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Noel Dempsey On the Pig's Back?

category national | miscellaneous | opinion/analysis author Friday October 17, 2008 17:55author by Carmel Ni Dhuibheanaigh - Independent Tara Campaigner Report this post to the editors

Last night about 12 members of the Vigil and Direct Action joined forces against the appearance of Noel Dempsey at Navan Library for the Book Launch of "Where Toll roads Meet" by Anthony Holten.

Minister Noel Dempsey
Minister Noel Dempsey

Upon the request of a local and well respected member of the Tara campaign ,the
plan was for no interruption to the actual Book Launch but we were prepared to
make our presence felt when he left the building. Open season.

He arrived to some heckling accompanied by a Detective and 2 Gardai. I was
standing outside with two banners and approached by a Garda who was very
reasonable about my right to protest especially when I told him I wasnt going
in. Behind us, a few members of our party quietly made their way in to the event.

The Launch got underway and at some point Dempsey got up to make his speech
during which he praised the Author Anthony Holten for his excellent writing and then said that
unfortunately he would have to disagree with some sections, in particular the
ones regarding the NRA. He then went on to quote Voltaire's famous line about
respecting the right to free speech and dying to preserve that right!!!

" While I may not agree with what you say, I would die to defend your right to
say it". Voltaire.

However this brought a spontaneous chortle/jeer from one Protestor , something
we had endeavoured not to engage in inside the Library. He was promptly escorted
outside where I saw him being manhandled by the Garda in a way that would let
him know that he would not be going back in -under any circumstances.

After this Tara Cannon presented the Author with a Beautiful glazed clay pot
made by the accomplished local Potter Heather Buchannon. The clay pot contained a candle lit
from the flame of the Vigil Fire and Tara said a few short words about its
origin and wished him well with the book. She spoke eloquently, gently and
respectfully. I know this because I saw the video footage played back, she did a
wonderful job. She then stood and posed for photographs with the Author and Noel
Dempsey, it was hilarious to see his face squirm. She explained that the flame was from the Vigil and it burns
in remembrance of the Henge at Lismullin , the Feasting Grounds of Barronstown
and the Ritual Burial Site at Collierstown etc.This brought jeers and shouts
from some in the Audience of "Go Home".

A Video journalist who had been filming , reminded the audience about Dempsey
quoting the right to free speech. It made no difference. The event wrapped up
shortly afterwards with the Gardai having been given orders by the Detective that they were to
keep all of "them" inside- presumably until he had a chance to get Dempsey to
the safety of his car.

When Dempsey emerged after the Book Launch he was greeted to chants, hisses,
boos and the spectacle of being followed to his car by yours truly carrying a
severed pig's head following him all the way to his car-

" See what you are Dempsey? Up to your snout in corruption. You stink of it."
and so on.

I really think it was the pigs head or something but the Gardai seemed taken
aback at first , Dempsey looked rattled ( oh the satisfaction) and then the
Gardai turned their attention to the other Protesters and there were threatened
arrests under Section 8 of the Public Order Act ( well abused section of the
Law). I wished Dempsey a safe journey home on his accursed road , cursed that he
is. After a brief mellee with the Guards all those protesting to highlight his
destruction of Heritage and the Tara Skryne Valley and his failure to implement
sustainable transport solutions left the area.

PS: The Pig's head was chosen to represent Politicians Ignoring Grievances
Systematically .

Also, Dempsey's Pig ignorance to the consequences for future generations and
Pig headedness to have the gall to quote Voltaire while Protesters are being
dragged through the courts for defending against illegal and destructive works
by multinationals.

No offence to the noble Pig.

Related Link: http://www.itison.net

Bring On The Tribunal
Bring On The Tribunal

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Fri Oct 17, 2008 18:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The following article was reported on Indymedia by Watcher- tarawtch.org article 75631


Tara Tycoons – political cronies poised to make fortunes
John Lee, political correspondent, Ireland on Sunday

Major developers who are also financial backers of Fianna Fáil stand to make millions from the controversial M3 motorway which conservationists say will destroy the historic Hill of Tara.

A company controlled by multi-millionaire builder Joseph Murphy Jr – whose main business, JMSE, was exposed as corrupt the Flood tribunal – owns valuable lands along the route.

So too does multi-millionaire Fianna Fáil backer Cathal McCarthy, formerly a business partner of Frank Dunlop, the corrupt former government press secretary, and of Des Richardson, a close friend of the Taoiseach.

Both Mr Murphy and Mr McCarthy stand to make millions from the sale of land needed for the motorway – which campaigners say will destroy some of our most important archaeological sites – and for the construction of intersections.

But Mr Murphy, in particular, stands to make even more substantial profits from the hundreds of acres of land which he owns within a few miles of the motorway route and which may well be opened up for development once construction is completed.

Support for the M3 route formed a major part of the Fianna Fáil campaign in Friday’s by-election – even though archaeologists and ecological activists have compared it to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and insist that it should be preserved.

Mr Murphy faces an investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau after playing a central role in the Flood/Mahon Tribunal into planning corruption. Mr Murphy and Frank Reynolds, the former managing director of JMSE who was also condemned by Mr Justice Fergus Flood, are beneficial directors of Newland Properties Ltd with an address at Ashley House, Batterstown, Co

Newland Properties owns 26 acres in Roestown, Ratoath, Co Meath, of which five-and-a-half acres are subject to compulsory purchase by Meath County Council for construction of the M3.

But in recent years, Newland Properties has bought up more than 130 acres in nearby Ratoath, Dunshaughlin, Dunboyne and ther parts of south Meath near the proposed route.

Though the CPO on the five-and-half acres is expected to net the company about €5m, the real potential for profit is in its other properties beside and near the M3 route. Inevitably, there will be pressure to rezone this land for housing and industrial development – a move that would bring in millions more for the two building magnates, according to property experts.

Frank Reynolds said the company owned more than 100 acres “if you take in Dublin and other places”. “I think if you ask anybody whose land will be affected by the M3 or N2, they would say they’d rather have the land. I wouldn’t say I’d make a killing on it. You can’t do much with land that has a road running through it”, said Mr Reynolds.“I don’t know if you can do much with it building-wise as people don’t want to live by a motorway”.

Land Registry documents show that Newland Properties also has a massive land portfolio in Dublin. JMSE has made huge financial contributions to Fianna Fáil and the Progressive Democrats.

Tribunal star James Gogarty, when accompanying Joseph Murphy and another corrupt building tycoon, Mick Bailey, to a 1989 meeting with now jailed ex-minister Ray Burke to make a corrupt €30,000 contribution, innocently asked: “Will we get a receipt?”

“Will we f***,” was the reply.

Cathal McCarthy, meanwhile, has made millions from the development of Navan town centre in partnership with another rich developer, Gerry Duignan. IoS has seen files that show Mr McCarthy owns 12 acres at the most controversial interchange on the motorway – right beside the Hill of Tara, ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland.

An additional 200-acre landback beside the interchange site was transferred to the name of Mr McCarthy since April 2004. The land is highly valuable given its proximity to the interchange and the M3. Opponents of the current route of the new motorway argue that the 29-acre, floodlit interchange will damage the Hill of Tara.

It has also been learned that in 1999, Mr McCarthy and Mr Duignan – registered with the Public Offices Commission as Duignan & McCarthy, PO Box 44, Navan, Co Meath – contributed £30,500 to Fianna Fáil. The contributions are listed as ‘£2,500 for attendance at a fundraiser, £3,000 for attendance at a fundraiser and £25,000 for attendance at a fundraiser’.

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Fri Oct 17, 2008 18:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Another illuminating article here. Many thanks to Madam K for her inspired idea on the Pig's head. Video footage will be posted over the weekend. If anyone else has any photographs from last night, please post. Thankyou
I bet Shell to Sea will have something to say too.

author by tarawatcherpublication date Fri Oct 17, 2008 22:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

proud of the protesters!

author by Curse of Tarapublication date Sat Oct 18, 2008 00:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Heard Eamonn Ryan last Sunday with Sean O'Rourke actually praising Noel Dempsey, my god how the worm has turned. Ryan better hope the Government don't fall over the budget since he's a gonner if a snap election is called!!

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Sorry, here is the link. Its long but if you are just looking for dirt on Dempsey there is some worth sifting out here.

Related Link: http://www.wiseupjournal.com/?p=18
author by Muddaearthpublication date Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

No wonder he looked rattled! Its not every day ya get followed by the Morrigan strideing up to ya with wild eyes, nostrils flaring and a severed pigs head in her hands :) Classic! Cant wait to see the video footage LOL

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Fraud probe into Dempsey brother deal

By - John Lee.

Noel Dempsey's brother and one of the transport minister's most powerful political allies are the subject of a fraud investigation ordered by new Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy, according to documents provided to the Irish Mail on Sunday.

Minister Dempsey had hoped the complicated and potentially embarrassing investigation into a land deal in his Co. Meath constituency had gone away.

But according to a Garda document dated May 2007, Detective Superintendent Eugene Gallagher has been appointed to take charge of the investigation into two companies, Eracase and Cloonisle Holdings.

Flats built on "car park" land

Mr. Dempsey's brother, Loman, and Raymond Potterton, an auctioneer appointed to the National Roads Authority by Mr. Dempsey are the owners of Eracase.

However, Mr. Gallagher is understood to have extended his investigation to include a second company, Cloonisle Holdings, after interviewing a new witness during the summer.

This is being seen as a significant breakthrough in the investigation into the highly complicated land deal in Navan, Co. Meath.

Mr. Gallagher indicated in correspondence to a key witness on May 16th, a week before the general election, that new interviews were being planned because of developments.

"I am anxious to move this matter on at this stage and so your early co-operation in this regard will be appreciated", wrote Mr. Gallagher, in a letter headed "allegations of fraud perpetrated against Meath Co. Council, Navan Urban District Council and the IDA".

The interviews took place in recent weeks.

The Garda document seen by the MoS also revels that then Deputy Commissioner Fachtna Murphy personally passed the file to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation in March 2006.

The MoS revealed last year that the alleged fraud is also being investigated by the Mahon Tribunal.

The Garda fraud inquiry focuses on the purchase of a 5,000sq.ft. plot of land, in the centre of Navan, by Eracase.

In 1995, the land at Market Square, in Navan, was sold by publican Jim Curry to the urban district council (UDC) for €45,000. Messrs. Potterton and Dempsey, through their company, Eracase, had earlier offered Mr. Curry €35,000 for the land but he refused to sell.

Mr. Curry said he was informed by the UDC that the land was to be used for a car park. He told the MoS that the UDC had threatened him with a compulsory purchase order if he did not sell.

The following year, the property was sold to Eracase for €45,000 and was subsequently used for an apartment complex known as the Steeples.

Publican held the trump card

Local gardaí investigated the land deal involving Eracase, Navan UDC and Meath Co. Council in 1995 but no action was taken.

In 2001, Noel Dempsey, who was then the environment minister and had responsibility for local authorities, ordered a senior official in his department to assess the land deal involving his brother, Loman, and Mr. Potterton.

The official, John Cullen, reported back saying there was no basis for a formal inquiry.

Loman Dempsey works for Mr. Potterton, one of Co. Meath's largest auctioneers and a close associate of the Dempsey family.

Commissioner Murphy ordered the investigation when new information came to light during the trial of a private detective, William Flynn.

At his trial last year, Mr. Flynn claimed that companies or individuals associated with Meath Co. Council got council land worth £4m for £98,000.

Mr. Flynn was tried for the alleged theft of a file in December 2003 and was cleared. He claimed the file related to "complex fraud" and "massive corruption".

He said one of his clients was James Curry who was paying for his time.

The court was told by former Navan town clerk John O'Donoghue that Mr. Curry had a plot of land that provided the only access to eight other plots off Ludlow Street, Navan, and all nine had been designated for urban renewal.

"He held the trump card", Mr. O'Donoghue said.

© Irish Mail on Sunday, 23rd. September 2007.

Related Articles:
Navan auctioneers to fight land deal allegations.

Related Link: http://www.savetara.com/articles/2007/092307_probe.html
author by paul o toolepublication date Sat Oct 18, 2008 14:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Is there ANY truth in the allegations that members of Minister Noel Dempseys family had purchased land prior to the planning 'approval' for the M-3 motorway on which it stands now??, and other lands purchased prior to approval just north of Tara/Skryne which is now approved for 'mixed use' (residential/retail/commercial) of prior greenfield land.

If this is so it would explain a lot, if not everything.

author by rasherspublication date Sat Oct 18, 2008 18:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

great stuff- well done all


author by nomoredramas - tara solidarity vigilpublication date Mon Oct 20, 2008 17:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

hope you enjoy!!!!

Related Link: http://www.livevideo.com/video/90CF167BDAAD420BBFA7370AE02965AC/minister-dempsey-gets-a-supris.aspx
author by confront them up personal - nonepublication date Mon Oct 20, 2008 19:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was very interested that Dempsey had three members of the Gardai for his personal use- a wide area of the county just outside Navan including Duleek, Donore and on to the borders of Drogheda have a three person PART TIME Garda station to cater fo thousands of people

We are at the mercy of every thug on the go

Its bit like when the Minister for Finances father was ill he was sent to the top unit in the world for his particular problem in the Mayo clinic- its not personal for them- they dont have to lie to a parent as I have done recently that they will be fine in the coming years

My late father and my 75 year old mother paid for a operation for the son of Mary Coughlan which would have cost the state tens of thousands- their reward?

Get up personal with these people

author by Ben Doverpublication date Wed Oct 22, 2008 16:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What was that about free speech? Threatened with arrest for telling a corrupt Minister to F@*% Off ?

Related Link: http://www.livevideo.com/video/402A08C8B95F4E4EBA2AD99E3D1511FC/garda-shenanegans-16-10-2008.aspx
author by Vpublication date Wed Oct 22, 2008 17:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The matter of "cultural genocide", and the fact that it is a violation of international law, has been raised today with a selection of senior politicians, lawyers, and religious leaders.

For details, please see at:

Related Link: https://www.indymedia.ie/article/84679#comment209964
author by Casey Upublication date Tue Apr 21, 2009 07:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The problem of wasteful spending and earmarks is especially difficult to solve because members of both political parties are equally eager to spend tax dollars on worthless and unnecessary "pet projects." In this regard, there is no difference between the two political parties. But a certain project by the government details the “pork” spending done by the federal government every year. It is known as the Citizens Against Government Waste. If more people had their hands on it, a lot of legislators would doubtless put an online cash advance to stop it. The CAGW makes the Pig Book available for free download and a hard copy of the yearly report available for a cash donation. The donation asked for isn't huge, so you can get a copy of the Pig Book of government pork without worrying about short term loans.

Related Link: http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2009/04/14/pig-book-details-government-spending-pet-projects/
author by Finbarpublication date Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is an interesting subject, which voters could usefully better familiarise themselves with perhaps?

In a nutshell:

"Pork barrel is a derogatory term referring to appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district." (From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pork_barrel )

For some modern Republic of Ireland examples of this grisly custom:

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