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Lockdown Skeptics

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Voltaire Network
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East Down Ogra play key role in Easter commemorations

category down | miscellaneous | press release author Tuesday March 25, 2008 19:57author by East Down Ogra - Ogra Shinn Fein Report this post to the editors

East Down Ogra Shinn Fein played a key role in Easter parades across the county, including Newcastle, Castlewellan and Downpatrick. The Ogra colour party lead the parade in Newcastle and Downpatrick and followed the senior colour party in the Castlewellan march. The colour party consisting of activists from Kilcoo, Newcastle and Ballynahinch proudly marched in commemoration of Irelands patriot dead and sought to show to the public that Irelands youth would continue to play a pivotal role in the struggle for re-unification.

Speaking on behalf of the colour party a spokesperson from Ballynahinch said,
“It is of the up most importance that the Ogra continue to remember our fallen comrades. Through the Easter celebrations we continue to show that the republican cause will not fade and that we will work to build upon the foundations that were set in the 1916 rising. I think that Ogra leading the parades is also reflective of how important youth is to the ongoing struggle, it is our generation that will continue the fight in the future and the onus is on us to ensure a greater interest by young people to get involved.”

Among the commemorations in Castlewellan was also the unveiling of a new monument remembering the volunteers of South Down who gave their lives in active service. East Down Ogra Shinn Fein would like to congratulate the South Down Graves association for the good work they have done with the monument and in making sure that the South Down roll of honour is giving a fitting public memorial.

author by Fallen Comrades?publication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 01:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I didn't realise that Ógra had any fallen comrades. Here I thought they were Leinster House, Stormont, British Government Youth Supporters. Were their comrades casualties of Irish Republicans? Why honour them on Easter?

Na Fianna Éireann, the Republican Youth Group that supports Republican ideals such as Éire Nua, is the only Republican Youth Movement I know of that has any fallen comrades.

Perhaps I'm wrong and you can enlighten me.

author by indyjournopublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 16:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Here we go another Sinn Féin thread and another trolling session from a supporter of Redundant Sinn Féin. For a party that was formed 22 years ago you have done absolutely nothing. I must congratulate your elderly members for discovering indymedia but perhaps you could discover the ability to not troll. Every thread and its the same crap from members of your catholic conservative Redundant Sinn Féin. Get a life, get an analysis and how about trying to build your "movement". Oh yeah I forget you are the only republicans aren't you. Absolute irrelevant organisation and bitter old men. Redundant Sinn Féin the true bar stool republicans

author by Daithipublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 16:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

perhaps you could answer him? I do know that members of NFE were killed and that NFE is affliated, as a Republican group would be, to RSF. I understand also that there was an RSF comemoration held in Tyrone for two of these young men.

What fallen comrade is Ogra on about? I also am aware of none. Seeking truth in what gets posted here isn't trolling, replies such as yours are though as they are only filled with insult. This isn't an ogra meeting. you cant just tell lies. useers of indymedia will ask questions and point out mistruths lies and/or inaccuaracies that are dealt out so freely within and from your organisation. aka the provisionals.

author by indyjournopublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 16:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ogra are a member of the provisional movement which have had plenty of fallen comrades. Perhaps a little history lesson would serve you well.

And quite frankly every Sinn Féin thread is the same, members of Redundant Sinn Féin come on and claim that they are the leadership of the republican movement and everyone else is sheep, traitors, heretics blah blah blah, which is as ridiculous as it can get.

But perhaps as members of the one true catholic faith it's been ingrained in you to hunt out who you view as witches and heretics and to save their souls by burning them at the stake?

Is that your strategy?

Devil (sorry i meant not true followers of the true republican movement) i cast thee out?

How do you measure if someone is a republican or not is it by virtue of them being a member of RSF or is it by them sinking in water?

While all readers of indymedia like a solid critique of Sinn Féin and indeed other organisations someone like you will never provide it because you don't have the political intelligence to provide it. Nobody particularly gives a shit what RSF do because RSF have made themselves redundant. The only time an activist like me ever comes across RSF is when they come onto a Sinn Féin thread on indymedia and repeat the same bloody mantra over and over again. A mantra is not an ideology and trolling is not a political strategy. It seems to me with the increase in Redundant Sinn Fein supporters coming onto indymedia that they somehow view their "war" as now being a "war" against Sinn Féin and it's supporters on indymedia. Maybe thats because you are incapable of fighting a real war? or a political battle?

author by daithipublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 17:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

the first person to comment was merely asking for a little truth thats all , I seconded that thinking letting you know that userers here at indymedia unlike provos are not hostile to the concept. though i shouldnt be that suprised at your anger that someoen would dare seek honesty, you are a supporter of adams eh? . All you engage in in either strawmen or ad hominen distraction and bulshit quite frankly.

Anyone familiar with RSF at all would tell you there has been an increase in support from young people. all you do is go on about barstools,old men (ageism??) and religion for some reason. What you DONT DO is deal with or debate in substance or politics or principles. because you clearly cannot. in that debate there isnt one and well you know it.

RSF are all 'old men' you claim, not by the looks of it..



author by indyjournopublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 17:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The first comment from one of your ilk was trolling as I have already stated. Your videos show how redundant your organisation is and makes it even more laughable the arrogance of Redundant Sinn Féin to claim that they are the republican movement. The age profile of the people proves that it is an elderly mans party, I reckon that the young people that are there are only there to get pocket money off their parents so they can have a few pints while pretending to be republican hardmen down the pub.

You have no honesty as anybody who is not a Redundant Sinn Féin member can see. And how many decades of the rosary did you'se say at that comemmoration?

And come on answer the question how do you decide who is republicans? is it by membership of Redundant Sinn Féin or is it by seeing whether they sink in water?

Hows redundant sinn feins involvment in community campaigns going on? Is there any? I have never came across any Redundant Sinn Fein member in any campaign I have been involved in nor have anybody I know. Which is probably just as well as we find your conservative catholic tripe amusing. I am more than prepared to debate with anyone who has political intelligence, you and your organistion have absolutley none.

Oh how is your military campaign coming along? The CIRA have done what exactly since they were formed 22 years ago? What have Redundant Sinn Féin done in the 22 years of your existence?

How about you join a campaign so that all the activists who read indymedia can actually engage with you and show you how redundant you lot are.

The anarchist bookfair had more people attend it than Redundant Sinn Féin could get at any event they try and organise. Eirigi have more respect than Redundant Sinn Fein and your party was formed 20 years before theirs was. Bar stool republicans is all you lot are because people need quite a few drinks before they'd in any way tolerate you lot.

author by Fallen Comradespublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 17:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Indyjourno, I'll get a life (as you so kindly commanded me to do so) if you get yourself a thesaurus. You're spewing repetitive nonsense like a madman. Perhaps you've spent too much time on those barstools that you're obsessed about.

author by indyjournopublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 18:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"You're spewing repetitive nonsense like a madman"

Wow good solid critique there. In fact that is what I have been complaining about since my first post on this thread. Redundant Sinn Féin are just repetitive trolls on indymedia and repeat the same redundant shite over and over and over again. We are the only republicans, we are the movement. Any Sinn Féin thread and on comes the Redundant Sinn Fein trolls with the same reptitive shite over and over and over. After 22 years of existence us activists believe that you would have come up with something intelligent and non repetitive to say.

And unfortunately for you I musn't frequent that many bars or else I would have come across one of your ilk.

author by T. Keane - independantpublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 18:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I am no supporter of RSF (not an detracter either though) but I'd suggest to their supportersd that they not allow themselves to be pulled into this kind of nonsense by even attempting dialogue with people like 'indyjourno" ( a person posing as an indymedia journalist) Keep pusing the subjects that we have been able to read recently. Some very intresting topics of late have been contributed by RSF people and by others i assume to be RSF people.

The two most recent ones i can think of in particular was Caels contributions putting forward Republican analysis regarding Housing and direct democracy, those along with Eire Nua and Saol Nua show forward thinking by members of RSF.

RSF has also been, since the inception of both the 'save tara" as well as Shell to sea involved in both. I read Saoirse and get their weekly newsbulletin thru email and would count them, no matter the other disagreements i have with them as teh most progressive Republican group out there. I would also say that activists, such as myself, who have been around a little longer than the adoloscent posting above do have quite a bit of respect for RSF and O"Bradiagh.Weather you belive they were formed in 1986 or 1905 they've been around longer than you, and done and seen alot more than you, young man.

author by WTpublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 20:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

On another thread I asked Ogra what they thought of the Deputy's decision to shun the various Easter commemorations run by $inn Feign in order to attend Fianna Fail's parade in Dublin. I of course I got no reply.
I believe that like all politicians McGuinness having reached the lofty heights of deputy to the 1st Minster of Northern Ireland, he now feels that such parades are below him. It mightn't be 'offensive to the Unionists if he were attending a parade run by FF which was not commemorating those who died during the previous struggle.
Believe in people like that and they'll abandon you to suit their own agenda.

author by Oisín - ÓSFpublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 22:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Your question is loaded, McGuiness did not shun Republican commemorations.

He attended a 26 county state commemoration. While of course it is ridiculous that people like ahern and kenny want to commemorate 1916 and call the IRA terrorists and couldnt give a shit about the 6 counties but we cant decide FF/FG's policies can we.

We were there through martin McGuinness representing the republican cause north and south exemplified in the sacrifice of the men and women of 1916. I dont like the fact that its centred around the free state army but at least it presents an opportunity to put forward the politics of the rising in some way, we do need to make more politics of it though.


Ogra is a part of the Republican Movement, we commemorate all those who have given their lives in the cause of freedom, especially members of Na Fianna Eireann which was wound up in 1992. In the 22 years the Continuity Movement has existed it has done nothing, and no members of Conto Youth have done anything to commemorate.

author by WTpublication date Wed Mar 26, 2008 23:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

That says it all, Provisionalism through Deputy McGuinness has aligned it's self with Fianna Fail. That shows your naivety and gullibility Oisin.
The men and woman who are buried in Republican plots around the country are there because they believed in the leadership which contained the person who chose the commemoration of FF over those of $F. That same leadership which went behind the backs of those who had actually fought the war and negotiated a surrender which had the British Government writing and passing statements of the Provisionals. Sure the DUP knew what was happening before the grass root members of $F.
Neither Adams nor McGunness were at commemorations here in the North because they now believe themselves to be above such things.

Please stop referring to Na Fianna as if $inn Feign had some sort of copy right on them. I was in Na Fianna in my youth and because it was then a part of Provisional IRA doesn't mean they can lay claim to it. The real fighters like the Dark were also in the Provos and he went to his grave despising all that Adams and $inn Feign stood for, despite certain people trying to hijack his funeral and respectability.

author by ede óg - ógra Shinnféinpublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 01:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

WT - Theobald i presume- Sinnféin leader's spoke at commemorations accross Ireland at Easter as did M mc G, and i dont know why he was at a 26 county assembly commemoration in Dublin maybe its something got to do with him being in the 6 county assembly and wanting to unify the 2 and establish the Government of the Irish republic which was the proclaimed declaration of 1916's will.

Saor uladh
Saor uladh

author by not your ownpublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 01:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

thats a RSYM poster

author by Fallen Comradespublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 03:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Look, the joke of a debate is already over, you lost... just like the "troubles" in Daddy Gerry's eyes. Ask them for a Euro, get a Flake and go home. OR...

Take the activism which you've been learning/ harvesting and put it to some better use. I've no doubt there's some very interested, active people in your org., get out from the under that umbrella and become incredible, Republican adults. I'm not saying join "this" or "that" organisation... just be true to yourselves! Some of us will listen to you and your ideas. Inspite of what the completely mis-targeting poster from earlier was claiming. There's more to life then parties!

There's no shame in making incorrect decisions, the shame is failing to learn from them!

author by indyjournopublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 09:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Once again we have more bluff about Redundant Sinn Féin. As someone who has been involved in S2S since the start I have never met anybody from Redundant Sinn Féin involved in the camapign so it is a complete fallacy to suggest otherwise. I have asked people involved in Tara and they say likewise about that campaign. And to suggest that the topics that they have been covering on indymedia are interesting merely shows the depth of your political "interest" which is hardly surprising since you admit reading Saoirse and their weekly bulletin so your standards of what constitutes solid political critique and decent politcal arguments will be about as admired by indymedia readers as a daily mail readers would be. As for calling me an adolescent, learn a new one. All Sinn Féin threads descend into this absolute farce because of Redundant Sinn Féin and it's supporters and this is the first time I have commented on one of these articles because quite frankly I am sick of Redundant Sinn Féin and their bullshit of "we are the only republicans, everyone else is traitors". You're a redundant party with members who are sheep and who aren't involved in any campaigns, let alone any republican ones. Even though your party has been in existence for 22 years and Eirigi about 2 years they are involved in campaigns and you aren't (all credit to them).

As for WT the reality is the majority of people supported the good friday agreement and accepted it and a credible opposition has not yet been established against it yet. All you seem to have done is come onto indymedia and prattle on with your dollar sign and call people sheep and traitors. I have never seen a decent analysis from you about where to go in future, nor an intelligent critique of what went on in the past. All leaders are more conservative than their members, history has proven that, and if you weren't aware of that than you clearly have no idea about representative democracy or history. And if you think Redundant Sinn Féin or any other political party are going to be different than you still aren't aware of that and there is absolutely no hope for you.

And it is because of your stupid dollar sign that from now on I am going to use redundant for that conservative catholic clique.

And fallen comrades that is one of the worst contributions to any republican thread. Considering I am not a member of ogra and quite frankly find them irrelevant, although a lot more relevant than redundant sinn féin and its ilk, your piss poor attempt at patronising people is amusing considering you came onto this thread like you and your ilk go on every SF thread and abuse ogra and SF activists. Once you and your ilk are confronted you cry about abuse and then say "Some of us will listen to you and your ideas" which is absolute horsehit because you and your ilk are the biggest pack of sheep on the politcal spectrum in Ireland and I include the SWP in that.

author by WTpublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 13:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I don't support RSF, neither do I support 32CSM or who ever else you want to name. Namely because I, like the Dark and other Republicans of my generation don't agree with a continuation of Armed struggle because we have seen first hand young people, some as young as 17 being carried to their graves by people who then set about sending some other young person out to risk their lives. I must add that I include only a small number of armchair generals in those leaders. Others like the Dark led from the front and are worthy of our respect.
For 30 years these so called leaders, Adams and the Deputy told us that armed struggle would continue while Britain remained in Ireland, against the wishes of the majority of people they continued to send young people out wage war, die or be imprisoned.
All the while little did we realize that that leadership was surrounded by well placed touts moving them in a certain direction and keeping the Brits up to date with their every move. I was stunned when I learned that the man charged with hunting down touts was the biggest tout.
The War was a waste, the Unionists are still in control, The $hinners have replaced the SDLP as the new Sycophants on, the block the people particularly in West Belfast are beginning to wise up to Adams and I'd be pleased to hear you list what $inn Feign have achieved and how they are going to get an United Ireland.

I snipe at $inn Feign because for years they have done the same to good, courageous people like the Dark.

author by ghandi of the east wallpublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 14:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Does it get you anywhere? Attacking Sinn Fein is not a neutral activity- it obviously helps the party's opponents. Did you have a little celebration when you saw Cyprian Brady elected as your representative las summer?

author by WTpublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 15:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Since The Beard and The Deputy set out to undermine and dismantle the Provos, one of their main tactics was to blacken the names and snipe at Republicans who questioned or opposed what was happening. We all know about the other tactics, the visits, Dark mentioned them many times.
Those who towed the line were rewarded well and I don't have to repeat about who now is very wealthy and who is getting there.
I don't care about the $hinner's opponents, for they are now mostly on the same side, the British side, but I do care wholeheartedly for those mostly young people who have died for what was to be a lie. I owe it to them to let people know about the lies and deceit of $inn Feign and I as well as others take every opportunity to do so, not only online but also when speaking to young people, family and friends.

Talking about the Thought Police, I see they have moved in on the ATN.

Who the hell is Cyprian Brady?

author by Ghandi of North Strandpublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 15:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Please note that Ghandi of North Strand is not to be confused with Ghandi of East Wall, and I have no idea who he/she is. For the record whilst I did not celebrate at Cyprian Brady's election, I certainly did celebrate at the rejection by the people of Dublin Central of PSF and particularly their Rathgar, middle class candidate Mac Donald

author by WTpublication date Thu Mar 27, 2008 16:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

When I said that The $hinner's opponents were on the same side the British side I was not including any Republican grouping in that.
I'm sure you realized that.
I also meant that the $hinners and their opponents were on the same side.
I really should have checked what I typed before posting.

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