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Press Statement: “Wealthy Elite will still have political power after election,” says 1% Network

category national | anti-capitalism | feature author Friday February 25, 2011 13:16author by 1percentnetwork - 1% Network Report this post to the editors

featured image

The 1% Network has claimed that the results of Friday’s election will “do nothing to impact on the huge wealth divide in Irish society”.

The Network has erected a series of posters in Dublin city centre which state “1% own 34% of the Wealth. Make Them Pay”

“Wealthy Elite will still have political power after election,” says 1% Network

The 1% Network has claimed that the results of Friday’s election will “do nothing to impact on the huge wealth divide in Irish society”.

The Network has erected a series of posters in Dublin city centre which state “1% own 34% of the Wealth. Make Them Pay” (see attached image)

“Whatever combination of parties come together to form the government after Friday’s election, one thing is clear,” said Brian Leeson, spokesperson for the 1% Network, “the new government will continue the policies of the old. The wealthy elite will still be pulling the strings of political power.”

“Figures showing that 1% of the population own 34% of the wealth will be just as true next week and next month as they were before the election,” said Gregor Kerr, 1% Network spokesperson. “Yet the main political parties who will form the next government have not asked voters to endorse this wealth divide.”

“Irish people as a whole oppose this massive divide in wealth,” Mr. Kerr continued. “But the policies of the political parties show that they have no interest in tackling it. We know, of course, that no political party would be allowed to take power on a platform of taking their riches from the wealthy 1%. Their huge wealth gives them political power. The power and wealth cannot be taken from the elite through the ballot box, it can only happen by a massive social upheaval.”

“Whatever the result of the election, the wealthy elite will still have political power,” concluded Brian Leeson. “To enforce that power, we can expect a further onslaught on the living standards of ordinary people. Through our trade unions and through workplace and community campaigns we need to organise to resist the inevitable attacks.”

Statement ends

The 1% network is a coalition of socialist groups which has come together to oppose the cutback agenda of the government and to promote a socialist alternative to the current socio-economic system. The name of the coalition was chosen to highlight the fact that just 1% of the population control in excess of 34% of the wealth of the state.

For more information, contact Gregor Kerr 086 1501151 or log onto www.onepercentnetwork.org

An image of then poster is attached

Related Link: http://www.onepercentnetwork.org
author by Diarmuid Breatnach - Personal Capacitypublication date Sat Feb 26, 2011 19:10Report this post to the editors

"Through our trade unions and through workplace and community campaigns we need to organise to resist the inevitable attacks” -- said a spokesperson of the 1% Network. Quite right, of course.

We do need to discuss how this is to be done. Some of those on the Left who regularly make these kinds of statements have not and do not build bases in the trade unions, the colleges or the communities. All of these are important areas but from a strategic point of view I believe it is clear that the most important area upon which to concentrate is that of the trade union and unorganised workers. We badly need a grassroots cross-union workers' network built upon, as a minimum, defending workers from attacks and rejecting social "partnership" (i.e. being a party to their own exploitation).

It is to be hoped that after this election, revolutionary and radical socialists, whether they took part in the elections or not, will turn to building this network.

author by pat cpublication date Sun Feb 27, 2011 14:07Report this post to the editors

A start needs to be made and made soon. The 1% Network should hold an open activists meeting to plan such action.

A start could be made by organising a demo against cuts, North & South and against cuts in Britain to coincide with the visit of the English queen. There is to be a mass demo in London against the cuts on 26 March, we should organise something to coincide with that as a first step.

author by Diarmuid Breatnach - Personal Capacitypublication date Sun Feb 27, 2011 15:54Report this post to the editors

Thanks Pat C but not sure of the wisdom or practicalities of combining the issue of the British Queen's visit and cuts. Also I think there is no reason for or benefit from us combining with a demonstration in Britain except perhaps in a solidarity issue (e.g. anti-war, Julian Assange's extradition).
The grassroots trade union network of which I speak needs to be able to combine all those who wish to resist the attacks of capitalism on Irish workers, whether they are of radical or revolutionary parties, groups or movements or independent.

Someone has to take the initiative to get it started but if it is called by one party or another it is likely to lead to exclusions, either by design or out of suspicion. A broad convening committee to organise a series of open meetings is likely to be the best approach.

And still we wait ....

author by pat cpublication date Sun Feb 27, 2011 17:44Report this post to the editors

I think there is everything if favour 0f linking up with groups campaigning against the cuts in Britain and in the six counties. It is a common struggle against same sort of right-wing policies.

Also, bringing economic issues into a protest against the visit of the English queen would likely attract a greater attendance than if its just done in the usual Nationalist style.

Lets make the protest into an Internationalist one.

author by Alan Davispublication date Sun Feb 27, 2011 20:51author email alan.bolshevik at gmail dot comReport this post to the editors

Pat is absolutely right to argue for connecting up the struggles in Ireland with those in Britain and beyond. Not least because of the reality of the domination of the Irish economy by British and other overseas capital - we have a common enemy in a very real concrete sense, not just in terms of international solidarity, though that would be reason enough on its own.

author by Diarmuid Breatnach - Personal Capacitypublication date Thu Mar 10, 2011 16:53Report this post to the editors

Of course, we all face the attacks of capitalism which is world-wide, so Workers of the World unite! is an appropriate slogan. And it is also true that British capitalism has undue influence in Ireland, both through its occupation of Six Counties and penetration of the Irish economy. Nevertheless, the real need of the moment is to build our bases of resistance here in Ireland rather than holding joint demonstrations and campaigns with those in Britain on their domestic anti-capitalist issues. Any prospect of gains from such activity at the moment is nebulous to say the least and is unlikely to appeal to our workers, who see enough difficulty in uniting our own forces in defence against our own capitalist class. Solidarity actions with other workers, 'blacking' of goods where a strike is being held etc. are a different issue.

author by fpublication date Thu Nov 10, 2011 22:51Report this post to the editors

A lot of news reports around the world now feature this being chanted by protesters / occupiers. "We are the 99%".

And the idea of a small cabal of people controlling the bulk of the wealth is gaining currency (ho ho...!)

What happened to this network? It seems to have died away just at the wrong time.

author by Celia Spublication date Fri Nov 11, 2011 18:52Report this post to the editors

Why don't the different groups that comprised this come back together? Under this name or the 'Anti-capitalist bloc'?


author by pat cpublication date Fri Nov 11, 2011 19:21Report this post to the editors

Thats an excellent idea! I mean no disrespect for ODS but they have their own way of doing things. If the WSM, eirigi, ISN and independent activists got together again then we could organise actions. ODS could decide as to whether or not it wished to get involved.

Could one of the constituent groups start things up?

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