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Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak should both pledge to do more to protect free speech as part of their leadership pitch. How about promising to ditch ?Non-Crime Hate Incidents??
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Is the Arctic really heating up four times faster than the rest of the planet? Only if you cook the data, says Chris Morrison.
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Stuart Ritchie has written a good piece puzzling over why dozens of academics were so quick to leap to the defence of a university student who'd written a paper about masturbating to Japanese pornography.
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Unconscious bias training has no scientific basis. It?s a form of jiggery-wokery designed to persuade people that Britain is a hotbed of racial prejudice, in spite of being one of the least racist countries on earth.
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How THEY Plan to Break Bradley Manning to Get Julian Assange! How WE plan to Stop THEM Doing That!

category international | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Monday December 20, 2010 07:58author by Ciaron O'Reilly Report this post to the editors

1) 18 December 2010: A Typical Day for PFC Bradley Manning
2) State of Play (according to the English "Independent" newspaper
Sat. Dec. 18th) - "Assange begins mansion arrest but his 'source' feels
the heat".
3) "He's in There for Us, We're on the Loose for Him!"
- Solidarity,the only Way to Counter the Techniques fine-tuned at Guantanamo
& Abu Ghraib Unleashed on Manning!
4) What we can Do To Support the Nonviolent Resistance of Bradley Manning
5) Three Men Who May Spend the Rest of their Lives in Prison Because
of this War!
6) Vid (10 mins) - Daniel Ellsberg of the Vietnam War's Pentagon Papers Speaks in Support of Bradley Manning & Julian Assange Before His Arrest At White House Protest


PFC Manning is currently being held in maximum custody. Since arriving
at the Quantico Confinement Facility in July of 2010, he has been held
under Prevention of Injury (POI) watch.
His cell is approximately six feet wide and twelve feet in length.

The cell has a bed, a drinking fountain, and a toilet.

The guards at the confinement facility are professional. We are told
that no time
have they tried to bully, harass, or embarrass PFC Manning and given
the nature of their job, however,
they do not engage in conversation with PFC Manning.

At 5:00 a.m. he is woken up (on weekends, he is allowed to sleep until
7:00 a.m.). Under the rules for the confinement facility, he is not
allowed to sleep at any time between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. If he
attempts to sleep during those hours, he will be made to sit up or
stand by the guards.

Article continued....

2) STATE OF PLAY - The U.S. plans to break Bradley Manning to Deliver Julian Assange

By Kim Sengupta, Defence Correspondent
Saturday, 18 December 2010

Bradley Manning, 23, has been in solitary confinement for seven months.

Bradley Manning spent yesterday, his birthday, alone in a tiny, bare
prison cell, without a pillow or sheets on his bed, in weak health and
wracked with anxiety at the prospect of a prison sentence of 52 years.

Article continued .....


In truth, over the last 7 months the anti-war movement has failed its
most signifiacnt political prisoner. We are 10 years into this war,
we should have learnt something about nonviolent resistance and the
culture of solidarity that throughout human history has sustained such

The imperial state always learns from its experiences, mistakes and
successes. They have learnt how to wage and escalate war on several
fronts while keeping those who populate the imperial centres from NYC
to London to Sydney sedated and silenced. They have learnt how to
marginalise the voices of dissent and sentimentalise the deaths of
the young men and women who they have sent to kill, die and torture
in service of recruiting the next batch of cannon fodder.

From the dungeons of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo to the "nowhere
to piss" endless kettling in the streets of London, to the long drawn out
legal processes they put us through - they have learnt the techniques of
torture and humiliation with the intention to wear down anyone who
resists them.

Pioneered by the British Army in the 1970's in the early stages of
their war in the north of Ireland, "leave no marks" body stress positions
and self defecation techniques are designed to lead to
self hatred by the prisoner. The aim is to have the prisoner internalise
their anger blaming themselves, their limbs, their bladder not the torturrer
for causing the pain and humiliation, mistaking it for self harm. These
techniques were studied and finetuned by the U.S.military at Abu Ghraib
and Guantanamo. They are employed by the Metropolitan Police in the
eight hour kettling at protests in London.
Some Irish Republicans responded to these techniques by using their shit
and piss as a form of resistance in the notorious "dirty protests". The "organic
after shave" treatment for the screw/ torturer coming through the cell door
was not uncommon.
(see the film Hunger )

There is a possibility protestors in London may develop a similar response,
where "back to the kettled protestor urinating" into a plastic bottle techniques
are developed to provide privacy and anonymity. Waste disposal would then be
undertaken by the pacifist types by hurling the capped bottle
over police lines. I assume the blac bloc would leave the bottle uncapped and
take aim!

Ten years into this war it is questionable whether we have an anti-war movement!
There is no popular support for these wars in Iraq and Afghaanistan, but little
visible opposition in the streets, churches, academies, art scene etc. There is
just wa, like backgorund muzac You will know that we have a movement when
the war mongers like Bush, Blair, Cameron, Obama and Gillard can't go out in
public without at least one voice in the street confronting them with their war

What we have presently is an anti-war remnant of commited folks
continuing to speak out and act up in season and out. It does not
matter whether we are from "Iraq Vets Against the War", "Courage to
Resist", the "Catholic Worker", plowshares, "Code Pink", "War
Resisters League", whether we are clerics, punks, hippies, buddhists,
jews, athiests, muslims, rappers,
grannies, kidz, in the military or out in civil society. We celebrate
and transcend our different faith/no faith traditions, musical tastes,
hairstyles, ages, genders and offer solidarity to each other as we
continue to confront the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq and the myriad
low intensity conflicts on the imperial rim from Colombia to Nigeria
to the Philippines.

We are small, but we are strong. We have a wealth of experiences and
resources we can bring to Bradley Manning, his friends and his family who have
sustained him these past seven months in his solitary confinement and
torture. We have scores of folks who have served jail sentences and come
out stronger in their resistance, we have English Joe and American
Jeff who have done time in military brigs for anti-war resistance from within
the military, we have Aussie Terry a former Military & Federal Prosecutor,
we have American Joshua a former Abu Ghraib interrogator, we have folks
who survived the torture techniques of Guantanamo and Long Kesh who
can bring their experiences to us to help us understand what Bradley Maning
is going through and how best we can support his continued resistance.

You can bet the servants of empire are employing all the techniques
they have fine-tuned from Abu Ghraib to Guanatanamo to break Bradley Manning.
They hope to soften him up. so he will deliver Julian Assange.

After months of sensory deprivation, physical and mental torture from
the "bad cops" who police Bradley's every movement, the "good cop"
will come in to his cell put an arm around him and offer the plea bargain
(see Independent article above). They will offer Bradley the opportunity
to become Adrian Lamo the "man" who in turn had betrayed Bradley.
Unless we build an anti-war movement that can stop this war and free
all the anti-war resisters presently in chains, 23 year old Bradley
will have to become Adrian Lamo and deliver Julian Assange if he hopes
to see the light of day again. They hope to dehumanise and destroy
Bradley and to make an example out of him for anyone in the military
considering following his courageous path.

You can also bet that every member of the U.S, British and Australian
military currently considering resisting the war that few of
them believe in, are watching how much soliidarity we muster for
Bradley. They will be watching us, and factoring in our
response to Bradley, before they decide whether to resist their
deployment or redeployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.

While the F.B.I have been busy harassing Bradley's mother, who has
been in and out of hospital recently after a series of strokes, in
Haverfordwest, Wales - we as a movement have been asleep!
With a few notable exceptions, the anti-war movement has largely
failed Bradley Manning over the last seven months. It has been the friends
and family of Bradley who have sustained his nonviolent resistance and
refusal to co-operate with the Prosecutors.
Bradley's friends are under such surveillance from the
Feds., because the Feds know more about the signifcance of solidarity
than we seem to know.

If they can cut our direct contact with Bradley by military
restrictions that seem to overide the American Postal Service mandate
to deliver, we must be proactive in our solidarity with his friends and
family who are sustaining him at this present time. It is still important
to write to Bradley so his friends who receive the redirected mail can be
lifted by the deluge of support and inform Bradley of it, if not redirect to him
presently. Bradley should receive all the mail we have sent him as his status
changes upon his acquittal or sentencing.

Letters and postcards to:

Bradley Manning
c/o Courage to Resist
484 Lake Park Ave #41
Oakland CA 94610

*Letters will be opened, "contraband" discarded and then mailed weekly
to Bradley via someone on his approved correspondence list.


- Tell others who Bradley is, why he is being detained and tortured.
He is being detained and tortured because of this clip. Cut and paste
it with the Bradley Manning support website and his prison address....
- Scrawl "Free Bradley Manning on a wall.

- Hold a vigil, pray for him out loud at your church, speak about him
out loud on street corners or on campus, hold a meeting. show the
leaked clip (above), spread the word via your networks, make links
with other whistleblowers

- If you are a person of faith, consider pausing for prayer at your
local time for Bradley and an end to the war, coinciding with when
Bradley is forced to start the day and/or end the day in sensory
deprivation and detention at Quantico Marine Base Detention,
Virginia, USA (5 a.m. and/ or 8 p.m. Virginia, USA time).

- Consider a monthly public solidarity with Bradley Manning/ anti-war
vigil on the 5th. of the month - the anniversary of when he was
formally charged in July 2010 - or on the 12th. of the month the
anniversary of the U.S. helicopter airstrike that massacred unarmed
civilians and children on July 12 2007.

- Experiment with street speaking about Bradley Manning and the war in
shopping malls, on campus, in crowded train carriages It's cheap,
effective and interactive. It can be as short as making an
announcement just before you get off at your station (nothing like a
captive audience!) or as long as you like.

Street speaking is like like skateboarding. You fall off the first few
times and then get better at it.
See here.....(note, the altitude in relation to the audience, cigar
for stimulation - bring water and lollies for the throat, encourage
questions from the crowd etc)

- Keep updated through the Bradley Manning Support website

- Here are some resources...

- We need to speak to Welsh peace groups about adopting, educated in
Wales imprisoned in the U.S., anti-war prisoner Bradley Manning.

- We need to talk to groups in the Gay community who are anti-war about
adopting Bradley Manning, a gay anti-war resister.

- We need to talk to members of Amnesty International about getting their
organisation to adopt Bradley Manning as a prisoner of conscience.

- We need to talk to people in Humanist organisations who are anti-war
about adopting Bradley Manning a military resister who identifies as "humanist"
on his military dog tag.

- We need to talk to Catolic peace organisations about adopting Bradley
Manning as an anti-war resister and support for his Catholic mother recovering
from a series of strokes in Wales.

- We need to carefully and sensitively approach Bradley Manning's family in
Wales, lsiten to them and ask them what support do they need at this time?
The London Catholic Worker will be doing this through
a priest based at "Giuseppe Conlon House". So leave that to us, so the family
is not overwhelmed by strangers at this trying time.
If you would like to work on support for his family, contact us and we will tell you
what support Bradley's family in Wales have requested.


- Bradley Manning, born in in the U.S. raised in Wales, arrested in
Iraq, imprisoned in Virginia, USA

- Julian Assange, born and raised in Australia, arrested in London/
England, facing possible/probable extradition directly to U.S. (or via

- Shaker Aamer born in Saudi Arabia, was married & living in London
(wife & four children still here), arrested in Afghanistan, imprisoned in

At Giuseppe Conlon House, the London Catholic Worker have these faces
framed and hanging on our wall. We take them to vigils, put a candle
in a jar and place it along side the photo.
We are only limited by the extent of our imagniation, and sense of solidarity,
in our response to these three brothers in jeopardy before the courts and in
jail for resisting the war.

6. Vid (10 mins) - Daniel Ellsberg, Whistleblower of the Vietnam War's "Pentagon Papers", Speaks in Support of Bradley Manning & Julian Assange Before His Arrest at the White House.

author by newsmedia - newsmedianewspublication date Mon Dec 20, 2010 17:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It is regretable that today's edition of the Irish Daily Mail has engaged in a blatant two page spread character assasination on Julian Assange.

Related Link:
author by V for vendettapublication date Mon Dec 20, 2010 23:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

so much for press freedom! Means nothing if it is never used.

It's like I mentioned in the comments here

Our system consists of a combination of corruption and employing people with certain views to certain jobs then they just defer to power and police themselves despite their apparent press freedom to do otherwise. Our propaganda system is more subtle than just press freedom.

author by Inhumane Conditionspublication date Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Supporters Call for End to Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning

Quantico, VA, December 22, 2010 – After trying other avenues of recourse, the Bradley Manning Support Network is urging supporters to engage in direct protest in order to halt the punitive conditions of the soldier’s detention. Bradley Manning, 23, has been held in solitary confinement in military jails since his arrest in late May on allegations that he passed classified material to WikiLeaks..

In the wake of an investigative report last week by Glenn Greenwald of giving evidence that Manning was subject to “detention conditions likely to create long-term psychological injuries”, Manning’s attorney, David Coombs, published an article at his website on Saturday entitled “A Typical Day for PFC Bradley Manning”. Coombs details the maximum custody conditions that Manning is subject to at the Quantico Confinement Facility and highlights an additional set of restrictions imposed upon him under a Prevention of Injury (POI) watch order.

Usually enforced only through a detainee’s first week at a confinement facility, the standing POI order has severely limited Manning's access to exercise, daylight and human contact for the past five months, despite calls from military psychologists to lift the order and the extra restrictions imposed.

Despite not having been convicted of any crime or even yet formally indicted, the confinement regime Manning lives under includes pronounced social isolation and a complete lack of opportunities for meaningful exercise. Additionally, Manning’s sleep is regularly interrupted. Coombs writes: “The guards are required to check on Manning every five minutes [...] At night, if the guards cannot see PFC Manning clearly, because he has a blanket over his head or is curled up towards the wall, they will wake him in order to ensure he is okay.”

Denver Nicks writes in The Daily Beast that “[Manning’s] attorney […] says the extended isolation — now more than seven months of solitary confinement — is weighing on his client’s psyche. […] Both Coombs and Manning’s psychologist, Coombs says, are sure Manning is mentally healthy, that there is no evidence he’s a threat to himself, and shouldn’t be held in such severe conditions under the artifice of his own protection.”

In an article to be published at later today, David House, a friend of Manning’s who visits him regularly at Quantico, says that Manning “has not been outside or into the brig yard for either recreation or exercise in four full weeks. He related that visits to the outdoors have been infrequent and sporadic for the past several months.”

Bradley Manning Support Network founder Mike Gogulski stated that “the Marine Brig is using injury prevention as a vehicle to inflict extreme pre-trial punishment on Bradley Manning. These conditions are not unheard-of during an inmate’s first week at a military jail, but when applied continuously for months and with no end in sight they amount to a form of torture.”

The Bradley Manning Support Network calls upon Quantico base commander COL Daniel Choike and brig commanding officer CWO4 James Averhart to put an end to these inhumane, degrading conditions. Additionally, the Network encourages supporters to phone COL Choike at +1-703-784-2707 or write to him at 3250 Catlin Avenue, Quantico, VA 22134, and to fax CWO4 Averhart at +1-703-784-4242 or write to him at 3247 Elrod Avenue, Quantico, VA 22134, to demand that Bradley Manning’s human rights be respected while he remains in custody.

# # #


“The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention”, Glenn Greenwald, 15 December 2010,

“A Typical Day for PFC Bradley Manning”, David E. Coombs, 18 December 2010,

“Bradley Manning’s Life Behind Bars”, Denver Nicks, 17 December 2010,

Bradley Manning Support Network,

author by Manning Speakspublication date Thu Dec 23, 2010 22:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bradley Manning Speaks About His Conditions
By: David House Thursday December 23, 2010 6:08 am

Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning

Add your name to our letter urging the humane treatment of Bradley Manning by lifting unnecessary restrictions on his sleep, exercise, and communication.

Sign the letter to the Commanding Officer of Bradley Manning’s brig urging for Bradley’s unnecessary POI order to be lifted

Bradley Manning, the 23-year-old Army private accused of leaking classified information to Wikileaks, has been held in the brig at Quantico Marine Corp Base for five months in inhumane conditions, with severe restrictions on his ability to exercise, communicate, or even sleep. Manning has not been convicted of any crime. Nor is there a date certain for any court hearing.

The conditions of Bradley Manning’s confinement became a top issue in the press last week as bloggers traded blows with US officials over allegations that Manning endures inhumane treatment at the Quantico, VA detainment facility. In the midst of this rush by the Defense Department to contextualize Manning’s confinement, I traveled to see the man himself at the Marine Corps detainment facility in Quantico, VA.

In my visit to see Bradley at the Quantico brig, it became clear that the Pentagon’s public spin from last week sharply contradicts the reality of Bradley Manning’s detainment. In his five months of detention, it has become obvious to me that Manning’s physical and mental well-being are deteriorating. What Manning needs, and what his attorney has already urged, is to have the unnecessary “Prevention of Injury” order lifted that severely restricts his ability to exercise, communicate, and sleep.

Article continued....

author by Frank - Des Moines Catholic Workerpublication date Wed Jan 05, 2011 06:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

'Assange case masks Wikileaks message'
Gavin McFadyean and Ciaron O'Reilly joined Press TV to offer their
insights into the political agenda surrounding US bids to extradite
Julian Assange

2 min. into this 6 1/2 min video clip Ciaron's interview starts

PressTV: Let's get the Australian point of view now as after all,
Julian Assange is an Aussie and we are joined by Ciaron O'Reilly with
his views.

Ciaron O'Reilly, what sort of impact is the Julian case having with
Australians? Are they looking at Britain and thinking what's going on

Ciaron O'Reilly: I think people are very distressed that it looks like
a politically driven persecution, not just a prosecution of Julian.
Kevin Rudd, the former prime minister until recently has come out
strongly in favor of Julian's civil liberties and how they're being
infringed here in Britain.

PressTV: You disarmed a B52 American bomber and went to jail for it.
What about what all this means for civil disobedience and actions
against power?

Ciaron O'Reilly: I'm from a pacifist movement, the 'Catholic Worker'
in the US and we do these ploughshares actions - beating swords into
ploughshares and we did that on the eve of the first Gulf War; we
damaged a B52 and put it out of action; it was on 20 minute scramble
alert. When they got to it, it didn't fly for two months.

PressTV: I also understand you are in the Wikileaks…

Ciaron O'Reilly: Yes, well I was arrested again at the beginning of
this war I was in Ireland, where my father is from, and we broke into
Shannon airport, which is a small airport on the west coast of
Ireland, but most US troops that went to Iraq went through that
airport, and we were able to do $2.5 million disarmament (they called
it damage) to this warplane and send it back to Texas.

PressTV: But the reaction in the Irish courts was quite different to
that of the American courts, wasn't it?

Ciaron O'Reilly: Yes. The first trial collapsed after six days after
the judge acted illegally; the second trial collapsed after eleven
days after we discovered that the judge was a personal friend of
George Bush Jr., had been invited to both his inaugurations, and we
had a fair trial the third time and we were unanimously acquitted.

PressTV: Do you think Julian (Assange) would have got better justice
had he been put through the courts in Dublin?

Ciaron O'Reilly: I wouldn't guarantee that. What happened was then the
US embassy stressed out following my acquittal and there were all
these cables going back to (Washington) DC and they were exposed by
Wikileaks, and in those cables, Irish ministers were making derogatory
comments about their own criminal justice system; they're very
sycophantic to the Americans.

PressTV: So if this case goes against him, which is totally
disconnected from Wikileaks we're told - Is he going to get a fair
trial in Sweden?

Ciaron O'Reilly: The fear is, that he will be extradited to the US.
And Sweden historically during the Vietnam period was quite opposed to
the American war in Vietnam. A lot of American resisters fled to
Sweden and were given sanctuary there and the Swedish government has
been quite left wing until recently -- now it's swung the other way
and it's cooperating with the Americans.

PressTV: The Australian foreign minister seemed to come out, well not
really in support of Julian Assange, but certainly kind of critical of
the US -- Do you expect anything of the Australian government?

Ciaron O'Reilly: Mr. Rudd former prime minister, now the foreign
minister, Julian Assange and myself all grew up in Queensland,
Australia, and in the 70s and early 80s all civil rights were
suspended in that state; that's why people like Julian and myself
value free speech so much, I'm not sure what Kevin Rudd's agenda is in

PressTV: But he's not going to be happy is he if this case against
Julian Assange in Sweden suddenly turns into an extradition hearing?

Ciaron O'Reilly: Well as we found out today, it's not a Swedish
opposition to bail, it's a British one and it's obviously the
Americans involved in that.

PressTV: When you've worked on so many campaigns over the years, we
are of course forgetting that after all Julian Assange is the
publisher of [Wikileaks files] -- What about Bradley Manning [US Army
private accused of leaking to the data]?

Ciaron O'Reilly: He's over 200 days into his sentence now. He's rarely
mentioned by the anti-war movement. I've done my best to generate
solidarity for him. He's in a military prison, not a civilian one. He
was originally detained in Iraq and then transferred to Kuwait; now
he's in Quantico (Marine Corp base), Virginia. So I think unless we
build an anti-war movement that could free him, he'll never get out of
prison and he may die in there.

PressTV: What's happened to the anti-war movement in America, it was
absolutely iconic and it defined the Vietnam years?

Ciaron O'Reilly: Well I think those who wage war have also learned how
to market it at home and how to keep people disengaged -- the churches
are quiet, the campuses are quiet, the media, the rock stars -- all
these people who were mobilized in Vietnam.

They've (US) learned from their mistakes and they know how to market
war. The soldiers themselves, there's actually more resistance coming
from within the US military than from civil society.

There are many young men and women in jail now because they are
refusing deployment and redeployment to Afghanistan, but they're

PressTV: Ciaron, thank you very much.

Related Link:
author by Ciaron - Giueseppe Conlon House/ London Catholic Workerpublication date Fri Jan 14, 2011 07:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Accused Soldier in Brig as WikiLeaks Link Is Sought
Andrew Testa for The New York Times

A sign posted near the British estate where Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, is staying.

Article continued.......


Exclusive interview: Julian Assange on Murdoch, Manning and the threat from China

Posted by New Statesman - 12 January 2011 14:03

The WikiLeaks founder talks to John Pilger.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Photo: Getty Images.

In this week's New Statesman, the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talks to John Pilger about Bradley Manning, his "insurance" files on Rupert Murdoch and News Corp – and which country is the real enemy of WikiLeaks.

To read the entire feature, pick up a copy of this week's New Statesman, available on news-stands from tomorrow. Some highlights of the piece are below:

The "technological enemy" of WikiLeaks is not the United States, but China, according to Assange.

Article continued....

author by Col T.V. Johnson and Kevpublication date Fri Jan 14, 2011 17:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Military Statement on Bradley Manning's Prison Conditions

The military rejects accusations that Private Manning has been mistreated. “Poppycock,” said Col. T. V. Johnson, a Quantico spokesman. He insisted that the conditions of confinement were dictated by brig rules for a pretrial detainee like Private Manning. The soldier has been designated for “maximum custody” — applied because his escape would pose a national security risk — and placed on “prevention-of-injury watch,” restrictions imposed so that he does not injure himself.

That status is based on the judgment of military medical experts and the observations of brig guards, Colonel Johnson said. Guards check Private Manning every five minutes but allow him to sleep without interruption from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., when only dim night lights are on, unless they need to wake him to be certain he is breathing.

Colonel Johnson denied that Private Manning was in solitary confinement, as has been widely claimed, saying that he could talk with guards and with prisoners in nearby cells, though he could not see them. He leaves his 6-by-12-foot cell for a daily hour of exercise, and for showers, phone calls, meetings with his lawyer and weekend visits by friends and relatives, the colonel said.

The prisoner can read and watch television and correspond with people on an approved list. He is not permitted to speak to the media.

“Pfc. Manning is being treated just like every other detainee in the brig,” said an internal military review concluded on Dec. 27 and read to a reporter by Colonel Johnson. “His treatment is firm, fair and respectful.”

The false speak of the military is quite impressive. They have him in a little cell for 23 hours a day for Prevention of Injury - when such conditions will actually cause injury. He's not in solitary because he can hear other prisoners -- of which there are few and hearing them is not talking to them. He can exercise -- yes, in shackles for one hour doing figure 8s in a tiny room, but he is not even allowed to do push-ups in his own cell. They really have lying perfected. The NY Times does an excellent job taking down their claims without rebuttal.

author by Lawyerpublication date Sat Jan 15, 2011 05:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Manning's lawyer has requested his release

author by J15 Newsetter Bradey Mannin Support Networkpublication date Tue Jan 18, 2011 04:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bradley Manning Support Network Supporters Newsletter
Exposing War Crimes Is Not A Crime!

* * * * * * * * * *

January 15, 2010
Issue: 2.2

Bradley Manning Speaks About His Conditions
Friend and supporter David House recounts a visit to see Bradley at the Quantico brig, where it became clear that the Pentagon's public spin sharply contradicts the reality of Bradley Manning's detainment

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law
The evidence shows Manning, if guilty of what he is accused, is a patriot and not a traitor. He did not give the documents to a foreign adversary, he is accused of giving them to the media to spur debate and create a more perfect union that did not routinely violate the law and lie to its people.

Psychologists for Social Responsibility open letter to Robert Gates on Manning's confinement
"Psychologists for Social Responsibility calls upon [Secretary of Defense Gates] to rectify the inhumane, harmful, and counterproductive treatment of PFC Bradley Manning immediately."

Confinement Conditions Update
A brief blog post by Bradley Manning's lawyer, David E. Coombs, regarding the ongoing process to improve P.F.C. Manning's conditions.

Assange: Manning "a Political Prisoner"
Julian Assange boldly covers a range of topics, including Bradley Manning, in an interview with Cenk Uygur on MSNBC.

Bradley Manning: One Soldier Who Really Did "Defend Our Freedom"
While wars are fought for the sole benefit of the moneyed elite, Bradley Manning chose to fight for and defend the basic principles of a functioning democracy.

Song for Bradley Manning
David Rovics wrote a catchy tune in support of Bradley Manning!

What Can I Do?
Join the fray! Learn ten simple ways we've come up with for you to help Bradley Manning (plus one more written in the comments section by a very helpful supporter). Together we can!

The Bradley Manning Support Network is an ad hoc, international grassroots effort to help accused whistle blower Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Media: +1 (202) 640-4388 or

author by Commander Quantico 1959publication date Fri Jan 21, 2011 07:28author address phone Report this post to the editors


General James F. Amos
Commandant of the Marine Corps
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Washington DC 20350-3000

Dear General Amos:

As a former regular Marine Corps captain, a Korean War combat veteran, now retired on Veterans Administration disability due to wounds suffered during that conflict, I write you to protest and express concern about the confinement in the Quantico Marine Corps Base brig of US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Manning, if the information I have is correct, is charged with having violated provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice by providing to unauthorized persons, among them specifically one Julian Assange and his organization Wikileaks, classified information relating to US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and State Department communications. This seems straightforward enough and sufficient to have Manning court-martialed and if found guilty sentenced in accordance with the UCMJ.

What concerns me here, and I hasten to admit that I respect Manning’s motives, is the manner in which the legal action against him is being conducted. I wonder, in the first place, why an Army enlisted man is being held in a Marine Corps installation. Second, I question the length of confinement prior to conduct of court-martial. The sixth amendment to the US Constitution, guaranteeing to the accused in all criminal prosecutions the right to a speedy and public trial, extends to those being prosecuted in the military justice system. Third, I seriously doubt that the conditions of his confinement—solitary confinement, sleep interruption, denial of all but minimal physical exercise, etc.—are necessary, customary, or in accordance with law, US or international.

Indeed, I have to wonder why the Marine Corps has put itself, or allowed itself to be put, in this invidious and ambiguous situation. I can appreciate that the decision to place Manning in a Marine Corps facility may not have been one over which you had control. However, the conditions of his confinement in the Quantico brig are very clearly under your purview, and, if I may say so, these bring little credit either to you or your subordinates at the Marine Corps Base who impose these conditions.

It would be inappropriate, I think, to use this letter, in which I urge you to use your authority to make the conditions of Pfc. Manning’s confinement less extreme, to review my Marine Corps career except to note that my last duty prior to resigning my captain’s commission in 1959 was commanding the headquarters company at Quantico. More relevantly, during the 1980s, following a stint as a senior estimates officer in the CIA, I played a very public role as a “whistleblower “ in the Iran-contra affair. At that time, I wondered why Lt.Col. Oliver North, who very clearly violated the UCMJ—and, in my opinion, disgraced our service—was not court-martialed.

When I asked the Navy’s Judge-Advocate General’s office why neither North nor Admiral Poindexter were charged under the UCMJ, the JAG informed me that when officers were assigned to duties in the White House, NSC, or similar offices they were somehow not legally in the armed forces. To my question why, if that were the case, they continued to draw their military pay and benefits, increase their seniority, be promoted while so serving, and, spectacularly in North’s case, appear in uniform while testifying regarding violations of US law before Congress, I could get no answer beyond, “That’s our policy.”

This is not to equate North’s case with Manning. It is only to suggest that equal treatment under the law is one of those American principles that the Marine Corps exists to protect. This is something you might consider.


David C. MacMichael

Related Link:
author by Visit Stoppedpublication date Mon Jan 24, 2011 18:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Kevin Zeese
Bradley Manning Support Network

Military steps up retaliation against accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower with arbitrary "suicide watch", followed by detainment of approved visitor

QUANTICO, VA, 23 January 2011 -- Military officials at Marine Corps Base Quantico today increased the isolation of accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning by detaining Manning's friend and regular visitor David House at the base entrance until visiting hours were over. House was accompanied by Jane Hamsher of, a website that has collected 42,000 signatures on a petition calling for improvements to the conditions of Manning's detention, which constitute extreme and illegal pre-trial punishment.

"The Bradley Manning Support Network is dismayed that Brad was denied contact with his only regular visitor besides his attorney," founder Mike Gogulski stated. "Immediately following a rally by more than 150 supporters at Quantico last week, Brad was put on suicide watch for two days for reasons his counsel could only conclude were punitive. He was stripped of all of his clothing except his boxer shorts and his glasses were taken away. It seems to me that the Marine command is now reacting in the worst possible way to rising pressure on them."

David House has been making regular trips from his home in the Boston area to visit Manning at the Marine Corps brig since he was transferred there from Kuwait last summer. While detained at the base gate, House posted to Twitter that "one of the many MPs around the car says his orders to stop us come from on high." House and Hamsher were held on entry to the base for nearly the entire period of visiting hours, repeatedly demanded to provide information and documents the MPs already had, and threatened with arrest. Hamsher's car was towed away under the pretext that she lacked proof of insurance, despite having presented a digital copy.

At, founder Jane Hamsher wrote: "There is no doubt in my mind that the primary objective of everything that happened today was to keep Bradley Manning from having the company of his only remaining visitor."

"This is a bizarre action by the Marines. I think they see the growing support for Bradley Manning, they see more and more people realizing that he is being treated unfairly, and that as the facts of the case come out more and more people see that he is a patriot and not a traitor," said Kevin Zeese, Director of Voters for Peace and member of the Bradley Manning Support Network's steering committee.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates last week, Amnesty International stated that "the restrictions imposed in PFC Manning's case appear to be unnecessarily harsh and punitive." The letter also suggests that Manning's confinement is in contravention of international law, and calls upon the military to conduct a review.

House intends to return to Quantico next weekend to once again attempt to visit Manning and to deliver the petition.

In addition to petitions and public protests across the nation, the Bradley Manning Support Network has asked supporters to speak out against Manning's inhumane treatment by contacting officials at Quantico. The Support Network encourages concerned individuals to phone Quantico public affairs at +1-703-432-0289, to write to base commander Colonel Choike at 3250 Catlin Avenue, Quantico, VA 22134, and to write to brig commander CWO4 Averhart at 3247 Elrod Avenue, Quantico, VA 22134. We are asking that Bradley Manning's human rights be respected while he remains in custody; specifically, that he be allowed social interaction with other inmates, that he be allowed meaningful physical exercise, that approved visitors be allowed to see him without interrogation and harassment, and that the "Prevention of Injury" order (the military's basis for the extreme pre-trial punishment regime) be lifted.

# # #

References:, "Sign Our Letter: Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning",

Mike Gogulski, Bradley Manning Support Network, "Manning removed from two-day suicide watch; attorney files complaint, calls action punitive",

David House, Twitter:

Jane Hamsher, Twitter:

Jane Hamsher, "Goal of Quantico Incident Was To Abuse Bradley Manning and Intimidating David House",

Nadim Kobeissi, interviewing Kevin Zeese, CHOMP.FM, "EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Denying Bradley Manning Basic Civility",

Amnesty International, "USA: Open letter to Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense",

author by Welshpublication date Wed Jan 26, 2011 08:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Wales online/ Western Mail have picked up on Bradley Manning's story
this morning:

author by Ciaron - Giuseppe Conon House, London Cathoic Workerpublication date Fri Jan 28, 2011 08:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Human Rights ("Guilford 4") lawyer Gareth Peirce argues against extraditon of Julian Assange (and everybody else!) from Europe to the United States. The argument is based in the present U.S. interpretation of the 8th. amendment that can keep prisoners in indefinite isolation/ "soilitary" and the present interpretation of European Article 3 that guarantees "association" as a basic human right.

Bradley Manning is kept on a wing of the prison/ "brig" in Quantico the largest U.S. marine base in the world by himself, with no abiity to communicate with other prisoners, last week his rare visit from the outside was suspended in repsponse to the protest that occured at the gates to Quantico.

That Bradley Manning, a member of the U.S. ARMY, is doing detained in a U.S. MARINE base puts pay to the lie that "he is being treated like any other prisoner!"

Related Link:
author by Visitor Manningpublication date Fri Feb 04, 2011 05:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

MSNBC VID (3 mins 58 secs) - Interview with David House with David House following his recent visit with Bradley Manning held in solitary at Quantico Marine Base, Virginia, USA

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Fri Feb 04, 2011 14:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

..for Assange by Norwegian MP Snorre Valen according to al jazeera.

A 'natural contender' due to 'his disclosing information about corruption, human rights abuses and war crimes..'.

author by Manning speaks ofpublication date Fri Mar 11, 2011 18:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

GUARDIAN Fri March 11

Stripped naked every night, Bradley Manning tells of prison ordeal
US soldier held on suspicion of leaking state secrets speaks out for first time about experience
'Stripping me of all of my clothing is without justification'

author by Letter from Manningpublication date Fri Mar 11, 2011 18:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

LINK - Badley Mannimg's letter from Quantico regarding his treatment and conditions

author by "STOOPID"!"publication date Fri Mar 11, 2011 20:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bradley Manning being mistreated, says Hillary Clinton spokesman

PJ Crowley says Pentagon is being 'ridiculous and stupid' by subjecting WikiLeaks suspect to punitive conditions in jail

Bradley Manning Bradley Manning is facing multiple charges relating to his alleged releasing of state secrets. Photograph: EPA

Hillary Clinton's spokesman has launched a public attack on the Pentagon for the way it is treating military prisoner Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of handing the US embassy cables to WikiLeaks.

PJ Crowley, the assistant secretary of state for public affairs at the US state department, has said Manning is being "mistreated" in the military brig at Quantico, Virginia. "What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defence."

Crowley's comments are the first sign of a crack within the Obama administration over the handling of the WikiLeaks saga in which hundreds of thousands of confidential documents were handed to the website.

It is the first time anyone within the administration has expressed concern about Manning's treatment, which has included being held for 23 hours in solitary confinement in his cell and being stripped naked every night. Until now the US government had presented a united front, promising to aggressively pursue anyone involved in leaking state secrets. Clinton herself described the WikiLeaks material as "an attack on America" and said "we are taking aggressive steps" to hold those who leaked it to account.

Article continued.....

BBC Report

author by Mary Kellypublication date Sun Mar 13, 2011 20:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

with PJ Crowley handing in his resignation

"US state department spokesman PJ Crowley has resigned from his post following controversial comments involving the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks..

The news on Sunday came three days after Crowley was reported to have criticised the Pentagon's treatment of detained US soldier Bradley Manning."

author by (for Bradley Manning)publication date Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

(for Bradley Manning)

By Steven Corseri

"In another world they do not put a man to death for asking questions: assuredly not. ...
When my sons grow up...,
O my friends...,
I would have you trouble them, as I have troubled you,
if they seem to care about riches,
or anything, more than about virtue;
or if they pretend to be something when they are really nothing. ..."
--Socrates (from Plato's Apologia)

For speaking truth to power... a cold cell.
Naked now..., and yet, they fear you!
You watch a spider weave, perhaps recall
The crime scene, viewed on a monitor:

Men like puppets dancing in the dust, fired
On by U.S. drones; and the button-pushers
Laughing, ten thousand miles away--life reduced
To video porn, sordid and crazily robotic.

The robots shop, vote, fuck, kill, do business,
Take meetings, squawk endlessly democracy,
Free markets; get replaced--interchangeable--
In the Machine... until a voice says "No."

And the house of cards collapses; the dream
Recedes; the dark, stark landscape, revealed:
A people bought for bread and circuses--
Mostly circuses--more silouettes than people.

But the voice remains: Socrates in the agora;
Christ among the Pharisees;
Galileo Galilei; Paine and Thoreau;
Gandhi and King--questioning, exposing.

Now in the shackled world, a moan goes up
From the well of our debasement: Cease
And desist: the depredations; soul-murdering;
Earth-murdering. ... The implacable voice arising.

Out of the chrysalis of what has been,
A global being struggles to be free:
To extricate its wings from the wax of retributions;
To save the dying planet; to balance and revere.

Shia, Sunni; Christian, Jew; Buddhist, Hindu, pagan;
Male and female--fledging to resurge anew:
Out of the yearning cauldron of suffering
And endurance--diamond-cut humanity.

About author Gary Steven Corseri has published/posted work at hundreds of periodicals and websites worldwide, including, The Smirking Chimp, The New York Times, Dissident Voice, L.A. Progressive, Information Clearing House, CounterPunch, Global Research, and The Village Voice. His books include the novels, A Fine Excess and Holy Grail, Holy Grail. His dramas have appeared on Atlanta-PBS, and he has performed at the Carter Presidential Library.

author by Mary Kellypublication date Sun Mar 20, 2011 09:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

newstalk- 20 minute discussion today re Bradley Manning's situation-fair play to the 'wide-angle' show

author by U.N. / U.S.publication date Tue Apr 12, 2011 08:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bradley Manning case sparks UN criticism of US government
UN torture representative suggests White House stalling his private meeting with American soldier

A senior United Nations representative on torture, Juan Mendez, issued a rare reprimand to the US government on Monday for failing to allow him to meet in private Bradley Manning, the American soldier accused of being the WikiLeaks source and held in a military prison. It is the kind of censure the UN normally reserves for authoritarian regimes around the world.

Mendez, the UN special rapporteur on torture, said: "I am deeply disappointed and frustrated by the prevarication of the US government with regard to my attempts to visit Mr Manning."

Manning's supporters claim that the US is being vindictive in its treatment of Manning, who is held at the marine base at Quantico, Virginia, in conditions they describe as inhumane.

author by YOUTUBE Ch 4 2.55 secspublication date Wed Apr 13, 2011 05:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

YOUTUBE (2.55 secs) - recent - Ch 4 U..N/ U.S. tensions over the torture of Bradley Manning

author by Washington Postpublication date Fri May 06, 2011 08:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bradley Manning is at the center of the WikiLeaks controversy. But who is he?

By Ellen Nakashima, Published: May 5
Washington Post

In January 2010, more than 130 people gathered to celebrate the opening of Room B-28, a “hacker space” in the basement of the computer science building at Boston University. The room had two rows of computers running open-source software, and, in conformity to the hacker ethic, its walls were painted with wildly colored murals, extensions of the free expression to be practiced there. That was the reason for the power tools, too — in case someone wanted to build something amazing and beautiful, such as the musical staircase, under construction now, that chimes when you step on it.

One of the visitors was a young Army specialist named Bradley Manning, on leave from duty in Iraq. He had been working with computers, modifying code, since he was a kid. David House, founder of the hacker space, said he immediately sensed that Manning “was in the community,” someone who understood how technology could be empowering. This was the sort of world Manning hoped to inhabit one day, friends said. He had joined the Army so the GI Bill would finance his education. He had his eye on a PhD in physics.

Article continued,,...........

Photo gallery

Related Link:
author by pat cpublication date Fri May 06, 2011 13:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

David E. Coombs is Bradley Manning's attorney. Below is an extract from an article on Bradleys improved conditions. Conditions achieved through an international campaign. Full article at link.

Unlike at Quantico, PFC Manning cell has a large window that provides adequate natural light. His cell also has a desk, a bed, and a toilet. The cell is approximately 80 square feet. He is provided with a normal mattress, sheets and a pillow. None of his clothing is taken away from him at night. PFC Manning is able to have all of his personal items in his cell, which include his clothing, his legal materials, books and letters from family and friends. He is also able to have a pen and paper at all times in his cell, and is able to write whenever he chooses.

Any mail sent to PFC Manning will be inspected prior to him receiving it. He is permitted to keep up to 20 pieces of mail in his cell; the remaining mail must be either destroyed or be packaged and mailed to someone else. Correspondence can be sent to PFC Manning at the following address:

Bradley Manning 89289
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2315

Related Link:
author by Leavenworth Report & Photospublication date Sun Jun 05, 2011 20:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

June 4th, 2011. Approximately 250 supporters —including many veterans—converged today at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to rally for Bradley Manning. Supporters arrived from across the country and held large colorful signs that said, “Free Bradley Manning, Hero, Whistle-Blower.” They gathered at Bob Dougherty Memorial Park where they staged a rally with speakers and music for one hour. Then they marched several blocks to the main entrance of Fort Leavenworth, where Bradley Manning is being held.

During the rally, speakers called on the Obama Administration to protect whistle-blowers and to drop all charges against the Army private.

This was the first large public rally to support Bradley Manning since he was transferred to Fort Leavenworth. He was transferred on April 20, 2011, after having suffered under extreme and unusual confinement conditions at US Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. During the nine months at Quantico, Manning was denied meaningful exercise, social interaction, and sunlight, and was at times kept completely naked.


author by 25% snitches - Guardianpublication date Mon Jun 06, 2011 22:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

One in four US hackers 'is an FBI informer'

The FBI and US secret service have used the threat of prison to create an army of informers among online criminals

A quarter of hackers in the US have been recruited by federal authorities, according to Eric Corley, publisher of the hacker quarterly, 2600. Photograph: Getty Images

The underground world of computer hackers has been so thoroughly infiltrated in the US by the FBI and secret service that it is now riddled with paranoia and mistrust, with an estimated one in four hackers secretly informing on their peers, a Guardian investigation has established.

Cyber policing units have had such success in forcing online criminals to co-operate with their investigations through the threat of long prison sentences that they have managed to create an army of informants deep inside the hacking community.

In some cases, popular illegal forums used by cyber criminals as marketplaces for stolen identities and credit card numbers have been run by hacker turncoats acting as FBI moles. In others, undercover FBI agents posing as "carders" – hackers specialising in ID theft – have themselves taken over the management of crime forums, using the intelligence gathered to put dozens of people behind bars.

So ubiquitous has the FBI informant network become that Eric Corley, who publishes the hacker quarterly, 2600, has estimated that 25% of hackers in the US may have been recruited by the federal authorities to be their eyes and ears. "Owing to the harsh penalties involved and the relative inexperience with the law that many hackers have, they are rather susceptible to intimidation," Corley told the Guardian.

"It makes for very tense relationships," said John Young, who runs Cryptome, a website depository for secret documents along the lines of WikiLeaks. "There are dozens and dozens of hackers who have been shopped by people they thought they trusted."

full article....

author by Vid- Leavenworth Demopublication date Fri Jun 10, 2011 20:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Vid- Leavenworth Demo for Manning (8 mins)
(footage, interviews with veterans and others)

author by Ciaron - Giuseepe Conlon House, London Catholic Workerpublication date Sat Jun 11, 2011 08:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In England,the left liberal (this maybe not the ideology of those who run this rag, but they definitely know their niche market!) Guardian/ Observer continue to run an "ASSANGE IS BAD, MANNING IS IN MAD"

In the U.S., Manning is being pitched pre-trial as an angry gay man seeking retribution on society.

Last weekend Iraq veterans and others made their way to Leavenworth, Kansas, USA...where Bradley has been transfered after failure to break him over the past 12 months under torture at Quantico (Virginia). Leavenworth is a town of 20,000 in Kansas contains 5 prisons (2 military, 3 civilian). It is located about an hour drive from Kansas City, Missouri. I spoke by phone last night to an organiser who attended the Leavenworth demonstration.

Presently the best hunch of solidarity organisers in the U.S. is that
Pre-Trial will be in 6-8 weeks from now
Trial likely in Dec-Jan
Trial should last 2 1/2 months
Pre-trial & trial will be held near D.C.

David House (tv interview below)

My understanding of Grand Jury is that you are granted immunity under questioning and have your "right to remain silent" taken from you. If you refuse to answer any question you can be held for 2 years by the Feds for "contempt of the Grand Jury". This was used against the Puerto Rican independence movement activists extensively in the '80's. I was in Oklahoma Prison with a young Italian American who had refused to answer questions about his uncle accused of Mafia activity. I was told that after the two years they can call together a new Grand Jury and put you throught the process again. Last year accross the U.S., there were a series of raids of anti-war activists some who had visited Palestine with ISM last year - the same tactic is being deployed against them.

The footage below contains interviews with veterans responding to the present U.S. mainstream media character assasinations on Bradley Manning.

Vid- Leavenworth Demo for Manning (8 mins)
(footage, interviews with veterans and others)

Julian Assange goes to his High Court Appeal in London against extradition on July 12 & 13.
Tie to spaek out and act up in solidarity with Brad and Julian and all resisting these wars!

author by Grand Jury updatepublication date Sun Jun 12, 2011 09:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

UPDATE on U.S. Wkileaks Grand Jury...more subpeonas, explanation of how Grand Jury works etc

author by Tatchell Peter Youtubepublication date Mon Aug 01, 2011 14:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

YOUTUBE Human Rights activist Peter Tatchell speaks at Giuseppe Conlon CW House, London in support of Bradley Manning, July 29th. 2011

author by Wed High Courtpublication date Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:23author address HIgh Court, The Strand, Londonauthor phone Report this post to the editors

*High Court ,The Strand, London - Julian Assange of WikiLeaks last day in a British Court.
Ruling on the appeal of extradition without charge to Sweden from July 2011 hearing.

Thus far, Julian Asssange has been held under house arrest for 328 days without charge in Britain
A WikiLeaks Grand Jury continues to convene and summons witnesses in Virginia, USA

YOUTUBE (6 mins)  'Assange Subterranean Homesick Blues'

****Also Bradley Manning's pretrial hearing looks like it may be soon

Assange and Manning Solidarity actions have been happening at occupy lsx

author by Ciaron - Giuseepe Conlon House, London Catholic Workerpublication date Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

* Bradley Manning's maternal grandfather came from Dubln, Ireland.
* Bradley's Welsh mother lives in rural Wales where she has been harassed by the F.B.I.
* Bradley was deployed to Iraq through Shannon Airport, Ireland.

GUARDIAN - Bradley Manning's treatment was cruel and inhuman, UN torture chief rules
UN special rapporteur on torture's findings likely to reignite criticism of US government's treatment of WikiLeaks suspect

The UN special rapporteur on torture has formally accused the US government of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment towards Bradley Manning, the US soldier who was held in solitary confinement for almost a year on suspicion of being the WikiLeaks source.



The play will be staged at the school Bradley attended in Pembrookshire, also in Cardiff and elsewhere in Wales over April. It will be livestreamed on the net



Related Link:
author by VIDpublication date Fri Mar 16, 2012 07:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

David House just wrapped up an excellent interview on MSNBC to discuss
Brad's appearance in court and talk about the larger issues at play.
VID - Extracted a clip here:

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