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Public Inquiry
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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

offsite link Pro-Mask Crusader Trish Greenhalgh Plumbs New Depths of Distortion Fri Jan 27, 2023 16:30 | Dr Gary Sidley
Pro-mask crusader Prof Trish Greenhalgh recently plumbed new depths of distortion and misinformation in her mission to force humankind to hide their faces behind strips of cloth or plastic, writes Dr. Gary Sidley.
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Deaths continue to run at extraordinary levels ? 26% above pre-pandemic levels this week. Some have argued that the timing rules out the vaccines being involved, but broader evidence indicates otherwise.
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Voltaire Network
Voltaire, international edition

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People dying on the streets of India

category international | miscellaneous | news report author Saturday November 06, 2010 06:50author by Jim Report this post to the editors

India's shame
Releaved starving women gets a meal and 500 rupees - on the streets of Mumbai, India
Releaved starving women gets a meal and 500 rupees - on the streets of Mumbai, India

Just got back home from a long India trip. I was originally going to
Ladakh (generally Tibetan Buddhist area) for a full on hiking and stay
with locals expedition. The weather this year over the Himalayan
mountain barrirer has been unprecidently rainy - turning the area into
a disaster zone, the usually dry mud and rock puddingstone glacial
moraines turning to liquid mud flows and landslides....due to the
climate change induced rain happening there. After hiking around
150Km, I gave up in the end and evacuated back over the mountains to
Manali in Himalchal Pradesh state. I then went on a slightly aimless
bumming round India trip for 2.5 months or so...after I got through a
oz of Manala cream hashish infused with opium I think (that was an
accident)...in Manali...I wouldn't noramly smoke opium.

In many areas in Indian cities you see people lunched on the sidewalk.
Some of these folks are in a very serious state of starvation and pain
and disease, some of them elders that f'ing well deserve respect.
However in 'modern India' a lot of money is being made by some
people...and yet they don't seem to think that helping people in
urgent need is a sound thing for them to do, and sometimes even
dismissing them with a "its their karma". In the immediate situation I
tried to do what I could do...buying a meal, giving water and money.
This woman, for example was near CST railway station In Bombay
(Mumbai). She was VERY hungry. There are many people like this.

India is quite frankly a loony bin of a place. The Aryans invaded X
years ago (thousands years?), and incorporated indigenous Dravidian/
folk religions into the new order - The Brahamic Hindu caste system
order...with fair skin, the skin colour of the Aryan invaders, being
seen as 'high caste'. The Dravidans with their dark skin were
relegated to 'low caste' by the Aryans. Tribal people were completely
excluded from this racist ritual abuse senario. The position in
society/caste, being touted by the ritual abuse sytem as 'ones karma'
by the Aryan Brahmic priest order, and if you were a good citizen type
thing, you might get reborn next time in a higher cast (with fairer
skin)....I mean isn't that just so f'ing evil! Watch those Aryan's -
very very dodgy. (a sicko senario now worth $1 billion a year in skin
lightening creams). Now many tribals in India are being more or less
summilarily evicted from their lands (that means millions of real
people) in order that the new India can make economic progress....and
many end up homeless and hungry on the streets on Indian cities with
these so called high castes walking by them saying "oh its their karma
that they're starving on the street"!!! The so called high castes in
India get all or most of the advantages and breaks and money. The
Hindu caste system is very much entrenched in India, and very much to
do I think, with the massive corruption in The Indian political and
economic system...the 'high castes' think that they can do whatever
the f'k they want regardless of legal statute etc etc - much like the
old school blightyworld aristocracy.

And these scum ignore dying human beings with a dismissive "its their

By the way, I did not see the same scenes of horror on the streets of
democratic socialist Kerala state...but over the border in Tamil Nadu,
there were people dying and sick being ignored by individuals and the

Please do what you to help the real needy folks like this...just
imagine being in this situation...starving, in pain, no one to help




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