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Irish Citizens Denied Vote in Lisbon Referenda

category national | eu | press release author Thursday December 11, 2008 15:05author by Richard Walsh - Republican Sinn Féinauthor email tiocfaidh at btinternet dot comauthor phone +44-7835 620 592 / +353-87 261 8603 Report this post to the editors

RSF have condemned the subversive activities of the Dublin Administration in demanding a 'Yes' vote.

The decision to re-run the referendum on the rejected Lisbon Treaty in the 26-Counties next October represents an attempt to subvert the sovereign will of the People, a spokesman for Republican Sinn Féin has said.

“All kinds of pressure is being applied to those allowed to vote to ensure that they arrive at the result Brian Cowen and the EU 'élite' demand.

“Already a large section of the Irish population are denied their say on the issue. Nobody living under British occupation is permitted to vote, despite being Irish citizens who are resident in Ireland. Of course the fact that a majority of people in the Six Counties are opposed to the direction of the EU – including many who oppose the EU project entirely – means that this situation suits the Dublin administration.

“However, they were prepared to turn a blind eye to the non-resident former head of the 26-County administration, John Bruton – now the EU's representative in the United States – illegally casting a ballot in favour of the rebranded EU Constitution.

“The Dublin administration should have the decency to admit that Lisbon is dead instead of engaging in the same cynical exercise of a second referendum as was the case following the rejection of the Treaty of Nice.”

author by catladypublication date Sat Dec 13, 2008 03:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"The decision to re-run the referendum on the rejected Lisbon Treaty in the 26-Counties next October represents an attempt to subvert the sovereign will of the People, a spokesman for Republican Sinn Féin has said." etc etc etc......

Sinn Fein can say what they like. rerunning a referendum is not the equivalent of forcing a vote. I am NO supporter of our current government, but this is quite simply a ridiculous statement.

The Sovereign will of the people can and does change..... I welcome more referendums on various issues! In the Lisbon Treaty case, I believe the recent recession may change the minds of some. If not fair enough! As much as I hate Biffo and co, I have no reason to believe they rig referenda (is that the plural?).Ask me a question today I'll give you an answer. Ask me tomorrow you may get another/.

Not all of us are bogged down in family voting habits or party loyalty. I vote with what I think is best for me and my country. Be it a referendum or a local election.

In short, if ones "sovereign" or any other kind of will, does not change over time, then one is likely blinkered, probably stupid and most definitely suffering from the handicap of not being able to evolve as an individual with rational and independant thought.

Tp presume that we (the Irish people) can be somehow forced into voting in the opposite direction to that which we really desire, is highly insulting, no matter what party insinuates that we are so handicapped/bullied by the Biffo boys.

My opinions on the original Lisbon treaty here are irrelevant. I refuse to be bullied by either side. I vote with my heart and more importantly, with the information I make time to acquire. They can run it a 100 times and I will be happy. My opinion will no doubt evolve alongside the global/european situation at a given moment.

How dare any Irish political party (who all love us lol) attempt to stop Ireland from changing its opinion when the EU have given us that option? They certainly didn't have to let us choose again!

I say thanks for the second chance to choose, whatever we choose! Only a ridiculous megalomaniac would think all member states would bow to our ill informed decision. I'll live with the new decision whatever it is, as it will have been a fair choice, with updated information, and a chance to "opt in" to what is already going ahead, if that is what Ireland wants.

author by seach - Sinn Féinpublication date Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

just a small - possibly nitpickey - point of information.

This is a press release from RSF - Republican Sinn Féin - not Sinn Féin.

Please do not get the two organisations confused. Although Sinn Féin are on the 'NO' side of this argument, we would never articulate a position that proposes that the Irish people could be browbeaten into voting Yes at a re-run, despite the best interests of this government.

Related Link: http://www.sinnnfein.ie
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