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Breathtaking brass necks or pure stupidity

category national | miscellaneous | press release author Monday October 01, 2007 13:45author by eirbiz Report this post to the editors

Bertie 'Payola' Ahern accuses Leo Varadkar of taking Irish politics into the gutter.

Bertie 'Payola' Ahern accuses Leo Varadkar of taking Irish politics into the gutter.
Leo Varadkar is new Front Bench Fine Gael TD who, I hope, representents the type of opposition that has been absent since Charlie Haughey and friends started to loot the country about 20 years ago or more.
During the debate surrounding the motion of no confidence in Our Great Leader and Corruption Suspect Bertie Ahern, Mr Varadkar said: "History will judge the Taoiseach as being both devious and cunning, in the words of his mentor, master and, clearly role model."
Of course, he was referring to our other Great Leader and All-round Crook Charles J Haughey.
This reference seems to have irked our 'Ventriloquist's dummy' of the wealthy - who really run this country - to accuse Mr Varadkar of taking Irish politics into the gutter.

Irish politics has never been ........

See the URL below for the full text of the article.

Related Link: http://www.eirbiz.com/?p=51
author by www.soldiersofdestiny.org - removefiannafailpublication date Mon Oct 01, 2007 14:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I see there is talk of his colleagues in government "taking him out" in todays papers..

Related Link: http://www.soldiersofdestiny.org
author by Skin the goat - Crime Watchpublication date Mon Oct 01, 2007 17:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A well-known political economist of a few centuries ago said that the purpose of government is "for the defence of the rich against the poor."

Fifty years ago Arthur Koestler wrote that if those who became hooked on the dead cliches of Stalinism have a 'Damascus moment', they usually give themselves up to a new addiction of the opposite type.

The corrupt perjurer, Ahern, has appointed a right-wing Unionist, Eoghan Harris, to the Senate.
He appointed Harris because of his committed anti-republicanism, for his key role in censoring political speech, and for his support for Ahern's right to be bribed by the propertied class.

In his initial Senate outing the Ahern-appointee called for the restoration of the death penalty and for the 'free market' to deal with the Shannon/Aer Lingus issue. Having worshipped at the shrine of Djugashwili for a quarter of a century Harris now makes an idol of the 'Free Market' .

But there would be no Shannon Airport or Aer Lingus if the 'free market' had been relied on for Irish economic development.

Harris also made a stupid, illogical remark about street crime, to the effect that since neither all Travellers nor all working class people are criminals therefore crime is not related to social conditions.

Intelligent policemen know differently. Anthony Bouza, who was commander of the police in the Bronx, New York, has written that the police enforce laws in a society increasingly divided along race and wealth and class fault lines. "Cops" says Bouza "know that property rights are sacred". "The overclass will not admit that its practice of privilege and exclusion create pressures for the underclass to revolt." The form of this revolt is street crime.

Ahern's cabinet discuss crime tomorrow. They should remember Woody Guthrie's remark that you can steal more with a pen that with a gun. And if you are a Finance Minister, with a flimflam artist like Harris to do PR, its very difficult even for high-paid barristers to determine exactly how much you stole.
With Ahern and Harris its a case of 'aithnionn ciarog, ciarog eile': the corrupt liar Ahern appoints the unprincipled rightwing Unionist, Harris, to the Senate. And Harris backs Ahern's power to steal from, and oppress the working class.
The stickie/blueshirt duo, Kenny/Gilmore, have belatedly found some cojones. Are there any left in Fianna Fail with even a shred of republicanism or morality?

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Mon Oct 01, 2007 17:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Taking him out " would be good as a FIRST step.

Step TWO should be a lengthy spell in jail (in my view).

Related Link: http://www.europeancourtofhumanrightswilliamfinnerty.com/ChiefJusticeMurray/28September2007/Email.ht
author by tripe!publication date Mon Oct 01, 2007 18:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Its theatre of the worst kind, the fact that it sells newspapers makes me at least wonder if the
newspaper hacks should be paid. FF was always corrupt, PD were on the bandwagon and I surely do
question the 'political judgement' of the Greens. Bertie is having a talking to , thats all.
Interestingly in the property belt, no-one wants the blonde Enda Kenny in power and they all
like Bertie. kenny is seen as moralistic, thick and pro-NATO/Pro-Globalisation.
Can't people just make their own judgements- we all knew about the corruption.
Everyone knew- it paid for the SUV's and private schools, and people were willing to ignore
the rest, bury it and hide it for years. My question is, in whose interests is the big exposure in??

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Mon Oct 01, 2007 20:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The "m" at the very end of the link has been clipped off.

It should be:

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