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Greenhills Shooting

category dublin | crime and justice | other press author Saturday October 06, 2007 09:40author by C Murray Report this post to the editors

Media Reportage

Last night two men were shot dead in Greenhills Road in Dublin. The story with attendant media-speak is hitting the headlines in the form of : "Two Men Shot dead In Gangland Attack". The details are that: A car carrying two gunmen pulled up to a garage and shot the owner and salesman, between nine and ten bullets were fired. http://www.ireland.com[frontpage]

Greenhills :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/greenhills is part of Walkinstown and this is another in a series of murders and violences that has hit the area, the last one was on Bunting Road last winter, where a young man was shot dead just outside the Green known locally as 'Mooney's Field' and a few domestic murders occured along the road too. I don't think that people are getting more violent in Walkinstown , I think that lives are becoming cheaper and guns are too. There is no map available of the area, except through pdf or traffic camera format . The pdf is South Dublin County Council and includes the Quality Bus Corridor consultation:- http://www.sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pageid=939&pid=4142
Info on Walkinstown, Drimnagh and Greenhills:- http://www.answers.com/topic/walkinstown

The Roundabout at Walkinstown opens onto seven Roads, including The Musical Roads, Greenhills Road, Walkinstown Road , Ballymount Rd Cromwellsfort Rd. Each of the main roads and locales has nests of smaller roads off them, and each main area comprises a community. These have generally been well served with either library, residents association, sports ground or community centre. There always has been a strong community sense in the areas and I imagine that this morning many are shocked and will probably get upset by the violence. the local trademen such as garage and pub owners tend to cultivate and know their customers. A double shooting in a close knit community would not provoke violence but protest and fear. Local area TD's and councillors will be consulted too.

Irish Times is reporting the victims were known to the Gardai and that the shooting happened just at 10pm when FG had entered a motion requiring the Minister for Justice to tackle gangland crime and shooting incidents. The victims have not as yet been named and the community is in shock but it provides the impetus for political action in the absence of a community response and before the funerals.

author by C Murraypublication date Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I do not know of the supply and demand situation or the coke scene in the area, though
the people who live there are quite open about the difficulty of bringing small kids up
when there is an ongoing feud playing itself out in the area. Most people from there
(including me) are concerned with local issues like the prospective loss of the hospital,
the eat -up of green areas and recreational spaces and the cost of service charges.

Walkinstown is quite big, it feeds into Crumlin, Drimnagh, and on into Dolphin's Barn.
From the roundabout it goes upwards to Tallaght and over to Terenure and Templelogue.
There is no Garda station in the Walkinstown area and largely it was sufficently serviced
by both Crumlin and Sundrive Road. There is a big population of small kids whose
parents send them to the local and outlying schools and an adequate public transport
system. The three hospitals which serve the local communities are :- Tallaght, Our Lady's
in Crumlin and St Luke's. All are to be centralised or amalgamated into hyper-hospitals
with it seems no projected or proposed plan to provide local emergency treatment
for wound dressing, emergency,and breathing clinics. The DOHC has put in
plan amalgamations without providing a local initative or clinic system.

Yesterday saw the start of an Arts Festival in Drimnagh and the Children's Day
was not attended by one local representative of the political variety, though
the evening adult celebrations may have been. The local schools have been
campaigning for basic facilities and the open camera focus on the area is
based on the National Crime Debate!

1. The local politicians who are named on the wiki page (which needs updating) have
not commented or formulated responses to the issues pertinent to locals.
2. The spokespeople from the two main parties were senior front-benchers not locals.
3. The media used codified language and front-bench response as opposed to speaking
to local representatives.
4. The media does not look at the effect of health and education policy on the familes
in the area.

author by Barrypublication date Sat Oct 06, 2007 19:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

the sale of this trendy drug entails massive profits , like really really serious money . Pushers can move in trendyrespectable beautiful circles too instead of hanging round back entrys and stairwells that smell of piss . Its the persuit of those profits which is behind much of this violence and lunacy , combined with use of the product which creates some serious aggression , arrogance and paranoia in many abusers . Theres little sense demanding more gardai to stop the shootings because it just wont . The trades much too lucrative , not to mention superficially glamourous . If educated affluent people stopped hoovering the shit up their selfish stupid individualistic , materialistic noses it would have a definitive calming effect on the crime scene though . Unlike heroin and its link to poverty it is affluence , pretensions to affluence and persuit of a supericial lifestyle which is behind much of this latest criminal scene . But people are much too fucking stupid and selfish to worry about this , indeed theyre actively encouraged by our soiciety to be stupid , materialistic and selfish so cocaine is the perfect incentive to maintain the correct attitude .

Its unlikely guns are really any cheaper , simply that the gangs have more money to spend on them . Although since the provo decomissioning episode many of the smaller weapons and shotguns have definitely been on the market for sale to criminals . particularly the Glock pistol which packs around 18 9mm bullets in a single magazine and rarely jams . Obsolete militia members have been selling this weapon in various parts of the country for over a year now and demanding quite a high price in return for this iconic gangster rappers party piece . They were originally imported in large quantities to supress dissent , now theyre available to the criminal fraternity in return for a bundle of euro .

author by C Murraypublication date Sat Oct 06, 2007 17:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors


The details emerging are that there was a motorbike used and an immeadiate connection
was made to the Guerin shooting by a commentator on RTE. Local knowledge and
awareness of the Guerin shooting had implicated one local pub in the comings
and goings of a gang member [now incarcerated]. The direct aftermath of the Veronica Guerin shooting had been
sweeping powers for the Gardai and the setting up of the CAB
The scene has now been cleaned up and apart from a hovering Garda
helicopter this afternoon the area was quiet. The people who attended the Drimnagh
Arts Festival were speaking of the issue of violence in the area and how there had
always been gangs but mostly they did not have access to 9mm pisols nor did they
do 'drive-bys'. The Gardai in the area come from Sundrive/Crumlin, as there is
no station in the Walkinstown area. The Gardai are saying that there has been an increase
in violent crime and they are indeed wearing the bullet-proof vests even on community
Garda patrol. The FF spokesperson who dealt with press-releasing on behalf of the
government was Micheal Martin [at trade and Enterprise, from Cork and environs]
Richard Bruton is press -releasing on behalf of FG. The shooting happened
soon after a FG motion by Clune to tackle gangland crime in the capital. Clune did
not comment on the murders Bruton did that.

The local papers are published weekly, so there is no printed reaction yet.

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