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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

offsite link Did Vaccines Really Save 500,000 Lives in the UK? Sat Jul 02, 2022 08:18 | Noah Carl
A study claims the vaccines saved 500,000 lives in the UK up to 8 December 2021. But this isn't plausible. The number of excess deaths in the first year of the pandemic (before vaccines) was only 76,000.
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Voltaire Network
Voltaire, international edition

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Greystones Gets Apartments On Foreshore But the Children Have to wait for a Accident And Emergency.

category wicklow | environment | press release author Sunday September 21, 2008 17:46author by Mr.Peter Brady Alias. - Concerned Citizens Action Committee. Report this post to the editors

Essential Needs.

This is our third statement.

Dear Citizens And Friends.

As you are all well aware by now we have been accused of writing endless statements,we do not apologise for this because we are of the opinion that if the politicians did their job properly there would be no need to write them.The situation regarding essential services in County Wicklow are non exsistent because of BAD PLANNING and NO COMMITMENT from the politicians to do anything about it.One of these vital needs that is required is a Accident And Emergency Unit for sick children.At present there is a policy been operated here that needs to be addressed which is placing the sick child in a life and death situation.When the parents arrived at the hospital with the child they are seen by the triage nurse who will survey the situation,on this recommendation the doctor may refer the whole matter to the children's hospital in dublin.This whole matter could take at least sixty minutes before the parents would receive the referral letter from the doctor.We do not blame the hospital authorities for this because we know they are trying to do their best under difficult circumstances,but serious questions need to be asked now in the year 2008 why the children and their parents have to put up with a third world service,which is unacceptable in their own country which has experienced twenty five years of boom.

We are calling on the Department Of Health to come clean with the people by letting them know the type of policy been operated here,or put up a sign at the end of the road stating please do not stop here go straight to the childrens hospital in Dublin.This would save everybody a lot of time and particulalry for the sick child who needs them vital minutes in seeing a doctor.We are calling on the Department to make a public statement on the matter aswell as our local politicians,Established Bodies in Bray And Greystones who represent the Business Communities,Bray Town Council, And The Wicklow County Council to start addressing this serious matter at hand.Seeing that they have no problem in getting zoneings and planning permissions through for high rise apartments but at the same time the children of Wicklow will be 'DENIED' a Accident And Emergency Unit.

It also needs to be made known that there is a plan underway in moving both the childrens hospitals over to the northside of Dublin,leaving us with no cover at all,which will add extra burden and stress on the child and its parents who would be travelling a long distance.The BAD PLANNING of this is clearly over the top and it is very clear these people are not living in the real world.It is unacceptable to expect parents who are under stress living south of the river liffey in making a journey accross the city of Dublin with a sick child in the height of a traffic crisis,and when arriving at their destination to find a parking situation which is also one of crisis where you have a twenty four hour clamping in operation aswell as the parking restrictions been enforced.So if they are building this state of the art hospital we at the Concerned Citizens Action Committee say build the parents and children a free car park and stop ripping them off.

We at the Concerned Citizens Action Committee say refurbish our lady's hospital in Dublin and leave both hospitals where they are.Build the new state of the art hospital for the children north of the river liffey and finally build a proper Accident and Emergency hospital for the children of Wicklow,Wexford,Waterford and Kilkenny by making it central and easy access to get to.This plan is more realistic which we say is the proper and humane way to go,instead of persuing a policy of Privatisation which is simply not working for the people.Let us work together in providing a proper health service one of which we should be all proud of and not just words,and let us go forward together in doing this.It is the duty of every parent that has a child to make a positive comment on this site in relation to this serious matter.We are appealing to parents and any right minded thinking person in making your feelings be made known on this particular issue on and off this website,which is a matter of grave concern to all.

Thanking You All Once Again Mr.Peter Brady Of The Concerned Citizens Action Committee For Bray And Greystones.

If You Want To Contact us Email us at fightingcorruptioninwicklow@hotmail.com.

author by Eileenpublication date Fri Oct 03, 2008 21:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The above statement says it all,i am a worried parent who has experienced this at our local hospital at Loughlinstown.Myself and my husband arrived up one evening with our sick child a little girl of four years of age to be told take a seat agreed we were not left waiting for long,before the triage nurse examined our child.After the examination took place we were told to wait outside we were waiting for about thirty minutes before the doctor called us in,in which he handed us a referral letter and told us take her to tallaght hospital without looking at her.We felt the whole thing was a complete waste of time going in there.As stated in the above statement the HSE are responsible for not letting the public know what is going on at the hospital.

For us it was a bad stomach bug but the question??? we are asking is if the case was a lot more serious what way would they deal with this at the hospital.We also feel that Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown county council,Bray town council,Wicklow county council,both the chamber of commerce in Bray and Greystones and the local politicians are not doing enough regarding this ridiculous situation and what are we paying our taxes for.But as the statement has said it appears they are more interested in building apartments on a public beach because there is money in it for them and certainly not in a accident and emergency for sick children.

We do need a full time accident and emergency unit at loughlinstown for sick children,To cater for the east coast .So would you please get up off your backsides and start doing something.I am writing this comment on the anniversaries of the two firemen who gave their lives to the people of county wicklow.Its time for all of you to give something back to the people because someday when you have no money you may need public service.

Thanking You a worried parent in county wicklow.

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