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Amadeu Casellas 72 days Hungerstrike - "Broadening Political Support"

category international | crime and justice | news report author Monday September 01, 2008 14:14author by solidarity Report this post to the editors

The newspaper of the Basque independence & armed struggle tradition "Gara" has carried an interview with Amadeu's mother & his lawyer on the weekend which they reflected on the release of the leader of Batasuna Arnaldo Otegi, & his call for dialogue and prisoner support. A translation to English of that Gara interview is included in this news piece on the ongoing campaigns.

Street activity, stencils, graffitis etc., are increasingly visible. International anarcho-solidarity has seen embassies and consuls picketed in South America & even Ireland.

A concentration at the prison hospital fence in Terrassa Catalonia

A march of several hundred in Barcelona. http://barcelona.indymedia.org/?category=criminalitzacio
Statements of support from deputies of both the ERC (Catalan Republican Independence) party and ICV (Catalan post-marxist Greens), Both deputies formally requesting in an open letter to Albert Batlle of the Catalan penitentiary service to meet with Amadeu.

It is thus an idea to communicate with that individual :-

__Dirección General de Servicios Penitenciarios
__Albert Batlle
__c/Aragó, 332. Barcelona, España
__Phone: 0034.
__Fax: 00

__________________________.: translation of the Gara interview :.______________________
In spite of Amadeu Casellas having today [yesterday] reached 71 days of hunger strike, the provincial
government of Catalonya refuses to recieve his relatives. The Mossos d'esquadra (regional police) impeded their monday meeting with Albert Batlle, responsible for the Penitentiary Service, if the support demo which was taking place in front of the Government premises was not disassembled.

Q: Why is Amadeu Casellas in prison?

DIANA REIG: Principally for the various bank robberies during the 70's and 80s'.
The money taken was given, above all, to workers of businesses in struggle. He was a militant Anarchist.

Q: And why did the hunger strike of the past 23rd of June start?

D.R.: What Amadeu requires with the hunger strike is that he is set free, and two options are offered: that he is given the 'third grade', or the merging of sentences currently being met.In 1987 he already had 5 convictions merged, which converted to 15 years. What we ask now is that thay make the same with those which are being served, as it's a normal practise with all prisoners. If the sentences which are being serves now are merged, they become 15 years. Altogether then, 30 years of imprisonment. If from these 30 years we subtract eight years of penitentiary benefits, we collect the 22 years of prison which have already been served.

Q: Taking all of these elements into consideration, what is the reason he has not been released already?

D.R.: the Penentiary Institution of the Governemnt gives the excuse of breach of condemnation, which have been broken various times. But there there's a trap, because in reality they make him pay two times for the crime: on the one hand, among the convictions for which he serves time include violation of condemnation, but also say that breaking the prison sentence he loses benefits. It's a double conviction for a single offence.

Q: The petition of release, At what point of the legal level is it found?

ROSER IBORRA: We presented it to the Judge de Vic as proper, but she has shown to be very hard and denied freedom. She never tired of repeating that she was subjected to the "rule of law". Now we have appealed to the Provincial Audience of Barcelona. But we know that the reason for which they maintain him encarcelated isn't legal so much as political. They do this to punish him as a prisoner that has been very vindictive.

Q: In what revindications has Amadeu Casellas participated during his stay in prison?

D.R.: He has participated in many campaigns during the space of all the years which he has been in prison -He has been in all the Catalan prisons-, and has made various hunger strikes. Recently he has participated in the campaign against the FIES prisons and for the release of ill prisoners.

Q: How is he physically after 70 days of hunger strike?

D.R.: He has lost 30 kilos in these 70 days, and now only weighs 63, as such is very skeletal. And now we are worried because if he stops taking glucose his health can deteriorate very rapidly.

JOSEFINA RAMON: I'm afraid because I don't know what will happen, i've afraid that there are sequels left. Now he's starting to lose his sight, and can't get out of bed. he doesn't want that I visit him so I don't see how he is. Those of the Penitentiary Institutions have their compassion in the feet. The last time I was there alone they left me only 15 minutes to be with him. Many times i've bit my toungue because I don't want to say things that could bring him problems.

R.I.: Since he has been transferred to the hospital they only let his Mother, the Lawyer, and two people more enter. I have made the request to visit him 4 times, and Amadeu himself as well has asked, but every time we ask they tell us that they don't have a record of the request and we have to return again to ask.

Q: In respect to his state of mind, how have you found him?

D.R.: He is very lively, has many hopes, and this makes us have a lot of hope for everything. The truth is he is almost skeletal, but when you speak with him he's always still lively, and he also makes you more lively. He is convinced with what he's doing. The first hunger strike began in April, but he stopped because the head of the prison told him he would resolve the situation; but he did not, so Amadeu saw that he had been "sold smoke", that he had been cheated.
Now he says that he will exit on his own legs, or with his feet forward. The hunger strike is to the final consequences.

GARA 31 august 2008

Translated from: http://www.gara.net/paperezkoa/20080831/94285/es/Amadeu...ldra-
c/f http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/350059/...x.php

solidarity actions have been reported in many places including Chile, Canada, the Basque Country, Ireland, Mexico & Uraguay .

you can still send him postcards -

Amadeu Casellas Ramón
Hospital de Terrassa, Mòdul penitenciari
Ctra. Torrebonica, s/n
C.P. 08227


his lawyer Francesc Arnau
updates from La Haine
updates from A Las Barricadas
reports on IMC UK
"Amadeu Casellas, 64 days hungerstrike - a "not political enough" prisoner."
Amadeu Casellas, 72 days hungerstrike - a "more political" prisoner now.
a new news wiki compilation :-
Barcelona IMC criminalisation & repression section

IMC Ireland articles on Amadeu

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/index.php?obj_id=2117&topic_id=®ion_id=&language_id=&type_id=&media_type=&convert_dates=true&time_posted_upper_limit=&time_posted_lower_limit=&search_te...tion=
author by Diarmuid - Dublin Irish Bgasque Committeepublication date Thu Sep 04, 2008 19:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In Madrid earlier this week I saw some grafitti calling for Amadeus to be set free. This is a struggle of political and civil rights which should be supported and there is no need for the despicable unfavourable comparisons between this Anarchist and Basque Left-Nationalist hunger-strikers or other political prisoners as were made in an article by Indymedia UK (wherever the "UK" is!).

It is good to see coverage of this in Indymedia Ireland but PLEASE can we see better translations from Castellano (Spanish) or Euskara (Basque) to English? It's not just a question of good text but at times of intelligibility. I am prepared to help out with translation of limited texts such as this one from Castellano to English -- unfortunately at the moment I only know some phrases in Euskara.

I hope that people write to the Spanish Government (Dept of Foreing Affairs) and to their Embassy here in Dublin (and send them faxes) to assist in bringing pressure to bear for this situation to end.


author by translatorpublication date Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

(1) You no doubt noticed Diarmuid the widening of support for Amadeu which followed the provocations by anarchists to both Catalan and Basque independence groups. In the case of Catalunya widening support only came after Franki's open letter. In the case of Euskal Herria this also included mainstream commercial press comparisons & was followed immediately by the interview which was then with little alacrity cross posted as if it had been the only interview. But every little helps.

(2) you might have missed that IMC UK stands for indymedia centre "united kollectives". It was a name invented years & years ago, (by an Irish person as it happens) to sidestep the then incongruity of Irish & Scottish as well as global nodes (but not the first Cymrue site) being hosted on that server. You could find out more about the history of the first IMC umbrella in Europe here http://www.indymedia.ie/article/87423 - At present most but not all IMC groups working for the geographic area of the political entity of the UK are members of united kollectives. But a tiny minority are not for reasons of their unorthodox approach to site and list moderatorship and horizontal solidarity.

(3) you seem to oddly have missed the chain of responsibility in the Amadeu case. The addresses offered by support groups, then picked up by Catalan independence groups & finally Gara quite clearly pointed you to the Catalan ministries not the Spanish state. It's strange you missed that considering you are a noted supporter of Basque independence and the Batasuna route to same. But the addresses given were to members of the Catalan autonomous government's institutions and the case involved Catalan law.

(4) you probably will enjoy Germany IMC's current feature which covered the release of Batasuna leader Otegi from prison after 15 months and his appeal for prisoner support and dialogue. You could go there and put it through a machine translation & then perhaps write about your subject for indymedia ireland rather than consistently sniping at those who have written on "your subject" for the past few years. http://de.indymedia.org/2008/09/225880.shtml

Hopefully you have noticed that since that significant sharing of campaign issues there has been increased coverage of Basque issues on European IMC sites. Obviously coverage is not at the same level nor as widely pitched as was enjoyed during the last attempts at a peace process, but as already written - you have your opportunity to be your media.

your Euskara might stretch to this : Mendiz mendi Mendirik mendi

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