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Emergency Injunction

category national | environment | press release author Tuesday March 11, 2008 11:54author by Terry Report this post to the editors

Tara situation and emergency injuction

Thursday 13th. March 10.30am in the Four Courts there will be a hearing regarding an emergency Injunction on the situation at Tara.
Press release to follow.

Related Link: http://www.sacredireland.org
author by Laura - TaraWatchpublication date Tue Mar 11, 2008 21:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There will be a demonstration on Thursday outside the Four Courts from 10am, in support of this application. Please bring banners etc.

Related Link: http://www.tarawatch.org
author by Peadarpublication date Tue Mar 11, 2008 22:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Authors (including me as one of them) of the injunction have not called for a demonstration.

author by peadarpublication date Wed Mar 12, 2008 03:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

perhaps after the hearing, im just going on advice i have received ! ?...

alternatively dont just demonstrate, take it over, then the country, and declare an actual republic , ...go all the way !!...

author by ?publication date Wed Mar 12, 2008 16:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

CANNEY -V- IRELAND & ORS 2007/6005 P
Issue Date: 09/08/2007

Plaintiff Name: CANNEY MICHAEL Solicitor Firm: ANTHONY MURPHY

28/02/2008 0 Notice of discontinuance
12/09/2007 0 Memo Entry of Appearance Solicitor DAVID J O HAGAN
31/08/2007 0 Memo Entry of Appearance Solicitor MC CANN FITZGERALD

Defendant Name: IRELAND Solicitor Firm: DAVID J O HAGAN

Defendant Name: ATTORNEY GENERAL Solicitor Firm: DAVID J O HAGAN



Defendant Name: NATIONAL ROADS AUTHORITY Solicitor Firm: MC CANN

Defendant Name: SIAC CONSTRUCTION LTD Solicitor Firm: UNKNOWN

Defendant Name: FERROVIAL AGROMONA [IRELAND] LTD Solicitor Firm:



Here is Michael Canney's statement read out at the launch today
Statement by Michael Canney, plaintiff, Save Tara/M3 Legal Case
29th August 2007

It has never been my ambition to put my name forward in a legal
challenge, especially a challenge against such a seemingly impregnable
array of powerful political and economic forces. I have done so only as
a last resort, and only because it is absolutely essential that the
silent majority who oppose this road are given a final chance to have
their concerns heard before the courts. While the political and
commercial backers of this enterprise have seen fit to ignore public
opinion up to now – they cannot so easily dismiss the judiciary.

The debate which has raged unevenly between heritage and economics
since the Wood Quay protests of the eighties have finally reached its’
nadir at Tara, a low-point that even the most pessimistic among us
could not have anticipated. The Tara landscape – the cradle of our
civilization, an icon of our nationhood, the mythical heart of our
country is to be defaced in the name of private profit and political

The damage already wrought on the landscape cannot be undone; and the
destruction of individual sites over the last six months are individual
and collective acts of vandalism. However, the integrity of the
landscape as a whole, its stillness and physical beauty are still to be
preserved and so this struggle will be conducted by any means and
through any mechanism available to the Save Tara Campaign.

No matter how much damage has been done up to this point the road
remains totally unacceptable along its present alignment. Over the last
few months people say to us ‘but they are going to build it anyway’, or
‘sure isn’t the damage already done’. In reply we argue that this road,
like Tara itself is a signifier – a signifier of values and attitudes
–this debate embodies not only the value we place on our heritage and
history, but also signifies how we might deal with the challenges of an
energy-poor future and the massive sociological changes that are
necessary in order to meet these challenges.

The placing of economic and sectoral interests, above those of the
wider environment and society, is one of the main reasons we find
ourselves in the environmental mess we are in. Unregulated and
profit-driven property development, both residential and commercial, is
the primary cause of the transport crises facing the people of Meath. A
shocking fact, little reported in the acres of coverage of this issue
is that the route of this road was chosen to increase traffic volumes,
and therefore tolling profits. This road is engineered to increase
car-dependecy. Could our transport planners possibly get any more
cynical and profit-driven?

Our friends and neighbours in the European Union have voiced grave
concerns about this motorway. To deal with one specific concern – the
Commission have questioned how the Lismullen National Monument, a
massive structure over 80 meters in diameter could have been missed
during surveying. The EU maintains that, having missed the structure
initially, it’s subsequent discovery should automatically lead to a new
Environmental Impact Assessment. There would seem to be a prima facia
case that the EIA process is inadequate at best. A less benign
interpretation is also possible; our summons maintains that in only
carrying out a EIA on one route – the so-called ‘preferred route’
through the Valley, the EIA process is actually subsumed to a function
of the route selection process, as opposed to an objective basis upon
which to decide upon one route as opposed to another.

It is in the public interest that the procedural and legal shortcomings
of the M3 debacle be further examined in the courts. It is in the
public interest, not only because of the importance of the Tara
landscape in and of itself, but also because this private motorway is
iconographic of future planning, transport and environmental policy in
this country. Who can look at the Dublin Civic offices now and not
regret the lost opportunity of a public park; sweeping up from the
river Liffey to the Christchurch Cathedral, a potential resource of
immeasurable cultural, educational and aesthetic value? At a time of
unprecedented prosperity, who can say that the M3 will be anything but
a source of bewilderment and regret to future generations?

The preservation of the Tara landscape can our moment of reflection and
renewal, a moment when we realised that our environment is a finite
resource and also an opportunity to take strength from a proud and
ancient past to meet the challenges ahead.

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Wed Mar 12, 2008 17:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Good luck to everyone going to Court tomorrow. There is huge support behind ye!


Defence Fort Rath Lugh
Defence Fort Rath Lugh


Squeek On guard
Squeek On guard

author by barristerpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 01:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I would suggest people contact George Eogan and the "Legal Team" for the real story on the "Gordon Lucas" case.


I suggest posters to this thread and others should check their facts first before issuing statements on proposed proceedings. Professor Eoghan and the "Legal Team" will not engage in debate through this Forum but are available for verification of the above statement.

author by Muireann Ni Bhrolchainpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 08:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Onsite information: Lou 086-3600478
Derek 086 8459279
The Rath Lugh Camp 086-1537146


There are 60 construction workers, 22 jeeps at Rath Lugh, a digger on the esker and they are trying to evict the front line on the esker. There is someone in the tunnel .....
Gardai called. There is an injunction going into court this morning at 10.30am.
Pass this message on ....
yes, I know its early and that's deliberate.

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 08:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Approx 80 personnel including several Gardai not displaying their numbers have descended on Rath Lugh.

There are 3 vehicles on the esker and a tractor half way up. This is seriously jeopardising the life of the girl pictured above who is locked into the tunnel by the neck. The Gardai are aware of this and are paying no heed!!!!

There is also a tractor heavy laden with steel works approaching from the Baronstown side and 22 jeeps have been counted.

The situatuion is extremely delicate and extremely tense.

Please go there if you can. Bring video equipment and phone credit. Go Now!!!

Please spread the word, contact all media, ring the Dept of the Environment, Tansport , Museum all.....

No coincidence that this is happening before a Court Order was made to stop them. BASTARDS!!!!!

author by Bettinapublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 13:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

From The Oxford Companion to Philosophy:
"Political violence includes not only the use of force against the state, but also some of its uses by, or on behalf of, the state, e.g. state terrorism, as directed against minority groups under Fascism. Though the law may be changed to accommodate it, it still has the criminal character of terrorism, since 'unjust law is not law', while it is intended as part of a war against those to whom the state recognizes no obligation of care. The distinction between political violence and the ostensibly legitimate use of force may itself be called into question if the actions of some, or all, states are thought of as aimed at terrorizing their subjects into submission. Such 'structural violence' is, in a loose sense, criminal, through infringing natural rights, and warlike, since 'government is begotten of aggression and by aggression'."

It is viciously alienating to discover that the very people who have struggled for centuries for the right of self determination and recognition are using these gained powers to erase their own history. What has survived the raids of the Vikings and the rage of Cromwell is now going to be replaced by something what may not even last for decades. It seems that after all the Irish people neither deserve nor are worthy of their own heritage and most certainly can not be trusted with the preservation and care of it. The actions of the State to either remodel built heritage as old as 5000 years with as much concrete as possible or to remove it completely are in their sheer amount of arrogance and ignorance beyond belief and description. But then, so are the people of this country, who silent at best and cheerfully at worst embrace the taking of their identity.

author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 13:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Fascism by Governance is the current style being used by the team of the 'most devious of them all'. Their invisible masters in Lismullin Opus Dei HQ have nothing to say; in fact they pretend to not even exist. This parallels the almost total absence of ministers from Ireland at this time of attack on our Heritage at Rath Lugh by gardai without numbers on their shoulders. We had to wait until the Fire Department arrived when they demanded that the Police and the Construction Workers cease such stupid activities as trying to take Squeak out from the tunnel by force. Maybe the Fire Service has integrity and is not controlled by the hidden government...

Why do the Protectors of Tara have to hold the security, gardai and Ferrovial/Siac toll road workers back from destroying the tunnel at Rath Lugh? To save a life – Squeak.

They (Ferrovial/Siac/NRA/Meath Co Co/) are trying to set a new fence line on Rath Lugh before Justice Lafoy makes a decision on Rath Lugh. This is knowingly breaking the Law, they are criminal, corrupt and driven by demons. (see Lismullin HQ)

Related Link: http://www.savetaravalley.com/
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