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Greenhills Shooting

category dublin | crime and justice | other press author Saturday October 06, 2007 09:40author by C Murray

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Last night two men were shot dead in Greenhills Road in Dublin. The story with attendant media-speak is hitting the headlines in the form of : "Two Men Shot dead In Gangland Attack". The details are that: A car carrying two gunmen pulled up to a garage and shot the owner and salesman, between nine and ten bullets were fired.[frontpage]

Greenhills :- is part of Walkinstown and this is another in a series of murders and violences that has hit the area, the last one was on Bunting Road last winter, where a young man was shot dead just outside the Green known locally as 'Mooney's Field' and a few domestic murders occured along the road too. I don't think that people are getting more violent in Walkinstown , I think that lives are becoming cheaper and guns are too. There is no map available of the area, except through pdf or traffic camera format . The pdf is South Dublin County Council and includes the Quality Bus Corridor consultation:-
Info on Walkinstown, Drimnagh and Greenhills:-

The Roundabout at Walkinstown opens onto seven Roads, including The Musical Roads, Greenhills Road, Walkinstown Road , Ballymount Rd Cromwellsfort Rd. Each of the main roads and locales has nests of smaller roads off them, and each main area comprises a community. These have generally been well served with either library, residents association, sports ground or community centre. There always has been a strong community sense in the areas and I imagine that this morning many are shocked and will probably get upset by the violence. the local trademen such as garage and pub owners tend to cultivate and know their customers. A double shooting in a close knit community would not provoke violence but protest and fear. Local area TD's and councillors will be consulted too.

Irish Times is reporting the victims were known to the Gardai and that the shooting happened just at 10pm when FG had entered a motion requiring the Minister for Justice to tackle gangland crime and shooting incidents. The victims have not as yet been named and the community is in shock but it provides the impetus for political action in the absence of a community response and before the funerals.

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