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Global Warming - another theory

category galway | environment | opinion/analysis author Sunday January 10, 2010 21:34author by donkylemore - none Report this post to the editors

could this ''warming ''- cooling of the planet have another cause

While we all agonise about whether our Industry , Agriculture , and all Human activity and endeavour may be responsible for Climate Change
there is a theory that cosmic radiation could be responsible for inordinate cloud cover - both Global warming and cooling may be explained by the formation of cloud cover due to solar wind particles which gather about them clouds.
Maybe its a cop out . But Maybe not

Climate change - Is Co2 the culprit - Solar maxims

The most popular thesis for global warming currently is of course Co2 emissions as a consequence of all human endeavours, in all their diverse manifestations from industry to human and animal metabolism but there is a belief which, whether we think it too subversive to countenance or just naive , it is a counter theory ..
These two it is commonly held among the scientific community are responsible for the entire effect we have monitored as climate change most especially over the past 2 decades .

It is a much less pleasing notion that global warming and thus our mortality as a species is occurring for reasons not of our making ; that these factors are inevitable and thus fatalistic somehow offends the human psyche .

There are 2 counter theories to these and they are to a degree also counter intuitive,

1 that the earth is actually dimming from lack of solar radiation penetrating the atmosphere because of particle occlusion - pollutants in the upper and lower atmosphere- less penetration of sunlight /energy- which should cause global dimming thus cooling .

2.The reverse of this is that all of the pollutants , from Co2 to CFC s and a litany of others cause the canopy / umbrella effect causing warming.

But there is a third theory
The theory which i'm grappling with at the moment is the one which suggests that global warming /cooling is unrelated to Co2 or human interference but rather that it is caused by cosmic radiation. If I have this correctly the theory would suggest that the sun and its magnetic field is in a state of flux; constantly changing both the strength and the force of its magnetic field , but changing with a periodic regularity.
In the quiescent phase the magnetic field is less active and therefore is incapable of deflecting cosmic radiation which enters the atmosphere causing cosmic ionic particles which eventually coalesce and form the substrate for droplets of H2o - ; hence clouds are formed and these deflect the suns rays and cause the earth to cool;
The obverse occurs when the suns magnetic field is more active - the cosmic radiation particles are attracted by the sun's gravitational

force . Thus less ionised particles enter the atmosphere and less cloud formation ensues and the earth , uprotected - gets hotter.

This theory , so its proponents would hold , is supported by the dendrologists who it is suggested support this in terms of alternating spurts of growth and dormancy which they observe in the the rings of trees,and they attest that these periods of extended and retarded growth correspond with the Sun Spots.
The theory holds that the sun displays black spots on a regular and periodic frequency , and that these spots represent solar magma erupting from the center of the sun causing a powerful change in the force of the suns gravity and a reversal of the magnetic field in the region of the sun spot.( Black Spot)
We are apparently now emerging from a period of activity -less black spots-less interference /deflection of cosmic radiation so the earth should be warming.
The theory holds that more black spots ( increased magnetic solar activity ) = more deflection of cosmic radiation = less ionisation = less cloud = less occlusion =Global Warming
The proponents of this theory would suggest that the last Mini Ice age occurred as a consequence of a change in the Solar magnetic fields .(inactivity.) many of them over it's vast surface causing less deflection of cosmic radiation - more ionization- more H2o / cloud ; more precipitation..more cloud.;.more occlusion .. ; this more cooling.
This Mini Ice age is depicted in Dickens with people skating on the Thames which is frozen over ..
Some would go so far with this theory but come to the reverse conclusions ie more black spots = less solar radiation =less heat/ energy reaching earth =cooler earth ; So no one is really convinced that this is a viable thesis other than to admit that cosmic radiation exists and that solar wind exists and that a degree of ionisation does occur from cosmic radiation , but the results of any research seems inconclusive and as yet unconvincing.

So there's my quandary . - who dunnit ?

But I've left out the Gaia belief which holds that the earth is just a single organism - like a coral reef - in which we ( humans ) are just participants ; And this belief holds that the earth has a capacity , as do all living things , to reorganise itself , regenerate and heal.And that it orchestrates these biological expediencies for its own protection. For example it is suggested that the earth 'allows ' certain marine organisms to proliferate - the red tide- to cause release of gases to - and here I'm vague - is it to augment the depleted ozone layer and protect these organisms form ultra violet radiation and additionally allow the organisms to thrive , cause Co2 release , cloud to cause cloud formation or to cause Co2 formation - cloud - cooling etc.Then again would not the greenhouse effect prevail and cause warming?
Like all theories once you posit it you have to take the flak of subjecting it to scrutiny and analysis ;
Empirical evidence is scanty .
It seems that here more than anywhere else that the Chaos Theory ( forget macro economics)-prevails and nothing ultimately can be predictable because all of the contributing factors and their interactions and the sequellae of these reactions and interactions are unknown or as yet undetermined , or are perhaps unknowable and thus utterly unpredictable.

So whether climate change is due to our collective breathing , farting , burning , working , manufacturing , farming or whether its just an inevitable cyclical thing related to a state of flux in the suns magnetic fields or whether Gaia will nurse itself back to rude good health again despite continuous anthropomorphically perceived insult - its all to play for and indeed pay for.
I would welcome any informative view on any of this . I am inured to ridicule or satire but if you must or are so inclined -let it rip...

There would have to be a counter theory to all of the above and to quote the greatest and most lovable of chaotic theory - Groucho Marx - the reverse of all of the above could of be equally true .
And then of course there's God , the perfidy of the human condition; original sin , third secret of Fatima ..GW Bush..CIA FBI ..BBC..BB Kink Matt Buzby ..and Digg it.. digg it.. Dorris Day..- John Lennon

...But part of the problem with a strict interpretation of science is vanity or delusion. This is also the problem with religion- any religion.
Faith based religion (is there another kind?) is just that; based on blind faith. I will hold with any holder of a belief system as long as he believes ;or at least I'll walk part of the road with any one who has one (or none as the cliché goes)
. At the end of this enchanting journey we will either differ or agree; but we should each enjoy one another's company and enjoy the view as we go. Because all we, all; any of us have is part of the walk to go and only a miniscule part of the view.
But I'll leave the last word to Dylan - 'You don’t have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows '
But then I reflect. Mr Zimmerman borrowed his very name from the poet Dylan Thomas.
So I'll put it another way; when the last neutrino fades in to the last singularity. and we all disappear into where we were before 10/ -27seconds -( fondly referred to as the big bang ) and as God chuckles to himself I think he wont be playing Bach.. but perhaps the words of John Lennon when they played live to the first Telstar intercontinental TV broadcast... Nothing you can know that isn’t known.. All you need is Love . Love .. Love is all you need .

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