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A Clarification about Fis Nua and New Vision.

category national | elections / politics | opinion/analysis author Dé Domhnaigh Feabhra 06, 2011 16:39author by troisc Report this post to the editors

FIS NUA and New Vision

This is some confusion around about Fis Nua and New Vision.

Fís Nua is a registered political party and has been entered on the Register of Political Parties as from 12 noon Feb 4th 2011. They have so far been refused entry on the Register of Political Parties in force for the general election. Their membership is mostly former members of the Green party of Ireland.

Eamonn Blaney, son of former Fianna Fail minister Neil Blaney, has set up an umbrella group (not a political party) of independents who agree on a common set of four policies (separation of bank debt and sovereign debt;overhaul of the public service; a strategy to create jobs; and what they call "the restructure" of the state's energy resources). The have not registered as a party, since they are clear that beyond these four points, they will act as independents.

Fís Nua which is the Irish for New Vision says that it is aware that this other political alliance has announced its intention to call itself 'New Vision'.

They say: "This Alliance does not have an association with Fís Nua, and is not registered as a political party. We are in contact with that movement with a view to co-operation and compromise to avoid any possible confusion."

New Vision (not Fis Nua) has not commented on Fis Nua, and it is not clear how a political party can co-operate with a group of independent candidates.

Neither group has indicated a desire to change name.

New Vison.com sells nutrition supplements.

New Vision Daily is a newspaper in Uganda.

David McWilliams used to do ads for Tesco.

Clear now?

Related Link: http://newvision.com


author by troiscpublication date Luan Feabh 07, 2011 14:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This comment was left on an another site by one of the organisers:

They are different ...www.NewVision.ie New Vision New Vision is an alliance (NOT a registered party) of 16 candidates nationwide at last count, we have no whip system, We choose not to be a party. As long as we agree on our core principals ( See website for details). It is the core pricipals that bind us together, leaving the independents free to fight for their individual beliefs and issues. These issues will be the judge locally whether they get elected or not

and the other one is Fís Nua. A registered political Party, both have similar Ideas they just eveloved in parrallel and here we are!

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Luan Feabh 07, 2011 14:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

...is getting blurred.

Ex-FF? nuFF sed.


My opia(ted).

author by first time voterpublication date Luan Feabh 07, 2011 15:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well done Fis Nua, It is great to see that finally there is a new party to vote for.
Especially one that keeps environmental issues to the fore.

How many candidates are they running and what are their other policies apart from the environment?

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Luan Feabh 07, 2011 15:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

environmental issues should be ' to the fore'.

As a long-term hill-walker, and appreciator of the remaining shreds of ungentrified wilderness and their therapeutic necessity, I dont think the answer is to hug the trees while we export our kids. That suits the gobshites who will continue the land clearance as they Eiredisney their way up the privatised fairways and into the renovated stately homes.

My reckoning is we wont get environmental policy straight without addressing the ethical issues at the back of our mistreatment of our economically excluded.
' to the fore ' means TOP priority. I think you wont persuade the Irish(and I live in rural farming territory)to stop destroying their biological foundations until you make them understand that its their OWN survival and prosperity is the main priority.

Enlightened self-interest means putting the emphasis on the human factor, not the stag party. To be long tern sustainable, rather than emotionally satisfying, is going to require economic re-engineering first. Humans just dont act like that till the chips are down, as presently in Cairo. Till we tackle the underlying causes of ecological irresponsibility and ignorance all we'll get is the Gormley cosmetic emotional knee-jerk crews.
But feel free to persuade me otherwise..

author by floating voterpublication date Luan Feabh 07, 2011 15:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Maybe you feel that the environment is grand or of no importance, but some of us want other choices and parties to vote for. I have been informed that FIS NUA are in favour of decriminalisation of hashish and other drugs and that is something that the staid old parties such as Labour and Sinn Fein will never have the courage to look at.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Luan Feabh 07, 2011 16:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Have you not noticed MY party name?

I favour legalisation and monitoring of ALL drugs, to get them out of the hands of street crims. But again, that cannot be done unless you drain out the poisonous poverty and bleak futures many drug users(and dealers) emerge from.

Again we are back to the economic structural underpinnings of our hyper-competitive and exclusionary social model of neo-feudal privelege pyramids.

We need more lateral and egalitarian policies. Labour and Sinn fein are caught in the pseudo-democratic confines of populist politics, and its too easy to be negative about their efforts so I aint going down that road. First the loony right of FG and FF nua under squeeky kleen micky martin need driving into the same crush. But labour, once again are going for the short-term power option. Great for the individual ligger, lousy for the long term interests of our people. Or of serious critical democratic advance.

But if Fis Nua looks like progress to you, go for it. Despite often thinking that those who contend that ' If voting changed anything it would be banned ' may be right, I'm not ready to go back to total external dictation, which is what results from not using what little we have. I'll vote for anyone who can answer my questions at the door. So far Labour and FG have failed. I await the next knock. If its Fis or Independent they will get a hearing. I think FF will read my credentials(dont underestimate the fuckers) from a distance, as the song has it.

author by old codger - pensionerpublication date Máirt Feabh 08, 2011 11:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A point that all parties including Fia nua are avoiding is that Ireland has for decades been under the the influence of a Mafia style system. The seeds have been sown in every facet of our system and will be very hard to remove. Even though Fianna Fail are not in office their appointees to state boards and institutions will still be running the show. Judges, top Gaurdai, RTE and the media Ombudsmen who are subject to veto by the minister for justice and the dpp Freedom of information have all been manipulated by a corrupt party.
Threfore accountability has to be top of the agenda for all political parties, because to continue with the same old policies will be meaningless.
If criminals are not punished they will continue to commit bigger and better crimes.

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