caused by a few hired thugs
working for the state's agenda

Sat 27th Feb. Today's long planned anti-lockdown protest that was due to take place in Stephens Green was prevented from entering the park because it was closed by the government and all roads leading to it were sealed off by a massive police operation.

Despite the fact there were was an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 who were marching and the vast majority were regular people and were peaceful, the media insists it was a riot and was only attended by thugs. This is the image that they not only want to present but they do present. The only mainstream media images are of lines of cops with smoke from the one firecracker by the lunatic and some discarded litter on the ground.

This report of the protest critically looks at what happened and how the agenda of the government has been cynically served. It is so coincidental that the incident with the firecracker perfectly fitted the narrative they wanted to portray and portray it they did in every report and mention.

How's it is done in Other Countries

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2009/may/10/g20-policing-agent-provacate...

G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

Back in 2009 a British MP demanded an inquiry into Met tactics at a G20 demo because he was there and saw their tactics at work and clearly didn't like what he saw. The report from the Guardian illustrates that those in power will go to any length to push their agenda.

An MP who was involved in last month's G20 protests in London is to call for an investigation into whether the police used agents provocateurs to incite the crowds.

Liberal Democrat Tom Brake says he saw what he believed to be two plain-clothes police officers go through a police cordon after presenting their ID cards.

Brake, who along with hundreds of others was corralled behind police lines near Bank tube station in the City of London on the day of the protests, says he was informed by people in the crowd that the men had been seen to throw bottles at the police and had encouraged others to do the same shortly before they passed through the cordon.


"When I was in the middle of the crowd, two people came over to me and said, 'There are people over there who we believe are policemen and who have been encouraging the crowd to throw things at the police,'" Brake said. But when the crowd became suspicious of the men and accused them of being police officers, the pair approached the police line and passed through after showing some form of identification.

Brake has produced a draft report of his experiences for the human rights committee, having received written statements from people in the crowd. These include Tony Amos, a photographer who was standing with protesters in the Royal Exchange between 5pm and 6pm. "He [one of the alleged officers] was egging protesters on. It was very noticeable," Amos said. "Then suddenly a protester seemed to identify him as a policeman and turned on him. He ­legged it towards the police line, flashed some ID and they just let him through, no questions asked."

Question: In the video of the thug who fired the firecracker last Saturday. Did they catch him?
Update: Now that the thug has been arrested, has any reporter checked whether he really is who they say he is. Does he live at that address, for how long. Who was the person that lit the firecracker for him? The whole thing is reminiscent of a lone gunman scenario. It is extremely suspicious.

Sat 27th Feb. Today's long planned anti-lockdown protest that was due to take place in Stephens Green was prevented from entering the park because it was closed by the government and all roads leading to it were sealed off by a massive police operation.

As a result protesters were forced to assemble at the top of Grafton Street. There was a large gathering present with numbers building all the time and then suddenly out of the blue a small group of hired thugs clearly working closely with the state moved to the front. The Garda who moments later charged the crowd had been positioned in place just before. Then a lone thug at very short range fired multiple shots of some kind of firecracker directly at the Garda.

The widespread video footage seems to show this was actually a blank. Either way it was utterly senseless. Nevertheless while thugs are considered to be idiotic and dumb, they are not dumb enough to walk up at such close range to a line of Garda and do such a thing UNLESS they know that they will either not be caught, will be okay if caught or are simply working as part of an undercover operation to criminalise and discredit in the public's mind, all and any who are against lockdowns.

It is noteworthy on the six o'clock news that the Taoiseach ticked all the boxes when he said these people protesting were

  • anti vaxers
  • anti mask
  • anti lockdown
And linked them to the words: violence and far-right.

It was a bulls eye. And if you listen to the language around this, you can detect an agenda to introduce repressive legalisation to further criminalise protest. It is noteworthy the way they tried to claim this was against all the people and all the work done over the last year. In other words any continuing lockdown is because of these people. This is what the media are trying to imply. It is a way to shift all the anger and frustration in the population onto a nominated hate group. The government were clearly saying all these people were responsible when they were not and that they didn't deserve any fair treatment. This is a kin to dehumanizing them and then you can apply dehumanized treatment. This is where it is going.

The state and the media played an absolute blinder this afternoon with this carefully planned and orchestrated attack. It was noteworthy how they labelled ALL of the people (and not just their hired thugs) as irresponsible even though this is not the case. The entire media has presented this as a riot. Yet if you watch any of the videos or observe in the pictures here, you will see that a lone hired thug fires the shot whilst everyone all around is oblivious as to what he was about to do and are simply standing there peacefully. Then in reaction to the shot the police attack. It can be seen they give up pursuit of him quickly and turn on the peaceful crowd. The definition of a riot is that the rioters are attacking and causing general mayhem. You will see that protesters -except the very few hired thugs -are NOT attacking but fleeing from the Garda batons like any rational person would. But the media just keep repeating it is a riot. It is not. It is a carefully planned black operation played out purely for the cameras and to manipulate public opinion and keep the police state intact and eliminate all dissent. In the videos you can hear multiple small explosions which is the firecracker left on the ground, going off.

So if you look again, you will see that the vast majority of the people present -except for the hired thugs, were regular people peacefully protesting.

The point of emphasizing the 23 arrests is to try imply that the number of trouble makers was not just one or two but made up most of the crowd. It was suggested by eye-witnesses at the protest that the small group of thugs were possibly football hooligans from the North because of their ascents, who had been bused down from the North with promises of a fight. People may not be aware that there is a long history with nearly every country of both the far right and far left being infiltrated by state actors and agents. Yet again, it cannot be stressed enough that these people were not in any way representative of the people at the protest and they purely served the agenda of the media and state. Nothing more and nothing less. The news this evening stated that the Garda broke up the protest. In fact they baton charged a segment people down Grafton street but their remained a relatively large and peaceful crowd at the top of Grafton Street and Stephen's Green center for well over one hour after with a line a Garda across the stop and no attempt was made by the Garda to move them and the protest was allowed to continue. The reason is because several million will have watched the news and be unaware of this and there was no pressing need by the Garda to move these people since the day's work and sooup was already complete.

The Left in Ireland has spent the past 12 months claiming that anyone who is against vaccination, masks or lockdowns are members of the far right. They have relentlessly labelled all these people as far right. This is simply not the case. But it works and serves the state's agenda perfectly and is highly effective at shutting down critical thought and debate. That is not to say the far right do not exist. They do and probably some have even attended protests but it is dis-ingenious to pretend that they make up more than a tiny minority. However the Left are standing on the wrong side of history and it is regrettable that they clearly do not stand up for liberty, personal freedoms, the right to protest, the right to control your own health and that they have deep seated authoritarian tendencies as they have criticized the lockdowns for being not severe nor long enough. They are cynically pretending they are for "workers" health, yet act as total shrills for the capitalistic and utterly corrupt pharmaceutical industry. It would seem that they think capitalism is on its knees and by pushing for longer lockdowns they can somehow break it's back and usher in a new system. What they don't realize is that the global billionaire oligarch class are firmly in control with a huge help from Big Tech and they are being played like fiddles by them.. Yet the Left demands unrealistic zero Covid strategy which has all the hallmarks of depending on even worse and tighter restrictions that are alarmingly close to the excesses of the Soviet Union. The Left spent the last 30 years trying to convince us they have purged all those destructive, authoritarian and repressive tendencies of the past but alas listening to their remedies, they are still there. The government is no better though. But make no mistake, the right are pretending what we are witnessing is communism. It isn't. It is global corporate right wing fascism. Their goal is clearly to discredit any and all Left wing ideas in the process.

What is happening is that as everyone knows these lockdowns are global and over the past year, these lockdowns and so called surges in cases have occurred often on the same day in multiple countries which demonstrates co-ordination. Yet it would be impossible for a disease surge to be so synchronized. The people behind the political system are going for broke to bring in a global level, a police state and are pulling out all the stops. Most of the people in the system, like the politicians, medical bureaucrats and so on are either spineless, careerists, people with big egos, watching their backs, scared, naive or downright dishonest and or are just going along with this, especially since the whole thing now has this massive momentum. If the public at large were to accept and take on board that they have been lied to and manipulated for the past year, the entire political, media, medical and much of the scientific establishment would be completely discredited. This cannot happen and all the stops will be pulled out to prevent this happening. People have got to realize that leaders of countries have regularly fought wars where millions die to achieve their particular goals. A global police state run by the most powerful people in the world is the biggest prize in history and now that they are fully committed to this task, if necessary any and all tactics will be used.

The actual problem we have and it is evidenced by the angry and verbally violent response of many is that many people deep down at the unconscious level know that we are entering the jaws of a police state and they mentally do not want to entertain that thought and simply cannot go there because they inherently know it could lead to their own mental breakdown. And so their own mind blocks its out, not just passively but angrily. The anger is in response to the deep deep anxiety and the fact that they will not allow themselves to wake up to the reality. Besides it is difficult for most people to not only accept they got it wrong but badly wrong. It would be seen as a huge attack on their own ego and intelligence so they double down harder believing the lie. Their other terror is the fear of being social ostracized if they switch, given they may have vehemently themselves ostracised others for the past year. If people simply read what has been printed they could easily see the gaping holes, manipulation and lies.

The reason for the orchestrated violence took place today is interesting because the state could not let this protest go ahead because their own research highly likely indicated relatively big numbers were going to show up and it could have been the turning point and so they not only ran scared and closed St Stephens Green but all the roads approaching it and it was imperative that they had to discredit the entire movement. The danger for them is that once it gets to a certain critical size, then all credibility in them could collapse and they would be exposed. Think about the entire political class would be rocked to the core. It is inconceivable that the truth would now be allowed to hold sway.

Just a few days ago the Taoiseach said -paraphrasing, that parents should not congregate outside schools and children should not go on play dates.

Had someone told you two years ago this is what the leader of the country would be announcing to the nation, it would have been seen as bizarre. Yet this is the level we are at and what our political system amounts to at this stage.

1 of indy - Tue Jan 12, 2021 23:12
Bringing perspective to the news that the media refuse to do

All the news media in Ireland have gone ballistic in the last few days ramping up the Covid fear to new extreme levels. There are already 100,000s of people absolutely terrified by their misleading news and this sustained level of fear for over 10 months now is very likely leading to very dangerous health conditions for these people leading to heart conditions, mental issues, cancer and all sorts of problems caused largely by the extreme stress that they have put themselves under because unfortunately the media and the politicians are giving highly distorted, mis-leading inaccurate and sensational news about the Covid situation.

A good example is the news from the past few days where we are told the hospitals are overflowing with Covid patients and as of today it is claimed 46 are dead from Covid.

The aim of this article is to bring some context and reality to this, something the mainstream media and politicians and their bureaucrats are strenuously going out of their way to not do.

featured image
Screenshot of Irish Times article from LAST year
reporting hospital over-crowding

All the news media in Ireland have gone ballistic in the last few days ramping up the Covid fear to new extreme levels. There are already 100,000s of people absolutely terrified by their misleading news and this sustained level of fear for over 10 months now is very likely leading to very dangerous health conditions for these people leading to heart conditions, mental issues, cancer and all sorts of problems caused largely by the extreme stress that they have put themselves under because unfortunately the media and the politicians are giving highly distorted, mis-leading inaccurate and sensational news about the Covid situation.

A good example is the news from the past few days where we are told the hospitals are overflowing with Covid patients and as of today it is claimed 46 are death.

The aim of this article is to bring some context and reality to this, something the mainstream media and politicians and their bureaucrats are strenuously going out of their way to not do.

Related Links: First week of 2020 ?worst ever? for hospital overcrowding | http://www.healthpassportireland.ie/ -Passport to Tyranny | A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it?s urgently axed. As they should | Irish Doctor resigns from Medical Council after criticising mismanagement of Covid-19 | Australian Politician Calls for Criminal Trials of Health Bureaucrats who Banned Hydroxychloroquine as COVID Cure | Dr. Meryl Nass Discovers Hydroxychloroquine Experiments Were Designed to Kill COVID Patients ? How Many Were Murdered? | Intevieww with Dr James Todaro discussing the Hydroxychloroquine #Lancetgate scandal and how the fraudulent study was uncovered

So lets take the hospital admissions we are told there are thousands in the hospitals. Well if we go back to this time last year BEFORE Covid and check the Irish Times for Friday Jan 10th 2020 the headline reads:

First week of 2020 ?worst ever? for hospital overcrowding
More than 3,000 patients went without beds as trolley numbers hit new record

Source: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/first-week-of-2020-worst-ever-for-hosp...
Check out the page and save it before the Irish Times remove it.

So you would never know that listening to Tony (The Grinch) Holohan or Stephen Donnelly. What we find is that more or less every year during this middle two weeks in January, there is a peak in hospital admissions because this is the time that the annual peak in deaths occur due to flu and pneumonia. What the Covid scare mongers want people to believe is that for decades we have these peaks hit our hospitals every January, when it is the coldest time of the year and people's levels of Vitamin D is at its lowest and for some reason possibly due to political expediency that flu and colds have disappeared and has been replaced by Covid. It is simply impossible for this to happen. It makes no sense whatsoever.

featured image

Update 25th Jan: How the Government Lies with Statistics

On Sat 23rd Jan, the headlines screamed 77 further deaths and the story was carried country wide. When you read down past the

headlines -and many people do NOT and the spin-doctors know this -it reads 76 of the 77 died this month. In other words they are not daily deaths because if they were they would love to tell you. Then on Tues 25th Jan, the main RTE news opens with 90 Further deaths. Again you are supposed to think from the headline that was since the previous day. But if you listen carefully they once again say all but one of those deaths occurred in Jan. So are they month totals? If it is a monthly total then it means it is probably LESS than last years January flu death totals.

featured image

Earlier in the year the http://www.hpsc.ie/ were publishing daily death totals but they have stopped doing that and focus mostly on the irrelevant cases which are meaningless. The only death totals you can find are for a sliding 14 day total that makes it impossible to recover the actual daily deaths. If you had the figure for the first day, it might be possible, but the HPSC purposely did not publish the initial figures. The graph to the side is graphed with the data for Jan. Because of the averaging any peak will not show up for at least 7 days. On the graph we passed the peak a few days ago which means the real peak passed probably 10 days ago! But during this period the scare mongering has increased and the restrictions have been tightened and put in place for longer. This is total lies and bullshit by the govt and it's officials. They should be charged with terrorism and vandalism of the economy and our society.

Update 30th Jan: Example showing a hypothetical daily series of daily counts represented by a 14 day moving total as used by the Irish government (HPSC.ie) will distort the reality and 1) moves the real peak by 7 days and 2) makes the daily total look 7 to 8 time higher than the real daily total. The HPSC is using a 14 day moving total to help lie by statistics. The objective is to make the annual January peak of deaths look like it is going on longer and the deaths are higher so as to justify the draconian police state measures
featured image featured image

We are also told that all those been admitted are Covid related. How do they know or claim this. For the past 10 months we have been blasted in the media and press about Covid symptoms and one can't help notice that they are pretty much identical to the range of symptoms from the common cold, a bad cough flu and possibly Covid. This means that anyone with any one of these diseases and who has been terrified by the health terrorists in the government is naturally going to think they have Covid and rush off to the hospital where they will naturally say that they think they have Covid. Who can blame them? Perhaps this is one source of the "Covid" confirmation. The second main source is the PCR Test for Covid. It has been pointed out many times to government officials and the media that this test is completely unreliable and is next to useless. It has a huge false positive rate and is unlikely to distinguish between someone with a Common Cold and Covid. And there is a good reason for that. The Common Cold virus is a member of the Corona Virus family and shares practically all of the genes. A previous article here: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/107633 has already covered the story on the recent research paper a few months back by 10 leading scientists pointing out how useless and totally unreliable the PCR test. Indeed the original inventor of the PCR method, Larry Mullis winner of Nobel Prize for medicine said many times before he died that this test should NEVER been used in a medical setting as it is more of a research tool to be used in extreme care. So we more than likely have a casedemic but the increasing hospitalizations appear to give credibility to it so long as people are not made aware of this annual increase every winter. The same thing is going on in most of the other countries too.

Probing further into the above Irish Times article for this time last year, you will also see as highlighted in the screen shots a link to a separate story that reports Flu killed 44 people as hundreds wait on trolleys in hospitals. What a coincidence that a similar number die today except it is claimed they are from Covid. Once again the PCR test is central and is the "proof" that the government uses the real scientists in the scientific community that have some spine and are less worried about their careers and reputation -have proven that there is no basis to make such claims using such a test. The obvious conclusion is that sadly for these people, -one you will find probably all of them actually died from pneumonia and happen to be near the end of their lifespan already. Because this has been the case all along with Covid. And yes the odd person a good bit younger do die too. And when that happens, the media cynically use these deaths to someone imply the deaths are happening in younger age groups

featured image
Rules to use when certifying Covid death.

The definition of a Covid death is extremely liberal and this is how they are claiming deaths possibly from other reasons as Covid deaths. In every single country the protocol on filling out a death certificate has been updated to strongly bias in favour of Covid as the leading cause. There are on average 83 deaths a day in Ireland every day, every year and they can call on these deaths and especially at this time since in January so many die of pneumonia also. Since these symptoms overlap with Covid -then they are Covid. See the screenshot here which captures the definition as described on the HSPC (Health Protection Surveillance Centre) website.

What we are not hearing about is the huge increase in suicides and many of these ARE of younger people. There has been lots of anecdotal comments on social media about a huge increase already in this country. Back in October, a report on suicides in Japan showed a huge increased in 2020 and this is attributed to Covid-19 lockdowns. For example this report Lockdown Suicides Claimed More Lives in October Than 10 Months of COVID-19 In Japan says that in just October 2020, there were 2,153 in Japan which was an increase of 600 over previous years where it had been falling for the previous five years. That represents at approximately 33%. Similar reports are coming from the US in terms of reported suicide attempts are way up. Ireland had in 2018 352 deaths which fell from a high of 552 in 2009. An increase of the order of 33% would represent at least 120 additional deaths and the real increase could be more. If we count years lost for suicide, it is a lot higher than someone who is at the end of their life.

It is alleged we are doing lockdowns to save our granny's but this is once simply emotional blackmail. Back in March after the government had locked down the country, they basically abandoned old people and threw old people from hospitals where Covid was present into nursing homes. As if that was not bad enough all through this, they have a policy of not treating the very old. Yet it has been demonstrated that Covid-19 is treatable with cheap generic drugs and the death rate can be dramatically lowered. See for example Dr De Brun's report on the mismanagement of Covid-19 in nursing homes by the government here: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/107411

The government is desperate to give the impression that somehow -in their eyes at long last -that the people dying are getting progressively younger. This is not done as a straight lie but by careful presentation of facts and figures all of which of course are completely suspect when you dig into every one of them. You will noticed they emphasize the median age of Covid cases is far younger. By saying this and then reporting deaths a few seconds later, you will automatically think the deaths are of younger people. It is imperative on everyone to do their own research and digging. And you have do spend time and not expect these things to be presented on a plate to you. More importantly, the daily HSE reports which used to give the deaths by age group in an awkard cumulative format no longer contains any breakdown of the death figures by age. This is to hide the fact that as it happen all year, the median age of death was 82. They can't have figures like that floating around while they are trying to pretend it is people in their 40s and 50s who are affected. It is time to demand that the HSE publish the death by age figures again and retrospectively too!.

So what is the point of all this? Well there are really two objectives. The first one is implied automatically by the sheer insane paranoid fear mongering panic and that is we should all gag our faces with masks that have been proven to be ineffective and to impose harsher restrictions and lockdowns. These are of course simply all police state measures and serve to destroy the economy and the very fabric of life.

The second objective is simply to scare people into taking the experimental and potentially extremely dangerous vaccines. The government here and elsewhere are well aware the cat got out of the bag in terms of the risk and danger about the vaccines. The way to solve this is simply to change people's perception of the risk and it goes like this.

Suppose someone said you have a 2.6% chance of very serious side effects from a vaccine or a 0.1% chance of ending up in hospital due to Covid. Clearly the Covid chance is smaller so why would you risk the vaccine? Most people wouldn't. But if your perception is changed and the figures are now and 20% chance of ending up in hospital due to Covid, then the vaccine is clearly lower risk and people would opt for it. Note the way this is setup. It is either the Vaccine or Covid. And that is what the government has done. They don't want any mention of other forms of treatment and there is practically zero discussion on how to boost your own immune system and make yourself generally healthier overall. And yet you can easily do that.

Before discussing this any further, it is worth saying something about mutant strains of Covid or anything else for that matter. Every year there are mutant strains of the Flu, of the Common Cold and practically any other virus you care to mention. In fact, all viruses are constantly mutating and from the minute a new virus or rather strain of virus appears it will mutate. So all this talk of new mutant strains is simply to scare people. The mutant strains have been there from day one most likely. The word mutant itself especially in our culture tends to conjure up the idea of horror movies from Hollywood featuring such things. This is not the actual reality. The human body and every other living thing has been dealing with mutant strains for eons. This media hype is just that.

However the hype serves a purpose and that is. People at some level know that Covid for the past year has largely affected the very old and vulnerable as the average age of death is 82. The role of the news of the mutant strain is to make the public think it is (of course) worse AND it affects younger people. What this does is change the risk perception between the Vaccine and Covid so that the public think whatever the risks with the Vaccine, the Covid ones are worse. And since every single media outlet, Big Tech social media outfit, government news, corporate news, politician, health bureaucrats and medical official more interested in their reputation and career than your health, -every one of these people are screaming every day for YOU to just take the vaccine and it is implied that this madness and the lockdowns will end.

But if you probe further, you find that people like Matt Hancock in the UK government suggest we might need a vaccine every 6 months. If you check with the media, and airlines and say http://www.healthpassportireland.ie/ you find them pushing Health Passport Europe where in this new abnormal you won't be able to go anywhere without taking the vaccine. In China already in 100 cities you can't even take a taxi with one of these things. This new health passport should be called: The Passport to Tyranny

Yet still we find hints and announcements that the so called miracle vaccines do not in fact protect those at most risk from Covid from being affected by it. Surely that is the whole point of the vaccine.

And on and on it goes. Even the so called 95% efficiency of the vaccine is very suspect once you dig into the studies and get behind the figures as to how they categoriszed people with and without Covid.

If you want to start digging into the propaganda to figure it out for yourself, see the list of links on this page here: http://www.indymedia.ie/campaigns

T - Sat Dec 12, 2020 22:57
Back in September the government announced they were planning to vaccinate up to 750,000 people, mostly children with a new nasal vaccine spray. I suppose a spray seems less dangerous and frightening than a needle. There was a major push this year by the pharmaceutical companies through their lackeys in the government and press to urge people to take it and on back of the constant fear campaign since last March, it seems to have been highly effective. We are supposed to believe that this is all for the benefit of us all and the fact that anyone is making money out of it is just an outrageous thing to suggest. Nor should it be mentioned in polite company that the pharmaceutical companies are NOT liable for any vaccine injuries and you have to take any case you have, against the government. This nice little arrangement has been in place for years and is the envy of all manufacturers of all and anything.
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Back in September the government announced they were planning to vaccinate up to 750,000 people, mostly children with a new nasal vaccine spray. I suppose a spray seems less dangerous and frightening than a needle. There was a major push this year by the pharmaceutical companies through their lackeys in the government and press to urge people to take it and on back of the constant fear campaign since last March, it seems to have been highly effective. We are supposed to believe that this is all for the benefit of us all and the fact that anyone is making money out of it is just an outrageous thing to suggest. Nor should it be mentioned in polite company that the pharmaceutical companies are NOT liable for any vaccine injuries and you have to take any case you have, against the government. This nice little arrangement has been in place for years and is the envy of all manufacturers of all and anything.

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US ? UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media: British and American state intelligence agencies are ?weaponizing truth? to quash vaccine hesitancy as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced ?cyber war? to be commanded by AI-powered arbiters of truth against information sources that challenge official narratives.

We are often told the vaccine is not only safe but effective. But what does this really mean as they are always qualified statements when you go to the trouble of investigating even though if you should ask questions then you are vilified and labelled an "anti-vaxxer" for doing so. This term basically means you are incredibly evil and selfish and should be locked away for life. Oddly, it can also cause you to be labelled right-wing as well. Another message put out this Autumn was that by getting the Flu vaccine this year you will help with the Covid war by freeing up beds that might be taken up by flu patients and many have worried about getting flu and Covid together. This is part of the do your citizens duty narrative. Wear the green jersey and all of that.

As always the mainstream media rarely gives you any decent context to what they are saying and government officials portray themselves as saintly figures who are simply serving the people and constantly attentive to their needs. While corruption, greed, lying and scandals used to be the norm; not any more. Ever since the official arrival of Covid back in March -even though it is now agreed it was present months earlier, everyone has dropped their guard and hangs on every word of government officials and obediently follows their dictates even to the point of destroying their own livelihoods and giving up their freedoms. Still though, they are only just protecting us. And there is no government opposition either. It has vanished, only competitor parties urging even more restrictive and longer lockdowns and other measures.

This year has been the first year in Ireland that such a massive number of children have taken the flu vaccine. The first question is how many children die of flu every year and the answer as always depends who and how you are countering. If you go to Irish Government Central Statistics Office death figures and drill down you will find a few deaths per year for people under 25 under the classification of flu and pneumonia but the fact is that anyone dying of anything at that sort of young age nearly always has an underlying condition. So those types of deaths are the exception not the rule. We can take it that practically no child dies of flu because if they did, they would be screaming about it at the top of their voice. Funny enough in it?s day, TB killed many a young person. Now that was a real tragedy.

Here is a basic fact which makes sense really. Very old people tend to have declining immune systems that do not work as well they did and those systems often over react often in terms of inflammatory response. Very sick people with underlying conditions also tend to have weakened immune systems. Both of these groups of people have a much higher chance of dying of any disease they might get. Vaccinating these people is often ineffective and even dangerous because a) any immunity they might get is not very effective and b) they can react very badly to any "challenge" -i.e. vaccine to their body and set off serious inflammatory response resulting in all sorts of unnecessary complications and stress.

We come back around though, to the question, why the urgency to flu vaccinate all the children if they are not dying from flu? Apparently it is to protect their granny. Ii is well know that on sinking ships, you put woman and children in the lifeboats first which is another way of saying, we never sacrifice the young for the old. Yet here we are vaccinating the young in a giant experiment for the old and gagging them with masks in school for Covid too. It is as plain as day they will want to continue these mass flu shots next year and that's before we even start with Covid vaccines. If you scale this up to the whole of Europe, we are talking about billions of euro annually.

So it appears the safest people to vaccinate are the healthy ones, but now we must be absolutely sure that the damage we are preventing is not less than the damage we might create via injurious side effects. The vaccine companies say they are safe because they are "tested" to be safe. First off the testing is usually done by the maker. There is zero independent testing and they don't encourage it either. Second you would imagine when they say it is ?tested? that they test vaccinated and unvacinated groups and then track them for a few years across a broad range of health factors to see how they got on. Well this does not happen at the level you would expect. There have been almost no trials of this type. In many of the tests, patients are at most only monitored for a few weeks to months. Never longer than 3 months. There have been numerous cases where the "additive" called the adjuvant, is given to the control group while the vaccinated ones get the adjuvant + the attenuated virus. The trouble is many of the problems have come from the adjuvant. The purpose of the adjuvant is to give your immune system the kick to make it react to the attenuated virus and to do that it is frequently something that irritates your immune system. The list of substances and chemicals that act as adjuvants could fill a whole book and it is suffice to say that pharmaceuticals have often been shy and investigators shocked at what has been found at times. In the good old days, they even added an organic compound containing mercury called thimerosal as a preservative. So part of the pharmas testing scam would be to say the vaccinated group had no more side effects than the control group. But the control group is not a real control group if it contains the adjuvant. In the data sheet for the flu vaccine one of the control groups got another vaccine for Hep B. Not exactly a control group is it? There was a case years ago when several kids died in the control which were getting the adjuvants and vaccinated group but since there were no extra ones, they deemed it safe. This is only to illustrate the types of things they get up to and to get you to think about the sort of questions you need to ask about any of their trials.

It comes down to this. You cannot trust anything they say. You have to query every single statement they make and dig into the background and tease out exactly how they came up with the figures. And the more people decide to do that, their reaction will be to be more deceptive. The good news is that since nobody is asking questions it is quite easy to find holes in all their material but it is being removed fast now because as a result of Covid, people are beginning to ask questions and the answers aren't pretty or re-assuring. And forget about searching anything with Google. For starters use something like www.duckduckgo.com search engine instead. Wikipedia has also been totally hijacked. You have to be focused and determined. All the official health sites like most official institutes have been cleansed of anything that says other than vaccines are safe. If you are in any position of influence, it is a career ending move to do otherwise. That's why officialdom in all forms uniformly carries the same message. And medical science is dominated by the influence of big pharma since they make sure to hand out research money widely. People tend to look around to what others say and go with the crowd. This works when the crowd is independent not when they are mostly bought off or comprised in some way. And really the only thing that matters is whether the science backs it up. Have they done it properly or was the scope of the investigation too narrow? Big pharma know they don't have the actual science to back up their claims thats why they hand out so much money to researchers, to buy them off and be in a position to block scientific publications that expose them and their crimes.

The Vaccine train has got so powerful now that Britain's ministry of defence had a press release recently to announce they were going to shutdown and remove material (using their Cyber defence capabilities) that criticize vaccines and question the narrative. Facebook, Google and Youtube announced they would remove all material critical of vaccines. So much for freedom of speech then. What other product does anyone sell that requires such powerful backing, along with financial incentives for doctors. And why such backing? Why are they so afraid of questions? If they really are safe then be scientific and open about it. When I say scientific, I don't mean paying off some professor to intone on us ?to just take the vaccine?, I mean the presentation of long term peer reviewed studies by independent researchers and institutes that don't rely on their research funding from pharmaceutical companies. The only trouble is they are far and few at this stage.

We are told the flu vaccine is effective. Is it really? What does that mean? In many instances effectiveness of a vaccine is determined by whether it produces an antigen response to the injected or inhaled virus particle or fragment. It does not follow automatically that you are immune to it, yet that is what one would automatically assumes it means. They do at least acknowledge that their vaccines only work against certain strains of flu which they try to predict for each year. You would expect in countries where flu vaccination is widespread there are less flu death and hospitalizations. This is not the case. Sure they will say otherwise, but over the longterm there are not the reductions they claim. On the contrary there is evidence to suggest that repeated flu vaccinations result in you having a more severe reaction to the flu when we get a bad flu year. See Box 1.

Box 1:

Source: https://homevaccineeducationnetwork.com/flu-vaccine-and-covid-19

The Flu Shot: Never Supported by Science

In 1972, Dr. John Anthony Morris reported his research findings on the influenza vaccine to his superiors at the FDA. A distinguished doctor and government researcher, Dr. Morris had been commissioned 13 years earlier to scientifically justify the FDA's plans to widely expand the flu vaccination program. To his expectant audience, however, his results were thoroughly disappointing. Dr. Morris reported that the flu shot provided no measurable net benefit, in part because the injected product failed to stimulate antibody production in the lungs, thus allowing for viral replication in this sensitive area. It was later realized that the lack of benefit also derives from the flu shot's ability to increase vulnerability to viruses not covered in the shot, including unmatched strains of flu and different respiratory viruses dangerous in their own right. Dr. Morris' finding of no net benefit of the influenza vaccine has been repeatedly verified with contemporary data, including a study by iSimonsen et al. (2005) that found that the large increase in flu vaccination of the elderly between 1980 and 2001 failed to decrease flu season mortality, and a study in Britain which found that the vast increase in flu shot uptake by those who had just turned 65 (vs. those who were just a bit younger) provided no decline in hospitalizations or deaths.

Corruption, Not Public Health

Given the powerful results of Dr. Morris' research, the flu vaccine's only perk could be to line the pockets of Big Pharma, and should have been regulated out of existence. Unfortunately, the cozy relationship between the FDA, CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry, well documented today, is not a new phenomena. Instead of reconsidering the vaccination program Dr. Morris' supervisors swiftly closed his laboratory and blocked publication of his results. Breathing a sigh of relief that good science would not be placed in the way of good profits, Big Pharma continued pushing for expansion of the flu shot market. Even if there wasn't a huge benefit in ordinary years, they argued, it was important to have manufacturing in place in order to churn out large quantities of vaccine quickly to save the world during the next serious pandemic (History of Vaccines, by Arthur Allen).

The Flu Shot Makes A Flu Pandemic - Worse?

Enter 2009, the first major flu pandemic to occur after mass influenza vaccination had become a reality. Big pharma did indeed heroically turn out millions of doses of pandemic influenza vaccine. Unfortunately, most of the doses did not become available to the general public until after the pandemic was nearly over. In addition there was the inconvenient finding that individuals who had obediently taken the seasonal flu vaccine the year before were more likely to develop pandemic influenza illness that was medically attended. Public health experts were shocked by these findings but kept their lips sealed as Big Pharma and their sponsored government agencies used the public spotlight on the flu in 2009 as a springboard to push for an even larger flu vaccination program. For the first time the flu vaccine was recommended for every American citizen, especially children, who by 2020 were the largest consumers of the shot despite lack of evidence of benefit and the mercury that was allowed to remain in the vaccine.

The Flu Shot Promotes Other Viruses

As alluded to above, 2009 was not an anomaly; the flu shot routinely increases the rate of infection with other pathogens, negating any benefits of the shot. While many of the studies of this phenomena worked with patients who had freely chosen whether or not to take the flu shot, (Dierig et al., 2014), one study met the gold standard of a blinded, randomized, placebo controlled trial (Cowling et al., 2012). While it has been generally hypothesized that the mechanism of the increase in non-flu illnesses is viral interference - the observation that illness with one virus may block others - it was found by Riken et al. (2018) that the increase in non-flu infections starts in the first 14 days after receipt of the flu vaccine, before any immunity to the flu has developed. This indicates that like the DTP vaccine and other innactivated pathogen vaccines, the vaccine engenders non-specific immune system changes which increase vulnerability to certain other infections. Most of the studies on the flu vaccine have focused on children, or found statistically significant results only in children, however one study to find an affect in adults found that while the flu shot appeared to offer cross protection against certain pathogens for this population, the vulnerability to several other pathogens, including coronavirus, was specifically increased. This study was with regards to "old" coronaviruses, not COVID-19. The potential of the flu shot to fuel COVID-19, however, was firmly established, and, as we demonstrated above, can now clearly be seen in the COVID data.

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Could the flu shot be related to "long COVID"?
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Dr. Peter Aaby discusses how vaccines can cause
higher susceptibiliy to non-targeted
illnesses (non-specific effects)
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Do vaccines ever save lives ? Learn about
how many vaccines have simply caused
one illness to be replaced by another.

In the case of children, if and when they get their first real flu usually at a relatively young age, it builds their immune system and gives them protection across a range of viruses. Giving the flu vaccine to them can interfere with that processes and lead them to be actually more vulnerable because their immune system has worked itself through the full infection sequence. It's like this. When you are young you need to be constantly stimulated with all sorts of diseases in order for your immune system to grow and mature. Absolutely nobody would suggest you take a new born children and place them in a plastic bubble tent and isolate them from the environment indefinitely. And if you did, the longer they were in it, the greater the risk they would drop dead of the first disease that hit them when they stepped out. Humans are mammals and we all have more or less the same immune system and we have been evolving for 60 to 70 millions, strangely enough without the pharmaceutical companies there to save us. It would be fair to say that mother nature has been doing a brilliant job so far and our own well adapted complex immune systems are up to the task thank you very much. What does matter though is that we have healthy bodies which is a key part of a proper functioning immune system and this is part and parcel of being healthy. This is why things like clean water, decent housing, sewage systems, waste disposal, basic hygiene, good wholesome nutritious food (not junk food) are by far the most important factors contributing to that. In this high tech world where we are told we are on the path of infinite progress and all tech things are cool, we are misled to believe that vaccines are part of that progress narrative and somehow we have not only out-smarted nature but we have gone one better and in effect engineered our immune systems to be even stronger than before. The trouble is much as we want it to be true, it isn't.

Now to some of the more grubby aspects of this vaccine rollout. How many people realize (according to the Irish Medical Organisation, IMO) that for every flu vaccine a GP doctors gives to a child they get €15 and €10 if it is an adult. Not only that, for every 10 children they vaccinate they get a bonus of €150 and a bonus €100 for 10 adults. No wonder GPs are so keen to give the jab. Why you ask should it be higher for children given they are healthier? Is it all about getting creating habits and lifelong customers? And remember if there are any injuries caused by the vaccine, the liability is with the government, NOT the pharmaceutical companies and it is a very difficult processes to get compensation when injuries do occur, although some people manage to get through the process. And even though it might be free to get the nasal flu vaccine in the school yard, the government pays the vaccines companies for every single dose. We have to be reminded yet again, they are not in it for the money, just the virtue or so they would have you believe.

It is time to ponder the ugly side of all this. One can assume that by now most of those who planned on taking the flu vaccine have got it already. If your child has it, you have to ask yourself were you bamboozled by the media, peer pressure and fear and did you just accept everything at face value? What if this has side effects that will take months or years to unfold. How do you know they haven't sterilized your child? You don't. Bill Gates says the world population needs to fall to about 1 billion and many other reach and powerful people are saying the same. Do you know thousands of Kenyan teenage girls were sterilized during a Tetanus vaccine trial. How does that happen? This was no accident and was probably a covert trial run for something bigger. How do you know your child is not going to end up chronically sick? Did you know that in the US, the out of the total amount of money paid out for vaccine injuries, most goes to flu vaccine cases? Ask yourself the question, did you go along with taking the flu vaccine because everyone else did and you didn't want to ask questions or seem awkward or outside the group? Were you made to feel guilty to even think those thoughts? Humans have an incredibly strong innate tendency to co-operate with the group. It is part of our evolution and in general we punish harshly non co-operators. Has it occurred to you that many large international corporations worth hundreds of billions with deep connections to media conglomerates and who shape and control public opinion (social media?) and essentially control governments through public opinion and back-handers, might have co-opted that innate behaviour and trust for their own benefit. Ridiculous you might say.

The reason they are using kids to promote the wider notion and acceptance of vaccines, particurlary with the Covid ones lined is an effort to by pass logical reasoning and pull at emotional strings which work much better and are far more easily manipulated. A good example recently was on RTE's (Ireland's national TV broadcaster) Late Late Toy Show watched by an estimated 1.9 million and which featured sketches where children were exploited to promote the Pfizier Covid vaccine. It was perhaps one of the lowest points ever reached in crass commercialism by RTE. Perhaps there have been others.

T - Sun Oct 18, 2020 00:28
A brief analysis using HSPC's own stats to show there is no need for panic

The country is in the grip of Covid-19 fear. The public have been frightened using manipulative figures and by emphasis on case numbers which are meaningless. Many are very concerned and know we face economic ruin and worry about the future. Mental health issues are widespread and critical. People are only reluctantly agreeing to any of this out of fear and want the whole thing to end. The media, politicians, and the medical bureaucrats with conflicts of interest have been criminal in their actions and the Left has attempted to hijack the fear to shamelessly pretend they are protecting workers when they are simply acting as shrills for multi-national Pharmaceutical & vaccine industry and thereby pushing the agenda of the Great Reset promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) who are the voice of the global capitalist oligarchy. Not only that anyone with a different opinion is accused as being right-wing and racist and while indeed elements on the right are have taken an position against the official narrative, it is disingenuous and arrogant of the Left to label people as being somehow misled as well as anti-science when the official narrative is being blatantly fraudulent in the way they try to wear the cloak of scientific respectively but instead are tarnishing it's reputation. We have been hearing for the last two or three weeks that cases are rising exponentially and it all seems out of control. It appears the number of deaths is rising and the media seem to be reporting the country's hospital ICU capacity is about to be over run. The government's own figures show this is not actually the case.

As we speak the government cabinet is due to meet to decide whether to put the whole country in lockdown for a massive 6 weeks at Level 5 which is basically a full lockdown. NPHET have been strongly advising for this to happen for the last two or three weeks and when the government refused to put the country in lockdown a week or two ago, NPHET were furious that their minions in the government did not follow their orders. It remains to be seen whether government ministers will like bold children repent and obey NPHET orders.

In this brief report we take the government's or rather the Health Preventive Surveillance Centre, HPSC, figures to show that the impression of out of control Covid and soaring death rate is not actually happening and there is no need for heightened fear or lockdown.

featured image
Cases / detections are rising but death barely.
No need for Level 5

The country is in the grip of Covid-19 fear. The public have been frightened using manipulative figures and by emphasis on case numbers which are meaningless. Many are very concerned and know we face economic ruin and worry about the future. Mental health issues are widespread and critical. People are only reluctantly agreeing to any of this out of fear and want the whole thing to end. The media, politicians, and the medical bureaucrats with conflicts of interest have been criminal in their actions and the Left has attempted to hijack the fear to shamelessly pretend they are protecting workers when they are simply acting as shrills for multi-national Pharmaceutical & vaccine industry and thereby pushing the agenda of the Great Reset promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) who are the voice of the global capitalist oligarchy. Not only that anyone with a different opinion is accused as being right-wing and racist and while indeed elements on the right are have taken an position against the official narrative, it is disingenuous and arrogant of the Left to label and shame people who are against the (ineffective) masks and restrictions as being somehow misled and anti-science when they side with Orwellian Big Tech who censor and silence real doctors and scientists trying to get their voice out to counter the official narrative. With that backdrop in mind, at the same time, we have been hearing for the last two or three weeks that cases are rising exponentially and it all seems out of control. It appears the number of deaths is rising and the media seem to be reporting the country's hospital ICU capacity is about to be over run and we are in some sort of deadly "2nd wave" which they long hoped for. The government's own figures show this is not actually the case at all and it is all smoke and mirrors.

As we speak the government is due to meet to decide whether to put the whole country in lockdown for a massive 6 weeks at Level 5 which is basically a full lockdown. NPHET have been strongly advising for this to happen for the last two or three weeks and when the government refused to put the country in lockdown a week or two ago, NPHET were furious that their minions in the government did not follow their orders. It remains to be seen whether government ministers will like bold children repent and obey NPHET orders.

In this brief report we take the government's or rather the Health Preventive Surveillance Centre, HPSC, figures to show that the impression of out of control Covid and soaring death rate is not actually happening and there is no need for heightened fear or lockdown.

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The daily reports going from the HPSC since the start have been misleading. You can find any of their daily reports online at https://www.gov.ie and in all of these reports they promote the number of cases and most of their tables and graphs are of cases. You have to look hard to find anything about deaths. Yet surely the whole point and fear is death. That is the thing that counts. Not cases. Attached is one of their reports from Oct 16th as a PDF.

We are regularly told that 80% of those who get Covid have basically no symptoms. This does not mean the other 20% die or end up in hospital. It means they have symptoms such a cold, fever, aches and so forth. A much smaller percent end up in hospital and an even smaller percent end up death.

A lot of testing is triggered because people are using the Covid-App and whenever an alert is generated all those tracked and who were briefly in contact with the person are generally asked to take a test. It follows that if 80% have no symptoms, then more or less the same number who test positive also have no symptoms. This should calm people down to know then that even if 1,000 test positive, 800 of these people probably have NO symptoms.

Separately there is the issue of the test itself which is based on the PCR method which was invented by Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis (who died last year) and had strongly advised that this method of DNA testing should NOT be used in a medical setting for a variety of reasons due to extreme sensitivity to contamination and risk of false positives and negatives. Thus the test is not very reliable.

The second point is that this test is probably picking up fragments of the shattered virus from people who had infections anything from weeks to months ago. It is also known to trigger positives against other corona-viruses. The common cold is a corona-virus and potentially could lead to a false positve So in order words all this constant presentation of case numbers is meaningless and the associated scare mongering completely unjustified. And at the moment, there is a common cold doing the rounds and many have caught it despite all the social distancing in place. Are we to expect that somehow the social distancing is working for Covid? The true facts are that the vast majority of people were probably long ago exposed to Covid and since the scale of testing has now been ramped up to a massive 10,000 test per day, all that those cases are measuring are previous exposures..

featured image featured image

So now lets look at the figures. The first of the two graphs here is from the HPSC daily report for Oct 16th show the daily and cumulative number of cases. As you can see the number of cases is higher than it was at the height of the situation back in April. The next graph shows the daily and cumulative deaths. It is very evident there is no increase like there was in March / April, happening now.

featured image

The third graph has superimposed these two graphs together to help put them together. One should note the vertical axis for the cases ranges from 0 to 1,000 for the cases but from 0 to 60 for deaths. So you should be looking at the shape of the curves and not their size relative to each other.

The key point and the one which should calm everyone down is that there is virtually no rise in deaths even though the so called "cases" which are really probably detections of all kinds of things are rising massively. But they are rising because they are doing a massive level of testing. It stands to reason the more tests you carry out, the more detections you will find. But the most important item of concern is whether the number of deaths has gone up. It hasn't in any meaningful way. So people need to get a grip and stop panic. What they media fail to inform you is that on average every month in Ireland, 700 people are dying from cancer. Yet we have been terrorized and brought to a standstill over a couple of Covid deaths. What is going on ?.

Media Coverage

On the 6pm RTE news this evening (Sat 17th Oct) RTE reported the following:
30 admissions to ICU and 8 deaths.

You would think then that there are 30 ICU admissions a day surely and 8 deaths but no. In fact the 8 deaths seem to be corrections made for previous months which were added to today and the 30 ICU admissions are strange but when the HPSC's own figures were analysed it shows there were 35 ICU admissions between Oct 1st and Oct 16th or just 2.2 per day ! NOT 30 per day as they imply by their underhand sly reporting

They do not tell either whether some of the people who entered ICU a week or two ago have since left. They are trying to imply we are running out of ICU beds.

Another trick they use is to say the mean age for "cases" is 34 which is probably correct. But they immediately follow that statement with death figures. The idea is once again to imply that those dying are now a mean age of 34. This is not the case. They mean for death remains the same at 80+. The fact that the mean age for "cases" is irrelevant. Practically all of these people will barely even know they have it and as stated already the test is simply recording previous exposure.

See how they used a cumulative figure to give the impression it was a daily figure. It is not.

They did the same for deaths. Again using HPSC's own figures, the author took all the reports for Oct so far which only report cumulative figures. They don't bother give daily ones which they could easily provide but they do their utmost to make it difficult to figure out. You have to work the daily rates by simply subtracting the cumulative from a given day's figures from the previous day. These are all presented in the charts below. When the analysis is done, we see 37 deaths so far in October. This implies approximately 2.3 deaths per day and NOT higher values such as this evenings 6pm news figure of 8 deaths would suggest if you weren't paying attention to what they said.. If you look at the second table below you can see the death rate per day is pretty constant and not rising to some catastrophic doom laden amount that will decimate the population.

featured image featured image

As stated above, the main 6pm RTE news this evening (Sat 17th Oct) said 8 deaths. But many would have missed it, but they oddly said that of these deaths 1 was from June, 2 from Sept and 5 were from Oct. Very confusing. It appears these may be a correction. The last image shows a screenshot from the government website their explanation. All very odd.

It seems there was perhaps zero deaths today so they decided to apply the correction so that it sounded like more and it sounded like things were getting out of control. But as you can see from the graph above and the figures below the deaths are up slightly and are NOT rising sharply.

At this point when you look at the graphs, tables and figures, you would have to agree that maybe focusing on the case numbers is rather futile and misleading. In addition the whole point of any lockdown is to reduce deaths and ICU admissions but the figures show neither of these are increasing in any meaningful way.

featured image

What does happen every year is that as the winter arrives the number of people who are admitted to hospital / ICU and or who die, goes up anyhow and the slight increase we see is simply part of this normal annual occurence.

The question we are left with then is why are locking down and why can't the mainstream media present the analysis here?

Update: Some People under 65 Die from Covid. They do too with Flu

While most of the people who die from Covid are in the "old age" bracket as emphaised here. When you get to old age, your immune system is failing and lots of things can get you. You can't change that fact. The media tries hard to give the impression that Covid-19 is a threat to people in all age brackets and when someone in say their 40s or 50s they make much mileage of it. All deaths are tragic. However all diseases, including cancer, heart conditions (e.g heart attacks) kill people in their 30s, 40s and 50s well before their time. You would think listening to the media Covid-19 is the first disease in the world to do this and it is because of this, it is special and we need to lockdown, commit economic suicide and somehow get to zero cases. You cannot wipe it out. It is here for good.

The figures below from the CSO are deaths from flu and pneumonia in Ireland by age for 2017. It will be seen clearly as circled in red, that quite a few people between the age of 35 and 75 die from either flu and a common complication of it, pneumonia each year. And same for a even smaller number under age 35. This happens every year. And it is now happening with Covid-19 too. You will never get this context in the mainstream media or from the shrills promoting the vaccines. We had vaccines for years from flu and people still die from it.

. featured image

1 of indy - Sat Aug 29, 2020 00:33
Protest Report and Highlighting of Key Figures
Breaking News. Not reported by mainstream media or RTE. The Berlin rally against Covid-19 restrictions on Aug 1st had 1.3 million people turn up !!!! -How come we never heard about this? At the rally for 29th Aug, there are 2 million expected
This is a report back from Health Freedom Ireland (HFI) on the protest organised by HFI in conjunction with the Yellow Vests at the Customs House Dublin on Aug 22nd. Given Covid is about the only thing in the news these days and happens to be the single most important issue of our time because of the way civil liberties have been taken away from the bulk of humanity, it is therefore prudent we give it the proper coverage and not the biased negative spin from the mainstream media.

Large numbers (estimated at around 6k) turned up for the peaceful protest against oppressive government restrictions and mandates over COVID-19 on Saturday, August 22nd at Customs House, Dublin.

The non-political event was organised by Health Freedom Ireland and Yellow Vest Ireland to voice concerns regarding government mandates, demanding transparency, proportionality of decisions and accountability by government officials and advisors.
featured image

Breaking News. Not reported by mainstream media or RTE. The Berlin rally against Covid-19 restrictions on Aug 1st had 1.3 million people turn up !!!! -How come we never heard about this? At the rally for 29th Aug, there are 2 million expected
This is a report back from Health Freedom Ireland (HFI) on the protest organised by HFI in conjunction with the Yellow Vests at the Customs House Dublin on Aug 22nd. Given Covid is about the only thing in the news these days and happens to be the single most important issue of our time because of the way civil liberties have been taken away from the bulk of humanity, it is therefore prudent we give it the proper coverage and not the biased negative spin from the mainstream media.

Large numbers (estimated at around 6k) turned up for the peaceful protest against oppressive government restrictions and mandates over COVID-19 on Saturday, August 22nd at Customs House, Dublin.

The non-political event was organised by Health Freedom Ireland and Yellow Vest Ireland to voice concerns regarding government mandates, demanding transparency, proportionality of decisions and accountability by government officials and advisors.

Details of next Rally on Oct 3rd: here and here Coverage London and Berlin protest Aug 29th: here and here
Previous Indymedia Covid Coverage Links: Putting the Corona Virus Numbers in Context | Big Tech and Their Growing Political Power in Todays World | The Economy After the Covid Lockdown | Time to Act. Erosion of Fundamental Freedoms - Campaign to Fight back | SCANDAL! Anthony Fauci has been Mass Murdering People for Decades! Prevented AIDS Patients from Receiving Life-saving Cheaper Drug | Release of the Film Plandemic and it is available for free. | "Bill Gates We Are Not Your Lab Rats!" Africans Protest COVID Vaccine Trials Among Poor | Breaking News: Covid deaths in Ireland over-estimated. Likely figure lower by 500+ | Dr. Meryl Nass Discovers Hydroxychloroquine Experiments Were Designed to Kill COVID Patients ? How Many Were Murdered? | Pharmaceutical Industry is the Leading Cause of Death in U.S., and the Largest Criminal Group in the World | Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the U.S. | Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary ridicules Government restrictions and calls for 'unnecessary' lockdown to end | Italy Says 96% of Virus Fatalities Suffered From Other Illnesses | Vaxxed Film Reveals Deaths and Injuries Caused by Vaccines by Interviewing the Victims - Gardasil Vaccine the Worst? | Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig and Jeff Brown of China RIsing Discuss Corona Biowar | Rolling Covid-19 Health Information | Rolling Covid-19 Videos of Interest | COVID-19: Rolling Out a ?New Era? of High-Risk, Genetically Engineered Vaccines | California Doctors Make the Case for Lockdown End, Get Pulled Down by YouTube After Hitting 6 Million in 5 Days | Rolling Covid-19 Police State Lockdown Resistance Coverage | Photo Essay of Dublin's Sandycove Beach and Forty Foot in Lockdown

Expert speakers in attendance on behalf of Health Freedom Ireland were:

  • Prof. Dolores Cahill, (Multi award winning Molecular Biologist and Immunologist holding the position of Full professor of Translational Services at UCD School of Medicine), who pioneered research in her field at the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany and has served as expert in the EU Commission for over 20 years.
  • Dr Marcus De Brun MD (Biologist and practising GP), who resigned from the Irish Medical Council (and here in protest over the government's handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes earlier this year.
  • Una Mc Gurk (Barrister & Senior Counsel) spoke about the impact of mandating masks without conclusive evidence and made an argument for why PCR tests should not be used as diagnostic tools.

The Yellow Vest Ireland speakers were:

  • Ben Gilroy, anti-eviction and civil rights activist who spoke about constitutional rights.
  • Michael Leahy, speaking as a human rights and mental health advocate focused on the impact of serious mental health issues such as suicide.
  • Ken Duffy motivational and education speaker and mental health advocate, spoke about human rights and homelessness in Ireland.
  • Paul Gough is a realist who started recording current commentary videos on the YouTube channel DiYShow to counter and compliment the one-sided media reporting around the COVID-19 situation.
featured image
Video on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1546126392226911&extid=lK8uVARaM7GX3Coj
Moving speech by Co-Chair Maeve Murran & Ceremony of Light

Maeve Murran kicked off the event with a moving speech. She provided the number of deaths from all causes obtained via FOI from the General Registrar's Office (GRO) ending with a poignant ceremony of light and minute of silence for all who died. Maeve informed those in attendance that there had been 13449 all-cause deaths from January to May this year. This represents less than the average all-cause death figure for the same period over the last five years according to official GRO death certification figures.

The minute of silence was followed by a beautiful rendition of Nessun Dorma.

featured image
featured image

?I might not agree with everything you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it?

Brian Rose freedomplatform.tv

In this spirit Health Freedom Ireland invited the speakers on the day to give their perspectives on the current situation. We applaud them for their courage to speak their truth at a time when it is challenging to do so.

Some key points on the day were:

  • Dolores Cahill pointed out that there is a huge discrepancy between how we treat this infectious disease (COVID-19) and other high consequence infectious diseases2 like Tuberculosis (TB). TB kills 1.5 million people per year worldwide (WHO statistics). To date the COVID-19 death rate is 819,430 worldwide and rapidly decreasing. This in comparison does not warrant a lockdown and destruction of our economy, communities, health screening...
featured image
  • Prof. Cahill pointed out that there are proven treatments which can be used as a preventative and treatment when started in the early stages. These include Hydroxychloroquine in combination with Zinc and Azithromycin and a steroid treatment which can help prevent deaths. Also focusing on supporting one?s immune system with good nutrition and adequate Vitamins D & C can lead to better long term outcomes.
  • Dr. Marcus DeBrun called for an independent inquiry into the government?s mismanagement of the COVID-19 situation in nursing homes where most of the deaths occurred. We have an obligation to seek justice for the elderly who died in nursing homes alone.
  • Una McGurk asked why the government was mandating masks without adequate scientific evidence for efficacy of mask wearing by the healthy public. Currently, the WHO website reads: ?At present, there is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID-19 and in healthy people in the community) on the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.?3
featured image
  • This point was corroborated by Dr. DeBrun who reminded us that the government is aware that the recommendation for mask wearing by the healthy public is not evidence-based as pointed out by their independent advisor Prof. Carl Heneghan4 on 13th of August this year at the DÁIL ÉIREANN Special Committee on Covid-19 Response.
  • Ken Duffy shared with us that more homeless people have died on the streets this year, compared to the previous two years. 11 homeless died in the last month alone which is more than the number of COVID deaths for the same period. Through his powerful and personal account he demonstrated how it is possible to become homeless through no fault of your own. Keeping small businesses closed for months on time, people losing their jobs and livelihoods and a continuation of evictions will undoubtedly lead to more homelessness.

"Can homelessness be fixed? Absolutely, yes, it can? it can be fixed? the money was always there, they?ve proven that... All it takes is for our government to stop ignoring homelessness, it is a crisis. It?s an Irish humanitarian crisis, people are starving and dying on our streets. The government boasted recently of having a 2bn euro rainy day fund. That would go a long, long way to solving homelessness in Ireland. How hard does it have to rain?"

Ken Duffy

And this is not the only concern regarding the government's failure to look after the safety and wellbeing of all the people of Ireland. There should be no bias in whose life is worth saving and whose life is not. Paul Gough pointed out another notable discrepancy between the government's promises and actions.

"The Irish government has lied to us again and said there would be no repossessions while the pandemic is raging. So is the pandemic over? Is that why you?re taking homes off people now?"

Paul Gough

  • Ben Gilroy spoke about the arbitrary nature of government measures in response to the COVID-19 situation with no basis in science. While some measures might have been deemed as necessary precautions in March or April when we had no information on the virus, we now know better. Examples of non evidence based recommendations are being allowed to consume a 9 EUR meal in a pub for up to 105 minutes with only 6 people per table; mandating masks in shops and not a post office; being able to congregate with a maximum of 6 people at home but 50 at a wedding.
  • Una McGurk also shared that the government?s narrative had changed from deaths and hospitalisations to rising case numbers which coincide with a rise in testing. The PCR test used to establish if someone is COVID-19 positive is not supposed to be used as a diagnostic tool. It is important to understand that positive tests do not equal active infections and that virus RNA can be detected by the PCR tests months after an infection has subsided. In addition it is not specific to COVID-19, it detects Coronavirus in general of which there are many including the common cold.

PCR detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment. ?

Kary Mullins (Inventor of the PCR test)

This view is supported by Kary Mullins who invented the PCR test and several other scientists who work with PCR testing in other circumstances.

?PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV. The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.?

John Lauritsen in December 1996 about HIV and AIDS

The phenomenon described by Una is referred to "casedemic" by some. Ivor Cummins explains this well:

https://thefatemperor.com/crucial-viewing-to-truly-understand-our-current-vir... function loadvideoblock_x01_FU3OibcindQ(sVideoBlockDiv) { if (sVideoBlockDiv=="videoBlock_01_FU3OibcindQ") document.getElementById(sVideoBlockDiv).innerHTML='';}

Some pertinent questions that remain unanswered were:

Why have health screenings not fully resumed yet, given that the number of hospitalised COVID-19 patients has been below 30 in the entire country since 25th of June?

Why can?t we see the government?s evidence for the continued restrictions and mask effectiveness data as well as arbitrary measures like the 9 Euro meal or recommendations on varying maximum participant numbers for different types of events?

What is the impact on the mental health of the population, especially our young and elderly?

What are the daily suicide deaths due to isolation, loss of jobs and homes?

What are the daily cancer deaths due to delayed diagnosis, screening programmes and treatments?

What evidence supports the safety of long-term mask wearing by our secondary students and workforce?

featured image

The thousands of people attending on Saturday included many elderly people, families with young children and people of many different ethnicities who came together peacefully to learn, support each other and to voice opposition to current and pending restrictions.

The sentiment of the day was quoted aptly by one of the participants

?It was a moving day where we were educated by some of the foremost medical experts, advocates and legal professionals and also to have our voices heard. Perhaps most gratifying was how so many different individuals and groups were able to put politics aside in order to join together for this important cause.?

Protest participant

Another stated:
featured image

On behalf of Health Freedom Ireland we would like to say:

?We are also very grateful for An Garda Síochana?s presence on the day and their involvement in restoring order. We have no association with those involved in the clash and we welcome their investigations. An Garda Síochána understand better than most our constitutional right to peaceful assembly.?

Health Freedom Ireland

What?s next for Health Freedom Ireland and how can I get involved?

We will continue to protest to preserve and protect our right to bodily autonomy and freedom to choose medical treatments.

Stay up to date on our next initiatives by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

We would also like to encourage you to support Tracey O?Mahoney?s fundraiser to engage medical and/or scientific researchers / subject matter experts to review data and prepare papers to highlight the dangers that might be associated with eliminating or diminishing the Right to Bodily Integrity.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the day. We appreciate your commitment to stand up for the overall health and wellbeing of the people of Ireland.

Our next rally is planned for Oct 3rd. We hope to see you there.

1 of indy - Fri May 22, 2020 00:01
Undocumented Code is notoriously error prone and buggy.
Prof Neil Ferguson who was the chief advisor to the UK government in the lead up to the Covid lockdown and was instrumental in bringing it about based his advice on the output of his own undocumented computer code he wrote 13 years ago. In the initial stages of the crisis his "model" predicted 500,000 deaths in the UK from Covid. Then a short time later, he revised his figures sharply downward and said his model now predicted to 20,000 deaths. This incidentally is the same number of deaths from flu in the UK in a typical year. So it appears to be the case that the UK has committed economic suicide based on software that no-one else could inspect in advance nor was there any independent verification. To make decisions based on this type of methodology is nothing short of criminal. And we haven't even got to the assumptions used which obviously are on equally shaky ground given one day the model was predicting 500,000 dead and then when obviously some level of correction was done, it was then only 20,000.
featured image
Feedback from software professionals on Twitter was scathing

Prof Neil Ferguson who was the chief advisor to the UK government in the lead up to the Covid lockdown and was instrumental in bringing it about based his advice the output of his own undocumented computer code he wrote 13 years ago. In the initial stages of the crisis his "model" predicted 500,000 deaths in the UK from Covid. Then a short time later, he revised his figures sharply downward and said his model now predicted to 20,000 deaths. This incidentally is the same number of deaths from flu in the UK in a typical year. So it appears to be the case that the UK has committed economic suicide based on software that no-one else could inspect in advance nor was there any independent verification. To make decisions based on this type of methodology is nothing short of criminal. And we haven't even got to the assumptions used which obviously are on equally shaky ground given one day the model was predicting 500,000 dead and then when obviously some level of correction was done, it was then only 20,000.

Related Links: COVID 19 Is A Statistical Nonsense | The Vaunted ?R Number? the UK Is Destroying Itself Over Is Shamanic Mumbo Jumbo Not only is the data going in weak and uncertain, but even the core assumptions of the model are educated guesses subject to bias | Covid-19: Neil Ferguson, the Liberal Lyssenko | Sweden Has Covid-19 Beat, Leaving Everyone Who Locked Down With Egg on Their Face

Computer models such as Ferguson's one for the spread of disease are really just software wrapped around a few mathematical equations. If the parameters of the equation are wrong then the output will be wrong. Quite often parameters are based on initial guesses and would then ideally be checked whether the values used correspond to reality in real life.

Separately computer code is quite often error prone and simple logical errors can be often very hard to find in the thousands of lines of computer code. All software in industry will typical undergo multiple rows of hundreds of tests to ensure a piece of software is doing what it is supposed to do and even though most companies relying on software they have bought will have maintenance contracts to fix problems as they are found. The Linux software which runs nearly every web-server and back-end industrial scale piece of software is free software that can and is available for the public to see and tens of thousands of software geeks are involved. The same is true for many other common programs used like the Firefox browser.

The internet runs on software and there is an awful out there and many people make it publically available. This allows others to inspect, find and fix problems and is an very effective way of doing things. This is widespread and standard practice. In the software industry and community it is good practice to document the code and in cases where there are not strict commercial considerations, to make it available for other to see.

featured image
Demonstration of sensitivity of exponential to inputs

Model Assumptions Can Make Huge Difference to the Model Output

Regarding the models themselves the public needs to make the effort to understand some basic things about these and that is to be very cautious and skeptical in general. The image here of the two curves is a plot of the output of a very simple exponential mathematical equation except the difference between the two of them is a k factor. All sorts of models used exponential equations in them and ones that track "growth" and "death" dynamics would also have their own equivalent of the k factor. They may even have several. These factors represent things like the infection rate or the mortality rate. In this plot we can see there is a huge difference in the output by just a small 20% change in the k factor. When people run models they often take an "educated" guess at the value of these factors because they don't know what the true value is. It is imperative that the true real world value corresponding to it is measured and to high accuracy.

In many ways this is the question that should be asked of all the models because if the assumptions are wrong and they are often are not precise enough then you will get unrealistic outputs and it is simply extremely foolish to make costly decisions based on them. However, assuming for a moment the covid thing is all a big mistake, what we have here is a bunch of academics like Ferguson and his peers who would be in key positions in the World Health Organisation (WHO) that suddenly find themselves on the world stage making decision affecting hundreds to billions of people. This leads to question whether these people were just pawns in a bigger game since once the lockdown was in place the whole thing had a momentum of it's own and there are still many willing enforcers. It is unlikely that this can be rolled back without a huge loss of face by many, reputations tarnished and that of the media too because it has been completely uncritical.

The Undocumented Software and Response by Computer Software pundits

When Neil Ferguson announced his software it clearly came as a shock to people who work professionally in software. His response was to give it to Microsoft to put a fancy web interface on it. This is the exact same as putting lipstick on a pig!. The proper thing to do would be release it to the public immediately. By giving it to Microsoft, they no doubt will be tasked with correcting all the programming errors and putting bells and whistles on it. What the public ought to demand and has a right to know is the actual software that ran when Neil Ferguson used it's output to make Covid death projections and to panic the UK government into shutting down the economy.

featured image

There is a lot at stake here from huge financial losses, millions out of work, tens of thousands of businesses going bust and a host of other equally large knock effects. On the social side, it is now reported that up to 600 people in London alone are dying of heart attacks each week, because they are afraid to go to hospitals when normally they would go. These figures are derived from the massive drop in attendance at emergency departments from cardiac patients in hospital. Given the London population of approximately 10 million or one sixth of the country, this means about 3,600 needless deaths per week just from cardiac problems alone in the UK.

The response to Ferguson has been illuminating and revealing. Who would have thought this is what was behind the "expert" scientific models. Unfortunately the public tends to equate software with science. It is not the same thing and the science is only as good as the real world data. Yet in some ways we have to congratulate him for his honesty and openness, although . For instance here are some of the messages on Twitter but first bear in mind the following. The code was also given to github where some people will be have access to it. But what they see on github will be the modified code -i.e. refactored. It is very important to note this is NOT the original. Due to the large gaff, there is no doubt there will be every attempt to fix it up and then for supporters to chime in at how wonderful it is.

Some of the Twitter Responses

Roko Mijic @RokoMijicUK · Mar 22
(6 months later)

"A bug on line 3471 caused the model to overestimate deaths by a factor of 100. The lockdown was unnecessary

But by being in C we got a 50% performance boost!"

Roko Mijic @RokoMijicUK · Mar 23
Our society very clearly misallocates resources. A serious bug in this code would cost £ trillions yet in the past 13 years there wasn't like a whole team of the absolute best engineers getting it up to a tip-top state. I'm not blaming the researchers. It's just a crazy world.
[Update: Indy Editors note. Even if the code is perfect, the assumptions have to be correct. See image above]

CFD Direct OpenFOAM @CFDdirect Mar 23
Replying to @neil_ferguson
1/19 It is disappointing that critical decisions relating to the #COVID?19 crisis in public health and the economy rely on scientific software containing "thousands of lines of undocumented C" source code, which has never been publicly accessible. THREAD

Julia Walsh @Julia14235 · Mar 22
Replying to @tom_collings_uk and @neil_ferguson
As a systems auditor my stomach did a flip when I read ?thousands of lines of undocumented C?.

Arguably Wrong @arguablywrong Mar 23
Or --- get this --- he could have shared the code 14 years ago when he published the first paper using it.

See new Tweets Conversation 1 more reply
Stefan Karpinski @StefanKarpinski · Mar 23
Why haven?t you just immediately released the code and allowed tbe global community to dissect it and work on it? Now is not the time to be embarrassed about some code. You?re missing the power of open source to accomplish feats, especially when people are highly motivated
18 more replies

@drklausner · Mar 23
Replying to @neil_ferguson
We don?t need your code Neal we need to understand your assumptions and how are you change those assumptions overtime

Jim Rafferty @DrJimRafferty · Mar 23
We do need the code, because otherwise how will we know if the stated assumptions are implemented correctly?
Some of these response have been captured in the screenshots below as it is likely that when knowledge of this grows that it will disappear.

1 of indy - Mon Apr 27, 2020 13:35
Pre-emptive strike on the global economy

Never before in the history of the world has there been such a massive and widespread shutdown of the economy for as long as for this Covid-19 scare. As of today April 21st it has been more or less shutdown for a month and the politicians instead of doing their usual and saying we will be out of this soon are saying we need to continue it indefinitely and even when the lockdown is lifted, it will only be gradual return to normality. Clearly everyone is worried and a lot depends on how long this lockdown continues for. The question is not whether the economy both here in Ireland and globally will be damaged but more by how much. This is an important question because real lives depend on what happens in it

Here we attempt to assess where we are, what has happened and what logic dictates are some of the possible outcomes.
featured image
Some of the scare headlines

Never before in the history of the world has there been such a massive and widespread shutdown of the economy for as long as for this Covid-19 scare. As of today April 21st it has been more or less shutdown for a month and the politicians instead of doing their usual and saying we will be out of this soon are saying we need to continue it indefinitely and even when the lockdown is lifted, it will only be gradual return to normality. Clearly everyone is worried and a lot depends on how long this lockdown continues for. The question is not whether the economy both here in Ireland and globally will be damaged but more by how much. This is an important question because real lives depend on what happens in it

Here we attempt to assess where we are, what has happened and what logic dictates are some of the possible outcomes.

Britain?s 77th Psy Ops Brigade Has Been Activated to Counter Coronavirus ?Disinformation? The British military waging information war on their own population https://www.anti-empire.com/britains-77th-psy-ops-brigade-has-been-activated-...

We?ve been involved with the Cabinet Office Rapid Response Unit, with our 77th Brigade helping to quash rumours from misinformation, but also to counter disinformation. Between three and four thousand of our people have been involved, with around twenty thousand available the whole time at high readiness.

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The Lockdown

The lockdown, we are told is of course due to the Covid virus and to "flatten the curve". The curve, according to models using very unreliable data (rubbish in, rubbish out) and very questionable figures on mortality provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) (-a corrupt organisation captured by the pharmaceutical industry and exposed in the documentary Trust WHO , -suggested a high number of deaths because of the projected infection and mortality rate and the prediction it would overwhelm the capacity of the health systems in each country. The WHO consistently downplayed any suggestion more people had the virus (and were fine) and the only narrative they pushed is that we should keep our economies in lockdown until a vaccine was found which it is promoting very heavily and pushing to make mandatory. This will no doubt make a fortune for the pharma industry controlling the strings of those making the decisions at the WHO.

These disease models rely on certain assumptions and inputs. If for one of these inputs you enter a given death toll and another figure specifying how many people have been exposed to the virus, it then predicts how many will die if everyone is exposed. If far more people have been exposed than acknowledged then your input is wrong. If the real figure was used, the predicted death would be far far lower. This is why in Sweden where they have almost achieved herd immunity without a lockdown, they are not all dead. However the WHO have knowingly used incorrect values because this way the models (wrongly) predict a huge spike in cases that need to be flattened from the dizzying heights projected and this allows them to justify the lockdown. Governments have followed their narrative via their chief medical officers taking instruction from the WHO. This fraud has worked because unwittingly many people including doctors do not realize how utterly corrupt the WHO are, they follow their advice. Their agenda will be discussed later. The WHO screamed at Sweden via the media to lockdown. Who the heck are the WHO to be trying to order a sovereign state like Sweden around? Thankfully they didn't follow their advice and provided an example that proves the nonesense followed elsewhere.

So far in the case of Ireland Covid-19 has led to a total of 730 deaths (Apr 21st) which is less than the typical 1,100 deaths due to flu per year in Ireland. In the UK a total of 17,337 deaths are recorded which is also less than the number of deaths due to flu in the UK which can be up to 28,000. Similar statistics bear out for other countries. Incidentally because flu deaths were so low last year everywhere and each year the flu sweeps up all the old and vulnerable, it meant this year the Covid virus had a potential population that it could easily kill and the numbers bear this out especially the median age of death which proves this.

The lockdown in the case of Ireland has shutdown first and foremost all the pubs. They are now closed for 28 days. If the pubs closed for 2 days previously, there was a national outcry and hoarding of drink. Practically all the restaurants, cafes, hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts, Air BnBs and furniture, clothing, book, accessories, flower, jewellery, bicycle and charity shops; hardwares, DIY stores, barbers and hairdressers, electrical retail, cinemas, threatres, concerts, schools, universities & colleges, libraries, swimming pools, gyms, sports facilities and grounds, building industry, real estate, public transport is empty except to key workers, parts of manufacturing, offices, many trades people out of work too and probably a lot more niche areas normally invisible to us.

Most visible is that air travel is for all intents and purposes shutdown. A quick glance at Flight-Radar-24 website shows that. For instance Ryanair has over 300 aircraft and almost the entire fleet is grounded. How did O' Leary agree to this? Likewise Aer Lingus, British Airways, EasyJet, Lufthansa and a long list of other airlines are grounded. Even for 9/11 this was only for 2 or 3 days. This is going on for a month now and instead of the Taoiseach or the Prime Minister in the case of the other countries saying we hope to end this soon, instead they are saying, this could go on for months and even then we might not allow groups bigger than 10. Well if a typical airplane can hold 200 to 300 people, that looks like they will either still be grounded or working in highly restricted form. This will therefore affect hotels and the entire tourism industry. Because when we are all stung with the taxes to pay for this, will people be able to afford to travel?

Even for the businesses still open, this whole caper is highly disruptive and while tens of thousands are working from home in Ireland -millions worldwide, it is probably not effective for many firms, long term. For the social life the impact is equally greater if not bigger but we will leave that aside for now as we are discussing the economy even though the medical argument of saving lives is countered balanced by the undoubted increases in depression and suicides and the number of extra deaths for all the people who normally visit hospital but are too afraid to now. Figures for Scotland from the start of April already show an additional 500 deaths after subtracting out the Covid ones and these are the people who probably got heart attacks or strokes but never went to hospital as they normally would.

So as you can see it is unprecedented and without doubt very costly in all sorts of ways. The hard bit to take in, is that this scenario is replicated right across the entire EU and much of the USA and it is estimated 2 to 3 billion people are in lockdown. The number of closures is just mind boggling.

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In much of the EU national governments have stepped in to provide special emergency payments to the millions unemployed. As of the start of April -nearly 3 weeks ago, over 200,000 people were unemployed and then within a week of that up to 500,000 and are in receipt of the Covid payment of €350 per week. This means it is costing the government 350 x 500k = 175 million a week which we can safely round up to 200 million since this figure in no way accounts for numerous others costs and doesn't even begin to take account of loss revenue to the state in the form of income tax from these people. By this stage the 500k unemployed is likely higher. The cost then so far is probably several billion. On April 1st KBC Bank (ref 3) put out an estimated cost of €30 billion (Ref 3). It was not clear when they thought the lockdown would lift in their calculation but it would be safe to assume at that point they were thinking by May. It ought to be noted €30 billion is less than half the bailout to the banks after 2008.

The only remaining questions regarding the lockdown are how long it will last and will it be lifted in one go or gradually? The people calling the shots in the WHO advising the chief medical officer in each country who in turn advises the national leadership in each country, appear to have gained a incredible level of authority and power over sovereign states and it is rather odd and surprising that basically the best part of the entire world economy has ground to a halt based on their dictates. Extremely odd in fact. How can a bunch of stuffy bureaucrats have so much power? Maybe even more strange is that our apparently free and purveyors of 'truth' media haven't asked these questions.

The Economy Before Covid-19

Up to early March, the economy in Ireland at least seemed to be doing alright although there were plenty of problems. Fine Gael (FG) through its housing policies driven by right wing ideology had led to 10,000 people homeless of which one third are children. Odd the way they apparently care about people now in this crisis but clearly don't about the homeless. The housing sector had witnessed a rapid increase in vulture fund (i.e. billionaires savings) owned properties and was distorting the housing market with the effect of locking out increasing numbers of the working population from ever buying a house or apartment and pushing them into a life of high rent, screwed by the same people. So other than FG selling all the assets acquired by NAMA and paid for by the tax-payers to vulture funds for pennies on the Euro (-93% of all NAMA property sold at huge discount to them), the top 20% to 30% were doing alright and there was a slight trickle to the bottom. Given the long recession after 2008, it was still welcome. As of the beginning of March 2020 the unemployed rate was 5.4% down from 7.4% in 2017 and the number employed stood at 2.3 million.

The economy in Ireland in terms of GDP is dominated by the multi-nationals that are here primarily for the low to non-existent corporate tax rates, the reliable electricity which tends to be unrecognized but vital in many industries and for the fact the Irish workforce speaks English, is in the EU and reasonably educated. There is little indigenous Irish industry. Irish capitalists tend to invest in property rather than put money into Irish industry. The model has been to attract foreign investment rather than invest in Irish industry and hence explains why successive governments always dance to their tune. Basically Ireland pimps out it's workforce. From Central Statistics Office (CSO) records, in 2017 there were about 279,892 Irish owned businesses in Ireland and 3,352 foreign owned ones most of which were multi-nationals. Figures released for 2019 and reported by the IDA say that multi-nationals account for 229,000 jobs or about 10% of the total. They spend €11.7 billion on payroll. The key areas are in biotech, pharmaceuticals and high tech sector chiefly in software and social media. Their turnover is out of proportion to their size and dominates the economy.

In terms of overall employment the biggest sectors are industry, wholesale & retail trade and health & social work. There are many small enterprises serving the multinationals and it has been said that for every one person employed in them, there could be several more employed in other areas downstream of where people spend their wages.

However as a result of the crash 2008, there was a huge debt overhang in the economy and for the lower half of the working population their pay and conditions have not really recovered when inflation is taken into account. Indeed inflation can be misleading, because if you are spending half your income on rent or mortgage and the inflation statistic doesn't capture that, then it does not give the full picture. What matters once you can eat is the roof over your head. It doesn't matter whether all the trinkets of society are getting cheaper if the cost of the roof over your head is taking up most of your salary. What was laid bare after 2008 for all to see was that the bankers, big investors and developers ultimately got bailed out no matter what spin is put on it and the top 1% and 10% got richer in the years since. The rest of us had to pay for it through higher taxes, direct and indirect, plundering of the national pension fund and stagnant wages for many. In the recent election, late in the day the issue of the pension being only paid out at age 67 (instead of 65) and soon to be 68 years had come to public attention. Two and even three years when you don't get the pension is the same as being robbed of that amount.

So overall the Irish economy could be summed up as doing alright and it was going in the right direction.

The International Economy Before Covid-19

The economy internationally being a bigger beast is harder to cover in any detail suffice to say that at least it wasn't in recession despite the bit of the trade war between the US and China and Europe pre-occupied with BREXIT. Share prices in Wall Street were at all times high. Much of this was down to the big corporations spending billions on stock buy back schemes whose sole purpose is to keep the share price high and make money for those with lots of stock options and shares, primarily the owners and CEOs. One large elephant has stood over the world economy since 2008 and that has been the constant money printing known as quantitative easing not just by the US (privately owned despite what the name suggests) Federal Reserve, as well as the EU Central Bank, Bank of Japan and others. The point being no matter how many pronouncements we heard over the years of how well the economy was doing, in reality in still needed a constant injection of cash to stay alive. Depending on who you listen to and what you read, the total world debt varies from tens of trillions to quadrillions if you include derivatives. Even mainstream websites (ref 2) put US debt at $24 trillion and the UK at £8 trillion. When you delve into the funny world of financial derivatives and all the other tricks you begin to realize that the size of the financial economy (i.e. paper) compared to the real economy is far bigger. Its near impossible to get accurate statistics probably because there are none. The financial economy is more an abstraction than anything. What it attempts to do is to put a claim on the real economy. So if you hold a million shares of some financial instrument this implies ultimately if you wanted to cash in; you could and buy something real. But if that universe of money is bigger than the real one, then when the music stops and everyone wants to cash in, you will find there are multiple overlapping claims on the same bit of physical real world wealth.

Thus the global economy was tottering along but the financial side of it had becoming increasing absurd and the whole core of it was basically unstable. It could hardly even be called a capitalist system and was more like a global debt system with lots of insider trading, rigging of the market and all sorts of interventions like money printing, buying back debt and bailing out of the too big to fail and so on. Somehow most people with jobs, savings and pensions were probably dimly aware of the chaotic forces within it, but hoped it would stay together -since the market always recovers -and thereby provide them with a means of income.

The Impact of Covid.

Well its going to be massive. The game is to speculate how massive assuming we are released from this medical police state this side of Christmas. As the news broke back in early March, Peter Schiff stock broker and financial commentator had this to say about the economy:

... that the coronavirus is just a pin while the debt bubble is the problem. The virus has not only pricked the stock market bubble and the crypto bubble, but it has also punctured the bond market bubble.

?So, now we have to deal with the consequences of the disease that the Fed inflicted us with. And unfortunately the Fed?s cure for the coronavirus is going to be fatal for the economy.? .... .? fiscal stimulus is going to make the situation worse....?

?The US is broke, there is no money to stimulate the economy, and all we can do is print money? The bond market is imploding because there is too much debt.?

This was in March. One would assume his worst case scenario then was a lockdown for at most a month or so because that's what people were predicting then and China had just come through it's own lockdown of that about a months duration. Before going on a speculative tour it is worth putting some basic numbers on it and lets just stick to the Irish economy.

The impact is hard to predict because the effect is so global and has hit practically every form of economic activity all at once. What we are witnessing has never been seen before and it will set in train all sorts of forces and dynamics.

What we do know is cash flow is going to be the big problem. Every business lives or dies by it. You depend on those you sell to, to give you the cash so that you can pay your suppliers. Often there can be anything from 30 to 90 days before receiving payments. For example, if you are selling goods wholesale which ultimately get sold on in shops, it can take a month or two before you are paid so that you can pay the supplier and you could have many. The supplier in turn is in their own chain of relationships with others. If even a few firms go bust then it can put the others into huge financial stress and it only takes one more knock somewhere else in the chain to bring you down. It will be like dominos falling. Hence the need for banks to extend loans to small business at very favourable rates. A public bank would be in a position to do this, but the private banks just see an opportunity to screw people over and sell on their assets when they fail to collect their money since they will be under pressure too. If the bailout mainly goes to the big firms and that is as sure as tomorrow, then it is the death knell for the smaller firms as the playing field for them will not be level but tilted vertically upwards. Also notice statements from organisastions like the (private) International Bank Of Settlements instructing all banks to stay within certain criteria for stability purposes. What this is code for is selling off at rock bottom prices the assets they steal off failed businesses and pass them on to vulture type funds.

Potential Cost of Covid-19 to the Tax Payer

If it is costing €200 million year a week or €0.8 bn every 4 weeks for the Covid payments or thereabouts, then you may as well round that up to €1.0 billion a month. From CSO data (ref 4) for 2018 government revenue from taxes and social contributions was €60 bn and €13 bn respectively for a total of 73 bn. Lets us assume 25% end up unemployed for 6 months, that works out at a 25% tax revenue reduction or (73*0.25*1/2) €9.1 bn. Add this to the 1.0 bn cost per month and you get 6 + 9.1 = € 15.1 bn. This does not include any other costs. You can now see how KBC very reasonably doubled these figures, and no doubt identified additional costs that the government is incurring and probably had estimated many will not get back to work immediately and so forth, to get their €30 bn cost.

However this rough calculation is for 6 months, but what the Irish government and it seems many other governments, are doing is hanging on every word that comes out of the WHO. And each day the WHO recommendations are more extreme and desperate. They have only one agenda it seems and that is remain in lockdown and wait for the vaccine. If you wanted to crash the world economy, this is exactly how you would do it. If we follow their faulty corrupt advice, we should all stay at home for the rest of our lives in case the virus gets us. They seem to forget we are exposed to billions and trillions of virus every day, all of our lives, so far. How did we get this far? But clearly there is more to this. When and if this is all over they will say they made a "mistake". But it is no mistake. They are pushing their agenda really hard and the media are doing their level best to talk up the numbers and imply young people are dying when consistently when you read on practically all of those who die are very old with underlying conditions and most of the few younger (but really middle aged) people who die also have underlying conditions. They are trying exceedingly hard to scare the pants off us all and unfortunately succeeding.

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Therefore if this were to go on till the end of the the 2020, the conservative cost figure could head towards €100 bn because the damage will accumulate and unemployment will be higher and tax revenue far lower.

What these costs do not account for is the unpredictable and that is the number of business that will fail. Nobody really knows that number but what we do know even if sanity returned in the morning is that the carnage will be huge. A great many pubs, cafes and restaurants, possibly hotels and thousands of numerous unheard of business will go bust and never re-open. Much of it will be due to cash flow problems. When you are so big, the banks don't and can't afford to let you go and generally some mechanism is found to keep you afloat. The bigger you are the more likely there is some kind of bailout paid by the taxpayer. Therefore there is one thing we can predict and that is tens of thousands of small business will fail and most of the big ones will be bailed out and or have enough resources to weather the storm and thus survive. In every single recession this is the general rule of thumb.

What does this mean? Well we know that most of the GDP and wealth is owned by the much fewer but far bigger firms and the bigger ones will be in a position to swoop down vulture like and pick up all the valuable bits of the carnage left over. This will act to further concentrate wealth into the fewer large firms, the biggest of which are multi-nationals.

The Vulture Funds are Coming for Your House

To pay for the damage, whether the final cost is €30bn, €60bn or €100+bn if we remain locked down even longer, we can expect to see an increase in taxes and a re-introduction of the full force of the Universal Social Charge (USC). As per usual the first cuts will be to social welfare, disabilities and all the people at the bottom and largely without say. Many are saying this will be worse than the 2008 crash which means the cuts can only be deeper. Whether this is the case or not remains to be seen. One certainty is that there will be another mortgage crisis. With hundreds of thousands unemployed and no way to keep up the payments we will be back to the mayhem. This time it will be different because now that the vulture funds have taken root here, the banks may well either on their own bat or under instruction from government, hand over all their bad loans to them. This will be presented as a way to solve the problem because the Vulture Funds may offer to step in and "save these people". It will probably be some crafty dishonest scheme where they take over the bad loans and since it is distressed you will be forced into some sort of deal where you have to rent off them for the next 20 years or something. The devil will be in the detail because it will be through the small print they will hoodwink people out of their homes. You can be sure they will have it legally watertight. The aftermath of Covid will offer the chance for vulture funds to feast on distressed property and steal a large chunk of it as just outlined. In many ways they will be like the virus itself and those financially weak will be a highest risk. It would of course be an excellent outcome for the vulture funds if this were to happen and from their perspective the lockdown must be great. The longer it lasts the greater amount they can steal later.

If this pans out and there is no logical reason why it could not, we will have come full circle after a journey of a few hundred years back to where the country is owned by landlords. This time instead of being absentee English ones, they will be absentee corporate vulture funds. The future is so bright indeed. The government will of course be pressed on this and will no doubt on foot of legal advice state they are unable to intervene because it would interfere with existing legal obligations and incur potential liabilities.

The Pension Funds

This is a good question. After the government raided the national pension fund last time, they never really put back the money. This leaves the private pensions or the money working people have saved in various schemes for their retirement. In the last round after 2008, most of these funds halved and took the next ten years to come back to approximately the value they were pre-crash. There will be plenty of workers who only started paying into a pension since 2008 and so will get to experience the medium term pump and dump cycles whereby the well connected elite encourage the middle class to pour money (.i.e their savings) into pensions or some form of institutional investments for relatively calm 10 years. Then there is the inevitable crash and they get cleaned out and it all starts over again. That pension funds will plummet is a safe bet. Only the depth, is the question. Perhaps some folks have been scared sufficiently by "The Bug" to not worry about it but it sill remains an open question of how deep the hole is. One should consider it as yet another cost incurred by many due to the lockdown. The sad fact is that there will be quite a few here where not only will have their pension destroyed but will be jobless and if luck is not going their way, be up to their neck in mortgage debt arrears. This is not the time to get depressed. It is time to wake up to what is going on, ask deep questions you have never asked and to not isolate yourself alone subjected to media lies but to overcome social taboos and discuss what is happening with your fellow frightened citizens and chart your own future together. If you buy into this pre-planned global fraud you will sorely regret because now is the time to act, not later when it is too late and your fate is sealed.

The problem with a pension is that you need to be either paying into one for at least 30 to 40 years and therefore need to have a job of that duration or if you are in the position to do so, pile money in during the last 10 to 20 years of your working life and take advantage of the great tax breaks for it. Losing your job later in life affects that plan and so any discussion of the fate of pensions is linked not just to the loss of value of the funds themselves but to one's employment since that dictates how much money you can put into a pension.

Already we have seen in early April, Debenhams retail chain have closed all their stores with immediate effect and 2,000 jobs lost. (Ref 5). The workers who tried protesting over the lack of any redundancy payment were moved off the streets and ordered to go home. The loss of these jobs illustrates the issues at hand. So consider this. If 500,000 are unemployed now when will they get jobs? What is happening to their existing pensions. Is there enough funds in them for their retirement. Answer: unlikely. And the fund value that is there is probably nose diving. Some of these workers had served 34 years. That means they must be in their mid 50s. What are their prospects now. Have they paid off their mortgages. Will they ever work again?

The Wider International Economy

For no better reason that the fact that airlines are the main way to leave Ireland, we will focus on them. First off if you ground a plane for a month or even far longer which looks to be the case, you can't just round up the crew and fill it up with fuel and passengers and fly off. The flight crew given the long lapse of time they have not being flying will need to brush up on training. Then there is the aircraft maintenance. They will need to go through a full system check. Think of all the lubricants for example that would slowly collect at the bottom of various machine parts and upper parts will have dried out. There will be thousands of other such technical matters. Then as everyone rushes to get this done, there will be a bottleneck because the system is not designed to do this all at once for every aircraft simultaneously. In air traffic control, I'd imagine things have been extremely quite. One would expect that the ramp up there would have to be managed carefully and slowly because it is such a tense, focused and critical job, the air-traffic controllers will need time to get used to and back to their hectic pace. Who then wants to step aboard the first plane brought back to service? [Update: Apparently Ryanair are doing short ghost flights every 4 days for each plane to keep them in working order. That is positive news.]

For hotels many of which are basically either lying empty or running as a skeleton operation, there will be also sorts of maintenance and repairs needed which will have not been done because these service sectors have been in lockdown. The longer this lockdown goes on, the more costs will build up. Surely there are hotels, offices, whatever that have sprung leaks which would be normally promptly spotted and fixed, are now causing havoc and will do so much damage to buildings as to put smaller operators out of businesses.

For the smaller operators and outfits like guest houses and there are 100,000s of these maybe millions all over Europe, the revenue you get in on a given season covers your costs to get to the next. If local councils and authorities are demanding their various charges and taxes despite them having no income, they're gone. Or they may have loans out on the properties or if that is not an issue, it may well be, ongoing maintenance is such a high cost annually that the lack of income will mean they are gone bust.

We are beginning to see the effect of this because in all previous downturns tourism might have slowed and decreased quite a bit but never has the whole tourism industry itself completely stopped for months. The job losses in tourism have to be huge and won't be coming back soon. It could take years to recover if ever.

This scenario has got to be playing out for tens of millions of small businesses throughout the locked-down world. The damage is incalculable. There is without a doubt a huge unemployment wave coming. The only way to get it all working again is through the lubricant of cash. Unfortunately the history of crashes, recessions and depressions, is that the biggest and wealthiest are first at the table and get the most favourable treatment. Usually after some period there is some level of normality but that tends to be from the hard graft of starting out fresh again from the smaller players and due to the fact since they are always more nimble and flexible, they manage to carve out a little space for themselves..

The companies that are doing well and continue to do so, are the giant corporations like all of the Big Tech and the likes of Amazon who will come out of this with even more people buying online who hadn't done so before. This will allow them to literally eat into the mainstream retail sector, everywhere. Purveyors of online working and communications will do well and Zoom Corporation is likely to be bought up by some giant for untold billions.

All the big food retail industries are largely intact and the world's biggest, WalMart will be in a position to buy up whatever competitors it has left. For the suppliers of food -i.e. farmers they are likely to be squeezed further by the small number of big players who they sell to and which is really their only outlet. This will allow the big guys to grab the income of the small guys as they will be on their knees. This will be replicated all across sectors where these types of relationships occur and they occur everywhere. That's partially down to technological changes enabling this process and one of the not-so-cool sides of tech.

National governments everywhere are going to be struggling with finances and having to cope with greatly increased debt burden. Everywhere taxes will go up and services will be cut back. With the Covid virus causing deep wounds in the economy and more damage than the disease itself, it will take a long time to recover because so many business will have disappeared that there will be just this large void where previously it was full of millions of small business employing millions of people.

So here is the scenario for the middle and lower classes. (Technically both of these compose the working class in an economic sense since you are defined as working class if you earn most of your income by selling your time and or skill. This takes in nearly all of the middle class and the so called working class in it's social context but are really lower class in economic terms. Middle class people never refer to themselves as working class but they are by virtue of the criteria just outlined.) Huge numbers will remain unemployed. Those with incomes will face big increases in taxation on the one hand and face pay cuts on the other. Some of these people will be in mortgage and or rent arrears while those unemployed will definitely be in arrears. In this environment, the chances of anyone taking annual holidays abroad or somewhere nice at home will be fairly slim. Therefore prospects for the tourism industry will be dismal with consequent knock on effects in that sector in terms of recovery. This will also affect the airline industry.

There will be a battle by many sectors to recoup their losses counter weighted by the loss of demand. Typically the insurance industry will raise rates and are far more likely to drive more businesses to the wall. They were already doing this just before the crisis. Sometimes you have to wonder are they the secret weapon of bigger businesses as a way to crush smaller ones through insurance premium costs and keep the competition out. For other sectors the inevitable reduction in demand and loss of buying power by the public means usually means closures and consolidation in those areas.

Prior to internet and the widespread use of online shopping, if there was a big downturn in some sector, generally it would come back usually in the form of lots of small startups. This time around the recovery will be different because the likes of Amazon and other Big Tech firms will be able to rapidly ramp up and serve those areas where demand may slowly return. This in some ways prevents a recovery for many small businesses because the big players will hold that space. This in itself, by slowing the recovery, affects future job recovery.

The Effect of Increase in the Concentration of Global Wealth and Final Solution

Global wealth is already highly concentrated as are all of the various industries. In all cases a few large firms dominate for the biggest slice of the pie and the myriad of others nibble on the bits left over after you subtract the total share of say the top 3, 4 or 5 players.

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The small players -i.e. the small business though are key to the survival of the big firms in an indirect way because proportionally the bigger corporations employ fewer people which can be used to argue they are more efficient at bringing goods and services to millions of people, while the small businesses by far employ the most people. The income they earn gives enough people money to buy stuff off the bigger firms to keep going. The structural repercussions on the economy due to the internet and online shopping before the crisis was already upsetting this dynamic. The aftermath could easily accelerate that evolution.

This raises a question then and that is surely for a given industry or sector there is a point where if the top 2 or 3 firms are taking all the businesses or revenue available, it crushes all the smaller players. For example in Ireland the beef industry is dominated by one big processor. There is hardly any competition. The effect of this is that the are very few other processors and they are tiny anyhow and consequently this puts the sellers -i.e. farmers at the mercy of the single processor and they are treated accordingly. If you can wipe out all the competition in your area, that is great for you and tough for everyone else. So far we are only talking about a single sector.

If we examine the total global wealth we know there is a huge concentration of power. The annual Oxfam report says 62 people own half the worlds wealth. Their tentacles spread far and wide and they would have all sorts of holding companies owning shares in thousands of different global and national firms and their representatives acting on their behalf on the boards of all the firms down their chain of ownership. When the approximately 7,000 billionaires are added the share of this tiny group of the global wealth must be far higher. The same dynamic applies here as described for a single dominant firm with no competitors in a given sector.

If the these people own so much wealth and earn vast fortunes each year and the remaining bulk of the population in the world are barely getting by on their low wages and it has progressed to such a state where many (younger) people have no prospect of ever owning their house, are locked into exorbitant rents and chronic debt, this would suggest many of the middle class who thought they were a cut above the rest, are on a downward trajectory. The key problem for the top 7,000 billionaires is as they take more and more of the wealth produced by everyone else, the masses will soon not be able to buy the goods and services which the elite own and sell to them. There is a risk of collapse of purchasing power as it were and that threatens the whole system.

...the Covid payments given by most lockdown countries is just this universal basic income under a different name...

The members of the 7,000 club are generally quite bright people and they have access to the brightest minds and the greatest resources by virtue of their position. Some may have noticed in the last few years discussion in the media about the concept of universal basic income for everyone; see ref 7. The idea is that governments would pay everyone regardless of who they were a basic income to allow them to exist. Anything extra you earn, you keep. At the moment, the Covid payments given by most lockdown countries is just this universal basic income under a different name. The Covid payment -i.e basic income is just the ticket to keep the system going for the 7,000 club and it can't have failed people, to notice it is all the smaller firms that are getting badly hurt in this crisis and most of them could well cease to exist afterwards. The metric is quite simple. Lockdown for 3 months a certain fraction will go bust. Lockdown for 6 months, 9 months or till 2020 as the WHO suggests and I think it is obvious that perhaps the great majority of small firms everywhere, will be gone possibly to never come back.

When you are a member of that special 7,000 club you must get bored with money after awhile and the temptations of the power you have must be more alluring and exciting. Every year the concentration of wealth increases and intensifies. Some people question why these people want so much money but the fact is they do because a smaller fraction have more and more each year. This can only continue perhaps to it's logical point. This point is not really when one person owns it all, the point in fact is when the system has gone through such changes because of the concentration of wealth and thereby power because one controls all the resources, that structurally it has transformed dramatically under the weight of it's own internal forces. We might be seeing the caterpillar to butterfly type of metamorphosis in the global (so called) capitalist system except it may not be so pretty.

Here is another point to take on. If you own your house and are cash rich and all your neighbours are cash poor and have mortgages and they all go bust then you can probably buy all their houses and rent them back to them, indefinitely. The sort of thing ambitious, ruthless people might do and the trait you need to reach the top.

For the 7,000 club if you own most of the worlds wealth and the world's economy happens to completely crash then that's not so bad since you own it. The beauty is that you can buy up all the remaining good stuff. You now will have received a huge jolt in wealth while everyone else is impoverished. You definitely need to make sure they get the basic income. There is just one problem though, you don't want to pay them too much, certainly not enough to go on holidays, fly abroad, eat out regularly, buy furniture, stay in a hotel. In this new economy there would there would be little need for these things and a great portion of the worlds fleet of passenger aircraft could be mothballed. Besides if there is going to be very little demand, it will cost too much to bring a lot of these planes back into service. Luckily for the billionaires they have their own private jets. I hear people say why would they destroy the tourism sector. Well prior to Covid, the millions on pitiful wages were struggling to exist and it is highly unlikely they ever went anywhere fancy. It just that the great bulk of the middle class will be lowered down to this level. If this transformational switch is made globally, its really all about power at that point and your comforts will not feature in the plan.

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This automatically leads to question. Where is the money coming from and whose money is it anyhow? What is money after-all and even what is wealth? Money is just credit on bits of paper. Despite what people think, it is not backed by gold. That link was severed many decades ago. The 7,000 club contains all the bankers, so it is quite likely between themselves they will come to some arrangement between themselves. National governments have given away most of their control to 'independent' central banks which really are private; run by unelected, unaccountable individuals so there is little chance of interference by them. Besides through ownership of the media and internet, they essentially can control any government and use Epstein like people to take down anyone powerful enough to make noises.

To conclude the strange thing is that if you wanted to crash the world economy and bring forth this scenario outlined, then you would do what the WHO are calling for. Keep the global economy locked down for the rest of the year and even until 2022. The other sinister message in this crisis we keep hearing is that there will be a second and even third wave of the virus each more deadly than the previous. You can't have failed to not heard this. They say this confidently too which is actually the scarier part.

Who knows what the vaccine will really contain but you have to ask yourself why is it being pushed so strongly. Surely tne sensible too to do is to promote basic health and ways to build up and strengthen your immune system of which there are many. People really don't understand anything about vaccines, but they can be contaminated and they can be doctored to put a pun on it, to contain literally anything. Take note of this:

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The Gates Foundation has for the last 20 years carried out intensive children vaccination programs in Africa.

In 2014 and 2015 Kenya carried out a massive tetanus vaccination program, sponsored by WHO and UNICEF. The Government administered a vaccine of tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BhCG) that causes permanent infertility among girls and women, to about 500,000 girls and women between the ages 14 and 49.

An organization called GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) is a public-private partnership; the public part being WHO and UNICEF; the private partners are a series of pharma-giants. GAVI is handing out free vaccines to poor countries, like Kenya.

If a vaccine can be implanted with a sterilization agent, any other health or DNA affecting molecule or protein can be put into a vaccination cocktail. See ref 8 links to these stories of Kenya: Thousands infertile after govt-sponsored vaccination and ?Mass Sterilization?: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine?


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We started out trying to figure out what the devastation would be like after Covid-19 but once you look at the figures, take in the scope of the problem and note a few other worldly key facts and figures it is almost impossible to come to any other conclusion other than the whole thing smells of a rat and what we have in play is a global transformative change under way with the "Bug" used as the initiator of events. To put it more militaristic terms you could call it a pre-emptive strike.

The script has still some way to go because they did promise a second and even third virus and it would be far more deadlier. So for those who don't accept this conclusion, I can only assume then that they must accept everything the media is telling them and here is the puzzle. So if several more deadly waves are coming and the economy is going to be pretty wreaked as it is, what is it going to be like after the 2nd and 3rd wave which could last for years? Ah but they are just trying to save lives. Really? And are you quite happy to sheepishly accept everything and see your entire life turned upside down, civil liberties slashed and being ordered into lockdowns ona whim. What we have at present is not life. It's existence. The goverements are treating us like small bold children. It is time people got a backbone, started thinking for themselves and stand up for whats right and being an active participant. So far we have shown ourselves to be more docile than sheep. Already the Swedes who have had no lockdown are being to mock us.

This present lockdown could simply be the first stage in the transformation. If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow frozen markets would resume and this would allow the billionaire class to formerly buy up all the distressed assets. Yet the population will now be fully conditioned to the new norms of wearing masks, isolating from everyone, thereby minimizing the risk of a counter reaction as real face to face discussion is largely eliminated and they would remain fearful and suspicious of each other. Critical thinking is already a distant memory and would remain so. The very top layer of the capitalist elite would know exactly for the next round what works and what are the weak points and the media matrix would be further tuned for maximum effect. Then when the second wave's arrival is announced, lockdown could be in place within hours as the Pavlovian like behaviour indoctrinated successfully in the past few weeks in the population would ensure immediate acquiescence.

Given destruction of peoples livelihoods, businesses, jobs, civil liberties and social norms barely raised a flutter of suspicion in the first round, then it is unlikely to raise suspicions in the second either and this can only increase the dis-regard and contempt for our lives that the elite have for us. In some ways this is symbolized by the instruction to not allow proper funerals / rite of passage -something every civilisation, society, culture and religion has held as a core value and yet on this too we have willingly accepted submissively.


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Why we should all have a basic income

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?Mass Sterilization?: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine?

Thousands of teenage girls report feeling seriously ill after routine school cancer vaccination

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Forbes 2020 World's Billionaires (4MB)

1 of indy - Sat Apr 18, 2020 20:14
In light of the slight interruption to normal life that is going on it is worth reassessing some of the known common knowledge about Big Tech and it's related area Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unless you have been asleep for the past 10 years, everyone will have heard of Edward Snowden who revealed in quite extensive detail the level of ongoing surveillance carried out jointly by the US and UK intelligence agencies, the NSA and GCHQ. Prior to his disclosure any suggestion of widespread spying was met with derision. Overnight the world changed and it was widely accepted as fact by everyone. What's more is that the depth and scale of the programs were far bigger than even the pessimists had imagined. It was this more than anything which has tarnished the reputation of technology as something that was always good to a demonstration of it's dark side. The state as such has dirtied its reputation with regards to technology.

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The rise of data centers and the cloud

In light of the slight interruption to normal life that is going on it is worth reassessing some of the known common knowledge about Big Tech and it's related area Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unless you have been asleep for the past 10 years, everyone will have heard of Edward Snowden who revealed in quite extensive detail the level of ongoing surveillance carried out jointly by the US and UK intelligence agencies, the NSA and GCHQ. Prior to his disclosure any suggestion of widespread spying was met with derision. Overnight the world changed and it was widely accepted as fact by everyone. What's more is that the depth and scale of the programs were far bigger than even the pessimists had imagined. It was this more than anything which has tarnished the reputation of technology as something that was always good to a demonstration of it's dark side. The state as such has dirtied its reputation with regards to technology.

Related Links: Amazon, Google, and Apple have moved past monopoly status to competing directly with governments? and winning | Britain?s 77th Psy Ops Brigade Activated to Counter Coronavirus ?Disinformation? | ?Subtle cues? make people SHARE more online, study says ? what does this mean for a post-Covid-19 world? | Don?t trust Apple or Google with coronavirus data, says German app developer | The tyranny of Big Tech is the biggest threat to democracy in our lifetime

Meanwhile on the flip side, our culture to date has embraced technology in all its forms. Compared to just 10 years ago, practically everyone now has a smart phone and most use WhatsApp. It is rare to come across a family that does not have their own WhatsApp group sharing details private to themselves, plus be members of many other chat groups with friends, groups, school and sports to various interests. Another vast new area of tech is social media which was initially widely embraced with open arms but the novelty has worn a bit and people are beginning to grasp the downsides of it at last. Despite rising awareness, it is largely out of control. In the social media sphere but not exclusively, people have poured out every detail of their private lives if not to the whole public sphere then at least to parts of it defined by their group. All of this information is completely accessible by the social media companies in whom they either trust completely or seem blissfully unaware of their presence, even though they provide the service.

What we attempt to cover here is some of the details and capabilities of the technology without getting too technical and to put it in political context in the sense of relating it what possibilities creates and not just the positive ones.

While the vast majority are familiar and use technology in the form of their phone, internet and social media, in percentage terms of the total population, few understand how it all works and hangs together and only have a vague understanding of the nuts and bolts of data and algorithms and the global communications background that ties it all together. Nevertheless it is not really necessary to know this to figure out the political implications so long as you think it through a bit with what you already know and pay attention to what is happening.

Casual headline from the UK's Daily Mail Newspaper. Clearly working with Big Tech

UK government gets green light to use personal data from citizens' mobile phones to help fight coronavirus - but privacy experts brand the move 'extremely concerning' and warn it could lead to invasive surveillance.


From Daily Mail March 27th 2020

What We All Know Already

featured image
Typical Data Center. Image courtesy of Wikimedia

So lets cover something we all know and that is since the inception of the computer age, the processing power of computer chips have increased vastly; roughly doubling every 2 years, initially even quicker. Less well known is the ability store information has risen even faster and for all intents of purposes can be considered infinite in practical terms. That much we do know. The numbers for processing and storage are so big, the figures are almost meaningless because they are far beyond the human scale. What we tend to all see is the phone in our hand or the laptop on our desk. We are vaguely aware of something called data-centers. These are warehouses full of racks of computers -commonly referred to as servers, each probably as or more powerful than your laptop. If you wanted to know where the so called "Cloud" is, then it's in these places. In a typical data center each rack holds 30 computers and a typical data center using 30 MW of power would have approx 3,000 racks. That works out at 30 x 3,000 or 90,000 computers! Two years ago in 2018 data centers in Ireland were using 480 MW. Since there are approx 90,000 computers for every 30 MW then that works out at least 480/30 x 90,000 = 1.4 million computers! Those figures are for 2018. These are the servers sending the Google, Microsoft and Facebook pages to you as well as lots of other stuff. You should also be aware they are not all working on their own in the sense of things you do on your own laptop. Frequently 1000s are linked together for particular tasks like for example sending you all those images to build up google maps or whatever. They are working seamlessly as one. This itself is a major advance but passed over by the non-geeks.

The point here is not to bamboozle and put one in awe of the numbers. The point is to realize that 20+ years this was more or less non-existent. There are thousands of data centers all over the world and they are still growing in power and capability.

Delving further; 25 years ago it would have been hard to accept the claim a computer could listen to a conversation and generate a transcript of what was said in text format. Today most smart phones have the ability to use voice assistant software which will respond to the spoken word and even do searches for you. Millions of homes already have one of the many voice assistants on the market like Siri (Apple) and Alexa (Amazon) and these understand enough to turn on lights, open doors, read the weather/news, play songs, have limited conversation and many other things. People with Siri/Alexa often have many voice activated speakers around the house and google research shows 50% of users keep it in the main living room, followed by kitchen and bedroom. The ability of voice recognition has jumped by leaps and bounds and it can parse out what is being said in continuous speech handling different speakers and is available in multiple languages. It is hard to ignore the occasional reports of conversations being stored and accessed by all sorts of people who shouldn't especially because the owners thought they were private. It should be obvious that if a device is designed to be activated by your voice and do various things, then it has to be listening in advance and after you stop for some period. It also makes sense that the software is made up two main parts; the first part is the specialized piece that figures out the words said, then converts them text form which becomes the input to the next stage that analyses the text to figure out what to do -i.e. play music, get the sports results.

However this ability is not limited to just Siri and Alexa and it's ilk. Many will have noticed topics they discuss in conversations while their phones apparently sit there doing nothing, pop up as adverts soon afterwards. A technical point to note is that the software recognition is not done in the Siri/Alexa device in your house but is transmitted to the cloud where some far more powerful giant data-center is crunching it all. Likewise audio from your phone goes to cloud. An active phone call is a bit different since that goes to the phone system but that itself is becoming cloud based too. Whether people accept the claim about phone voice pickup or not, is irrelevant. The main point is the technology is there, it works, we all know it works and there is nothing in the world to prevent all the devices to be in listening mode and for all the data to be stored indefinitely. In fact if you check the permissions on most smart-phone Apps, they clearly state they can activate your camera phone or mic. We are only taking the assurances of the companies and their record is consistently bad. Flipping to the Snowden leaks it is quite clear intelligence agencies (e.g. NSA) can and do have direct access to basically any and all data held by these giant companies and many smaller ones too. And this does not include what they collect themselves which is vast anyhow.

The next obstacle people have stems from the fact because they are not familiar with the details therefore cannot grasp the all consuming power of this technology. Take for instance the statement: All calls or at least a very large number can be recorded and listened to or everything typed in WhatsApp or messenger or email or anywhere else, can be monitored. There is this idea of some person at the far end physically doing such a thing. And yet this is despite the fact Snowden proved it is largely automated. Yet there is no need to reference Snowden because from what we already know above, it is quite clear the existing Voice Assistant technology along with something most of us use which is Google search, can perfectly well figure out what is said in terms of words and parse anything we typed to generate searches or whatever. What is the difference between the stream of voice coming from an intercepted phone or directly from your own voice to your voice assistant. None.

The other part of this problem that is often raised is "ah but why would they read your email anyhow". Well they already are. If you sign up to Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or any of the numerous free email accounts they all say in the Terms and Conditions that they use your email for marketing and advertising reasons. So they are already mining every single email for all sorts of information about you. The same goes for everything said on Facebook or any other platform you use. For Facebook its greatest feature for advertisers was that it could push adverts to members of very selective and specific groups. It is cliche at this stage to say the price of "free" email and Facebook accounts etc were in exchange for your freedom.

It is really quite simple to imagine. Suppose you have this giant feed of data coming off an email system (in the cloud -i.e. in reality a data-center) and it is directed into another piece of software called say "Text parser and analyser for marketing information". A second copy of the same info can easily go to another called "Text parser and analyser for food, sport and hobby preferences". Still can't imagine. Well stick any text into google translate and see how it works. In order to translate it has to figure out basic structures like nouns, verbs, adjective and a lot more. These are the same techniques for figuring out what is in a piece of text. The reality in practice is that there are dozens of big software modules digesting this data all day, every day and storing it all. You think it doesn't store it? Check your google search history in google and you will see it all there. Again don't confuse what companies and governments say they do or don't too with what is possible and in use every day. Data mining of text is an industry worth billions. They mine everything you can think of for companies. All those reviews on booking.com or TripAdivsor with over 70 million reviews, get regularly chewed up and analysed.

The next two images are screenshots from Google's Trend service. This is where you can see the trends over time for keywords used in searches. It allows you to break down by country. The two examples are both related to Covid-19 and the first shows the relative number of searches for different terms and the second shows searches related to virus symptoms. This is a working example of what was just stated in the previous paragraphs.
featured image
featured image

To clarify a bit about how these companies provide free email service for you, take say Yahoo; the email software would run and the emails would be stored in the cloud. The real life representation of the cloud is that as the emails being sent and received, this is taking place in various data-centers. The emails are stored on huge disk arrays often known as SAN (Storage Area Network) that can be shared across hundreds of servers. The data on these will be replicated across multiple data centers continuously. The original idea was in case power was lost to any single data center the system can still keep going and no data is lost. This sub-section of the industry is a whole specialist area in itself. The takeaway is once your data hits the cloud it is distributed geographically and as the hours and days going by, copies get migrated to long term storage held possibly as at least two copies in who knows where really or probably longer than you will live The back end text data mining software is running possibly in the same data centers or possibly not, but either way feasts itself on the treasure trove of data in all the emails on the SAN to which it would have access.The system is so flexible it is possible to have the various pieces distributed geographically yet work as one. This is the beauty of the developments and advances in the seamless network connectivity.

This fact may seem far fetched to some but yet again we should already know this. You do use a free email service? The capability is there. Everyone at this stage has fiber to their house and can watch movies streamed from their nearest geographical data-centers. The capacity of fiber cables between countries and continents is astronomical. So it is trivial for a given company to replicate data between Europe and the US for example. It is so ordinary, it is standard practice.

More on Capability

Anything said so far should be obvious to most but you may not have really thought about it too much. Continuing on this line of thought we are all familiar with face recognition. It has been growing in use and capability for years but really only hit the public years ago when Facebook turned it on and used to automate adding tags to Facebook photos to place the names of people against them. The idea was if you had your own picture on your own page, it was easy to deduce it must be you. Then they ran the software against all the photos on your Facebook friends pages and it was able to spot and identify you. The same was true for everyone else. After a short time, it was just too creepy and the feature was turned off, but you can still manually tag photos.

The ability to detect and identify faces took a huge leap and few years back and made it much easier for computers to carry out the job. Less well known was a bit of a test or experiment carried out in 2001 where at a stadium for Super Bowl in Florida with a capacity of 85,000 people, new face recognition software surreptitiously scanned everyone passing through turnstiles and was run against mugshots of known petty criminals and caught a few. See ref 1. You could get hung up on what a great tool it is for catching criminals and how much safer you feel but the key lesson which you unconsciously know but could be unaware of is that obviously any camera on any street or place or from any of the one of many billions of phones could in theory send the data to the cloud where the face recognition awaits. You can be sure Facebook still run their face recognition tagging software on the other side of the wall as it were.

Lets go with this concept. So suppose some person is lost or missing, well the techno optimists might say if only copies of all camera images were sent to the cloud to scan for said missing people we would find them. Isn't that useful. Not only that the company outsourced to do the job promises to delete all the images after they are used. This challenge is relatively easy so long as you are checking either a few faces against a large number or a large number against a few. A larger number against a large number is still a major task but not impossible and large here means millions or so. So in the stadium test above, they were comparing with a relatively small number of known individuals. In the missing person example, one assumes you do not have more than a few thousand missing people. Even though you can break the problem down geographically into groups in the knowledge that a match is more likely to be found near where they were last seen and thereby reduces the burden of the search task.

Now take another scenario. Lets suppose a whistle-blower (of which there will be very few at a given time) like Maurice McCabe in the case of Ireland was being tracked and the Police Commissioner wanted to know where he was and who he was meeting at all times, then the "security arrangement" the government obviously would have with the company tasked to do the job, would generate hourly or daily email reports to the Commissioner with a summary of his whereabouts. Anyone following the news, of course knows officials would never run a smear campaigns against people like that and it would all be done to help the whistleblower and ensure his safety and not drive him and his family to the point of mental breakdown and destruction. Except of course that is exactly what happened although the bit about face recognition is not true, yet. But is it really? The capability is there. How does one know the intelligence services don't have something similar already and the lesser countries like Ireland purchase the service? Anyone asking the wrong questions or generally trying to expose the rich and powerful could be hunted down in the virtual sense. In this world would Snowden have managed to release his information to the world before he was spotted by the system and a hit team sent to dispatch him to oblivion?

I can also hear someone say but you would have to hook up the cameras. Easy, it's more or less done. It is probably safe to assume most security cameras now stream to the cloud already. Loads of people already have those door bells with integrated cameras where if someone comes to your front door, you are notified on your smart-phone and will also make a doorbell sound on your phone and give you an intercom service back to your front door. You can buy that today. Most of these cameras will take photos every few minutes and store them and websites hosting this, offer a feature to quickly step through a whole months worth of images in the form of a short movie. It's easy to see spot the postman as he arrives or dogs wander in and out of your garden. Most of these cameras point outward towards the street and the numbers are in the low millions but likely to be hundreds of millions in a few years. If all the photos are in the cloud say on Amazon or Google's servers, are they then not available to the authorities? Remember this does not include the output from the already ubitiquous street and traffic cameras which are online. The Police in the UK have had for years access to all the motorway cameras and the car reg readers.

Previously the companies denied it was available to the likes of the NSA etc and assured us all it would require a court order. Snowden proved this was pure distraction and bogus. What people need to think about is not that they have done something wrong, but the sheer power it gives to any government or corporation. A corporation views all it's data as something to monetize and it will. If we heard this was happening in North Korea we would be horrified. But we have all the nearly all the pieces of the police state in bucket loads.

It is becoming common knowledge that in China, the authorities oddly enough have access to the same technology and are just as proficient at it, are using technology to track people in public places and identify them for "social credits", which dictate what types of services you have access to and say whether you can fly somewhere. This is simply the above idea applied to everyone. Between the GPS on your phone or watch on your arm, the technology is in place to know where you are, where you have gone, whose shop, workplace, house or friend, or meeting you have been to. Whether you traveled abroad or to the local park, gym and even whether you traveled 2 km from your home. Your home being the place where the GPS co-ordinates show exactly where you show up every evening. It is fairly easy for all this to be automatically figured out by software running in the cloud using your GPS data that continually streams out of your devices. Again this all sounds over the top. The real block is people get tired from all the thinking. The computers don't.

Surely most people are aware of Google Traffic in Google Maps. This uses location updates from people's smart phones to figure out where you are. By comparing how far you moved in your car in a few minutes and doing it for everyone it is able to mark those roads red, orange or green on the streets where traffic is building and is overlaid in Google Maps. And it is doing this for millions of streets in the world in real time every day all day. It's actually a useful feature if creepy. And we haven't even got to the craze of walkers and joggers using Strava or it's likes and storing all their walks and jogs in the cloud.

featured image
Google Traffic in Stockholm Sweden the only country not in lockdown and is doing better than everyone

Basic Info about Data

At this point it is necessary to introduce a little bit of tech about data storage and it is this. Text is easy to store and takes up very little space, pictures or images takes up a lot more and movies since they consist really of pictures take up 100s to thousands of times more. Music or voice conversations take up maybe as much as a few pictures. For example a whole song stored as mp3 might take up as much space as two or three pictures from a digital camera. Conversation from a phone or a podcast lasting a hour might be similar. The main thing it's not too much. The text of a book without pictures could take up less space than even a few images.

Now just think about for Google alone how many billions of photographs it stores for Google Maps StreetView. Or how about how many billion Facebook or Instagram store. Do you think they would be able to store for all time, every email, text and message that was sent in WhatsApp, Messenger and the 50 other variants. The answer is yes and with the present storage it would be extremely easy and the text part would use considerably less storage space than for pictures. It is not then in any way unusual too state all books ever written in recent decades are easily stored. A standard laptop could very comfortably store tens of thousands of books. For example a 500 page manual in PDF format takes about 20 Mb which means in 1 Gb (=1024 Mb) could hold 50 such books. A typical hard disk has at least 300 to 400 Gb. Your TV Box for storing films probably has a hard-disk with 2+ Tb (Tera Bytes) which is 2048 Gb. If you allocated 100 Gb to books, that would be 100 x 50 or 5,000 books. But this is a lower estimate because not all books are 500 page manuals used in the example. They tend to be smaller which means that figure is 10,000 or more for just 100 Gb of storage. A 1 TB drive which is very common and costs less than €100 would store 100,000 books! That's just one quite small disk drive. You will never read that many in your life but a piece of text analyser software given enough servers could chew up the whole lot and analyse them in a few hours or less.

The exercise here is to emphasize data storage is mind boggling large. In 2013, the NSA built two massive centers in Utah and Maryland for storing data and it is reckoned to be able to store between 3 and 12 ExaBytes. One Exabyte is 1 million terabytes. It is likely much more by now.

A few years ago prior to the rise of Instagram and Flickr if anyone can remember it, people were storing most of their data on their own disk drives in their own computers. Today about 55% of users now just use the cloud and this figure is rising. This means the data that belongs to billions of people is sitting on the servers of just a handful of companies. Is that really a good idea? Apple already have a service to seamlessly hold all your iPhone data in the cloud. That's all the pictures, chat and messages on your phone. It's a way of getting around the memory limitations of the phone itself or so it is suggested. Naturally it is so much handier for Apple that all your data resides in their cloud where they can mine it.

Here is another example of data; this time from YouTube. In an article from 2016, ref 2, Google researchers reported 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube and requires 1 petabyte (1 million Gigabytes) per day. Still think data storage is a problem?

Text Analysis and Public Opinion

The commercial market for text analysis is already worth billions. This involves running software programs against data like millions of product reviews, or millions of emails or millions of complaints or millions of advert clicks, or survey results, or search terms used by people and on and on. There are literally endless ways to search and analyse and the amount of data available holding useful information is vast. For companies like Google it is said they know more about you and your likes and interests than you do. Every book, every recipe, every article, every thing you search for they probably can figure out. Google analytics software, which is part and parcel of their adverts service, runs on the majority of websites and tracks your usage right across the internet.-today. If you book holidays, hotels, restaurants, order food online then they probably have some or all of that data. Once again it doesn't really matter whether it is Google, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo or whoever has the data other than the plain fact is that between a very small set of firms, they have enormous knowledge of the lives of billions of people at this stage. It cannot be stressed enough the scale of this whole thing is exhausting to think about and as result people are not thinking about it.

From a political point of view, it gets interesting when you can discover for hundreds of millions of people what types of political headlines they see and which types of stories you click on to read further the content and whether you tend to focus on right wing stuff, environmentalism, reactionary politics, celebrities, sports, films, local politics. Every single page requested by your browser to a website is recorded in the logs and the same information can be gleaned through advert tracking. If you know what people read online and what they spend most of their online time looking at, there is an excellent chance you can figure out their political leanings. You can probably figure out whether they follow mainstream, or a bit skeptical or very skeptical. Their search terms alone would give plenty of clues and the types of sites and stories they read, would give even more. They of course would have easily be able to classify your social economic status and level of education and alongside purchasing power.

Now think back to the Goggle Traffic example above how it does this huge job in real-time. It is safe to assume that just for the purposes of advertising and marketing, continual analysis is done on what you read and search for. Any software that can do that can just as easily look at the reaction of the public over time and watch and predict what public opinion is. If a major news item breaks, it would be easy to see how many people notice or are bothered to read about it. Then what their reaction is, what media outlets get the most hits, break that down by gender, age group, country, socio-economic status and any number of factors. Traffic for different sites would uncover where people are going to get other angles on a given story and whether their interest is waning or continues in the days and hours after. You could also detect discussion online from comments and text in email what the public reaction is. You don't need everyone's opinion just a sample which is exactly what opinion polls do. The data flowing to this giant corporations is like the results of millions of opinion polls constantly taking place probing every possibility. The links in ref 11 indicate this is not speculation but fact as companies already offer these services.

featured image
Sample WhatsApp chat -easy to parse for AI

From WhatsApp or simply from phone calls made, you can derive, without reading or listening to either, your relationships with others, in terms of who knows who, how often they communicate, when they communicate. It would be a good measure of the strength of those links and associations. Snowden made it absolutely clear the intelligence agencies have been doing this for years. An Israeli company Amdocs has contracts with most of the worlds telecom companies and processes billions of telephone records daily. Think of the connectivity trees, location information and endless other data this holds. To suggest Mossad don't get to see any or all of this would be foolish in the extreme. But as communications shifts from national phone networks to the services like WhatsApp, Skype and others by Big Tech, this puts Big Tech into the position the intelligence agencies were in and automatically passes power to them.

If you can accurately predict and measure public opinion in near real-time and your organisation (i.e. Big Tech) are in very close partnership with the media conglomerates that write the news and most of the media content and this is the very substance of what makes and shapes public opinion, then it is a small step to take start shaping public opinion and what people believe yourself. For commercial ends it is easy to imagine making large gains, but a little bit of reflection on the political aspect makes that clear too.

Corporate Power vs State Power

We have so far only covered at a very superficial level the technology surrounding us today and have not covered agencies like the NSA or GCHQ do. With regards to Ireland the State has various systems but would not have access to all the interesting information just discussed above and is a very junior partner which will be given scraps of information it might ask for, if it is lucky or perhaps in exchange financially or for certain favours or both. That there are things big tech knows or has data on, that the government would like to know, is a certainty. For small countries like Ireland the state is the junior partner in this area. It is easy to imagine Big Tech companies -all based in Ireland, providing the government in power with a constant stream of juicy information about their opponents and help them stay in power or at least manage their PR. Naturally they would want some gifts of useful information returned in other ways.

In the past few centuries when Europe went from various kingdoms and city states and started forming into fully fledged states like France, Germany, Italy and all the rest, this was the period of the rise of the national state and spread globally. The US is sort of a super state as might be considered Russia or China. The appearance of the EU is really the beginning of an EU superstate. For example laws passed in Brussels supercedes any national laws of EU members and must eventually in reasonable time be put into law. Assuming the EU survives and integrates further, we can conclude the era of the national state is declining. To survive the competition other regions of the world will inevitably in time, do the same thing. Unless they are just bombed into the category of failed state, by the democratic West.

Parallel to this process and happening much quicker is the rise of corporate power and alongside it, corporate political power. Large multi-national corporations span sovereign states (are they sovereign anymore?) and many are already global with global influence. They frequently play one state off against the other for favourable conditions in tax and working conditions, preferably that workers have less rights and in some cases are not allowed form unions. They all have the ear of governments and the really big ones not only extract a lot of money in the form of not paying any tax (Apple and 13 billion euro anyone?) or land and buildings given to them very cheaply but behind the scenes they have very powerful lobbies and frequently their working papers will form the backbone of government policy. The EU has thousands of lobby firms with direct access to European MEPs and EU commissioners. Few if any NGOs have lobbyists at this level of the political establishment with type of access and can less afford to do so. Thus they are largely ignored. The EU has gone from social Europe to Corporate Europe. You have to wonder does it not make sense for Big Tech to devote just one or two of their staff to running the data mining software on key politicians and decision makers as they use their WhatsApp/Facebook/Skype/Zoom/Email for each country where they operate just so they might find information that could become useful in "negotiations" to persuade them of the virtues of seeing Big Techs view of a given situation.

The turnover or revenue of many of the top large corporations exceeds the GDP of many countries indicating they are serious competitors and cannot be easily ignored. We know from the very term of banana republic and from countries like Nigeria, corporations have had inordinate and negative influence, the latter with Shell. Nigeria is a very oil rich country yet the standard of living is very low and worrying about Covid-19 in a place like that would be the least of your worries.

Facebook own WhatsApp and as pointed out earlier, billions of messages are exchanged each day on it containing everything that is part of life and that is not forgetting all the information posted on Facebook too. From sharing of links to news to family arguments, Facebook along with other Big Tech companies, has in it's hand immense political power because it can have a major role in shaping public opinion and controlling what people see, read and what they don't hear about. It can also quickly detect when a flame of resistance or questioning arises and react immediately by modifying or removing stories or evening promoting certain new ones. On Facebook itself if a certain undesirable fact or story is getting too much traction, it's team of censors can quickly zap it. Any complaints, well it was fake news. Google can do the same. Google owns YouTube. Outside of the national news on national TV stations, it has a massive role in news and reportage of events of all kinds from the very local to the geopolitical. It knows exactly what is trending and can easily decide to promote anything it chooses and censor what it deems does not fit the agenda being promoted. In some cases there are indeed videos that should be removed. It might be argued that some particular local news paper is carrying an important story the mainstream are not carrying and thus disproves what was just said. No because most people will only find it through the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. It is okay if 1,000 people read it locally in that region because it makes no difference so long as the few hundred or billion or two don't get to see it.

If these corporations are the ones reporting the news, measuring and shaping public opinion, know everything everyone does, what they think, what they read, watch, where they go and they have revenue streams matching small countries, have lobbyist armies, then surely it is reasonable to say they are already usurping national power and have gained political power in a global sense. You can not run any political campaign without them. Besides, trivial local matters are of little concern. It is the big issues like the shape and structure of society, who owns the important companies and where resources are allocated that matter to them. Even before the rise of Big Tech their influence was becoming dominant. Now their dominance is near complete and it's hermetically sealed. For multi-nationals it might all have started with a focus on getting more revenue and no doubt it still is to a fair extent, but when you discover how much power -political or otherwise you acquire, few are willing to walk away from it.

In the arena of so called Free Trade agreements which are not really about free trade and more about removal of protections implemented by governments over decades for the protection of the citizens in areas as diverse as health, education, environment, toxic exposure, safety, workers right and protections, -all these agreements have been driven by multi-nationals. They have already used Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms to supersede state law and protections in some countries and hold their own corporate rules higher. Countries have been fined countries hundreds of millions dollars and have continuously tried to include ISDS in free trade agreements. See ref 3.

This is nothing less than takeover. The corporations have grown so big, they have simply written their own laws to favour them and used their might to run rough shod over national government and ram these policies into place. No doubt always with a bit of corruption along the way. The corporations are not interested in sharing power along side state power, they would prefer to dictate to it and ideally would take it over minus it's duties to it's citizens. For PR sake, it is useful though to have a national government that is just their pawn in place to not arouse the masses. They needed worry. There is no chance of that. The odd few people, 1 or 2 in a hundred asking timid or tepid questions doesn't count.

Are we to assume therefore that these big tech corporations will be just happy with making and shaping public opinion? No. It is not by coincidence that every major book or film dealing with the future totalitarian state from Orwell's 1984 to others, all contain the evil giant global corporation as the centre of power which is all seeing and looks down on the hapless masses. In the plot, the dominant corporate entity has merged with the super-national state and acquired it's police and military forces. They are one and the same. The recurring theme is that these are the final stable planetary conditions and with all opposition gone because the power hold is so great and all consuming. It is like the lone ant dwelling upon his place in the colony. There is simply no chance that it could even contemplate taking on the colony let alone doing so. The lone ant just does not have any comprehension of the scale and dynamics of the hive it lives in. Most of us are in the same position except our hive is a bit bigger. While we have more neurons in our skulls than an ant, it seems to the last man & woman standing they are not switched on and just taking up space in our heads.

When you shape and control public opinion and a few lone nuts believe otherwise, the populace of the teeming millions that are in your hands will do all your police work for you and should the lone nut find two or three others who decide it is time to start raising awareness, then the forces of the state can casually and easily deal with the minor irritation.

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dangerous

Yes, very. In the hands of Big Tech even more so. Could it help humanity. In the theoretical sense it could but in reality it will be the tool to enslave it.

If we step back in time to the medieval ages, the king had a layer under him of nobles, lords, vassals, church officials, all the way down to merchants. At the bottom were most people. The hierarchy of wealth and power and the numbers in each were related to how the technology or lack of, allowed the king to hold the whole country firmly under his control. The more enforcers you require the more wealth and power you need to share with those just under you.

featured image

In the sci-fi Orwellian future, robots and artificial intelligence are what makes up members of the hierarchy of control and enforcement and thereby less vaccines for the traditional enforcers. That just means even more of us at the bottom and less at the top. In the present era according to the annual Oxfam report, just 62 people own half of the worlds wealth! See ref 4. Since there are approximately 7,000 billionaires in the world, how much does this small elite own? Has to be bigger than half. After millions of companies go bust in the current Covid-19 global lockdown, these same few people will be able to go on a huge spending spree and buy up many of these important firms for as they say 'pennies on the dollar'.

We have heard alot about artificial intelligence (AI) and the average person probably knows little about it other than the endless promotion of driverless cars which one would to think is the most pressing need in the world. AI is still limited in some respects and in some cases acts more like artificial stupidity like when pop-up adverts appear for a hotel near to the one you have just booked online for your holidays moments before. You are hardly going to book a second one.

Whatever the current limitations, one should not be fooled and it's reach and abilities like the rest of the industry, are growing fast. It is already employed behind the scenes from analysing text in the form of email, chat, comments, messages, forums and reviews to playing a role in language translation, voice recognition and even computer generated speech which is now at the point of almost being indistinguishable to human speech. The ability to generate its own coherent sentences is different, and the common experience with Google Translate would suggest at this moment in time it would not be able to generate fully coherent text that was obviously not from a machine. This is not the last word on it because in specific focused areas it is surprisingly good at it. See examples in links provided in ref 5.

You can see how if it improved further and reached the perfection techno geeks would like, it could start imitating the orders an commands of generals, police chiefs, superintendents and all sorts of other officials and ordering the minions below them by sending AI generated emails or having conversations by phone all the while reproducing the voice accents of the relevant individuals. And why not gaining control of special forces teams to carry out specific hits? See ref 6 below reporting on "Google?s DeepMind Achieves Speech-Generation Breakthrough". In this way it could silently take over the running of society. Lets hope AI and robot technology don't advance too fast. This though is getting ahead of ourselves and AI is not in that position yet and it is a separate discussion to whether it could or if it could; how long it would take. This future possibility is only suggested to show what logically could follow. Anyhow films like Terminator to some degree have covered this scenario in greater graphic detail. Were the directors trying to jolt the public into thinking about where we are going?

Be aware too, in May 2019, researchers at Samsung demonstrated a Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) -based system that produced videos of a person speaking with only a single photo of that person provided and in image recognition back in 2015, researchers concluded for the first time that machines were better at identifying objects in images than humans were, in over 1000 categories. In the field of image generation, think fake news creation by military industrial complex, as reported by TheStacker website:

Japanese startup called DataGrid revealed in a press release revealed a series of photorealistic images of what appeared to be humans but were, in fact, created by AI. This advance utilizes a whole new level of deep learning algorithms that create realistic images so good that they can fool other humans..

This is related to the generation of "Deep Fakes". This is where one image a person can be seamlessly superimposed over another. So you can put anyone anywhere doing something that someone else did or said. This has massive potential for all sorts of mischief and blackmail. Trying deny something that the fake picture show even though you were never there but when the "factual" media -owned by the billionaire class say it is true, then it must be true. You might have friends in the alternative media saying it's fake, but since they are already labelled as untrustworthy and blacklisted by the "mature" and "responsible" media then you're done. The current battle over who is fake and who isn't might now have more relevance.

Little known is during the final attacks by NATO on Libya in 2011, a film set replica of the Green square in the center of Tripoli, capital of Libya, was created in Qatar and Al Jazeera had actors pretending to be "rebels" celebrating victory at the fall of Tripoli. When Gadaffi's fighters saw this on the TV that they took it as true that and gave up and surrendered. See ref 7. The country has since then be looted, tens of thousands were killed in the aftermath, the infrastructure of water, sewage and other key elements destroyed by NATO bombing, it's bank gold stolen by the West and it is now for all intents and purposes another dangerous, chaotic and failed state since then. This is to illustrate the real use and power of faking stuff and not for making cute videos on YouTube. This Libya con wasn't even using anything too sophisticated. It does make you wonder about a lot of videos you see that can become quite pivotal moments that signal when certain shifts in public opinion swing.

Another one was during the first Gulf War in 1990, when a young Kuwaiti woman posing as a nurse claimed Iraqis were trying babies out of incubators to die on the floor. It turns out none of it was true and she was coached by Hill & Knowlton, a New York-based PR firm, hired to drum up support for the war as there was none. This PR firm had previously spun for the tobacco industry and a number of governments with ugly human rights records. The woman was after the war (and many dead including babies) found out to be none other than the daughter of Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait?s ambassador to the US.

It means very very little is trust worthy particularly if is trying to get you to believe something important. This may seem to have little to do with the subject matter here but it does because the same media promoted this none-sense and the same people who own industries that profit from wars they promote, have very large stakes in Big Tech and control by virtue of ownership of AI technology. It gets back to this special place all things "tech" are anointed in the media, as cool, trendy, cute and somehow neutral of politics. It is not. There is a very ugly side to these people.

Returning to the topic; in the area of parsing text and transcripts of anything said and given YouTube can automatically generate subtitles of videos which is equivalent to generating transcripts; the current state of AI is that it is easily able to derive a lot of knowledge or meaning out of this type of data and classify according to the subject domain and to some level determine the intent. For example all those pop chat boxes you see on websites everywhere handling customer support & issues are run by AI at the back-end. Business statistics show they save on costs for companies and solve many queries previously handled by call centre operators. Already AI in medicine is as accurate as many doctors in diagnosing certain diseases and an Israeli company have successfully deployed it for reading patient MRI images and diagnosis. It is a tiny step to advance this to all MRI machines by sending the MRI output to the cloud for analysis. Calling up Amazon Cloud services and renting out space on 100 servers or whatever, then loading up it's software and the Israeli company could potentially run it for every hospital.The point being made is that once an advance has been made in a piece of AI software, it can be deployed with lightening speed globally if necessary.

In language translation AI has achieved real-time translation of the spoken word into Chinese. Keep in mind that if AI can translate between all the worlds major languages, parse text and understand to a significant level, it is easy to train the next generation of any software with quantities of text and voice that one person could not read or listen to in a hundred lifetimes. The block at the moment for AI is the ability to fully digest all of this in the "intelligent" sense and truly learn at the very deepest levels. If you are not scared yet, you should be.

The conclusion is inescapable, those who own and control AI will gain global scale power. Even Putin has acknowledged this.

The objective here is to demonstrate AI is already in widespread use by large and small corporations and startups are creating new fields. It is beyond doubt that they are employed by the leading global intelligence agencies (US, UK, Russia & China) for transcription, translation and analysis of voice traffic and mining emails and messages of all kinds. For some parts of the world the Western military fights wars, mainly via their proxies but in the rest of the world where we live the battle ground is the media space for the hearts and minds -well public opinion and this war is a propaganda war. The fight is between large corporations and the public and any and all means are used by them. If you can change someone's mind to do something then you don't have to force them and that saves you a lot effort and allows you to do more. Social acceptance and social stigma are incredibly powerful forces and they are strongly related to what "most" people believe in and public opinion. However if you own the means to shape these then you can label the things that are taboo to openly discuss. If you can turn them into unthinking uncritical sheep then all the better.

We know from the bits and pieces that came out during the scandal about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook that it revealed the murky world of using personal data collected by Facebook for political ends. For example the website Arstechnica.com (ref 8) reports:

Cambridge Analytica has suspended CEO Alexander Nix. In addition to controversy over unauthorized access to private Facebook data, Nix is also facing a scandal over comments captured by hidden cameras. In those videos, Nix boasts about using dirty tricks?including staged bribery attempts and sending prostitutes to seduce political opponents?to win elections.

Example of how Facebook data can be used:

...researcher Michal Kosinski found he could predict a lot about a person based on Facebook likes. Kosinski created an online personality quiz that required users to log in to Facebook to take it. Once users logged in, he collected data from the user's Facebook profile, including the list of pages they have "liked." The quiz was a hit, and Kosinski soon had a large database of people's private Facebook data. And he found that Facebook data was a surprisingly good predictor of other demographic and personality traits.

"On the basis of an average of 68 Facebook 'likes' by a user, it was possible to predict their skin color (with 95-percent accuracy), their sexual orientation (88-percent accuracy), and their affiliation to the Democratic or Republican party (85 percent),"

Src: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/03/facebooks-cambridge-analytica-sca...

Why was there such a political storm over this little known company? It is because the establishment know what is going up and did their level best to prevent knowledge leaking out that this is probably widespread and much deeper. The old adage applies: If there is one bad bank then they are all bad banks since they are likely to be doing the same corrupt things. That was the case in the crash of 2008. The coping strategy was to focus on the individuals or very focused aspects of the scandal in the hope people forgot about the substance of the issue. The exact same strategy was followed with the leaks of the Clinton emails. It was all about the leakers and nothing about the contents of the emails which were explosive.

The logic should be clear. Cambridge Analytica popped up and was revealed to be using the technologies outlined for the purposes speculated in parts on above. The media -which means the billionaire class -the 1% of 1% -tried to play it down because Cambridge Analytica are only one of possibly hundreds of companies doing this type of thing and the powerful corporations did not and do not want the public to know the full extent.

Troll farms are another vast area and while while people might think there are only Russian trolls farms this would be a very serious mistake. They bridge the world between secret governments, PR firms, crime and criminality. Check out the story in ref 9 for some insight. In troll farms one person can control anything from 10 to 100 fake online accounts from Twitter to Facebook to anywhere that lets you create them. The use of AI technology will increase the power of these outfits orders of magnitude more than their considerable impact today.

Overall then there can be little doubt that for them, Big Tech are in a great position. Their power grows daily and the power of those who might rein them in shrinks relative to them daily. In addition AI is now rising in power rapidly. We seemed to have crossed certain thresholds of technology to allow this to happen and it so happens Big Tech own this new force too. The geeks think they are in control but they don't realize they are merely the workers for these people and can be de-listed the minute they realize the monsters they are building. Is it because people like Zukerberg (Faceebook CEO) or ,Larry Page and Sergey Brin (both Google) are geeks, that the rank and file geeks they are somehow the same and just like them, so everything is okay. Knowing the naivety of geeks the answer is yes.

The only question is whether the final merger between Big Tech and the Deep State be a take-over by one of the other or a merger. The Deep State has not been mentioned here in any great detail but they have numerous large and lucrative contracts with Big Tech and are definitely in bed together. Probably several books couldn't cover the relationship alone.

Techno Geeks Trying to Avoid Politics

It is not surprising really that technology is constantly presented in the media as cool and great and somehow politically neutral if not free. It's just geeks having fun. Nothing to see here and besides with heroes or more like cult leaders such as Elon Musk, they are all out for your own good and to create a better world. The tech world seems to attract the politically naive at least at the engineering level. Most of them think tech alone can improve the lot of the world. They don't really understand politics or want to. They seem to think they can sort of live in a political free future courtesy of their own inventions and "innovations" because they are smarter than real grubby politicians. The cult of the startup has almost religious status and indeed there have been successful ones. In the long run and often the short run, most of these get gobbled up by the giant corporations.

The tiny political class or elite of the very richest people in the world who own practically all of the high tech industry love things this way and there is an infinite stream of smart young worshipers coming forward from the Tech is Cool religion to create even better tools of control for this class. Ultimately they are pawns; even one could say very bright pawns, but it is this blindness to the fact that politics encompasses everything, eventually, that makes them so. If they would just think a little politically they could form the activist body to try wrestle back some control to the public sphere.

A Quick Word on Encryption

Encryption is all about make your data un-readable to others but the people you choose to allow to see it. Until recently the public didn't really bother with it and practically all our internet traffic was there for the taking particularly by the intelligence agencies. It was there for the taking. Since Snowden everyone is now all about encryption and while it has improved in terms of more people using it, there are a few things to understand.

The bigger the organisation the more power and resources they have to address a problem. Encryption more or less blocks out most of the small time players like individual hackers, criminals and so forth. That leaves large state institutions and corporations as players in the game. For all the talk, epic tales about coding breaking and mathematical geniuses, the intelligence have always side stepped the issue and gone at this sideways. The following stories illustrates.

For many decades during the Cold War and afterwards there was a Swiss firm Crypto AG which made special cryptographic machines to allow diplomatic services to carry out encrypted communications between their embassies aboard and their parent national government. All sorts of vital information would flow over these channels. Everyone thought since they are Swiss and are a neutral state then we will use their machines. And they had a good reputation too, so at least 100 countries did The Iranians even used them at one time. The only thing was the CIA and German BND intelligence service secretly controlled the majority of the Swiss firm and access to the company's communication equipment and could easily break the codes used to send encrypted messages. So you see they got around the code breaking problem by comprising the machines and having access. See ref 10.

What is the relevance of this today. Well the dedicated resource of the Cyber team divisions of the NSA/CIA and others like GCHQ (UK) and no doubt others, are able to infect virtually any computer or phone. They can insert their eavesdropping software in place between where you type out the message and before it gets encrypted by whatever software is doing so in your phone. Same for receiving in a similar way. It is not a case of infecting all phone, but a short list of all key politicians, decision makers and activists in a country would be a relatively small manageable lot and of priority. Much of this was verified by Snowden.

For the wider public, you can be sure that Big Tech have their own methods to side step encryption used in their own software. If Big Tech like Apple says you can use our product for free to send a message and no-one can read it because it is encrypted end-to-end between you and the receiver. Why then are they letting you use the service for free and they get nothing out of it. Chances are buried in the small print you will find they can and buried in there it says in fact they can read it. After all they wrote the software so would have full control. And if you are storing the received unencrypted data in their cloud, doesn't that mean they have it anyhow?

Finally the geeks will say but using freeware software like Pretty Good Privacy or others like it and using public key encryption, you can defeat them. True. However the development of quantum computers has been ongoing for the last 25 years and they are now leaving the lab. You can read about these strange new machines elsewhere suffice to say once they get going, they will be easily able to crack even the current set of public key encryption algorithms. It still would take the determination, skill and resources of state or corporate level power but would be doable.

Depending on the speed with which quantum computing grows, it will be inextricably linked with AI and the outcome is hard to predict but it can only be described as an utter game changer. Lots of Big Tech companies are racing to be the first. Once again Google is one of the front runners. See ref 10 for some details.

featured image

Wrap Up and Speculation on the Present Situation

To finish off on an AI note, it is worth speculating a little bit and in light of perhaps some better awareness the following won't seem too far fetched. As we know Microsoft own Skype, the intelligence services (NSA and GCHQ) and their counterparts in other countries scoop up most of the phone calls at least of people of interest like anyone who has ever shown the slightest interest in politics. The Zoom corporation, of which hundreds of millions have started using in the past few weeks, is a public company and work closely with the other members of Big Tech and would never have got anywhere if they did not cooperate with the NSA, all of the billions of conversations going on could probably be having transcripts generated. Since you have to register with all these services, all the speakers can be tied back to actual real individuals. Do not worry if the software cannot identify the different speakers because that particular technical problem was sorted out years ago; I mean when you talk on Zoom or Skype it will automatically highlight your video showing the software is able to tag the audio stream to the given speakers to make the overall job easier. So if all these transcripts are being generated and a much smaller and infinitely more manageable stream of text comes out the other end the question arises especially in the present Covid-19 global lock down which looks like is designed to crash the entire economy rather than mitigate an epidemic, do they know exactly what level of fear, belief and disbelief is present and are they controlling via censorship on one hand and promotion of memes / videos, stories on the other to shape and control us globally and to feed it all back in to keep the lockdown going, keep the fear hyped up and distort the numbers and pump out emotional stories of people dying. This task is the very sort of thing AI could presently greatly assist in. Ref 11 hints at this by virtue of the whole interest in measuring public opinion.


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